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Wedding Reception Program Wedding is a memorable day for two persons who tie the knot and make promise to each other for their coming life. It is a special day some other people too like their friends and relatives. To celebrate this special day every couple organize a Wedding Reception Program which they want to be very unique and memorable. To make this celebration special and unforgettable they have to plan your Wedding in advance. There are many wedding planners who can organize it for you. But to organize it on your own can be a great fun and proud. You can arrange your reception according to you and your partner’s wish. If you plan everything in advance this day can be distinguish and outstanding experience for you. You can save yourself from last minute tension by arranging everything in advance. To arrange your Wedding Reception Program there is no fixed criteria or rule; you can arrange it according to your liking. But you should always remember that this is your and your partner’s day and no one has right to spoil it so arrange accordingly. Consider your partner’s taste also in mind while selecting theme.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas Make sure that the guests are welcomed nicely. If guest list is fixed prepare a sitting chart and label all seats with placards. Keep a copy of program and a small thank note on all the seats for your guests. It will make them feel special and honored. All seats should be accompanied with proper table arrangements. All the important things like meals and music etc. should be given correct preference.

Wedding Reception Program When you think most guests have arrived Bride and Groom should be introduced. The parents of the couple can introduce them to the guests. They can enter the reception area before newly wedded couple. In fact it should be the couple who should enter at last. They should be welcomed at venue with music, flowers and some laser lights too. It should be very distinct so that everyone present at wedding party realize their entry and welcome them. The next very important part is Cake ceremony. Cake is the life of the moment and it can be in


designed in a unique way. These days you can order for theme cake or a specially designed cake according to your Wedding Reception Program Theme. There should be a loud bang at cake ceremony. After it is the time of couple formal toast. It is mostly done by best man.

Now father will give blessings to both bride and the groom. If father is not present parents of couple can pray and ask for god blessing for the couple. Next is photography session. The friends and family can get their pictures clicked with the couple. They can even capture a video of the occasion to make it more memorable. Now is the Lunch or Dinner time. It depends on the time of reception. Buffet is the best option but there should be there should be proper sitting arrangement for guests so they enjoy the food.The even t can go further with performance by relatives and friends. A slide show showing past of couple can be great idea. The last part will be wedding bouquet toss. All unmarried ladies will try to get it. So here ends this beautiful Wedding Reception Program and leave you with golden memories of your wonderful wedding for all your coming life.


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Wedding Reception Program  

When you think most guests have arrived Bride and Groom should be introduced. The parents of the couple can introduce them to the guests. Th...

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