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Exactly how clean is your home?

No matter how clean you may think you home is even after washing the windows, wiping the shelves and mopping the floors probably still there are nooks and places left dirty. Here you will learn how to keep your home impeccable and make sure the dust and grime are completely removed from all rooms. Instead of piling dirty dishes, pots and utensils in the sinks you can wash them or rinse them and put them in the dishwasher as you cook. This prevents the spreading of smells and stains on them later as well as saves you the efforts spent in heavy-duty scrubbing. Keeping numerous items in your rooms and having clutter result in appearing of mould, dust and attraction of pests. Having too many items in your rooms isn’t good for their appearances, requires extra efforts and time spent in cleaning and tidying these. Maintaining your fridge in clean and tidy condition is very important for the healthy state and longer lifespan of the products in it. You

should wipe the spills and stains as they appear, check the contents of the appliance every day and remove spoilt foods. Don’t store you fridge with too many groceries. Keeping too many items in the fridge prevents the free circulation of air inside it which leads to fast food spoiling and too much cleaning work later. This rules for frozen foods stored in the freezer compartment as well. Take the time necessary to clean your cleaning supplies. You may think that they don’t need it, but it isn’t so. Brushes, brooms, dusters, squeegees, cotton cloths, sponges, mops, vacuum cleaners and washing machines need cleaning as well. You should provide it regularly and well to prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria in your house. Keep the air in the rooms fresh by opening the windows and leaving them open for as long as necessary. Pollen, pet dander, dust mites and mould spores are circulating in the air and polluting it. Letting the fresh to enter in the room is especially important during cleaning and household work. It is very important to clean surfaces in the right order. For example always sweep with a broom or hoover before you mop the floors. For cleaning the dust from soft surfaces like curtains, Top London Cleaners advises you to use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. Don’t anyone enter your home with shoes. Create a habit for everyone to leave their shoes near the door. This you can achieve easier by putting a basket with slippers near it. It is estimated that dirty shoes spread bacteria to the floors and from them to the other surfaces and air. It is necessary to dust your rooms regularly and often enough especially if you spot dust gathered on certain areas. Make sure to brush even the not easily visible areas like furniture, staircase banisters, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures as well as in between objects.

Big appliances which do cleaning and washing themselves need to be cleaned too. Washing machines, dishwashers, dryers and other appliances need effective and thorough cleaning every once in a while. The walls in your rooms need cleaning as well. Fingerprints, grease, dust and grime cover them so, don’t skip this work. Electric devices need cleaning and disinfecting which should be done from time to time especial whenever you notice dirt and dust on such. Germs and bacteria are likely to be found on keyboards, PC mouses, screens and appliances. You can wipe them lightly or use ammonia-based or alcohol solution to clean them better. By applying the presented above methods and tips for keeping your home clean you will maintain it spotless and presentable. It is necessary to pay attention to all areas in your rooms so, use these recommendations when cleaning them.

Exactly how clean is your home  
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