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Interview Tips for Success Job interviews are generally stressful, even a job seekers who have gone on number of interviews. The best way to crack an interview is to be proactive and get prepared. Take initiative to search for common interview questions one may face during the interview. Simultaneously go through the sample answers and advices on how to answer such interviews. It is very important to take time and research about the company and prepare your interview answers accordingly. This way, you will be ready with appropriate answers for the interview that more likely to relate company you are interviewing with for a job. Here are some basic but very important tips for cracking an interview which generally everybody knows. Interestingly, there is a difference between knowing things and doing things. So, go ahead and read the following tips and most importantly apply it practically to polish yourself for interview. General Interview Tips: •

Brush up on your etiquette and develop your verbal communications skills. Mere having good management or technical skills and very strong record of accomplishment will not be sufficient if you can't verbally convey your successes.

Dress appropriately and professionally, it helps you to present your personality and confidence level.

Reach for your interview 10-15 minutes prior to the appointed time. This will give you time to settle down and prepare for the interview.

Always keep extra set of CV and recent photograph with you, as it may be needed sometimes during the interview process.

Maintain a good folder with all your original certifications and its copies along with a notepad.

Before the interview, try to learn everything possible about your prospective employer and the people conducting the interview, knowledge of the issues currently facing the company. Use your personal and professional contacts, contact the recruiter directly. In short explore issues likely to be covered in an interview.

Plan and rehearse your "verbal resume." Most of the interviewer will always ask, "Please tell us about yourself," so be prepared with a good response, tailored to the job at hand.

Be prepared for some questions like where you see yourself in next 5 years, If you were the CEO of this company what would be the top 2 things that you would do etc. these questions actually shows your seriousness towards your profession and future along with your communication skills.

Try to give mock interview with anyone with well experienced guys and if possible record (audio, video or both) the session simultaneously for later review. Ask them about your performance and do self analysis and improve key points you need to make to demonstrate your specific accomplishments in each area.

During the interview:

Maintain eye contact and answer questions directly. Then elaborate with examples. Choose an example that highlight past successes and relate it to the projects or issues that interviewer is facing, but avoid excessively lengthy responses. Remember, interviews are time-limited, so use that time to focus the interviewer's attention on your strengths and successes.

Market your skills and experiences as they relate to the job described by the employer and try to position yourself in the mind of the employer as a person with a particular set of skills and attributes.

Using humor is another key to lighten the mood, but don’t overdo it but a little bit of light humor can put everyone at ease.

Prepare your questions in advance and phrase them to show your insight and ability to handle the position. Naturally the most successful applicant will be the one who simply out-work his or her competition. If you are asked what questions you have, and you don't have any, the interviewer may get the impression you haven't done your homework, or aren't seriously interested in the position.

If you are already employed somewhere or have left your last job, don’t badmouth your existing or previous employers, it’s a big no. If a question arise on it answer you good success stories working together and goals achieved.

Do a proper market survey and ensure the present salary package available for the same profile in the same industry. Negotiate properly and be flexible if required.

Don’t forget to write a thank-you letter to the interviewer employer. This gives how attention you give to the details, as well as an indication of your final interest in the position.

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Tips for cracking Job Interviews  
Tips for cracking Job Interviews  

TOPS Technologies Leading IT Training Institute offer training in Php, .Net, Java, iPhone, Android, Software testing and SEO. By TOPS Techno...