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Welcome to our site, dear friends! project was created as a structured directory of cigarette brands represented in Russia, the CIS, Europe, South and North America, and Asia. The project is both oriented on information presentation and sale’s implementation. We do not advertise cigarettes we just tell you the things known all over the world. All trademarks which are presented and referred on this site belong to their respective owners. The purpose of creation of this project is to provide for buyers complete information about tobacco brands, tobacco companies and cigarette store. One of the top selling products in the world is cigarettes. Millions of people every day buy cigarettes from different manufacturers, preferring a particular brand, on their own taste. If you want to know everything about the structure of the cigarette and about our cigarette shop, including all of the existing cigarette brands and their manufacturers, we would be glad to present you an interesting material on this subject. Let’s consider the composition of the cigarettes: 1) Tobacco: During the manufacture of cigarettes there are often used several varieties of tobacco grown in different countries, and then they are mixed using a particular method. This is done to satisfy the diverse tastes of smokers. 2) Cigarette paper; 3) Cigarette filter: The main purpose of the filter is the reduction of some amount of smoke and several of its components, which get into the human body by smoking. 4) Ventilation: Ventilation in the cigarette is organized in order to reduce the level of smoking components such as tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. 5) Smoke: Today tobacco smoke is one of the most complex and quite actively studied mixes in the world. Like a lot of other natural substances, thousands of other components comprise the tobacco, which are now found already about 2500. Cigarette production is a complex and well-thought-out process. In the factory at first tobacco is checked for quality, and only then according to the recipe it is mixed with other components which are inherent in the certain brand of cigarettes. At this stage the control of components of tobacco and the tobacco grade have a certain priority. That's why every day the computer technology becomes more popular, thanks to which in production can be controlled various parameters. Our cigarette store offers you a wide variety of cigarette brands. You can ship them almost in every part of the world and be sure you will be pleasantly surprised of the cigarette’s quality!

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