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Board of Directors Kevin Cummings, Chair ‘89 Olathe, KS Mick Harris, Vice Chair ‘84 Atchison, KS Janelle (Kautz) Hegarty Secretary ‘80 Overland Park, KS Douglass Adair, Treasurer ‘94 Kansas City, MO Jonathan Mize Ex Officio Chair, ‘87 Atchison, KS Charlie Adams ‘87 Topeka, KS Sr. Mary Margaret Kean, OSB Mount. St. Scholastica Atchison, KS Mike Kuckelman ‘82 Olathe, KS Fr. Gabriel Landis, OSB St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Atchison, KS Amy Minnis Atchison, KS Keith Mispagel Atchison, KS Tim Regan ‘74 Waterloo, NE Abbot Barnabas Senecal, OSB ‘55 St. Benedict’s Abbey Atchison, KS Sr. Anne Shepard, OSB Prioress Mount Saint Scholastica Atchison, KS Sr. Rose Marie Stallbaumer, OSB Mount St. Scholastica Atchison, KS Kelly Vowels Atchison, KS Janet Wilcox Atchison, KS Theresa Worman ‘89 Overland Park, KS


Dear Friends:

President’s Letter

I’m a guy who grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. That should tell you a little about me. I can put up with a lot of heat. I never experienced four seasons until I moved to Kansas. Nearly all of my childhood friends were born somewhere other than my hometown. I learned swimming pools weren’t a luxury, but a necessity for managing the summer sun. What I think it tells you most, is that I grew up in a town that is named after a bird that rose from the ashes. Yep, the rising Phoenix bird is emblazoned on my brain forever. It’s a good thing. I seem to have this innate sense of knowing when something is rising to new levels. Well, I want you to know I’m getting that feeling again. There is a “rising” taking place right now in Atchison. Ask someone on the streets. Better yet, ask one of our students. Maur Hill-Mount Academy is rising. We continue to increase our number of students, our test scores, our athletic results, and our faith. Our academic teams have won several competitions this year and the list of colleges our students have been accepted to is impressive. Look around the campus and you will see the “rising” right before your eyes. A new ceiling in the Fr. Edwin Watson Academic building, a renovated gym floor, a rebuilt baseball field, a remodeled lounge in the dorm, a wireless campus, a dedicated fiber optic internet line with substantial bandwidth, and new light poles throughout the campus. It would be hard not to notice that something is happening. In early February, we held our second all-school retreat of the year. As the retreat concluded, several students stood up and shared in front of the entire student body. They shared about changes they needed to make, about the way others have welcomed them into the family, and about how they wanted to follow Christ completely. I could sense the spirit of our school growing in that moment. Students are realizing that we are journeying together, taking daily steps to become the man or woman God desires us to be. Yes, there is a rising taking place. I am so grateful for those alumni and friends who have laid the foundation for the rising. In particular, I want to thank those who have financially supported the school in the past couple of years. As I asked for your support, you gave. Thank you. A special thanks to those of you who joined the League of St. Maur or the President’s Circle. Your immediate impact is evident everywhere. Many of the completed projects listed above are because of your commitment to MH-MA. Finally, I am grateful to God for blessing this school. Also, I am grateful to Fr. Edwin and the many other monks and sisters who sacrificed their lives to build this school and educate our youth. May we follow in their footsteps. LET THE RISING CONTINUE! God bless, Phil Baniewicz

Maur Hill Prep and Mount Saint Scholastica photos featured on the front cover of this newsletter were taken from past yearbooks. Current MH-MA photos taken by Ali Stec ’12.

Armed Forces – Inspired to Serve It takes a special American to devote oneself to protecting freedoms, maintaining peace and serving our country in the military. Yet, in the Gellings family, there have been three generations enlisted to serve. Beginning with Henry Gellings who served in the US Army in World War I, their family has continued to serve. Henry’s son, Ed, took heed of his father’s advice, “If you want to have dry sheets and a warm meal don’t go into the army. ”Ed, who graduated from Maur Hill in 1948, chose to serve but chose to enlist in the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1950. He married Marlene Durst, a 1954 graduate of Mount St. Scholastica Academy.

Class Notes

Tours of duty included Morocco, Libya, Germany and France. It was in France where their daughter Kathy was born. Kathy is a 1976 Mount Academy graduate. Ed also served in Vietnam, earning many medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross. It was in the Philippines where daughter Lisa was born. Ed retired in 1972 with the rank of lieutenant colonel after twenty-two years of service. Fifteen years later, his son, Rick Gellings enlisted in the USAF in 1985, followed by older brother, Mike in 1989. Rick, who graduated from Maur Hill in 1983, retired January 1 with 27 years of service and Mike, a 1980 Maur Hill graduate, is a master sergeant with 21 years. Ed and Marlene’s youngest son, Mark, graduated from Maur Hill in May 1986 and enlisted in the USAF six months later. He retired in 2008 as a master sergeant with more than 21 years service. All four men received the USAF Commendation Medal, given for years of exemplary service. That means more than 64 years accumulated from the three generations. This is truly Service – Honor – Country.

Gene Sittenauer ’49 and his wife Darlene celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary October 16, 2011.

Cole Gray ’00 married Tassie Anthony September 4, 2011. Cole is the son of Don ’70 and Jane Gray.

Louie Penning ’55 and his wife Patsy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary October 15, 2011. They are parents of Amy ’80 (Mike) ‘80 Rindom, Laura ’82 (Shayne) Denton, Stacy ’83 (Ken) Mercer, Scott ’88 (Kim) Penning and Midge ’90 (Bryan) Botts. They have 13 grandchildren including Mark Rindom ’03.

Anna (Rice) Buckley ‘03 and her husband, Matthew, announced the birth of their daughter, Olivia Ann Buckley, born April 3, 2011. She is happy and healthy and has enjoyed cheering on the MH-MA Raven football team, especially her uncle Jared Rice #52 (senior), this season. Anna graduated in August from the University of Kansas with her Master of Science in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner and passed her certification through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

11/11/11 has special meaning for Larry Eker ’72 and Sylvia Lobo who were married on that date when three 11s aligned for the first time in a century. Scott Rauth ’80, president of Entire Computer Solutions, received the Faith in the Workplace award from the Integrity Resource Center, which recognizes those in the Kansas City area who are local heroes of faith. Alicia Amsbaugh ’97 married Luke Johnson in December 2011. Mike Pickman ’97, a tenth-grade language arts teacher at Prairie View High School in La Cygne (Prairie View USD 362), was named a Region 2 finalist for the 2012 Kansas Teacher of the Year Award.

Elise Grosdidier ’05 moved to Chicago in July 2011 to take the role of Marketing Communications Specialist with Case New Holland. Jessica Mellott ’05 moved in June 2011to Jeju, an island off the coast of South Korea to be an ESL teacher. Hillary Rice ‘07 graduated in May from the University of Missouri Kansas City with her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. She currently is employed with Tuttle Family Dentistry (Overland Park, KS) and Enhanced Dental Care (Lawrence, KS). 3

Homecoming 2011



Mass was celebrated at 5 p.m. in the chapel. The evening was capped off with dinner and The So What Band in the gym. Guests enjoyed the presentation of photos and memories from past yearbooks. Many alumni reminisced around the graduation photo composites of the anniversary classes that were showcased. It was a fun way to catch up with old friends. Join us back on campus September 28th and 29th for our next homecoming celebration of pride and spirit!

Seated (l-r): Bill Tucker, Corky Stueve, Sr. Mary Rae Schrick, OSB, Sr. Mary Benedict Jacobs, OSB, Carolyn (Linden) Roth, Sally (Arensberg) Irons. Standing (l-r): Bob Buhler, Don Kern, Ted Debauge, Fr. Blaine Schultz, OSB, Richard Miller, Bill Roth.


1946 Seated (l-r): Sr. Elaine Gregory, OSB, Doreen (Harris) Donovan, Sr. Brigid Kelliher. OSB, Standing (l-r): Charles Viscek, Buck O’Keefe.



Homecoming 2011 activities were all brought back to campus this year. The festivities were bigger and better than ever. St. Michael’s Patio was the site of the Friday night tailgate party and was an incredible nighttime setting of shimmering lights, a fire pit and music. We loved the atmosphere and plan to make it a tradition! Drinks from Paolucci’s Lounge were enjoyed before and after the game. Saturday’s events started with a noontime picnic where alums were able to sit and relax at the Roost.

1956 Seated (l-r): Kathleen (Kern) Colgan, Winifred (Spire) Hummer, Patricia (Hackett) Payne, Corrine (Wagner) Frakes. Standing (l-r): Janet (Gregory) Trompeter, Paul Lanfermann, Mary (Kinder) Smith.



1966 Seated (l-r): Margie (Miller) Begley, Judy (Gearhart) Pierce, Connie Forge, Linda (Guettermann) Dinsmore. Standing (l-r): Tom Horton, Ken Ambrose, Martha (Compton) Schuckenbrock.

1971 Seated front (l-r): Rich Arensberg, Nancy Engelken, Nancy (Brull) Gaitan, Judy (Vogt) Egnatic, Marianne (Clements) Tympanick, Pam (Clark) Hooker. Seated middle (l-r): Randy Knipp, Rick Noll, Annie (Engelken) Galloway, Melanie (Staley) Brungardt, Katie (O’Bryan) McCroskey, Judy (Sherman) Neu, Linda (Domann) Nugent, Chris Glennon, Gene Hanlon, Bernie Headley. Standing middle (l-r): Mike Brungardt, Fr. Owen Purcell, John Bohon, Martha (O’Meilia) Lockwood, Mary Carol (Prohaska) Voth, Susan (Noll) Hanrahan, Dana (Paulich) Voigt, Alice (Nolte) Brentano, Teresa (Rindom) Bohon, Joyce (Minnis) Nolan, Nancy (McCarthy) Cohen, Karen (Fegan) Tyler, Steve Pickman, Rick Beien, Tom LeCluyse. Standing Back (l-r): Tim Brungardt, Rob Desbien, Tom Hoffman, Paul Marotta, Mike Fitzpatrick, Dave Domann, Ken Sphire, Dave Gunn, Dan Nolan, Ed Allen, Mark VanDyke.



Seated front (l-r): Daryl Noll, Frank Enzbrenner, Mike Carrigan, Dee Minnis, Bob Easley, William Jungk. Seated middle (l-r): Joseph Noll, Dee (Derr) Jackson, Sharon (Gering) Stauffacher, Mary Pat (Gray) Sullivan, Marilyn (Fitzgerald) Gill, Carole (Healey) Paolucci, Barbara (Lockhart) Surritt, Bill Wagner, Bob Simpson. Standing middle (l-r): Betty (Cary) Stevens, Mary Beth (Mercier) Hunter, Carol (Schuetz) Smith, Rose Mary (Diebolt) Grove, Alice (Weinmann) Scott, Betty (Sittenauer) Albers, Linda (Lee) Kaminsky, Marion (Wagner) Blodig, Linda (Wyatt) Funk. Standing back (l-r) Joe Krentz, Mike McGuire, Dan Meara, Ron Cafferty, Karl Schuele, Bill Gill, Robert Normoyle.

1976 Seated front (l-r): Mickey Klebba, Theresa (Scholz) Resner, Mary Asher, Cathy (Scherer) Miles, Karen (Church) Reiss, Sara (Domann) Ryan, Rita Guettermann. Seated middle (l-r): Lori (McGinnis) Simmens, Marian (Lutz) Doran, Cathy (Schuele) Murphy, Sr. Anne Shepard, Debbie (Kuckelman) McLaughlin, Diane (Boos) Pepper, Jan (Clements) Miller, Standing middle (l-r): Rosie (Intfen) Diebolt, Theresa Nass, Janie (Graves) Myer, Michelle (Betts) Renee, Kathy Gellings, Lisa (Gardner) Carney, Terri (Kraemer) Gardner, Mary Lynn (Clem) Ray, Carol (Rindom) Coffman, Standing back (l-r): Fr. Owen Purcell, Ron Urban, Dan Pickman, Pat Regan, Scott Perez, Steve Hillenmeyer, Dan Glennon.


1991 Seated (l-r): Angela (Buessing) Humburg, Dana (Servaes) Cochran, Krista Gehring, Kim (Schneider) Burnam, Marla (Zabel) Harris, Janelle Pierce, Susan (Holtz) Hupp. Standing (l-r) Amy Burns-Brooke, Marty Dugger, Brian Harris, Jeremy Anderson, Karl Ley, Ben Buehler, Jeff Schuele, Bridgett (Darrenkamp) Lee, Jay Keeley, Pat Slattery, Joyce (Valledor) McGurk, Jodi (Chew) Trevino.


1986 Seated (l-r): Chris (Servaes) Clark, Garie Jean Brownrigg. Standing (l-r): Chris Brooke, Mark Gellings, Daniel Bowen.



Homecoming continued

1996 (l-r) Mason Clark, Bridget (Christian) Peoples, Tabby (Anderson) McCarthy, Cindy (Carrigan) Apple, Jennifer Schuele, Andrea (VanDyke) Verbanic, Chris Suther.

Homecoming photos taken by Rox’s Images and Chris Sinclair.

Alumni Give Back We appreciate the involvement of our alumni, alumnae and friends. Many tell us they formed lasting relationships while at Mount St. Scholastica, Maur Hill Prep, and Maur Hill-Mount Academy. They want to give back. Maur Hill-Mount Academy students are very grateful for the support that they receive from our alumni. To emphasize this point we are sharing the following article written by MH-MA student Jordan Fry: As of first semester this year, alumni donated about $200,000. These donations are making Maur Hill-Mount Academy a better place. Everywhere you look the alumnae of St. Scholastica Academy and the alumni of Maur Hill Prep are there, giving it their all. Our alumni give time, effort, talents, and money to make Maur Hill - Mount Academy High School a better place. Throughout this past summer and school year, cheerleaders and dancers have benefited directly from 6

alumnae help. Dance coaches Lauren McDermed, class of 2008, and Caylon Lanfermann, class of 2007, have come back on a regular basis to help the cheerleaders and dancers out with routines, stunting, and preparations for pep rallies. According to junior Cece Asher, this summer the alum coaches and cheerleaders spent long hours in the gym preparing for the Northwest Missouri State cheer camp in Maryville. The team came home with many honors. The Raven Squad finished second overall, brought home first place for their home dance routine, and received one of the highest honors given, the Leadership Award. In addition, Molly Minnis, senior, Miranda Baniewicz, sophomore, and Tina Busch, senior, were named All American. The effects of alumni support can be seen campus wide. “Without alumni support, our school probably would not be where it is today. More than eighty percent of our donations comes from alumni,” said Phil Baniewicz, MH-MA President. According to Annual Giving Exchange, a blog about annual giving, broad alumni participation helps establish a culture of philanthropy that is vital to the success and sustainability of the school and alumni participa-

Alumni Give Back

MH-MA Alumni Association Board of Directors Kelly Garrity Bieri ’98 Co-President

Garin Nolan ’98 Co-President

Greg Lutz ’75 Secretary

Jim Hempstead ‘60 Kelly (Paolucci) Mendoza ‘84 Jean Miller ‘91 Deke Nolan ‘00 Mick Hundley ‘02 Ted Henry ‘05 Bernadette (Enzbrenner) Urban ’63 Photos by Chris Sinclair and Phil Baniewicz

Alumni Director

“Without alumni support, our school probably would not be open... More than eighty percent of our donations come from alumni,” tion sets the standard in the school. Baniewicz went on to say, “Alumnae/i create positive role models for other alumni and the students.” Jonathan Mize ‘87, MH-MA’s past President of the Board of Directors, said that it takes more than our current students and families to help growth at Maur Hill - Mount Academy. There have been many notable improvements made to Maur Hill-Mount Academy in the past year. Through alumni help we have purchased a new bus, buildings have been painted, light poles have been put in place and our baseball field has been renovated. Class of 1962, Mr. Mick Haverty, Executive Chairman of Kansas City Southern Railroad, stated, “All schools need alumni support to help them continue to carry on the traditions that have been established over the years and to support the faculty and capital requirements for growth.” Head Cheer Coach Teresa Lanfermann said, “Without the help from alumnae, our squad wouldn’t know how to stunt, or how to perfect the little things in the routines. “McDermed and Lanfermann are a great help to

Phil Baniewicz, MH-MA President.

our squad.” Cheer Co-Captain Molly Minnis said, “We are fortunate to have women who have been in our position before and are willing to reach out.”

Stay connected! Join the alumni association! You can do it online. Look for the Alumni/Friends tab on the home page of our website: You can also follow us daily on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure we have your current contact information so you don’t miss out on a single piece of news.


The League of St. Maur

On September 24, 2011 area alumnae, alumni and friends gathered for a special evening that marked the return of the League of St. Maur. Addressing the more than 200 assembled guests, Master of Ceremony, Toby Cook, VP of Community Affairs with the Kansas City Royals welcomed everyone to the event at the Kansas City Airport Marriott. Two families were honored for their outstanding years of service to our school.

The Fr. Edwin Watson, OSB Award John Flynn and Patty (Purslow) Flynn are two Ravens that will forever embody the Maur Hill-Mount Academy spirit. Their devotion to their alma maters have been evident throughout their lives. John Flynn was every bit the exemplary Raven athlete, student, faculty member and coach. He constantly displayed acts of team principles of leadership, discipline and motivation throughout his years and positions at Maur Hill Prep. From the beginning as a student and graduating in 1962, John was a true Maurite. “A great athlete, great classmate, and great friend”, is how fellow ’62 graduate, Mike Begley described John when remembering their time on The Hill. After Maur Hill, John played football at Northwest Missouri State University and St. Benedict’s College where he graduated in 1970. He continued on to coach and teach at Saints Peter and Paul in Seneca and Immaculata in Leavenworth. Soon after, Maur Hill President, Father Edwin Watson, asked John to return to his alma mater. In 1975, Mr. Flynn returned to become the assistant football coach under Coach Guy Galley. After two years of assistant coaching, Mr. Flynn was honored to assume the position of head coach. During his fifteen year reign, he compiled a record of 123-74, a .600 winning percentage. His teams made 6 playoff appearances; won the state championships in 1979 and in 1992 and was state runner-up in 1984. His other accomplishments included coaching the Kansas Shrine Bowl in 1980 and serving as the Maur Hill Athletic Director from 1992 until 2004.


The celebration continued with socializing and dancing. An auction was held and bidding was lively, with over 20 exciting gift packages. Thanks to the generosity of the group, nearly $70,000 was raised. Within weeks of the event, we were able to purchase a used charter bus for the school. Also with the help of money raised we have been able to continue improving our facilities. The League of St. Maur is making a difference.

John ’62 and Patty (Purslow) ’62 Flynn Mr. Flynn retired in 2008 but returned to campus to substitute teach for the 2009-10 school year. Patty (Purslow) Flynn graduated from Mount St. Scholastica Academy in 1962. A wellliked Mountie because of her easy smile, Patty was both a cheerleader and homecoming queen. In 1967, Patty married John Flynn, her third grade sweetheart from St. Benedict’s grade school. Patty has held positions at Kansas Power and Light Co., Exchange National Bank and Trust, and Bellevue Country Club. Patty and John enjoyed spending time at Bellevue and never turned down a round of golf. Their three children include Molly ’86 and husband Jack Burgess; Matt ’88 and wife Rachael; and Maggie ’92 and husband Chad Winder. Patty and John felt blessed to have their nine grandchildren and one great grandchild at the center of their lives and enjoyed watching their sporting events. For their commitment to the values which are supportive of family and community, Maur Hill-Mount Academy was honored to award John and Patty Flynn with the 2011 Fr. Edwin Watson, OSB Award. John Flynn passed away Saturday, April 7. We are saddened by his death but are grateful that last September we were able to honor a great man. The Flynn family has brought so many gifts to our community and for that we will always be thankful. Please keep them in your prayers during this difficult time.

Photos taken at the League of St. Maur Dinner, located at the Marriott Airport Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. Photos by Chris Sinclair and Cathy Murphy

The Fidelis Award A 1989 article in The Maur Hill Prep Today, a publication for the League of St. Maur, describes Edward J. Stork as one who sought to serve the Church through the education of the young, through active involvement in parish liturgy, and through loyalty to family. Reflecting that statement, Colleen and the late Edward Stork exemplify the character of a Raven. Ed joined the Maur Hill faculty in 1959 teaching English, general science and biology, becoming Dean of Academic Affairs in 1969. He continued in his role as Academic Dean in addition to teaching human anatomy and physiology, and psychology until his death in 1989. Colleen (Conrad) Stork graduated from Mount St. Scholastica Academy in 1959 and St. Mary’s Hospital School of Nursing, KCMO in 1962. It was while working on her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology that she met her husband Ed, who was attending St. Benedict’s College. Colleen began her employment as a teacher and director at St. Mary’s Hospital School of Practical Nursing in Kansas City and then at the School of Practical Nursing in Atchison. In the early 1980s she worked as the In-service and Diabetes Educator and Infection Control Nurse at the Atchison Hospital. She retired in 1999. Ed and Colleen’s daughter, Maureen ’90 and her husband, Jesse Beckett, live in Austin, TX with their two children,

Colleen (Conrad) ’59 Stork McAllister (Mackey) Conrad and Emery Kathleen; son, Ed, Jr., ’92 and Amy live with their daughter, Natalie Grace in Shawnee, KS. Son, Chris ’95 lives in Lenexa, KS. Colleen was actively involved in her children’s lives - never missing an athletic event, school play or recital, while continuing to work at a full-time job. Colleen’s presence has been felt in the Atchison community for many years. When the call of need presents itself, Colleen is the first in line to render assistance. She has continued, long after her professional career ended, to give of herself by volunteering at the Atchison Hospital and the Atchison Hospital Thrift Shop. In March of last year, the Atchison community recognized Colleen’s efforts and Irish pride by naming her Grand Marshal of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Though she found herself going it alone much too soon, Colleen persevered and ensured that her children’s dreams and endeavors were realized and, as was customary, placed everyone else’s needs before her own. In order to honor Ed’s years of service and dedication to Maur Hill, Colleen recently remembered Ed with a luminary pole installed in his honor at the entrance of the academic building on the Maur Hill-Mount Academy campus. The 2011 Fidelis Award was presented to Colleen (Conrad) Stork for her undying loyalty and years of faithfulness.


In Memoriam Rose Marie (Vigil) ’55 Turgeon, Chamberlain, SD passed away March 27, 2011.

Sr. Gertrude Greathouse, OSB ’44, Atchison, died June 16, 2011. She graduated from Mount St. Scholastica College in 1948, making her monastic profession in 1949. She earned her master’s degree in music education from the University of Missouri and taught music in all three Atchison Catholic Elementary Schools; Sacred Heart, St. Benedict’s and St. Joseph’s as well as other schools in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Susan (Stanton) ’51 Shrout died October 6, 2010. Her twin sister, Sarah (Stanton) ’51 Hagen, passed away June 17, 2011 Bernadette (Haegelin) ’39 Seikel, Yukon, OK died June 19, 2011. Shirley Hammack, wife of Jack R. Hammack ’44, Overland Park, KS passed away July 21, 2011. Jack and Shirley were very good friends with Fr. Edwin Watson, OSB. Shirley was a member of the League of St. Maur. John E. Vandeloo, Atchison, passed away August 4, 2011. He is survived by his daughters, Cindy ’75 (Don) Lassen, and Kathy Vandeloo ’69. Mamie Domann, Atchison, died August 8, 2011. She is survived by her six children, David ‘71 (Libby) Domann, Patricia Domann ‘72, Joe ’74 (Sherry) Domann, Sara ’76 (Jeff) Ryan, Grace ’77 (Les) Burchett, BJ ’82 (Maria) Domann. Nancy (Lambert) ’53 Gianino, St. Louis, MO passed away August 30, 2011. Geraldine (Gormley) ’61 Jestel, Davenport, IA passed away September 2, 2011.


Michael Purcell ’73, Atchison, died September 11, 2011. He is survived by his parents, Larry ’52 and Bonnie Purcell, wife, Gail, son, Jason ’01, daughters, Jodi and Amy; sisters, Sharon ’76 Kuhn, Debbie Stone, and Diane Dame. Betty (Koch) ’39, Istas, Blue Springs, MO passed away September 12, 2011. James Wavada ’42, Enfield, CT died September 13, 2011. Jim was a friend of Fr. Edwin Watson, OSB and assisted him in fundraising with his time and writing skills. Mary Lou (Heier) ’61 Maciel, Overland Park, passed away September 16. Among her survivors are brother, Jack ’58. Martha ( Lanfermann) ’48 Heath, Gaithersburg, MD, passed away September 17, 2011. She is survived by her sister, Mary Lou (Lanfermann) ’59 Smith, and brother Paul Lanfermann ’56. David Hoffman, ’58, Atchison, died September 17, 2011. He is survived by his wife, Lynn (Dempster) ’61 Hoffman; his daughters, Deborah, Beth, Ann, and Patricia; and thirteen grandchildren including Brendan Hoffman ’11. Rebecca (Giles) ’84 Armontrout, Atchison, passed away September 18, 2011. Survivors include sister, Deborah (Giles) ’81 Sauer; brothers, Charles ’82 and Timothy ’87. Her three children survive, Caralyne (who attended MSSA in 2001 and 2002 as a freshman and sophomore), Kathleen, and Darren. Michael P. Keeley, ’49, Belleville, IL passed away September 19, 2011. He was the past president and owner of the Keeley Brothers Contracting Company in East St. Louis, IL. He was a cousin of P.J. Keeley ‘47 and Hank Keeley ’52.

Margaret “Betty” Mize, Atchison, died October 15, 2011. Among the survivors are the families of Jonathan Mize ’87 and Courtney (Mize) Laurie. Michael Cleary ’63, Norborne, MO passed away October 18, 2011. Survivors include brother, John Cleary ’66 of Denver. Michael was preceded in death by brother, Edward Cleary ’60. John McNerny, ’49, Atchison, died October 20, 2011. Survivors include sister, Fran (McNerny) ’42 Indermill. John was preceded in death by sisters, Mary (McNerny) ’35 Lykins and Catherine (McNerny) ’41 Hopkins. Ryan Federinko, Atchison, passed away October 29, 2011. His fiancée, Stephanie Wood ’10 is among the survivors. Julianne (Wolfe) Blair, Atchison, passed away November 8, 2011. Julie attended MSSA as a freshman 1976-77. Her sister, Jane (Wolfe) ’73 Hagen is among the survivors. Gene Vader Jr. ’48, Minnetonka, MN died November 11, 2011. He was preceded in death by his sister, Jacque (Vader) ’51 McNichols. Julie (Lutz) ’76 Bradley, Atchison, passed away November 16, 2011. She was the niece of Dick Lutz ’54. Other survivors include the members of the Conrad and Kathleen (Lutz) ’46 Scholz (both deceased) Families Timothy Conrad, ’68, Fairway, KS died November 20, 2011. He was a founding partner of Tanner’s Bar & Grill in the greater Kansas City area and Wichita, KS. Survivors include a sister, Colleen (Conrad) ’59 Stork and brother, Mike ’62 (Barbara) Conrad.

Ronald Hager ’57, Atchison, passed away December 11, 2011. Among the survivors are his son, Kevin ’81; daughters Erin, Kelli ’84, Angela, Michele, Shannon, and Gretchen; brothers, Gary ’62, Mark ’72; and sisters, Imogene ’69 (Phil) ’69 Chew and Gere ’69 (Bob) Chew. Marvin Nagel, Atchison, passed away December 24, 2011. From 1963 until 1976, he and his wife, Marie, owned and operated the Atchison A&W Drive-In. Among the survivors are his daughter, Mary Ann ’75 and his son, Kenneth ’80. Owen Handke ’53, Atchison, passed away December 30, 2011. Among the survivors are sisters, Julia ’54 (Clem), Kathleen ’59 (Tyson); niece, Mary Lynn Clem ’76 (Ray) and nephew, Mike Clem ’78. Rosemary McQuitty, Montgomery, AL, passed away December 30. Among her survivors is Mike McQuitty ’76. Sr. Theophane Reinecke, OSB ’32, Atchison, died January 4. Sr. Theophane attended school in Baileyville, KS until her senior year then graduated from Mount St. Scholastica Academy and entered the Benedictine community in 1932. She served as teacher and principal at MSSA 1957-1965 and as dorm Director 1969-1981. When she retired she worked in the business office of Benedictine College, MSSA and her monastery. Cecelia Timberlake, Maur Hill Prep Librarian 19831985 died January 4.

Lorene Vogt, Atchison, passed away January 8. Her survivors include sons, Philip ’72 (Beth) Vogt, Chris ’76 (Kathy) and daughter, Paula Vogt ’74. Gertrude Haines, Atchison, passed away January 9. Among the survivors are her daughter, Sharon (Haines) ’54 Hess; and her son, Terry Haines ’60.

W. Richard (Dick) Mize, Atchison, died January 11, His wife, Betty preceded him in death on October 15, 2011. Among the survivors are the families of Jonathan Mize ’87 and Courtney (Mize) Laurie. Dr. Jeanne Weatherford, ’61, Sidell, LA, passed away January 11 after an extended illness. She earned her doctorate from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology and specialized in Neuro-Psychology. She is survived by three children, three grandchildren, brother, Robert Weatherford ’64 and Rick Weatherford; sisters, Joanne Weatherford ’60 and Linda (Weatherford) ’67 Schmidt. Hope Hundley, Leavenworth, passed away January 16. Among her survivors is her husband, Dustin Hundley ’95. Sister Rosaria Schaefer ’33, Atchison, died January 25. Sister was a past faculty member at MSSA. In later years she volunteered in the Mount Academy alumnae office. Bruce Edwards, Parkville, MO, died January 26. He is survived by his wife, Janie (Nass) ’78. Bruce suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and was very involved with the Keith Worthington ALS Chapter, raising money and awareness for ALS research through Bruce’s Battalion. Jerome Morgan, Kansas City, MO, died January 8 from cancer. Jerome attended MHP from 1973 until 1975 and is remembered fondly by his classmates from the class of 1976. Among the survivors are brothers, Theodore Morgan, Jr. ’66, Dan Morgan ‘74, and Russ Morgan ‘84. Larry Wisely, Atchison, passed away February 2. He is survived by his daughters, Nancy (Wisely) ’66 Skelton, and Sally Wisely ’68. Mr. Wisely taught at MSSA and Mount St. Scholastica College from 1956 until 1962. He was predeceased by his wife, Janis (Kenner) ’36 Wisely. who also taught at MSSA.

Jane Long, Rancho, Bernardo, CA, passed away February 3. Among the survivors are daughter, Linda (Marty) ’69 Clements; grandchildren, Matthew ‘97, Chris ‘00, and Elizabeth Clements ‘03. Loretto M. Smith ’32, Atchison, died February 14. Loretto began working for her father in the Smith Grocery and then for the Ruhlman Grocery Store in Atchison. She retired in 1977 after eighteen years at Van Dyke’s Grocery. She is survived by the (late) Mick and Marge (Smith) ’44 McGinnis Families and her brothers, Joseph ’42, and Robert ’46. Myrtle Mullins, Atchison, died February 25. She is survived by her husband, Jim ’32; sons, Jim ’64 (Lynn), Dan ’75 (Sally), Terry ’80 (Margaret); daughters, Jelene ’58 (Larry) Widowski, Cheryl ’62 (Paul) Somers, Marian ‘72, Mikey ’74 (Jerry) Stafford. Dian (Kenning) ’68, Pryor, Boonville, MO passed away February 25. She was a cousin of Fr. Gerard Senecal ’47, Abbot Barnabas Senecal ’55, and Nicholas Senecal ’55, Clare (Senecal) ’58 Kearney and Mary (Senecal) ’62 Hansen.

We make every effort to note each passing in the Raven Community and regret any errors or oversights that may occur. The Summer 2011 Edition should have included this regarding the passing of Mary Beth (Falk) Kolodziej ’47: Mary Beth “Beth” (Falk) Kolodziej ’47, Manchester, MO beloved wife of J. S. “Joe” Kolodziej, passed away January 26, 2011. She was preceded in death by brothers, Henry Falk ’42, of Atchison; Bill Falk of Atchison; and John Falk ’53 of Prairie Village, KS. Three children and nine grandchildren survive.


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