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The Ed finds a really good aerial

06-10 NEWS:

The news this month mentions a life-changing gadget


Not every demo car has to have subs in the back



Ifitstuff’s Jeff Scott talks about a career as a mobile installer


Probably the scariest amplifier available in the UK from Vibe


Anyone not familiar can get a full description of this product


An iPlayer update on Apple interfacing into cars


Christian Spaul, Bury Technology’s Key Account Manager


Fresh tracking opportunities available to installers


Toby Green is a man with a van – multitalented too!


Can you believe that Adam has technophobic tendencies?


Renault Laguna II gets the VCE expert treatment


Compiled this month by ed’s assistant Sid Snot

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TV Tuners – a scan of the market offerings




Andy Mills looks at the world of Vehicle-Specific head units




Focussing on the subtleties of installing C2’s new black box




MEN Expo 2012 is nearly upon us – check out the exhibitors

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DEALERS – YOU KNOW THIS MAKES SENSE Just a little reminder to our readers that it’s only a little more than a month to our EXPO Show and we have already gathered the biggest sponsorship and the biggest number of exhibitors ever. I know that we all get busy but this is a genuine request from me, the editor to plan your work schedule to include at least one day out either on Tuesday March 13 or Wednesday 14. Will it be worth it? Of course! You will have virtually everyone in the industry in one place, there will be first-time product launches and you will have a chance to see products which will possibly take you into new profit areas. And after the show – the I.C.E Olympics party! This includes initial free beer, food, DJ and show girls in a Viva LAs Vegas style – all staged at one of the UK’s largest casinos providing you with free gaming. What’s not to like? I will be there at the party so if you want to chat about any topic – like why I haven’t written a Down at the Dealer about you? Give me a shout!

best performers – the Kenwood and Connects2 stick-on windscreen items. They are both around the 15 quid mark trade price and both have an all-important ground plane sticker (only metal A-post cars need apply!). The Kenwood has a single cable suitable for plugging in to head units with a voltage supplied to the aerial socket – the aerial amplifier picks this up when connected. The C2 aerial has two wires, the aerial connection cable and a separate power lead. This makes it ideal for tuners and head units that don’t have an internal power supply on the aerial socket. Connects2 is also introducing both an auxiliary supply patch for core-fed amplification and will also soon be offering the Kenwood-style single-wire aerial too. Don’t believe me? Okay, no worries, we will be bringing you a full test report soon.

NEXT ISSUE – SEND YOUR LATEST INFO – BE A PART OF IT! Features: Component speakers. Phone cradle products. Audio processor update

DIGITAL RADIO NEAT/CHEAP SOLUTION I’m talking about DAB aerials and I think I’ve found one of the



Come and see our great range of products ... at the MEN EXPO 2012

ShowcaSe offer FrEE product with every order taken on the day • Parking sensors systems • Commercial sensors • Rubber sensors • Camera Systems 3.5” 7” Quad • Wireless Systems

• Waterproof Systems • New techonogy • All products are 12/24 Volt • 3 Year Warranty • Black box recording systems

Contact us today on: 01773 746 591




Nothern Sales: Dave Thornber 07710 092871 Southern Sales: Rob Walker 07826 653689 East West & Midlands: Hayley 01773 746591 OE Sales: Robin Holman 07894 123118 Mick Barber 07500 110460

Email: Web: 4

Now We’re Talking

BURY CP 1000 CarPhone NEW! BURY CP 1000 CarPhone Fixed car phone with advanced voice control

DialogPlus voice control – extremely accurate, rapid reaction word recognition, drivers hands remain on the steering wheel Magic word – activation of the voice control with a single voice command



Text-to-speech – reads out text messages and phone book entries aloud Dedicated SOS Button Illuminated Keypad – large, well-spaced, tactile buttons ensure accuracy and speed Supports Fixed SIM number Dialling



EXPO WILL BE BIGGEST YET The 10th Mobile Electronics News Exhibition - MEN EXPO 2012 in the Olympic Year - is set to be the biggest and best yet with 30 exhibitors signed up for stands, and the latest coming on board for the Show are Chameleon, Cobra, Dal-Tec, DRUK, Scorpion, Sony and XCarLink. Dealers are reminded that it is taking place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on the 13th and 14th March and is a free-entrance show to genuine trade visitors.EXPO is sponsored by Kenwood, Midbass and Scorpion, and is a unique time-saving chance to visit the stands of key manufactures and distributors. Tuesday night is party night and includes some free beer, food, DJ and show girls in a Viva LAs Vegas style – all staged at one of the UK’s largest casinos starting off with free gaming. MEN EXPO product workshops will be staged on both days at the Jaguar Suite within the Ricoh Arena complex. Kenwood will be launching new stuff followed by Digital Radio UK’s update on its activities and Sony will be showing new products including the new XAV-601BT double dinner. Connects2 will be introducing delegates to AutoDAB. Celsus will then be showing new ranges followed by Laserline presenting one of its latest profitable products, the Heatshot windscreen wash fluid heater. Parrot will be the main sponsor of the Ifitstuff mobile installer challenge and Ifitstuff TV. If you are a trade supplier who would like to support the event by adding to the prize fund, or if you are an installer who would like to take part in the challenge, then please email Ifitstuff’s Jeff Scott on For any further information contact Loryn McIntyre on 01268 754897


VDO Launches Drivesafe and Alcoscan Alcohol Sensors Drivesafe from VDO is la new personal alcohol tester designed to cope with new laws soon to be introduced into

Cobra UK has commenced supply to Ford Motor Company of a new

Northern Ireland. The device is one of very

Thatcham approved Cat 1 alarm for the Ford Transit.

few personal breath alcohol testers to employ

Designed and developed specifically for the Ford Transit, the alarm

an electrochemical sensor, also known as a fuel cell,

system is now available as a dealer fit option on any Transit model from

which provides much higher accuracy and stability as well as

2007 onwards, including the new Euro Stage V models and is the only

allowing longer recalibration intervals.

Thatcham Cat 1 alarm system, which can be fitted to a Transit featuring

The new laws allow just 50mg/100ml or 20mg/100ml for novices and ‘at

the ECO Pack, including the Transit ECOnetic.

work’ drivers. The use of an electrochemical sensor improves reliability

The alarm is operated via the Transit’s central locking key fob and

over devices with semiconductor sensors offering less susceptibility

protects the cab interior via ultrasonic movement detection, all doors

to false readings and will also recognise and ignore the presence of

including bonnet and features a tilt sensor to protect against wheel theft

hydrocarbons and acetones.

and unauthorized towing. The system has an emergency override facility

Drivesafe provides results in three ways to ensure accurate

via a unique PIN code, a high power siren with battery back up and is

interpretation by users. These include a 3-digit read out, a LED bar

supplied with a three year warranty.

graph and red, amber, green backlighting.

Call Cobra on 01628 526208 or visit

The Alcoscan is a passive breath alcohol tester with a highly sensitive electrochemical sensor. It does not require a mouthpiece, as it is able to “sniff” the environment for the presence of alcohol. Alcoscan can be used with or without active participation from the test subject. For active use, the test subject exhales into the inlet. For passive testing, the device is simply held in the ambient environment, such as the interior of the vehicle. The flexibility of Alcoscan makes it perfect for use in schools, hospitals and for industrial safety applications. To assist organisations that have no existing alcohol testing policy VDO are offering a free of charge policy document to assist Human Resource Managers. To receive a FREE copy contact VDO directly. Contact VDO on 0121 326 1264 or


New Site for FOUR Dealers FOUR, distributor of premium brands Rainbow, Audison and Hertz has created a new website for its dealers. Founding partner Brian Parton explains; “We have put a lot of effort into www.fourcars. over the years and even now it is undergoing a major overhaul. However, this site is specifically for the benefit of our FOUR MASTERS who represent just 30% of our dealer base. The new site is a hand-off site for consumers who have heard of our products and simply want to find a local dealer” Future development includes a planned secure dealer area for special offers, stock visibility and sharing centre for technical


SPACE WORK FOR YOU Call 01268 754 897 for advertisement opportunities & rates

information and installation advice. The new site is live now. Contact FOUR on 0845 450 1594 or email

FOUR Makes Five!

Kenwood Combines With Seat in Grand Prize Giveaway A music lover from Merseyside is celebrating winning a one-of-akind SEAT Ibiza fitted with a state-of-the-art Kenwood audio-visual system worth thousands of pounds.

Four is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its highly successful

The unique super-mini was created to celebrate the second season of the

FOUR MASTERS programme later this month. The programme which

acclaimed Channel 4 music show, On Track with SEAT. The AV system was

is part-funded by member dealers has been at the forefront of

installed by Huetts and includes a 2,800-watt sound system running from

many ground-breaking consumer marketing initiatives in that time

Kenwood’s feature-packed DNX5260BT DVD/USB Receiver with a 22-inch

and has offered members discounted presence in magazines,

TV screen in the boot. The On Track Music SEAT Ibiza SC Sportrider was

business directories and at shows where much of the effort is

given away in a Channel 4 competition that ran throughout the On Track

aimed. With a website containing high quality video and CGI

with SEAT series. The unique car is fitted with more than £4,000-worth of the

content that was unprecedented in this industry when launched,

latest audio technology and comes complete with luxury touches such as

FOUR has dedicated its efforts to reaching new consumers and

unique leather seats, climate control and sporty 17-inch alloy wheels.

deliver them to the showrooms of FOUR MASTERS.

Call Kenwood 01923 816444 or visit

Now seen as a brand in its own right, FOUR MASTERS promotes excellence in all things car audio and is often sought out by consumers as being synonymous with quality car audio. FOUR is currently redeveloping its website to bring it up to date and to promote online sales whilst also working on the next issue of Driving Sounds magazine. Call Four on 0121 451 4930 or visit




Multimedia/Rear Camera Interfaces

2012 is set to be the year of digital radio The next twelve months will see many digital radio developments, including a £10 million two-year consumer communications campaign running on BBC TV, BBC radio, commercial radio,

• Integrate any video source with a

national print and online, and representing a major step-up in digital radio communications. Using the strapline “If you love radio,

factory fit OEM display.

let it live on digital,” the aim of this campaign is to communicate

• Select video sources using the cars original controls

the benefits of digital radio across all platforms. The next campaign

• Optional CAN-BUS IR module allows you to program remote functions to operate devices via OEM steering wheel controls

about content and sport in June/July.

• Automatically switches to display rear camera when in reverse gear

rather than ‘DAB’ which is better understood by consumers. These words

phase in March/April will talk about digital radio wherever you are – including a specific in-car message – followed by a campaign The new ‘digital radio’ logo from the consumer campaign is available for retailers and manufacturers to use on communications materials, including packaging and on point-of-sale. One of the key features of this industry-wide campaign is the use of the phrase ‘DIGITAL RADIO’ will be used throughout the campaign.

Exclusive Sport Channel

• Plug and Play connections for easy installation – Cost effective solution

Sport on digital radio will play an important role with Euro 2012 kicking off in June on TalkSPORT and BBC Radio 5 Live, plus others. Both stations deliver better sound quality on digital compared to their Medium Wave equivalents. The sporting climax of the year will be the Olympics.


The BBC’s new digital-only station - Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra – will be available during the Games and will add to the BBC’s sporting coverage on Radio 5 Live and 5 Live Sports Extra - if drivers don’t want to miss anything at the Olympics, they need a digital radio.

STAND 117a

From a technical perspective, the Digital Radio Action Plan has provided a good framework for future development. The minimum specification for digital radios will be published early this year, detailing the minimum technical criteria to sit behind the proposed Digital Radio Switchover ‘Tick’ Mark. If your organisation wants to take advantage of the communication

OEM System

power of the mark then you need to be aware of the specification’s detail. Digital Radio UK and Arqiva are also jointly running an in-vehicle trial, testing the implementation of service following and traffic announcements. One of the key aims of this trial is to provide a suitable network environment for manufacturers to test broadcasters and receiver’s abilities to correctly implement service following and announcements. This trial is open to all interested manufacturers and

Rear View Camera

Digital TV Tuner

OEMs, so please get in contact if you would like to be involved. There is also a Digital Radio Action Plan working group currently developing an installation scheme for aftermarket fitters. Although the details of this scheme are yet to be finalised, it will require installers to meet specific criterion in order to market themselves as “Approved

DVD Player

GPS Navigation Box

iPhone/iPod Video

Digital Radio Installers” and use the Digital Radio Switchover ‘Tick’ Mark at point of sale and in promotions. All these developments are geared towards growing the take up of

Interfaces available for Mercedes (Command), BMW (CCC ,CIC) Audi (2G, 3G MMI), Porsche (PCM), Honda, Nissan etc.

For trade prices and information on our full product range including iPod & USB interfaces, bluetooth, TV in motion and more please call 020 3393 4308 8 or web:

digital radio and earning a positive Government decision on digital radio switchover in mid-2013. We hope the industry will get behind the communications campaign delivered by Digital Radio UK, as well as the new ‘digital radio’ logo, and capitalise on the opportunity digital radio presents. Laurence Harrison, Technology and Market Development Director at Digital Radio UK –



Performance Car Show report Dealers looking for diversification found many and various partially and unrelated products to our industry. Anyone looking for deals in wheels would have certainly had plenty of scope on Thursday’s student and Trade day (January 12) to see a vast range of brands with wheel sizes on display up to 32 inches! One of the few exhibitors directly involved with the mobile electronics industry at the Show is Chris Williams, Managing Director of Electronics Worldwide. Chris has thoroughly researched the shows worth going to and exhibits at 25 of them a year throughout the UK and Europe where he does 30% of his business. His stand uses a clever method of showing products on the outside of the perimeter wall where, on less well-attended days such as Thursday at the

Chris Williams, Managing Director of Electronics Worldwide and below: Poorboy’s World

Autosport Show, he is there on his own with the inner part of the stand walled-off. On Friday and the weekend the whole stand was opened up and staffing increased to four to cope with the estimated 60,000 who came through the doors on the Saturday and Sunday. Was it worth it? An emphatic “yes” from Chris. There were some interesting cleaning products exhibited including the catchy, no nonsense brand ‘Poor Boy’s World.’ A dealer pack is offered at just under 600 quid with twos and threes of everything instead of the usual cases with 12 items. Point of sale materials are included consisting of banners, leaflets and stickers. Enquiries are handled by Grahame Turner on 07974 212161 or email to grahame@


2012 MOT TEST HITS THE AFTERMARKET The new 2012 MOT test includes checks which cover aftermarket HID lighting, a failure will be issued if the HID system doesn’t

Congratulations to Loryn McIntire who joins

include headlamp cleaning and levelling systems. Also, if any

the MEN team as Publication Manager.

of the lights have been modified, such as coloured lenses that

Loryn, who has worked at Creative Media since

change their hue or intensity, they will fail.

2011 as Sales Executive for exhibitions and

Checks include dash warning lights such as the main beam headlights,

Cosmetic News, is excited about her new role

power steering, brake fluid, tyre-pressure monitor, air bag, seat belt pre-

with the magazine and has already been out

tensioner, electronic parking brake and electronic stability control, where

and about meeting customers. She brings with

present. Any visible wiring which is insecure, bared by worn insulation, not

her new enthusiasm to the market and we wish her every success.

properly supported or capable of causing a short will trigger a failure.

Loryn can be contacted on 01268 754897 or by email at loryn.

Altered steering lock function will fail. Doors must be easily opened

and closed from the inside and outside (no more handle-less mods!)












An upmarket car packed with products is still an excellent way to stimulate dealers and their customers alike. Martyn Williams reports on the Laserline Q5 which is bulging with products from heated seats to Heatshot, a clever windscreen wash warmer


he Audi Q5 with its up-market image without being ostentatious proved to be a perfect car to demonstrate how the specification can be vastly improved offering customers

comfort and convenience with items to make life easier at a fraction of the cost of ordering as original equipment. There is also the added bonus of boosting the car’s used value when it’s time to sell. Already equipped with rear parking sensors, the Q5 has had the useful addition of front sensors which, being the Laserline OE-style paint-able 16mm flush-fit types, can be installed perfectly in the positions marked on the inside of the Audi bumper. Mounted in the front grille, these were left black which also highlights how neatly they fit. The Q5 also has a Laserline alarm using the wireless siren – another breakthrough in reducing bulkhead interference and a serious reduction in installation times.

Above and above right: Under the bonnet the unique and exclusive Laserline waterproof sensor processor which connects to the sensor in the bumper and to a positive and negative under the bonnet, the ECU transmits wirelessly to the interior speaker which now has built into it the excellent CanM8 Can adaptor (no need for additional Can adaptor) a real industry first, on the Q5 the speaker is installed in the drivers foot well to allow the neatness of the design to be seen, the speaker can be hidden if required to retain the interior OE look The speaker can be temporarily silenced by pressing the small discreet switch which includes an LED indicator on the dash, the kit only requires a negative pulse to override the system if the speed is below 10mph so again an OE type switch could be used if available The system automatically switches on below 10mph and turns off above 10mph.

Above: Sensors match an OE install with a smooth neat appearance 14

Left: Laserline’s wireless siren

|Laserline Q5 Heated Windscreen Wash System Laserline has launched Heatshot, an affordable and proven system for defrosting screens without having filaments running through the glass. Having tried it myself and seen the steam rising on a frosty morning, I can vouch for it’s performance. Combined with heated jets and a good solution of alcohol-based washer fluid, the system is very effective. On the Q5 the Heatshot can’t be seen as it’s hidden by the scuttle panel.

The Laserline heated seat kits switch shown here is the slightly larger variable type with settings from one to five

The system is designed to fit any 12 or 24 volt vehicle and can usually be patched into the system easily by splicing into the washer tubing and hooking straight to the battery. It works in the background while the customer uses the existing washer jets and controls in the normal way.

Heated seats

Usually a very quick and easy installation with a good length of heavy-

Also fitted to the Q5 front and

allows the driver to clear ice and snow in the winter and dead insects

Shown in the dark, the rear seat variable switches shown one on, and one off illustrating the colourrear are Laserline’s seat heating change LEDs indicating status and kits which are universal and are internal lighting making them easy compatible with all seat materials. to see in the back of a car or at the side of a front seat The heating pads can be trimmed

in the summer. It’s also good for clearing grime on wiper blades and it’s

to fit without problems due to its

hot enough to kill bacteria in the system (Legionnaires’ disease has been

carbon filament construction which offers equal heat distribution (from 30

identified in some washer bottles).

to 70 deg C).

duty cable complete with stud terminals to fit the typical 6mm bolts on most battery clamp terminals. The Heatshot will heat the fluid within 30 seconds of start-up and quickly

The heater pads are supplied with cabling and are flexible enough to be fitted directly underneath the outer covering of the upholstery and held firmly in place by self-adhesive edges. It uses a modular wiring system for ease of installation. Most important of all, an OE-style performance is assured with a fast warm-up time. There are four single seat kits available with a choice of two different heater pad arrangements and the choice of twoposition, or variable heat switch. Trade prices range between £50 and £80 plus VAT.

Cruise control and speed limiter


Laserline’s new AP900C Can Bus drive by wire cruise control kit breaks new

Tim Kent, Laserline SpA Limited’s Managing Director, is pleased with the excellent dealer, end user attention and interest in the Q5 and wishes to acknowledge the following specialist installers who have demonstrated their expertise with the installation of the following equipment, of course this is only a small selection of Laseline dealers and the products they can individually provide and install.

ground through new CAN-Bus design enabling installation times to be slashed by at least an hour on most vehicles. The installation is so simple using a universal Can Cruise ECU, custom pedal loom, command module, connections to an ignition supply, Can high and Can low wires. A simple short set up procedure is followed and the cruise is ready to use. Laserline also have the lucrative speed limiter model SL900C in their range basically the same type of install but with no command module and installer selectable fixed speed limit programmed. Analogue AP900 and SL900 kits are also available for older vehicles, Laserline really are the experts in this area and this type of business is growing rapidly in line with the requirement of better fuel economy, health and safety, duty of care and speed camera issues.

tyre pressure monitoring caps Last, but by no means least, is the Lasertyre. tyre pressure monitoring caps which are accurate to plus or minus .025 Bar. They don’t affect wheel balance and are available in a wide range of tyre pressures to suit the users requirements, Lasertyre kits are

Boundary Car Care St Helens - front and rear heated seats and rear bumper clear paint protection film. Contact: Steve Jones 01744 813282 V Tune Leeds - Engine ECU remap and Heatshot Heated Washer Fluid System. Contact: Phil Petty 07881 6342202 Yorkshire Retrofit Leeds - Audi Original AMI Interface. Contact: Nick Sutton 07973 254651 Motec York - AP900C Cruise Control, EPS 4009FCB front Can Bus parking system, Smartnav TM450 navigation system with new colour touchsceen, Trackstar On Demand personal tracking and expenses system, Safe Speed camera alert system, Laserline wireless transponder alarm system. Contact: Dan Farndale 07921172232 Bridgestone Winter Tyres - supplied and installed by Austin Main and Brian Lynn.Contact: Sounds Alarming Newcastle 0191 2320800 I would like to personally thank all our dealers and my dedicated staff for their continued support, we have always had some excellent high quality products but the new additions recently to our range will be fully showcased at this year’s EXPO, we will be on stand 58, come and see how we can help you grow your business, combining great products and people with attention to detail and long term business partnerships.


supplied in pairs and are matched to

An original Audi AMI system

the vehicles recommended cold tyre

was retro fitted to the Q5, this

pressures, another lucrative market

demonstrates the capabilities

with new legislation due in March this

of many OE specialist installers

year requiring TPMS to be installed on

usually at a lower price than

all new vehicle models, this system is

the factory option or when the

simple, cost effective and of course

Laserline contacts: Lynn or Tracy, Sales office 0845 2712890

products cannot be installed by

usual Laseline high quality product

or 01925 851164 Colin Wroe (Sales Manager) 07866 725302. Tim Kent

the main dealer network.

everyone expects.

(Managing Director) 07866 725298



|2012 BURY BURY Technologies will be showcasing their new CP 1000 CarPhone. The CP 1000 was specifically developed to support the haulage / fleet operater where a fixed in-vehicle phone is required. BURY will also be demonstrating their award winning CC9060 and CC9060 Music kits featuring its advanced DialoguePlus system. To compliment BURY’s system 8 range, they will be displaying its newly designed Universal Bluetooth cradle and interchangeable charging leads. The cradle, designed with Smartphones in mind, supports a wide range of devices and can be rotated 180 degress allowing smartphones to be displayed in either portrait or landscape modes. Contact: 01489 881118 or

GUIDE Who’s coming to the premier trade-only show and what you can expect to see from them

There’s not long to go now until the 2012 M.E.N Expo, sponsored by Kenwood and Midbass, taking place over two days on the 13th and 14th March at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena. The line-up for this year looks set to be the biggest yet and with the addition of an educational workshop and conference programme, plus the VIP Aftershow Party, should make it an event not to miss. It’s the UK industry’s favourite place to launch new products and get feedback, plus a chance to attract new dealers. Attending could be one of the best moves you make for your business this year, and to whet your appetites, here’s a taster of what some the confirmed exhibitors will have on show... ANTENNE TECHNIK Antennentechnik AG is a German manufacturer of antennas and antenna systems for the automotive industry. At the MEN Expo our company will show a wide range of DAB antennas. We offer roof mount antennas for DAB+AM/FM or combined with GPS. Furthermore we will display internal and external glass mount antennas. These could be an option for changing over car radios to DAB, where roof mount antennas are not an option or you do not want to replace the original roof mount antenna. Also if you need a magnetic mount or fixed station antenna for DAB, please visit us at MEN EXPO. Contact: AUTOSOUND Autosound Mobile Solutions – Stand number 42 Autosound will be displaying the 2012 product range from German car audio manufacturer Blaupunkt along with a new updated range of retro classic car audio head units and accessories. Highlights include: Blaupunkt DAB in car products, Blaupunkt 2012 car audio head unit range including specific 24volt range, Blaupunkt high end Blue Magic speaker range, Blaupunkt new underseat subwoofers. A wide range of consumer electronics products will be on display from Blaupunkt including headphones, Bluetooth and world band radios. Autosound will also show fleet management and tracking solutions from Blaupunkt. Make 2012 a Blue year!! Contact: 01274 688990


Car Audio & Security, Car Audio Security will be showcasing the latest range of products from JBL and Infinity, including the NEW 2012 Range of JBL GTO Amps. All our Harman Demo cars will be on show and we will also be unveiling our new cars for the 2012 season! Plenty of show offers on all the other brands we distribute, including Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer, Boss Audio, Vibe, Sony etc. Contact: 020 85969 1543 CAR COMMUNICATIONS We are proud to announce for the first time Car Communications will be showcasing their products at the MEN Expo. Car Communications are an OEM retrofit specialist. They are official distributors for FISCON, ViseeO and recently Volkswagen Audi group original accessories have joined the portfolio of products. For more information call our trade sales hotline on 01254 694537 CSS AFTERMARKET Welcome to the world of Parksafe a company that has only one passion, to satisfy the Customer requirements, Expo 2012, will allow us to demonstrate our flourishing range of products to all industries. We welcome New, Old and existing customers who want to increase their Margin, visit us on Stand number 100 - PARKSAFE UK. We will be presenting our extended range existing 12 / 24 Volt Parking solution products, 2/4 all in one Universal Parking sensor kit (Front & Rear), Monitors and Cameras alongside our New Introduction of Technology. Being part CSS Aftermarket has allowed us to offer you the customer a One Stop shop when purchasing Parking Solutions, We will be showing our exclusive range of Workshop consumables and Textiles.  Pick up our new Product guide. To take advantage of our Show offers  -  Visit Stand 100. Contact: – Head Office:  01773 746591 Fax: 01773 743251 Email:   CELSUS UK At this years Expo Celsus will be promoting headline products from their extensive accessory and audio hardware ranges, introducing some exciting new concepts for 2012 and working with retailers to grow and develop business. Celsus will be keenly promoting their offering for digital radio solutions including the fully integrated solution MediaDAB, the Caliber aftermarket head unit and wide range of antennas. Alongside this; Celsus will have key products from the prestigious JL Audio and Phoenix Gold audio line-ups complimented by the latest interfaces from Paser and market leading Dynamat sound damping brand. Think Celsus First and visit the Celsus stand. Contact: Celsus sales team, 01202 664390 or CKO CKO will be focusing heavily on the digital age with their hideaway DAB & DVBT tuners, with the escalating demand for digital radio and with the imminent final switch over to digital TV, CKO are well placed to help you take advantage of the opportunities. They will also be focusing on their massive new and improved range of Family Rear Seat Entertainment Systems as well as introducing a brand new “all singing & dancing” parking sensor product. To complete their line up of products there will be a chance to see their popular range of things to warm and light up your winter days with heated seat panels, rear view systems and HID lights. Contact: C-KO International, 0208 8638333 or CONRAD ANDERSON We are a Midlands based  importer and main dealer for a wide range of products for the vehicle retro-fit and OEM market. Our main product areas are Cruise Controls and speed limiters, Reversing Camera’s and Radar, Multimedia and internet systems, Roof mounted air-conditioning units, In vehicle fridges, drink cabinets and freezers, Autolocating satellite television systems, Autolocating satellite broadband internet systems Auxiliary power generators both 12v and 240v, Battery chargers, inverters, and power products, Established since 1997, we have







VIP PARTY NOT TO BE MISSED! JOIN US FOR THE 2012 I.C.E CHAMPIONS AWARDS AN OLYMPIC SESSION! Getting into the spirit of London 2012, the Expo VIP Party will take on an Olympic theme. So join us for a night of free beer, food, DJ games and karaoke! As this will be taking place at one of the UK’s largest casinos, we will providing free gaming or, if you’re wanting to gamble, take advantage of the many casino tables on offer! To reserve a space please contact or call 01268 754897





M.E.N EXPO GUIDE developed a reputation for technical expertise, quality and great customer support. Our fitting service is used by our retail and trade customers. CONNECTS 2 Connects2 Ltd will be showcasing their normal range of innovative products that enable seamless integration of Aftermarket products into vehicles. Their CAN-Bus knowledge and technology ensure that they stay at the forefront of new developments and new products are constantly being released.  All the latest products will be on show so that dealers can test them out first-hand.  AutoDAB will be featured heavily on the stand so come along and see our latest new invention! The full team will be there as usual to answer your questions about products and do the deals! We look forward to welcoming customers old and new! Contact: 0845 2575588 DALTEC A relative newcomer to the aftermarket hands free brands with their multipoint and music streaming car kits TheTrulyOne, TheTrustyOne and TheTalkyOne, Novero are far from being a new kid on the block! With OE Line Fit Systems in place since 2008 with Ford, Landrover, Skoda and VW (and a few more in the pipeline) Novero have proven themselves to be high in the Bluetooth rankings. With other pioneering technology including video glasses, wireless earphones/headsets and even a laptop/tablet duo launching in February, their experience and performance in audio and video technology his hard to be ignored. Daltec 0208 515 7820

ELECTRONICS WORLDWIDE Visit the Electronics Worldwide stand to see our brand new range of Sniper Parking Sensors including models that are compatible with metal bumpers, tow bars and rear spare wheels as well as systems with wireless displays and a complete front and rear system. We will also have our comprehensive range of reversing cameras and accessories, in car multimedia, sat navs and of course the whole range of Sniper and Falcon alarms and accessories. We’ll have several special offers on for the show so come along and see what we do, have a chat and grab a bargain. Contact: 01928 759239   iO Innovation on board driving profitability...... Armour will be exhibiting its advanced music streaming hands free car kit promoted via its iO brand. The next generation of iO G2 product offers significant enhancements in functionality improving sound quality, driver safety and ease of use to name a few. Visit the stand to learn how dealers can benefit in developing a profitable relationship with iO. Contact: 01420 487110 IFITSTUFF has an action packed schedule for the 2012 Expo! Following on from the success of 2010 we will be filming another edition of Ifitstuff TV and running the brilliant prepared mobile installer challenge. Ifitstuff will also be launching its’ SSSI (Safe, Secure and Sustainable Installations) standard and explaining how the Ifitstuff Network could help you i.e. to gain work for installers or provide your customers with a flexible quality installation service for national installation companies. We will also be showing our low cost advertising and website development services for independent retailers (Event sponsors required please email ). Contact: JVC JVC will be showing its entire range of CD Receivers / Digital Media Receivers / Multimedia / Navigation and Speakers for 2012. The brand new products include some unique, ground-breaking features including Bluetooth adapter and exciting i-Phone/i-Pod and Android applications as well as DAB/DAB+. Contact: 0208 450 3282 KENWOOD This year Kenwood will be the main sponsor of MEN Expo 2012 underlining our commitment to our Industry and in particular our dealer network. Our Sales and Technical teams will be on hand to present and answer questions on our exciting new 2012 range. Watch out for a breakthrough in DAB integration, and our new Android phone application. So come along and meet us at the show, and see for yourself the future of Car Electronics. Contact: 01923 816444


LASERLINE S.p.A Laserline Safety & Security Systems Italy, manufacturers of Laserline parking systems, vehicle security and tyre pressure monitoring systems Laserline S.p.A. Limited, Exclusive UK distributor of Laserline Italy products, supplying and supporting drive by wire cruise controls, speed limiters, Laserline vehicle security products, Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking systems, Heatshot heated washer fluid systems, heated seat kits, Laserline OE type parking systems, budget and midrange parking systems, installation accessories, full technical and sales support. Automotive Innovations Limited, Exclusive Distributor of Heatshot heated washer fluid systems, 12 and 24 volt systems available. Laserline 0845 2712891 LOCKS 4 VANS Locks 4vans will be showing their “ultimate” lock which is the only automotive locking product to be awarded “Gold” by Sold Secure  which means it survived a 10 minute attack test. Thatcham Accredited Slamlocks and Deadlocks will also be exhibited. Contact: 01474 560077 MEDIA IN MOTION Media in Motion will be showcasing their 2012 range of interfaces at the MEN Expo.This will include our new range of AV interfaces for Japanese models, including Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota models. It will also include the exciting new v.Logic range which enables you to connect up to 3 x AV inputs into your factory navigation system. The interface also has a dedicated iPod connection and inputs for a front and rear camera. Alongside these new products we will be exhibiting our existing range of high quality interfaces including the ever popular DVB-Logic range. Contact: 0121 311 9011 METASYSTEM/VESTATEC Vestatec is showing the new Rosen 7900 headrest system and the 2012 Rockford Fosgate range. They will also be showing the complete Metasystem range of products and launching the new Meta Track product. It will also be displaying its car and motorcycle alarms, locking systems and immobilisers. Metasystem products are specified or approved by many of the world’s leading car manufacturers, and many of them have been approved by the motor insurance industry. Contact: Vestatec 0208 867 2340 MIDBASS As the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of car audio equipment, Midbass will be exhibiting their entire 2012 VIBE, FLI, EDGE and FU product portfolio’s at the MEN Expo, with exclusive offers for both new and existing accounts at the show. Midbass will display their fleet of UK demo vehicles, all available for loan at store events and open days throughout 2012, and their dedicated UK support team will be on hand to offer advice and product training seminars for the duration of the show  Tel: 0121 311 9090 PARROT Parrot will be showcasing their highly successful range of hands-free kits and ASTEROID headunit.  New products displayed will include the MINIKIT+, New Apps on the ASTEROID and some NEW highlights following announcements made at CES. Contact: Parrot, 0844 472 2360 or SCORPION Meet the Scorpion Automotive team on stand XXXX where you will see some exciting new products. Last year we introduced the only truly automated paperless registration process in the Stolen Vehicle industry with one name for Tracking Cars, Motor Cycles, Marine and Plant machinery. This year, we will be demonstrating on both days our new SCORPION TRACK FLEET MANAGEMENT offering excellent margins, on-going revenue opportunities and professional corporate support. SCORPION TRACK CAT5 will also be demonstrated, the smallest, most cost effective dealer-focused CAT 5 system on the market offering enhanced dealer margin and paperless registration as standard We will also have special offers on existing Alarm, immobiliser, parking sensor and tracking ranges on both days, perhaps discussed at the SCORPION AUTOMOTIVE SPONSORED BAR. STEELMATE  More new products from Steelmate this year which includes our new Daytime running light range, and a high level brake light warning device, and a first for Steelmate a in car DVR video recording device. We will also be exhibiting a comprehensive range of TPMS

|2012 products which will include our new commercial range which will be available for a six wheel installation right up to 22 wheels depending on your requirements. Steelmate will also be showing its Award winning parking sensor products which will include our wireless and camera kits. Also a first for Steelmate we are showing a 2 way LCD motorcycle alarm. We also have plenty of new things in the pipe line for the future of Steelmate Automotive and our customers. Contact: 01582 475677 or SmarTrack SmarTrack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery Product is a Thatcham-accredited stolen vehicle tracker and asset location solution. The company’s reputation for delivering high quality vehicle tracking systems on time and on budget has led to a meteoric rise; unrivalled anywhere in the GPS Vehicle tracking industry. Come and see the members of the SmarTrack Team. They will be able to give advice and updates on all the latest products SmarTrack have to offer including the latest Thatcham Category 5 device. Contact: SmarTrack 0800 048 3552 or

Xcarlink Xcarlink will be exhibiting their range of OEM car integration products including iPod/iPhone interface with optional bluetooth module, as well as their latest range of innovative multimedia/reverse camera interfaces and TV in motion. They will also be showcasing their forthcoming iPod/iPhone/USB/SD interface which will be the all in one solution allowing the connection of a range of audio devices to OEM systems. Contact: 020 3393 4308 ALPINE Alpine are really excited to be showing some great new products at EXPO. Firstly our ICS-X8 Mirrorlink unit for Smartphone Connectivity. The in-dash screen “mirrors” your phone allowing control of your favourite apps - navi, music, etc. The Alpine screen becomes your smartphone. Also, an exclusive preview of our 3 new DAB products for 2012, plus lots of other exciting things! Alpine 02476 719620

Conference Programme Tuesday 13th March

Wednesday 14th March

10.00am Kenwood New Product Launch will answer questions about its exciting new 2012 range and news about a breakthrough in DAB integration plus new Android phone integration application.

10.00am Kenwood New Product Launch will answer questions about its exciting new 2012 range and news about a breakthrough in DAB integration plus new Android phone integration application.

11.00am Digital Radio UK Laurence Harrison, Technology and Market Development Director, at Digital Radio UK (the not-for-profit organisation charged with, progressing the digital radio market) will be talking about how dealers and manufacturers can maximise the opportunity presented by digital radio. Digital Radio UK are working closely with industry and if you want to get all the up-to-the-minute detail on how your business can get the most from digital radio please join the session. 12.00pm Sony Sony’s new range will be demonstrated, the double DIN AVC unit, XAV-601BT using the latest MirrorLink technology which will be fully explained, taking smartphone integration to a whole new level. The other leading model introduction will be the single DIN Bluetooth MEXBT4000 with Dynamic Colour Illuminator to complement existing vehicle lighting and selectable Sound Synchronization sound/light system. 1.00pm LUNCH. Dining facilities are present inside the building from snacks to full meals. Restaurants are easily reached in the surrounding areas. 2.00pm Connects2 Connects2 will be talking about its fantastic hideaway digital radio tuner – the AutoDAB. All the technicalities will be explained including its ability to render a full display through RDS RadioText which supplies the messaging to go with the station name. So far, the C2 product is the only one that does this. 3.00pm CELSUS The Celsus seminar includes product training from Sergio DeOliveira, Sr. Vice President – Sales at AAMP of America and Morgan West, Brand Manager at Phoenix Gold. As well as taking you through the benefits and key features of the Phoenix Gold and Stinger cable brands you will be introduced to new models and the new elite line for 2012. Celsus will also offer world class ‘Art of Selling’ sales training to maximise every opportunity and develop your business so you can make 2012 a successful year. 4.00pm Laserline Laserline is presenting one of its latest revolutionary products, the Heatshot windscreen wash fluid heater. It delivers effective results usually with a staggeringly-short installation time to maximise profits while offering the customer the satisfaction of a product that will rapidly clear ice from a windscreen in winter and shift dead flies in the summer.

11.00am Digital Radio UK Laurence Harrison, Technology and Market Development Director, at Digital Radio UK (the not-for-profit organisation charged with, progressing the digital radio market) will be talking about how dealers and manufacturers can maximise the opportunity presented by digital radio. Digital Radio UK are working closely with industry and if you want to get all the up-to-the-minute detail on how your business can get the most from digital radio please join the session. 12.00pm Sony Sony’s new range will be demonstrated, the double DIN AVC unit, XAV-601BT using the latest MirrorLink technology which will be fully explained, taking smartphone integration to a whole new level. The other leading model introduction will be the single DIN Bluetooth MEXBT4000 with Dynamic Colour Illuminator to complement existing vehicle lighting and selectable Sound Synchronization sound/light system. 1.00pm LUNCH. Dining facilities are present inside the building from snacks to full meals. Restaurants are easily reached in the surrounding areas. 2.00pm Connects2 Connects2 will be talking about its fantastic hideaway digital radio tuner – the AutoDAB. All the technicalities will be explained including its ability to render a full display through RDS RadioText which supplies the messaging to go with the station name. So far, the C2 product is the only one that does this. 3.00pm CELSUS The Celsus seminar includes product training from Sergio DeOliveira, Sr. Vice President – Sales at AAMP of America and Morgan West, Brand Manager at Phoenix Gold. As well as taking you through the benefits and key features of the Phoenix Gold and Stinger cable brands you will be introduced to new models and the new elite line for 2012. Celsus will also offer world class ‘Art of Selling’ sales training to maximise every opportunity and develop your business so you can make 2012 a successful year. 4.00pm Laserline Laserline is presenting one of its latest revolutionary products, the Heatshot windscreen wash fluid heater. It delivers effective results usually with a staggeringly-short installation time to maximise profits while offering the customer the satisfaction of a product that will rapidly clear ice from a windscreen in winter and shift dead flies in the summer.



|EXPO 2012



Our tenth successful show coming to you at the Ricoh Arena on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 March MEN EXPO 2012 in the Olympic Year will be an extra special celebration of the Show’s 10th successful year. Over 75 exhibitors are projected to be at the Show and those currently confirmed at the time of writing include Alpine, Armour Automotive, Autosound, Blaupunkt, Bury, CEL TRADE, Celsus, Chameleon, Connects2, Dension, Fusion, Kenwood, Metasystem, Midbass, Park Safe, Parrot, Rockford Fosgate, Scorpion, SmarTrack, plus many more currently signing.

THE EXHIBITION One of the Show’s catch-phrases has always been – “can you afford to miss it,” and for the 2012 event this will be more relevant than ever with the presence of ALL the important manufacturers, distributors and service providers in the industry. Apart from the special discounted deals that always come with the Show, many exhibitors will be demonstrating new products – Kenwood and Rockford have already stated that it will be the first chance to see some additions to their 2012 range. The 2012 conference programme will have extra seminars, extra speakers and even more practical information than before. More manufacturers will be offering information on key features and selling points. The popular digital radio seminars will be extended and more information about developments in this area will be revealed. Also planned are some talks by specialists who will introduce ‘thinking outside the box’ business opportunities for dealers wanting to enhance their established specialist platform.




Digital Radio EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP There are questions about Digital Radio development that need to be answered which is why this workshop is a ‘must attend’ for all those wishing to profit from the DAB opportunity. Business planning will be helped as we get closer to knowing when the digital radio switchover will happen. Other questions such as the traffic info dilemma will be discussed and, most important of all, the ‘Digital Tick’ plan for approved installers. Currently it is hoped that an approved installer digital radio ‘tick’ mark similar to the digital television campaign should be in full swing by the end of 2012 but it will be essential to be familiar with the infrastructure behind it. Subjects covered will also include a comprehensive guide to integrated digital tuners being talked through by specialist suppliers. There will also be representation from Government-backed Digital Radio UK discussing all aspects of the medium including digital tuner performance conformity.



A Meeting of Minds

l THE EXHIBITION to see a full spectrum of products and services from over 70 exhibitors specialising in all aspects of mobile electronics including car audio, multimedia, security and navigation plus specialist diversification. l SHOW OFFERS to make it worth the visit with free products on a first come, first serve basis and some cracking discounted deals. l CONFERENCE PROGRAMME in 2012 to beat all previous programmes in its strength and depth including a comprehensive update on Digital Radio, practical OEM Integration and informative talks on closing a sale, marketing techniques and diversification of business. l NETWORKING – is essential not only to keep up with industry gossip but to discover new opportunities within the industry as you talk with manufacturer and distributor personnel. l VIP AFTERSHOW PARTY at the Lady G Casino for dealers and exhibitors, a FREE night of fun with your industry peers! There will also be an Olympic slant at the 2012 celebrations with champion gongs and games, plus a spot of karaoke!

More education and training is promised for the 2012 Show. It will include talks from OEM integration specialists, top installers and expert guidance both practical and , as such a conference programme has been created to allow delegates to gather, enhance and develop their knowledge regarding primary subjects within the Mobile Electronics Industry. After the success of last year’s Digital Radio seminar, we will offer you the chance to learn about the advancements within this domain. To keep your business at the forefront and learn the best ways to promote, publicise and gain maximum exposure, we will be holding sales and marketing workshops, permitting visitors the chance to improve their skills and ability in this field, learning from the best in the market.


Be sure to read future editions of Mobile Electronics News magazine, for further programme announcements! Plus product launches to be revealed!

See full conference programme on page 19. If you would like to book your space, please contact or call 01268 754897. Spaces are limited so book now to ensure you don’t miss out!

Ricoh Arena directions: Come off M6 at Junction 3 to the A444 signed for the Arena. Full address: 71 Phoenix Way, Foleshill, Coventry CV6 6GE. Website:


CONTACT SCOrpiON: 01257 249 928 Or emAil iNfO@SCOrpiONAuTO.COm ViSiT Our NeW WeBSiTe WWW.SCOrpiONTrACk.COm

last year we bought you: the smallest, easiest to install and only truly automated paperless registration process in the Stolen Vehicle industry with one name for tracking cars, plant machinery, motorcycles and marine. All of that in just 12 months



This year, we will bring you even more... • Tracking for Caravan, motorhome, Trailor • The smallest and best value CAT 5 unit on the market and right now…

SCOrpiON TrACk fleeT mANAGemeNT Available for demonstration now Offering you, the dealer, better profit margins, ongoing subscriptions, simple to use software, many unique features, corporate support and much more

To register for more information on becoming a dealer for the very latest in vehicle tracking or fleet management please visit





The Connects2 solution to invisible DAB in an OE application has been extremely wellresearched in the company’s quest for seamless installation of its AutoDAB tuner – MEN reports on just how easy it’s all going to be…

Above: Digital radio scores heavily with listeners being able to hear TalkSport properly – the AutoDAB tuner also adds subtext to vehicles with full RDS display capability. Above left: AutoDAB tuner box shown with T-Harness CAN-Bus patch ready for installation into a VW Passat

C2’s Plug ‘n’ Play ow Digital Tuner Non D

igital tuners are relatively simple, not so simple is the infrastructure that surrounds a successful product in the marketplace. The hard-working team at Connects2 were dedicated to delivering a fully-formed product to installers and they have achieved that complicated goal.

leads available with all different styles of aerial plug going to gold RCAs into the

AutoDAB box. This supplies the modulated FM signal and RDS display data to the OE


tuner and also cuts the signal from the existing aerial to eliminate cross-talk interference. The default frequency is 107.9MHz which is infinitely adjustable to suit prevailing FM conditions. Currently, the

So how easy is it? Apart from the head unit removal and replacement

interruption is achieved with an internal relay but this will eventually

time, plus any trim that needs to be disturbed, the average fitting time

be replaced with an electronic solution to allow TMC data to be

using C2’s stick-on antenna should be less than half an hour. We pulled

passed to the head unit while a digital station is playing.

the head unit out of a VW Passat, which like many modern vehicles is able to take full advantage of the AutoDAB full display facility through RDS Radio Text which supplies the messaging to go with the station name. So far, the C2 product is the only one that does this. As readers will know, VW makes it fairly easy to remove the trim and head unit with just a simple clip-in surround (1) and four screws retaining the double DIN chassis (2). At Connects2, the thinking is that

The average fitting time should be less than half an hour

it’s not a good idea to cut, or splice in to, CAN-Bus wires so T-harnesses are available for simple and time-saving installation with no worries about issues over car manufacturer warranties. For the VW, it’s the usual

With patch harnesses connected to the tuner (6) and the DAB aerial

Quadlock connectors for the harness (3) which do sometimes give the

connection and power supply plugged in, the unit is ready to be

installer a bit of a puzzle to stash away in the dash.

installed in the dash. All AutoDAB tuners are ordered specifically for a vehicle model which ensures that it is compatible with existing steering


The Passat’s unit uses double Fakra aerial plugs (4) and C2 supply

wheel or stalk controls. All DAB control functions are enabled by simple

a patch lead to suit (5). There is a complete range of aerial patch

sequencing of the buttons.

|Connects2 one




five six

Hiding the tuner in the dash of the Passat is made extra-easy with




a convenient hole in the side of the head unit aperture where the tuner box will fit (7). As usual, some careful siting of the extra wiring eases the path of the returning head unit. Connects2 is happy about the fact that one of the cheapest and most discreet DAB aerials (8) is one of the best performers. It’s essential that the ground plane sticky tab (9) is stuck to the painted metal (no need to scrape the paint!) to ensure maximum performance. It’s also important to install the antenna on the windscreen at the recommended minimum distance from the top edge of the windscreen. Connects2 suggest a guide price of £187 for AutoDAB and will include the easy-fit glass-mount aerial in the package. The aerial itself is plug ’n’ play and comes with a Molex plug for the amplifier live feed for fuss-free connection to the tuner. C2 is also working on a tuner kit with a separate remote control for cars


See AutoDAB at EXPO As well as the main Connects2 stand at EXPO in March showing all its new products, there will be a separate STAND 70 AutoDAB stand where the product can be viewed in detail and C2 staff will be on hand to demonstrate and answer dealer’s questions. Connects2 0845 2575588

without steering wheel controls.



vehicle specific head units

HEAD START Vehicle specific head units - the ultimate step in integration, but what’s new? Millsy finds out


ince car manufacturers started getting a bit smart and coming up with their own head unit designs, rather than relying on traditional single DIN and double DIN sizes that could be simply interchanged, consumers have had a tough time. For a while, it seemed impossible that the awkward shapes car manufacturers came up with could ever be replaced and upgraded…until vehicle specific head units came along at least.

AUTOMONITOR Automonitor has an excellent range of direct replacement double DIN head units which brings extra OE integration in the form of a transplant for

In more recent times integration has perhaps meant more

the customer instead of a collection of interface boxes. The head units

to hooking up iPods, iPhones or the latest sound modules

cover a large range of popular car makes including Ford and Vauxhall

to boost the signal from standard head units. Even those

plus Japanese marques such as the Mitsubishi Shogun and the direct

companies with vehicle specific head units realise they

replacements for the likes of the Mazda CX-5, CX-6 and CX-7.

need to offer more. As Girish Janday of Pioneer points

The double DIN units have seven inch16:9 TFT LCD fixed touch screens

out, they not only offer customisable units to integrate

with inbuilt navigation (Western Europe) and A2DP Bluetooth telephone

into specific vehicles, but they have also, as a further

interface. They plays CD + CD-R, DVD, Video CD, MP3,MPEG4, WMA and

commitment to full integration “developed specific

JPEG files and have an AM/FM RDS tuner with 24 Presets, an iPod interface,

interfaces and fitting solutions to make the most of key

media or navi SD port and USB port. Additionally they have 4x45 Watts and

features such as parking sensors, climate displays and full

5.1 output with Dual Zone AV output and is compatible with PAL-Secam and

steering wheel controls.” Pioneer claims it wants “to add to

NTSC. There is a camera input with auto switching and they can also be

the feature setting for the driver, not remove it.”

interfaced with existing OE controls. Interestingly, they also offer the same unit as a universal model, meaning any car should be able to benefit from

Even companies like Kenwood without vehicle specific

the system, one way or the other!

head units to offer to dealers see there is a future for this

Contact: Automonitor 0116 275 2020 or

type of product. However, Kenwood’s Mike Edwards had the following to say: “Vehicle specific product should do better than it does as the fit is almost perfect, however for manufactures and dealers it can be a risk to stock as they can only be sold to a specific customer. Whereas a standard double DIN can be sold (with a fascia adaptor ) to almost any interested customer. Then with variable colour etc., they can be made to match dashboards very well.” He goes on to add that Kenwood’s customers don’t generally ask for vehicle specific models. As dealers it’s likely you understand his viewpoint and only you know how significant or potentially significant this product is to your business. What’s clear though is that they can offer an excellent upgrade for customers and there’s some great spec units out there as this guide shows. Certainly Connects2 believe in the value of these to customers, with a big push expected this year on the latest offerings from Zenec.



RSE Modular Systems

l BUilT To oeM speCiFiCaTion l sUiTaBle For HeadresT and aCTive HeadresT veHiCles l Car inTerior MaTCH on lUxUry Models inClUdinG leaTHer or vinyl l WareHoUse in GerMany and UK FaCiliTy For QUaliTy and Final inspeCTions

dIStRIbutIon ChannElS nEEdEd

ContaCt uS FoR MoRE InFoRMatIon: Tel: 01483 722 531 Fax: 01483 740 204 InFo@audIovoxInCaaRSyStEMS.CoM UniT 14 BoUndary BUsiness CenTre, BoUndary Way, GU21 5dH, UK



vehicle specific head units

CAR COMMUNICATIONS This company specialises in the supply of OE VAG head units which can be used for variety of commercial scenarios including upgrading less well-specified models. The range includes the RNS-E Satellite navigation radio suitable for the A3, A4, TT and R8 which opens up a whole host of options to the customer including Bluetooth, iPod and optical parking assistant. Ideally this is suited for upgrading Symphony and Concert II+ double DIN radios found in older Audi cars which have little or no integrated upgrade options. Also new is the optional optical parking assistant. In the Audi R8, A3, A4 and TT it can be combined with the rear view camera. In addition to acoustic warning signals, the distance to the front and to the rear is now displayed optically on the high-resolution display. When combined with the rear view camera, the graphics from the parking assistant are superimposed over the live image from the camera. Also offered is the VW RNS-310 radio suitable for the Golf, Polo, Passat/CC, Touran, Sirocco, EOS and Caddy opens up a whole host of features including Navigation, Bluetooth, iPod and DAB+. Other optional features that can then be retrofitted include parking sensors and rear view camera. Ideally suited for upgrading RCD/RNS 310 and RCD 510 radios found in older VW cars which have little or no integrated upgrade options. There’s also the RNS 315 touchscreen radio/navigation DAB+ system with a clear easy-to-read touch screen operation and map data preinstalled on integrated memory. The VW RNS-510 High Resolution Touch screen Navigation radio is suitable for the Golf, Polo, Passat/CC, Touran, Sirocco, EOS, Caddy and Transporter T6. The 510 offers optional features that can be retrofitted include Bluetooth, MDI iPod, DAB, parking sensors and rear view camera. All head units are genuine OEM parts sourced directly from VW Audi Group and are brand new with the official warranty. Contact: Car Communications 01254 694537 or

TTINTS TTints has a range of integration products including MMI, MMI 2 and GT MMI double DIN head units which are a direct replacement for the factory fitted head units, in a large range of popular vehicles. Specification improvements over OEMs include parking sensor hookups, iPod integration and on some vehicles, climate control and FIS information. Features include OE remote control matching to stalk and steering wheels (where fitted) and for the Vauxhall Insignia, a built-in 1GB memory for accepting downloaded music from CD or MP3s. TTints are also the official UK suppliers of Dynavin aftermarket OEM style multimedia and navigation systems, which cater for selected Mercedes, Audi and BMW models. An example of one of the offerings is that for the E-Class Mercedes models, the DVN-MBEMOST. It comes with a 7in LCD touchscreen and features GPS navigation, Bluetooth, USB, DVD, CD, radio, TV receiver function, SD card slot and is iPod compatible. The fit and finish means it should blend into the dash seamlessly and is an ideal solution for those wanting added functionality and comparatively lower pricing than main dealers would charge for similar spec from new. Contact: TTINTS 01582 817142


Trade only suppliers to the motor industry



14 The Hawthorn Centre, Elmgrove Road Harrow, HA1 2RF

Rear Seat Entertainment Kit The kit is specifically designed to enable a simple, time saving installation. The power is provided from the Plug & Play Control Box, the monitors plug straight into it, as does the DVD player. There are also 2 further AV inputs to enable you to add entertainment options such as DAB, DVB-T or a games console. The AV output even enables you to send the DVD to another device such as roof monitor or head unit with LCD screen.


The monitors both have a built in remote eye for the full function remote control and transmit the dual channel IR signal to the headphones.

• DVD Player • 2 x 7" Screens • Dual Channel Headphones • Remote Control • Control/Switch Box

AV Output AV Input 1 AV Input 2

Digital TV Tuner & Antenna


Digital TV Tuner & Antenna with recording function


• 1 AV Input • 3 Video Outputs • 1 Audio Output • USB Support • Remote Eye • Auto Frequency Switch • Dimensions: 150 x 110 x 40mm



Including antenna

• Records TV & Radio via USB DVBT500 • Music, Video and Picture playback • Last Position Memory on USB media files • MP3, WAV, DIVX, XVID, MPEG4, AVI, JPG, BMP, GIF • Intelligent Automatic Frequency Switch Technology (AFS) • High Performance at speed • Dimensions: 180 x 145 x 30mm • 2 Full AV Inputs, 3 Video Outputs Including antenna • 12-24 Volt Operation


Digital Radio


trade only *antenna available from £20

Mobile DAB Radio Hideaway Tuner


Prices are Nett and Exclude VAT CKO International Limited - t. 0208 863 8333 f. 0208 863 0633 w.


vehicle specific head units

ZENEC Zenec now offer an even wider range of solutions through their E>GO range of vehicle-specific head units. Models cover Audi, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Vauxhall, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen marques. The brand new C9 platform features in the new line up, which includes a HD LED backlit screen, a brand new high resolution graphic user interface featuring slide-touch operation of the touchscreen and new and improved Bluetooth menu. The E>GO naviceivers are designed to perfectly integrate into each vehicle, with short installation times and offer the ability to communicate and connect flawlessly with the on-board CAN-Bus networks. In the case of one example, the ZE-NC3811D for Ford Focus, Galaxy, Mondeo and S-Max models, the unit displays vehicle information such as climate control settings and OEM parking sensor information. E>GO units come with up-to-date Bluetooth technology from Parrot and includes future-proof state-of-the-art satellite navigation, giving precise guidance to selected destinations in 43 European countries. With an optional cable iPods and iPhones can also be used to play music or movies, all controlled via the touchscreen, with the iPod/iPhone getting charged at the same time. The unit also allows playback of media from all modern formats such as CD, DVD, USB and SD. Naturally steering wheel remote controls remain functional, allowing the user to keep their hands on the wheel. A DAB upgrade is also now available for E>GO head units in the form of the ZE-DAB60, allowing DAB digital radio integration which can be controlled via the touchscreen. Contact: Connects2, 0845 257 5588 or

PIONEER Pioneer offers two models that fall into this category; AVIC-F3210BT and the AVIC-F9310BT. The AVIC-F3210BT is designed to fit VW, and Skoda models, the AVIC-F9310BT for VW, SEAT and Skoda models. The AVIC-F3210BT is based on the AVIC-F320BT head unit and comes with a detachable 4.3in touch screen, Tele Atlas map data that works with Pioneer’s NavGate Feeds plus the ability to play music from CD, USB device of iPod/iPhone (with Direct Control via optional cable). The unit also come complete with a Parrot Bluetooth module, which makes it a great all-rounder. The AVIC-F9310BT is based on Pioneer’s AVIC-F930BT NavGate system and is designed to perfectly match the shape, colour and texture of the car’s dashboards, giving a real OEM appearance. This unit has high end navigation with the maps customisable though Pioneer’s NavGate Feeds PC, iPhone or smart phone apps, and can be viewed on the extremely quick response 3D user interface with touch slide control. Essentially these are high end multimedia units that offer virtually all of the functions the OE units and often much more, including factory fitted parking sensor displays and Climatronic Status Information on a vivid display, while keeping the right dashboard style to not look out of place. Things like the Parrot Bluetooth module, full UK postcode search and the ability to directly control iPods via the optional cables are big selling points so it’s no wonder these units are doing well. Contact: Pioneer, 01753 789789, or



0115 975 8600

The UK’s Number 1 Car Audio Distributor



470 EU NOH


CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner, Optional Bluetooth, 4 x 50W, 1 x Preout, Front & Rear Aux In



£75 £95


6.2” Touch Screen, CD/DVD/MP3/WMA, Bluetooth, EU Navi, iPod / iPhone Control, DivX/MPEG Playback, SD Card Reader, 4 x 50W, USB Receiver, Face Off



MKi 9100 UK





CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner , 4 x 52W, 1 x Preout, Front Aux In, SWRC Ready

• • • •

CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner, Bluetooth, iPod Direct Control, 4 x 50W, 3 x Preout, Front USB & Aux In, Mic Included




6.1” Touch Screen, CD/DVD/MP3/WMA, Bluetooth, EU Navi, iPod / iPhone Control, DivX/MPEG Playback, 4 x 50W, USB Receiver, Face Off, 3 x Pre Outs


MKi 9200 UK



CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner, Bluetooth, iPod / iPhone Ready, 4 x 50W, 1 x Preout, Front USB & Aux In

5.8” Touch Screen, CD/DVD/MP3/WMA, iPod / iPhone Control, DivX/MPEG Playback, 4 x 50W, USB Receiver, 3 x Pre Outs



CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner, Bluetooth, iPod / iPhone Ready, 4 x 50W, 1 x Preout, Front Aux &USB In

6.1” Touchscreen, CD/DVD/DivX/JPEG/MP3/WMA, EU Navi, 3 x Preout, SD Card, USB, iPod / iPhone Control, Parrot Bluetooth, Face Off




6.1” Touchscreen, CD/DVD/DivX/JPEG/MP3/WMA, Bluetooth, 3 x Preout, USB, iPod / iPhone Control




7” Touch Screen, CD/DVD/MP3/WMA, Optional Navi, DivX/MPEG Playback, 4 x 50W, USB Receiver,






Full Duplex Connects with 5 Phones Includes Mic Voice Recognition



7” Touch Screen, CD/DVD/MP3/WMA, iPod / iPhone Control, DivX/MPEG Playback, 4 x 50W, USB Receiver

CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner, iPod Direct, 4 x 50W, 1 x Preout, Front & Rear Aux In, Front USB In

MEX B2900


Touch Screen, CD/DVD/MP3/WMA, Bluetooth, iPod / iPhone Control, DivX/MPEG Playback, SD Card Reader, 4 x 50W, USB Receiver, Face Off


Start 2 EU NOH


• iPod / iPhone Compatible • USB & Line in Music • Audio Streaming


CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner, Bluetooth, iPod / iPhone Ready, 4 x 52W, 3 x Preout, Front USB In


CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner , 4 x 52W, 1 x Preout, Front USB In, Front & Rear Aux In, SWRC Ready


CD / MP3/ WMA Tuner, Bluetooth, 4 x 50W, 1 x Preout, Front Aux In


Start EU NOH

• 3.5” touchscreen • UK & IRE maps • iQ routes • Latest map guarantee • Easyport mount • USB cable included


Stores 150 Numbers Includes mic Voice Recognition Works with up to 5 Devices




Nuvi 265 NOH

CK 3100 UK

Motorised Screen

• 3.5” touchscreen • UK & EU maps • iQ routes • Latest map guarantee • Easyport mount • USB cable included


• • • •


• 3.5” touchscreen • UK & EU maps • Garmin Lock anti theft Feature

• 4.3” wide touchscreen • UK & EU maps •Garmin Lock anti theft Feature


7” Touchscreen, CD/DVD/DivX/JPEG/MP3/WMA, 3 x Preout, Front Aux i, Bluetooth Ready









VROOM WITH A VIEW Watching TV in the car is probably most popular with chauffeurs waiting for top cats to come out of endless meetings – Martyn Williams takes a peak at the product selection


obile digital tuners is a market of many parts and ranges from drivers chancing it by watching TV in rush-hour traffic (with handbrake feeds grounded – you know who you are!) to those with mobile homes. Reception quality is at the mercy of terrain and despite

ALPINE The current offering from Alpine is the TUET150DV which has multi language on-screen display, auto search, EPG/Tele Text , an antenna diversity system, remote control and an S-video output as

sophisticated diversity/amplified aerials, some areas are frustratingly

well as the usual RCA connectors for audio/video input, it also has a

patchy and reflects the equally patchy popularity of this add-on box.

rear view camera input system for viewing convenience.

Where vehicle’s regularly move in satisfactory reception areas,

Alpine offers several diversity aerial systems including the KAE-202DV

the customer gets the advantage of two entertainment modes, the

- active DVB-T screen antenna which consists of a pair of compact

targeted DVB-T terrestrial Freeview TV and Digital Radio – carrying

amplified dipole screen antennas which are self-adhesive foil types

with it stations such as TalkSport and 6 Music – channels either not

with a maximum gain of 18 dB.

present on most radios or in barely-listenable quality on the AM band.

Alpine 02476 719620

A glance through this feature will confirm that not all tuner boxes are equal, most are invariably diversity aerial-ready with two neat ‘F’ socket connectors, but price and sophistication ramps up with OE interfacing, feed-through RCAs to enable the tuner to be a partial control centre, to MPEG4 compatibility and recording. There’s lots of product out there and here’s a sample of some various types.

C-KO One of the company’s most popular tuner


useful features expected of a modern device including twin ‘F’ sockets for diversity aerial systems which can also

Clarion states that, with the final

be supplied, and along with stereo audio RCA outputs, there are

countdown to digital television’s

three composite video outputs offering connections to front and rear

switch over in 2012 underway,

screens without the need for extra patch boxes.

users (not the driver!) can get

C-KO International offers several solutions for watching digital

ahead of the game and enjoy

television on the move. All of its mobile DVB-T receivers incorporate

the full benefits of progressive

Automatic Frequency Search (AFS) which is comparable to the RDS

programming on the move using

function on analogue radio. When a programme is transmitted from

the DTX501E in-car digital TV receiver.

multiple transmitters on multiple frequencies (MFN) the AFS system will

Ideal for use alongside Clarion’s

automatically select the best signal.

top end NX501E and NZ501E multimedia/navigation systems,

C-KO also offer upgrading solutions from factory analogue to DVB-T on

thanks to intelligent HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen

vehicle’s original equipment plus the integration of TV tuners on to a

operation via high resolution (800x480) displays, but equally adept

selection of popular models already equipped with OE video screens.

as an add-on to a wide range of Clarion multimedia units – 12

C-KO 020 8863 8333

models in all. The slim line unit also delivers auto/manual channel search, auto save, favourite channel list editing, Teletext and subtitle functions. Clarion 01793 859563


offerings shown here has all the


Now distributed in the UK & Ireland by:

Contact us: 020 8867 2340 Email: Rockford Fosgate UK 33 STAND 79





Kenwood KTC-D600E

Media in Motion specialises in


tuner systems with OE compatibility

Using the head unit brand

known as DVB Logic - a DVB-T Tuner

tuners often brings the extra usability

for direct OEM connection.

of touch screen control with compatible models. An

Claimed to be the first after-

IR Remote control is also included with the Kenwood tuner.

market digital TV tuner that comes

Features include the usual EPG display, single AV output,

equipped with an interface which

Card slot for paid broadcast services and diversity tuner for

allows for easy connection to an

twin aerial systems.

OEM system, the DVB-T unit used in the package

Kenwood offers a range of diversity aerial systems using

has been proven as having first class reception

compact stick-on antennas.

throughout European countries including

Kenwood 01923 816444

the UK. On the majority of models the

DVB-T Tuner can be controlled directly from the factory head unit. The stand-out feature of the interfaces is the fact that it’s integrated into the vehicles


factory system without the need of any further equipment.

TTints market the Mimi Car DVB-T

installation and trace-free removal of components to account

Tuner which of course, is a Freeview

for today’s need to being able to restore the vehicle’s system to

unit and is supplied with an aerial.

its original condition if required. This unique interface also has the

TTints aim this unit both for universal

added benefit of a single Audio/Video input plus an additional

use and for users with an existing

dedicated input for a rear view camera.

front screen navigation unit or in-dash

The tuner has a diversity DVB-T TV tuner and multimedia interface

analogue TV screen installed in Audi,

in one device, tuner functions are controllable directly from the

Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar XF, Land/

factory system on compatible models. It also has a dedicated

Range Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Rover

input for an aftermarket rear view camera, an audio/video input

75, Seat, Skoda, Volvo or VW.

and MOST fibre optic technology. It also has a two year warranty.

The Mimi tuner is fully compliant with MPEG-

Media in Motion provide seamless integration to a vehicle’s factory

2 and DVB-T standards and is a small compact design.

entertainment systems including iPod, USB, Bluetooth, rear-view

Features include ‘PIG’ (Picture In Graphics) support, channel editing

camera integration and video-in-motion.

(Favourite, Moving, Locking, Delete), automatic and manual search,

There is an extensive application range which includes selected

EPG, easy software upgrades, timer function (automatically turns on/off

models in ranges including Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Land/Range

by setting), OSD Teletext and VBI Teletext support. It has a USB i/o port

Rover, Mercedes, Porsche and VW.

which supports the play of most of the JPEG/MP3/MP4 (AVI/MPG/DAT/

DVB-Logic kits are available for vehicles that have a factory

VOB) formats and software upgrading.

analogue TV tuner – this simply needs to be disconnected. Control

TTINTS 01582 817142

through the head unit will not be available on these vehicles. For

The vehicle-specific plug & play harness kits allow for both easy

vehicle applications, check the website. Media in Motion 0121 311 9011

VEBA The VEBA AVDVBTMP4 digital tuner is fully MPEG-4 compliant plus MPEG-2, H.264 and AVC standards. It has picture in graphic support, channel editing function, automatic and manual search, stores over 1000 channels, provides full EPG (Electronic Program Guide), Records program to USB, OSD Teletext and VBI Teletext support, USB i/o supports JPEG, MP3, MP4 (AVI/MPG/DAT/VOB) and software upgrades. Another related product is the AVDTVA-2A digital aerial amplifier which is designed to boost the signal in weak transmission areas or where aerials have to be installed against and heated or metal-flashed tinted glass. Gain is quoted at 20dBi. Armour Auto 01420 487110



Business FORUM


Starting out Article one

First in a series on aspects of business is one man’s slant on starting out as a mobile installer. Jeff Scott, Director, Ifitstuff and the Sussex Installation Team, tells it like was, and passes on some advice about preparation and motivation issues

Starting a business? Ask yourself some key questions Do you want to work 12-14 hours a day and eat, sleep and breathe work daytime, evenings and weekends? Can you survive a year of not earning any income and possibly having large debts at the end of it? Do you have savings or credit good enough to have sufficient cash flow to get the thing started and keep it running? Will your relationship/children survive you diverting all your attentions to work

Starting a successful business is one of the most difficult things that you might do. Around one in three businesses will fail within the first three years and that’s without difficult economic times. Businesses new and old will be struggling right now and while some will be running scared, the entrepreneurs among you will see this as an opportunity! This is the first in a series of business advice for

particularly during the start up year?

asked me to do their work and that was some

Can you manage the paperwork or have

bread and butter money. But despite all my

someone who can help you?

hard work I still only turned over £16,000 in sales

Are you organised enough to manage

during my first year of trading which added

your own job bookings, pricing, stock,

up to a loss of £2,000 for the year without

tools, consumables, returns etc?

me drawing any wages from the company.

Will you spend all available hours hustling,

Furthermore from the cost of buying a vehicle,

marketing or networking when you don’t

stock and tools and also some living expenses

have work?

I had racked up debt of around £12,000 at

Are you self-motivated and do you push

the end of year one which was spread across

yourself harder than anyone else can push

every credit card and my bank overdraft!


Other competitors in my area had previously

Do you want to be your own boss and

start-up companies. Hopefully there will be

set up similar companies two years earlier

answer only to your customers, or should

something in it for established companies who

and did far better than me in their first year.

you be employed?

might be looking at new challenges such as

One of the companies who set up took a

the age of the internet.

large amount of trade customers from his

If your answer is mostly YES to the above you could be ready!!

Starting a one man mobile installation

previous employer when he left them. I am

company is something that I did in April 2003

not suggesting that you rip off your current

Do you like to finish work early?

and I am proud to be starting my tenth year

employer and do this, but this chap did very

Do you want to spend your evenings and

of trading with business doing better than

well from it. Another was in the right place

weekends with your family?

ever. It was probably my biggest challenge

at the right time and brought the closing

Do you like to spend your time watching

in life and was not my first business, having

stock from a company he was working for

TV or playing computer games?

previously started installing car audio and

at a discount price and got given 25 years

Do you like being able to switch off when

security when I was 18 (this failed after around

goodwill, a nice trade customer base FOC and

you finish work and not think about it again

18 months). After that I went into the wilderness

the company phone number on divert to his

until the next working day?

of being employed for a few years in the UK

mobile! It was a particularly hard pill for me to

Do you like your bookings done for you?

and Australia and gained much needed

swallow knowing that I got the guy (a friend of

Are you notoriously bad at paperwork and

experience in all areas including installing,

mine) the job there when I left the company

save it all up until someone kicks you up the

management, pricing, procedures, efficiency

for my year travelling and had I stayed the gift

arse to fill it in?

and customer service.

would have been mine. So there seems to be

Do you like your company supplying

some different ways that you can start your

a van and paying for the fuel and

packing and I was living back at my parents’

business; Luck, screw your current employer

maintenance for it?

house and didn’t have any mortgage, rent

, buy an existing business or just serious hard

Do you like your company supplying the

or any bills to worry about. I was broke at the

graft, imagination and determination.

relevant stock, consumables and mobile

time but I had good credit as I never missed a

If you should or have already started your own


payment on anything and so I felt that I was

business, then look out for the next article on

in a reasonable position to start trading. I also

getting started.

had two of my old customers (from a company

Contact Jeff on 07813181470 or email to

If you answer mostly Yes to the above, then you should probably stay employed!

that I previously ran who were no longer

I had just returned from a year’s back


trading) who found out that I was back and

You need a sense of humour in the aftermarket


It’s funny that whilst others are shrinking, Clarion has recently moved into a better, brighter new UK head office. And it’s laughable that we are one of the very few ICE manufacturers in the UK that has always had its own sales, distribution, service support, engineering and technical back-up operation to support its dealers. Then again, it really makes us smile to know that Clarion has been successfully trading for seventy years. But you can have the last laugh. Just give us a call and we’ll tell you some really hysterical news about our better dealer margins, extended warranty, our latest technical innovations and speedy deliveries. It’s always good to share.

Clarion (GB) Ltd, Unit 5C, Interface Business Park, Bincknoll Lane, Wootton Bassett, Swindon, Wilts SN4 8QQ Tel: 01793 859560 E: 37



BLACKDEATH ‘REAPER’ AMPLIFIER The digital bass amplifier revolution has provided high power in small boxes. So what happens if you make a big box version? Check out the Reaper with a potential of 14,500 Watts RMS


ibe’s flagship amplifier with it’s satanic name - the Reaper, won this year’s MEN Gold Award for Best High End Amplifier. It’s over one metre long and with an SPL competition level specification it’s one of the maddest bits of audio ordnance on the planet.

Specification BlackDeath Bass 2 monoblock bass amplifier Dimensions: (HxWxD) 112x1000x363mm Weight: 27kg Crossover Range: 30-250Hz Max power bridged pair @ 18V 2Ω Mono 10% distortion – 28,241 WRMS

I asked Ryan Hawtin, Vibe’s Marketing

at one metre long and in power output (at 18

Executive about the launch of such an

Volts DC used in the ‘brain out’ division of SPL

adventurous piece of equipment. He said:

competition!) it has a massive specification of

“Admittedly it’s a specialist product but for us

outlandish power outputs either in stereo or

it is a pure statement piece and part of our

mono mode, the Reaper is capable of 14,500

commitment to offer something at every level.

WRMS mono into one Ohm making it the

As a flagship it is a great marketing tool for us

ideal choice for those who want to become

and a great way to create attention for the

serious competition contenders.

Vibe’s clever marketing pic complete with man standing next to the Reaper

VIBE brand. Before each amp goes in stock it undergoes We have only recently taken stock of this

Vibe’s extensive testing and quality control

product in the UK and, as yet, no UK retailers

checks by its R&D department to ensure

have completed an install with it. However,

it is capable of power delivery without

voltage range, allowing it the versatility to be

early samples of these amps sent to our

compromise. The BlackDeath Bass 2 is the

used across many different competition classes,

overseas territories have gone down really well,

ultimate competition amplifier and can be

from street class with a single 12V battery to

recently helping to win SPL trophies in USA,

finely tuned to push any system to its peak

extreme classes with 18V batteries.

Russia and Germany.

performance. Maximum output can be tweaked using the low pass filter to set the

“The Reaper amplifier is the companion

maximum upper frequency curve, and the

product to Vibe’s BlackDeath Bubonic

subsonic filter can be adjusted to avoid

Subwoofers and, using these products we are

power wastage in the ultra-low frequency

currently building a VIBE BlackDeath demo car

band. It has a bass boost to supply a

due to be unveiled in the spring.”

controlled ‘bump’ and instead of the usual compromise of a phase switch, it has a proper

Twin Zero AWG power terminals indicates serious intent..

Massive specification

phase shift control which, when carefully

The amplifier’s full title is BlackDeath Bass 2, but

adjusted, can be used to produce maximum

Power game

amongst serious dB drag and SPL competitors

pressure which is rarely at the zero or 180

The Reaper features a strapping circuit which

it’s just called the Reaper.

degree point. The Reaper has a wired bass

allows two Reaper amplifiers to be bridged to

It is the biggest Vibe amplifier ever, both in size

remote gain control with a five metre cable.

deliver the full power of both amplifiers into

All the right controls for a bass amp plus the bonus of a fully adjustable phase shift

a single channel, meaning at 18 Volts two Massive output even with the high efficiency of

Reapers have a combined maximum power

digital amplification demands power cabling

output (max distortion!) of nearly 29,000 WRMS

and termination to match its performance.

@ two Ohms into a single channel.

Here, the Reaper has a more than adequate


double set of Zero AWG – American Wire

Contact: Midbass 0121 311 9090

Gauge - power terminals and a wide input

Calling all Focal Stockists...

Utopia & K2 Power


Audio Excellence. Simply Sold. As a Focal stockist, your dedication to the brand can now be recognised as an Authorised Focal Dealer. Focal UK would like to invite both current and prospective dealers to get involved with the new range and program to give your business a competitive advantage. Contact your sales representative for more information and details of the benefits that being an Authorised Focal Dealer could bring. Check out the future at:

FOCAL速 is a trademark of FOCAL-JMLAB速



Product review


Kenwood CMOS-300 Camera

Kenwood’s cam is reasonably small and is fully waterproofed

Kenwood CMOS-300 is an advanced, high-sensitivity colour front or rear camera with switchable views using a neat hard-wired press button, or from a head unit when connected to compatible Kenwood multimedia AV systems. A neat feature of the universal view change button is the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ labelled sub-buttons which can be used to switch between paired front and rear cams (an extra hookup harness is supplied).


he camera has a super-wide angle of view (190° horizontal, 158° vertical) combined with state-ofthe-art viewing software and CMOS optics. Its small chip and fast operating speed offers many performance advantages including less light distortion from nearby light sources. Resolution is about 310,000 pixels.



The camera view selection button offers five different views - picture-in-picture with both wide

CMOS-300 complete kit

and close-up views, corner view, super-wide,

Tried n Tested

wide view, and overhead mode. All views contain

As can be seen in the picture of the CMOS-300 kit, the

superimposed guidelines which are set between

system doesn’t offer any installation issues with its tiny power

half a metre (red), through yellow and orange to

supply module and cabling of adequate length. The stick-

green – the latter being set at just over two metres.


on control button is discreet and unlikely to offend any

All parameters can be set up using the control

customer with a non-dedicated media system. For those

button and the ‘plus/minus’ buttons. Control can

who have compatible Kenwood head units, using a touch

also be via the touch-screen on Kenwood DDX/

screen will be a simpler and neater install proposition.

DNX 7/8/9 series multimedia systems.

Setting up the guidelines was easy and gave an extra dimension to the camera’s usefulness along with the range of

RIGHT: 1. Corner view. 2. Overhead view. 3. P in P view. 4. Superwide view, 5. Wide angle view BELOW: CMOS-300 Control button

views. The corner view is particularly useful for customers who


have to emerge from a driveway. For customers requiring both front and rear view cameras, the Kenwood control button solution could hardly be simpler. Another plus point. There has been some forum discussion about the 300’s night time performance and here, we were pleasantly surprised how well it performed in low-light (dusk) conditions but it should be borne in mind that this camera


has no integrated lighting system so therefore relies on the performance of the car’s lighting. We found that a pair of tiny nine-LED lamps was good enough to supply adequate supplementary lighting, so perhaps some advice to the customer to bear in mind that if he or she would like better night time performance, an upsell to better lighting could be the next step!



Car Audio & Security is the UK’s biggest independent Car Audio retailer. Winner of the 2011/12 Car Electronics Retailer of the Year Award. Due to continued expansion within the car and home audio sector, we have opportunities available in the following areas: Customer Service & Technical Support (installation experience required) Logistics & Warehousing Retail Sales for Home Audio If you are interested to know more please send your CV in the first instance either by email or post to:

Hyde Park Corner the Uk’s leading mobile installation company are currently recruiting experienced In-car mobile engineers Successful Engineers will require a minimum of 3 years previous experience working within vehicle installations and have good customer services skills. You will be working with all types of motor vehicles and installing various types of electrical accessories including: car kits, parking sensors, tracking devices, telematic products, etc. You will be required to carry out installations on a mobile basis at arranged time slots, install the products and complete all relevant electronic paperwork. An excellent package awaits the successful candidate including company vehicle, uniform, company phone, basic salary & commission. Currently recurting in the following areas: London (north & south) • Birmingham • Leicester • Peterborough • Kent Please send a CV in the first instance to:

Car Audio & Security Ltd Human Resources Dept., Units 6A - 6B Bilton Way, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 3NF T: 020 8561 9485

Hyde Park Corner, 61-63 Dowson Road, Hyde, Cheshire SK14 1QS • Tel: 0161 368 6999


the I.C.e OlympICs party...

Get ready to experience the thrill of G Casino, Ricoh Arena Coventry! With incredible gaming, amazing entertainment and fantastic food. Join us for a celebration of YOUR industry. SPOnSOREd bY

e dIsCOverttehst Industry’s grea OlympIansa free beer and Curry fOr all...

Tuesday 13th March, 6.30pm, G Casino Coventry, Ricoh Arena, Phoenix Way, Foleshill, Coventry, CV6 6GE,

RSVP to 01268 754 897 or




APPLE UPDATE What’s happening on the iPlayer scene? There are some weird and wacky things going on, including remote parking by the driver standing outside the car with an iPhone! Arthur Deebie reports


ow far can Apple integration go with vehicles? One answer comes from specialist vehicle ancillary manufacturer Valeo which is currently working on an OE parking system which can scan for a spaces at speeds of up to 30km/h. When a space is found the driver can step out of the car and use an application on their smartphone to parallel or perpendicular park their vehicle.

Palmer Performance

Active Car Mount is a neat

Big in America is the integration

rear seat viewing solution by

of iPads into dashboards,

simply sliding the iPad into

often taking advantage of the

the car mount where it will

slim design of the iPad 2 by

automatically connect and

simply providing an additional

charge. Passengers can enjoy

fabricated composite panel for

great sound via optional infrared

the vehicle’s dash with a simple

head phones

shallow slot where the iPad

The whole system is tested to be

can be plugged and slotted

safe and be easy to use. After the

in to perform full monitoring

initial installation the user can slide

duties and take over many of

in and out DVD players or iPad car

the functions of a head unit

mount without connecting any

including audio playback and


navigation functions. One of the

iPowered head units

Nextbase 0203 195 0877

foremost exponents of this install

Texan company Jackson

art is Sound Man Car Audio in

Electronics launched a head

Southern California responsible

unit which features docking for

Called the Park4U Remote, this

for creating lots of custom dash

iPhone with the device mounted

fully automatic parking assistance

fittings for eager customers

horizontally with the screen in full

system manoeuvres the vehicle

(check out

view and ready for touch screen

into a parking space without any


control unlike many head units

input from the driver. The system

featured for some hot installs).

which allow the phone to slot in

could be in production by 2014.

One of the most exciting

and relate to an on-board display.

Based on Valeo’s Park4U system, it

integration products used by

Called the iRoc stereo, the latest

uses wireless technology to connect

installers in the US is the Palmer

version in preparation uses a

with an application on the customer’s

Performance DashCommand

special adapter enabling an iPad

smartphone so drivers can park

system which is a touch screen-

to be mounted onto a unit.

their vehicle without the need to

friendly software application

Other manufacturers are also

be behind the wheel. A Valeo

designed to integrate with OBD-II

exploring ways to find a home

spokesperson said: “The system uses

and EOBD data monitoring

for tablets on the dash, one of


the same basic sensor technology

and logging into vehicle ECUs.

the most heavily-rumoured to be

iO, the hands-free and music-

as the existing Park4U, and the data

It can create stunning virtual


streaming brand of Armour

exchange takes place over the CAN-

dashboards with many

Automotive, has also added to

Bus network. It can only be used with

styles including digital and

the supporting iPod accessory

an automatic transmission.”

analogue gauges – even

range with an iPad Holder. The

including indicator lights. The

holder allows the attachment

DashCommand app can be

of an iPad to the back of a

downloaded for just under

vehicle’s headrest for rear seat

$50 from the American iTunes

entertainment. The mechanism is


fully adjustable for viewing angle

The Palmer Performance UK

and can be used in portrait or

distributor is UKOBD, call 01452 348128 or visit


An example of a vertical installation of iPad 2 in a custom-fabricated central console (and below left) The most popular installs in the USA feature iPad 2 installed in landscape mode

landscape mode.

Nextbase Click & Go Nextbase’s Click & Go iPad

Armour Auto 01420 487110




Christian SPAUL BURY Technologies Key Account Manager is an Essex man now residing in Southampton on the south coast enjoying life, his job, his footie and his gadgets BURY Technologies with its phone kits and a fixed vehicle phone product, is the UK arm of the German parent company of the same name. Christian is one of the prime movers and shakers on the front line getting involved in everything from sales to feeding back information to influence the design of future products. Bury’s principle strengths are undoubtedly build quality and user relevant product design and specifications which makes Christian’s job so much easier to raise interest in the marketplace. BURY’s principle channels of distribution include the UK network operators, automotive manufacturers and distributors. “We always talk about our design and product quality,” said Christian, “We have been particularly pleased with the recent launch of the Bury CP 1000 fixed CarPhone which after an exclusive period with Vodafone became available to the open market mid-December. One of the best features is the safety of clear voice commands and announcements allowing drivers to keep both hands on the steering wheel. It should be very popular now that its rival, the Motorola M930 has been discontinued.” What does your current job entail and what’s a typical day like? “I don’t really have a typical day but my main job is to look after the distribution channels to provide their sales teams with product training and keeping them up to date with product releases. I also provide support to our distributor sales staff in attending joint visits to their customers to help them with product demonstrations. During the past 12 months I have also become more involved in the planning and implementation of our UK marketing strategy and initiatives, plus involvement in the content and placement of our advertising. Additionally I am involved in our selection and participation of exhibition shows. Like the rest of the team, I also provide technical support on the phone.” What are the best and worst things about your current job? “I really like dealing at the front end of the business talking to customers and find it interesting working with the network operators


which is a challenge I enjoy. Worst thing must be, because I do a lot of mileage, has to be slow traffic and traffic jams.” What’s been your proudest professional achievement? “Developing key accounts over the last three years and having played an active role in the successful implementation of our new fixed car phone. I love gadgets so it’s something I can get deeply involved in.” And your favourite gadget? “I love my iPad. It gets a lot of use, including work. I do Powerpoint product presentations with it for instance.” And your proudest achievement outside of work? I would have to say being selected for a place in the Lawn Tennis Association school of excellence at a young age. It didn’t come to fruition but nice to think they saw potential in my ability. What do you hope the future holds for you professionally? “Well I shall continue to work hard and the ultimate goal would be to make director level.”

I am genuinely excited because of the important new products that are coming along this year What do you get up to in your spare time? “I love my music and listen to a wide range of genres – one of my favourites is the Killers and I went to a small gig in Colchester when they had just got their hit with Mr Brightside. Brandon Flowers was outside talking to his mum on the phone and I got a chance to talk to him – a really nice guy as it turned out. I’m also into my football and I am a Tottenham supporter.” At the time of writing, Christian was looking forward to going White Hart Lane with

Amy, his partner to see them play an FA Cup round. “I’m a keen snow-boarder – mainly downhill stuff – in places such as Andorra. The après board night life is really good because boarders tend to be very friendly types and there is never any trouble.” And is there anything people may not know about you that you would care to share? “I’m a drummer. I used to play in a band back in Essex. I’ve got an electronic drum kit which means I can play with headphones and not annoy the neighbours! I’m the youngest of three boys and we all play musical instruments – I don’t know where we got it from because the parents aren’t musical.” Is it true that you have to be mad to play the drums? “Quite possibly, I do have my moments!” What are people at work most likely to hear you say? “Are you sure you don’t want more than that? And, my other favourite is ‘jobsagoodun’.” What do you think 2012 and beyond has in store for you and also for the industry? “I am genuinely excited mainly because of the important new products that are coming along this year which, unfortunately I can’t talk about these at the moment. And I also think the CP 1000 fixed CarPhone is going to do well this year, bearing in mind the feedback that we have had so far. So, things are looking very positive and we will be showing these and other products at EXPO.” Any parting words? “Live every day like it’s your last.”

The smart Solution 180°

System 9 NEW!

BURY ActiveCradle universal NEW Active cradle for a wide range of smartphones

Portrait/landscape mode – for the optimum display of smartphone applications, i.e. navigation Optimum reception – uses an external GSM antenna via the integrated antenna coupler Battery charging function – for unlimited in-car talk Time Varied adjustment options – for a wide range of smartphone models


Straightforward click-assembly – compatible with the BURY BasePlate (System 9) Five interchangeable charging cables available.





LITTLE BOXES This month, Arthur has been looking into the rapidly maturing telematics insurance business in case there might be an opportunity for the independent specialist. What do Coverbox, Smartbox and iKube have in common? They are all popular schemes that drastically reduce the cost of insurance premiums for the young. Most of you will be aware of such schemes and the idea behind them but to bring everyone up to speed, these companies offer insurance with an on-board device which monitors drivers’ vehicle use and rewards them according to the time at which they drive, number of miles and driving style and looking out in particular for rapid acceleration and heavy braking. If the results from the box suggest heavy usage and aggressive driving then the monthly premium is adjusted up and back

The extremely knowledgeable and erstwhile

brother approach you have to consider the

Jeff Scott from Ifitstuff explained; “Installers

cost of accidents but also the money which

are recruited by companies servicing this

sloshes around the courts and claims systems

market based on knowledge, experience and

afterwards while different parties argue cause

sometimes, auto electrical or mobile electronics

and blame for accidents in order to exploit an

qualifications. However, there is a huge variation

incident for personal wealth.

in the quality of installation and the main concern for many in the industry seems to be

Even in the UK, there are said to be in excess

cost rather than quality. Most installers believe

of 35,000 “crash for cash” incidents recorded

they are perfectly competent and happy

per year. These are contrived accidents which

to sign the installation off as complying with

range from staged incidents between friends to deliberate erratic braking in order to cause a

all drivers will one day be required to have some kind of on-board monitoring system installed

rear-end shunt and ensuing compensation claim for whiplash. Desperate people taking desperate measures that quickly put up the cost of driving and especially amongst the young where the average cost of annual insurance without telematics is accelerating toward £4000!

down when “Nan” is driving! –What taking a car on a track day does to the premium is

FCS1362 sometimes without having read it all

anyone’s guess!

the way through! In any case it is our belief that

In conclusion, if you are not currently involved

FCS1362 on its own is not enough”

in vehicle telematics now is the time to find out how to train your installers and put necessary

In actual fact, the hardware required for such schemes has been available for many

“Ifitstuff see a need for a clear, safe, secure

measures in place to do so. I for one, sincerely

years and is already fitted for fleet control to

and sustainable standard for the entire job

hope we do not let this wave pass by unridden!

small, medium and large fleets of lorries, vans

and we have been liaising with the FCS

and cars however, the consumer market is

(Federation of Communications Services),

If you have any direct experience in the field

still considerable and devices will eventually

MESF and our 2000 plus registered members

of telematics and especially telematics related

become a requirement for more mature drivers

to come up with best practice guidelines and

insurance schemes, I would be very interested

as well – more on this later!

a commitment from members to install to the

to hear from you. You can email me at:

‘Ifitstuff SSSI’ standard”

The insurers mentioned above have


already allied themselves to suppliers

Going back to my assertion that all drivers will

and installers of suitable equipment.

one day be required to have some kind of

However, with no recognised standards

on-board monitoring system installed, I would

for installation, no Thatcham recognised

point out that from June 2011, every car in

Installers or any other clear installation

the US has had to have a black box fitted

criteria, all competent installers have an

in order to record data around road traffic

Contact: MESF: 01376 561040

opportunity to exploit this market.

accidents. Whatever you think of this big

or visit

CONTACT Contact: Ifitstuff: or visit Contact: FCS: 020 8249 6363 or visit

NSV Bluetooth® Hands Free System From the Leading OE Supplier of Bluetooth® Technology

• Plug and play installation • Factory fitted appearance with custom embedded switches • Works with any Bluetooth® enabled handset • Exceptional call quality • Wireless A2DP music audio streaming • 3 year warranty

Only available from Cobra


Call Cobra Sales Support now on 01932 772400 STAND 14



|Toby Green

SHOCKS AWAY IN-CAR SOLUTIONS Toby Green quit the typical dealer/shop scenario a couple of years ago to go mobile with its low overheads and flexible working hours. Martyn Williams asks the questions I asked Toby about the proportions of work, what product area is the biggest part of his business? He said: “Without doubt, the most activity is down to fitting Parrot kits and iPod interfaces which is roughly 35% of my business whereas parking sensors are about 25 %. Then it’s all down to small splits mainly into audio starting with speaker installs maybe next at around 15%, then head units and amplifiers.

He did his time working for dealers starting with Road Sounds Aldershot in ’97 where, as is sometimes the case, he started off as a customer. The shop morphed into Toad InCar which, due to their training policy, helped Toby hone his skills as an installer and auto electrician. “The best way to learn for me was to work on cars,” said Toby.

“Although Parrot is the biggest thing, parking sensors is good business too. As a mobile fitter I concentrate mainly on the external sensor types fitted externally although there is some interest in the small flush-fit OE types – with the colourcoding service I offer they look so much nicer – I always explain this to the customer to give them the option. This involves stripping the bumper off so there’s a time issue here. I recently fitted some Laserline flush-fit sensors at the side of

Other dealers Toby worked for include recently-featured Ian Banning’s at Guildford and Hersham-based 001 Mobile Stereo. So, you’ve been doing it for a couple of years on your own, how has it been? Toby said: “It’s a jungle out there and everybody wants it as cheap as possible. I try to convince customers that I’m not a fly-by-night operator and my prices are what they are. 2011 was a funny old year but my phone has kept ringing, often by customers who want their own equipment fitting. They buy Parrot kits for instance, on-line and want me to install them. Fitting customer’s own kit probably accounts for about 60% of my business.


the road which involved taking off the front bumper but the customer was okay for this. A lot of my customers have a cost issue with these sensors with the extra labour charges – it usually works out at about £40 for bumper removal. I use Laserline and Cobra but one of the brands that I use that you don’t hear much about is Park Control. I’ve been fitting these from when I first went mobile. For a reliable margin, parking sensor fitting is the best part of my business.” The next question was to ask Toby about publicising his business. He said: “I’ve got a website which is where I get most of my business from and although I would like to update it, I have been too busy over the last six months to do anything. I really ought to pay someone to do it as it is quite time-consuming to change stuff. It’s important for it to look good because for most customers, the internet is the first step they take to shop around. The

Toby loves his VW Caddy diesel which he’s chipped to 140bhp and, even with the extra power being used, still gets well over 40mpg with 50mpg possible driven carefully. He started with a Merc van which was really too big for his needs and started to rust quite badly. Another question for Toby – what’s the most annoying thing in business for you? “Warranty claims! There are quite a few products nowadays that are not as reliable as they used to be and by the time you’ve gone back and forth to the customer, it costs me a lot of time and a lot of money.” Final comment? “I have expanded into domestic electrics and have qualified in Part P so I can always keep myself busy.” Toby Green 07887 898000 Email:

PA-ME P U Score:


“When you get a call from a customer who is just about to go to Halfords to buy something as cheaply as possible and wants some advice, I am often able to swing it my way by mentioning that I could supply the item and back it with a warranty making it a one-stop operation where I come round and do the lot. I can often up-sell them to a better products giving them advice on what’s best and knowledge of their vehicle due to years of experience in the business and offer a faster installation appointment.”

The best thing for my business has been the free Google tools

days of shop fronts in the high street are gone, this is why I get everything set up for Google and Yell and other search engines. The best thing for my business has been the free Google tools such as Google maps – getting it set up right on Google is the most important thing.”


Toby got into the mobile electronics game after building his own big system which, in those days, featured a lot of Phoenix Gold equipment including the archetypal big install kit – the PG M50 and the legendary JL W6s.

Depends on caff

If you are a really g ood custome r he migh t b uy you one in a café !


020 8569 1543 C a r a u d i o r eta i l e r o f t h e Y e a r A W A R D S 2 0 1 1


A W A R D S 2 0 1 1



2 x 75W RMS



10cm 90W



4 x 100W RMS



13cm 105W

4x55W + 225W RMS




16.5cm 135W



6”x9” 210W



13cm comps


GTO5355e GTO7001e

1 x 700W RMS @2ohm





1 x 1400W RMS @2ohm



1 x 2400W RMS @2ohms






12” 1100W

12” 1400W

12” 1100W with box

Twin 12” subs with box













10cm 105W 2-way



13cm 135W 2-way



16.5cm 180W 2-way



6”x9” 300W 3-way



13cm 165W components



16.5cm 210W components



16.5cm 240W components


Ref 1260


Reference comps

12” 1200W sub

6”x9” 300W speakers

13cm – 16.5cm components





020 8569 1543



KENWOOD KDC-DAB4551U 4x50W, CD/MP3, built-in DAB Tuner £125.00 or £135.00 with aerial

KENWOOD KDC-3051R 4x45W, CD/MP3 Front Aux input

Pioneer AVH-2400BT 5.8” Touch screen CD/USB/DVD Bluetooth ready

JVC KW-NT30 7.” Touch screen CD/USB/DVD European Navigation

JVC KD-R321 4x45W, CD/MP3 Front aux-input

ALPINE CDE-133BT 4x50W, CD/MP3/USB Direct iPod connection Bluetooth ready

JVC KW-AVX640 6.1” Double DIN CD/MP3/DVD/USB 3 x RCA, Face-off

Kenwood DNX-5280BT 6.1” Touch screen CD/USB/DVD/Bluetooth European Navigation

FLI FU12 12” 1000W Active Sub/box with wires

Kenwood DDX-4028BT 6.1” Touch screen, CD/DVD/USB

Pioneer AVIC-F930BT 6.1” Touch screen CD/USB/DVD/Bluetooth European Navigation

JBL GTO Bass Pack 12” 1200W sub + AmpBox & wiring kit included








JVC KD-R521 4x45W, CD/MP3/USB iPod direct and Aux in





JVC KD-DB42 £99.90

JVC KD-DB52 £128.00


Vibe CBR12 Active 12” 1600W sub In Active enclosure






Car Audio & Security, Unit 6A Bilton Way Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 3NF (10 mins from Heathrow Airport)

T+ 020 8569 1543 F+ 020 8848 7175 E+


NEX DAY T DELIV ERY 49 All prices exclude VAT at current rate and are subject to availability/change without notification. Trade prices are available to CAS Account holders only. E&OE



RAYNER RANTS Adam Rayner misses going to Gomorrah so bad he can taste it…….that and cow poo parking! As I write, some of the readers of Mobile Electronics News are getting ready to go to Gomorrah, aka Las Vegas, for the annual biggest electronics trade show in the world, the Winter Consumer Electronics Show, WCES or just CES. As I write, this very ruddy second, I am interrupted by a sweetie from a PR firm to ask about the CES and if I want to book a meeting with Bob Marley’s offspring Rohan and Julian Marley, with their mama Rita, who are endorsing a series of headphone products. I am green at the gills for not being able to go. Stuff that, I am puke-sick with envy at those going and want to NOT miss it so bad, I can taste it. This year, there is a significant presence of car

your chosen audience. From my own purely day

conducive to trade as the smooth Tarmac of

manufacturers who are showing off in the

job point of view, I hardly get out of my garret to

the Ricoh Arena and the Jaguar hall at within

hallowed North halls. In the past a sole domain

see all the people in the industry that I deal with

it. The only cow-based smell we like is that of

of the Mobile Electronics exhibitors, with their

bar the odd advertising meeting and a few souls

freshly upholstered leather seats. And for the

positions worked out by way of attendance

who are brave enough to visit and get roped into

exhibitors, instead of a tiny bar and a hotel that

points. The idea is the more years you have

making product/interview videos for Talk Audio

can only serve everyone dinner if they do it as

attended corporately, the more choice you

TV. So catching up at the trade event is crucial as

room service, we have the casino and a VIP

have on location within the halls, so as to swag

well as great fun.

curry night with some fun awards. Last year,

a ‘good’ spot. Now, Audi, Ford, Hyundai and

as this one coming, there’s some lairy chubby

Kia are exhibiting their newest wares in there,

year, I made useful contacts with at least two

twerp as Master of Ceremonies – yours truly –

too. Fact is, everyone walks around everything

outfits that now get stuff reviewed on Talk Audio,

and I do so hope I don’t have to award myself

so as not to miss that fabulous embryonic

so the consumer geeks can read about it and tell

with the “Moobs of the Year” award….again.

opportunity, marvel at the sheer brass neck of

their mates (my lot are like the readers of Bauer’s

(Ghod, it was horrible, the bloody cartoonist

some far eastern companies and their attitude

CAR mag, dead influential) and I made a really

who illustrated it was ruthless.) It’s certain to be

towards intellectual copyrighted design – or

good connection with the guys from Digital Radio

a bloody hoot and a great way to wind down

to see and giggle at a hopeless wannabe.

UK at the afternoon talks that were held. For of

after a day attending as a dealer, or a respite

(Quadrasub, anyone?)

course, with that many players on site for a day,

during a very busy two days for the exhibitors.

But that’s the madness of Las Vegas and

taking an hour out for crucial industry conflabs or

So get signed up and get your VIP evening

the CES, with all the crazy Americans and that

launching major dealer promotions (as Pioneer

event attendance registered to join us for an

massive territory to bite just a slice out of to

did one year, taking me to SEMA – another more

excellent curry meal and an Olympics-themed

prosper and a mere crumb of market share

parts-oriented show also in Vegas in the process)

night of daft gaming entertainment. It’s our

needed to survive. Over here in Europe, the

is an opportunity not to be missed.

very own, downsized UK slice of CES. A top

closest we have to the North Hall of CES is the

Recently I was at the venue that the Expo

trade show with vital people and products,

Expo held by this august organ. The MEN Expo.

has used in the past, the agricultural centre at

evening food and entertainment and even

Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry for the Tackle &

gambling in the casino if that is your thing. If

within this show for me as the CES and it means,

Guns show. This is the trade show for the fishing

you miss it, you will feel terrible and worst of all,

that like the CES, I will be working like an ant

tackle and shootin’ trade and fills both halls. As

you might miss something that can really help

trying to get around everything I need to and

they are the folks who are tramping up rivers

drive your bottom line. In this year of increasing

seeing all the people I need to talk to. It works

or around lakes to fish, or else yomping across

DAB awareness, you want to be the place folks

on so many levels.

moorland to shoot deer and grouse, they don’t

bring their cars to, to upgrade them, what ever

mind parking in a shed that smells of cow poo.

level of product they want to get on.

Professionally, the same excitement lies

The very best thing about the trade show scenario is that for those resellers who are looking


As well as writing up the event for the mag last

However, our trade is about cracking the

to wheedle the best deal as well as those

systems on luxury cars and building audio and

distributors looking for more dealers to sell to, you

video into rides that are not exclusively muddy

both really want a slice of quality attention from

off roaders and cow poo parking isn’t as

I will see you there, folks.

Take care, now and avoid the old BOOMPH tinkle … REAR PARKING SENSORS


� 4 Sensor kit � Compatible with metal bumpers � Learning mode avoids false alarms from tow bars or rear mounted spare wheels � All weather design COMPATIBLE WITH � Buzzer or colour LED display METAL BUMPERS, TOW BARS AND REAR SPARE WHEELS





� 4 Front Parking Sensors � 4 Rear Parking Sensors � LCD display � All weather design � 6M front cables, 2.5M rear cables � 5M display cable



In white or black With 10 Metre cable Day/Night with Infrared Illumination 150 degree viewing angle Mirror image output Outdoor weather resistant die-cast housing � Stainless steel adjusting screws � Sun Shield � � � � � �


£59 £49

EXPANDABLE REVERSING KIT Colour reversing camera kit with surface mount camera with audio and infra red illumination, 7” monitor and 20 metre lead. Additional inputs for two more cameras.

£175 Supports up to three cameras



Ideal for motorhomes and caravans this waterproof camera is available finished in white or black and supplied with a 10 metre cable.


Complete front and rear parking sensor kit with 4 front sensors, 4 rear sensors and a clear LCD display.

Also available with coiled plug-in lead for caravans & trailers (20 Metres total length)



Twin camera, ideal for towing vehicles 120 and 150 degree angle cameras Allows rear view & towball/bumper view Colour 1/3" CCD Chip Set Built-in IR LEDS for night viewing Cameras independently adjustable to optimise view � Waterproof to IP-67 � With sun shield � Slimline connectors � � � � � �


2 independently adjustable cameras

WIRELESS VIDEO TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER KIT Universal wireless receiver and transmitter with RCA/phono connections and power pass through for reversing cameras. Also available with connections for use with our 5” and 7” portable Sat Navs


2.4GHz Wireless


� Clip on rear view mirror with built in 7" Widescreen LCD Monitor � Also available with Bluetooth Hands Free built in � Reversing Camera Input � Video Input for DVD/additional camera etc � One Stereo Audio Input � Built in speakers






Fold away 3.5" or dash mount 7” screens with dual video inputs.




electronics WORLDWIDE




Tel: 01928 759 239

Login: trade Password: global All prices exclude VAT & delivery.







This month we are putting parking sensors into a Renault Laguna II, yes it’s an older car now, but it’s not been covered and we don’t like to leave anything out! The Editor’s view of Renault electrics has always been rather jaundiced ever since he owned a Renault 25 back in the 80s which was plagued with dashboard electronic faults. It was a company car and the problem was permanently cured when the pimply office boy was given the keys to get some sandwiches and managed an unsuccessful overtake manoeuvre which ended up with the vehicle being partially crushed between two trucks. Just in case you were wondering, he was unhurt. The Laguna is an easy car to do, should


take no more than an hour, including emptying the customers boot!


Start by removing the lower boot seal panel, just unclips with a firm tug. (1)


Clips shown here. (2) Now pull back the off side interior trim, there are no screws or clips holding this in, it is just tucked under the rubber seal and upper


parcel shelf. (3)


In the void just below the rear light cluster there is a grommet where you can route all the cabling for the sensors. (4)


You will find the power for the reverse light on the third pin down, the Green cable. (5)



Completed sensor installation shown here. (6) The buzzer can be mounted in various locations, in the boot it was


too quiet, yet behind the dash the thought it was too loud. Therefore the customer requested that it be mounted on the ‘C’ pillar. (7)




Installation by: Spencer Gruskin – Essential Installation Solutions – 07811 281874, Covering: Essex, East & North London RM, IG, E, N, CM, SS, NW, EN. Compiled by Vernon Craig – Freedom Installations – 07813 303398, Covering: Bristol & surrounding areas: BS, BA, TA & GL.


Night Vision Camera


CCD Night Vision Camera (black)

Monitor 7” 7” Monitor

Side View Night Vision Camera

Monitor 7”7” Monitor Touch Screen Touch Screen






See our great range of monitors and cameras...






Welcome to the world of

CCD Night Vision Camera (white)

6” Camera Kit Night Vision

Monitor 3.5”3..5” Monitor

Wireless Interface that can connect to any camera system (used for easy install, gaining maximum profit )

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Call: 01773 746 591 Email: Web:



DIRECTORY For as little as £17 per month, you can list your company details here. For more information, contact 01268 754 897 or e-mail


Aftermarket Vehicle Solutions Ltd Contact: Peter Hughes T: +44 (0)1255 434353 E: W: Brands: Distributor of Speed Limiters, Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, Security Products, CAN interfaces and Carbon Fibre Heated Seat Kits to the Aftermarket and the OEM Industries.

Cobra UK Contact: Cobra Sales T: 01932 772 400 E: W: Brands: Cobra has been providing tried and tested vehicle security, safety and electronic systems since the 1970s. Our products include: Cobra Alarms and Immobilisers, Cobra ParkMaster Parking Sensors, CobraTrak Stolen Vehicle Tracking, NSV Bluetooth® Handsfree Systems (compatible with all Bluetooth® enabled handsets), In-car DVD Systems, Rear View Reversing Cameras and Monitors, Cruise Control and Speed Limiters.

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Connects2 Contact: Andrew Simner T: 0845 257 5588 F: 0121 522 5589 E: W: Brands: Connects2 – Interface solutions for O.E.M and aftermarket systems, Including interfaces for iPod, USB, MP3, Aux, Steering wheel controls inc CAN-Bus, Stalk & Display, Telemute, Parrot, and MOST fibre optic iPod & Bluetooth hands free interfaces. BEAT, Ground Zero, Tsunami, Shuriken, Balistic, Raptor, Zenec, Metra, LG, MAC Audio

Armour Automotive Limited Contact: Sales T: 01420 487110 E: W: Brands: Autoleads, CTi, iO, Mutant, Radiomobile, Veba, VI, Avital, Clifford, Focal, Hornet, Kicker, Orion, Viper, Oxygen, Dension, Kinetik, Hushmat Audiovox Incaar Systems GmbH Contact: Damian Trybuszewski T: 01483 722 531 E: W: Brands: Audiovox, Audiovox Incaar Systems, AIS


Automonitor Mobile Multimedia Ltd Contact: Hugh J McTernan T: +44 (0) 116 275 2020 E: W: Brands: Automonitor, SAVV, Necvox, Baton, Rosen, Visteon, Britax and Westfalia Autosound Limited Contact: Lee Fergus T: 01274 688990 E: W:, Brands: Blaupunkt, Bosch Car Multimedia, Funkwerk, Funtoro Mod Systems



Celsus UK Limited Contact: Sales T: +44 (0)1202 664 390 E: W: Brands: Celsus Accessories, Calearo, CANBus, Dynamat Europe, iPod Integration, Jehnert, JL Audio, MTX Audio, Stinger Electronics, PAC Audio, Stinger DSI Chameleon Codewing Ltd Contact: Kent Stabler T: 01206 500 848 M: 07702 565100 E: W: Brands: Authorised Distributor for THB Bury, Parrot, Motorola, Kram Radio Mutes, Scorpion, Dashmount, Brodit, Steelmate, Alpine, Kenwood, Snooper & Nokia. Plus Trade & Corporate Nationwide installation. C-KO International Contact: Mark Scarff T: 020 8863 8333 E: W: Brands: C-KO , Eurologics, Necvox, Nesa/ VST, Rosen Clarion (GB) Limited Contact: Sales at Clarion T: +44 (0) 1793 859563 F: +44 (0) 1793 859598 E: W: Brands: Clarion

Drivesync - Tracking Contact: Andrew Marsden T: 01162 449846 E: W: Brands: Drivesync - Tracking.





Kenwood Electronics UK Limited T: +44 (0) 1923 816444 E: W: Brands: Kenwood


Locks4Vans Ltd Contact: Sales T: +44 (0) 1474 560077 F: +44 (0) 1474 561112 E: W: Brands: L4V, Diablock, Bodyguard, Containerlock, Deadlocks, Slamlocks, Defender


Navigon AG Contact - Anthony Mills T: 07971 526616 F: +49 40 370 88 480 E: W: Navman Contact: Andrew Marsden T: 01162 449846 E: W: Brands: Navman


Dashmount Contact: Steve Taylor T: 01883741460 E: W: www.dashmount Brands: Dashmount, Bury, Nokia, Parrot, Adapt, Brodit, Autoleads, Elan, Kram, Park Control, Steelmate. DMC Business Machines PLC Contact – Steve McLean T: 0844 736 1144 E: W: Brands: Handsfree Car Kits – Nokia, THB Bury, Parrot, Motorola Parking Sensors – Steelmate, Veba Reverse Camera Kits – Veba GPS Camera Detection – Novus, Event Recording Systems – Novus Vehicle Lighting – Haztec, Ring Installation Accessories – Autoleads, Hirschmann, Bloomice, Wallen & More!

Canm8 Ltd Contact: Colin Palmer T: 08452266283 E: SALES@CANM8.COM Brands: Canm8 range of can bus interfaces can bus custom design

In Car Technologies Contact: Steve Patient T: 01392 829435 E: W:

EDGE Audio T: 0121 311 9090 E: W: Brands: Edge FLYAUDIO UK Contact: John Pedlow T: 0333 4560236 F: 0333 7007120 E: W: Brands: FlyAudio – In car advanced replacement media head units. Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Jeep, Subaru, Toyota, Vauxhall, VW iGRIP® / Herbert Richter GmbH Contact: Scott Bouquet Email: T: +44 (0) 2081447413 E: Brands: iGRIP, Herbet Richter. Exclusively Available at Strax (UK) LTD

Panorama Antennas Ltd Contact: John Thomson T: +44 (0) 20 8877 4444 E: W: Brands: Manufacturer of antennas for DAB, Mobile Radio, Tetra, 3G Broadband and other wireless technologies. Parksafe UK Contact: Mick Barber T: 01773 746 591 F: 01773 743 251 E: w: Brands: Parking and Rear View camera systems Parrot UK Limited T: 0844 472 2360 E: W: Brands: Parrot


Radio World Contact: Dale Johnson T: 01924 401756 E: W: Brands: Accessories importers


Sailes Marketing Ltd Contact: Matthew Sailes T: +44 (0) 1386 554210 E: W: Brands: Manufacturer and Distributor of CAN Bus interfaces, Electronic Interfaces, Parking Sensors, Speed Pulse Generators & Installation tools. Scorpion Automotive Ltd Contact: Dianne or Philly T: 01257 249928 E: W: Brands: Scorpion Security, Toad Security, Sigma Security, Stirling Security, Scorpion Parking sensors, Scorpion Track Stolen vehicle and fleet management tracking Select Products Contact: Matt Hurst T: 01233 62 32 36 E: W: Brands: Select Products, Inigma Steelmate Automotive (UK) Ltd Contact: Kevin Kay T: 01582 475677 E: W: Brands: Steelmate Parking sensors, TPMS, HID

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