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Every song that I have ever heard has an emotional connection to a certain point in my life, and like all people (as arrogant as we are) I think I have great taste in music. I tend to equate that this great music that I was listening to somehow relates to how great my life was, and how much that period taught me about myself. Lately I don’t feel that way. I’m not sure if it’s a sign that the last two months of my life were empty and meaningless or my taste has gone by the way side. Either way a lot of skating has happened in the past two months. As tastes changed and attitudes formed, this is it.


Came up from FL to NY, stirred things up and left before any sign of a cold front.

Front 360-ing more stairs than most can count and still maintains straight A’s.

Who would have thought that spots get better the further you drive up the state of NY.

3 heads from Baltimore do just that, kill it.

A photo section just for you.


NYC has lost two spots recently, well, kind of. The Unisphere at Flushing Meadows Park is now fenced off for what seems to be general maintenance, it’s not being ‘skate topped’. The Brooklyn Banks will become the home base for bridge maintenance and will be on skate hiatus until 2014. Work starts “later this year”. Washington DC’s famed gold rail has been knobbed as well. In other news Todd Jordan turned 29 on Halloween. Manny Santiago is part of the new Axion team. Cosmic Vomit, a video by Grant Yansura recently premiered and is probably for sale on the RipNDip site as you read this. Why didn’t Derek Mclean have last part( I know right?!). Josiah Gatlyn and his girlfirend Andrea Montoya recently started a beanie company, dubbed USKO, finnish for faith. Go check it out at

Years filming? I started shortly after I started skating, ten years ago, with a big VHS Dad-cam filming on my slappy bar in the driveway. Then I bought a digital 8 camera with a $25 fisheye. Once I realized that I really loved filming; my friends were starting to skate a lot harder, so I figured I would get more serious and help get their names out there. I film with a Sony VX-1000 with the mark 1 fisheye. I really can’t think of one specific wierd thing that has happened while filming. I guess just skating in Springfield and seeing sketchy hood rats and bums and shit. They always have something funny to say about skating. One time when I was mad young like 13, we broke some chain to skate a gap at a Jewish community center and a cop rolls up and starts telling us that we are going to be charged with a hate crime. That was sketchy. The most recent video that I filmed was the Theory Skate Shop video “Ten Years After” to celebrate ten years of business. It was crazy for me to be a part of that since I had grown up watching Theory videos. I am currently filming for the next Theory video, and I’m pretty excited for it becuase I am editing it also, which should be interesting. I would like to thank my parents for backing me throughout the years and helping pay for my camera and repairs. My siblings Nick and Sarah. Mike Cotto for being a long time homie and always being down to shred and always supporting me. The entire Cotto family, Cody Morin and Jay Johnson for always being down to film for my videos and being homies for a long time. Nate Greenwood for motivation and making me bust my ass. Luke Freccero for non-stop comic relief. John Santaniello, Will Boyer, Fetus, Lil Rob, Carlos Zengotita, Kyle Majerowski, Brett Richard and all of the East Longmeadow homies, Matt Douthwright, Jeff Burke and all the Bad Burke Crew, Dan and Frank at Theory for hooking it up good and keeping skateboarding alive in the Springfield area, Dave Durphy for the Vans bro-flow packages, Ron at, Bill Colburn for advice and killing it with his wicked positive attitude, Matt Hood at Gifted Threads, all the homies at Agawam park, and a special thanks to everyone for supporting my videos over the years. I appreciate it.

One thing i have noticed about the road is that it, or rather we cosume a lot of supplies, be it what’s in your wallet, the endless bars of wax that you forget at spots, cigs, or what have you, it’s just one of those things that you don’t realize until it’s over. I took the liberty of keeping track this time for some amusement. 36 double a batteries- For the price and frequency that I buy these I might be better off buying less portable flashes that can utilize a power pack. 3 4gb memory cards 20 cans of redbull- This was mainly due to my obsession with the the drink. I did however buy one from a vending machine only to get a second one free. 4 mini dv tapes- I guess that is a lot? 3 packs of cigs- That was the average for every smoker in the trip More time traveling than skating- Always a fun. 1 blown tire-It was my first time being in a car that blew a tire, it really wasn’t as spectacular as one would think.


Friday night at 9 pm we gazed upon 2 cars stuffed with gear, from camera bags to sleeping bags, knowing that there was a five plus hour drive ahead of us. I, however was included on this trip no more than ten minutes before departure, so I left with my wallet and the clothes on my back. After the obligatory pre-roadtrip coffee stop Nick Zuck, Jeremy Jordan, Rob Mauceri, Bill Tomlin, Chris Maffeo, MJ, and myself hit the road to upstate NY. The drive to Fredonia( a small, Polish drinking town) was pretty mellow, except for little Nick Zuck’s love for coffee. He was way too hyper for this six and a half trip through the night. Once he crashed and stopped screaming about how he could beat everyone in checkers, MJ’s excessive texting and driving habit had shown through, it it just seemed a bit scary from the passenger’s seat. We arrived at Bakwoods rider Steve Shrzypek’s house somewhere around 5 am. Despite the long ride we caught a second wind and proceeded to bullshit and watch stupid youtube videos. One by one we retreated back to our spot on the floor to to catch some sleep for the long day of skating tomorrow had in store. Alarms started rigning around 10 am, and we were up and out in record time. Breakfast at Bob Evan’s, then it was off to warm up at the local Labatt Blue(yes the beer) sponsored skate park, which turned out to be pretty sick. The spots in Fredonia were expectedly rough and somewhat patrolled by police. Jamestown though, had the sickest Cali-esque double set. Right after Rob kickflipped the largest thing that I have ever witnessed someone kickflip, we were invited by locals to skate a mini ramp later on in the evening. There are a few things that you must understand about this mini-ramp, first of all it was so hidden in the woods that our tour guides could barely find it. As we walked to the lit up clearing in the woods, we were face to face with the gnarliest mini ramp in exsistence (of course it had pool coping). Nick Zuck the 14-year old tranny master proceeded to make the ramp look stupid, I’m surprised it didn’t explode after Jeremy and Nick were done with it. Everyone got their drink and hotdog on all while Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All” played in the background. I’m not sure why but everyone loves to skate 5 stairs much longer than anyone should, ever, the time “wasted” on that led us to our final destination, since it was on the way home. We parted ways with Steve and headed to Rochester. Upon arrival we were greeted with the most beuatiful ollie up bank spot, which ended up being a bust; everyone got their trick by that time so it was a productive bust. Heading into Rochester everyone’s faces were plastered to the windows looking at all of the natural flatbars. They are literally everywhere you look, it’s as if they are used rather than parking blocks. As spots and daylight ran thin it was time to go home. I’m just glad that we weren’t going 80 mph when the tire exploded.

Rob Mauceri.. Rob is quite the opposite of what you would classify as a typical skater. He dabbles in MMA fighting, is attempting to break the NY state record for dead lifting in his wieght class, and eats more than any human I have seen. On this outing he really pulled out all of the stops, getting a clip at most every spot we went to. He does not give up until he lands, breaks a board(which he does about 3 times a day), or physically can’t skate anymore.


Jeremy is twice the age of everytone that went on the trip, which is somewhat perplexing, mainly due to the fact that he skates like he is 20, smokes Newports, and never misses a beat. He ended a five stair session by ollieing up them. I hope to be in that kind of shape when I am his age.

Where to start about lil Nick Zuck, I say lil because he is only 14 years of age. Clips, clips, clips. He was trying and doing tricks that I had never even seen him attempt before, he is just ever evolving on his 8.25� board. He also caught the most shit on the tour, I guess since he was the youngest.


Alright, so I guess we should start with your basic info.. I’m 17 years old, I was Born in Springfield, Mass. I ride for Theory Skate Shop, Vans, Zoo York, and Magical Go Go.

and the jersey barrier under the bridge and my board slipped out into the water. I got an Airwalk board from some random dude who didn’t even skate and then accidentally cracked it skating the flatbar at the banks. Worst day of my life.

How did you get involved with Vans and Zoo? Well, my friend Dave (Durfey) worked at Theory until he got a job working at Vans, so he hooks it up. I got on Zoo because my friend Pete (Pancetta), who also skates for Theory, started doing graphics for Zoo. He gave my Tape to Seamus and he was into it, I guess. Dave also put in a good word.

Airwalk makes skateboards? That’s exactly what I said when the guy pulled it out of his truck. The city can be rough sometimes. Have you been back since the airwalk debacle? Nope, can’t say I have.

Enough about NY, Mass is where it’s at anyway. How did It’s pretty sick all of that worked out for you. Speak- your summer go? Did you stack like mad? ing of NY, John tells me there is a funny story regard- Haha, summer went well, accept for the twenty straight days of rain. I managed to get a bunch of clips though. ing your first trip there. Oh God, yeah there is. I went to skate the benches TEC 12

[sbsts] switch backside tailslide

Tomlin photo

You’re filming for another Theory video correct? When is it due out and what will differ from part in Ten Years After? Yes, that is correct, I am not exactly sure when we want to put it out, but I am assuming in the next year or so. It will probably be different because of the tricks that I have now and it will come out better overall because I have an idea of how I want it to be, if that makes sense.

Most likely, even though I would like to be able to skate year round, but that is just another reason to Florida or somewhere down south.

Florida has a strong scene.. I’m good friends with a bunch of dudes from Lowell that I feel you on that, you always have to have a vision of always go down for a couple months and they always come what you want to do. Will you be filming exclusively in back with sick footage at sick spots. Mass? No, I usually take trips to CT and plan on NY soon. All of How is school going this year, you’re a senior? the spots I skate on the daily are in Mass, so I have to give It’s going well, I am maintaining about a 3.5 right now but it’s those my all. hard to find time to film when I have a load of school work on my back. It’s alright though, shcool is school, I just can’t True, there is no shortage of sick spots where you live wait to graduate. either.. Yeah, skating some of the same spots everyday gets boring It’s nice to see that someone is motivated for school though, that is why I plan on taking trips elsewhere. work. College or full time skating? If full time skating is not in my future I will go to college. Yeah that’s always the best, meeting new people and seeing new places. Do you have any shout outs as we wrap up this interThat always gets me hyped to shred! view? Dan and Frank at Theory, Ben at Zoo, Dave at Vans, Roger So do you see yourself staying on the east coast? and Dan at Magical Go Go, Rob Collins, Mikey P, and all of my homies that I shred with in Eastern Mass.

Collins Photo


TEC 17

Let everyone know your age, years skating, hometown skate spots, and good people. Florida kind of sucks in the summer, it’s hot and rainy. You can’t beat NY in the summer, and where you are currently residing.. I’m 21 and I have been skating for about 9 years, my home that’s probably why everyone from Florida ends up here in town is Vero Beach, FL and I am currently living in NY(Bed- the summer. Sty area of Brooklyn) What is the skate scene like in FL compared to NYC? To me it seems too easy to waste time in NY. Do you Was the RipNTrip your first legit tour? I went on a trip to the Top Shop contest when i first got on feel like you get more or less done at either location? To me the scene is way more chill in FL. I wouldn’t say I got West Side. So I guess it wasn’t, but it was a really good more shit done down there because it’s way harder to skate. time. It was my first time skating with a few of those guys You have to drvie so much and spots are far from eachother, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a great trip. There were a few little arguements but when you’re in a but when you do go to a spot, it’s like, “ Alright, were govan for 7 hours a day or sometimes longer you can’t really ing to this spot to do this”. It has to be planned out. NY you don’t need a plan, just meet up at 12th and A of Tompkins, prevent that. but the next thing you know you just lurked there the whole Was it your intention to stay in NY? It seems like a lot day. NY is just a huge skate park, I love it. of kids from FL end up in NY. Umm, I knid of knew that I was going to stay, but it was my What companies are backing you right now? first time in NY so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Once I met Right now it’s West Side Skate Shop, Converse Shoes, RipNDip Clothing, and Hype Skateboards. everyone I was convinced that NY is a great place for the summer. Beautiful women are everywhere you look, amazing

How are you getting by, job, support from home? cant get away from the Southern accent. I’ve had a few jobs out here, but they all sucked, so I ended up having them for short periods of time. Basically I’ve been I hear that it’s pretty rural where you are from, how did in struggle mode for the past few months. I sold my car be- that affect your skating? fore I left FL so I had some money when I came up. My Mom I guess it would have been better if I had grown up in the hooked me up with an ill ass box with some pants, white city, but I had an ill box and curb to learn on. Then I got my tees, and a bunch of snacks, that helped out a lot. Other than license and went to Tampa and Miami a lot, it made me apthat its dollar slices and selling product when I can. preciate city life a lot more I see you with girls often, is it the highspeed back tails Where do you think you would be without skateboardat 12th and A? ing? Haha, naw, I just have a way with the ladies. I think they just Haha, I’m from the sticks, I’d probably be wrestling gators..

Words:: Bill Tomlin Photos:: Collins and Tomlin

In Western Massachusetts, more specifically Springfield, you will find, tucked away in an inconspicuous area the cutest little TF that you ever did see. Owned and operated by Theory Skate Shop this park boasts a fully stocked skate shop and snack bar, which we all know is a must for local groms. Junction makes good use of the small amount of space that it has with a very diverse set up of ramps and even a legit down rail with double set.. Not a fan of sharing the park with a bunch of hooligans? No worries, you can rent out the park for private sessions, no bikes, scooters, or roller blades though. 3 or 8 hour skate camps that rival a Woodward experience, taught by Theory riders for those boring school vacations.

TEC 20

So if your in the area stop by and be sure to bring at least 8 dollars American and a helmet if you’re under 18. This place is definitely one of the reasons that everyone from Western Mass. rips so hard.

Oh Massachusetts, you have given us so much, Ryan Gallant, Eli Reed, the Boston Tea Party, Jereme Rogers(eh.. who really cares any more), and let’s not forget PJ. From this great state also comes the staple that holds the Western section of Massachusetts’s skate scene together, Theory Skate Shop. With ten years logged in the books you had better believe that they know what’s up. Walls that are graced with a diverse line of product, one of the most impressive collection of signed and vintage skate decks I have yet to see, and staff that makes spending a breeze is what you may notice upon your first visit. Upon further investigation you will realize that there is almost always some sort of event being held at either this or the satellite mall location in Holyoke, Mass. It would only be fitting for the skate team to include the likes of Toebee Parkhurst and Gary Smith. Along with their skate park, Junction, Theory seems to be most of the reason that the Springfield area holds it down so hard. This is the kind of institution that skateboarding everywhere needs.

TEC 25

Age:20 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Backed by: Plan B, Silver, FKD am, DC, Jus Liv, 3Rideshop Favortie video part: Stevie Williams in The Reason and PJ Ladd in Wonderful Horrible Life Shout outs: Shout out to Baltimore City and all my homies on the East and West Coast. Carrington, Lil T, Jason, Tall, Trace, Jake, Stuck, Jeff Pang, Jason Maxwell, Preebz and everyone who has helped me get this far.

Age: 18 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Years skating: Around 8 Sponsors: Vu Skate Shop, Inspire Clothing Trend, Cons(flow), Organika(flow), and Boner Bolts. Favorite video part: Going to have to say Shiloh Greathouse in First Love. Shout outs: My family, The Vu family, all the homies, the Ridge Crew, DK Crew, Dylan Higgins, Stuck, Nick Midwig, Corn, all my sponsors, everyone holding it down and supporting the local scene, you know who you are!!!

Age:19 Years skating: 8 Sponsors: Theory Skate Shop, Vans(flow) Favorite video part: Ricky Oyola in Underachievers Shout outs: Dan and Frank @ Theory, Dave Durfey, Nate Greenwood, Nick and Sivan, Will, Mikey P, Medium Rob, FTK bros, Feety Weety, and everyone else that I skate with. TEC 30

Age: 23 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Sponsors: Vu Skate Shop, Expedition One(flow), Osiris(flow), Jetty Clothing Favorite video part: Busenitz in Diagonal, Cardiel and Heath in Sight Unseen, Mariano in Fully Flared. Shout outs: My wife Jen for everything, my unborn child, Mom, my family, Pop, Gary Smith and Chris D @ Vu, Zeeg, William @ Osiris, Jake @Kayo, Stuck, and everyone I skate with, Bobby Spero, Tucci, Roburritos, anyone else that has helped me out and supports me, Thank you. If I forgot you I’m sorry.

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