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A traditional menu of high production costs, complex process cycle is long, a small amount of information displayed, the replacement is very troublesome. Food industry personnel turnover rate, have to change the menu for the chef. Rising prices, rising costs, the need to adjust the price. Introduction of new dishes, the menu can not immediately update, it is troublesome.

Digital Menu Board is a set of integrated electronic menu based tablet (iPad or Android tablet ) and back-office service management software service management system catering industry. Using the Internet, intranet or extranet, using multimedia approach to screen presentation, menu content at any time and place, to do a single, group, or update all the restaurant's menu. The entire restaurant can easily complete ordering process, the operation is very simple, easy to grasp the waiter. Can be text, images, audio, video, and

other ways to show full information about restaurant dishes, cuisine features Cuisines composition, nutritional value, historical stories, restaurant culture, highlighting the restaurant’s culture and characteristics; browse through a variety of dishes, You can also alphabet, shorthand code, the first letter, handwritten by similarity search or fast retrieval dishes a la carte waiter improve efficiency; can support multi-language display and input, ease of ordering foreign guests.

Digital Menu Board ( electronic menu ) Applications Electronic menu structure of the basic equipment: 1 Display: usually 37 " or more, 42", 46" best restaurant housed in 100-300 square meters of space small size of the display is also available with a restaurant designed to provide customers with interactive queries. If you install a electronic menu above mosaic screen, recommended to choose a thin border, mosaic effect will be good. choose the best large screen display with anti-glare glass panels, can reduce interference restaurant lighting, while avoiding the accumulation of dust. 2 Multi-media player: If the display is simply the price, and does not always transform, the choice of a relatively low price Android system; If you want to do high-definition video, multi- screen switching applications, recommended to choose Intel + Win 7 configuration. Use interface are more familiar, more convenient for future upgrades. 3 Play Software: network management in order to be able to set the time of delivery, a full feature remote content delivery, while delivery of the Job History Report automatically replies delivery network outages, network management functions with flow control.

4 The contents of the menu: Create with restaurant business style, making the appropriate menu design, there are still photos, text, there are also dynamic video, Flash, and even 3D.

Electronic Menu Advantages: 1 Brand: store look stylish atmosphere, the internal ordering novel way, the operation is easy to use, especially for chain type restaurants, QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants), stores the image for unified management. 2 Fast, zero-day: to provide customers with " no waiting, instant ordering" human services, effectively avoiding the loss of customers, improve customer satisfaction and hotel operating results. 3 Dishes information subject to change nimble dishes promotions, helping hotel effectively enhance brand image and service levels, increase sales dishes, improve operating income. 4 Cost savings: save paper cookbook production costs and labor costs, as well as the cost of transportation to the country, changing menu labor costs, a strong management background, so that hotel managers strategizing, worry and effort. 5 To increase the effect of advertising and promotion, marketing videos, photos, and commercials, etc., in the menu visible location, brand image advertising, membership benefits, the flagship product promotion, special sales promotion and so on. 6 Combined system, called the Quick restaurant (Quick Serve Restaurant), beverage stores special needs. However, the waiting time of customers know how much longer they can reduce customer anxiety. 7 Environmental protection: no treatment for an entity down old menu slides, paper, wood and so on. Store large screen display can be set to sleep when the restaurant is closed section states.

8 As staff training equipment, independent of time, traffic restrictions online courses. 9 Restaurant near -related information, such as Perimeter Mall discount information, 10 Third-party ad: McDonald's restaurants can be played as Coca-Cola's advertising, increase restaurant trade, and can charge an additional advertising costs.

Future Trends in Electronic Menu 1 Menu will penetrate into the future of electronic retailing most restaurants, high-end restaurant will also use digital signage technologies, applications mobile devices, such as tablet computers, electronic tables and other devices to interact with customers and increase brand image and attract young consumers those with household customers. 2 Technology, electronic menu restaurant POS system combined with the use of a database to strengthen management, advertising, and promotional applications. In combination with a mobile device, the electronic menu can be connected to the consumer's smart phone or tablet, so that consumers know in advance of today's restaurant dishes, prices, and to wait for the time to be a la carte restaurant, perhaps even with e-commerce combination will Takeout or delivery are done on the same platform. 3 Outdoor electronic menu to increase, so that our consumers to choose which restaurant has not before, will be able to understand a nearby restaurant menu, and then decide as to which dining. Shenzhen L&M offters all kinds of digital display equipments, digital advertising products, welcome to customize your own digital menu board (electronic menu). More information about digital menu board please consult

Digital menu board  

Digital Menu Board is a set of integrated electronic menu based tablet (iPad or Android tablet ) and back-office service management software...

Digital menu board  

Digital Menu Board is a set of integrated electronic menu based tablet (iPad or Android tablet ) and back-office service management software...