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November - December - January, 2012/2013 Issue No.03

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Brasserie 27 International


Barka Tumska Seafood, Polish


Hotel Monopol Acquario Ristorante Mediterranean

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Hotel Monopol Monopol Polish

Pâtisserie Kâio Cakes, Desserts


La Maddalena

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Mennicza Fusion International


Papa Giuseppe Italian





Karczma Lwowska Traditional Polish


Pod Fredrą Country Polish


Pod Papugami Internationl


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Salon Unique Hair care



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Aquarelle Restaurant Jana Ewangelisty Purkyniego 10, Wroclaw phone : +48 71 375 00 00


TOP Wroclaw

Chef Piotr Lisiewski blends culinary art and passion at Aquarelle where his panEuropean menu, inspired by traditional recipes, simply thrills. The culinary competition Bocuse D’Or in Lyon saw his team earn a place in the finals. The menu here delights with a selection of international dishes; examples include the boletus cream soup served in a bowl of bread; and veal with black Thai noodles. Banquets and social event for up to 120 people may be organized here making it indeed a versatile place. Warm candlelight, a glass of wine, romantic music, and exquisite fare, may well describe Aquarelle perfectly! Aquarelle is preparing a wonderful evening of fun and frolic on November 30th which marks St. Andrew’s Day celebrations-- in pagan tradition this is a special night when friendly goblins tread the world and help our dreams and aspirations come true!


Brasserie 27, located at the stylish Europeum Hotel is a trend-setting brasserie-restaurant in Wroclaw’s topmost boutique hotel, which surely carries the torch for city’s reputation as a city with outstanding international food. This restaurant has a strong emphasis on a menu which is inspired by the best and freshest produce from around the region. Brasserie 27 has an infectious buzz about it and is a place where one can enjoy a delicious meal or linger over a drink in its stylishly designed surroundings-- indeed, as one sits here, the experience of being here delights on many levels. The Brasserie’s caring, professional and friendly staff thrives on providing great service, which makes one feel truly welcome. Brasserie 27 is really the place for all occasions, where they have mastered the seemingly effortless grace of hospitality!

Brasserie 27 Restaurant Kazimierza Wielkiego 27A, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 371 4471

TOP Wroclaw


Barka Tumska Restaurant Wyspa Słodowa 10, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 322 6077


TOP Wroclaw

Barka Tumska, a tri-level barge moored to the quay at Tumski Hotel in the center of Wroclaw, enjoys a wonderful view of the waterway and of Cathedral Island. This one-of-a-kind floating venue consists of a summer café terrace on top with room for 100 guests; the Blue Marine Restaurant on the mid level serving seafood and a Polish menu ; and the stylish Pub Clubhouse Tavern on the lower deck. With additional conference rooms and the Captain’s Cabin, this is a great place for family events, private gatherings, as well as business conferences. Barka Tumska is a great space too for artistic activities and other cultural initiatives; it serves as the only river stage in town, and has occasional evenings with live music—with jazz and folk-- and evening tasting events around wines, whiskey, brandies, and rum. This surely is a must-have Wroclaw experience!





Hotel Monopol H. Modrzejewskiej 2, Wroclaw phone: +47 71 772 3777


TOP Wroclaw

Located on the rooftop of the landmark Hotel Monopol is Acquario Ristorante. This glass paneled restaurant purveys the city’s top seafood and Mediterranean fare. It operates with the intelligent idea of not having a fixed menu, with the chef’s innovative spirit leading to signature creations which are always a true delight. The tasting menu changes daily, and with its wide range one can discover new flavors with each visit; items such as the pan-fried scallops with ponzu sauce, mandarins and kombu seaweed salad; and ravioli with baked ricotta, pine nuts and fried chicory.. The spacious rooftop terrace is a one-ofa-kind outdoor experience. Sipping a glass of wine from the over 200 selections on the wine menu, admiring the Wroclaw skyline with the historic Opera seemingly an arm’s length away, is wonderfully romantic indeed! Acquario delights at all levels especially up on top!


Within the Likus Family owned landmark of Hotel Monopol is located the samenamed Monopol Restaurant. The utter grandeur of the venue offers a leading insight into why the restaurant has become a culinary haven that it has. This is where the exciting flavors of traditional Polish cuisine come alive in innovative creations with eye-pleasing presentations; this is a must-have culinary experience. The seasonally adjusted menu is imaginative with items such as the cured duck breast with peaches and honey; the saddle of lamb with a sardine sauce and aubergine; and the fried cod with vegetables and flowers. In addition, every Sunday there is a novel take on the traditional Polish lunch. For dessert, the apple and gooseberry mousse with hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream; and the chocolate layer cake with almond pastry, are both outstanding!

Hotel Monopol H. Modrzejewskiej 2, Wroclaw phone: +47 71 772 3777

TOP Wroclaw


Pâtisserie Kâio Kościuszki 29, Wroclaw phone: 500 143 601

TOP Wroclaw

Pâtisserie Kâio equates cakes, desserts, and confectionery with a sense of immense quality, taste, and even beauty! Its products are the result of passion and dedication by the owners who consider what they do an essential culinary art, drawing inspiration from travels and friends, experiences that have added the intangibles that make something standout and special. For at least a brief moment between busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, not only do the cakes, pies and desserts make life a little sweeter, but also please the eye with their color and appeal. Pâtisserie Kaio prides itself as well in sharing in one’s auspicious moments, purveying its delights for weddings, christenings, communions, and birthday parties. This is indeed a place that caters both to the palate as well as the soul, all at the same sweet time! Kaio products can be enjoyed additionally at Café Dwie Małpy on Ruska Street, and at Coffee Planet in the Market Square.


Maddalena located between Italy’s Sardinia and France’s Corsica is renowned for its amalgamations of the best of Mediterranean cuisine. Restaurant La Maddalena located in Wroclaw’s center, neighboring the historic Under The White Stork Synagogue, brings together the dual passions of the owners—travel and food, with Maddalena’s symbolism of a melting pot not lost in Wroclaw, a city where diversity comes together in many ways. Offering a Mediterranean milieu, dishes appear on the menu on the basis of what’s freshly available such as the fish and seafood. Extraordinary salads, dishes based on special beef, and a spectacular wine list, are particularly noteworthy. Its romantic garden located in the courtyard of the Synagogue requires special mention, making La Maddalena one of the city’s most magical dining spots!

La Maddalena Restaurant Pawła Włodkowica 9, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 782 6090

TOP Wroclaw


Mennicza Fusion Mennicza 24, Wroclaw phone : +48 71 395 26 02


TOP Wroclaw

Mennicza Fusion at the Granary Hotel has garnered quickly a reputation for its culinary innovativeness. The credit goes to the chef whose efforts have yielded an international menu which is truly worth writing home about. In an elegant brick-arched interiors blended with modernity, items such as the scallops with green asparagus and ricotta; Thai soup with shrimp, chicken, coriander, and coconut milk; pheasant with corn mousse and pearl beans; and roast beef with brussels sprouts with cumin and pumpernickel sauce, are served to reflect the flair of fusion. Desserts include the alluring Prosecco pancakes with rhubarb mousse; and the strawberry semifreddo with honey sauce. With a well equipped bar, outstanding service, and a tasting menu which allows one to savor the kitchen’s excellence, Mennicza is indeed the place to dine in whilst in Wroclaw.


Trattoria Papà Giuseppe has a name which describes itself quite effectively indeed! This is excellent Italian fare in a family style setting, reminiscent of eateries that have come to define hearty meals with a hearty time. This trattoria imparts a Mediterranean atmosphere as well, making it evident that its scope is not just pizza and pasta but a wider offering that even includes menu selections outside the definition or purview of traditional Italian or even broader Mediterranean cuisine. Papà Giuseppe is in fact an ideal equation for a “comfort” place where the purpose is culinary satisfaction for different taste preferences that typically exist amongst a group of friends or family; in cosmopolitan Wroclaw this happens nearly all of the time. Great conversations over a great meal happen here, so Papà wants you to come and have a good time!

Trattoria Papà Giuseppe Włodkowica 27, Wroclaw phone: +47 71 341 4166

TOP Wroclaw

TOP Wroclaw


Just steps from the Main Square a modern culinary colossus has taken shape in the form of Mosaiq. This cosmopolitan restaurant has been born of the intense desire and culinary knowledge to be the finest restaurant in the vein of classic French with Italian and Polish accents. Chef Rafael Boris has learned his craft under culinary giants such as Gordon Ramsey and the legendary Albert Roux, the holder of three Michelin stars. The overarching emphasis is thus on quality of ingredients; organic produce from the region is preferred, the seafood is flown in from France, and the meats come from small farms. All of this impresses the palate with dishes such as the loin of lamb with ratatouille; foie gras with passion fruit jam; and the sautéed ray-fish with capers, beurre noisette, spinach and potato puree. Indeed, this is the culinary wonder one may seek in the heart of Wroclaw!

Mosaiq Restaurant Świętego Mikołaja 12, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 798 3511

TOP Wroclaw


Karczma Lwowska Restaurant Rynek 4, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 343 9887


TOP Wroclaw

Karczma Lwowska, a country-rustic, spacious two-level restaurant in the Main Square can best be described as an ode not only to the cuisine but to the city of Lvov itself. Once part of Poland before WWII, Lvov now stands in Ukraine and still remains the cultural center of that country. This restaurant therefore is the reminder as to what once was the best of Poland, especially in terms of a cuisine that has both Polish and eastern European roots. This is indeed the perfect place for traditional Polish dishes such as a wide variety of pierogi, soups, stuffed cabbage rolls, Polish sausage, pork, and charcoal grilled meats. The wood-clad interiors reflect warmth derived from the glow of candles, earth-colors, flowers, and an air of pleasantly wafting aromas. Recognized by both Newsweek and Forbes magazines, Karczma Lwowska deserves every bit of praise it receives!


Adjacent to the historic town hall in the Main Square is Restaurant Pod Fredra. Its motto “taste of tradition in the heart of Wroclaw” does complete justice, with history and tradition at once visible in its cosy, rustic interior. The menu is extensive, with items such as herring marinated with cucumbers; the “kindziuk” –or thin cut slices of dried Lithuanian sausage; roast duck with apples, served with cranberries; and the smoked ribs on cabbage. The onpremises smokehouse supplies smoked and grilled meats of choice. Polish culinary tradition prescribes that a good meal must be with a good drink—thus the drinks menu has choice wines, vodka and of course beer. An ideal place for family, friends, as well as for business, summer months brings out Pod Fredra’s terrace on the Square— truly wonderful!

Pod Fredrą Restaurant Ratusz Rynek 1, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 341 1335

TOP Wroclaw


Pod Papugami Restaurant Sukiennice 9a, Wroclaw phone: 071 343 92 75

TOP Wroclaw

Restaurant Pod Papugami has indeed become a standard bearer; for over a decade it has guaranteed and delivered a good experience on all fronts. A hard to beat location in the very center of the main Square, offers a vast menu that has something for everybody’s desires. Chef Robert Wozniak personally oversees a menu that circumscribes many types of meat, fish, and poultry, especially venison and duck over the fall/winter season. Enticing salads, pasta, and desserts, become all the more enjoyable in an environment that has visual references to traditional Hollywood and live music, typically jazz and blues. With an exciting bar that offers well over 200 types of drinks, this is truly a place with character where guests comprise a wide spectrum--business folk, family and friends, and of course visitors to Wroclaw who always relish their experience here at Pod Papugami!



Top Essentials


Salon Unique has very effectively transformed the notion of a luxury spa into a place for top notch hair dressing. Located in the heart of town, creative hairdressers inquire first about the image that one wishes to create or portray, and then get about achieving it by the right effort in terms of cut, style, color, and feel! Of course the wonderfully stylish interiors make being here even more pleasurable; one is almost desirous that the process of their hair-grooming take as long as possible! Professionalism, years of experience, and exceptional service are the mantras here, alongside the use of only top products from brands such as L’Oreal, Wella, and Goldwell. At Unique, hair care is a team effort; all working towards the goal that one is incredibly satisfied, relaxed, and wanting to come back soon!

Białoskórnicza 5, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 344 8003

TOP Wroclaw


La Passione welcomes one to a world of health, rejuvenation, beauty, and a sense of overall peace. Its services carried out by a friendly and qualified staff satisfy at all levels—from the physical to the spiritual. The wide spectrum of offerings here include not only essentials such as nail treatments, relaxing massages, and depilation, but also beauty treatments based on high-end products, with a full analysis on the specific needs of the skin. Specialized equipment, special peels, suitable for all skin types, and mechanical exfoliation treatments such as microderm abrasion, rejuvenate and oxygenate the skin. Feet care is emphasized here since the condition of feet reflects overall health-- good feet imply well being! A must visit for those of us who live our lives to the fullest, with the help of a body restored to its full potential, and an appearance which attracts!

La Passione Armii Krajowej 2a/7, Wroclaw phone: 604 518 877 693 908 865

TOP Wroclaw

AUTODIRECT CAR PURCHASE Buy Cars The New, Efficient Way Finally, the cutting edge way to purchase cars, both brand new and pre-owned, has finally arrived in Poland with the recent launch of Autodirect’s new web portal, Prospective car buyers in the country now virtually have the best of the entire Polish car market on their desktop. Says CEO, Mr. Grzegorz Kwiatkowski “This business model has been successfully implemented in Western Europe. In countries such as Spain or France almost 15% of cars are purchased in this way.” Buy






Finally, the cutting edge way to purchase cars, both brand new and pre-owned, has finally arrived in Poland with the recent launch of Autodirect’s new web portal, Prospective car buyers in the country now virtually have the best of the entire Polish car market on their desktop. Says CEO, Mr. Łukasz Gębski “This business model has been successfully implemented in Western Europe. In countries such as Spain or France almost 15% of cars are purchased in this way.”

Autodirect SA Al. Jerozolimskie 133, 16th floor Warsaw


TOP Wroclaw offers tremendous advantages over conventional ways of buying cars, which include: • Significantly better price with dealerships competing to provide the highest discount in order to make the sale; • Clean, transparent, and secure business practices—cars are provided by official authorized car dealerships only with bank payments made directly to the dealer’s bank account; • The widest possible choice between virtually all brands of cars and motorbikes; • One stop shopping for financing, (credit, leasing) and insurance, and professional advice by consultants in identifying what’s most suitable; • Customized requirements delivered to the doorstep such as winter tires, baby seats, individual leather interior, and auto spa treatments such as scratch-proofing; • And finally lots of time saved which is perhaps the most important factor today. On occasion an identified vehicle with the best deal may in fact be available at a dealership in a distant town. In these cases would be delighted in making travel arrangements to get one there to take delivery of one’s new car, always a thrilling experience made better perhaps with a sightseeing holiday in a different city! With almost every car and model, along with a good choice of motorbikes is indeed the place to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. The best possible price and service is indeed just a few computer clicks with no running around and wasting time. Thank you!


Olivier Baussan, the founder of L’Occitane, has to say this about his company and the land of its inspiration, giving us an insight into why this is quickly becoming a leading brand name in the world of personal care—“The sun smiles on Provence. Its warmth makes the soil generous and the people openhearted. Its brightness is reflected in the crafts, customs and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. The sun, the products of the soil and a love of nature are the essence of my Provence. It is this essence I want to share with the world. It is what inspired me to create L’Occitane.” This amazing philosophy is the reason that the shelves at L’Occitane are lined with inspirational products for both women and men—fragrances, products for bath and body, skin care, and even for a great smelling home!

L’OCCITANE DTC RENOMA Świdnicka 40, Wroclaw phone: 698 129 201 L’OCCITANE GALERIA DOMINIKAŃSKA Plac Dominikański 3, Wroclaw phone: 698 129 568

TOP Wroclaw

Top Culture


December 15th and 16th, 2012


TOP Wroclaw

The history of this landmark oneact opera Cavalleria Rusticana, written for a competition sponsored by the Sonzogno Publishing House, took place in 1890, in the Rome’s Teatro Costanzi. It is said that the amphitheatre “went crazy” after curtains had fallen. Music, with its explosive expressiveness both in the solo as well as the choir parts, enraptured both the audiences and the critics. Pietro Mascagni, its creator, said after wards, that this was his coronation, even before becoming a king! As the opera itself was too short to fill a whole evening, it has been brought together with Pagliacci by R. Leoncavalla. This December event at the Wroclaw Opera will surely remind of its historical triumphs, in large part due to the tremendous ensemble of top-notch participants.


The 8th edition of Jazztopad, a festival of exceptional jazz events will not only showcase young as well as renowned composers and the biggest jazz stars, but also, in its continuing traditions, proudly participates in international platforms organizing workshops with the most influential jazz musicians to create unique projects that will be performed exclusively during the festival. Jazztopad is indeed a great celebration of music, with renowned artists such as Wayne Shorter, Charles Lloyd, Kenny Wheeler or Gary Peacock having performed here. This year’s events will include concerts and performances by figures such as Jack DeJohnette Group, Enrico Rava and Bill Frisell. The performances which comprise the festival are a treat that are out of the ordinary, and are a must attend for those who appreciate the depths of jazz. Detailed information on the festival’s website at:

November 3th - 25th, 2012

TOP Wroclaw


October 03 - December 19, 2012


TOP Wroclaw

Alvis Hermanis, the award winning Latvian director, continually surprises audiences with new, fresh formats of his performances. Each of his productions, which he regularly brings to European festivals, is eagerly awaited. His “Latvian Love” (2006) will be seen for the first time in Poland at “The World as a Place of Truth”: Season of the Masters. This performance has been created based on material gathered by members of the New Riga Theater in interviews and meetings with Latvians, including photographs, letters, dating ads, and personal stories. Set in Riga, lovers from different social backgrounds and age groups meet; fall in love, quarrel, and part ways. At the end of the play, glimpses of fifty biographies would be seen, much learned about Latvia and the amorous yearnings of its inhabitants; surprisingly all these characters are performed by a cast of only five actors.

CULTURAL INTEREST A short walk from the Main Square, Ostrów Tumski or Cathedral Island is the ciy’s oldest part, its equivalent of a piece of jewelry that adorns it. The first bishopric was built on the island in the year 1000. It was almost wiped out by the Tatars in the mid 1200s, and as the town sprung on the opposite bank of the Odra River, Ostrów Tumski became more exclusively for the royals. This is a world of old beauty with soaring cathedral spires, cobbled streets, reached by a bridge with thousands of padlocks placed by newlyweds symbolizing love forever.

Ostrów Tumski

Wroclaw’s Four Religions District, called the Four Temples Tolerance District, was created in 1995 at the initiative of Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant clergymen and Jewish community activist Jerzy Kichler. Four churches of different denominations are located in the area, the Orthodox Birth of Holy Mother of God; the Roman Catholic Church of Anthony of Padua; the Evangelical-Augsburg Church of Divine Providence; and the White Stork Synagogue. Charity events, educational meetings and interfaith prayer meetings are regularly organized together.

Wroclaw’s Four Religions District

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is an impressive artwork from the 19th-century, a stunning example of this genre only few of which are preserved in Europe. This large painting, 114 meters in length by 15 meters in height transports the spectator into the Battle of Racławice This famous episode of the heroic attempt to defend Polish independence occurred in 1794 between the insurrectionist force of regulars and peasant volunteers under Kościuszko and the Russian forces.

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

Jana Ewangelisty Purkyniego 11, Wrocław phone: +48 71 344 2344

TOP Wroclaw

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