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Truly Naked-eye 3D Display – LCD Product Tags & keywords: naked-eye, 3D, LCD, display, truly naked-eye 3D


Shenzhen L&M Electronic provides professional truly

naked-eye 3D type LCD display screen, which has just achieved great success at Hong Kong ELE Fair, 32 inch vertical screen type for indoor using. Welcome to customize your own truly naked-eye 3D display products, and we cover all your needs.

Here follows the application information and specification details of this truly naked-eye 3d display advertising player.

Main Features

1. 32� vertical screen type for indoor using, the first and the only vertical type 3D display in China mainland 2. Enjoy 3D without glasses, make your advertisements more vivid and attractive 3. With PC built-in to install the special software as you like 4. We’ll supply you the software and teach you how to make 3D pictures with no charge

Functions & Applications

1. Simply like use a computer, easy to run your own operating system & software 2. Easy to operate by wireless mouse/keyboard 3. All digitized player with built-in video and speaker systems 4. Supports all the formats that PC supported 5. Ultra-thin toughened glass layer to protect the LCD panel 6. Locking system for anti-theft, to protect both the PC and the whole player PC configuration as below

Main board: Intel G41 CPU: 3.0 GHz dual core Memory: DDR-III 2G HDD: 5000GB SATA HD 1GB independent graphics card 7. Applicable for shopping mall, chain stores, banks, hospital, school, gas/bus station, office buildings, clubs, etc.


Screen Size:

32 inch



Aspect Ratio:


Brightness (cd/m2):


OSD Language (optional):

Chinese, English

Picture Formats:


Video Formats:

MPEG1/2/4, H.264, DIVX, XVID, RM, AVS, VC1, AVI

Audio Formats:

MP2/3, PCM, WMA, AC3

Audio Output:

Stereo L/R, 8立, 5W*2



Power Input:


Operation Temperature:

0 °C ~ 50 °C

Storage Temperature:

-20 °C ~ 60 °C

Available Size:

21.5'', 23.6”, 26'', 32'', 42'', 55”


link: D-Display-LCD-Product.html

Truly Naked-eye 3D Display – LCD Product