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The Hunger Games is the first book in a trilogy written by the talented author Suzanne Collins. It is technically categorized as a YA novel or Young Adult novel, much like popular books series Twilight or The Mortal Instruments. Unlike the rash of YA novels that deal with supernatural creatures The Hunger Games trilogy is based in reality and set in the distant future. It is a very dark saga and many parents are surprised to see such subject matter in books written for teens but they have gained popularity nonetheless. The protagonists are teens who are thrown into a life situation that is part Survivor and part Gladiator. The story is set in a Panem, which consists of a Capitol city and 12 surrounding districts. It is located in what used to be called North America, which was destroyed via wars, famine, fires, and drought. The districts rebelled against the Capitol about 75 years prior to the events of the first book but the sting is still felt each and every year. As punishment for their uprising the districts are forced to choose one male and one female contestant (ages 12-18) to compete in a televised death match. The idea is that being forced to watch their children die each year will remind the citizens of Panem that they are helpless against the Capitol. The two main characters all hail from a coal mining district known only by its number, 13. Katniss and Peeta are the two tributes chosen to compete, after Katniss volunteers to save her 12 year sister this fate. Katniss is willing to die for her sister and Peeta is willing to sacrifice his own life to allow Katniss the win since she is the only girl he has ever loved. This novel is certainly not for the faint of heart. Teens are sent into a death match and they do compete, killing their fellow citizens in other districts so that they can make it home. The contestants are given axes, spears, knives, and all manner of death instruments, including a bow and arrow, which is Katniss is particularly deadly with due to her hunting experience. Other obstacles are presented by way of hybrid killer bees, explosive traps, and mutant animals that are designed to heighten the entertainment of the Hunger Games. Both Katniss and Peeta are weary of forming any attachment to each other because only one of them can walk away alive. Or is it possible that they can outwit their opponents and the Capitol itself and both go home? Read the Hunger Games to find out. It is a fantastic book for young adults and older adults alike.

Tiffany Washko is the editor of the Hunger Games Movie fansite. She is a big fan of the books and is anxiously awaiting the upcoming movies based on this popular book series.

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Hunger Games Book Review  

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