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A weight loss journey might begin with the day you realize that you are fed up with being fat. You might feel and look older than your years, thanks to the extra weight you carry around. You can't participate in any of the activities that you used to enjoy. Your social life might be suffering. Obesity is a much to common problem amongst children and adults today. It can be the cause of poor health, early death and loss of emotional well-being. Determining how and why the extra pounds have become attached to your frame might be helpful in setting up your journey to optimum weight levels. Disease of some sort is one reason for weight loss, but it is far less often the cause of extra pounds than simple overeating. Many overweight people not only eat too much, thus increasing the number of calories that appear as extra pounds, but they also cut back on exercise. Keeping a food journal could be helpful in weight loss. For a period of two weeks, keep track of every bite you eat and the times during which you eat most. This includes the sugared pastry at your coffee break and the midnight snack when you raid the refrigerator before retiring. Use the available software to help you determine nutritional components of the foods that you normally eat. Such software often contains recommendations for a dietary design. Most diets that you will find have an initial break in period where the weight loss is faster. Then the diet relaxes the restrictions on what and how much you eat. Different types of diets work better for different people. You should strive for a diet that is nutritionally sound and has some type of natural or contrived portion control. Finding a way of eating that can be maintained so that it doesn't feel like a diet in the strict sense is the goal of weight management. For some people, adding a simple exercise component to their lifestyle will be enough to keep the pounds off. A twenty minute walk at a good pace will be a good way to burn a few calories. Swimming on a regular basis improves overall body tone and also burns calories. Your weight loss journey should be tailored to you. If you retrain your way of thinking about what you eat, it will become a pattern of eating that can be maintained over a long period. Your goal should be reaching an appropriate weight for your age and height and then staying within two to four pounds of that ideal.

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==== ==== Check Out My Weight Loss Journey Video ==== ====

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