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DESCRIPTION: Slimming down the LCD lens thickness and revising the overall structure allowed us to cut about 30% of the total weight compared to our previous models. Lightest active-shutter-method 3D Eyewear in S/M sizes. In addition to raising the light transmissivity of the shutters by 10% over our previous model, the temple portions have been widened to block the entry of excessive light from the sides. This enables bright, crisp 3D viewing. TopEndElectronics AU Offers Buy Projector Accessories, Best Projector Accessories, Online Projector Accessories, Online Latest Projector Accessories, Latest Projector Accessories . When the battery is charged from VIERA TV's USB terminal, only 2 minutes of charging gives you about 3 hours of use. With 30 minutes of charging, you get about 25 hours of use. From now on, you can spend less time charging the battery and more time watching the 3D images. The switching function is convenient when, for example, a group of people are watching 3D images and one person decides to take a break. When the switch is set to 2D, the images that you see with both eyes through the 3D Eyewear consist of the data for only a single eye's image. To watch 3D images again, you just flip the switch. This function gives you more flexible viewing options and ensures a comfortable viewing experience.


Lens type Battery type Communication method with 3D television Materials Viewing range Approx. head size Dimensions (W x H x D) Power supply Weight (including batteries) Usage temperature range

Liquid crystal shutter (Frame sequential type) Rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery Approx. 25 hours operation (30 minutes battery charge) Infrared Main body: Resin, Lens section: Liquid crystal glass 3D eyewear transmitter within 3.2 m (front view, 35 degree horizontal, 20 degree vertical) 530 - 600 mm 167.7 x 42.2 x 170.7 mm 5V (DC) (USB power supply from VIERA 3D TV) Approx. 26 g 0째C - 40째C

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