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Oliver  Collings      May  31,  2011              Block  4          Grade  7     Winners  and  Losers       Your  heart  racing   Muscles  flaring   The  intensity  rising     The  players  slowly  walk  out   Completely  focused   Nothing  crossing  their  mind  but  tennis     The  crowd  excited   Children  take  out  their  cameras   With  joy  and  excitement     The  players  emerge   The  crowd  welcomes  them  explosively   The  players  smile  with  gratitude    

The players  holding  their  racquets  firmly   The  new  balls  in  their  other  hand   Then  serves,  the  game  has  started     The  new  itchy  felt  slowly  starting  to  deteriorate   Now  the  sweat  falls  freely  of  their  faces   Arms  and  legs  tired,  they  fight  on     One  player  awaits  his  victory   The  other  already  knows  his  defeat   But  they  continue     The  chair  umpire  calls  his  final  call   The  crowd  happy  and  sad   But  the  players  still  fight  on                    

Oliver Collings   June  9,  2011   Grade  7   Block  4       A  Modern  Living     The  sun  rises   The  dew  tangled  on  grass   The  birds  start  to  sing     The  Workers  start  to  work   Bakers  start  to  bake   And  the  Golfers  start  to  Golf     Gambling  begins   Friendships  are  made   And  things  are  accomplished     This  is  the  modern  world   We  people  live  off  of    

Opportunities and  promises     People  follow  or  disagree   People  who  follow  accept  who  they  are   And  what  happens  to  them     People  who  disagree   Want  to  change  them  selves  for  people   around  them  or  their  own  sake    

Last Unit Poems  

Last Unit Poems