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SA SA lauds lauds exceptional exceptional citizens citizens


A study of the hake deep-sea trawl fishery conducted by independent economic consultants, Genesis Analytics, has revealed for the first time the massive economic contribution made by the fishery:

66.6% black-owned – Empowerdex R1.89 bn / year R 6.7 bn / year

total economic contribution

total wage bill

R1.5 bn

R bn total investments

domestic sales


R bn export sales

R 4.5 bn / year

7 300 employees



R million / year total spend with SMEs (of which 57% is with >50% black-owned SMEs)

The hake deep-sea trawl fishery is an industrial-scale fishery. It does not overlap with small-scale fisheries, nor does it compete for resources with small-scale fishers - the fishery targets hake in deep, offshore waters that are inaccessible to small boats. SADSTIA’s vision is a hake deep-sea trawl fishery that is sustainable, internationally competitive and delivering a full range of benefits to the people of South Africa for generations to come.

A transformed industry making a vital contribution to the ocean economy The hake deep-sea trawl industry adds substantial value to the Cape hake resource, with more than 50% of the catch being beneficiated in South Africa. Value-adding generates local economic benefits including on-shore investment, employment and supplier spend. Owing to a long-standing partnership between the South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association, the University of Cape Town and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF), the trawl fishery for hake is sustainable and generates extensive benefits for the people of South Africa. SADSTIA, which represents the 33 rights holders in the hake deep-sea trawl fishery, is fully committed to supporting DAFF in the development of a policy framework for the Fishing Rights Allocation Process of 2020 (FRAP 2020).


South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association

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Regulars Conversations with leaders Energy Minister Jeff Radebe explains the role independent power producers play in the country’s electricity supply



Women in the public sector Dr Zuki Jafta was instrumental in opening the first oncology ward in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape


Trailblazer Ziyaad Isaacs is helping South Africa explore the vast space that surrounds our planet


Vital stats Fast facts at your fingertips


In other news News you need to know when you are on the go


Provincial focus Go Ghaap! Route set to boost tourism in the Northern Cape


Management and professional development Solomon Mahlangu was committed to fighting for equal rights and freedom for all South Africans


Public sector appointments Who is new in government?

Features 30

Free and fair elections for SA South Africans have voted, now its time to build a new cabinet


What happens after elections South Africa is preparing for the sixth democratic government following successful elections


2019 National Orders part of SA’s first silver jubilee Government hails individuals for the various roles they play in changing the nation and world for the better


Radio Freedom equipment finds a home in Freedom Park Radio equipment from one of the oldest liberation radio stations in Africa has been handed to the Freedom Park Museum


The history of Radio Freedom Radio Freedom's role in democracy


Investment drive bearing fruits Nissan’s R3 billion investment in its Rosslyn plant will create jobs and boost the economy



Public Sector Manager • May 2019

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Changing the legislative landscape of SA Democracy brought with it a new Constitution, new laws and new social structures that have turned South Africa into a beacon of hope for the rest of the world Public service: Transforming the nation for 25 years Since 1994, government has made great strides in transforming the public service Government firmly focused on ECD Government is stepping up Early Childhood Development initiatives We are one Professor Mongane "Wally" Serote shares his thoughts on Africa Month

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Financial fitness How to spend less at the pumps


Health and wellbeing What you need to know about autism


Travel Ghosts, gold and geotrails in Barberton


Car reviews New Ford Ranger raises the bar


Food and wine Hearty, delicious and irresistible


Grooming and style Office wear made easy

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Public Sector Manager • May 2019


Restoring the dignity of

workers through a living wage


s the country marks

should earn a wage of below R20

put a considerable amount of

Worker’s Month in May, it is

per hour. Employers are now legally

work into ensuring that the law

imperative to reflect on ef-

bound to pay fair and decent

is effectively implemented. There

forts being made by government to

wages. In addition, employees now

are currently more than 1 300

better the circumstances of workers,

have strong channels to contest any

inspectors who have been assigned

particularly those who are being ex-

unfair labour practices related to the

to monitor compliance amongst

ploited by unscrupulous employers.

compensation they receive for

businesses and within government

their work.

itself. Employers found to be non-

One of the far-reaching interventions is the introduction

compliant face harsh penalties,

of the National Minimum Wage

including paying an amount

(NMW), which came into effect on

equal to twice the value of the

1 January 2019.

underpayment or twice the

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s

monthly wage.

signing of the NMW Bill into law in

The department has also said

December 2018 has long been

that it is in the process of naming

the focus of the African National

and shaming employers who fail

Congress-led government. During

to comply, by posting them on the

apartheid, instances of exploitation,

department’s website. This illustrates

unfair working hours and unpaid

that government will not tolerate the

salaries were common yet abhorrent labour practices. These deplorable injustices lingered in democratic South Africa

contravention of the NMW law. Minister of Communications Stella Ndabeni- Abrahams.

We have noted good compliance

Meanwhile, we applaud all employers who are honouring their commitments to abide by

too. Despite new laws supporting

from the majority of employers, thus

the new law. Both the public and

fair working conditions for all,

ensuring that their employees earn

private sectors need to realise the

many employers continued to

a fair monthly salary.

importance of this law in alleviating

subject employees to poor working

However, some employers are

conditions and unacceptably

making futile attempts to circumvent

low wages.

the new law. By the end of March,

The introduction of the NMW is

poverty and closing the significant wage gap in South Africa. Every public servant can play a

the Council for Conciliation,

role in safeguarding the NMW Act

a monumental victory for workers

Mediation and Arbitration received

of 2018, from the inspectors and

and has cemented the right of all

referrals for 204 employers who were

officials tasked with legally enforcing

working South Africans to earn a

failing to pay amounts owing

it, to those who can report employers

decent living.

to employees.

suspected of not complying with it.

The NMW stipulates that no worker


The Department of Labour has

Let’s do our part.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


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INVESTMENTS I SAVINGS I PROTECTION Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider

INVESTMENTS I SAVINGS I PROTECTION Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider

117886L OM Responsible Business 210x297 rF.indd 1

Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider

2018/05/30 12:36 PM


Africa stands united the effective functioning of the AU.

the AU. This further illustrates the

From the days of former President

continent’s confidence in South

Nelson Mandela, our leaders have

Africa and this gives President

always been respected across the

Ramaphosa the opportunity to

continent as key decision makers

further advance the interests of

and influencers in the areas of

Africa as a whole.

economic development, peacemaking and social well-being. Our country is undoubtedly in a

is concerned about the reported attacks on foreign nationals in

better position to deal decisively

the country recently and we urge

with some of the socio-economic

law enforcement agencies to

and political challenges we are

ensure that perpetrators of these

s one of the most devel-

still facing. The AU gives us the

violent acts are brought to book.

oped countries in Africa,

perfect vehicle to use this position

South Africa is one of the

to drive positive change in the rest

democracy governed by laws

of Africa.

and as such we expect everyone

Phumla Williams, GCIS Acting Director-General.


On a different note, government

powerhouses of the continent. This bestows us with the great responsi-

The sterling work done by

South Africa is a constitutional

working and living in the country

bility not only to set an example for

the South African Government

to be doing so legally and obey

the rest of Africa, but also to assist in

through the South African National

South Africa’s laws in their totality.

any way we can with solving press-

Defence Force and various health

Citizens from across the African

ing issues faced by other countries.

and social-welfare organisations

continent supported our struggle

Africa Month focuses on the

during the recent devastating

for freedom and made immense

unity and collaboration of all

floods in our neighbouring

sacrifices to provide safety and

African countries in the pursuit

countries – Mozambique,

refuge to our people in exile.

of freedom, prosperity and social

Zimbabwe and Malawi – is a

South Africa has a high number

well-being. This sense of unity

perfect illustration of how much

of foreign nationals who are inte-

extends all the way back to 1963,

we are willing and prepared to

grated into communities across

when Africa became the pioneer

help other nations. Instead of

the country and government

in establishing the Organisation of

sitting back and watching from

calls on all South Africans and

African Unity – the first continental

afar, government immediately

foreign nationals to live

organisation of its kind. Today its

mobilised resources and expert

in harmony.

successor, the African Union (AU),

assistance needed to save

continues this important work of

lives and start rebuilding areas

not view Africa as a continent

bringing together heads of state to

devastated by Cyclone Idai.

of separate nations, but as a

seek collaborative solutions to the

Next year, President Cyril

problems plaguing the continent. South Africa plays a pivotal role in


During this Africa Month, let us

united one that is working towards

Ramaphosa will assume another

achieving and sustaining peace

leadership role as chairperson of

and prosperity.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Writer: More Matshediso


Energy Minister Jef f Radebe at t he launc h of t he Integrated Energy Centre Launc h in Bushbuc k Ridge, Mpumalanga.

Independent power producers provide solutions to energy problems


ndependent power producers

be traced back as far as 1998 to

ensure energy security, promotion

(IPPs) could be the answer to the

the White Paper on Energy Policy,

of environmentally friendly energy

country’s energy challenges and

which articulated the objective to

carriers and access to affordable

become a catalyst for economic

restructure South Africa’s electricity

and reliable energy for all


supply and encourage competi-

South Africans.

Government’s Renewable Energy IPP Procurement Programme

tion within the energy sector. The Department of Energy is

Benefits of IPPs

(REIPPPP), launched in 2011, aims

responsible for ensuring develop-

Explaining the benefits that are

to facilitate private sector invest-

ment, utilisation and management

associated with IPP projects to PSM,

ment into grid-connected renew-

of South Africa’s energy sources.

Minister Radebe said IPPs fund

able energy generation. Already, it

As the country’s economy contin-

their own projects and bear all

has attracted R209.4 billion in com-

ues to grow, energy is increasingly

risks, including the loss of revenue

mitted private sector investment.

becoming a key focus.

should their plants be delayed,

According to the Minister of

The aim of the department is to

Energy, Jeff Radebe, the decision

formulate energy policies, regulato-

to attract private sector invest-

ry frameworks and legislation, and

ment into the power sector can

oversee their implementation to


be over budget or not perform as expected. “The buyer does not pay the IPP until it delivers electricity to the

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

grid. This is different from the public sector model where the consumer pays prior to the first spade hitting the ground,” he said. “Mechanisms are in place to

“The buyer does not pay the IPP until it delivers electricity to the grid. This is different from the public sector model where the consumer pays prior to the first spade hitting the ground,”

ensure that these IPPs do not have an impact on the buyers’ balance

“This is less than five percent

labour-intensive as well as techno-

sheet, and to minimise contingent

of the total energy sold to the

logically advanced, which means

liabilities for the fiscus. The IPPs

consumer. Without the contribution

they build new jobs and skills.

have a marginal impact on the

of the renewable energy IPPs, the

Minister Radebe said the REIPPPP

overall tariff that is approved by the

current load shedding would be

had created 37 499 job years as at

national regulator,” the

much worse,” the Minister said.

September 2018. Of these, 31 522

Minister added. He said the IPPs protect the

He added that the 27 recently signed renewable energy IPPs will

were during construction and 5 977 during operations.

consumer from cost overruns, poor

provide an additional 2 305 MW

“Most of the 27 recently signed

plant performance, mismanage-

(contracted) capacity, of which

projects are in construction and

ment and, in real terms, the con-

3 72 MW from six projects will

employing people so this num-

sumer pays a fixed tariff escalated

come on line between October

ber will still grow significantly. It is

by the consumer price index per

2019 and March 2020, with the rest

expected that 114 266 job years

annum, or less, for the duration of

scheduled to come on line in the

will be created for the 112 projects

the contract.

2020/2021 financial year.

procured to date.”

To date, government has pro-

These renewable energy projects

The IPP programme has been a

cured 6 422 Megawatt (MW) of

are located in all nine provinces,

substantial stimulus for establish-

electricity from 112 renewable

and more specifically in poor and

ing local manufacturing capac-

energy IPPs through seven bid win-

under-resourced rural communities.

ity. Technology and component

dows. These include bid windows

manufacturers’ current local

one to four, bid window 3.5 solely

New jobs and skills

content commitments amount to

for concentrated solar PV with

Furthermore, the Minister said the

R67.1 billion and R45.3 billion has

storage technology, and two bid

REIPPPP has had significant direct

been spent against these commit-

windows for the small renewable

impacts on the economy, job

ments to date.

energy programme with a com-

creation, community upliftment,

bined capacity of 200 MW.

economic transformation and cli-

ments exclude amounts spent on

mate change, and these benefits

finance charges, land costs, mobi-

will continue into the future.

lisation fees and cost associated

The Minister said government procured about 863.3 MW of electricity from two coal IPPs in one bid window.

The Minister said these commit-

He stressed that IPPs help al-

with distribution and connections.

leviate pressure on the National

Another impact of the IPP pro-

Revenue Fund and create the

gramme on the economy is its

able energy IPPs have been

fiscal space for Eskom to recover

contribution to broad-based black

connected to the national grid,

from its financial and operational

economic empowerment and the

providing an additional 3 876 MW


creation of black industrialists.

Of these, 63 projects by renew-

of electricity generation capacity.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

In addition, IPPs are capital and

Minister Radebe said Black


CONVERSATIONS WITH LEADERS South African equity shareholding

revenues and the respective socio-

sector alone contributes close to

in the REIPPPP has progressively in-

economic and enterprise devel-

80 percent of total emissions, of

creased with each bidding round.

opment contributions increase

which 50 percent are from electric-

substantially,” Minister Radebe said.

ity generation and liquid

“The South African equity shareholding across bid window one

“Local communities have ben-

fuel production.

to bid window four and small bid

efited from over R1 billion spent to

windows one and two equates

date by IPPs on education, health,

simply be sterilised because we

to 52 percent (R31.4 billion) of

and social welfare and enterprise

have not exploited technology

total equity (R60.9 billion), which

development projects. Over 40 per-

innovations to use them. The timing

is substantially more than the 40

cent of contributions to date have

of the transition to a low-carbon

percent requirement. Across the

been awarded by IPPs.”

economy must be done in a man-

value-chain, black ownership of

With regard to bursaries awarded

“Our vast coal deposits cannot

ner that is just and sensitive to the

21 percent has been secured,

through the programme, the larg-

potential impacts on jobs and

including in engineering, procure-

est portion of the bursaries were

local communities in the areas

ment, construction, operations and

awarded to African and coloured

around the coal mines,” Minister

maintenance,” the Minister said.

students at university level

Radebe said.

(76 percent).

Community trusts

Discovery of gas at the southern Cape

ownership is structured through the

Government energy plans

establishment of community trusts.

Speaking about plans that govern-

large gas find by energy company

ment has for the energy sector,

Total on the coast of South Africa,

receive R27.1 billion net income

the Minister said only projects

around 275 kilometres south of

(dividends from their shareholding

under the Renewable Energy IPP

Mossel Bay, has the potential to be

over the 20-year life of these com-

Programme have been contracted

a game changer for South Africa.

mitted projects).

to date.

He added that local community

Qualifying communities will

IPPs are required to contribute

He said the renewable en-

The Minister said the recent

He said the gas could be converted into petrol and electricity and

a minimum of 1-1.5 percent of

ergy IPPs contribution to climate

holds the potential of millions of

projected revenues accrued over

change objectives cannot be dis-

Rands in tax revenue.

the 20-year project operational life

puted, with carbon emission reduc-

toward socio-economic develop-

tions of 33.2 million tonnes (Mton)

be the wherewithal to address

ment initiatives.

carbon dioxide (CO2) and water

poverty, inequality and jobs.

“The REIPPPP projects have committed R27 billion to such initiatives. With every new IPP on the grid,

savings of 39.2 million kilolitres

Furthermore, he said, this could

“In the long term, this will enable

achieved by 31 December 2018.

regional growth as the area could

In addition, he said the energy

be developed as a major regional gas and energy hub, offering

Local communities have benefited from over R1 billion spent to date by IPPs on education, health, and social welfare and enterprise development projects.


technological expertise, support, repairs and maintenance and infrastructure development for the gas industry on the east coast of Africa,” the Minister said.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


1 2 - 1 3 1 2 - 1 3

in association with in association with


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“B y having a clear vision, even a shor t vision o f “B y having a clearinvision, even a vision wha t will happen the future. Weshor willt be les so f wha happen the bit future. We will and be les wor r tiewill d and feel ainlittle confident, c aslm wor r ieuse d and bit our confident, and c a lmth a t b eca we feel can amlittle anage life in the world b use we ever can ymsecond.” anage our the world th a t iseca c hanging – Lylife Nginuyen is c ha nging ever y second.” – Ly Ng uyen FOR 2019 SUMMIT SPEAKER OPPORTUNITIES

e m a i l B o i k o . L e h a n a @ To p c o . c o . z a


f u t u r e o f h r. c o . z a

e m a i l B o i k o . L e h a n a @ To p c o . c o . z a To e n t e r t h e a w a r d s , s t a r t b y c o m p l e t i n g t h i s f o r m . G o o d l u c k !

f u t u r e o f h r. c o . z a

To e n t e r t h e a w a r d s , s t a r t b y c o m p l e t i n g t h i s f o r m . G o o d l u c k ! F O R A L L S P O N S O R S H I P, AT T E N D A N C E O R O T H E R Q U E R I E S




Ta k e t h e c o n v e r s a t i o n f o r w a r d w i t h u s Ta k e t h e c o n v e r s a t i o n f o r w a r d w i t h u s


Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

Dr Zuki Jafta puts people first 14

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


riven by a need to help

caravans that would house the

to Frere Hospital, Dr Jafta looks

the poor, oncologist Dr

new unit.

at their files to determine if they

Zuki Jafta was instrumental

After cleaning the old caravans,

could instead be treated in Mthatha.

in the opening of the first oncol-

she started collecting old beds

ogy ward in Mthatha in the Eastern

that were not in use at the hospi-

“The treatment we are providing


tal and from the nearby Mthatha

for the patients in Mthatha means

General Hospital.

that a large number of them don’t

Born in neighbouring Qumbu, Dr Jafta said she saw the need

These beds and other equip-

have to go to East London. Those

to open a ward specifically for

ment she received from donations

still referred are in need of radiol-

cancer patients at the Nelson

was Dr Jafta’s first steps in setting

ogy treatment,” she said.

Mandela Academic Hospital after

up the unit.

Today, instead of sleeping in chairs, the patients are comfort-

witnessing the suffering of people who regularly had to commute to

Empathy for patients

ably housed in an old caravan

East London for treatment.

She explained that there are too

park at the Mthatha hospital

few oncologists in South Africa,

before being transported in the

especially in rural areas.

morning to East London.

The new oncology unit services people from Mthatha and the surrounding towns. Dr Jafta said

“Being Xhosa and understand-

before the ward was opened,

ing the distances people were

many patients from outlying towns

travelling to see an oncologist in

Cancer awareness programmes

such as Lusikisiki would have to

East London and understanding

Dr Jafta said the availability of

travel for about four days to get

the challenges that the residents

an oncologist in Mthatha has al-

treatment at Frere Hospital in East

of the former Transkei face, I had

lowed for greater cancer aware-

London, where the doctor was

great empathy for what patients

ness programmes which has re-

then based.

were going through.

sulted in more people coming for

“The patients were feeling ne-

check-ups after noticing worrying

night sleeping in chairs at the

glected and the journey to East

symptoms. This in turn has resulted

Mthatha hospital before being

London made them feel worse. I

in more people being diagnosed

transported via patient transport

felt that it was necessary to take

in the early stages of the disease,

vehicles to the Frere Hospital in

oncology services closer to

which improves their prognosis.

East London.

the people.

The patients would spend the

After recognising the need for

“When I was hired [as an

“Due to our awareness initiatives, we are seeing an increase

patients to have an oncology

oncologist at Nelson Mandela

in the number of patients who

unit close to them Dr Jafta spoke

Academic Hospital], my mission

need radiotherapy treatment as

to the hospital’s CEO about the

was to reduce the number of

their cancers are detected earlier

possibility of opening the unit at

patients travelling to East London

instead of when they are very

Nelson Mandela Academic Hos-

for treatment and so we designed

advanced,” she said.

pital. After getting the go-ahead

a system to stop any unnecessary

from management, the oncolo-

travel,” she said.

gist set about converting unused

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Now, before patients are sent

Dr Jafta’s next aim is therefore to acquire a radiology machine for the Nelson Mandela Academic



Hospital because this will reduce

director of clinical governance in

being awarded the Local Hero of

the number of transferred

2010 and 2011, before moving to

the Border Coastal branch by the


the Nelson Mandela Academic

South African Medical Association


last year.

“The patients we see in Mthatha are very happy as they can now

Nomalanga Makwedini, the

travel from home and get treat-

People-first philosophy

CEO of the Nelson Mandela Aca-

ment all on the same day,” she

The opening of the oncology

demic Hospital, is full of praise for


ward is yet another example of

Dr Jafta.

Dr Jafta, who used to see

how Dr Jafta practises a people-

Makwedini said her most out-

around 50 patients a month, now

first philosophy. Working with

standing contribution is the early

sees around 550, which is largely

provincial government in 2002, Dr

treatment and convenience that patients who don’t require radio-

thanks to the awareness programmes she has initiated. She also still sees patients at Frere Hospital. She started working in the public sector in 2000 as an intern at Frere Hospital after completing her degree. Her initial qualification, in 1994, was a BSc in Microbiology and Botany at Rhodes University. She then switched her focus to medicine and graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 1999. She qualified as an oncologist in

“The patients we see in Mthatha are very happy as they can now travel from home and get treatment all on the same day.”

2016 and has a Master’s degree

therapy now enjoy. “Our patients come from far along the coast, from Port St Johns, from Lusikisiki, from Flagstaff and all those places. Usually, when they arrive here, they are on their second day of travel.” She said before the arrival of Dr Jafta at the hospital, patients would have to be transported in two buses to East London. “Since 2018, we have managed to service people here and curb that travelling. We still send them to East London for radiation but most of them are seen by our

in Public Health from the University

Jafta led efforts to introduce Nevi-

of the Western Cape, a diploma

rapine for the treatment of HIV

in Palliative Health from UCT and

infection in adults and children.

now able to provide prescription

a fellowship in Radiotherapy and

Then in 2007, she was involved

chemotherapy drugs.

Oncology from the Colleges of

in the province’s antiretroviral

Medicine of South Africa.


She held different positions at

The Head of the Clinical Unit at

doctor here,” said Makwedini. She added that the hospital is

Makwedini said they are now looking to expand the unit and recently requested more equipment

Frere Hospital, including at the

the Nelson Mandela Hospital has

from the national Department

research unit in 2002 and acting

been recognised for her work,

of Health.


Public Sector Manager • May 2019





Writer: More Matshediso

Ziyaad Isaacs' job is out of this world


e might be earth-bound

observatories. It is responsible for

but Ziyaad Isaacs is help-

research, infrastructure and data

ing South Africa explore

for monitoring the near-Earth

the vast space that surrounds

space environment. In simple

our planet.

terms, the agency mainly works

The 27 year old is a systems technician at the South African

with satellites. The scope of SANSA’s space

National Space Agency (SANSA)

science activities includes fun-

where he is tasked with providing

damental and applied space

and in good condition to pro-

support to scientists and re-

physics research, post-graduate

duce the desired information,” he

searchers working for the agency.

student training, science ad-


He joined SANSA about five

vancement, space weather

“Without our team, researchers

years ago and has been do-

monitoring and the provision

would most definitely struggle to

ing his job with zeal ever since.

of geomagnetic field-related

do their job because they need

Isaacs’ work includes procuring,

services on a commercial and

to make use of the facilities we

preparing, building, installing

private basis.

install and maintain, as well as

and maintaining SANSA’s space

the data that some of my team

monitoring instruments, which are

Collecting data

located in remote sites in different

Isaacs works with a team of

parts of southern Africa.

experts in the Engineering and

that comes with his job and

Data Acquisition section of

Isaacs finds it thrilling because

these instruments is used to study

SANSA. The responsibility of the

he gets to learn how different

the Earth’s magnetic field,” Isaacs

entire team is to ensure that data

people live their lives. It also

told PSM.

is collected in order for research-

encourages him to appreciate

ers to do their work.

being different from other people.

“The data that is captured by

SANSA reports to the Department of Science and Technol-

“My job is mainly to ensure that

members collect,” he added. Travelling is one of the perks

He travels mainly to parts of

ogy and it forms part of the

instruments needed by scientists

South Africa, Botswana

worldwide network of magnetic

and researchers are available

and Namibia.


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

“As a young man who grew up

steps that you need in order to

tries in South Africa.

in the streets of Athlone in Cape

succeed. The best way to stand

Town, I find my job to be very ex-

out in any field of work is to do

high in our country and many

citing because travelling exposes

it right. It is also important to

parts of the world, so there are

me to other people’s cultures

continuously improve yourself to

many opportunities for young

and that broadens my mind,”

keep up with new trends,” Isaacs

people,” he said.

he said. For Isaacs to qualify for this job

added. Before occupying his current po-

“The demand for scientists is still

Isaacs also encouraged young people to consider pursuing arti-

and to possess the skills that he

sition, he worked as an electron-

san careers because it improves

has, he had to take mathematics,

ics technician from 2011.

the chances of them getting jobs

physical science and geography in high school.

Like any other job, his comes with challenges, and one of them

when they have the necessary qualifications.

He went on to obtain a National

is constantly having to learn new

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

ways of doing things as technol-

skills, you become a rescuer in

at the Cape Peninsula University

ogy keeps evolving.

your workplace because eve-

“When you have artisan-related

of Technology so that he could

“New instruments are regularly

meet the basic requirements of

introduced in this industry. For ex-

special skills are needed. For ex-

his position.

ample, in many countries across

ample, the job that I do requires

the world where companies

me to have multiple skills and I

provide services similar to SANSA,

am able to perform my duties

fibre technology is being used

because I have more than one

Isaacs aspires to go up the ranks

to replace copper wires, and us-

set of skills,” he said.

and become a manager in

ing this type of new technology

the field of engineering, and he

is one of the things that I had

Month, he said South Africans

believes that getting more experi-

to learn on the job in order to

should be proud of who they are

ence and excelling at what he

stay relevant to the industry,” he

and love their country so that

does will make his dream come


they will be able to spread the

Continuous improvement

true. “Space science and technology

Geo-magnetism is another thing that he learned on the job.

rywhere you go, people with

As the country celebrates Africa

love across the continent. Isaacs said that not many South Africans are aware that the coun-

is a growing product of South Afday. Engineering-related careers

Opportunities for the youth

are somehow attached to that as

Isaacs said engineering and

that space science and tech-

well, so there is a lot of opportuni-

science-related jobs require one

nology is at the cutting edge in

ties for young people like me,” he

to love what they do in order to

South Africa and that our country


do it well.

has a space agency,” he said.

rica and it is getting bigger every

“The corporate ladder will al-

He encourages young people to

try has a space agency. “Many people are not aware

For this reason, Isaacs always

ways have a few missing steps so

consider a future in science, tech-

has a lot of explaining to do

it’s up to you as a young person

nology and engineering because

every time someone asks him

to go out there and find those

it is one of the ever-growing indus-

what he does for a living.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



Source: Statistics South Africa

The driving force behind provincial economies


Fact 2: Gauteng’s GDP per capita is double that of Eastern Cape

industry in Eastern Cape and

provides a portrait of South Africa’s

Not only is Gauteng the province

eng and Limpopo. This shows the

provincial economies. Here are four

with the largest GDP, but it is also

importance of government as

facts you might not have known

the most populous. Gauteng

a driver of economic activity. In

about our economic landscape.

was home to 14.3 million people

fact, nationally it is the second

in 2017, according to data from

biggest industry after finance and

Stats SA’s Mid-year population

business services, contributing 18

estimates report.

percent to South Africa’s GDP.

ach province is unique. Data published recently by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA)

Fact 1: Gauteng is SA’s economic powerhouse

The province contributed R1.59

Government is the largest Free State, and second in Gaut-

Mining is the most important

Do not let Gauteng’s size on a

trillion to the country’s GDP of

industry in Northern Cape, North

map fool you. It might be the

R4.65 trillion (current prices),

West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

province with the smallest land

translating to R111 171 per per-

area, but economically it packs a

son. This makes it the top ranking

punch. Gauteng generated just

province in terms of GDP per

over a third of South Africa’s gross

capita, followed by Western Cape

Fact 4: Northern Cape’s economy led the charge in 2017

domestic product (GDP) in 2017,

and Free State.

Mining was one of the contribu-

making it the nation’s biggest provincial economy. KwaZulu-Natal was the second

National GDP per capita was estimated at R81 875 in 2017.

tors to Northern Cape’s strong growth in 2017. Northern Cape’s GDP expanded by 2.8 percent,

the smallest provincial player,

Fact 3: Government is the biggest industry in Eastern Cape and Free State

would need to multiply its eco-

GDP per capita can be boosted if

Limpopo and Mpumalanga

nomic output by 17 in order to

dominant industries in each prov-

also saw growth higher than the

square up against Gauteng.

ince grow at a rate that outstrips

national rate due to stronger

population growth. Each province

performance in both agriculture

nance is not surprising. Finance,

has its own unique industrial

and mining. Of all the provinces,

government, manufacturing, con-

makeup. Western Cape, for exam-

Western Cape’s agriculture indus-

struction and four other industries

ple, is dominated by the finance

try saw the slowest growth in 2017.

are heavily represented in the

and business services, trade, and

This was mainly due to sluggish


manufacturing industries.

recovery from drought.

biggest, responsible for R16 of every R100 generated by the national economy. Northern Cape,

Gauteng’s economic domi-


the highest rate of all provinces. Agriculture was also a major contributor to the rise. In fact, Free State, North West,

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


Source: SAnews

High-tech schools change education in rural KZN Government is stepping up the provision of technologically advanced schools to ensure the cultivation of much-needed skills. This was evident in one of three schools that President Cyril Ramaphosa officially opened in Dannhauser. Enhlanhleni Primary School was officially opened with two others, Lembe Primary and Ingweni Phaphama, in the Amajuba and Zululand District Municipalities. At the Enhlanhleni Primary School, President Ramaphosa

design elements that allow for a

was introduced to the school’s

positive learning environment. The

brick and mortar of putting up


designs comply with current and

a school. We are talking about

classrooms which include smart

future school requirements and

a school that is holistic and well

boards and learning tablets for

complement the rural environ-

equipped to develop education

learners across all grades.

ment in which they are situated.

for our children.”

The Presidency said the schools

President Ramaphosa said the

“We are not just focusing on the

President Ramaphosa said the

were built in response to his call

schools looked better than most

three schools epitomised gov-

for collaboration between govern-

he had seen in recent times.

ernment’s approach to building

ment and civil society to realise

“What pleases me the most is

schools of the future.

the right of children to safety and

that this school was built by the

dignity in educational facilities.

local community, the people who

this school in a deep rural area of

live here. This is the way we want

our country. Today I’ve seen how

mud structures. They have been

to work. This is what we are talking

information technology can be

replaced with modern brick and

about when we talk about whole

one of the best things you can

mortar structures, with additional

school development.

have in a school,” he added.

Albertina Sisulu honoured with commemorative stamp

memorative stamp of Mama Al-

issued in honour of her centenary

bertina Sisulu, which she handed

birthday, and in recognition of

over to the family recently.

the significant and selfless role

The schools were previously

Communications Minister

In November 2018, Cabinet

Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has

resolved that a commemorative

launched the centenary com-

stamp for Mama Sisulu should be


“I am proud that we have built

that she played in the country’s liberation. Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

said the launch of the com-

heroes and heroines who played

100 000 sheets of the stamp and

memorative stamp presents an

a significant role in South Africa’s

already most of the stamps have

opportunity to keep the story of

history, political landscape and

been sold,” Rabohale said.

Sisulu alive.

those who contributed to its

“It’s never too late to honour

socio-economic development.

those that have been an inspi-

Sapo board member Phetole

ration in our lives because we

Rabohale said the stamps can

come from areas where there

be used for posting standard

have been women who have not


been recognised,” the Minister

Sisulu’s grandson, Duma Sisulu, said his grandmother felt a deep seated responsibility to create a better future for all. “Gogo embraced the many challenges that were part of be-

“We considered it appropriate to

ing Walter Sisulu’s wife, a freedom

celebrate our mother, the stalwart

fighter in her own right. She never

who fought for our freedom and

lost sight of the vision of a free

mation and Communications

democracy, through an ordinary

and democratic South Africa,"

Technology (ICT) Policy White

stamp which an ordinary citi-

Duma said.

Paper provides that a com-

zen can buy and use for postal

memorative stamp may be issued


said. The National Integrated Infor-

He thanked government for honouring his late grandmother with

“We have printed more than

the commemorative stamp.

New school addresses overcrowding in classes

said the school is special, not

This will also assist in improv-

only because it is named after

ing the economy of the Free

Adelaide Tambo, but also due

State and our country,” Mohapi

Learners in Thabong Township

to the world-class facilities it has.


in Welkom no longer have to

Adelaide Tambo was a strug-

to celebrate, amongst others,

He said the school is currently

travel long distances just to get

gle heroine and political activist

offering education to Grade 8

to school, thanks to the new

who contributed to South Af-

and 9 learners because it just

state-of-the-art school that was

rica’s freedom and liberation.

opened, but it will gradually

launched in the area.

The principal of the school,

add more learners from Grade

Motsumi Mohapi, said the

10 until they get to Grade 12 in

ary School was built to the tune

school will in the near future

about three years’ time.

of R57 million as a direct re-

bear fruits to the entire district

“Our school has capacity to

sponse to overcrowding of other

because of the nature of sub-

take close to 1 100 learners per

schools in the Lejweleputswa

jects it will be specialising on.

year. It will really help to address

The Adelaide Tambo Second-

District in the Free State.

“Our school is going to spe-

the overcrowding that is cur-

cialise in mathematics, physical

rently experienced by its coun-

two science laboratories, media

science, commercial subjects

terparts in our district. Parents

centre, school nutrition pro-

and entrepreneurship because

will also not worry about having

gramme centre, guard house,

we want to equip our learners

to pay for transport to get their

garden centre and a hall.

with skills that will help them

children to school,” he said.

The school has 24 classrooms,

It was officially launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa who

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

create jobs for themselves and the communities they live in.

The new school is also a non-fee paying school.



Writer: Dale Hes Photographer: David Morris

Go Ghaap!

Route set to boost tourism in the Northern Cape

A shelter used by San bushmen.

The Northern Cape is South Africa’s largest province, but also its least-explored. Apart from the attractions of the Orange River, the Kalahari and the diamond mecca of Kimberley, the province’s tourism infrastructure is largely underdeveloped. A new tourism route recently launched in the province will therefore open up exciting opportunities for businesses and the economic development of the Northern Cape as a whole.

Development Foundation, along


Go Ghaap! Route in the far east of

with other stakeholders in the tourism industry, to explore the possibility of showcasing littleknown attractions that will draw more visitors to the province. With funding from the National Lottery Commission, this has now become a reality.

Go Ghaap! Launched at the end of 2018, the

overed mostly in desert,

not situated along the Orange River,

the province connects the small

the Northern Cape does

are very rarely visited by tourists. As a

towns of Kuruman, Kathu, Deben,

not boast the immediate

result, people in fields such as arts,

Olifantshoek, Postmasburg, Daniel-

tourism appeal of celebrated des-

crafts and hospitality often struggle

skuil, Griquatown, Barkley West and

tinations such as Cape Town, the

to make ends meet.


Garden Route or the Kruger National Park. Isolated towns, especially those


This inspired the Northern Cape Tourism Authority and the Karoo

“The route is made of a rich experience of culture, history, ancient

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

architecture, local culture, food, art

million years ago. The cave is also

attraction, as is the old diamond

and heritage,” said Sharron Lewis,

one of the many places on the Go

mine, which has been flooded

CEO of the Northern Cape Tourism

Ghaap! Route where San rock art

with crystal clear water to form the


can be viewed. The areas around

town’s very own ‘Big Hole’.

Situated on the three billion yearold Ghaap plateau, various cultural groups have in the past called

Kathu were also found to be the site of early stone age tools. In Kuruman, another famous

One of the slogans of the Go Ghaap! Route is "A Confluence of Cultures". Tourists therefore have

this area home – including San,

geological feature is the Eye of Ku-

the chance to experience flavours

Tswana and Griqua people. From

ruman – one of the biggest natural

of all of these various cultures.

the 1800s, missionaries, explorers

springs in the southern hemisphere

and travellers also started roaming

and used as a water source by

Stimulating businesses

the vast, dry and inhospitable ter-

indigenous people for thousands

It is hoped that the new route will

ritory, while the area was also the

of years.

attract tourism to the province and provide much-needed income for

site of various battles during the Project leader Doreen Atkinson

Historical and cultural attractions

said that at least 10 major herit-

The colourful and varied heritage

The initiative is expected to ben-

age themes have been identified.

of the region means that the Go

efit businesses in the accommoda-

“We have assembled historical

Ghaap! Route features a number

tion, hospitality, arts and crafts and

information on themes, and are

of historical attractions. In Kuru-

retail sectors.

identifying possible sites for sig-

man, you can visit the Moffat Mis-

nage, including information kiosks,

sion Museum, the 1816 homestead

and director of The Workshop ko

route signs and specific informa-

and mission school of Robert

Kasi, an ecotourism, crafts and

tion signs at tourist attractions,”


food establishment in Kuruman.

Langberg and Anglo-Boer wars.

said Atkinson.

Geological and archeological wonders The Go Ghaap! region contains a

In Postmasburg, the blue dolo-

a variety of businesses in the area, as well as create new jobs.

Mpho Cornelius is the founder

She voiced excitement at the

mite stone church built after the

fact that her region was finally get-

Anglo-Boer War is a worthwhile

ting a tourism route.

San women per form a traditional 'hokmeisie' dance.

variety of fascinating geological attractions, as well as important archeological attractions that stretch back to the origins of humankind. About 45 km south of Kuruman, the Wonderwerk Cave extends 140 m into dolomite hills, and the deposits inside the cave reflect the activities of animals, birds and humans from up to two

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



“We were the only region in

Other tourism routes in the Northern Cape

the Northern Cape that didn’t

South Africans may be surprised to learn that the Northern Cape boasts

have a tourism route. This

various unique tourism routes:

has meant that the tourism

Kalahari Red Dune Route: Route through the Kgalagadi Transfrontier

numbers haven’t been nearly

Park, where you will experience the red sand dunes, solitude and excep-

as healthy as they could be,”

tional wildlife of the Kalahari Desert.

said Cornelius, who was highly

Karoo Highlands Route: Winds through the scrubby landscapes of

involved in discussions about

the Karoo. Experience authentic farm-style living and some of the best

establishing the route.

star-gazing on earth.

Cornelius said that being

Kokerboom Food and Wine Route: Showcases the attractions along

part of a recognised route will

the Orange River, including a host of adventure activities, restaurants,

publicise the offerings of the

wineries and farm stalls.

area and the businesses which operate there. “The Northern Cape is so large that tourists don’t find it easy to travel from one place to another. Establishing a route

Namakwa Coastal Route: This route includes the famous Namaqualand, where spectacular fields of wildflowers can be seen in spring. It also allows you to experience the wild, beautiful coastline of the province. Cape to Namibia Route: Stretches from Cape Town, along the N7 all the way up to Namibia and encompasses various small towns.

like this gives people an idea

Richtersveld Route: Allows you to explore the remote Richtersveld, a

of where to go. Being part of

mountainous desert with the highest diverssity of succulent plants in the

the route means that hidden

world. Activities along the route include hiking, 4x4 trails, birdwatching,

gems such as us can literally

mountain biking and donkey-cart rides.

be out on the map.” Atkinson said that various local craft producers and other establishments have been identified along the route. “Many crafters in the Ghaap region make fine products, but they do not reach their markets, whether wholesalers, retailers or consumers. We hope that our project will address this market failure between clients and crafters.”

For more information on the Go Ghaap! Route, visit


The route is expected to provide a muc hneeded boost to craf ters. Photo: Go Ghaap

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


DR TEBOGO LETLAPE CAPTAIN OF THE HEALTH REGULATORY INDUSTRY Dr Tebogo Kgosietsile Solomon Letlape, President of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), wears many hats in the health regulatory industry, including being the President of Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (AMCOA) and Chair of IAMRA.

AMCOA is the Association of

IAMRA membership extends to

Medical Regulatory Authorities

48 countries, comprising both

in Africa, whose primary purpose

members and partners. IAMRA

is to support medical regulatory

exists to support the world’s

authorities on the continent in

medical regulatory authorities

their quest to protect the public

in their endeavour to protect,

by promoting high standards of

promote and maintain the

medical education, registration

health and safety of the public by

and regulation.

ensuring proper standards for the

Dr Letlape is the current President of the

medical profession.

Health Professions Council of South Africa

AMCOA also seeks to facilitate


(HPCSA) and Chairperson of the Medical

the ongoing exchange of

Through scientific, educational,

information amongst medical

and collaborative activities,

regulatory authorities. In

IAMRA strives to encourage best

He made history by becoming the first

accordance with Article 4 of

practices among the world’s

African to qualify as an ophthalmologist

AMCOA’s Constitution, membership

Medical Regulatory Authorities

in South Africa during the apartheid

to the Association is open for all

(MRAs) and to respond to both

years. He was also the first African to be

councils / boards that regulate

their current and future needs.

elected President of the World Medical

medical and dental practitioners

As a membership organisation,

Association (WMA) in 2006. He is a

within the African region. The

IAMRA values the communication,

former Chairman of the South African

current membership of AMCOA

participation and interaction

Medical Association (SAMA).

has 19 African member states.

that are key to the success of this

Dr Letlape is a renowned leader in

international collaboration.

and Dental Professions Board (MDB).

Urged by the late former President Nelson Mandela, Dr Letlape embarked

the healthcare profession and has

South Africa will play host to the

on an ambitious project towards

shown commitment to cooperation

14th International Conference on

providing access to antiretroviral

and collaboration amongst medical

Medical Regulation in 2020. Details

treatment to HIV-positive patients

regulatory authorities as a basis on

of the conference will be shared

in 2003. Together with the Nelson

which to benchmark good practice,

with the media closer to the time.

Mandela Foundation and the South

promote ambitious standards and

African Medical Association (SAMA),

ensure patient safety. Certainly, his

he established the Tshepang Trust, of

willingness to volunteer his time and

which he is a former Executive Director.

effort, as well as express his opinions,

The Tshepang Trust facilitated the

has contributed to him being

treatment of HIV-positive patients when

elected for the position.


none was provided by the government Physical Address:Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is a statutory The Health Professions

of the time.


In October 2018 he was elected

body corner establishedof byHamilton the Health Professions Act, 56 of 1974 (as amended). 553 and Madiba

Chairperson of the International

Streets, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0001

Association of Medical Regulatory

Postal Address: POtoBox 205, Pretoria, 0001 the professions. In order safeguard the public and indirectly the Africans sees him participating in

Authorities (IAMRA) at the

professions, registration in terms of the Act is a prerequisite for practising

Tel: +27 (0)12 338 9300

various health committees and task

Association’s 13th international


teams and serving as a member of the

conference on medical regulation.

The HPCSA has a mandate to regulate the healthcare professions in the

To enhance the quality of healthcare for all by developing strategic Global Hygiene Council.

The HPCSA is committed to protecting the public and guiding

any of the health professions registerable with Council.

country is aspects pertaining to education, training and registration, professional conduct and ethical behavior, ensuring Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and fostering compliance with healthcare standards.

His interest in healthcare for South Quality and Equitable Healthcare for All



policy frameworks for effective and efficient co-ordination and guidance of the professions through: §

Setting contextually relevant healthcare training and practice standards for registered professions


Ensuring compliance with standards


Fostering on-going professional development and competence


*Writer: Phumla Williams

Solomon Mahlangu

reminds the youth of their critical role


y blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of

freedom. Tell my people that I love them and that they must continue the fight.” These are the powerful words that a young freedom fighter uttered before he was hanged by the apartheid state. The “crime” that 23-year-old Solomon Mahlangu committed was standing in defiance against a ruthless regime and fighting for equal rights and freedom for all South Africans. He refused to cower under tyranny or be a mere bystander to history. His memory will forever

ously remind ourselves of his un-

inspire us in creating a country

wavering spirit.

Mahlangu’s life should embolden our generation of young people to rise up and take their

that belongs to all South Africans. time, Mahlangu was relentless

Taking forward the vision

and even unto death proclaimed

Recounting his life and story is not

young people who today face

his hope for our country.

only important to remember the

different challenges in the form of

many sacrifices that were made

poverty, inequality and unemploy-

a symbol of resistance among

for freedom and democracy. His


young people as the fight against

life story is vital in reminding the

apartheid gathered strength. The

youth of the critical role they can

young people that will see them

anniversary of Mahlangu’s death

play in taking forward the vision

move South Africa forward. How-

was on 6 April and we continu-

of Solomon and many others.

ever, this time around young

Although a young man at the

This steadfast resolve became


rightful place in our society. His words are still relevant for

His life is a call to action of our

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

people have a government that

of freedom. It was therefore

continues to honour his

cares and wants to see them

important that all citizens, and

memory through various youth


particularly the youth, went out

focused programmes.

Government has prioritised

in numbers to vote so we can

The Solomon Mahlangu

the advancement of young

build on the achievements of

Scholarship Fund launched in

people, particularly their partici-

the past 25 years. More im-

2014 by the National Youth De-

pation in the economy, so they

portantly, their participation is

velopment Agency is helping

can take their rightful place in

deserving South African youth

our society. We have placed

to further their tertiary educa-

young people at the pinnacle of our work to develop our society and grow the economy. The National Development Plan envisions a growing economy and the youth of our country will play a critical part in helping achieve the plan’s strategic vision for 2030. Young people have an important role to play in defining the country and the world they want to live in. It is up to them to find their mission, rally together and fulfil it, and bring about the change they want.

“In casting our ballot, we pay tribute to the many people like Solomon Mahlangu who sacrificed their lives for us to have this right to vote.”

tion. The scholarship increases their chances of accessing quality higher education in their field of study. Financial support is provided to the youth who pursue full-time degrees in critical and scarce skills. Moreover, the government continues to advance Mahlangu’s ideals through its five priorities to improve our education, improve our healthcare, create decent work, fight crime and corruption and rural development and land reform. Mahlangu’s piercing final

25 years of freedom

words have outlived the op-

The youth made their voice

critical in the development of

pressive apartheid system and

heard by voting in the elections

the country.

still encourage us today. We

on 8 May. In doing so, they have

In casting our ballot, we pay

can take his memory forward

elected public representatives

tribute to the many people like

who represent them in parlia-

Solomon Mahlangu who sac-

suring all South Africans enjoy

ment, especially those they

rificed their lives for us to have

the fruits of freedom he spoke

think will implement policies

this right to vote. We owe it to


that will improve their lives.

them to make sure our voices

This year’s elections were

are heard on the future direc-

special because it coincided with the celebration of 25 years

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

tion of the country. The government for its part

by building our nation and en-

*Phumla Williams is the Acting Director-General at GCIS.



Writer: More Matshediso

Free and fair elections for SA

have secured seats in the National Assembly, with top five of them being the Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+) with 10 seats, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) with 14 seats, the EFF with 44 seats, the DA with 84 seats, and the

On 8 May South Africans chose a governing party for the country for the next five years.

ANC on the throne with the major-


Africans for their participation and

ity of 230 seats. Mashinini has thanked South

outh Africans have spoken

were cast across the country, the

support in delivering another free,

through ballot papers and

Independent Electoral Commission

fair and peaceful election.

elected the party of their

of South Africa (IEC) declared the

“Twenty five years after our first

choice that will lead the country for

2019 elections as free and fair. Over

democratic elections we can

the next five years of government ad-

17 million of the 26 779 025 million

proudly say as a nation that we


registered South Africans took to

remain firmly rooted in the demo-

the polls to cast their votes.

cratic ideals we adopted in 1994,

This year’s national and provincial elections were contested by about 48 political parties. About three days after votes


When the IEC Chairperson Glen

and our country remains a shining

Mashinini announced the results,

beacon of democracy and human

he said about 14 political parties

rights for all,” he said.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

“Once again South Africa has risen to the occasion and showed the world that our appetite for

observers on this year’s election processes. One of the observers was the

style booths,” he explained. • The issue of voting stations not opening on time – “There

democracy is unquenchable,”

Chief Executive Officer of the

were a number of stations that

Mashinini added.

Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sello

opened late, but all of them

Hatang, who spoke on behalf of

opened although some were

staff of the IEC and the 200 000

the foundation that played the ob-

late,” he added.

volunteers who had served as elec-

server role for the first time this year.

He also expressed gratitude to

tion officials with distinction and integrity. “The commission is enormously proud of the hard work, com-

“The staff members at the ground

for over two years in preparing and delivery yet another successful election. South Africa owes you all a debt of gratitude,” he said. He said the IEC would immediately begin a national process of debriefing and introspection to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the election. “Each election presents us with a sterner test of our people, processes and systems. We must

stations – “The scanners were

level did a sterling job during this

some of the resources that

elections,” he added.

caused delays and people

Hatang commended politi-

mitment and dedication of the officials who have worked tirelessly

• Delays caused at multiple

were made to wait. Insufficient ballot papers were also con-

“Once again South Africa has risen to the occasion and showed the world that our appetite for democracy is unquenchable.”

cerning. Some stations ran out of ballot papers within the first hour of opening, which showed there was no proper planning in that regard,” he said. He said while the integrity of the 2019 general elections is secure, the election process has areas of vulnerability and, moving forward, work needs to be done to improve those areas. “We will be making recommendations to the IEC,” added Hatang.

continue to raise the bar and set

Reflecting on the low levels of

new benchmarks for electoral ex-

participation in this year’s elec-

cellence. Over the coming weeks

cal parties and party agents for

tions he said: “This says something

and months we will take the many

observing the rules relating to the

about people having lost hope

lessons from these elections and

elections, although he admitted

in democracy. There are many

translate them into enhancements

that there were few exceptions.

reasons why people did not come

and improvements for the next

However, he said the foundation

through but we need to bring back

elections scheduled for 2021,” he

identified the following concerns:

those long queues [witnessed in


• Orientation of the voting booths

the 1994 elections] because they

“It did not give a sense of se-

tell us that people believe that the

Observers’ feedback

crecy during the ballot-marking

democracy of their country is not

Mashinini’s sentiments about

process. In almost every station


introspection follows hot on the

we observed people com-

heels of the views of independent

plained about the new ATM

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

The Nelson Mandela Foundation had 41 observers on the ground,



who were based in Gauteng.

performed consistently and

Former Nigerian President

better with time. The voting

and Head of the Electoral In-

process was fantastic, peace-

stitute for Sustainable Democ-

ful as usual, even the weather

racy in Africa (EISA), Goodluck

couldn’t stop people from

Jonathan, also weighed in on

voting,” Dr Lehohla said.

the elections. Jonathan said EISA was

He commended the IEC for dealing with the allegations

satisfied that the elections had

of double voting in a profes-

been free and fair with all par-

sional manner.

ties adhering to the laws set out in the Electoral Act.

“What is important is that [when they were] alerted… they didn’t deny the issue and

Lehohla applauds IEC

promised to deal with it. They proposed the Statistician Gen-

The former Statistician Gen-

eral to do an audit – which

eral, Dr Pali Lehohla, also

was the right thing to do,” he

commended the IEC for a


good job, and affirmed the

The IEC has welcomed

commission’s integrity amidst

the findings of a number of

the doubts that were created

international and domestic

while votes were still being

observer missions that have


endorsed the elections as free

“One cannot doubt the integrity of the IEC, it has

and fair, and broadly reflective of the will of the people.

Results for provincial legislatures The top three political parties that have secured seats in the provincial legislatures are as follows: • Eastern Cape: the ANC leads with 44 seats, followed by the DA with 10 seats and the EFF with five seats. • Free State: ANC leads with 19 seats, followed by the DA with six seats and the EFF with four seats. • Gauteng: The ANC leads with 37 seats, followed by the DA with 20 seats and the EFF with 11 seats. • KwaZulu-Natal: The ANC leads with 44 seats, followed by the IFP with 13 seats and the DA with 11 seats. • Limpopo: The ANC leads with 38 seats, followed by the EFF with seven seats and the DA with three seats. • Mpumalanga: The ANC leads with 22 seats, followed by the EFF with four seats and the DA with three seats. • North West: The ANC leads with 21 seats, followed by the EFF with six seats and the DA with four seats. • Northern Cape: The ANC leads with 18 seats, followed by the DA with eight seats and the EFF with three seats. • Western Cape: The DA leds with 24 seats, followed by the ANC with 12 seats and the EFF with two seats.


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

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Writer: Allison Cooper

What happens after elections With the 2019 national and provincial elections behind us, South African citizens are wondering what happens next.


nce South Africans had

tant because it coincided with

40 000 and 45 000 votes for every

made their mark in the

the 25th anniversary of our consti-

seat allocated to it in the NA.

general elections, gov-

tutional democracy.

ernment rolled up its sleeves and

The first sitting of the NA was held after the elections. At the sit-

started preparing for the inaugura-

What your vote means

ting a new Speaker was elected,

tion of the President, choosing and

The votes determine how many

in accordance with Section 52

announcing a new Cabinet and

seats each political party wins in

and Schedule 3 of the Constitu-

opening South Africa’s sixth par-

the National Assembly (NA) and

tion of the Republic of South

liamentary term since the historic

in each of the nine provincial

Africa of 1996. The Chief Justice,

democratic elections in 1994.


Mogoeng Mogoeng, presided

This year’s election was impor-


A political party needs between

over these proceedings.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

President and Ministers.

Did you know? • The President cannot simply enter Parliament. He/she has to be invited to attend Parliament by the members of parliament (MPs). • Any citizen has the right to enter Parliament and listen to the sessions. • All citizens have the right to write to an MP about an issue and they should receive a response.

In terms of Section 91(2) of the Constitution, the President has

receives enough votes. An advantage of this electoral

absolute power to appoint the

system is that smaller political

Deputy President and Ministers, to

parties are included and rep-

assign their powers and functions,

resented, and legislatures are

and to dismiss them.

made up of people with differ-

The President may select any

ent interests.

number of Ministers from the

Democracy is about achiev-

members of the NA and may

ing a greater balance in society

select no more than two Minis-

so that there is greater equal-

ters from outside the assembly.

ity for all over a period of time.

The President also appoints a

South Africa is a representa-

member of the Cabinet to be the

tive democracy, which means

Leader of Government Business in

that citizens do not govern the

the NA.

country themselves; they elect

The inauguration of the PresiThe newly elected Speaker

respective position if the party

dent-elect will take place on 25

presided over the election of a

May, Africa Day, at Loftus Versfeld

Deputy Speaker and the Presi-

Stadium in Tshwane.

dent, from among members of

other people to represent them in government. Our Constitution cites three spheres of government: national, provincial and local. Citizens

via a secret ballot and candi-

Proportional representation

dates have to obtain an absolute

Voters vote for a political party,

ment, which includes Parlia-

majority to win.

not individuals. The political

ment; provincial government

party then gets a share of seats

(the nine provincial legislatures);

President ceases to be an MP

in Parliament, in direct propor-

and local government (munici-

and must be sworn into office

tion to the number of votes it

palities and district councils).

within five days. The President of

gets in the election. Each party

the Constitutional Court presides

then decides which members

and carries out laws and

over the President’s election or

will fill the seats it has won. This is

policies for the whole country,

designates another judge to do

called a proportional represen-

while provincial government


tation voting system.

makes and carries out laws and

the NA. These elections are done

Once elected as President, the

choose their political party in elections for national govern-

National government makes

The newly elected President is

Political parties submit a list of

policies that affect the province

then able to select and appoint

candidates to the Independent

only. National government is led

the Cabinet, the most senior

Electoral Commission for the NA

by the President and Ministers,

level of the executive branch of

and provincial legislatures.

while provincial government is led

government. The Cabinet is made

Candidates are listed in their

by premiers and members of the

up of the President, the Deputy

order of preference and fill their

executive council.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



SA’s electoral history

The Orange Free State (former-

who were chosen by the white

South Africa has come a long

ly the Orange River Colony) and

government. Homeland elec-

way since 1909 when the South

the Transvaal denied all black

tions stopped in the late 1980s.

Africa Act was passed by the

people the right to vote. In

British Parliament.

Natal, almost all black people

Africa’s first democratic elec-

were not allowed to vote, and

tion, that homelands ceased to

governing British colonies of

in the Cape only an important

exist. They were reincorporated

the Cape, Natal, Transvaal and

number of black and coloured

into the new South Africa and

the Orange Free State into the

men were allowed to vote un-

were absorbed into the new

Union of South Africa. It also

der a ‘colour-blind’ permission,

provinces. Since 1994, elections

served as the union’s constitu-

which was based on property

have been held simultane-

tion until 1961.

requirements. However, only

ously for national and provincial

white men could be elected to

legislatures every five years and


municipal elections are held

The Act combined the self-

A parliamentary government was created, much like the Westminster model, which

During the 1970s South Africa’s

In was only in 1994, after South

two years later. All elections are conducted by

consisted of a directly elected

apartheid government granted

House of Assembly and an indi-

homelands “independence”

the Independent Electoral Com-

rectly elected Senate. However,

and allowed elections in those

mission (IEC) of South Africa, an

Parliament was largely restricted

areas. Black South Africans were

independent body established

to white men.

offered collaborator candidates,

by our Constitution.


Public Sector Manager • May 2019












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. .


National Orders: SA honours heroes and heroines


outh Africa has paid homage

This year’s investiture of the

citizens and non-South Africans

to a number of individuals for

National Orders was part of the

for the various roles they play in

their achievements and con-

package of South Africa’s silver

changing the nation and the world

tribution to the country by awarding

jubilee celebratory events as 2019

for the better.

them with National Orders.

marks 25 years of democracy and

The National Orders are the highest form of recognition that

freedom. This is according to the Director-

Silver jubilee “This is our first silver jubilee as a

South Africa bestows on deserv-

General in the Presidency, Dr

[democratic] country. It is a big

ing citizens and foreign nationals.

Cassius Lubisi, who spoke to PSM

celebration. We have made great

The President of the Republic, as

about the critical milestones that

strides as a country and the Na-

the Grand Patron of the National

the country has reached over the

tional Orders this year reflect what

Orders, awards these orders, which


we have achieved in the past 25

are inclusive and represent all people.


He said it is only befitting that the country continues to recognise its

years,” he explained. “The variety of recipients of the or-

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

ders, both South Africans and nonSouth Africans, comprise a tapestry of people who reflect what South Africa’s achievements really are. We therefore have to honour them for their outstanding contributions to this milestone,” he added. Speaking at the National Orders ceremony, President Cyril Ramaphosa explained that the orders honour excellence in different fields. “These orders celebrate individuals who have excelled, whose actions represent the triumph of what we can call the human spirit. They are men and women driven by purpose and service. “It was out of the need to give practical effect to the values of our Constitution, the achievement of equality, the advancement of human rights and freedom, nonracialism, non-sexism and human dignity that the national honours

He served in former President Nel-

were reconfigured in 2002,” said

son Mandela’s office and moved

one person [to receive an award]

President Ramaphosa.

on to establish and develop the

but that person can represent the

Government Communication and

work of many people. I don’t see

Order of Luthuli

Information System (GCIS), from

anything I did as above what was

At the ceremony, former public

where he retired as the Deputy

done by the people I have been

servant Antony Trew received the

Chief Executive Officer: Strategy

working with, whether in govern-

Order of Luthuli in Silver. The award

and Content Management.

ment, in the struggle or in the ANC,

was for his excellent contribution to

Trew said he never dreamed that

“I think in a way they have to pick

so I take it as recognition of the

the attainment of democracy and

his work at GCIS would earn him a

kind of work that is unseen but an

the reconstruction of a post-apart-

National Order.

important part of life,” he added.

heid society.

“It’s the kind of work many

Trew said the initial aim of estab-

people do out of the limelight,” he

lishing GCIS was for it to become

ance movement saw him being

said, adding that it is important to

an interface between government

imprisoned. He later left the coun-

recognise the efforts of people who

and the public and he felt that this

try and returned after democracy.

work behind the scenes.

goal has been achieved.

His activities with the armed resist-

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



Order of Mendi for Bravery Another extraordinary South African honoured at the ceremony was the late 10-year-old Thapelo Tambani, who drowned in an excavation pit at a construction site in Soshanguve. He was trying to save a friend at the time. He was awarded the Order of

Her advice to young people is

Mendi for Bravery in Silver for his

to focus on school in order to suc-

selfless act.

ceed in life.

Receiving the award on his be-

through the medium of television. Recalling the days when he started the programme, Smith said a lot of people doubted that

half, his father, Jeffery Tsakane, said

Order of Baobab

though the award would not bring

The awards also honoured

back his son, it would give the a

mathematics teacher William

family some consolation.

Smith whose maths lessons on

Cementing relations with other countries

television were groundbreaking.

Lubisi said many countries bestow

was very brave and brilliant. My

He received the Order of the

national orders, and added that

heart is still in pain over him. I won’t

Baobab in Silver for his excellent

like some other countries, South

forget him,” said Tsakane.

contribution to the teaching and

Africa also recognises foreign

He added that Tambani’s brave

demystification of mathematics

nationals for the contribution they

character would not let him stand

and science. Smith received rec-

make to the country.

by and watch his friend drown.

ognition for making mathematics

“I raised that boy very well. He

Order of Ikhamanga

his concept would succeed.

“Our country is not an island.

and science accessible to even

It has a long history and friendly

the most marginalised in society

relations with other countries.

Veteran actress Mary Twala Mhlongo was awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in Silver for her excellent contribution to the performing arts and for creatively raising awareness on women’s health issues through storytelling. She said she was honoured at the recognition. Mhlongo contributed the longevity of her career as an entertainer to her passion. “When you love something, you will stick with it,” she said.


Public Sector Manager • May 2019


The year 2019 marks the countdown to the 25th anniversary of South Africa’s freedom and democracy. To pay tribute to this journey, we embark on one of our most prestigious projects: 25 Years of Success – South Africa’s Top Organisations. Endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this publication celebrates South Africa’s top organisations and their continued commitment to democracy, redressing inequality, active citizenry and the incorporation of social responsibility in their growth strategies. Join your peers and share with clients how you have significantly impacted on the growth of our country’s economy in an often shifting and challenging economic environment. We want to tell your story, celebrate your achievements, recognise the challenges you have faced and provide inspiration for others.

Endorsed by:


The importance of people-


to-people relations between

(Category: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze) The Order is awarded

countries is what makes the

to South African citizens who have accomplished excellence and

international relations system

exceptional achievements to the benefit of South Africa and beyond.

tick,” he added. “During the years of South


Africa’s struggle, many

(Category: Gold, Silver and Bronze) The Order is awarded to South

citizens left the country for

African citizens who have made exceptional and distinguished con-

exile… as part of the four

tributions in the following categories: community service, business

pillars of struggle, the country

and the economy, science, medicine and technological innovation.

adopted the strategy of international solidarity.


“Various countries and peo-

(Category: Gold, Silver and Bronze) The Order is awarded to South

ple sheltered and supported

African citizens in recognition of outstanding contribution to the

those who were in exile… they

struggle for democracy, nation-building, building democracy and

took huge risks, and some suf-

human rights, justice and peace as well as for the resolution of

fered and died in massacres


and assassinations because of that. These are heroic


deeds by many of our interna-

(Category: Gold, Silver and Bronze) The Order is awarded to South

tional friends. Their work must

African citizens who have excelled in the fields of arts, culture,

be recognised,” he said.

literature, music, journalism and sport. THE ORDER OF MENDI FOR BRAVERY

Posthumous awards

(Category: Gold, Silver and Bronze) The Order is awarded to South

After the Chancery of Orders

African citizens who have distinguished themselves by displaying

have invited and received

extraordinary acts of bravery through which their lives were placed

nominations of individuals

in great danger or who have lost their lives, including trying to save

deemed worthy recipients

the life of another person or by saving property, in or outside the

of the National Orders, the

Republic of South Africa.

Presidency goes through the public nomination process


and selects between 30 and

(Category: Gold, Silver and Bronze) The Order of the Companions of

35 people to receive the Na-

OR Tambo is awarded to eminent foreign nationals for friendship

tional Orders. Lubisi said this

shown to South Africa. It is therefore concerned primarily with

number was decided on for

matters of peace, co-operation, international solidarity and support

practical reasons.

and is integral to the execution of South Africa’s international and multilateral relations.

With regard to posthumous awards, he explained that some of the nominees do not


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

live long enough to make it to

us not to forget those who have

the ceremony while others had

departed,” he said.

he continued to bestow the Orders

already passed when they were nominated.

When former President Nelson Mandela assumed office in 1994,

A proud tradition

of Good Hope and others.

According to Lubisi, such orders

A few years after attaining

to recognise the contributions of

have always been bestowed on

freedom, government took the

those who are no longer alive.

South Africans, even under the

decision to reconfigure the awards

apartheid government. “They might

and bring them more in line with a

Lubisi stressed that is important

“This also makes the generation, offspring and relatives proud

not have not been called that but

democratic nation. The current

of the contribution made by the

the then government also gave rec-

six orders were subsequently

deceased. It is very important for

ognition to citizens,” he explained.



• Constance Mirriam Thokozile


Koza (Posthumous) • Bongani Donald Mkhwanazi (Posthumous)


• Thapelo Tambani


• Bomo Edna Edith Molewa (Posthumous)

• Dr Ray and Dora Phillips (Posthumous) • William Smith


• Dr Riccardo Sarra: Italy





• Ambassador Thandi Lujabe-


• Achmat Davids (Posthumous) • Jacques Henry Kallis • Yvonne “Chaka Chaka” Mhinga

Rankoe • Brigadier General Velaphi Msane • Antony Andrew Trew

• Nomhle Nkonyeni

• Moyisile Douglas Tyutyu

• Benjamin Pogrund

• Prof Yosuf “Joe” Veriava

• Mathatha Tsedu • Mary Twala Mhlongo THE ORDER OF IKHAMANGA IN

• Klaas de Jonge • Archbishop Khotso Makhulu: United Kingdom • Prof Paulette Pierson-Mathy: Belgium • Prof Amii Omara-Otunnu: US/Uganda


• Lucia Raadschelders


(Posthumous): The

• Prof Thokozani Majozi



• Johaar Mosaval







• His Excellency Admiral


• Prof Malik Maaza

Didier Ignace Ratsiraka:

• Braam Jordaan

• Prof Ari Sitas


Public Sector Manager • May 2019


Recipients of the National Orders 2019 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

National Orders awarded to deserving recipients On Thursday, 25 April 2019, just two days before the 25th Freedom Day since the dawn of freedom and democracy in South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa bestowed National Orders to 30 deserving recipients at the investiture ceremony held at the Sefako Makgatho Presidential Guesthouse in Pretoria.

Mr Jeffrey Tsakale receives the Order of Mendi for Bravery on behalf of nine-year-old Thapelo, who drowned on 28 February 2018 after rescuing his friend from a waterlogged trench in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria.

The recipients of the 2019 National Orders: THE ORDER OF MENDI FOR BRAVERY This Order is awarded in Gold for exceptional acts of bravery in which awardees would have placed their lives in great danger or may have lost their lives in their efforts to save lives or property, in Silver, for extraordinary acts of bravery through which recipients’ lives were placed in great danger while saving or trying to rescue persons or property, and in Bronze for outstanding acts of bravery through which their lives were endangered while saving or trying to rescue persons or property.

The six National Orders – the Order of Mendi for Bravery, the Order of Ikhamanga, the

President Ramaphosa, as the Grand Patron of National Orders, was assisted by the DirectorGeneral in The Presidency, Dr Cassius Lubisi, who is also the Chancellor of National Orders and the Advisory Council on National Orders, in bestowing the awards to the recipients.


The Order of Ikhamanga is awarded to South African citizens who have excelled in the fields of arts, culture, literature, music, journalism or sport.

The Order of Ikhamanga in Silver •

The Order of Mendi for Bravery in Silver •

Mr Thapelo Tambani (Posthumous): For his selfless act of saving another life, which led to his unfortunate demise. His heroic act remains a legacy to all who knew him and got to know of him after his courageous sacrifice.

Government has since 2003 been bestowing National Orders to deserving citizens and eminent foreign nationals who have contributed towards the advancement of democracy and who made a significant impact on improving the lives of South Africans.

Order of the Baobab, the Order of Luthuli, the Order of Mapungubwe, and the Order of the Companions of OR Tambo – also recognise individuals who have made their mark in the building of a non-racial, nonsexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa, as envisaged in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa of 1996. National Orders also contribute towards unity, reconciliation and nation-building in South Africa.

Mr Achmat Davids (Posthumous): For his excellent contribution to the field of literature and the preservation of history through storytelling. His body of works enriched our understanding of the Cape Muslims’ contribution to the development of the Afrikaans language. Mr Jacques Henry Kallis: For his excellent contribution to the sport of cricket and for placing South Africa on the world sporting map with his brilliance. His stellar career and commitment to the sport inspired many young people to aim for excellence. Ms Yvonne “Chaka Chaka” Mhinga: For her excellent contribution to the field of music and her general contribution to social cohesion. Her melodic voice reverberated and found resonance in many parts of our continent and the world. Ms Nomhle Nkonyeni: For her excellent contribution to the performing arts. Over many decades, she has shown durability and adaptability. She has graced

national and international stages, and her mastery of her craft has moved many audiences locally and around the world. •

Mr Benjamin Pogrund: For his excellent contribution to the field of journalism and to scholarship on the liberation struggle. His informative writing shone the light on our country during some of the darkest days in our history. He defied those who would deceive the world.

Mr Mathatha Tsedu: For his excellent contribution to journalism in South Africa and on the African continent, as well as his selfless contribution to the liberation of our country and continent. His mighty pen continues to be his tool in the building of our democracy.

Ms Mary Twala-Mhlongo: For her excellent contribution to the performing arts and for creatively raising awareness on women’s health issues through storytelling. Her sense of humour and humility on and off the stage has endeared her to the nation at large.

The Order of Ikhamanga in Gold On 28 February 2018, Thapelo, a nine-year-old boy, drowned after a heroic and successful effort to save the life of his friend, Mulalo Sien Muelelwa. Mulalo fell into an open waterlogged trench at a building site and was slowly drowning when Thapelo, putting his own life at risk, jumped into the muddy water. Sadly, after saving his friend, he drowned after he could not get himself out of the trench.

Mr Johaar Mosaval: For his exceptional contribution to the performing arts, particularly ballet dancing. His exceptional talent led him to be the first black South African to become a senior principal dancer at the Royal Ballet.

THE ORDER OF LUTHULIand for The Order of Luthuli is awarded to South Africans who have served the interests of South Africa by making a meaningful contribution in any of the following areas: the struggle for democracy, human rights, nation-building, justice, peace and conflict resolution.

THE ORDER OF THE BAOBAB The Order of the Baobab is awarded to South African citizens for distinguished service in the fields of: business and the economy; science, medicine, and for technological innovation, and community service. •

The Order of the Baobab in Silver •

Mr Braam Jordaan: For his brilliant efforts at raising awareness on the importance of Sign Language and the human rights of hearing-impaired people around the world through his colourful spectrum of films and books.

Ms Constance Mirriam Thokozile Koza (Posthumous): For her excellent contribution and consistent commitment to education and community development. Her selfless giving to society enriched and empowered many lives.

The Order of Luthuli in Silver

Mr Bongani Donald Mkhwanazi (Posthumous): For his excellent contribution to the upliftment of black business. He was a doyen of black business and one of the foremost champions of the economic transformation of post-apartheid South Africa. His efforts had a commendable effect on social cohesion and nation-building. Dr Ray and Mrs Dora Phillips (Posthumous): For their excellent contribution to the creation of the first social-work network designed to improve the terrible living conditions of the growing population of the oppressed. They also established the South African Institute of Race Relations, one of the leading liberal institutions in the country.

Ambassador Thandi Lujabe-Rankoe: For her excellent contribution to the fight for liberation. She did outstanding work in raising awareness on repression in South Africa and mobilised support for those who were facing the apartheid security forces on a daily basis.

For his excellent contribution to the attainment of democracy and the reconstruction of a post-apartheid society. His linguistic prowess and meticulous application of language is imprinted in many dossiers of government where he served tirelessly and loyally.

Mr Trew is a South African politician and discourse analyst who not only advanced our struggle for freedom but committed his life to the service of the South African nation. He served the country with distinction, beginning in the Office of President Nelson Mandela and moving on to establish and develop the Government Communication and Information System, where he retired as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Strategy and Content Management. •

Mr Moyisile Douglas Tyutyu: For his excellent contribution to the fight for the freedom of all South Africans. As an underground operative of Umkhonto we Sizwe, he proved to be a man of courage, living by his conviction that all are equal. He continues to be the fount of wisdom for young activists.

The Order of the Companions of OR Tambo in Bronze •

Prof Malik Maaza: For his outstanding contribution to the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. He is a pioneer on the African continent. His work has improved our knowledge and made headway in the development of cutting-edge technology.

Prof Ari Sitas: For his excellent contribution to social-science scholarship and progressive policymaking. He is also a renowned storyteller and poet. He is a multi-talented scientist who moves effortlessly between profound knowledge production and the arts.

The Order of Mapungubwe in Gold

Ms Bomo Edna Edith Molewa (Posthumous):

For her exceptional contribution to the fight to save our planet. Having served her country during the liberation struggle, she immersed herself in the global efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change on the planet. Through her tireless efforts, South Africa is recognised as one of the global leaders in matters of environmental justice. Ms Molewa, who passed on 22 September 2018, previously served South Africa in various roles, including as a school teacher, political activist, Premier of North West, Cabinet Minister and acclaimed environmentalist.

Dr Riccardo Sarra (Italy): For his consistent contribution to the fight for the liberation of the people of South Africa and the Southern African region. He has nurtured and encouraged cooperation between Italian and South African institutions over a long period.

The Order of the Companions of OR Tambo in Silver

The Order of Mapungubwe in Silver •

Prof Yosuf “Joe” Veriava: For his excellent contribution to the medical profession in South Africa. He has consistently personified medical ethics and progressiveness. He also courageously pushed back the barriers of the unjust and repressive laws of apartheid.

The Order of the Companions of OR Tambo is awarded to those who have actively promoted the interests and aspirations of South Africa through excellent and outstanding cooperation and active expression of solidarity and support.

The Order of Mapungubwe is awarded for achievements in the international area which have served South Africa’s interests.

Prof Thokozani Majozi: For his outstanding contribution to science, particularly the development of a novel mathematical technique for near-zero-effluent batch chemical facilities which enables the reuse of wastewater. As a young scientist, more trailblazing is expected of him in the years ahead.



Brigadier General Velaphi Msane: For his excellent contribution to the liberation struggle and for his steadfast conviction in the equality of all. His courage allowed him to put his people first, with scant regard for his own safety; he left his loved ones behind to fight for not just South Africans, but for all of humanity.

Mr Antony Andrew Trew:

Mr William Smith: For his excellent contribution to the teaching and demystification of mathematics and science. Through the medium of television, he made mathematics and science accessible even to the most marginalised in our society.

The Order of Mapungubwe in Bronze

Mr Klaas de Jonge (The Netherlands): For his excellent contribution to the fight for the liberation of the people of South Africa. With little regard for his own life, he became part of the armed resistance to apartheid. He demonstrated his commitment to South Africa by continuing to be part of the democratic project after the historic 1994 elections. Archbishop Khotso Makhulu (United Kingdom): For his courageous contribution to the fight for liberation. He followed his calling and lived the ideals of lending a helping hand to his fellow human beings. He provided refuge, comfort and family to young activists arriving in exile to join the South African liberation struggle. Prof Paulette Pierson-Mathy (Belgium): For her outstanding and insightful contributions to the struggle for liberation. She has been a prolific author of original reports and

publications providing deep insights into the realities of apartheid, and the struggle for liberation in Africa and Southern Africa in particular. •

Prof Amii Omara-Otunnu (US/Uganda): For his excellent contribution to the global fight for democracy and social justice. He has been a reliable, tried and tested friend of South Africa. He is well-known for his efforts to build international partnerships between our academic institutions and those in other countries.

Ms Lucia Raadschelders – Posthumous (The Netherlands): For her outstanding contribution to the struggle against apartheid. Over many years, she was a reliable friend of our country and post-liberation, she continued to play a critical role in supporting our democracy and archiving our history of the Struggle.

The Order of the Companions of OR Tambo in Gold: •

His Excellency Admiral Didier Ignace Ratsiraka (Madagascar): For his outstanding contribution to the struggle for democracy in South Africa. He offered the liberation movement a national and international platform through his country’s National Television and Radio Station to operate Radio Freedom in the battle of ideas between apartheid propaganda and non-racial democratic values.

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Madagascar ʼs Minister of Communication and Culture Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy hands over equipment from Radio Freedom to Minister of Ar ts and Culture Nat hi Mt het hwa.

Radio Freedom equipment finds a home in Freedom Park


adio equipment from one

“Radio Freedom played a major

ister Mthethwa said Radio Free-

of the oldest liberation radio

role in defeating apartheid. We

dom has always been a mobiliser

stations in Africa has been

must salute the journalist frater-

and some people would listen to

handed to the Freedom Park Mu-

nity; the role it can play in society

it under their beds.

seum in Tshwane.

in changing things for the better.

“As South Africa celebrates 25

Established during apartheid,

It is through Radio Freedom that

years of democracy, we look

Radio Freedom provided waves

the armed resistance intensified

back and reflect on the difficulty

of mass resistance to the regime

and South Africans became more

that our country and people

with broadcasts from different

aware of what it meant to deal a

experienced for a very long time

radio stations, including those in

blow to apartheid,” Arts and Cul-

under colonialism.

Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Ethio-

ture Minister Nathi Mthethwa said.

pia and Madagascar.


At the handover ceremony, Min-

“The painful truth is that millions of liberation fighters, people of

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

the Southern African Develop-

“The two countries will soon sign

role in assisting South Africa at-

ment Community (SADC) region

a memorandum of understand-

and the world over sacrificed

ing in which collaboration in the

“As Tanzania, although it had

their lives for the democracy that

implementation of projects and

attained political freedom and

South Africa enjoys,” the Minister

programmes will be undertaken.

was self-governing, it did not feel

said. Following a successful engage-

“This is where the people of both

tain its freedom.

it had finished its job as long as

countries will ensure the con-

countries of southern Africa were

ment between the governments

solidation and strengthening of

still fighting for their own libera-

of South Africa and Madagascar,

existing relations through learning

tion,” she said.

Radio Freedom has been repatri-

from one another and pursing

ated to South Africa.

projects in the areas of arts, cul-

munication and Culture Lalatiana

ture and heritage that will benefit

Rakotondrazafy said her country

both countries,” he added.

has supported the project to

Historic moment Minister Mthethwa said the

Speaker of the National As-

Madagascar’s Minister of Com-

hand over the equipment to

handover ceremony was a

sembly and former broadcaster

South Africa because it under-

historic moment for South Africa

at Radio Freedom Baleka Mbete

stands the importance of the

and Madagascar because it

condemned attacks against

struggle for freedom.

cemented the bond of friend-

foreign nationals that have taken

ship between the two countries

place in South Africa.

in pursuit of a better Africa and a better world.

Mbete said countries on the continent played an important

She said she has learnt a lot from the sacrifices that South Africans made to attain their freedom.

National Assembly and former broadcaster at Radio Freedom Baleka Mbete reminisces about her time at t he radio station.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



Writer: Lennox Klaas

Radio Freedom's role in democracy D

uring the darkest days

It guided young black South

Freedom, one of the

Africans seeking their space in

oldest liberation radio sta-

the fight for freedom, particularly

tions, was the revolutionary

after the Sharpeville Massacre in

tool that inspired many black

1960, when police opened fire on

South Africans in the fight for

a crowd of non-violent protestors,


killing 69 people.

Broadcasting over

The station heightened the

shortwave radio, its

fight for liberation and instilled

unmistakeable themed

the hope that one day a united,

opening of the pierc-

non-racial, non-sexist, democratic

ing sound of machine-gun fire and rhythmic marching of soldiers became a rallying point against the apartheid regime. The station was the voice of millions of disenfranchised South


for political education.

of apartheid, Radio

and prosperous society which respects human dignity and rights would be created. Importantly, Radio Freedom offered an alternate view of the socio-political landscape and a different perspective of South African history. At the time the airwaves were used by the apartheid regime to peddle disinformation and propaganda. It distorted the ideas of freedom

Africans and

and sowed seeds of division.

tuning in

Furthermore, in response to

brought the

Radio Freedom’s broadcasts, the

latest world

apartheid state often tried to jam

news, updates

its transmissions and imposed a

on the libera-

maximum penalty of up to eight

tion struggle

years in prison for those caught

and a place

listening to it.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Radio Freedom was broadcast

Africa, as

from different radio stations in

our coun-

countries such as Tanzania,

try marks

Zambia, Angola, Ethiopia and

25 years of

Madagascar. Over time, Zambia


became the African National

Over our

Congress headquarters in exile


and home to Radio Freedom.

journey, we

Following a successful engage-

have restored

ment between the governments

the dignity

of South Africa and Madagascar,

of millions of

Radio Freedom's equipment that

South Africans

was used in Madagascar, was

and changed

repatriated to South Africa to the Freedom Park Museum. The handover ceremony held at the end of April this year was a historic moment and allows us to reflect on the difficulty that our country and people experienced under colonialism and apartheid. South Africa is free today because of the countless sacrifices of many South Africans who

“ Our nation’s commitment to freedom of expression and a free media remains steadfast”.

the freedom to receive or impart information or ideas, freedom of artistic creativity, academic freedom and freedom of scientific research. These freedoms are impor-

fought tirelessly to overcome the

tant, and we must continue to

brutal apartheid system.

nurture and protect them. Our nation’s commitment to freedom

South Africa has made significant progress in transforming

our lives for the better.

of expression and a free media

from an apartheid state into a

One important area is that me-

democratic one. Our nation is

dia are free to report without fear

founded on the values of hu-

or favour, and shine a light on

cast for the final time in August

man dignity, non-racialism and

issues that are vital to the public

1991, its role in defeating apart-

non-sexism, the rule of law and

and our democracy.

heid will forever remain in our

universal adult suffrage, as enshrined in the Constitution. The handover ceremony was also a fitting tribute to South

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Freedom of expression and

remains steadfast. While Radio Freedom broad-

collective memories. Through the

freedom of the press and other

unyielding efforts of Radio Free-

media is enshrined in our Consti-

dom, the path to a free South

tution. The Constitution protects

Africa was realised.



IN PURSUIT OF ENERGY SECURITY May is National Energy Month, aimed at promoting the importance of energy consumption, energy use in our daily lives as well as sustainable energy. This national initiative provides an opportunity for the Department to strengthen South Africans’ understanding of the concept of energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation.


appliances. In addition to this it has introduced demand management programmes in municipalities in line with the Integrated Energy Plan. We are confident that these interventions will continue to provide lasting relief thoroughout the winter period, while we are putting our efforts into finalising the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The IRP seeks to achieve the necessary balance between electricity supply and demand by introducing power generation technologies timeously in pursuit of set policy objectives. The objectives include ensuring energy security, meeting our greenhouse gas limits, limiting costs, regional integration and localisation of the Director General for the Department of Energy, Mr Thabane Zulu.


technologies we deploy.

ith the country experiencing challenges

The IRP is dependent on long-term assumptions about

in supplying sufficient energy to meet a

the costs of various technologies and the demand

growing demand – particularly with regard

projection for electricity. Consequently, it is critical that

to electricity – the need to conserve energy and to use it

it must be regularly updated in order to avoid building

efficiently is the cornerstone of our strategy as we head

excess capacity (if the demand declines) or causing

for the cold winter months.

power disruptions (if the demand grows faster than projected).

The deteriorating Eskom plant performance, driven by old generation infrastructure, confirms that we

This year, we hope to finalise all pending decisions

need to replace old power plants and invest in new

relating to IRP 2019, taking into account all stakeholder

generation capacity. This will support the call by

and public consultation inputs that have been received

His Excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa to entice

thus far. In terms of process, the final IRP will be based

investment into South Africa.

on the policy imperatives of government, in line with the objectives we have set for the energy sector.

As a country, we have not fully taken advantage of the opportunity to create jobs through the Energy

The energy sector is in full transition. Around the globe,

Efficiency Demand Side Management (EEDSM) while

countries have initiated processes to decarbonise their

balancing the electricity system. Energy Month thus

energy systems by increasing the share of renewables

advances our awareness-building efforts in this regard.

in generation capacity and upgrading the existing infrastructure. While we remain a coal-based economy

The country has, in a short period, come up with

and continue to observe international efforts to

effective short-term interventions to avert and alleviate

reduce greenhouse emissions and other pollutants, the

electricity supply interruptions. This has produced huge

Department will improve our energy mix by having 30%

relief to all as the interruptions caused by load shedding

of clean energy by 2025.

have had a negative impact on the economy. Through this transition process new challenges for The Department, with its associated entities, has initiated

governments, system operators and market stakeholders

a number of energy efficiency initiatives for the domestic

emerge and need to be addressed. Cabinet approval

and industrial sector, including standards and labeling of

of the IRP for South Africa will define a tangible plan

for embarking on a low carbon energy future that

South Africa is highly dependent on imported crude

also secures the participation of Independent Power

oil and with diminishing refining capacity, we are

Producers Procurement Programme (IPPPP) side by side

increasingly relying on imported petroleum products. This

with Eskom and municipalities.

places our country at significant risk to global instability. We therefore need to look at alternative sources and

In keeping with technological developments in the

resources to meet our liquid fuel needs.

sector, the regulatory regime continues to be revamped in a parallel process. The Independent Power Producers

As part of our drive to meet this objective, the

will continue to form part of our energy mix. To date,

Department, under the leadership of Minister Jeff

the IPPPP has contributed to job creation, enterprise

Radebe, pursued an investment drive in a new crude oil

development (focusing on women and youth) and

refinery and a petrochemical complex. During the drive

local manufacturing opportunities. However, there is

in July 2018, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicated its

still much room for improvement. Lessons learnt and

commitment to invest $10-billion, mainly in the energy

the experience gained will be assessed and applied

sector. Key to this pledged investment is Saudi Arabia’s

to new initiatives to ensure the improvement of future

interest in investing in a new crude oil refinery jointly with

programmes to continue to fulfil government objectives.

a government-owned entity.



– THREAT OR OPPORTUNITY? This brings us to the subject of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Instead of resisting this change and engaging on the basis of fear, we should take the opportunity and prepare our youth for this future. Given our demographics, the training of African human capital is a big opportunity. We are the youngest continent in terms of the median age of our population. The World Population Review (2015) confirmed the African median age at 19.5 years, when compared to the world median of 30 years. We should use this to our advantage by preparing our youth to become active participants in the future world economy. In conclusion, I must say the future of energy supply is very exciting, having identified gas as a strategic game changer in the sector, as clearly outlined on our draft IRP. The shale gas potential in South Africa cannot be ignored as it has the potential to contribute significantly to our future energy needs within the constraints of proposed emissions caps. As a result, this resource would help us to effectively move towards a low-carbon economy. There are also significant socio-economic development benefits that could be realised through the creation of primary and secondary industries and new job opportunities Working together with the private sector, local and international investors is key in taking the energy sector to another level of success. We continue to remain productive driven in our endeavour to provide the best energy service ever to citizens of our country and the world at large.

CONTACT DETAILS Postal Address: Private Bag X96, Pretoria, 0001 Physical Address: 192 Visagie Street, Corner Paul Kruger & Visagie Street, Pretoria Switchboard: +27 12 406 8000 E-mail: Website:


Source: SAnews

President Cyril Ramaphosa at Nissanʼs Rosslyn plant.

Investment drive bearing fruits I

President said many may have dismissed it as a “pipedream that would never happen”. However, the country is proving them wrong in the drive to raise the funds. The President, who toured the

n a demonstration of confidence

can workers,” said the President

automotive manufacturer’s facility,

in South Africa as an investment

at the official ceremony held in

was pleased with how machines

destination, Nissan has an-

a country where the automotive

have not taken over the produc-

nounced a R3 billion investment at

sector is an essential part of its

tion line of vehicles. Despite this,

its Rosslyn plant.


Nissan has invested R150 million

President Cyril Ramaphosa offici-

The investment comes following

in the training and upskilling of

ated over the Japanese automo-

South Africa’s inaugural Invest-

workers, which will prepare them

tive giant’s announcement.

ment Conference in the latter

for the future of work in an era of

part of 2018. At the conference,

technological advancement.

“It’s a matter of great pride for us that many more motorists

South Africa announced that it

around the world will be driving

wanted to raise R1.4 trillion over

Preserving jobs

vehicles that bear the industry

the course of the next five years.

The investment will see Nissan

Welcoming the investment, the

produce its new Navara pick-

and craftsmanship of South Afri-


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

up van for the local as well as

Director, Mike Whitfield.

country’s transformation efforts.

international market. Production

The production of the vehicle

Trade and Industry Minister

of the vehicle at the plant is due

will initially include a 35 percent

Rob Davies said many of the

to commence next year.

local content element, which

world’s automotive companies

“In this era of technological

will be ramped up to reach 60

are looking to the African mar-

advancements and the Fourth

percent local content in total.

ket for their products.

Industrial Revolution, we must be

“This will generate an estimated

“One of the good reasons

deliberate in making the neces-

R5.8 billion new economic value

for this is that the integration

sary investment to preserve jobs

every year in the immediate

process on the continent is

as well as create more jobs,” said

region,” said Whitfield.

actually making progress in terms of the African Free Conti-

the President.


nental Trade Area. We expect the

must not be seen as being job

Nissan’s and the Automotive

continent to industrialise,” said

destructive but as an advance-

Industry Development's invest-

the Minister.

ment that can create jobs.

ment will also see the incubation

Artificial intelligence, he said,

“Machines must enhance the work done by humans and not displace them. It’s significant

of at least 15 new black-owned component suppliers. A subsidiary of the Gauteng

Ease of doing business Speaking on the ease of do-

that none of the 1 800 workers

Growth and Development

ing business in South Africa,

here will lose their jobs; 400 new

Agency, the centre is a state-

President Ramaphosa, who got

jobs will be created mainly in

of-the-art facility for skills and

an opportunity to get inside

the manufacturing operations

development training within

the new Navara vehicle, said

because of this new investment,”

the automotive sector.

government is taking steps to

he said.

President Ramaphosa welcomed the incubation process.

ensure the reliable availability of electricity.

Jobs and local content

jobs will be created in the val-

Eskom management and other

Nissan, which has been in the

ue chain through the develop-

stakeholders to fix operational

country for the past 56 years,

ment of new suppliers of locally

issues,” he said.

will add a further 1 200 full-time

manufactured components,”

jobs across the value chain with

said the President, adding that

ment is a clear vote of confi-

the start of the production of the

this move will contribute to the

dence in South Africa’s automo-

new Navara for the local and

empowerment of local SMMEs.

tive industry, which contributes

continental market. “We see Africa as [a place] we

“It’s also significant that more

The incubation facility will facilitate the transfer of knowl-

“We are working closely with

The President said the invest-

7.1 percent to the gross domestic product.

can make a real contribution

edge and skills for emerging

“This investment by Nissan is

to and improve the lives of the

black industrialists to play a

an expression of confidence. It’s

people who live here through

meaningful role in the value

a clear signal that we are on a

industrialisation,” said the

chain of the automotive sector,

path of growth and renewal,” he

company’s Africa Managing

thereby contributing to the


Public Sector Manager • May 2019



Writer: Dale Hes

Changing the legislative landscape of SA When apartheid officially ended with the first democratic elections in 1994, the single most important task for the newly elected government was to completely transform the legislative framework of the country. For many decades, oppressive laws had guided the functioning of South Africa. Democracy brought with it a new Constitution, new laws and new social structures that have turned South Africa into a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.


Africa’s progress in overcom-

A new dawn guided by the Constitution

ing the evils of apartheid

s a young democracy, South

stitution’s most important aspect is the Bill of Rights, which forbids

For 25 years, South Africa’s democ-

discrimination on the grounds of

has been remarkable. Apartheid poli-

racy has been guided by a Con-

race, gender, social origin, age,

cies were included in virtually all laws

stitution that is recognised as one

religion, language and others. The

of the country, affecting every sector

of the best in the world. An Interim

Constitution became the supreme

of society. Starting afresh required

Constitution became law directly

law of the country, and resulted in

repealing these laws, implementing

after the elections, and by 1996 the

the abolishment of many of the op-

new laws and changing the function-

final draft had been approved by

pressive laws implemented under

ing of society.

the Constitutional Court. The Con-



Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Eliminating segregation The entire system of apartheid was based on separating people

Land Act of 1913, which set aside

new Constitution, the Education

only 13 percent of land in South

and Training Act was repealed

Africa for black residents.

by the South African Schools Act

The Bantu Homelands Citizenship

in 1996, which entitled all South

into specific racial groups. This was

Act of 1970 declared that all black

Africans to equal access to educa-

largely guided by the Population

Africans were citizens of independ-


Registration Act of 1950, which

ent homelands, rather than of

required every South African to be

South Africa itself. Approximately

has been on a process to close

registered and classified under the

eight million black people lost their

under-resourced schools which

groups: black, white or coloured.


were located in the homelands

Various social rights, political

After the 1994 elections, the Ban-

The South African Government

and were subject to poor edu-

rights and educational opportuni-

tustans were officially abolished,

cation standards. Thousands of

ties were determined almost com-

and the country was redivided into

small schools are now being

pletely upon which group a person

the nine new provinces.

merged with larger schools, which

belonged. The Act was repealed by

is improving the overall standard

remained necessary to continue

Transforming the education system

to classify South Africans accord-

The Bantu Education Act of 1953

process has taken place in the

ing to race, in order to reverse the

was introduced to enforce racially

higher education system, whereby

injustices of the past through new

separated schools and institutions

institutions have been merged into

policies such as Black Economic

of higher learning. A system of

single entities which provide a high


Bantu Education was established,

standard of tertiary education.

Parliament in 1991, although it has

Meanwhile, the Reservation of

disadvantaged areas. A similar

which was specifically aimed at

Separate Amenities Act of 1953,

equipping black youth to enter the

required public premises, vehicles

unskilled labour market.

and services to be segregated by

of education in these previously

While schools for white children

Entering the democratic chapter Over the past 25 years, govern-

race, whereby white people were

were of world-class standards, a

ment has not only had to repeal

given access to the best facilities.

high proportion of black schools

oppressive laws, but introduce new

This Act was repealed in 1990.

did not have running water, elec-

laws and programmes that fulfil the

tricity or sanitation. In 1976, the

aims of the Constitution.

Abolishing geographical segregation

decree of government to force

After the creation of a new Parlia-

all black schools to teach in both

ment, a number of new institutions

Afrikaans and English led to the

were established to uphold the

The creation of Bantustans was

tragedy of the Soweto Uprising in

provisions of the Constitution.

one of the major policies es-

which more than 575 people died.

tablished under the apartheid

Although the Act was repealed

The Constitutional Court was established in order to observe and

government’s rule. Also known as

by the Education and Training Act

enforce the observance of any

“homelands”, these 10 areas were

in 1979, some aspects of racial

law within South Africa. Chapter

established based on the Natives

segregation remained. Under the

9 institutions such as the Public

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



Protector, Independent Electoral

2008, the Children’s Act of 2005,

of establishing mechanisms to

Commission, South African Human

the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences

expropriate land.

Rights Commission and the Com-

and Related Matters) Act of 2007,

South Africa boasts one of the

mission on Gender Equality have

and the Domestic Violence Act of

best social welfare systems in the

all acted as protectors of democ-

1998, among others.

world. The 1997 White Paper for

Social Welfare sets out all the prin-

racy and the rights of citizens.

Most important new laws introduced

Labour laws

ciples, guidelines and proposed

Enforced in 1995, the Labour Rela-

programmes for developmental

tions Act was the crucial piece of

social welfare in South Africa.

Since 1994, government has intro-

legislation in promoting economic

Under the Social Assistance Act

duced hundreds of new pieces of

development, social justice, labour

of 2004, around 17 million vulner-

legislation, many of which focus on

peace and democracy in the

able South Africans currently

redressing the injustices of the past.


receive social grants.

Introduced in 1994, the Reconstruc-

The Basic Conditions of Employ-

tion and Development Programme

ment Act of 1997 and the Em-

(RDP) has been the guiding light

ployment Equity Act of 1998 also

Municipalities and public administration

in reversing the inequalities of

worked to lay the foundations for

To provide for proper organisation


a workplace free from inequality

and administration of the new

and unfair labour practices. With

democratic South Africa, the Pub-

housing, provision of water and

the recent implementation of

lic Service Administration Act was

electricity, land reform, access to

the National Minimum Wage Act,

also established in 1994.

healthcare and public works pro-

South African workers are better

grammes have all been integral to

protected than ever before.

Priority areas in the RDP such as

Human rights laws South Africa has a strong legisla-

local government failed to meet the basic needs of most South

the improvement of living standards for millions of South Africans.

Under apartheid, the system of

Land reform and social welfare Following the displacement of

Africans. In 2000, local municipalities were established, and their functioning is guided by the Local

black people during colonial

Government Municipal Systems

tive framework in place to protect

times and apartheid, land reform


the human rights of all citizens.

has been an important priority

Established in 2000, the Promo-

These are just a handful of the

in South Africa. The Restitution of

laws and legislations that have

tion of Administrative Justice

Land Rights Act of 1994 directed

been introduced in South Africa

Act, the Promotion of Access to

that land be returned to dispos-

since 1994. The task of turning

Information Act and the Equality

sessed persons or communities.

around the broken apartheid sys-

Act all work towards promoting provisions in the Bill of Rights. Vulnerable groups are protected under the Child Justice Act of


Thousands of land claims have

tem has been a gargantuan one,

since been settled, and the

and the work continues in repair-

acceleration of land reform is

ing the damage done to

continuing through the process

our country.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


Writer: Allison Cooper

Public service: transforming the nation for 25 years While government has improved the lives of millions of people since 1994, it recognises that more needs to be done to confront the numerous service delivery and transformation challenges that remain.


ince 1994 government has

possession, and even more has

One of the most active arenas

taken great strides to trans-

been done to empower previously

of change has been to shift the

form the public service.

disadvantaged people through em-

programmes of the state towards

Much has been done to address

ployment equity, affirmative action

reconstruction and development,

systematic violence and land dis-

and business empowerment.

focusing on the poor and margin-


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

alised, to eliminate poverty and

stitution. New legislation included

reach each and every citizen

provide access to housing, water,

the Public Service Act, Public

equitably,” he added.

electricity, sanitation, education,

Finance Management Act and

health and social protection. In

the Municipal Systems Act.

addition, constitutional institutions

From 1999 to 2004, modernisa-

Birth of the NDP One of South Africa’s greatest

have been put in place to ensure

tion and implementation took

transformation milestones was

human rights, public protection,

centre stage; while from 2004 to

the adoption of the National

independent monetary policy

2009 implementation was ac-

Development Plan (NDP) on 12

and independent audit.

celerated with the introduction

September 2012. The NDP aims

Former President Nelson Mande-

of e-Government and electronic

to eliminate poverty and reduce

la put in place the Reconstruction

systems to deliver services. From

inequality by 2030 and carries the

and Development Programme

2009 to 2014, systems were put

hopes and dreams of all South

(RDP), a policy framework for the

in place to monitor and evalu-

Africans for a better life.

fundamental transformation of

ate government departments’

South Africa’s public service. At

and municipalities’ performance

five-year implementation plan –

the heart of the RDP was a com-

against management practices;

the Medium Term Strategic Frame-

mitment to address poverty and

while from 2014 to 2019 saw a

work (MTSF). The current MTSF

gross inequality.

focus on productivity and ef-

(2014 to 2019) has 14 outcomes,

ficiency measurement, through

namely education, health, safety,

evidence-based policy, planning

economy, skills, infrastructure, rural

and practices.

development, human settlements,

25 years of transformation In November 2014, the then Minis-

“The extension of access to ba-

The NDP is implemented via the

local government, environment,

ter of Public Service and Adminis-

sic services such as water, elec-

international, public service,

tration, Collins Chabane, reflected

tricity, education, housing and

social protection and nation-

on South Africa’s 20-year public

social security is a major achieve-


service transformation journey.

ment of the post-apartheid era.

“The nature, scale and pace of

While progress has been made

However, despite this dramatic

since implementing the NDP, ba-

change since 1994 have been

expansion, access to quality

sic services have not yet reached

phenomenal,” he said, explain-

services remains uneven,” Minister

all citizens – especially those in

ing that the Public Sector Reform

Chabane said at the time.

rural areas. However, government

Strategy has remained on track

“I believe that the focus in the

is working hard to expand the

since the introduction of the

road ahead in the sixth adminis-

reach of water, electricity, roads,

White Paper on the Transforma-

tration in 2019 will be to focus on

housing and other services to the

tion of the Public Service in 1997.

measurement, and accountabil-


From 1994 to 1999, transforma-

ity and co-production of public

Government is also strongly

tion focused on rationalisation,

services where civil society and

focused on creating employment

policy development and aligning

business will directly assist gov-

opportunities for the youth. The

all legal instruments to the Con-

ernment to ensure that services

Minister of Public Service and

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



Administration, Ayanda Dlodlo,

In studying the recommen-

service. This mandate also entails

launched the e-Recruitment

dations from the diagnostics

the evaluation of government’s

system in December 2018 as part

from the NDP, great emphasis is

programme achievements or the

of a government-wide process

placed on improving the capac-

lack thereof.

to make it simpler and easier for

ity of the state through manag-

people, especially the youth, to

ing the political-administrative

Looking ahead

apply for job opportunities in the

interface and strengthening the

“We need to strengthen the

public service.

capacity of the state, through

capacity of the state to address

suitable skilled and qualified

the needs of the people,” said

review of regulations for all entry

employees. The National School

President Cyril Ramaphosa in his

level posts in the public service to

of Government (NSG) has been

2019 State of the Nation Address.

allow for the recruitment of new

tasked to address this gap.

“We have made progress in

“The process will also include a

examining the size and structure

entrants, without prior experigovernment is committed to

National School of Government

addressing the high rate of youth

The NSG is legislatively mandated

unemployment and we believe

to train and develop public serv-

that the e-Recruitment system will

ants. Its core business is in line

the operationalisation of Section

alleviate the burden on our youth

with the NDP and the attributes

8 of the Public Administration

when applying for jobs in the

of a developmental state to give

and Management Act, which

public service,” she said.

impetus to building a common

strengthens the outlawing of

The NDP highlights the impor-

service ethos and a competent

public servants doing business

tance of building a state that is

public service, link training and

with the state and will enable

capable of playing a develop-

development to the national

government to deal more ef-

mental and transformative role,

development goals, and to focus

fectively with corrupt activities.

which requires collaboration

training to improve work perfor-

This will see harsher penalties,

between all sections of society

mance and service delivery.

including fines and/or prison

ence, into entry level jobs. Our

and effective leadership by gov-

Another public service transfor-

of the state and will complete this work by the end of this administration.” Government will also process


mation milestone since 1994 is

It will also establish the Ethics,

the empowerment of the Public

Integrity and Disciplinary Techni-

tions and infrastructure that

Service Commission, which falls

cal Assistance Unit to strengthen

enable the economy and society

under the Department of Public

the management of ethics and

to operate optimally. However,

Service and Administration. It was

anti-corruption, and ensure

critical interventions are required

introduced to investigate, monitor

consequence management for

to build a state capable of realis-

and evaluate the organisation

breaches of government pro-

ing the vision for 2030.

and administration of the public


ernment. The state provides the institu-


Public Sector Manager • May 2019


COURSE OUTCOMES On completion of the course, learners will be able to: • Determine the work required

Project management is a rapidly growing field. The global non-

to accomplish project objectives

profit organisation for the profession, the Project Management

• Develop an integrated project plan

Institute, expects to see 22 million new project management job

• Develop a cost management plan

openings through 2027. In line with this, Amathuba Hub’s Project

• Manage stakeholder relations

Management NQF Level 4 Learnership upskills employees who

• Manage risks

are leading projects, whether small or large, as well as those

• Empower team members

who are working on large-scale projects.

• Communicate effectively • Produce detailed, relevant reports

The primary purpose of this qualification is to provide learners with a strong foundation of project management knowledge and skills in all industries, which can be used to build further project management-related competencies. Learn how to

BEE BENEFITS Skills development is a priority element constituting 20 points (and 5 bonus points)

be an effective project team member and provide support

of the total scorecard points. A minimum of

to project managers on complex projects. This Project

40% of the points (8 points) must be scored

Management NQF Level 4 Learnership will also add value

for this element to avoid dropping a level.

to learners who are running their own business since project management forms an integral component of any business.

TAX INCENTIVES Tax incentives are deductions on your taxable income that you can claim for each learnership candidate that you have in your employment. This is done at the start of the learnership and again on completion.


CONTACT DETAILS: Address: 106 Leslie Avenue, Douglasdale, 2055 • Email: • Phone: +27 (0)11 783 7190 • Fax: (086) 733-8826


Writer: Allison Cooper

Government firmly focused on ECD Rolling out a quality early childhood development (ECD) programme, as envisaged in the National Development Plan (NDP): Vision 2030, is one of government’s priorities and it is making good


overnment is committed

of poverty, we need to educate

dence attests to the importance

to ECD, which is globally

the children of the poor,” said

of the early years for human

recognised as the most

President Cyril Ramaphosa in his

development, and the need for

powerful investment in human

2018 State of the Nation Address

investing resources to support

capital that a country can make.


and promote optimal child de-

“If we are to break the cycle


Overwhelming scientific evi-

velopment from conception.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

A lack of opportunities and

ensuring the provision of com-

tion for Grade 1, as announced

interventions during early child-

prehensive, universally available

by President Ramaphosa in his

hood can significantly disadvan-

and equitable ECD services. The

2019 SoNA.

tage young children and dimin-

policy caters for two develop-

“Another critical priority is to

ish their potential for success.

mental stages – the first 1 000

substantially improve reading

days, from conception to two

comprehension in the first years

an ECD specialist, said at the

years, which includes pregnan-

of school. This is essential for

Wold Bank Technical Workshop

cy, delivery and post-natal care.

equipping children to succeed

of the Africa Early Childhood

The focus of this part is to ensure

in education, in work and in life,

Care and Development Initia-

adequate nutrition, care, safety

and is possibly the single most

tive held in Tanzania in Oc-

and stimulation for the child.

important factor in overcoming

tober 2009, that the pre-1994

For children between two to five

poverty, unemployment and

apartheid system did not spare

years, the focus is on quality

inequality,” the President said.

children. There were no ECD poli-

stimulation and care.

Despite this, Dr Juliana Seleti,

cies, even for privileged children,

“We will be substantially expanding the availability of early

of ECD services, which very few

ECD moves to the DBE

children benefited from.

The responsibility for ECD centres

next six years we will provide

and only a fragmented system

reading resources across the foundation phase and over the

has migrated from the DSD to

every school child in South Africa

velopment in South Africa only

the DBE, with over 700 000 chil-

with digital workbooks and text-

began in the early 1990s, after

dren currently accessing ECD

books on a tablet device. We will

former President Nelson Mande-

services across the country.

start with those schools that have

She said organised policy de-

la was released from prison.

“This is a significant step in

been historically the most disad-

the progress of education for

vantaged and are located in the

Social Development (DSD), Basic

young children in our country

poorest communities, including

Education (DBE) and Health

and, if implemented correctly,

multi-grade, multi-phase, farm

had developed their own ECD

will be an important step in

and rural schools,” he added.

policies; well-defined units and

achieving the vision of the NDP:

sections were established and

Vision 2030. However, without

Motshekga said that the depart-

the financing of ECD became a

clear implementation plans

ment is ready to phase in digit-

budget item from 2000.

and concrete actions, this an-

ised textbooks from next year.

By 2003 the departments of

ECD has since become a

nouncement will not deliver

Basic Education Minister Angie

In March 2019 the DBE – in part-

government priority and Cabi-

any benefits to the country or its

nership with the Vodacom Foun-

net approved the National

youngest citizens,” said President

dation, Nelson Mandela Founda-

Integrated ECD Policy in De-


tion, United Nations Women and

cember 2015, to transform ECD

The next step in the process

service delivery in South Africa

is the two years of compulsory

ECD Centre at Divhani Crèche

by addressing critical gaps and

ECD for all children, in prepara-

and at the Frank Ravele

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Global Citizen – handed over an



Secondary School of Excellence in Vhembe, Limpopo. The crèche, one of 15 ECD centres chosen for refurbishments, received a complete infrastruc-

the collaboration with Vodacom,

ECD, Marie-Louise Samuels, said

which already connects 3 000

that the DBE will continue with

schools and 92 teacher centres

its resolve to strengthen the

across the country.

foundations of learning in ECD,

Deputy Basic Education

and the foundation phase grades, in particular.

ture makeover, including a mini

Minister Enver Surty welcomed

computer laboratory, proper

Vodacom’s efforts. Reflecting on

sanitation, educational toys and

ECD, he commended Vodacom

the international Africa Play

a trolley solution with tablets for

for prioritising learners’ safety

Conference in Pretoria in

a mobile library. Vodacom also

by ensuring age-appropriate

February 2019 to facilitate an

provided information and com-

infrastructure and sanitation for

understanding of and commit-

munications technology teacher

a conducive environment for

ment to the important role of

training, waterless toilets and

teaching, learning and restoring

play in preparing children for

the refurbishment of toilets and


the opportunities of the 21st

The DBE and partners hosted

Century and the achievement

furniture. Frank Ravele Secondary School is one of 12 Schools of Ex-

Strengthening ECD

of sustainable development at

cellence identified by the DBE for

Earlier this year, the Director of

national and global levels.


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

“Government has taken the

by the Western Cape DSD, in a

and private outcome funder

lead in ensuring that there is

matched funding arrangement

if and when improved social

universal coverage with regard

with ApexHi Charitable Trust,

outcomes are achieved over

to the ECD sector. The reality

and supported by a coalition

the bond term.

confronting us is that we can

of investors, namely the Stand-

no longer teach 21st century

ard Bank Tutuwa Community

sor to the CEO at m2m, said

learners using run-of-the-mill

Foundation, Futuregrowth Asset

at the time, “We are excited

20th century pedagogical

Management and LGT Venture

about the potential of the IBIF

methods,” Minister Motshekga


as it will create a new source


The IBIF will invest in ECD in a

David Torres, the senior advi-

of ECD funding, establish a

new way. Using the model of

benchmark for proven ECD

future is digital – the fusion of

SIBs, which means that govern-

programming and promote

technologies that is blurring

ments only pay if pre-deter-

the dissemination of rigorous

the lines between the physical,

mined outcomes are achieved,

performance management

digital and biological spheres. It

the IBIF forms a public-private

systems for the ECD sector.”

is an exciting world where play

sector coalition that can sus-

itself is transformed to play a

tainably finance ECD.

“The future beckons and that

role in the cognitive development of the child,” she added.

Over a three-year period the

If successful, the IBIF model could be replicated across the Western Cape and throughout

IBIF, through FCW, will seek to

South Africa, changing the way

improve the cognitive and

social interventions are funded

First SIB for ECD

socio-emotional development

and creating a new way

In September 2018, mothers-

outcomes of over 2 000 chil-

forward for additional public-

2mothers (m2m), Volta Capital

dren in the low-income com-

private funding opportunities.

and the University of Cape

munities of Atlantis and Delft,

Town's GSB Bertha Centre for

in the Western Cape.

Social Innovation and Entrepre-

The IBIF transaction will

Looking ahead National Treasury continues

neurship launched the Impact

support a home visiting ECD

to provide funding for ECD

Bond Innovation Fund (IBIF), the

programme targeting three

through a ring-fenced grant.

first social impact bond (SIB)

to five year olds, delivered

focused on ECD.

by FCW through its Family in

will support about 60 000 poor

Aimed at improving outcomes

The ECD conditional grant

Focus (FIF) programme. Private

children and upgrade between

in early childhood, the IBIF is

investors will invest $540 000

600 and 800 ECD centres over

managed by m2m and Volta

up front, to fund FCW’s ECD

the next three years. The budget

Capital and the Western Cape

programme over three years.

allocation for the grant rises

Foundation for Community Work

They will be repaid, with a

from R518 million in 2019/20 to

(FCW) is the implementation

return on their investment, by

R553 million in 2020/21 and to

partner. The transaction was led

the government department

R593 million in the outer year.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



Writer: More Matshediso

We are one A

fricans are interlinked in

and social relations, and that is

Years of Democracy and 23 years

memory and spirit, and this

what makes Africa Month celebra-

of existence of the Constitution,

is what should make all citi-

tions significant,” he explained.

and will be used to reflect on the

zens in the continent to be one.

Africa Day is celebrated every

achievements of the past 25 years.

year on 25 May and it marks the

Prof Serote said because South

heid struggle leader Prof Mongane

founding of the Organisation of

Africa was the last country in the

“Wally” Serote, who spoke to PSM

African Unity (OAU) in 1963.

continent to be liberated, many

These are the words of anti-apart-

about the significance of celebrat-

The OAU is today known as the

African countries played a huge

ing Africa Day and Africa Month

Africa Union (AU), the organisa-

role in its fight for liberation until

this May.

tion promotes greater unity and

the end of the apartheid regime.

Prof Serote is also the recipient of

solidarity between African coun-

Because of that, he added, what

the Order of Ikhamanga in Silver

tries. The AU is at the forefront of

other countries contributed to

for his excellent contribution to

peace, security and stability on the

South Africa cannot be compared

literature, with emphasis on poetry


to what South Africa has done for

and for putting his artistic talents at

This year’s Africa Month in South


the service of democracy in South

Africa is celebrated under the


theme: “Celebrating 25 Years of

is still very young, so South Africa

Democracy: Building a Better Africa

still has a lot to contribute to other

and a Better World.”

African countries that have played

He spoke about the relationship that South Africa has with other African countries, as well as the

Africa Month affords citizens an

“Our democracy and freedom

a role in helping it realise its demo-

contribution made towards the

opportunity to promote African

fight against colonialism and op-

unity, deepen regional integration

“African countries have always


and recommit Africa to a common

claimed South Africa for Africa dur-


ing the apartheid times. That is why

“South Africa has strong historical ties with other African countries that go beyond economic, political


This year’s celebrations coincides with the commemoration of 25

cratic dream,” he said.

they fought so hard for the liberation of our country, in support of all

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

South Africans who fought against

tries and many people across the

colonialism and oppression,” he

world,” he said.


“South Africans are not xenophobic. What has happened

This is why he believes that Africa

in recent years were incidents

Month celebrations cuts across the

of criminal acts in parts of the

South Africans worked very closely

African borderlines and shorelines

country that were blanketed with

with fellow African citizens across

because Africa has its footprints in

the term “Xenophobia,” said Prof

the continent to continue the fight

many parts of the world.


Serote said all generations of

against oppression.

“We have our fellow African

our liberation is interlinked. South Africans should never forget the link we have to the African diaspora,” he said.

Spread Ubuntu across Africa He spoke positively about efforts that government is making to strengthen relations with other African countries, such as getting South Africa to play an active role in the AU as an integral part of the African continent.

“We cannot contribute to divisions in the continent as Africans,

“We have always believed that

“We cannot contribute to divisions in the continent as Africans, we should instead practice Ubuntu and remember that we are one.”

“We must take responsibility

we should instead practise Ubuntu and remember that we are one,” he added. He said moving forward, it should be every citizen’s responsibility to practice Ubuntu and learn as much as they can about cultures and traditions of other African countries while they still celebrate their own. “We should consciously and deliberately host projects that reach out to other countries so that we can learn about their heritage and culture, while we still

as the country in promoting the

celebrate and promote our own

spirit of Ubuntu, which is one of the

brothers and sisters staying all

values that we share as Africans

over the world. A lot of interna-

across the continent,” he said.

tional countries stood shoulder to

Month programme is to promote

shoulder with us in a fight against

and support the preservation

because of other, and encourages

apartheid during the Struggle.

and revival of indigenous lan-

compassion and humanity; which

We are connected with the rest of

guages, and to create discus-

Prof Serote said it is something that

the world, so they celebrate Africa

sion platforms for South Africans,

South Africans were shown by the

Month with us,” he explained.

in particular local communities,

Ubuntu is a notion that one is

world when many citizens crossed

Prof Serote believes that South

without fail,” he said. A focal point of this year’s Africa

to engage in conversations on

borders to parts of Africa and other

Africans are not xenophobic and

Africa’s past, present and future, to

continents when they went to exile.

that the recent attacks that were

foster solidarity and to build unity.

“We did not fight for liberation by

reported recently were isolated

South Africans are encouraged to

ourselves, we did it with the help of

that were made to appear as if it

support Africa Month activities to

our fellow Africans from other coun-

is a national problem.

promote greater unity.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



DELIVERING ON ITS PROMISE Rooting out corruption in the city is at the top of the list. “We will also fight corruption, in all its manifestations, wherever it is found in the City. If council fails to execute its legal mandate to hold senior managers accountable, I will approach the courts to do so. We will improve consequence management in the City to ensure recommendations of forensic investigations and AG reports are implemented in order to maximise accountability. By ensuring that the City’s supply chain processes are set up in such a way that we can detect abuse, corruption will allow us to deal with those responsible decisively.“ The mayor says he will be setting up a capacitated and independent forensic investigation unit in the City that can investigate any allegations of wrongdoing or corruption without fear or favour. Service delivery excellence is a cornerstone of government policy. The City of Tshwane is constantly ensuring ongoing excellence in the distribution of basic resources to its citizens. Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane, Cllr Stevens Mokgalapa

“When I took office on 12 February 2019, I vowed to be the service delivery mayor of Tshwane. The majority of my time and focus will

The City of Tshwane can only deliver on its

be spent on speeding up the delivery of services in the City. Many

mandate if they have a stable administration

of our communities still suffer from years of neglect prior to 2016

with skilled officials, money in the bank to deliver

and we need to do everything in our power to address this.”

services and are focused on serving the people, says the Honourable Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa.

Cllr Mokgalapa’s administration will launch an audit of all informal

“We will build on the financial turn-around

settlements in the City to determine the greatest needs to roll out

that has already been achieved so we have

rudimentary services in an expedited manner. “We will create a

the financial means to improve the lives of the

team that will be dedicated to the acceleration of basic service

people of Tshwane. We have already reversed

delivery, and ensure that this team works tirelessly to improve basic

a crippling deficit into a surplus and we should

service delivery in the City.”

further improve on this.” As at December 2018, 156 informal settlements have access Tshwane can only work if every household in

to rudimentary water services, and the City is working hard to

the city has access to a job. “Although national

ensure that rudimentary sanitation services to informal

government has a big role to play in this regard,

settlements also increase.

this administration will work tirelessly to make the City welcoming, open and easy to do business.”

“We have revised the Indigent Policy – households that are supported by the City receive social packages. These packages go a long way

Cllr Mokgalapa says his office will also work

in the restoration of human dignity and ensuring that all who call our

towards ensuring stable water and electricity

City home, have access to basic amenities through this programme.”

supply for businesses to give them certainty and peace of mind so more investment flow into the

Tshwane’s revised IDP for the 2019/20 indicates that it will be

city. “And by maximising Foreign Direct Investment

building a 211 km storm water drainage that will alleviate some

in the City, we will be able to create more jobs.”

of the pressure off of the systems. “One hundred and eighty three


kilometres of road is currently being built and addressing the public transport issues in the respective areas; 17.6 km in the form of TRT bus way lanes are currently under construction


and earmarked for completion in the next financial year.” When this administration took office in 2016, there Commenting on the City’s special projects, Cllr Mokgalapa says that the municipality is making the transition to selfreliance with their most recent project being the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Tshwane Leadership and Management Academy. “The installation will reduce our dependence on grid-tied electricity by about a third and the investment will be paid off in approximately seven years. Similarly, this investment will reduce our operating expenses as our electricity bill will also be reduced by a similar portion. We pay less, we emit less and we become a stimulus for green economic industries.”

were a number of challenges that we faced, and a lot of maladministration, such as: • We had over R10-million worth of invoices submitted to the former Office of the Speaker for “work” done during the period of 2014, 2015 and 2016 could not be corroborated nor was there justification for the payments. • Unequal service provision and addressing inherited delivery backlogs. • An EPWP Policy that was filled with loopholes, that was there to only benefit party cadres, friends

The motivation for this project lies in the City’s Climate Response Strategy which is informed by their Greenhouse Gas

and family. • We inherited projects and programmes that were

Emissions Inventory. “This management tool indicates that our

started and left unfinished for our people to take

energy footprint amounts to over 12 million tonnes of carbon

advantage of. Some of these projects were vanity

dioxide equivalent per annum. This is directly linked to our source of electricity which is generated from coal-fired power

projects and served no meaningful purpose. • Indigent Policy filled with multitude of

stations, managed by our national power utility. The aim of

inefficiencies and fraud inherent in the database,

the strategy is to ensure that by 2030, the City will have kept

where City officials and non-qualifying households

its emission levels below current emissions as it joins the global

were illegally receiving the indigent benefits.

battle to protect the planet. Furthermore, we are developing

• We inherited the PEU, R630-million-a-year, smart

a Climate Action Plan which aims to steer the City towards being net zero carbon by 2050.”

meter contract. • A number of corruption cases, such as City Hall, Shoe Police Debacle and Dinokeng Tribe One.

In April 2019, Tshwane hosted the Winterveld Green Ride, popularly known as the Kasi Ride. The Tshwane Green Ride

As the DA-led administration we have been able to,

is part of the Cleaner Mobility Programme, through which

in just over two year to:

the City highlights the importance of cycling as a viable mode of transport. The programme aims to promote lowcarbon intervention, healthy lifestyles and non-motorised transportation in communities. “We also launched our very first charging electric vehicle charging stations in the municipal headquarters, Tshwane House. This is in addition to the two solar-powered EV charging stations we received from SANEDI as part of the Green Climate Fund initiative. Tshwane House, being a five-star green rated building, a vehicle charging station is a befitting sustainability addition to a building that has a cycling parking, harvests rainwater, uses electricity efficiently, maximises natural light and has a full in-house recycling system.” Forty of the City’s buses in their A Re Yeng fleet run on compressed natural gas and it has 10 Nissan Leafs that have been incorporated into their messenger fleet.

• Correct an inherited R2-billion deficit to show us a surplus at the end of the first financial year in office in 2017. Under the ANC the City of Tshwane, the Capital City of Africa, was bankrupt; • Uncover over R1.5-billion that was squandered by the previous ANC government. We were able to reduce unauthorized expenditure by over a billion rand and irregular expenditure by R100-million; • Sold the mayoral mansion and used the R5-million from the sale to build 52 RDP houses for 40 families in Atteridgeville; • Opened up the EPWP programme to all residents by adopting an open and inclusive lottery system. So far, we have provided the residents of the City with 161 25 job opportunities and have registered over 120 000 people on the new fair lottery-based system.

Upon taking office, the Executive Mayor launched a Service Delivery Intervention Programme that forms part of his efforts to continuously monitor and evaluate progress with the aim of ensuring high quality service delivery for all residents.

Technology has impacted greatly on the City’s

“We believe that access to connectivity is critical for the

strategies, plans and projects, says Cllr Mokgalapa.

Tshwane community and providing our citizens with access to information is a critical factor in upliftment within the

“In keeping with the technological advances and insuring

City. A delicate balance is required in this instance and

the accessibility of government to its people, the City has

we are confident that we shall eventually strike it as we

developed a number of valuable mobile applications

do not want to compromise business in our pursuit.”

such as the Batho Pele and Tshwane Safety App. We are working hard to perfect this method of communication

The City of Tshwane is renowned for best management

and the strides taken beyond conceptualisation thus far

practices. Describing what they are and how they are

deserve recognition. We recognise that conventional

implemented, Cllr Mokgalapa states that in their efforts

methods of communication have been redundant to a

to refocus the administration, the first priority is to get

vast number of our population and continuing to foster

their house in order.

them will only work to the City’s detriment.” “Performance is at the center of stabilising the Social media platforms have been a preferred

administration. SDBIP targets will be linked to

alternative to many, he says. “However, there remains

performance bonuses – we cannot be giving a bonus to

a need for online platforms that are vetted by the

a Director of Electricity while the City remains dark. Gone

City. For this reason, the creation of multiple mobile

are the days where officials get bonuses while residents

applications are instrumental achievements in

are not getting services.”

customer care.” Cllr Mokgalapa affirms that 28 000 officials will have Another positive that stems from these mobile

to work for their salaries or go home. “Since I have

applications is that they are available for download

come into office, I have asked council to support me

absolutely free of charge. Those who are interested

in establishing the Financial Disciplinary Board. This is to

in using these apps can download them by using the

investigate financial misconduct while we put in place

TshWi-Fi at any of their 1 051 hotspots in all seven regions.

an effective disciplinary process. There will be a system


The mayor says he believes their task is to create a strong and stable footing for business development and economic growth in the capital city. “In order


to boost business confidence, the City needs to articulate and demonstrate how it will efficiently deliver services, espouse good governance, and support and encourage job creating investment.” Inclusive growth will allow the majority of the City’s residents to contribute to and benefit from economic growth. “The underlying ideology of inclusive growth concerns increasing the pace of growth and enlarging the size of the economy while simultaneously levelling the playing field. The City recently received an unqualified audit report from the Auditor General South Africa. We have worked hard to reach this destination and are now beginning to bear the fruits that stem from

of consequences management so that we are able to

notable improvement to financial indicators and ICT.

deal with the officials that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

“To this end, we remain committed to investing heavily in economic infrastructure to provide a competitive

The mayor says he strongly believes that the City requires

business environment and ensure uninterrupted supply

honest professional civil servants to serve the people

of municipal services,” he concludes.

of Tshwane. “We need public servants who know and understand that their contract is with the people of Tshwane. Nothing can be done in the absence of efficient administration and this is an aspect that has been undervalued. Accounting structures and punitive measures for failure to execute duties sufficiently have not been stressed enough.” Cllr Mokgalapa says the City remains firm in their bid for inclusivity and are beginning to see the fruits of a more efficient administration. “We are not without challenges, but our administration enjoys the trust and encouragement of the people that it so diligently serves.” Cllr Mokgalapa’s message to investors is that the City of Tshwane should be the preferred destination for trade and investment. “The leadership of the City of Tshwane has a vision to turn the City into a hub of opportunity that gives life to the rights and freedoms enshrined in


our Constitution. We are open to work with captains of

Postal Address: PO Box 440 or PO Box 6338, Pretoria, 0001

industries and to assist businesses to realise their growth


potential. This administration is fully geared towards

Fax: +27 (01)12 323 5117

positioning the City as the preferred destination from


trade and investment.”

Compiled by: Jauhara Khan


The KZN EDTEA has appointed

degree in Management

Zama Mtongana as CFO.

Accounting from the University

She previously served as Financial Manager for the

Diploma in Management

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Liquor

Accounting from the Chartered

Authority for seven years.

Institute of Management

Mtongana’s professional experience also includes

Zama Mtongana Chief Financial Officer (CFO), KwaZuluNatal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (KZN EDTEA)

of KwaZulu-Natal and a

Accountants. In her capacity as CFO, her

serving as Finance Manager for

duties will include providing a

the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society

strategic framework towards the

for five years, where she liaised

implementation of the Public

with the Attorneys Fidelity Fund,

Finance Management Act

Law Society of SA, other law

and other related financial

societies, banks and members

regulations and policies,

of the legal fraternity at large.

managing and guiding internal

Prior to this, she worked at

control measures, managing

NBC Holdings (Pty) Ltd in an

resources and providing

actuarial capacity.

functional leadership and

She holds a B.Com Honours

guidance in the department.

appointed HR Executive at the

the then Department of Sport, Arts

ATNS SOC Limited.

and Culture.

Ngcwabe has over a decade of

Ngcwabe holds a Bachelor of

senior management experience.

Administration degree from Walter

She previously served at the City

Sisulu University, a Master’s in

of Johannesburg’s Metrobus

Business Administration degree

entity, where she was the

and a postgraduate Diploma in

General Manager responsible for

Doctoral Studies from the Gordon

Corporate Services. Prior to that,

Institute of Business Science.

she was employed at the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) as Senior Executive Manager:

She has completed a range of leadership courses. Her new role calls on her to

Corporate Services, and was

create accountability for the

Lulekwa Ngcwabe Human Resources (HR) Executive: Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) SOC Limited

instrumental in setting up the HR

development and learning of

Management Division at the RTIA.

ATNS' employees and ensure

Lulekwa Ngcwabe has been


Ngcwabe has served in senior

they are retained by giving them

HR management roles at Eskom,

opportunities to grow within their

the National Prosecuting Authority,

fields and beyond traditional

Eastern Cape Parks Board and

work-based training.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


Source: Auto Care Diagnostics

How to spend less at the pumps cents – and eventually Rands – in your pocket.

• Go easy on the accelerator Maintaining the speed limit or just below not only saves you from unnecessary traffic fines but also uses less fuel. A lighter touch on your accelerator also means you only supply what your engine needs at any given time.


outh Africans have had to

options for everyone.

• Be kind to your brakes

deal with a number of fuel

If you are one of the many mo-

price increases recently

torists looking to do the best you

as this creates unnecessary

Try to avoid riding your brakes

and are undoubtedly feeling the

can with the wheels you have,

drag as well as wear and tear

pinch. Many are looking for ways to

here are a few helpful hints to

on your braking system. Slam-

mitigate the impact that fuel hikes

make those precious litres go a

ming on brakes and sudden

have on one’s disposable income.

little further.

stops are hard on your vehicle, which has to use more energy

The more obvious solutions vehicles for more energy efficient

Drive with fuel consumption in mind

models, opting to carpool so the

While seemingly harmless, some

and in traffic, maintain safe

cost of fuel can be shared, and

driving habits actually hike up

following distances and use

public transport. These might

your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

your vehicle’s momentum. You

include downsizing fuel-guzzling

Be mindful at intersections

Hugo Grobler, National Franchise

will be safer in the long run

savings depart-

Manager at Auto Care Diagnos-


ment but are

tics (ACD), offers these sensible

be winners in the

not viable


(and fuel) to bring it to a halt.

driving tips that translate into

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

will have to replace brake pads

to understand what your

Adding unnecessary weight to

and other components less

vehicle needs to operate at

your vehicle essentially equates


its best, from the ideal fuel

to the same thing, except in-

and lubricants to optimal tyre

stead of burning calories, your

pressure. Every car is different.

car burns fuel. Take the time at

A great place to start is your

the end of each trip to offload

engines expend less effort for

owner’s manual or – even

anything you do not need,

a higher output. The lower the

better – an all-in-one service

and avoid using your boot and

gear, the harder an engine has

provider, who can walk you

back seat as storage.

to work to maintain its speed

through all the key points

and the more fuel it will use.

and offer you sound advice

If you are driving a manual

on keeping your car in great

• Keep your vehicle tuned up

vehicle, use the highest gear


• Gearing up

Gears were designed to help

Worn brake pads, clogged filters, damaged gears, faulty

possible and go easy on the revs.

• Streamline

sparkplugs and aging car bat-

Vehicles are designed with

teries are all silent killers of fuel

• Know your route

certain aerodynamics in mind.

economy. Regular services and

This does not just mean know-

Anything that interferes with

tune-ups keep your engine run-

ing where you are going

this causes strain – and creates

ning as it is intended to, keep-

ahead of time and avoiding

higher fuel consumption. Think

ing consumption to a minimum.

unnecessary detours. It also

roof racks and sunroofs, trailers

involves assessing your options

and bike racks. While conveni-

motorists might be tempted

– especially on routes traveled

ent, these items could be liter-

to stretch the time between

most frequently – and choosing

ally holding you back. Only use

services, especially for vehicles

the most economical route. A

when absolutely necessary.

operating outside of a motor

When the cost of fuel spikes,

plan. However, these perceived

shorter route does not always equate to less fuel – fewer starts

• Maintain tyres

savings are quickly swallowed

and stops, less congestion and

up by a number of fuel ineffi-

About 20 percent of fuel goes


more constant speeds do. In-

towards overcoming friction

vestigate mobile apps that help

between the car and the road,

monitor traffic flow to keep your

which makes tyres doubly im-

cle could consume up to 30

trip fuel-friendly and time-wise.

portant. Ensuring optimal pres-

percent more fuel if proper

sure and tread as well as keep-

maintenance is not performed

ing wheels properly aligned

on a regular schedule. So – in

will help prevent unnecessary

addition to driving more ef-

spend at the pumps.

ficiently – adopt a preventative

• Optimise your vehicle A vehicle that operates in the way the manufacturer

Studies show that your vehi-

approach and get the condi-

intended it to will be more

• Lighten the load

tion of your vehicle assessed

economical on fuel. It is

If you want to burn calories, you

to save you money in the long

add weight to your workout.


important to take the time

Public Sector Manager • May 2019



Understanding autism F

or parents with children with

challenging to deal with this

autism early on, the chances of

autism, the disorder causes

behaviour, especially when it hap-

improvements in the condition

confusion, frustration and em-

pens in public.

are much higher. Three percent of

barrassment. Many parents are not

children who are diagnosed with

can do to help their children lead

How can parents help children with autism?

‘normal’ lives.

Mathabhate says that much of

time the child reaches the ages

aware of the disorder or what they

autism between the ages of two and four can get better. By the

the focus in treating autism is get-

of seven to 11, there will be huge

What is autism?

ting parents to understand how

differences and the child may be

Autism is a neurological disorder

their children experience life.

able to lead a much more normal

that occurs from birth and often

“Parents really have to try and

starts presenting symptoms in the

put themselves in their child’s

first few years of a child’s life.

shoes. They have to find the best

Steve Biko Academic Hospi-

ways to communicate either


Where can parents take their children for treatment?

tal clinical psychologist Julia

verbally or non-verbally with

Mathabhate explains that autistic

their children and understand

children experience the world

what signs the child is showing.

autism cannot be fully cured, but

very differently to others.

For example, if a child has had

it can be managed effectively. She

a tantrum, you need to identify

adds that teachers have a crucial

cating and interacting with others.

what caused it and then change

role to play in identifying problems

They also have different sensory

behaviour to best fit the child’s

with children at school, and

symptoms; they may smell, see


suggesting a referral to a psycholo-

“They have difficulty communi-

or hear things differently to other

Mathabhate says that it is im-

people. They may behave ag-

portant for parents to seek help

gressively, throw tantrums or injure

as soon as they notice any issues

themselves,” says Mathabhate.

with their child.

Parents can find it extremely


“When a child is diagnosed with

Mathabhate says in many cases

gist. For more information and advice about autism, contact Autism South Africa on 011 484 9909.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


Writer: Jill Langley Photographers: Jill and Bevan Langley

Ghosts, gold and geotrails

in Barberton


fever still catches the unsuspecting, and a town where the ghosts are as real as its flesh-and-blood inhabitants. I am talking about Barberton, in Mpumalanga. Often passed over in favour of the Panorama Route towns of Sabie, Graskop or Pilgrim’s Rest, Barberton is well worth a visit for its scenery, geology and rich gold mining history. Of course, a visit to the town should include

f I started talking about South Af-

even more prominent in this pe-

a trip to Eureka City and Golden

rica’s gold-rush era of the 1880s,

riod of South Africa’s history.


chances are you would picture

A place where gold is still

the historical town of Pilgrim’s Rest

mined today and where the

in Mpumalanga, with its preserved

gold veins are so rich that the

Dreams of striking it big

old buildings and ancient grave-

joke goes that miners had to

The peak of the gold rush hit


remove the rock from the gold. It

Barberton in the 1880s. Prospec-

is a place where gold-rush towns

tors rushed to this small town with

boomed and crumbled, gold

dreams of striking it big.

You would not be wrong, but you would be overlooking a town


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Claims were pegged out along the hills and rivers surrounding the small town, with miners hard at work digging or panning for gold. The town saw such an influx of prospectors that there was not enough room for all of them. Moreover, these miners were a rough and brawling sort, not suitable for the society of town. Eureka City, with a peak population of 700 people, was built on the hills outside of town in 1885 and was the site of many Wild-West styled antics, including horse races down the main street. It has long since been abandoned and today, the crumbling ruins are all that remain.

No doubt, the claim was reg-

equipment, and any earth dug

istered with haste and digging

out would be removed the same

on Golden Quarry began. So

way. In the centre of the mine, a

through the packed stone door-

named because it looked as

beam of light falls from the en-

ways and imagine themselves

though the rock was formed

trance high above illuminating

present during the times of Cock-

entirely of gold, this site is the

the cool dampness and eerie

ney Liz or the Golden Dane.

richest and oldest working mine

stillness contained within the

in the world. Although other sec-

hand-hewn walls, a quiet monu-

made but many were lost. The

tions are still being mined, the

ment to man’s determination

story of Golden Quarry started

original quarry (a deep pit) mine

and perseverance.

out as a sad tale of a prospector

is open to guided visitors.

Guided visitors can walk

Of course, some fortunes were

Back on the surface, it was time for some ghost stories from local

who had spent all he had saved dejected and penniless, Edwin

Determination and perseverance

Bray went walking in the hills

Descending into the darkened

not the types that seem suscep-

outside Barberton, brooding on

depths and with an overwhelm-

tible to spooky stories or scaring

his situation. Out of frustration, he

ing sense of space that extends

easily and yet, the stories they

apparently hit the ground with

far beyond your tiny pool of

shared of first-hand experiences

his mallet. Imagine his surprise

torchlight, it is incredible to think

left me with goose bumps.

when, looking down, he found

that this was all dug by hand.

in a futile pursuit of gold. In 1885,

he had uncovered a rich vein of gold running right to the surface.

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Miners would climb in and out by rope, carrying all of their

tour guides Pieter and Wynand. Both big, strong men, they are

There were the usual tales of odd noises in old houses, but old houses sometimes make weird



noises all on their own, right? The

of the best-preserved and most

oldest rocks in the world. Barber-

stories of locked doors repeat-

unusual geological finds in the

ton’s Makhonjwa Geotrail is only

edly being found open late at

world are right on Barberton’s

one of three exclusive places

night were harder to explain

doorstep and geologists travel

where this rock can be viewed.

and a warning not to drive the

from all corners of the world to

pass outside of town in the dark

see them.

because of unusual car troubles

The trail is well-marked and

Since one of the other destinations is deep under the ice in Greenland and the last is hun-

informative. Among the sites are

dreds of kilometres in the middle

the remains of an old coastline

of nowhere in Australia, taking an

night ghost hunting is exploring

1 400m above today’s current

easy drive along the Geotrail is

the Makhonjwa Geotrail. This

sea level, as well as evidence of

an obvious choice.

38km route through the Makhon-

a meteor impact.

had me convinced. A much safer activity than late-

with so much to offer the visitor,

jwa mountains takes motorists to a number of points of geological

Barberton is a gem of a town

Makhonjwa Geotrail

that it is a pity it remains some-

interest. That might be putting it

The crowning glory, however, is

what off the main tourist route.

too mildly. The truth is that some

getting a close look at one of the

But that is good news for the visitor who wants an uncluttered, authentic experience of one of the most fascinating corners of South Africa. For those planning a route near Mbombela (Nelspruit), make a stop in Barberton and see for yourself.


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Two million children go to bed hungry...

One Red Bowl can change it all Help stop the injustice and reduce hunger, one child at a time, by giving a gift of great value – a JAM Red Bowl filled with 75% of a child’s daily nutritional needs. For only R50 a month (or R600 per year) you can sponsor the feeding of one or more children by donating online at OR SMS”JAM” to 42181 to donate R30 towards feeding a child.


Writer: Ashref Ismail

New Ford Ranger raises the bar


Public Sector Manager • May 2019


e South Africans, like our Ameri-

reliable and good looking at the same

can and Australian counter-


parts, love our bakkies. Con-

Now Ford is raising the bar further in

sider, for a moment, that the biggest selling

the ultra-competitive light commercial

car in South Africa in the past 12 months

vehicle (LCV) segment with the launch

is a bakkie or light delivery vehicle, to be

of the new Ranger for 2019. Featuring an

technically correct.

extensive range of mechanical, techno-

The biggest selling vehicle in the

logical, feature and comfort upgrades,

United States is also a commercial

the new line-up will make the Ranger an

vehicle, otherwise known as a pick-up,

even more compelling choice among

the Ford F250, which is almost twice the

workhorse and leisure-oriented pick-up

size of our Ford Ranger double cab and


is powered by a massive V8 cylinder engine. So, which bakkie then is the big-

With an extensive range of under-theskin changes, including the introduction of the all-new 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo and Single

gest selling vehicle in Mzansi? It is the

Turbo diesel engines, a revolutionary

Toyota Hilux which has been selling an

new 10-speed automatic transmission

average of 3 000 units per month. The

and a revised suspension set-up, this is

bakkie that follows a close second is

by far the biggest upgrade yet for the

the Ford Ranger series followed in third

current-generation Ranger.

position by the Isuzu stalwart. Clearly, the bakkie wars have begun in earnest.

Bolder presence

Add to the fray Nissan’s Navara, Mitsubi-

While the overall design and shape re-

shi’s Triton, Fiat’s Fullback and do not

main familiar, the finer details have been

forget the Mercedes Benz X Class.

tweaked to give it a bolder presence. This is especially true of the front and

Rugged, reliable and good looking If there has been one bakkie range

rear that have come under the knife to boast a cleaner, but meaner look. Today’s bakkies feature comfort levels

that has given the Hilux a good run for

that compete with those of SUVs which

its money it is the Ranger, even though

explains why they are such good sellers.

it sells an average of 1 000 units per

They are required to perform multiple

month less than the Hilux. Toyota real-

functions; from being a workhorse dur-

ised shortly after its new Hilux launch

ing the week to a leisure vehicle over the

that its front end styling was a divisive

weekend. So, interiors too have to boast

move and it has subsequently been

car-like features and the Ranger delivers

redesigned to make it look much more

from its comfortable, redesigned seats to

dynamic, bold and stylish.

its soft touch facia.

The Ford Ranger range demonstrated effectively that a bakkie can be rugged,

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

Significantly, the latest model sees the introduction of the advanced new-



generation 2.0-litre four-cylinder

diverse as the Ford F-150 pick-up

Bi-Turbo and Single Turbo engines,

and the new Ford Mustang.

assembled at Ford’s Struandale

Ford’s award-winning SYNC®

Engine Plant in Port Elizabeth. Both

technology remains the corner-

engines offer superior perfor-

stone of the Ranger’s in-car enter-

mance, fuel efficiency and a signifi-

tainment system. XLT and Wildtrak

cant improvement in overall refine-

models are equipped with the

ment with lower noise, vibration

high-end SYNC® 3 with Navigation,

and harshness levels compared to

linked to the integrated eight-inch

the existing engine range.

touch-screen colour display.

The tried and trusted 2.2-litre TDCi

My picks from the extensive Ford Ranger model range Single cab 2.2 TDCi base 5MT 4x2 R287 100 2.2 TDCi XL 6MT 4x2 R359 800 2.2 TDCi XL 6MT 4x4 R411 400 Supercab 2.2 TDCi base 5MT 4x2 2.2 TDCi XL 6MT 4x2 2.2 TDCi XL 6AT 4x2 2.2 TDCi XL 6MT 4x4

R336 500 R381 400 R393 800 R429 300

The safety package offered in the

engine remains a key part of the

new Ranger is of the highest order.

new Ranger line-up across the

Depending on specification level,

single cab, supercab and double

it incorporates a comprehensive

cab models as well as the popular

Electronic Stability Control system

five-cylinder, 147kW/470Nm, 3.2-litre

with Traction Control, Trailer Sway

Duratorq TDCi engine, available in

Control, Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent

Wildtrak and XLT specification on

Control, Adaptive Load Control and

the double cab derivatives.

Roll Over Mitigation.

Double cab 2.2 TDCi Base 5MT 4x2 R350 000 2.2 TDCi XL 6MT 4x2 R409 400 2.2 TDCi XL 6AT 4x2 R428 800 2.2 TDCi XL 6MT 4x4 R455 300 2.2 TDCi XL 6AT 4x4 R474 700 2.0 BiT Wildtrak 10AT 4x2 R632 300 2.0 BiT Wildtrak 10AT 4x4 R678 200

for ease of use and convenience. A

The 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo and 2.0 Single Turbo engines are exclusively

Innovative feature

torsion rod is fitted into the tailgate,

available with Ford’s sophisticated

One of the truly innovative new

hinged to the vehicle body. This

all-new 10-speed automatic trans-

features making its debut on the

provides a significant 70 percent

mission, with performance and

Ranger XLT and Wildtrak is the EZ

reduction in the initial lift force

durability proven in applications as

lift tailgate, which is a major boon

required to close it. Additionally, the opening of the tailgate is dampened, making it much easier to control when opening. With more than 30 Ranger models to choose from, there is one for any need and application. All models come standard with Ford Protect, comprising a fouryear/120 000km comprehensive warranty, three-year/unlimited distance roadside assistance and five-year/unlimited km corrosion warranty. A six-year/90 000km service plan is included, with 15 000km service intervals.


Public Sector Manager • May 2019


Writer: Nicholas Francis

Hearty, delicious and irresistible I

t is a cold, rainy Saturday and your plans for the day consist of pajamas, blanket, couch, book and the television remote.

The only thing missing from this scenario is a good hearty meal. We have chosen some delicious dishes for those winter days that will have you licking your fingers and looking for seconds.

Crepes Ingredients 1 cup cake flour Pinch of salt 1 large egg 1 Âź cups milk 2 tbsp melted butter Oil for pan Chocolate spread Fresh berries Banana, sliced Golden syrup Directions Combine the flour and salt in a bowl, make a small well and crack the egg into the well. Mix with a wooden spoon, gradually blending in the flour from sides of the bowl. Mix in the milk to make a smooth batter. Using a whisk, blend in the melted butter and set aside for 30 min-


Public Sector Manager • May 2019

utes. The batter will thicken to the

4 garlic cloves,

consistency of cream. Add more


milk to thin, if necessary.

5 tbsp cake

Lightly oil the pan and place


over medium to high heat. Once

2 cans chicken

the pan is well heated pour three


tablespoons of batter into the

1 can peeled toma-

pan, enough to line the pan.

toes, chopped

Bubbles will start to form after 30

3 parsley sprigs

seconds. Carefully flip the crepe

3 fresh thyme sprigs

and let it brown on the other side

1 bay leaf

for 30 seconds. Once cooked,

¾ teaspoon salt

pepper to taste. Divide among

transfer the crepe to a large

Black pepper.

warm soup bowls and serve im-

plate. Repeat the process until


batter is finished, lightly oiling


your pan after every fourth crepe.

Melt the butter in a pot over

Cheesy garlic buns

medium heat. Add the onion,


light layer of chocolate spread,

carrots, garlic, celery and sauté,

3 cups cake flour

bananas, fresh berries and driz-

stirring occasionally. Add in the

1 packet of instant yeast

zles of golden syrup.

flour, stir for three minutes. Tie

1 tbsp sugar

the bay leaf, parsley and thyme

2 tsp salt

sprigs together with a piece of

2 tsp garlic powder

kitchen string and add to the pot.

2 large eggs, beaten

Serve the crepes plain or with a

Tomato bisque Ingredients 4 tbsp butter

Pour in the broth and toma-

3/4 cup warm milk

1 cup fresh cream

toes and bring to the boil while

4 tbsp butter, melted, divided

1 red onion, chopped

whisking constantly. Lower the

1/4 cup grated mozzarella,

1 carrot, chopped

heat and simmer for 30 minutes.


1 stalk celery, chopped

Remove from the heat and allow

Cooking spray

the soup to cool.

1 clove of garlic, minced

Remove the herb bundle and transfer the soup to a blender

2 tsp freshly chopped parsley 2 tbsp freshly grated Parmesan.

and puree until smooth. Strain the tomato puree using a sieve


over a large bowl. Return the

Whisk together one-and-a-half

puree to the pot and reheat over

cups flour, sugar, salt, yeast and

medium heat.

garlic powder in a big bowl. In a

Whisk the fresh cream and salt into the soup and season with

Public Sector Manager • May 2019

separate bowl, whisk together the milk, two tablespoons melted



butter and eggs. Add the wet

In a separate bowl, stir togeth-


ingredients to the flour mixture

er remaining garlic, parsley, two

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Cut

and mix with a wooden spoon

tablespoons melted butter and

the beef into cubes and season

until combined. Add half a cup

season with salt. Brush garlic

with salt and pepper. Add two

mozzarella and the remain-

butter onto rolls and sprinkle

tablespoons of oil to the meat

ing cake flour and mix until

with remaining cheeses.

and mix well. Heat a large frying

the dough begins to become cohesive. Transfer the dough to a

Bake for 25 minutes until buns are golden.

pan over medium to high heat. Lightly brown the beef and then place in a casserole dish.

lightly- floured work surface

Beef casserole

and knead until smooth and


and carrots, sprinkle in flour

elastic, add more flour if dough

500g chuck

and stir for two to three minutes

feels sticky.

3 cups beef stock

until the vegetables are coated.

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Gradually pour in the stock, stir-

let rest for 10 minutes. Grease

½ an onion, sliced

ring well.

a baking tray with butter and

2 medium carrots, sliced in

preheat oven to 180 °C .


and bring to the boil. Pour into

2 bay leaves

a casserole dish, cover, then

equal pieces and roll each into

2 tbsp cake flour

place in the oven and cook until

a ball, then place in a pre-

1 tbsp soy sauce

the beef is tender. Stir every 40

pared baking tray. Cover the

1 tbsp fresh thyme

minutes, adding water if needed

dough with a dish cloth and let

2 tbsp oil

to keep the ingredients covered.

it rise for an hour.

Salt and pepper for seasoning.

Serve with rice.

Transfer into a clean bowl and

Divide the dough into 12


In the same pan sauté the onion

Add the remaining ingredients

Public Sector Manager • May 2019


Writer: Gilda Narsimdas

Office wear made easy 1






or an easy to wear office wardrobe all you need are a few key items. We have gathered some work-wear essentials that everyone should have in their wardrobe. These items will create looks that are both

stylish and professional.

1 – We absolutely love a good trench coat and this one is ideal for the office, Forever New, R1 599. 2 – This ruffle printed dress is on trend and form flattering, Jenja at, R899. 3 – If it is a fitted suit/formal pants you are


after, look no further than this classic fitted one in navy blue, POLO, R1 199. 4 – There is nothing as versatile as a cardigan to dress up any ensemble. Get this rib detail cardigan from Queenspark, R399. 5 – These pastel multi-coloured heels are just stunning, Steve Madden, R999. Public Sector Manager • May 2019

6 – Many may not consider brown shoes versatile, but they can be paired with most colours and are also so on trend, Aldo, 1 899. 7 – If you are looking for a perfect carry-all for all your office needs, try this faux leather cross body bag by Blackchilli,, R619. 8 – For a tailored look, opt for these classic custom fit formal trousers by POLO, R799. 9 – This camel coat can suit either a formal or smart casual look and keep you warm, Tokyo Laundry, R1 049. 10 – Navy blue is a great colour for winter looks and this formal jacket can be dressed down with a good pair of jeans too, Vangard, available at, R999.






Public Sector Manager • May 2019


14 NOVEMBER 2019

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