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A Midyear Look-back On This Year's Online Marketing Trends If you have no idea how much online marketing has evolved in the past fifteen years or so, it is time to get out of that cave called the "late nineties" and rejoin modern civilization. Today, there are more tools used to market products over the internet, and with them, marketing trends have changed. Marketing strategies must adapt to the time it finds itself in order for them to be effective. One only needs to check out websites like to learn what these trends are, along with any outdated trends you might be guilty of following. For now, considering you have just gone out of that cave and seeing as we are halfway through 2012,we will make do with a quick rundown of online marketing's biggest trends thus far. First on our midyear list are social networking sites. Initially created to connect people all over the world, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace today are among the biggest online marketing platforms in existence, something that websites like and many others have indicated. Big companies, fledgling home-based businesses,environmental groups and even aspiring pop stars have used these social media sites to promote themselves, their products and services. A sound strategy, considering that Facebook alone has more than 700 million active users worldwide, where else can you get that many people to promote your brands to without spending millions in advertising? And using these social media sites are quite effective online marketing tools, tried and tested over the years, or at least the number of years Facebook has been around.

While social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook offers an international platform for online marketing, we should not forget that local marketing efforts can be just as effective and more feasible for smaller, start-up ventures. Small businessesuse local SEOstrategies like those you can read about in to make a name for themselvesin the online marketplace. And when we talk SEO,Ecommerce is always a relative topic prominent in many websites such as We know for a fact that people today prefer to buy anything they need on the internet. The easeand convenience of not having to leave your home to buy anything from a car to insurance policies for it has made the internet a one-stop shop for many. SEOtechniques make it easier for consumers to find products and services they need, which makes them an important part of

successful online marketing. The easier customers find your products, the better the chancesof them buying what you are selling. Another marketing trend that has made a splash this year is mobile marketing. The advent of smartphones has made internet-on-the-go something many people can enjoy. More people today are browsing the internet, checking their emails and updating Facebook status through their cellphones, which is why many companies made their websites mobile friendly. Lastly, there's posting unique, Google friendly content on your website. To be honest, this isn't a trend - it's a way of life when it comesto online marketing. It has long been included in the list of all-time top marketing strategies. Becausepopular search engines like Google are always changing their algorithms when it comesto detecting plagiarized content in websites, it is important for your website to contain read worthy, relevant and 100%unique content like what you can find in Doing so will help your website avoid getting flagged for plagiarism and also help you avoid putting yourself in the middle of very uncomfortable situations. Online marketing is a constantly evolving platform with many strategies businessescan use. What works for some companies may not be as effective with others, though. So from your end, an assessment of what your website or online company needs in terms of marketing is important to identify online marketing strategies that will work for you. You also need to study how each of these marketing trends can be put to good use. If you were to hire online marketing firms to provide solutions for you, it is important to learn more about them before coming into an agreement. Find out how long they have been in the industry and how many companies they have worked with thus far. You also need to determine what these clients have had to say about these online marketing companies before you finally decide to hire them.

A Midyear Look-back On This Year's Online Marketing Trends  
A Midyear Look-back On This Year's Online Marketing Trends  

If you have no idea how much online marketing has evolved in the past fifteen years or so, it is time to get out of that cave called the "la...