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TopDogWeekly’s Cover Dog... MBIS BISS Can/Am Ch. Westchester Hill Boy

JEB is bred by Jan and Ric Arsenault of Westchester Kennels who have been breeding and showing Airedales since 1975 and is co-owned with Bill Ashburn (Foxheart) In Canada, JEB finished his Canadian Championship (owner handled), with a Best Puppy in Show and numerous group placements. In the USA, JEB was handled by Evan Threlfall and finished quickly with two specialty majors while under one years old. JEB is also proving himself through his puppies, who all have his confidence and true Airedale character. This year, expertly presented by Hailey Griffith, JEB has come into his own and continues his winning ways. We would like to thank all of the Judges who have recognized this quality Airedale. Owner: Bill Ashburn & Jan Arsenault Breeder: Ric & Jan Arsenault Handler: Hailey Griffith Website:

BEST IN SHOWS week ending August 18th, 2013

West Kootenay Kennel Club – British Columbia Friday Show 1 Afghan Hound – Ch. Polo’s Air Force One Judge: Hal Pybus Friday Show 2 Havanese GCh. Misty Trails N’ Bopcha’s Pandamon Judge: Honey Glendinning Saturday German Shepherd GCh. Kohlein’s Marchesa Judge: Mel Saranchuk Sunday German Shepherd GCh. Kohlein’s Marchesa Judge: Lynda Saranchuk Manitoba Canine Association - Manitoba Thursday West Highland White Terrier Ch. Whitebriar JawDropper Judge: Yvonne Savard Friday Basenji Ch. Ahmahr Nahr’s The Lost Angel Gabriel Judge: Tom Touzel Saturday Standard Poodle Ch Litliann’s Lights Camera Action Judge: Guy Spagnolo Sunday Standard Poodle Ch Litliann’s Lights Camera Action Judge: Jean McErlane Temiskaming Kennel Club - Ontario Tuesday Show 1 Scottish Terrier Ch. Wetteraui Jolly Joker Judge: Ted Fahlgren Tuesday Show 2 Labrador Retriever Ch. Casbar’s A Hard Act To Follow Judge: Charles Cyopik Wednesday Show 3 Doberman Pinscher GChEx Goldgrove High Intensity Judge: Bruce Owen Wednesday Show 4 Irish Wolfhound Ch Cugein Ortega Of Castlekeep Judge: Robert Whitney Thursday Show 5 Doberman Pinscher GChEx Goldgrove High Intensity Judge: Elaine Whitney Thursday Show 6 Doberman Pinscher GChEx Goldgrove High Intensity Judge: Allan Pepper St. Catharines Kennel Club – Ontario Friday Beagle Ch. Tashtin’s Lookin For Trouble Judge: Kristen Francis Saturday American Cocker Spaniel GCh. Nonnies How Sweet It Is Judge: Tom Alexander Sunday BullMastiff Ch. Bramstoke’s Carved in Stone Judge: Sandy Alexander Thousand Islands Kennel Club – Ontario Friday Flat-Coated Retriever GChEx Butterblac Rider At Freestyle Judge: Paula Hartinger Saturday Australian Shepherd Ch. Hearthside Riveredge Sure Is Summum Judge: Roger Hartinger Sunday Australian Shepherd Ch. Hearthside Riveredge Sure Is Summum Judge: Linda Moore New Brunswick Kennel Club – New Brunswick Friday Show 1 Affenpinscher Ch. Champagne Charly V. Tani Kazari Judge: Ray Smith Friday Show 2 Affenpinscher Ch. Champagne Charly V. Tani Kazari Judge: Pamela Bruce Saturday Std. Poodle GChEx Vetset Kate Winsit Judge: Garry Allan Sunday Affenpinscher Ch. Champagne Charly V. Tani Kazari Judge: Linda Kraft Monday Show 5 German Shepherd – Ch. Timberline Runnin’ Wild Judge: Morley Thornton Monday Show 6 Affenpinscher Ch. Champagne Charly V. Tani Kazari Judge: Marilyn Foulds

UPCOMING SHOWS this weekend

Cranbrook Kennel Club – British Columbia Shamrock Kennel & Obedience Club - Saskatchewan SD & G Kennel Club – Ontario

Markham Kennel Club – Ontario Cape Breton Kennel Club Nova Scotia



Ch Whitebriar Jaw Dropper - West Highland White Terrier



Ch Champagne Charly V. Tani Kazari - Affenpinscher



GChEx NicNak's Second To None - Yorkshire Terrier



GChEx Vetset Kate Winsit - Standard Poodle



GCh Polo's Air Force One - Afghan Hound



Ch Ahmahr Nahr's The Lost Angel Gabriel - Basenji



GCh Roaneden's Int'l Harvester - Nova Scotia Duck Toller



GChEx Goldgrove High Intensity - Doberman Pinscher



Ch Hearthside Riveredge Sure Is Summum - Australian Shepherd



Ch Flacon d'Paris of Neigenuveaux - Barbet



Ch Flacon d'Paris of Neigenuveaux - Barbet


(TopDogWeekly does not verify these stats. They are supplied as a courtesy to our readers)


1) Home city? Minto, New Brusnwick (35 kms East of Fredericton ) 2) Breed or Breed’s you have bred? Basenji and Welsh Terriers, I have over 5 generations of Basenjis and most of them have been awarded Best In Shows. I am one of the few Canadians to have owner handled my Basenji to Best Of Breed at the Basenji Club Of America National Specialty. 3) Years you have been Judging? 22 years 4) Licensed for or, on Permit for? All Breeds 5) Judged in what Countries? Throughout Canada, USA, South America, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, England, Sweden 6) All time favorite assignment? A very hard question indeed, having judged the Basenji Club of America National Specialty is right up there as a highlight. 7) Favorite dog or dogs Judged from the past? I like judging the Sporting and Hounds, as well as breeds in the Working group. 8) Pet Peeve’s in your ring? I have a number, one of which is that more judges must recognize breed type, not just the speed at which they can run. There are people exhibiting dogs that don’t run as fast as others yet may have an excellent type of that breed. There is not enough emphasis put on what makes a breed a breed. 9) Favorite way to relax? I love my home and my friends and enjoy many different things. I love gardening and being near the lake and water in the summer time. 10) How do you occupy your time in travel? Read or watch a movie. 11) What do you think is the biggest problem facing our Sport? The Top Dog race, as well the large number of magazines that are currently in publication everywhere. 12) What are your thoughts on Limit shows? I feel limit shows have their place, but not in the places they are presently seen. Large cities and populated areas are not for limit shows. I also feel that when we judge limit shows we are doing an injustice to breeds of small entries and are effectively giving some ‘cheap championships’.


Name a Canadian Breeder that you respect that has consistently produced quality dog’s generation after generation? Pat Gignac Virginia Lyne Ranzfel - English Cocker Spaniels Beth Ferrier Elaine & Louise Paquette - Quiche Bouviers Danik Dancause That is an excellent question; they are so many good breeders in Canada. Just in my backyard in Quebec they were some excellent examples like Lise & Louis Trottier with the Artizoe English Setter. Adele was #2 dogs all breeds. Before and after her Lise & Louise had produce multiple good dogs that were wining on both side of the border. In the mid 90’, Joanne Charest had produced a great dog in OES Bagatelle Merlin Pin Pin. With him she reached the excellence in her breed. And for years after that continue to have excellent Old English Sheepdogs. She did not show her dogs as much after that but she influenced many breeders in North America.   Another good example is my good friend Mylène Turbide with her Bernese Moutain Dogs (Alpin Spirit) who for the last 15 years have had incredible success with her bogs.  In 2010, Mylène had 5 dogs in the 10 BMD in United States!  If you have being showing in Canada you cannot forget what Elaine & Louise Paquette have done with her Bouvier des Flandres (Quiche). Elaine year in and year out has had superb animals. Before she started spending more time showing in United States, she was a dominant force in the show ring in Canada.  Definitely one of the top breeders we had. But for me the breeder that impressed me most over time is without a doubt a person that I consider as one my most influential mentors. France Bergeron with a breed that’s not popular the Sealyham Terrier. She has done so much, dog after dog “Winning BIS at Montgomery, Crufts and The World Show”. One weekend in 2008, she had 3 of her dogs going BIS in different parts of North America. Charmin was in San Francisco, Merci was in western Canada, and she was in TroisRivières with her beautiful bitch Valley. Yes in 2008, Charmin was a top 10 dogs in United States, Merci was number #1 dog all breed in Canada and she was winning BIS with another one in Eastern Canada.  Over the years, she influences me to see the dogs as they are and not being blind by their wins or our love of them. She always pushes to reach the highest quality and to continually learn, learn, and learn. They are among many excellent dog breeders in Canada and we should be proud of them.   

Raymond Yurick Elaine and Louise Paquette Quiche Bouviers. I have had the opportunity to own and show one of their dogs, not only is the quality superior, the breeder support is incredible and their pedigrees are amazingly thought out!! Helene Belanger Martine Couture – Crestars Chinese Cresteds Kim Campbell This is a difficult question in my opinion we have many reputable breeders in this country, as well as some that are no longer breeding dogs and to name only one would not be fair to the others, these are just a few that came to my mind instantly Miss Virginia Lyne – Ranzfel English Cockers Mary B White – FreeSpirit Dobermans Michael Hill – Akarana Pekingese Kim Groves – Avatar Bernese Mountain Dogs Monika Pinsker – Mephisto Boxers Laurie Hunter – Lorraine Hayes Pastoral Yorkshire Terriers Shawn Nichols I think this is such a difficult question to answer we have had so many truly gifted Canadian breeders it seems a crime to only be able to list one. R.W Taylor’s St. Aubrey Elsdon contribution to the sport certainly is one of the most significant that comes to mind with National, Westminster KC, Top Dog and International winners I think he and Nigel Aubrey Jones would certainly be the most decorated. Penny Lewis Sandy Cairns and Mark Dakin of Shisaido Siberians. Sandy took a break from breeding for many years but came back with the same consistency of beautiful Siberians she had produced years before.  Jenny McCartney In my opinion the Canadian breeder(s) who have consistently produced top quality Dachshunds and Shetland Sheepdogs generation after generation are Guy Jeavons and Mark McMillan of Grandgables Kennels. Deborah Sullivan The Year was 2000 the month was December we were at the most prestigious dog show of the year... She walked in wearing a bush jacket, backpack, big ole boots and a hat that looked like she just came off a safari. It had been 9 months and I was excited to finally meet the breeder/ owner Beth Ferrier of Taeplace Pekingese, who had the #1 dog of All Breeds, who was BOB at Westminster, the winner of 55 Best in Shows, 11 Specialties including The Pekingese Club Of America in 2000 and 2001 Multi BIS BISS Am & Can Ch. Taeplace Monet. Over the years Beth has answered hundreds of phone calls asking her to teach me about phenotype, genotype and everything in between. When I went to visit her she had me go over dog after dog to teach me structure and soundness. We have sat endless hours at ringside with her teaching me breed specific movement and type. Alana Smith - Cathy & Garry Cinnamon – Cinakees Keeshond

David Gignac Absolutely Lorraine Hayes of Pastoral Yorkshire Terriers, She has consistently produced Yorkies true to type that have won on an international level for many years. Her presentation and preparation of her breed is among the very best worldwide. She is a fountain of information on her breed and always recognizes a good dog no matter who has it. Our country should be proud to have her as one of our top breeders. Susan Crawford I admire Terri Alloway of Northcote Lakeland Terriers Terriers, The kennel is always producing up and coming winners and always has consistency of type. I Love that in a Terrier. Doug McIntyre Jenny McCartney – McCartney Whippets Megan Brown Two Breeders that instantly come to mind; Carol and Carrie Randle --Symarun Shih Tzus And Joyce and Rebekka Redden-- Reddenblu Australian Cattle Dogs Both these breeders have years and years of number one dogs here in Canada and around the world. Carol Randle Judi & Blair Elford – Vanderbilt Samoyeds Elaine & Louise Paquette – Quiche Bouviers Katheryn Murray Chablais Labradors Reddenblu Australian Cattle Dogs Dawin Standard Poodles Magor Bull Terriers Northcote Lakelands Kishniga Borzoi & Std. Poodle Mijkelh Afghans Quiche Bouviers Minuteman Miniature Schnauzers Jean Tremblay Chriscendo Pomeranians – John & Christine Heartz Patty Panchuk Symarun Shih Tzu, Thunder Bay, ON - Carol and Carrie Randle have consistently produced amazing Shih Tzu, winning BIS’s all over the world...I have the honour of owning one of their dogs who is a Multi BIS winner and currently Canada’s #1 Shih Tzu...Thank you Carol and Carrie for continuing your dedication to Shih Tzu!!! Hailey Griffith The Grandgables Shetland Sheepdogs and Dachshunds of Guy Jeavons & Mark McMillan

Kim Leblanc Thomas Curley of Pekeden Pekingese Donna Roadhouse This is quite the question, how do you decide which breeder that you respect the most? I am going to mention a few Sheltie breeders and owners that I had the opportunity to show for, Les Rogers (Forever), Nancy Tibben (Goldenhylite), Petra Skapa, owner (Classy bred) Angie Ferguson, owner (Alfenloch bred). These breeders produced beautiful dogs that I handled to many Best in Shows. The dogs they bred were very special, and I loved them all, and have the highest respect for these breeders as they all bred dogs and bitches with outstanding virtues.  Guy Jeavons and Mark McMillan came from South Africa to Canada with Grandgables Shelties, the head type, and size were so very different from our North American Sheltie, and they were on a mission to breed beautiful Shelties, which they have done.  I had the pleasure of seeing the bitches they brought with them, my, oh my, such beautiful bodies and outlines. I knew from that point they were going to be breeders who would change a few statistics in our breed, and they have.  I judged sweeps at a BC show, and Mark McMillan, Guy Jeavons were on the panel, we invite Les Rogers to join us for dinner after the show. I knew Les had a photographic memory, but I think Guy has one as well; Les was talking about top Shelties in the US from many years ago, and Guy new them all. I just shook my head. I saw many of those dogs, Guy to my knowledge had not seen many or any that were discussed with Les - he had done his homework.  Guy like Les (who was my mentor) are very knowledgeable breeders, ask them anything in regards to Shelties, and they will be honest with you. Knowing and understanding your breed standard no matter where you are from will lead to success thru hard work and dedication. Beth Chopey Symarun Shih Tzu bred by Carol and Carrie Randle in Thunder Bay. This mother-daugther team, have been breeding, conditioning, and showing some of the top winning Shih Tzu in the breeds history. Carol and Carrie always take such pride in their dogs, they also bred a Shih Tzu who was a top winner named “Stevie”, a solid black male Shih Tzu, who won the breed at Westminster and won many BIS’s on a most difficult colour to win with. There are so many accomplishments that these two have, and are continuing to achieve. Carol and Carrie always impress me with their willingness to help others (such as my mother and myself). Without them, the breed would be at a huge loss. Thank you ladies for all of your hard work, dedication, and time spent with Shih Tzu. You are truly one of the best. THANKS TO ALL THIS WEEK’S RESPONDANTS!


1. WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO YOUR BREED? As a youngster, growing up in England, I often watched whippets running on the beach and from that time on they have been my passion. I love their athleticism, their speed, their agility and their zest for 2. HOW MANY YEARS HAVE YOU BEEN BREEDING AND EXHIBITING? I purchased my first whippet in 1968 for 9 Guineas (about $20) the next one came soon after! For the next seven years I was very involved in ‘straight racing’ where the whippets were weighed in and then handicapped a yard a pound. Mine raced at 22 pounds.

3. WHAT ARE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN YOUR BREED? My foundation bitch was MBIS/SBIS Can & Am Ch Lorricbrook NV Us. ‘Peggy’ was number one whippet in 1997 and 1998 with four best in shows and two whippet specialties to be her credit. She was by Ch. Sporting Fields Jazz Fest out of Ch Nevedith Justa Jigsaw (English import) and she is the matriarch behind everything I have bred. In recent years, I have bred six best in show whippets, which have also won Whippet Specialties and All Hound Specialties. In 2003, Lorricbrook Chelsea Tiramisu won the American Whippet Club Futurity which was a great thrill. In 2008, MBIS, MSBIS, MBPIS Can & Am Ch Lorricbrook Reality won her first of thirteen best in shows under Virginia LyneI shall never forget that day! 4. DID YOU HAVE A MENTOR IN YOUR BREED? I immigrated, from England via Australia, to Canada in 1978. Two months later I purchased a whippet from Max Magder. A 30-year friendship/mentorship ensued. I co-owned the Lorricbrook kennel name and bred with that prefix until 2011. My new kennel name is McCartney whippets!! Lesley Anne Potts of Albelarm Whippets in the US has also helped me in my breeding program. 5. DO YOU BELIEVE JUDGES HAVE A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR BREED? I do feel that many of the established and experienced judges have a good understanding of the breed. However, with declining entries, I do not think that new/younger judges are able to get the experience needed to judge multiple whippets to compare and judge their merits. More hands on seminars, hosted by breeders, should be made available. 6. IN AS FEW WORDS AS POSSIBLE DESCRIBE THE ESSENCE OF YOUR BREED. The essence of the Whippet breed is in the balance of muscularity with neatness; power with elegance. The temperament should be gentle and affectionate, and they should be able to perform the function for which they were originally bred, whilst still maintaining breed type. This incorporates the wonderful series of ‘S’ shaped curves, combined with effortless sound movement and super temperaments—this is what defines a whippet as a whippet! 7. WHAT ARE THE MEDICAL PROBLEMS IN YOUR BREED? Until about fifteen years ago whippets were genetically free from health problems. A few popular stud dogs have been used to excess and their frozen semen shipped all over the world. The gene pool has shrunk and now more health issues are showing up. My stud dogs and brood bitches have their hearts and eyes checked annually.

8. FAULT WISE, CURRENTLY WHAT NEEDS THE MOST IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR BREED? I breed whippets to match as closely as possible to the breed standards. Breeders who breed ‘for a purpose’, for example lure coursing, straight racing or ‘for a particular colour’, for example blues and blacks, are doing the breed a great disservice. Whippets are getting too big, too heavy, and to muscular. The topline should not be flat—there should be a gentle rise over the loin. A flat topline often produces big side-gait but it is not correct. 9. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE TO BE THE BEST DOG YOU HAVE BRED? The best whippet bitch I have bred is MBIS, MSBIS, MBPIS Can & Am Ch Lorricbrook Reality. ‘Tilly’ is a flashy colour, a moderate size, beautiful ‘S’ curves, flawless side-gait and a front assembly not often seen. She was the ultimate show dog who loved the attention and especially the ‘bait’! The whippet breed is very much a ‘bitch breed’. It is harder to produce a stunning male. BIS, MSBIS Can GCh &Am Ch Lorricbrook Fascination (Nathan) is a moderate, handsome (not bitchy) dog with beautiful curves and an easy, effortless side gait. I am hopeful of great success with the Tilly/Nathan puppies! 10. WHAT DOG OF YOUR BREED WOULD YOU HAVE LOVED TO OWN? In the nineties the dog who, to me, represented true whippet type was Ch. Sporting Fields Jazz Fest owned and bred by Debbie Butt. His make and shape epitomized the true essence of the breed. An American and Canadian best in show whippet and number one coursing dog. More recently two beautiful bitches have captured the spotlight and I would have been very proud to own either one of them—Ch Sporting Fields Bahama Sands and Ch Starline’s Chanel. 11. HOW MANY DOGS DO YOU NORMALLY HAVE IN YOUR KENNEL? I have three dogs in the kennel—a few more in my house!! 12. HOW MANY LITTERS DO YOU HAVE IN A YEAR AND WHAT IS THE AVERAGE SIZE OF YOUR LITTERS? Usually I have one litter a year, sometimes two. The average size is six puppies. 13. ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE SELLING OR PLACING YOUR PUPPIES? I have been very fortunate over the years that my puppies have been sold by ‘word-of-mouth’, recommendations or repeat owners. 14. HOW MANY CANADIAN SHOWS DO YOU ATTEND IN A YEAR? Probably between 60 – 70 shows a year. I attend only the shows that are in my local area. Gone are the days when I used to drive hours and hours, stay overnight, for a dog show.

15. HOW MANY AMERICAN SHOWS DO YOU ATTEND IN A YEAR? All my whippets are Canadian and American champions—some grand champions. I prefer to send them to the American shows with my friend, Lesley Anne Potts who is a professional handler and who has a special talent for whippets

16. DO YOU ATTEND YOUR CANADIAN OR AMERICAN NATIONAL SPECILTY SHOWS? In the past I have attended many American National Specialties. Now they have to be within driving distance for me to make the trip. When the Canadian National Specialty comes to dogs are there! Finally, I would like to thank my friends for helping me on this journey: t4IFMCZ$PPQFSXJUI.BUUJF 4PQIJFBOE.PSHBO t(MFO'MFUDIFSBOE,FWJO)PCCTXJUI$FMJOF t%PVH.D*OUZSFXJUI/JOB +VEFBOE)BUMFZ

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