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Apparel & Accessories

Indian Market ďƒź Inheritors more knowledgeable about international designers brands ďƒź Brand name more dominant consideration compared to price while making a purchase decision ďƒź Most purchases made overseas due to better range, cut, finish and price

Indian Market  Professionals spend lesser amount on clothes  Not particularly inclined towards a particular brand  Self-made mirror the mindset of the Inheritors  Younger Self-made are bigger spenders on clothing and accessories compared with the older ones

Current Indian Market Divided into 3 Major Segments:  International Branded Apparel  Indian Designer Wear  Accessories Market is segmented on the basis of wear occasions

Current Indian Market  Market for men is much larger – 50% in mature markets  Active players include Murjani Group, Sachdeva Group, Raymonds and DLF  Most brands venture out of five-star hotels, into luxury malls and the high street

Current Indian Market  The potential market for apparel and accessories in India estimated at Rs 64 billion as of 2010-11  Ultra HNIs in Mumbai are bigger spenders on apparel  Mainstay is Indian traditional wear, sarees and designer wear, particularly for bridal wear  Accessories are a very attractive segment as well

Trends  Most designers today have their own exclusive boutiques, either in five-star hotels or in luxury malls  Latent demand for luxury apparel, buoyed by: – fashion shows – new luxury store launches – end-of-season sales – price competitiveness

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Final - Apparel & Accessories  

Apparel & Accessories Inheritors more knowledgeable about international designers brands Most purchases made overseas due to better ra...

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