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AUDUSD Classical Reversal Pattern 19-July-2010

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AUDUSD Classical Reversal Pattern


We have seen a classic reveral chart pattern formed on AUDUSD this week. The megaphone chart formation is a reversal pattern, which has occurred on AUDUSD 1 Hour Chart. It is a reliable reversal pattern with big profit potential. However in this case the top line stayed flat, at which it acted as a strong resistance. Trade Suggestion: In this case we can see that market was facing strong resistance and failed to break it. Finally it has fallen to lower trendline. When price bounces on this lower trendline we can plot fib levels from see for significant reversal candles at one of the fib levels, mostly at 38.2 & 50% level. Then we can consider going short with a stop above the resistance level. These patterns occur all the time in market, which gives a good risk to reward trading set up.

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AUDUSD Classical Reversal Pattern  

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