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42 28 Cover - Warrant Officer

36 International relations

Leaders of African Union

Reading corner

Masego Maritshi shares her reads that inspire and refresh

FEATURES 12 SONA 2020: There’s light ahead for SA

Tebogo Mamogale fights

member states discuss critical

Government is focused on

crime from the air

issues affecting the continent

fixing the fundamentals in efforts to grow SA

42 Provincial focus



44 Local government

Growing South Africa together

The Northern Cape: Small population, big province

President Cyril Ramaphosa

facing the country

and patronage will not be

Sol Plaatje Local Municipality


Government's mission to fix public finances


explains how government is addressing the challenges

16 Corruption, nepotism

20 SONA in numbers 52 In other news

News you need to know when

See how the State of the Nation Address adds up

you are on the go 26 Profiles in leadership

Major General Bafana Linda leads the fight against women

22 Youth make their voices 54 Upcoming events

and child abuse

A look at local and

international events for your


Young people's vision for growing South Africa

diary and information 30 Women’s land rights to be 56 Women in the public sector


Tracy Cheetham breaks


Land Tenure Rights

barriers in the male-dominated

Amendment Bill brings land

world of construction

justice to women

Focus on women

Financial independence: Filling your pocket with power


Vulekamali makes budgeting sense

Budget data portal aims to increase public interest and



76 Financial fitness

Save up for that holiday now

participation in government’s financial programmes

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

6 TIPS ON HOW TO CHOOSE A FINANCIAL ADVISER Before deciding on a financial adviser for you and your partner, first consider your individual financial goals and priorities as well as your goals as a couple and family. WHAT TO ASK YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISER: 1. WHAT ARE YOUR CREDENTIALS AND QUALIFICATIONS? Make sure the person is in position to offer objective advice. To be a financial adviser he/she must have completed matric and a regulatory exam. They should also have detailed product solutions knowledge. 2. ARE YOU A FIDUCIARY PRACTITIONER? “Fiduciary” refers to advisers who have the legal authority to act in your interest, especially when it comes to your will and estate, fiduciaries have a duty to care for you, meaning they must show due diligence in following up to ensure that the plan they construct is still in your best interests. 3. WHAT SERVICES DO YOU PROVIDE? Choose an adviser who is experienced in services you require. They should have a minimum 24 months of supervised experience 4. WHAT FEES AND CHARGES I BE PAYING? Ask for a list of all fees, charges and commission you have to pay, both once off and recurring fees. 5. WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER FOR ME? Given your specific financial situation and needs, your financial plan should be tailored and packaged with solutions which suit your lifestyle. The adviser should be able to explain to your satisfaction why he/ she is suggesting what they are. 6. HOW OFTEN SHOULD WE MEET? Typically, you’ll have to meet a couple of times to set up on portfolio, after which its worth meeting at least once a year to re-evaluate your portfolio.

NEED TO FIND A FINANCIAL ADVISER? Call Old Mutual on 0860 60 60 60 to find an adviser in your area.

DO GREAT THINGS EVERY DAY Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Limited is a licensed FSP.


SA takes the reins of AU

President Cyril Ramaphosa has Public Sector Manager THE MAGAZINE FOR PUBLIC SECTOR DECISION-MAKERS

assumed his position as Chair of the African Union 48

Going to town on small towns

The regeneration of small towns is crucial in ensuring South Africa moves towards a brighter future


Amber Alert launched in SA

Warning system helps find missing children


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Acting Director-General Phumla Williams Acting Deputy Director-General: Corporate Services Keitu Semakane

From the Union Buildings President Cyril Ramaphosa Insurance

childhood education

Head of Editorial and Production Tyrone Seale

Government and civil society parents more involved in the early


Empowering learners to

Managing Editor Ongezwa Mogotsi

transform communities

development of children


Acting Deputy Director-General: Content Processing & Dissemination Tasneem Carrim

champions the National Health

Helping parents improve early

are working together to get

Acting Deputy Director-General: Intergovernmental Coordination & Stakeholder Management Michael Currin

Public-private partnership encourages learners to become agents of change


Health and wellbeing

Senior Designer Tendai Gonese

Speech impairment needn’t be

Car reviews

Corolla Quest – New or deja vu?


Turn over new leaves with vegetarian creations

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Public Sector Manager • March 2020

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2020/02/24 15:52


Job creation is everyone’s business J

ob creation is at the

a range of innovative interven-

employed. More worrying is that

heart of the country’s


over half of the young people in

agenda and in his

In his State of the Nation

the country are jobless.

two years in office, President

Address (SONA) in June 2019,

Cyril Ramaphosa has remained

President Ramaphosa said

a comprehensive plan, in part-

consistent in his determination

that government will create

nership with the private sector,

to create more employment

two million new jobs for the

to unlock the potential of young

opportunities for the people of

youth within the next decade.


South Africa.

At the SONA 2020, the President

Government has implemented

A notable intervention is the

Despite huge obstacles, in-

further reflected on the crisis of

Youth Employment Service

cluding the massive inequality

youth employment confronting

(YES), a job creation initiative

that still lingers 25 years after

the country. He proposed that

between business, government,

the fall of apartheid, Gross Do-

the solution to this crisis be two-

labour, civil society and young

mestic Product (GDP) contrac-

pronged – we must all create


tions, and the annual number

opportunities for youth employ-

of entrants into the labour

ment and self-employment.

market outstripping employ-

Statistic SA’s 2019 third quarter

Since its inception in March 2018, YES has secured one-year work experience placements

ment opportunities, government

labour force survey revealed

for more than 27 000 young-

continues to fight the fight with

that 6.7 million people were un-



Public Sector Manager • March 2020

60 percent of whom are women. The programme is being

R300 billion, were announced. One of the pledges was made

expanded to accommodate

by the Mara Group, which

50 000 young people a year.

promised an investment of just

A complementary initiative

over R1.5 billion to manufac-

is the National Rural Youth

ture Africa’s first smartphone

Services Corps (Narysec). This

in South Africa. In October last

24-month skills development

year, President Ramaphosa

programme targets unem-

had the satisfaction of seeing

ployed rural youth. Since 2010,

the launch of the Mara Phone

more than 11 000 young peo-

Plant in Durban. It is expected

ple have been trained across a

to generate 1 500 direct jobs

variety of disciplines. In January,

over a period of six years and

1 000 additional young people

thousands of indirect jobs.

joined the programme. Yet another skills initiative, the

While all efforts are being made to generate work oppor-

National Youth Service Pro-

tunities, President Ramaphosa

gramme, is expected to engage

is adamant that entrepreneurs

50 000 young people a year in

have the power to invigorate

community service activities,

the economy and that SMME

while providing them with valu-

support is a government priority.

able skills.

Minister in t he Presidency, Jac kson Mt hembu.

Ultimately, the President wants to nurture a generation of job

ours to combat unemployment

successful interventions is the

creators as opposed to job

will only succeed with the sup-

annual South Africa Investment

seekers. Policy and legislative

port of all sectors of society.


interventions will be made to

One of the President’s most

The second conference, held in October last year, resulted

give life to this vision. One intervention is already im-

The success of our endeavours rests to a large measure on efficient, effective and ethical

in investment commitments

minent – under the soon to be

partnerships between the state

valued at R363 billion. It is esti-

finalised Public Procurement Bill,

and civil society – including civil

mated that these investments

organs of state will be required

society – and in the capacity of

will conservatively lead to

to sub-contract SMMEs to a

the public service to facilitate

the creation of around 412 000

minimum of 30 percent of the

investment, entrepreneurship

direct jobs and a significant

value of the contract for con-

and inclusive growth for the

number of indirect jobs over the

tracts over R30 million.


next five years.

Ultimately, job creation is es-

Public sector leadership is

sential to our nation’s future

therefore the vanguard of our

conference in 2018, 31 invest-

sustainability and the success

efforts to grow the South Africa

ment pledges, collectively worth

of government’s many endeav-

we want.

At the inaugural investment

Public Sector Manager • March 2020


WHILE KEEPING YOUR RETIREMENT GOAL POST IN SIGHT, DON’T IGNORE THE POTENTIAL HURDLES ON YOUR WAY Many South Africans face a bleak retirement because they are either not saving enough, cash out their retirement savings when changing jobs or they are following an inappropriate investment strategy. To make matters worse, unfortunate and unexpected life events such as illness and disability or the premature death of a spouse can further hamper the probability of members reaching their retirement goals and can ultimately compromise their lifestyle during retirement.

THE IMPACT OF DISABILITY AND CRITICAL ILLNESS Disability is one of the major influencers which negatively impact retirement outcome. Momentum Corporate’s claims analysis reveals that disability in South Africa is rising at an alarming rate with cancer and psychiatric claims leading across all sectors and types of disability cover. Cancer is statistically the fastest-growing critical illness in South Africa according to the South African Medical Journal. Momentum Corporate has seen an overall increase in cancer claims of 48% since 2012, representing 15% of all disability benefit claims to date. Employees younger than 40 years of age make up 21% of all claims. To make matters worse, the costs associated with treatment for this non-discriminatory disease continue to rise, which estimates the typical medical costs for cancer treatment to be as high as R1 million. Over and above these medical costs, which may


normally be covered to some extent by one’s medical

salaries in the event of death, many do not take out

scheme, there are also many non-medical related or

spouse’s life cover. This insurance gap may force members

lifestyle expenses associated with cancer such as transport

to dip into their nest egg or to reduce their retirement

cost to chemotherapy, home nursing care and equipment

contributions or pensionable salaries, and even cash out

and certain lifestyle adjustment expenses. These additional

their preservation fund savings to cover their expenses.

expenses add up very quickly and can cause significant focus their energy on recovering. In addition, members’


levels of disability cover may not be sufficient which means

The impact of pre-retirement risk factors on retirement

they may receive a lower income during disability.

outcomes highlights the important role that financial

financial vulnerability at a time when patients need to

advisers play in ensuring that employees’ retirement planning stay on track despite unforeseen life events.


Partnering with the right umbrella fund will promote a holistic approach to financial planning that will reduce the inherent conflict between saving for retirement and making sure members’ insurance cover is at the right level for their needs. A highly integrated and flexible umbrella fund solution that is coupled with a rewards programme encourages a healthy lifestyle which leads to improved physical health,

Therefore, members may be tempted to decrease their

reduces the risk of disability and critical illness, and reduces

retirement contribution rates or pensionable salaries in an

medical expenses and insurance costs.

attempt to increase their take-home pay to cover their normal expenses as well as these non-medical costs. This

An innovative integration between the rewards

will have a serious impact on their retirement outcomes.

programme and the fund can create a virtuous cycle in which employees’ healthy behaviour choices generate


financial returns that can be used to cover medical

Although South Africans may outlive their retirement

expenses and can even be channelled towards

savings, the proportion of unnatural, or accident-related

retirement savings.

deaths is increasing based on Momentum Corporate’s internal data. Younger people, a rapidly-rising proportion

The right umbrella fund also offers integrated value-added

of retirement fund members, are at increased risk for

benefits to alleviate some of the financial pressures caused

accidental death. The increase in the accidental death

by death such as transporting the remains of the deceased

rate is also reflected in the latest StatsSA Mortality report.

and grief counselling.

The unexpected death of a life partner or spouse can

With the right umbrella fund, all parts work together to fill

have a severe impact on the retirement outcomes of the

the financial gaps that are associated with pre-retirement

surviving partner. Due to the sudden loss of an additional

risk factors such as death, disability and critical illness.

income, the cost of a funeral and other related costs such as grief counselling, they may find themselves under severe cash flow pressure if their partner was not adequately covered. Besides most South Africans being underinsured and only able to replace approximately 38% of their

CONTACT Address: 269 West Avenue, Centurion, 0157 Tel: 012 671 8911



Gender-based violence: A violation of human rights


n 21 March each year – a day dedicated to the commemoration of the

rights achievements. It does untold damage and often perpetuates the abuse of human

1960 Sharpeville Massacre – the

rights. For instance, violence affects

democratic South Africa observes

women psychologically, robbing

Human Rights Day.

them of their confidence and

Phumla Williams, GCIS Acting Director-General.

We have much to celebrate.

energy and preventing them from

violence and femicide in our

Prior to 1994, the vast majority

reaching their financial and social


of South Africa’s people had no


human rights. In contrast, today

It is thus fair to say that GBV

Across the public sector, leaders and managers have an obligation

we have an internationally lauded

perpetrators are no better than the

to roll out programmes that will

Constitution, upon which our

enforcers of apartheid. They treat

prevent GBV and femicide from

democracy is based, and which

their victims without humanity. Like

manifesting in the public service

spells out an extensive Bill of Rights.

apartheid officials, they see their

itself and in the broader society we

victims as lesser beings and not


Yet the scourge of genderbased violence (GBV) hovers over the country like a black cloud,

deserving of equal rights.

Of importance is the draft

We have a lot to grapple with on

National Strategic Plan to address

threatening to undo all the good

Human Rights Day but fortunately,

GBV and a reprioritised budget of

achieved through decades of

we can take comfort in the fact

approximately R1.6 billion to serve

struggle and in the past 25 years of

that last year, South Africa united

as an emergency response GBV


across all fronts to tackle GBV.


Each woman and child who is

There was a massive show of force

Going forward, the momentum

beaten, abused, oppressed or

by both government and civil

created by the many heinous GBV

killed leaves a mark of shame on

society. This resulted in visible active

cases last year must be maintained

our land and detracts from the

citizenry by both men and women,

across all levels of society. GBV

miracle of our transformation. Each

as well as a number of urgent

perpetrators must feel the heat

bruise, blow and kick mocks our

government interventions.

from community members, the

Constitution. So, while we have plenty to be

The fight against GBV and

police and the justice system,

femicide is one that demands

while public servants who do not

proud about on 21 March, the

sustained activism and action

uphold government’s commitment

increasing prevalence of GBV –

on the part of the public sector

to ending GBV must be dealt with

which strips women and children

– and not just the justice, crime


of the right to life, the right to safety

prevention and security cluster.

and security and the right to

Sadly, public servants are

Those women and children whose violent deaths in 2019 catalysed a

freedom, equality and dignity – is

among the victims, survivors and

national response to GBV must not

rapidly overshadowing our human

perpetrators of gender-based

have died in vain.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020



COMMENTARY ON STATE OF THE NATION 2020 On Thursday evening, 13 February 2020, millions of South

ensuring that the products we create become part of a

Africans were glued to their television sets to watch President

circular economy, we create a win-win situation for the

Cyril Ramaphosa deliver his State of the Nation Address (SONA) to the joint sitting of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces. As the President was setting out government’s key policy objectives and deliverables for the year ahead, the plastics industry paid particular attention to the areas of focus that would have a direct impact on the state of our industry in the short to medium term:

environment and for the industry. • The amount of plastics that were recycled in South Africa during 2018 alone saved enough oil to fuel 200 000 cars for one year – traveling 30 000 km/annum • Plastics recycling in 2018 saved 246 000 tons of CO2 - the equivalent emissions of 51 200 cars • The plastics recycling industry provided direct employment to more than 7 800 people and created a


further 58 500 income-generating jobs during this year. • R2.3 billion rand was injected into the informal sector

President Ramaphosa highlighted the Government’s plans

through the purchasing of recyclable plastics waste

to create a green economy and mitigate climate change

during the same year during 2018 alone.

by moving the country towards a low carbon growth trajectory. He made a commitment to transition South Africa


to a low-carbon, climate resilient and sustainable society.


In this regard, the plastics industry is keen to partner with

As an industry that has huge potential for growth, Plastics SA

the Government to demonstrate how plastics products

(representing the plastics industry) has provided input to the

and the recycling of plastics can help create an adaptive

Job Summit aimed finding solutions to the unemployment

capacity, strengthen the country’s resilience and reduce our

crisis and crafting a master plan for job creation.

vulnerability to climate change: • Plastics SA is an accredited training provider and trains • Life cycle assessments have proven that plastic products

more than 3500 people annually in qualifications relevant to

are more environmentally-friendly than other materials if

industry which includes learnerships, skills programmes and

they are disposed correctly and recycled effectively.

short courses. This training takes place at training centres

• Plastics that are fit-for-purpose and designed with their

around the country and is vital to equip current and future

recyclability in mind offer a low carbon footprint and low

workers with the necessary skills and practical experience to

environmental impact – often even lower than products

create a career path for them in the plastics industry.

that are biodegradable. • Plastic bags manufacturers have removed fillers to produce bags that are fully recyclable and 100 % certified recycled plastic material is now used to produce some

• Having a trained, skilled and experienced workforce make factories more effective and the plastics industry more competitive. • Without growth there will be no jobs. It is therefore vital

carrier bags. This creates an end-market for recycled

to stimulate the economy in order to create more job

plastic products and helps to reduce waste to landfill.

opportunities and avoid retrenchments.

• The plastics industry has made impressive progress in developing a true circular economy where raw materials and resources used for the manufacturing of the original product, gets re-used time and time again. By

011 314 4021


Writer: Allison Cooper

SONA 2020:

There’s light ahead for SA


uring his State of the Na-

“For Eskom to undertake the fun-

tion Address (SONA) on

damental maintenance necessary

President Ramaphosa’s announce-

13 February, President Cyril

to improve the reliability of supply,

ment that measures will be put in

Ramaphosa assured South Africans

loadshedding will remain a pos-

place “to enable municipalities in

that government is firmly focussed

sibility for the immediate future.”

good financial standing to procure

on fixing the fundamentals this year. “Government is committed to pursuing critical areas of growth and

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Government will be implement-

year, the most notable of which is

their own power from independent power producers”. Another government priority this

ensuring excellence in planning

ing various measures to change

year is the finalisation of the Cli-

and execution,” he added.

the trajectory of energy genera-

mate Change Bill, which provides

tion in South Africa in the coming

a regulatory framework for the ef-

One of the most critical issues tackled by the President was loadshedding. While loadshedding remains a possibility for the immediate future, government will implement measures to energy

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers t he State of t he Nation Address.

generation in the country. “Loadshedding has had a debilitating effect on our country. It has severely set back our efforts to rebuild the economy and create jobs. “Every time it occurs, it disrupts people’s lives, causing frustration, inconvenience and hardship,” the President stressed. He explained that, at its core, loadshedding is the inevitable consequence of Eskom’s inability over many years – due to debt, lack of capacity and state capture – to service its power plants.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

fective management of inevitable climate change impacts.

Fixing the fundamentals

To this end, police visibility, effec-

tion team has finalised a list of

tive training and better resourcing

shovel-ready projects. It has begun

of police stations are government

work to expand private investment


into public infrastructure sectors,

“I have prioritised our response

with revenue streams in areas in-

The President said that as gov-

to the growing problem of criminal

cluding student accommodation,

ernment works to fix the state’s

groups that extort money from

social housing, independent water

capabilities, growth and job crea-

construction and other businesses.

production, rail freight branch

tion will be largely driven by private

Specialised units - bringing togeth-

lines, embedded electricity gen-


er the South African Police Service

eration, municipal bulk infrastruc-

(SAPS) and the National Prosecut-

ture and broadband rollout.

“We are therefore building an operating environment that is

ing Authority - are mandated to

favourable to doing business. Work-

combat these crimes of economic

with potential investments of over

ing with social partners, we have


R700 billion over the next 10 years,

continued to address several issues

In addition, anti-gang units will

that have been barriers to job

be strengthened; a Crime Detec-


tion University will be established

“The team has a project pipeline

including government and nongovernment contributions. “The social housing programme

in Hammanskraal; and 7 000 new

to build rental housing for low-

licences, which are essential to

police trainees have been enlisted

income families is at implementa-

operations on farms, factories and

to strengthen local policing.

tion stage, which could leverage

One of these issues is water use

mines. While these licences have

“To support the growth of the

as much as R9 billion in private

previously taken a long time to

tourism industry, the SAPS is training

investment in the construction of

process, sometimes up to five years,

tourism safety monitors and will

37 000 rental apartments.”

the President confirmed that they

establish a reserve police capacity

will now be issued within 90 days.

to police tourist attractions.”

In addition, while it used to take

Government’s emergency action

Youth at universities and technical and vocational education and training colleges face serious

months to have a company reg-

plan to combat gender-based vio-

accommodation challenges.

istered, the BizPortal platform now

lence (GBV) will see the Domestic

“Some don’t even have places to

enables company registration in

Violence Act amended to better

sleep after lectures and resort to

one day. This includes registering

protect victims in violent domes-

sleeping in libraries. We are going

with the Unemployment Insurance

tic relationships, while the Sexual

to spend R64 billion over the next

Fund and the South African Rev-

Offences Act will be changed to

few years on student accom-

enue Service and opening a bank

broaden sex offender categories.

modation and will leverage at


“We will also pass a law to tighten

least another R64 billion in private

bail and sentencing conditions in


“Investment and growth require a safe, stable and crime-free environ-

cases that involve GBV.”

mental to the aspirations of all our

Infrastructure Fund

Tackling youth unemployment

people to live in security, peace

The President announced that the

President Ramaphosa explained

and comfort,” the President said.

Infrastructure Fund implementa-

that the solution to the

ment. More importantly, it is funda-

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



Small Business Development will provide grant funding and business support to 1 000 young entrepreneurs over 100 days.

Accelerating land redistribution The President confirmed that agriculture is one of the industries with the greatest potential for growth. “This year, we will implement key recommendations of the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture to accelerate land unemployment crisis must be

ing shorter, more flexible courses

redistribution, expand agricultural

two-pronged – by creating oppor-

in specific skills that employers in

production and transform the

tunities for youth employment and

fast-growing sectors need.


self-employment. “Firstly, we are creating pathways

Thirdly, government plans to

“Government stands ready -

develop new and innovative ways

following the completion of the

for young people into the econo-

to support youth entrepreneurship

Parliamentary process to amend

my. We are building cutting-edge

and self-employment.

section 25 of the Constitution

solutions to reach young people

The fourth priority includes scal-

- to table an Expropriation Bill

where they are – online, on the

ing up the Youth Employment

that outlines the circumstances

phone and in person.”

Service and working with technical

under which expropriation of land

and vocational education and

without compensation would be

launch five prototype sites in five

training colleges and the private


provinces that will grow to a na-

sector to ensure that more learn-

To date, government has re-

tional network, reaching three mil-

ers receive practical experience

leased 44 000 hectares of state

lion young people through multiple

in the workplace to complete their

land for the settlement of land



restitution claims. This year, it will

As of February, government will

“This will allow them to receive

As the fifth priority, government

active support, information and

will establish the first cohort of a

work readiness training to increase

Presidential Youth Service pro-

their employability and match

gramme that will empower young

people with disabilities and those

themselves to opportunities,” said

people and provide opportunities

who have been farming on com-

the President.

for them to earn an income.

munal land and are ready to

release 700 000 hectares of state land for agricultural production. “We are prioritising youth, women,

expand their operations for train-

The second priority action will

As part of the sixth intervention,

focus on getting young people

the National Youth Development

ing and allocation of land,” added

ready for the future of work; provid-

Agency and the Department of

President Ramaphosa.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Why should you retire Why should you retire with the GEPF? with the GEPF?

As a caring pension fund

the GEPF provide for and for which

In the event the pensioner passes

lawfulthe spouse may qualify for Inaway, the theevent pensioner passes a spouse’s pension that is payable for away, the lawful spouse may qualify for life. a spouse’s pension that is payable for GEPF pensioners also qualify for a life. medical subsidy if they have been in GEPF pensioners also qualify for a service and a member of a medical aid medical subsidy period if theyof have for an unbroken fifteenbeen service and a member of a medical aid If the spouse was a dependent on the for an unbroken of fifteen medical aid, theyperiod will continue onyears. the Ifmedical the spouse a dependent on the aid inwas the event the pensioner passes away. medical aid, they will continue on the are guaranteed their pension benefits medical aid in the event the pensioner Pensioners are also entitled to a funeral as per who the rules of the GEPF. Fund passes away. Members retire with theThe GEPF provides a monthly pension that is benefit intended to assist with funeral are guaranteed their pension benefits costs. This benefit covers their lawful increased annually to ensure that the Pensioners are also entitled to a funeral as per the rules of the GEPF. The Fund pensioners keep up with the cost of spouses and children. All these are provides a monthly pension that is benefit intended to assist with funeral added benefits that membership of living. increased annually to ensure that the costs. This benefit covers their lawful pensioners keep up with the cost of spouses and children. All these are added benefits that membership of living. always strives to protect As that a caring pension fund the interests and wellbeing that always strives to protect of its members, the GEPF the interests and wellbeing has always focused on of its members, the GEPF ensuring that members go on has always focused on retirement with benefits that ensuring that members go on provide them with comfort retirement with for benefits thatof and security the rest provide them with comfort their lives. and security for the rest of Members their lives. who retire with the GEPF


4 33

members do not contribute. the GEPF provide for and for which

members do not contribute.

Lastly, as the GEPF pensioner, you are entitled to an annual pension increase

Lastly, as the GEPF pensioner, you are

determined by the Board of Trustees. entitled to an annual pension increase According to the GEP Law, the Board

by the Board of Trustees. ofdetermined Trustees is required, in determining to the increase, GEP Law,tothe theAccording annual pension haveBoard of Trustees determining regard to, to istherequired, previousin year (by the annual inflation pension increase, to have November)’s and ensure that the increase is not lower than regard to, to the previous year (by 75% of Consumerinflation Price Index November)’s and(CPI). ensure However, in the past 6 years, Board than that the increase is notthelower of75% Trustees has been increasing of Consumer Price Indexthe(CPI). annual pension higher inflation However, in the past 6than years, the Board and higher than the 75% of Consumer

of Trustees has been increasing the

Price Index (CPI), provided for by the annual pension higher than inflation law.

and higher than the 75% of Consumer Price Index (CPI), provided for by the law.

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Writer: Allison Cooper

Corruption, nepotism and patronage will not be tolerated


The President, however, confirmed that government is engaged with labour and other stakeholders with regard measures to contain the public wage bill and reduce wastage. “Efforts to reduce government spending, prioritise resources more effectively and improve the efficiency of our tax system are important - but insufficient - con-

resident Cyril Ramaphosa

towards unsustainable levels and

tributions towards stabilising our

put the spotlight firmly on

spending is misdirected towards

public finances. Achieving sustain-

the state of public finances

consumption and debt-servicing

ability will ultimately require us to

in his State of the Nation Address,

rather than infrastructure and

address structural challenges in

stressing that government will

productive activity.

the economy that raise the cost of

undertake far-reaching economic reform measures.

“We cannot continue along this path. Nor can we afford to stand

living and doing business. “By working with the Auditor-Gen-

still,” the President said.

eral to reduce irregular expendi-

finances. Low levels of growth

Measures to reduce spending

ture and by shifting government

mean that we are not generat-

will be outlined by the Minister

spending from consumption

ing enough revenue to meet our

of Finance, Tito Mboweni, in his

expenditure to investment in infra-

expenses, our debt is heading

upcoming Budget Speech.

structure, we aim to improve the

“We need to fix our public

state of public finances.” He added that National Treasury and the South African Reserve Bank are working together to ease pressure on business and consumers. “We have decided to establish a sovereign wealth fund as a means to preserve and grow the national endowment of our nation, giving practical meaning to the injunction that the people shall share in the country’s wealth. “We are also proceeding with the establishment of a state bank as part of our effort to extend access


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

to financial services to all South

and is not dependent on further

Africans. The Minister of Finance

government funding.”

will provide details on these in his Budget Speech.”

Another key SOE priority is to fix

“The Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture continues with its critical work with the full

commuter rail. “This is vital to the

support of government and other

economy and the quality of life of


Repurposing SOEs

our people. Our rail network trans-

“I have received a detailed and

President Ramaphosa said that

ports over a million commuters to

voluminous report on the Commis-

government is moving from

and from work daily.”

sion of Inquiry into the Public In-

the stabilisation of state-owned

To this end, the Passenger Rail

vestment Corporation. I will make

enterprises (SOEs) to repurpos-

Agency of South Africa’s rail net-

it available to the public, together

ing them to support growth and

work is being modernised.

with a plan on taking the findings

development. “After years of state capture,

“The central line in the Western Cape and the Mabopane line

and recommendations forward.” To strengthen the state’s capac-

corruption and mismanage-

in Pretoria have been closed

ity and increase accountability,

ment, we are working to ensure

for essential refurbishment and

the President will also sign perfor-

that all SOEs are able to fulfil

upgrades. We are investing R1.4

mance agreements with all Minis-

their developmental mandate

billion in each of these lines, to

ters before the end of February.

and be financially sustainable.”

provide a safe, reliable and afford-

In consultation with the Presidential SOE Council, govern-

able service.” Work underway on other lines

“These agreements, which are based on targets contained in the Medium-Term Strategic Framework,

ment will undertake a process

includes station upgrades, park-

will be made public so that the

of rationalising SOEs to ensure

way replacements, new signalling

people of South Africa can hold

they serve strategic economic or

systems and overhead electrical

those who they elected into office

developmental purposes.

traction upgrades.

to account.”

“The extent of capture, cor-

As our ports are congested and

The President said the perfor-

ruption and mismanagement

inefficient, this year government

mance agreements will be the

in SOEs is best demonstrated at

will also undertake a fundamental

cornerstone of a new culture of

South Africans Airways, which

overhaul of the Durban port, the

transparency and accountability,

was placed in business rescue

third largest container terminal

where those who are given the

late last year. The business res-

in the Southern Hemisphere, to

responsibility to serve, whether as

cue practitioners are expected

reduce delays and costs.

elected office bearers or public

to unveil their plans for restruc-

servants, do what is expected of

turing the airline in the next few

Rooting out corruption


The Joint Government and Civil

them. “It is a culture where corruption,

Society Working Group is devel-

nepotism and patronage are

aviation industry and our econo-

oping a national anti-corruption

not tolerated, and action is taken

my, it is essential that a future re-

strategy and implementation plan,

against those who abuse their

structured airline is commercially

which should be launched by the

power or steal public money,” he

and operationally sustainable

middle of the year.


“In the interests of South Africa’s

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



Writer: Allison Cooper

SA confronts

challenges head-on, says President Ramaphosa


outh Africa is dealing with

The President’s call stemmed from

have been reopened for further

many challenges, which gov-

comments MPs made during the

investigation and referred to the

ernment is all too well aware

SONA debate about GBV, which

Senior Public Prosecutor for a deci-

of. And far from burying its head in

“only served to politicise and trivial-


the sand, government is tackling

ise the national crisis of GBV”.

these head-on and the progress is

“We owe the people of South

“The Department of Justice and Correctional Services has vetted

Africa an apology… Let us reaffirm

over 11 300 government personnel

our shared and unwavering com-

working directly with children and

President Cyril Ramaphosa when

mitment to use all means at our

persons with mental disability since

he responded to the debate on his

disposal to end GBV and femicide,”

the action plan was implemented.”

State of the Nation Address (SONA)

urged President Ramaphosa.

showing. This was the message from

in Parliament recently.

Highlighting the successes made

Government has also appointed 200 social workers and is training

in tackling GBV, he said that since

health professionals and social ser-

lems. We are acknowledging them.

announcing the Emergency

vice practitioners on post-violence

We are confronting them and, in

Response Action Plan last year, ac-

care and trauma debriefing.

so doing, we are establishing a firm

cess to justice has been improved

foundation for growth,” he said.

for victims and survivors.

“We are not hiding from our prob-

Government has also ensured

Gender-based violence

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has identified areas where more Thuthuzela Centres will be

that all police stations have sexual

established, including Cradock,

assault evidence collection kits,

Kwa-Vuma, Ga-Rankuwa, Paarl and

Highlighting one of the challenges

GBV backlogged cases have been


that looms large over the country,

prioritised and the Cold Case Task

the President called on all South Af-

Team has been established.

ricans to reaffirm their commitment

“They have analysed over 3 600

Investing in infrastructure

to ending gender-based violence

dockets on sexual offences and

The President believes the substan-

and femicide (GBVF).

more than 60 percent of these

tial infrastructure investment that


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

he announced in his SONA will be

tourism, hospitality and other sec-

than R2.3 billion in monies lost to

a catalyst for economic activity

tors will begin to lift families out of

corruption, we know that this is

and will make the economy more


just a fraction of what has been


“It will give young people an op-

lost to state capture.

portunity to put their skills, capabili-

“We are determined that all

ture build programme makes

ties and resourcefulness to produc-

these funds must be found and

public transport safer and more

tive use and to earn the income

must be returned… All those who

reliable; the school environment

that will transform their lives.”

have stolen from the people –

He explained that the infrastruc-

more conducive for learning and improves the quality of healthcare. It also makes broadband more

and all those who continue to

Rebuilding after state capture

steal from the people – should face the full might of the law.”

accessible and affordable; rivers

Addressing the issue of state cap-

safer for school children to cross;

ture, the President said government

Land reform

provides decent living quarters

continues to rebuild the critical

Regarding land reform, the

for students; and makes it easier

institutions that were eroded by

President said the lack of land,

for small-scale farmers to access

state capture.

alongside the lack of skills, is one

markets. Prior to his SONA debate reply, the

“We have allocated substantial additional resources to the

of the greatest impediments to growth and prosperity.

President met with domestic and

NPA to fill critical vacancies and

international representatives from

allow for the capacitation of a

undertaking a programme of

several finance institutions. “They

depleted prosecution service,

accelerated land reform that

are committed not only to work

enabling the NPA to advertise

focuses not only on redistribution,

with us to develop blended financ-

over 800 posts towards the end of

restitution and tenure reform, but

ing options, but also to mobilise

last year.”

also on the support that benefi-

the skills we need to prepare and

The NPA’s new Investigating

“It is for this reason that we are

ciaries need – in the form of train-

execute infrastructure projects,” the

Directorate has been working

ing, finance, extension services

President said.

with law enforcement, the South

and implements – to be success-

African Revenue Service, the

ful farmers.”

During the course of South Africa’s chairing of the African Union,

Financial Intelligence Centre, the

the President will prioritise the

Special Investigating Unit (SIU),

support for the amendment of

development of infrastructure vital

the Reserve Bank and private

Section 25 of the Constitution.

to economic integration, building

sector, and engaging with the

roads, rail lines, ports and telecom-

Zondo Commission.

munications networks that will link African markets to each other.

The SIU Tribunal has been established to fast-track the settlement

He expressed government’s

A new Expropriation Bill to clarify the circumstances in which land may be expropriated without compensation is being drafted.

“The employment that will be

of civil claims and the recovery

President Ramaphosa reassured

created through the investments

of stolen funds arising from SIU

South Africans that these changes

that are being made in advanced


will not undermine property rights,

manufacturing, agro-processing, infrastructure, mining, services,

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

“While Eskom and Transnet have between them recovered more

but will broaden the property rights of all South Africans.



SONA in numbers I

n his State of the Nation Address (SONA) President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined key num-

• 550 – schools providing various

• 640 – medical students from the

technical vocational specialisa-

Nelson Mandela Fidel Castro


Medical Training Programme in

bers that track the progress South

• 67 – schools currently piloting

Africa is making in various sectors.

the occupational stream.

PSM takes a look at some of the

• 9 – new technical and voca-

Cuba expected to graduate in December 2020. • 44 million – people registered

important numbers from the Presi-

tional education and training

in the electronic Health Patient

dent’s speech.

college campuses being built

Registration System at over

this year.

3 000 clinics.

• 200 – schools where coding and robotics will be introduced


in Grades R to 3.

• 3 to 12 months – period to initi-

• 10 – age of children to be able to read for meaning. • 12th – South African Sign Language to be the 12th official language.

ate the procurement of emergency power from projects that can deliver electricity into the grid. • 120 – days within which the National Energy Regulator will

Education • 2.4 million – children in Early Childhood Development and pre-school. • 81 percent – learners who


process all applications by

• 6.8 million – South Africans who

commercial and industrial users

know their HIV status. • 5 million – people who have been initiated on antiretroviral treatment.

passed matric in 2019.

• 4.2 million – people whose HIV

• 720 000 – students who re-

viral load is undetectable.

ceived state funding for techni-


to produce electricity for own use above 1MW. • 3 – Eskom’s operating activities – generation, transmission and distribution – to be divisionalised.

• 1 200 – medical graduates from

cal and vocational education

the Nelson Mandela Fidel Cas-


and training colleges and

tro Medical Training Programme

• R1.6 billion – amount repriori-

universities in 2019.

in Cuba.

tised to support an emergency

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

training, funding and market facilitation over the next three years. • R10 billion – own and partner funding by the Industrial Development Corporation for women-empowered businesses over the next five years.

action plan until the end of the current financial year. • Over R700 billion – potential

Youth and women empowerment • 6 – priority actions of the

Investment and jobs • R364 billion – investment com-

investments to public infrastruc-

Presidential Youth Employment

ture sectors over the next 10

Intervention over the next five

mitments made by 70 compa-


years, to reduce youth unem-

nies at the second South Africa


Investment Conference in 2019.

• R9 billion – private investment in the construction of 37 000 rental apartments. • 37 000 – rental apartments to be constructed through private investment. • R64 billion – money to be spent over the next few years on student accommodation. • 350 000 to 500 000 – future

• 3 million – young people to

• R664 billion – investment com-

benefit from prototype Presi-

mitments raised in the first two

dential Youth Employment Inter-

years of the investment drive.

vention sites in five provinces. • 1 percent – portion of the budget to deal with the high levels of youth unemployment. • 1 000 – young entrepreneurs receiving grant funding and

• R1.2 trillion – target of investment in the next five years. • R9 billion – investment value of completed projects. • R250 billion – value of 27 projects in implementation phase. • 121 000 – new jobs in the retail-

residents of a new smart-city

business support from the

taking shape in Lanseria within

National Youth Development

clothing textile and footwear

the next decade.

Agency and the Department of

sector over the decade.

• 50 – kilometres of experimental road stretches to be piloted as part of an alternative rural roads programme.

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Small Business Development in the next 100 days. • 100 000 – young entrepreneurs to access business skills

• 54 000 – jobs to be saved through the Poultry Master Plan to support chicken farmers and processors.



Par ticipants of t he Yout h Dialogue Forum hosted by Government Communication and Information System.

Youth make their voices heard


and have a driver’s licence, which is not possible in some cases because of financial constraints and the fact that they are still new graduates and have little capi-

oung people have added

insufficient to fund every learner

tal to purchase a vehicle,” April

their voices to the dis-

and student in the country.


course on how govern-

“It is unfair for a student to be

According to the youth, un-

ment can improve the lives of all

funded from their first to final year,

employment has a role to play

South Africans.

only to be excluded in post-

in gender-based violence and

graduate studies. This demoralises

femicide (GBVF) because there is

Ramaphosa delivered the State

students, while minimising their

pressure to provide for young fami-

of the Nation Address (SONA) in

chance of employment,” Mathe

lies due to unplanned pregnan-

Parliament, in Cape Town on 13


cies amongst youth.

A few hours before President Cyril

February 2020, the Government

“Matriculates should already

“Government should run

Communication and Informa-

know which career choices are

initiatives approaching primary

tion System organised a Youth

available and should be advised

schools, high schools, communi-

Dialogue Forum which provided a

accordingly before they complete

ties and universities to educate

platform for youth in the depart-

school,” Khoza added.

them on GBVF, make sure that the

ment to express their personal

A recent Statistics South Africa

country is safe for all and ensure

views on issues that needed spe-

study on youth unemployment

that no citizens fear for their lives

cial attention after the SONA.

showed that 11 percent of youth

while roaming the streets of South

aged 15-25 years are part-time

Africa,” said Mhlongo.

The youth panel was facilitated by Mawande Ndongeni and

or permanent employees who

comprised Johan Khoza, Sisanda

work less than 40 hours per week,

up the online space for youth to

April, Lerato Mathe and Onalenna

while 89 percent of workers who

register and run their businesses


are temporarily, permanently or

will help increase employment

casually employed form part of

in the country and welcome the

logue highlighted was the need to

the workforce who normally work

Fourth Industrial Revolution in the

increase educational funding in

40 hours or more per week.


One of the issues the youth dia-

South Africa as the financial sup-

“Young people are not em-

The youth stated that opening

The youth dialogue can be

port from the National Student Fi-

ployed because of the expecta-

viewed on YouTube (https://youtu.

nancial Aid Scheme is considered

tions of having to own a vehicle



Public Sector Manager • March 2020



Launched in July 2019, the South African Housing and Infrastructure Fund (SAHIF) has developed a business model that focuses on delivery of serviced land in order to facilitate growth in affordable housing. SAHIF was founded with the specific intention to address an issue facing South Africa - the current shortfall of housing available to South Africans. The Fund is a unique initiative that focuses on increasing and accelerating delivery of affordable housing units (including serviced stands) through the acquisition of vacant and unused land near cities, town centres, shops, parks, schools, public transport, public health care facilities and places of work (all within the urban edge).

The Fund’s objective is to assist government and the

SAHIF has recently embarked on the delivery of its

private sector to address the shortfall of 1.7 million

promised delivery model by breaking ground in its first

promised homes to South Africans that have not yet

project in the Gauteng province which aims to deliver

been built - as opposed to the 5 million homes initially

up to 4,000 homes. This initiative is also set to increase

targeted in 1994. With a footprint and targeted pipeline

employment through new jobs being created which

in five provinces, SAHIF plans to spread across the whole

will focus on the installation of related services for this

of South Africa within the next three years. During this

project; SAHIF has therefore stayed true to its promise,

time, with a fund size of R15.3 billion, SAHIF expects to

vision and purpose of fast tracking delivery of serviced

have delivered at least 108 160 serviced stands, which will

stands for poor and middle-class South Africans and

positively impact over 430 000 lives. The delivery of these

continues to aim to increase its delivery rate.

housing opportunities represents a sizeable percentage against the 1.7 million housing shortfall.

The ground-breaking project is located in close proximity to where the target market lives, plays, works and attends school, thereby enhancing the quality of lives for the South Africans that will eventually have homes in this town.

The historic success of this Fund has already created 4,731 jobs and further delivery against the anticipated pipeline is expected to create an additional 6,953 jobs in the future. This will essentially create a total of 11,684 jobs by the end of the 3-year term - which is a much needed contribution to the current high unemployment rates in the country. During his 2020 State of the Province Address at the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in Ga-Rankuwa, the Honourable Gauteng Premier Mr David Makhura said his government would be releasing at least 10,000 serviced stands to qualifying Gauteng residents who wanted, and were able to, build their own homes. Hon. Makhura said that the serviced stands would be available across the province between April 2020 and June 2020. SAHIF is excited in hearing the honourable Premier’s comments as this aligns with the company’s business model of accelerating the delivery of housing opportunities for South Africans.


Breaking ground in Gauteng is not SAHIF’s first bold move; there is more! In late 2019, the Fund expressed a non-binding interest in seeking to acquire a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed company, Freedom Property Fund, trading as FDP. The transaction process is still continuing with the intention of finalising the acquisition by a formal offer to the company’s board of directors and related shareholders. Commenting on the acquisition at the time, SAHIF CFO, Kameel Keshav, said this was a strategic move for the newly launched Fund and will assist in making its mark in the real estate industry. “This proposed acquisition of Freedom Property Fund will add significant value to our business by accessing the strong pipeline of strategically located land opportunities which all have been identified as future residential affordable housing developments matching our business model. As SAHIF, we are here to create something that is extraordinary in the (real estate) sector; something unusual without losing our focus of contributing to the shortfall of serviced stands in South Africa.” - Kameel Keshav SAHIF’s CEO, Rali Mampeule, described SAHIF’s drive to assist in dealing with the housing crisis facing South Africa. “This is just the first of many bold moves planned for SAHIF over the coming years. We continue to be a company that will seize the right opportunities to enhance the value of our business. This acquisition will bolster our consolidated land pipeline geographically allowing us to delivered on serviced stands in new areas of the country.” - Rali Mampeule

Website: Email:

Writer: Silusapho Nyanda


Ensuring justice for SA’s women and children


iolence against women

Child Protection and Sexual Of-

react appropriately when cases

and children is a stark real-

fences (FCS) Unit.

are reported to the police. He also

ity for many South Africans,

Major General Bafana Linda (54)

oversees educational outreach

and more so for the people tasked

is the National Component Head

programmes that aim to teach

with investigating this scourge and

for the the unit.

communities about the FCS units.

bringing the perpetrators to book.

Linda, who has been a police

The 2018/19 crime statistics re-

officer since 1986, acknowledges

The call to serve

leased by the South African Police

that “being the face of the fight

After matriculating at KwaMbon-

Service (SAPS), showed that 179

against gender-based violence

ambi Secondary School in KwaZu-

683 contact crimes against women

(GBV) is a difficult job”.

lu-Natal in 1983, Linda worked as a

were reported to the police. These ranged from murder to

He is responsible for ensuring that the 185 FCS units across the coun-

clerk at what is now called the Ugu District Municipality.

sexual offences, attempted murder,

try are well resourced to success-

assault with intent to cause griev-

fully pursue and arrest perpetrators

teaching, Linda's interest in law

ous bodily harm and common

of violence against women and

enforcement was also piqued by

assault. A total of 45 229 similar

children. In addition, he is respon-

a novel he read at school about

crimes against children were re-

sible for ensuring that the units are

a master detective who tracked

ported to the police.

updated on procedures, policies,

down thieves who were hiding in

guidelines, national instructions


In the same period, 36 597 sexual offences such rape, sexual assault, attempted rape and contact

and strategies. “I am responsible for policy and

Having considered a career in

The first crime scene Linda attended to as a police officer was

sexual offences against women

standards. This means that I have

that of a murdered young woman

were reported to the police, while

to look at current legislation and

in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. It is while

24 387 of these crimes against

if amendments are needed, I am

he was stationed in Hillbrow that

children were reported.

responsible for that. I also have to

he first realised there was a need

make sure the functioning of the

to pay greater attention to sexual

units is standardised.”

offences crimes.

The job of ensuring that those responsible for these crimes are caught falls largely on the shoul-

Linda is also tasked with ensur-

After asking his commander to

ders of the SAPS’ Family Violence,

ing that the FCS units are able to

hand over all sexual assault cases


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

to him, Linda established a unit in

believes that more officers need

ing their own child pornography

Braamfontein to deal with these

to be recruited so that these units

and they are not aware of how

cases. The unit was in the same

can function optimally.

it can affect their future. We

building as the then Child Protec-

Officers in the FCS units need

try to teach them about such

tion Unit, which was tasked with in-

to know the Sexual Offences Act,

vestigating crimes against children.

Child Care Act, Children’s Act and

The FCS Unit has helped put

The two units would later merge to

the Film and Publications Act. They

many serial rapists behind bars.

form what was called the Domes-

are also trained on the correct way

Recently, work done by the FCS

tic Violence, Child Protection and

to treat an abuse victim and how

units led to the conviction of a

Sexual Offences Unit, the forerunner

to collect evidence in a manner

serial rapist in Pinetown, KwaZu-

things,” says Linda.

lu-Natal, who lured victims with

of FCS units.

the promise of jobs. The rapist

“The first upgraded FCS unit in the country was in Braamfontein, which

was sentenced to 425 years

I headed,” recalls Linda.

and 32 life terms behind bars after being linked through DNA

“I had a passion to be the voice

to 32 rape cases, Linda says.

of the voiceless. I realised that rape

The unit also arrested a taxi

is about power and control and you have to fight power with power.

driver who targeted victims

I felt I should be able to defend the

using public transport. He was

most vulnerable, which are women,

linked to 39 rape cases and

children and the elderly.”

sentenced to 39 life terms. Linda says public servants

Putting perpetrators behind bars

and communities can play a role in fighting violence against

The FCS units were decentralised in 2006 and absorbed into the greater police service. According to Linda, decentralisation negative-

women and children by particiMajor General Bafana Linda during a visit to t he Gauteng 10111 call centre.

ly affected investigations because

pating in community policing forums and reporting known or suspected cases of abuse to police. This can be done

of a lack of specialised skills by

that does not further traumatise

through the police’s 10111 con-

some detectives now tasked with

the victim.

tact line or by contacting the

handling these cases. Specialised FCS units were re-

The units investigate crimes such as rape, domestic abuse and

GBV Command Centre on 0800 428 428.

launched in 2010 and since then,

cybercrimes, for which the offic-

have helped secure more than

ers receive specialised training

governmental organisations, the

4 000 life sentences for perpetra-

so that they are able to deal

Department of Social Develop-


with child pornography and re-

ment, the Department of Health

lated cyber offences, which are

and Department of Justice

increasing in South Africa.

in combating violence against

There are more than 4 200 police officers working at 185 FCS units, across the country. However, Linda

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

“Children are now manufactur-

The FCS units work with non-

women and children.



Writer Silusapho Nyanda


crimefighter reaches new heights


arrant Officer Tebogo

because we get different calls for

me to never allow my limitations,

Mamogale (33) from

different crimes,” said Mamogale.

background and current situation

the South African Police

to define my future,” she said.

Service’s (SAPS) Polokwane Air Wing

Pursuing her passion

is the only female qualified com-

Mamogale’s passion for flying

ing a pilot, Mamogale trained

mercial helicopter pilot in Limpopo.

started at a young age. When

as a cabin crew member at the

she saw jets flying high above her

Quantum Aviation Academy in

working with her on-the-ground col-

home, she wondered how aero-

Benoni after completing matric

leagues to coordinate crime-fight-

planes were able to fly. To satisfy her

at Micha-Kgasi High School. She

ing operations, including chasing

curiosity, she visited airports.

then studied for a Diploma in Travel

Mamogale spends her days

cash-in-transit robbers and doing

To achieve her dream of becom-

“I did a lot of airport visits for

and Tourism at Rosebank College’s

exposure, conducted aviation

Pretoria campus and is now study-

research and sought career

ing towards a Diploma in Safety

on-the-ground police members. We

guidance from the Civil Aviation

Management at the University of

assist them in places they cannot

Authority (CAA) when I was in high

South Africa.

reach due to terrain challenges.

school,” she said.

search-and-rescue operations. “We fight different crimes with our

We also give clear direction to

Despite coming from a disad-

Mamogale started her career at the SAPS as a cabin crew member

on-ground members when track-

vantaged background, in Jericho

in December 2008 and used the

ing and searching for cars and

in North West, Mamogale was

opportunity to get closer to the

suspects,” she said.

determined to pursue her dream.

cockpit to learn as much as she

“I honestly thought aviation was

could about flying an aircraft.

Mamogale’s job is exciting, as it changes hourly. “In the SAPS, you

not for people of my colour, due to

“Immediately after matric, I pur-

cannot assume what your day will

limited exposure, opportunities and

sued aviation, trained and gradu-

look like or choose your calls, like

situations. Surprisingly, the CAA’s

ated as a cabin crew member and

flying from one airport to another,

staff were my colour and this taught

then joined the SAPS as a cabin


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

crew member for government

ing navigation, flight planning,

ministers and high-profile SAPS

meteorology, radio aids, human

but call-out operational flying

delegates,” said Mamogale.

performance, air law, instruments

– such as handling the aircraft,

and helicopter electronics.

manoeuvres, terrains, heights,

Before being allowed to fly, Mamogale had to pass rigorous

“The flying basics are the same,

weather and other factors – differ.

ing team. She trained to be a pilot

Facing challenges head-on

at the National Airways Corporation

Mamogale said she faced sev-

ready mentally, physically and

in Germiston, obtaining a student

eral challenges when she started

emotionally for any call,” she said.

pilot licence. She then obtained her

her career, as she had to learn

private pilot licence, before obtain-

to adapt to the different needs

ward trajectory and she intends

ing her commercial pilot licence.

of various operational calls. She

staying on this course.

The different licences enable her to

also faced many challenges as

“One of my career highlights

operate at different levels.

a woman in a male-dominated

was my first escort flight for Presi-


dent Cyril Ramaphosa’s visit to

tests with the SAPS’s Air Wing train-

“A private pilot licence gives you an opportunity to do both theory

“Aviation on its own is a chal-

You are not told what call-out to expect, so you need to be ever-

Mamogale’s career is on an up-

Moria in Limpopo for the opening

and practical training as a helicop-

lenging environment because

of a new school. I was so excited

ter pilot and fly privately; not for re-

it’s a male-dominated industry,

and overwhelmed,” she added.

muneration,” Mamogale explained.

which puts more pressure on

During her studies, she had to complete various modules, includ-

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Mamogale now wants to pur-

female pilots to stand out and

sue a PhD in Aviation Manage-

prove themselves.




Writer: Allison Cooper

Women’s land rights to be addressed


ing on 11 February 2020, Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Minister Thoko Didiza said the Constitutional Court would be approached for an extension of the 30 April 2020 deadline. The Minister added that the department would consider the

abinet has approved

The Constitutional Court gave

the publication of the

Parliament 18 months to change

adviser, because the amend-

Upgrading of Land Tenure

the law, with a deadline of 30 April

ments to the Upgrading of Land


Tenure Rights Act were few. Parlia-

Rights Amendment Bill for public comment.

In August 2019, the Portfolio

advice of the Parliamentary legal

ment will not be amending the

Committee on Agriculture, Land

whole Act, but only a few points.

tional Court’s ruling on 30 Oc-

Reform and Rural Development

She said the department has

tober 2018 that the Upgrading

requested the Department of Rural

developed a litigation strategy to

of Land Tenure Rights Act 112 of

Development and Land Reform to

monitor and ensure that eve-

1991 discriminates against black

work with haste to heed the Con-

rything is being done on time,

African women in the conversion

stitutional Court’s judgement in

and that matters are dealt with

of land tenure rights into owner-

relation to Section 2(1) of the Act.


The move follows the Constitu-

ship, and that it does not apply to

“We are mindful of the deadline

Cabinet explained that the Bill

the former "independent states" of

imposed by the Constitutional

provides for a constitutionally per-

Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei

Court and April 2020 is fast ap-

missible procedure for the determi-

and Venda.

proaching. We therefore urge the

nation of rights of ownership and

department to work with speed

occupation of land to remedy

the Amendment Bill’s wheels in

and to meet this deadline, consid-

the constitutional invalidity of two

motion when she turned to the

ering that this Bill must be pro-

sections of the Upgrading of Land

courts for assistance when her

cessed by both Houses,” said the

Tenure Rights Act, 1991 (Act 112 of

brother tried to evict her from her

then Chairperson of the Portfolio


home, where she had been living

Committee on Agriculture, Land

since the 1970s. Her house previ-

Reform and Rural Development,

discriminates against women in

ously fell under the Bophuthat-

Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela.

the conversion of the land tenure

Matshabelle Mary Rahube set

swana bantustan administration,

“The current arrangement

He explained that during the

rights into ownership. The Bill also

which gave a deed of grant to

apartheid era, it was almost im-

ensures application to the entire

Rahube’s brother in 1988, because

possible for black people to own

country, where previously the

only men, who were regarded as

land, but when they did, land was

Act did not apply to the former

heads of households, could ben-

registered in the names of men

‘independent states’ of Bophuthat-

efit from the upgrading of tenure

and women were excluded.

swana, Ciskei, Transkei and Venda,”

rights to ownership.


At the Portfolio Committee meet-

it said.

Public Sector Manager • March 2020


Majuba TVET College Team



ajuba TVET College is open to new partnerships

policies to allow for the building of better infrastructure

and collaborative efforts to enhance and

to enable the college to provide improved and relevant

optimise teaching and learning opportunities for

Education, Training, and Skills Development Programmes

the youth of our country.

and increase employment opportunities for our students. This included the presentation of the Dual System

As part of Work Integrated Learning Programmes the

Apprenticeship, as well as the implementation of a Centre

college is extremely honoured to have welcomed the

of Specialisation in Boilermaking Project.

British Council members from the United Kingdom (Cardiff and Vale College), Malaysia (Mersing Institute of Industrial

Our students are vitally dependent on the quality of

Training), Ghana (Kumasi Vocational Training Institute), and

education and training that we provide, and through

India (BASIX Academy for Building Life-long Employability

partnerships we will continue to produce quality graduates

- B-ABLE) in relation to the I-WORK Project. The purpose of

that meet the industry needs and standards in both local

this project was to relay knowledge in order to influence

and global markets CONTACT: Address: 83 Allen StreetNewcastle 2940 Email: Tel: 034 326 4888


Writer: More Matshediso


makes budgeting sense


data portal called

but the portal contains easily

to have informed discussions on

Vulekamali is enhancing

accessible data in a user-friendly

government policy.

public participation in

format, to enable more effective

Public participation is one of

the budgetary processes by mak-

information sharing, analyses

the priorities of the National

ing information easily accessible

and research.”



“If we ask the public to partici-

two years ago by the National

Promoting public participation

Treasury in collaboration with civil

According to Best, Vulekamali

knowing, they cannot make qual-

society organisations.

supports the involvement of

ity inputs. Secondly, we want the

civil society and the public in the

public to know

Vulekamali was established

This innovative project won the Innovations Harnessing 4IR

budget process and enables

Solutions category at the 17th


pate in budgetary processes and they come from a position of not

Public Sector Innovation Awards. The Director for Budget Reform and Vulekamali Portal Lead, Andile Best, says the budget data portal aims to increase public interest, participation and knowledge of government’s financial programmes. “This is the National Treasury’s commitment to be more transparent about public finances. “Budgetary information is already published on Treasury’s website,


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

how government spends money from the public purse,” says Best. Civil society organisations often want to know how government renders services, how those services are connected to the budget, and whether it is national, provincial or local government that is responsible for those

to speak to about their frustra-

on social media about what they



would like to see included in the

Stakeholders involved in the pro-

The portal allows budget ana-


ject include the Department of

lysts or economists to dig deeper

Planning, Monitoring and Evalu-

into the budget because they

depending on what is happening

ation (DPME); Imali Yethu, which

have the right information at

at the time.

represents 10 other civil society

their fingertips, she adds.

organisations; Global Initiative;

The establishment of the portal

Use of the portal fluctuates

“A lot of users seem to be visiting our portal just before a big event,

and the Government Technical

cost about R10 million and was

such as when the Minister of

Advisory Centre (GTAC).

funded through GTAC.

Finance announces the budget

Speaking on behalf of the civil

Best says Vulekamali has

and a few days after the event.

society organisations involved,

strengthened the long-term part-

The numbers decrease again

the Programme Head at the Pub-

nership the National Treasury has

thereafter,” notes Cele.

lic Service Accountability Monitor

with civil society organisations.

(PSAM) and Lead Coordinator

A unique project

of Imali Yethu, Zukiswa Kota, says

Positive feedback

an accountable budget is vitally

Feedback from the public on the

the team is excited and believes

important and the ultimate goal

portal has been positive.

the recognition is well deserved.

is to influence better service delivery.

“We have come to realise that

On winning the award, Kota says

“As much as all the nominees

the more information we publish

were excellent, this project is

on the portal, the less questions

unique. The degree of collabora-

which empowers them to ask

we receive from users. In the

tion from the beginning until thus

the right questions to contribute

beginning, we used to get a lot

far, between government and civil

to improving service delivery. It

of questions because people

society organisations, is outstand-

guides the public in terms of who

were excited and needed more

ing. The National Treasury worked

to hold accountable for which

information that was not yet

really hard to get other govern-

kind of services,” she says.


ment departments and public

“Vulekamali educates people,

“For us, access to quicker

The Deputy Director for Budget

entities onboard, and that is what

information means that you do

Reform at National Treasury,

made the project unique,” she

not constantly have communities

Prudence Cele, says since the


upset and unaware of budget

launch of the portal, people

processes, and they know who

have been commenting more

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Vulekamali can be accessed on




The Minister of Higher Education, Science and

He was accompanied by the Minister of Communications

Technology, Dr Blade Nzimande, visited the remote

and Digital Technologies, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams.

Mankosi Village, 60km from Mthatha, in the Eastern

The project has been running successfully with the

Cape on 5 March to see a local innovation that has

community having access to affordable solar-powered,

changed the lives of the area’s rural residents by

Wi-Fi telecommunication networks since 2012.

giving them access to the Internet. Located in the mountainous region of the Eastern Cape, Mankosi is a small cluster of villages in Ward 26 of the Nyandeni Municipality. It has about 3 500 people, where the average income is about R388 per month. Most of the homes in the villages are not connected to the electricity grid and residents charge their cellphones at local shops. Some community members say they had to choose between buying basic food items and data, which is very expensive, particularly when your income is low. But the Zenzeleni Community Networks project has brought some relief to residents. The project, which is supported by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) in partnership with the University of Western Cape and implemented by the Technology Innovation Agency, is South-Africa’s first cooperative-owned Internet service provider telecommunications network. Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Dr Blade Nzimande addressed the Mankosi community in the Eastern Cape. The community is benefiting from the Zenzeleni Community Networks project.

The project, which includes the Mankosi and Zithule cooperatives, was established using a social innovation model that provides communication networks to


underserviced rural communities. For R25 a user can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi data valid for 32 days, with download speed of 2 048 Kbps. The initiative is a bottom-up, citizen-driven sociotechnical and economic project that aims to create open and neutral telecommunications network based on a common model. Community networks enable historically disadvantaged communities, many of which are in rural areas, to obtain the technical and related skills to install and manage their own electronic communications and infrastructure. This kind of community network enables historically disadvantaged communities, many of whom are in rural areas, to obtain the technical and related skills to install and manage their own electronic communications and infrastructure. Community networks further contribute to the empowerment of the marginalised population by fostering their local economy, creating employment, developing technical and entrepreneurial skills and contributing to the social cohesion of the communities they serve. Minister Nzimande said this successful model could be replicated in other rural communities. “By providing affordable connectivity in areas where there was none, or where it is not feasible for large telecommunications companies, community networks contribute to the empowerment of marginalised populations by fostering the local economy, creating local employment and small, micro and medium enterprises, and contributing to the social cohesion of the community they serve.”

“But the digital divide is about more than just universal access – especially in rural South Africa, where infrastructure is scarce and mobile networks can be prohibitively expensive. The digital divide is also about how ICTs facilitate social and economic outcomes amongst the poor. As such our goal in the Zenzeleni project is to catalyse the rural digital ecosystem.” Professor Pather added that the Zenzeleni project was about developing an innovative communityownership model. “This initiative addresses the true access gap in rural South Africa, as normal market forces have not addressed the rural divide.” To date, Zenzeleni Community Networks has connected three schools, three businesses, two non-government organisations and over 3 000 users. In the past two months alone, it has registered network traffic of 3 000 gigabytes.

Minister Nzimande said that the DSI prioritised innovation at grassroots level. “Technical and related skills, including support to install and operate their own communication services and infrastructure, were made available to the Zenzeleni Community Networks project, allowing communities to access a more reliable network at a cheaper price than the current market offerings.” The University of Western Cape played a huge role in sourcing the required technology and also trained the residents. The university’s Professor and Chair of Information Systems, Shaun Pather, said that South Africa has one of the lowest levels of household Internet access in the world.

CONTACT DETAILS: Tel: +27 12 843 6300 Physical address: DST Building (Building No. 53), (CSIR South Gate Entrance) Meiring Naudé Road, Brummeria, 0184 Postal address: Private Bag X894, Pretoria, 0001


Writer: Dale Hes

Plotting Africa’s

course to stability and success

Conflict resolution, poverty reduction, climate change prevention and plans to unlock Africa’s massive economic potential emerged as top priorities for the continent during the 33rd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU). The summit took place at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, recently.


age a number of African countries, the summit signalled the official launch of the AU’s Silencing the Guns project, which seeks to end all wars, civil conflicts, genderbased violence and genocide on the continent. In his acceptance speech as AU Chair, President Ramaphosa highlighted that he will work towards promoting ceasefires in war-stricken regions such as Libya and South Sudan. “Through the AU Peace and Se-

very year, the AU Summit sees

Ramaphosa took over the reins as

curity Council, the AU Commission

leaders from all 55 African

AU chairperson.

and the collective membership,

states coming together to

Several key outcomes emerged

we will focus our efforts on conflict

address the most pressing issues

from the summit, based on a re-

resolution across the African con-

facing the continent.

newed collective commitment to

tinent, especially those experienc-

plot a path forward for Africa.

ing protracted conflicts.”

This year’s summit, held under

The President added that action

the theme "Silencing the Guns", was particularly significant for

Dealing with conflict

must also be taken to combat

South Africa, as President Cyril

With conflicts continuing to rav-



Public Sector Manager • March 2020

“The summit must come up with real actions we as Africans must

Africa a global powerhouse. “We have to level the playing

Andry Rajoelina, one of five African Leaders for Nutrition cham-

take to end conflicts, and deal

field for African businesses, so

pions. “I call on all our partners

with acts of terrorism that are rag-

they are able to operate in a

to continue to work with us to ad-

ing in many countries and

large-scale market unfettered by

dress hunger and malnutrition.”

regions such as the Sahel, the

regulatory fragmentation. This is

Horn of Africa and now spreading

an integral part of rebalancing

mendations for governments

global trade relations.”

to strengthen African nutrition

to other parts of Southern Africa as well.”

In order to further accelerate

The meeting also offered recom-

outcomes by promoting a multi-

the AfCTFA, infrastructure develop-

sectoral approach; positioning

traordinary Summit on Silenc-

ment, along with the uptake of

nutrition within food systems; and

ing the Guns in May 2020.

digital technologies and clean

spending more to combat malnu-

energy, will be vital.


South Africa will host an Ex-

Bolstering intraAfrican trade

tion presents our continent with

Discussions at the summit also

great opportunities. The uptake

Advancing women’s rights

focused on furthering the African

of digital technologies will lead

President Ramaphosa has made

Continental Free Trade Agree-

to improved competitiveness and

it clear that issues facing women

ment (AfCFTA), which has been

provide fresh opportunities for

will be one of his top priorities dur-

identified as crucial for stimulating

inclusive growth.”

ing his tenure as AU Chair.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolu-

economic growth by simplifying

South Africa will host the 13th

He will focus on ensuring that

Extraordinary Summit on the

this decade is declared the Dec-

AfCFTA back-to-back with the

ade of African Women’s Financial

all 55 African states and cover a

Extraordinary Summit on Silencing

and Economic Inclusion and

market of more than 1.2 billion

the Guns in May.

stressed that the work of the Pan

trade between African countries. The AfCTA aims to bring together

African Women’s Organisation,

people. President Ramaphosa said that the free trade agreement would be instrumental in making

Ending hunger and malnutrition During the recent summit, leaders

established in 1962, should be strengthened. “We have to find more practical

met to discuss the goal of eradi-

and sustainable ways of empow-

cating malnutrition and stunting

ering the women of our continent:

in Africa by 2025.

ways that go beyond the clichés

“We can conquer hunger in Africa,” said Madagascar’s President

and pronouncements made from podiums as we are wont to do. The women of our continent want and demand to occupy their rightful place in all decision-making structures. They deserve 50 percent representation,” he said.

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



Writer: Dale Hes

SA takes the reins of AU

At the 33rd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU), President Cyril Rampahosa assumed his position as Chair of the AU. South Africa now has a pivotal role to play in guiding the actions taken by the continent’s leaders in the coming year. What is the role of the AU Chair? President Ramaphosa was elected as the ceremonial head of the AU and will represent the entire continent on the global stage at pivotal gatherings such as the G8 and various international conferences related to development in Africa. President Ramaphosa will also play an overarching role in ensuring that the AU’s main objectives are


achieved. s an economic power-

In his acceptance speech, Presi-

house in Africa, South Af-

dent Ramaphosa said that he is

rica has, since our peace-

deeply humbled to be elected as

ful transition to democracy, been a highly influential and respected

AU Chair. “I stand before you immensely

country on the continent. This year

humbled by this great honour

will see our importance being

that has been bestowed on South

elevated even further, as President

Africa. On behalf of the men and

Cyril Ramaphosa oversees the

women of South Africa I graciously

actions taken by the AU and its 55

accept your collective decision

member states.

that I should Chair the AU in 2020.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

In executing this weighty responsibility I will rely on your continued

trade and investment,” he said. South Africa is in a unique posi-

agreement.” The AU has also declared this

tion to advance the AU’s main

decade the Decade of African

objective of ‘silencing the guns’

Women’s Financial and Economic

in 2020. President Ramaphosa’s

Inclusion. President Ramaphosa

chairing of the AU coincides with

will focus on implementing meas-

President Ramaphosa will focus

South Africa’s final year as a mem-

ures that will support women,

on priorities that will enhance

ber of the United Nations Security

including new public and private

progress, unity and peace.

Council, meaning that he can fos-

procurement policies, and full

ter increased cooperation with the

adherence to the AU’s Convention

work together in deepening

UN to contribute towards ending

on Violence Against Women.

the unity of our continent and

conflicts on the African continent.

support, wisdom and cooperation.”

What are the main objectives?

“We would like to deepen our

advancing inclusive economic

The President is also determined

“In this year, we must advance women’s economic and financial

growth and sustainable develop-

to ensure that South Africa plays a

inclusion, we must address the

ment. Our collective work to en-

leading role in making the African

scourge of gender-based violence.

Continental Free Trade Agreement

We want to focus on ensuring

(AfCFTA) a reality.

that there is accountability to

sure political and economic unity, good governance and peace should be strengthened by sup-

“Working closely with President Mahamadou Issofou of Niger in

porting integration,

his capacity as the AU Champion


on the AfCFTA, we will work for the

economic de-

he said.

finalisation of outstanding issues around the

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

. [Photo: DIRCO]


global gender commitments,”

Public Sector Manager • March 2020


Oceana Group gives hope in season of job drought – the West Coast Story


he new decade has begun on an optimistic note with President Cyril Ramaphosa delivering a State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2020 that is about inclusive growth, economic recovery and job creation. Despite our collective effort as business, labour and civil society in support of government’s economic stimulus and recovery initiatives, deepening unemployment (StatsSA places it at 29.1%, with youth unemployment being a major concern), slow economic growth and various social ills undermine our aspirations. The President also addressed already high and rising youth unemployment, noting that government will set aside 1% of the budget for this. The goal is to create two million jobs for young people in the next 10 years. We continue to offer access to learnership, internship and graduate programmes to unemployed youth, with R5.9 million spent during 2019. We agree with President Ramaphosa that extraordinary measures are required to respond to the challenges that the country faces. With over 100 years of solutions and support to the fishing industry, Oceana Group will continue to step up existing efforts to create opportunities that bring more people into the economy, especially women and the youth. In such challenging economic times, the private sector must play its part.

impressive accomplishment in an industry that was among the least transformed in apartheid South Africa, with 1% of fishing rights held by black South Africans before democracy. Working in close collaboration with the coastal communities the Group continues to invest in creating jobs, bringing new technologies and supporting the socio-economic conditions in these communities through direct and indirect employment. The company continues to work hard to empower communities and contribute to environmental sustainability in the communities in which we operate, says Imraan Soomra, Oceana Group’s CEO. Through innovative thinking and optimised operations, we progressively provide and secure jobs in an environment where job security is under threat due to erratic fish landings and reduced quotas. Unemployment is rife in many coastal communities who have traditionally relied on the sea for their livelihood. Despite the cyclic shortage of pilchards in South Africa, the business has secured continued operations and has been able to preserve the jobs of more than 2,500 people employed at the canneries in Laaiplek and St Helena Bay on the West Coast. We achieved this through importing frozen pilchards from other fisheries across the world for our canned fish brand, Lucky Star. Following the adoption of our frozen fish import strategy, we now provide year-round employment

“Oceana will continue to contribute to job creation and inclusive

growth in South Africa’s fishing industry and the country in general. With over 5,000 sustainable jobs around the world, a staggering 3,900 being in South Africa, Oceana continues to drive economic empowerment, real transformation and environmental stewardship for generations to come.”

The company’s memorable history began in 1918 in a small fishing village of Lamberts Bay in the West Coast. In the 100 years that have passed since then, Oceana Group has grown to become a leading global fishing company and the largest fishing company in Africa listed in the Johannesburg and Namibian Stock Exchanges. The company boasts 11 factories across all our operations in South Africa, Namibia, and the USA. This empowered and diverse group of employees manage a fleet of 54 vessels. That is an

and a more stable income to our seasonal employees with additional benefits. Oceana is one of very few commercial fishing companies that provide minimum guaranteed hours to seasonal employees. Despite the difficult economic times and topsy-turvy business environment, Oceana has kept its employees and the communities in which it operates at the centre of its business and has maintained its commitment to them.


A real commitment to our workforce means that when we are faced with restructuring due to economic factors, we always try to redeploy employees who are affected. This is because we have an unwavering commitment to our people. President Ramaphosa’s words regarding skills development being at the centre of South Africa’s national agenda came at an opportune time. As Oceana Group we will continue to play our part in skills development as it is vital for South Africa, and the greater continent’s growth. Our interventions are premised on the fact that it is about the skills and capabilities that will also enable our young people to be active participants and not bystanders or spectators. In 2019, Oceana invested R28.3 million in skills development in South Africa and Namibia, with 86% being invested on upskilling black employees. Moreover, the multi-million Rand investment in establishing the Oceana Maritime Academy will further contribute to skills development, transformation and empowerment in the industry. This is the first such training academy focused specifically on meeting the needs of both the small-scale and commercial fishing industry. The academy is due to be operational during 2020, with more than 5,000 learners anticipated in the first year, offered training in a wide range of related skills. As an integral part of the communities in which we operate, Oceana believes that shared value not only strengthens our own business, but enables us to build a stronger, more prosperous country. We agree with President Ramaphosa that building small businesses that contribute to the economy and create jobs is one of South Africa’s biggest development opportunities. For its part Oceana Group last year provided, amongst other, loans, grants, training and office space to Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs), to accelerate their development, sustainability and ultimately financial independence thus contributing to growth and poverty alleviation. As an example, the loan offered to Fisherman Fresh CC in Port Elizabeth, resulted in the creation of 30 permanent and 8 temporary employment opportunities, last year. Through our flagship brand, Lucky Star, we assisted the West Coast Business Development Centre (WCBDC), who serve aspirant and existing business owners in the West Coast towns of Laingville, Steenberg’s Cove, Stompneusbaai, Veldrift and Lambert’s Bay. Lucky Star provided WCBDC with the building to be able to provide its services to the St Helena Bay community, resulting in the WCBDC assisting almost 200 entrepreneurs with a variety of services that enable them to grow their businesses. We remain committed to placing a strong emphasis on being a leading employer and on providing employment opportunities in an environment where job security is under threat.


Writer: Dale Hes

The Northern Cape: A province of potential Dominated by the arid Kalahari and Karoo, the Northern Cape is South Africa’s largest province by area, but also the most sparsely populated. The isolation of many of the province’s towns, along with scarce resources and limited economic activity, pose unique challenges for governance.


n terms of area, the Northern

improving the standard of living in

that we will identify those that did

Cape is more than 20 times the

the Northern Cape.

Grade 12 to enrol them in different

size of Gauteng – South Africa’s

vocational and artisanal training

lation of just over 1 million people

Improving access to education

is however less than 10 percent of

During his inauguration speech

senior managers in government


last year, Premier Dr Zamani Saul

from door to door to seek and

highlighted his commitment

find unemployed matriculants,”

Northern Cape live in the provin-

towards finding training opportuni-

explained the Premier.

cial capital, Kimberley, while the

ties for youth. The following day,

rest are spread out in a number

Premier Saul took it upon himself

identified, and 90 commenced

of small, out-of-the-way towns and

to lead a group of volunteers and

with training at technical and

villages. It is no surprise then, that

government officials straight to

vocational education and training

job creation, access to education

the doors of unemployed matric

colleges in July 2019. Plans are in

and infrastructure development


place to extend the initiative to

most populous province. It’s popu-

Almost a quarter of those in the

are major challenges. But the provincial government is steadily


“I made a commitment to the unemployed youth of Lerato Park

programmes. I led a group of volunteers and all Kimberley-based

A total of 400 young people were

other areas of the province. “We will roll out the programme

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

to all other districts in the province. This demonstrates our com-

piped or tapped water. “Our efforts to restore the dignity

mitment to find workable and

of our people, massively reduce

practical solutions to resolve our

poverty and roll back the extreme

people’s problems.”

inequalities prevailing since the

Premier Saul has voiced con-

apartheid era have only begun to

cern about the poor education

take effect,” Premier Saul stressed.

outcomes in the province.

remaining 14 schools, improving learning access to approximately 299 000 learners by 2021.” Maths and science will continue to be promoted in schools. “We will continue to foster mathematics and science in our schools, as we are acutely aware that our

of or inadequate education. That

Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

means if we turn around the situa-

The Northern Cape is home to

tion in the education profile of our

one of South Africa’s most signifi-

ence Leadership Academy has

youth, we will be on the right track

cant scientific projects, the Square

proven to be a successful project

towards addressing both unem-

Kilometre Array (SKA). This ground-

aimed at developing in-demand

ployment and poverty.”

breaking initiative is creating hun-


“The common denominator to unemployment and poverty is lack

To address these challenges, the

dreds of jobs, while also fostering

future will be a digital world, where our lives are shaped by computers and connected devices.” The province’s Maths and Sci-

“The academy is a model of a

Northern Cape Human Resource

the development of skills in maths

smart school and definitely an

Development Council was estab-

and science.

example of where we are head-

lished to focus on enhancing early

“The SKA is an example of some

ing with education leading the

childhood development, primary

of the elements of the Fourth

way towards a modern province

and secondary education and

Industrial Revolution (4IR). Its

at the cutting edge of technology,

skills training.

expansive broadband connectiv-

mathematics and science,” said

ity, high-performance computing,

Premier Saul.

The establishment of the Sol Plaatje University – the first univer-

big data and data analysis all

sity to be opened in South Africa

sit in our province,” Premier Saul

since the dawn of democracy –

pointed out.

has also been a major milestone for the province.

In a bid to further prepare the

Read more about how small towns, including those in the Northern Cape, are getting a new lease on life on page 48.

province for the 4IR, much focus has been placed on providing

Housing and service delivery

internet connectivity at schools. “Education must be the epi-

Northern Cape fast facts - Population: 1.2 million

The Northern Cape government is

centre of efforts to modernise the

- Capital: Kimberley

committed to the provision of for-

Northern Cape and be at the

- District municipalities: 5

mal housing and delivery of water

cutting edge of the 4IR. Currently,

- Local municipalities: 27

and electricity for all residents of

97 percent (542 of a target of

the province. More than 87 per-

556) of all schools in the Northern

cent of households live in formal

Cape have internet connectivity

dwellings, 91.7 percent of house-

for teaching and learning pur-

holds have access to electricity

poses. All efforts will be made to

and 95 percent have access to

enable internet connectivity at the

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

- Most spoken language: Afrikaans (55.3 percent) - Famous for: Diamond mining, the Big Hole, Namaqualand daisies, the Kalahari Desert, the Orange River, Khoisan heritage.



Writer: Dale Hes

Sol Plaatje Local Municipality sparkles


he Sol Plaatje Local Mu-

Plaatje Local Municipality is now

in post-apartheid South Africa.

nicipality in the Northern

striving to become a centre of

The university, which is situated

Cape includes the prov-

education, technology and good

in Kimberley, offers academic


disciplines that are informed by

ince’s capital, Kimberley. The city has a glittering reputation for its

the unique needs and character-

the mining rush which attracted

Making education history

fortune seekers from around the

In 2014, the Sol Plaatje Univer-

technology and data science,

world in the late 19th century.

sity became the first of two

heritage studies, paleo-sciences

As times have changed, the Sol

new universities to be opened

and creative writing in African

diamonds, being the centre of


istics of the Northern Cape, such as information communication

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

languages. In December 2019, the university celebrated its fifth graduation ceremony, with 319 students graduating.

Connecting to the world The municipality is on a drive to provide free wifi access to all residents, through the establishment of more than 30 wifi hotspots in Kimberley and surrounds. “We are headed to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and therefore we have to give access to the youth to do research work, apply

cial report, Municipal Manager

Changsai Municipality in China.

for jobs and search for entrepre-

Goolam Akharwaray highlighted

The agreement is expected to

neurial opportunities,” said Execu-

that the municipality claimed

enhance the building of skills in

tive Mayor Patrick Mabilo during

fourth place in the top 20 list of

technology and innovation in the

the launch of a free wifi hotspot in

municipalities for good govern-

Sol Plaatje Municipality. Mayor

the community of Kekana Park.

ance, in Good Governance

Mabile said that the partnership

Africa’s Government Performance

will also be important for growing

Index 2019.

various sectors of the economy.

Ensuring good, clean governance

“We must, to the best of our

“We have to grow different

The municipality places impor-

ability, strive towards clean and

sectors of our economy with

tance on ensuring effective

transparent governance. The

new factories and manufactur-

governance by providing regular

municipality needs to continue to

ing companies that will develop

training to staff at all levels. In the

improve the efficiency of its ser-

export capacity and promote

past financial year, particular

vice delivery, the sustainability of

decent jobs.

focus was placed on the training

its finances and the effectiveness,

“The municipality will creatively

of technical and trade workers in

responsiveness and accountabil-

look at engaging business in the

water services, and management

ity of its administration,” he said.

city to be part of the delegation. There are good lessons to be

professionals also received trainA total of 795 employees went

Forging international partnerships

through training.

In 2019, the municipality signed

promote and grow our city,” he

a landmark agreement with the


ing specific to their professions.

In the municipality’s latest finan-

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

learnt from Changsha City and through this partnership we can



Writer: Dale Hes

Going to town on small towns Although much of South Africa’s economic activity takes place in large cities, the hundreds of small towns across the country have the potential to contribute significantly to job creation and economic growth. Government recognises that the regeneration of small towns will be a crucial factor in moving South Africa towards a brighter future.


structure to keep up with the pace of rapidly growing urban populations. Conversely, rural areas suffer from a loss of skills, income and economic activity, resulting in the stagnation of small towns.

Small town development integral to economic growth

very year, hundreds of

moved to seek a better life often

thousands of South Africans

find themselves living in infor-

move from rural areas and

mal settlements and struggling

Developed in 2016, the

small towns to large cities, seek-

to find jobs. Meanwhile, public

Integrated Urban Develop-

ing employment opportunities.

sector managers are faced with

ment Framework (IUDF) was

As our cities start to become

serious challenges in delivering

designed largely in response

overcrowded, the people who

services and developing infra-

to the increasing urbanisation


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

that South Africa is experiencing. While the framework focuses on

inadequate rural development. The Department of Coopera-

South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP).

how urban centres can deal with

tive Governance and Traditional

increasing populations, it also

Affairs, National Treasury and

programme is an integral part

recognises the link between rural

South African Local Government

of the implementation of the

and urban areas.

Association (SALGA) are joining

Integrated Urban Development

“The Small Town Regeneration

hands to implement the IUDF,

Framework in the NDP. Small

economic activities associated

through the Cities Support pro-

towns are a necessary and im-

with urban and rural areas have

gramme, the Intermediate City

portant link to the development

historically been viewed as mutu-

Municipalities programme and

of rural regions, and the role of

ally exclusive. This dichotomy not

the Small Town Regeneration

small towns as service centres,

only distorts the reality but also


within a hierarchy of settlements, is

The framework states that

fails to address the interdepend-

emphasised,” he said.

rarely a sharp division between

SALGA’s Small Town Regeneration programme

rural and urban areas, but rather

SALGA launched its Small Town

Small Town Regeneration in the Karoo

a rural-urban spatial continuum.

Regeneration programme in

Municipalities in the Karoo have

encies between rural and urban spaces. The reality is that there is

2013, hosting workshops across

been involved in small town

developing solutions to benefit

the country to share the impor-

regeneration, through the Karoo

the whole country is difficult if

tance of regenerating small

Small Town Regeneration initiative.

rural and urban areas are seen

towns and provide a roadmap

Thirty-five local municipalities in

as opposites. As explained in the

for growth. The programme looks

the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape

framework, these areas are be-

for ways and means to strength-

and Free State are part of the

coming increasingly integrated

en small town economies;

programme. The Karoo has been

because of better transport and

provide better quality of life; and

a specific focus due to several

communications, and focusing

build and leverage on the local

factors limiting economic growth,

on building strong rural-urban

assets of such towns.

including the isolation of small

The framework recognises that

linkages can therefore enhance growth. According to the framework,

Municipalities in the North West, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal,

strained financial resources and

Eastern Cape, Western Cape and

limited economic activities.

the solution to poverty in rural

Northern Cape opted to partici-

areas cannot be found in the ru-

pate in the programme.

ral economy alone. Rural growth

towns, scarce water supply, con-

The Western Cape town of Oudsthoorn has started on its path

The former Deputy Minister of

towards regeneration, as the mu-

needs access to urban markets

Cooperative Governance and

nicipality begins adopting strate-

and vibrant non-farm sectors.

Traditional Affairs, Andries Nel,

gies for growth. Executive Mayor

Equally, the growth of urban

identified the programme as

Colan Sylvester said community

areas can be compromised by

crucial to the implementation of

members and

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



organisations are now working together to achieve the goal of regenerating Oudtshoorn. “Through consultation processes, momentum has been created among the community members and organisations to work together to realise Oudtshoorn’s full potential. Oudtshoorn Municipality embarked on a process of establishing a long-term strategic vision to guide municipal and community decisions in achieving economic growth and regeneration of previously disadvantaged areas in all wards.” Some of the strategies identified

gain commercial competitive

programme is onother initiative

advantage. It is for this reason

aimed at linking economic de-

include leveraging the significant

that through the Small Towns

velopment within this small rural

number of training schools in the

Regeneration programme, ASPIRE

town to other important econom-

municipality, capitalising on tourist

embarked on creating business

ic generation activities,” said Ray-

attractions such as the Cango

opportunities for the local busi-

mond Mhlaba Local Municipality

Caves and ostrich farms, diversify-

ness sector (formal and informal)

spokesperson Cynthia Mokitimi.

ing the agricultural industry and

to shine the spotlight on its small

She added that R39.7 million

stimulating the local arts and

towns,” said ASPIRE spokesperson

was spent on the three projects

crafts sector.

Luthando Tyala.

and about 50 locals were em-

The small town of Alice in the

Big investments in the Eastern Cape

Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality – home to the world-

ployed and skilled in areas such as civil works. Another R17.2 million was

In the Eastern Cape, the Amathole

famous Fort Hare University – has

spent on upgrading the CBD in

District Municipality has been

benefited from three multimil-

the town of Butterworth, where

leading the charge in regener-

lion projects. These include the

the installation of streetlights,

ating small towns. Through the

construction of a pedestrian

pavements, parking and load-

municipality’s economic develop-

footbridge, the completion of a

ing zones, storm water drainage

ment agency ASPIRE, there has

public transport hub, and the

systems and garbage bins have

been investment in a number of

conversion of a park in the CBD

resulted in a more conducive

flagship regeneration projects.

into a Garden of Remembrance

business environment.

“ASPIRE continuously strives to establish future sustainable

for apartheid struggle icons. “As has been the norm with

These are just some of the towns that are being transformed

socio-economic developments

other Small Towns Regeneration

through the Small Town Regen-

for its local towns in an effort to

projects, the Alice Regeneration

eration programme.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Creating a winning culture Creatingaa in Creating government winning winning culture culture through in incustomised government government through througha Creating training customised customised winning culture training training in government through customised training

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To Toaenhance enhance service delivery delivery and andbuild buildaEnterprises acapable capablestate, state, the thepublic public sector sector requires requires customised customised training solutionsthat thatand are are Public Administration and As catalyst service for insight and knowledge, University of Pretoria offers the public sectortraining trainingsolutions programmes unique unique to to the the goals goals and and principles principles of of Batho Batho Pele. Pele. short-courses that are developed and delivered by thought-leading experts from the University of Pretoria with extensive

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Source: SAnews

the aim to eliminate malaria

Energy Corporation’s Nuclear

within the country’s borders by

Technologies in Medicine and


the Biosciences Initiative, the

Although South Africa has made

South African Vector Mosquito

A hi-tech facility, set to develop

significant progress in reducing

Rearing Facility will produce

ground-breaking research

the number of malaria cases

and sterilise 500 000 adult male

towards malaria eradication

over the years, malaria is still


in South Africa, has opened at

endemic in the northern region

The sterile male mosquitoes will

the National Institute for Com-

of Limpopo, lowveld region of

be released to mate with wild

municable Diseases in Johan-

Mpumalanga and far northern

females of the same species.


parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

These females will lay eggs that

The South African Vector Mos-

Funded by the Department of

will not hatch and, over time, the

quito Rearing Facility will use the

Science and Innovation, in col-

malaria-transmitting mosquito

sterile insect technique, a birth

laboration with the Department

(Anopheles arabiensis) will be

control method for mosquitoes.

of Health’s National Institute

suppressed or eliminated from

Malaria elimination remains a

for Communicable Diseases

the target area.

key priority in South Africa, with

and the South African Nuclear

Sterile stings for mozzies

SARS takes huge tech leap The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has embarked on a journey that will see it embrace technological advancement. In the foreseeable future, its work will be informed by data-driven insights, self-learning computers, artificial intelligence and interconnectivity of people and devices, said SARS. It is now also embarking on a recruitment drive to get skilled personnel that will help it fulfil its tech revolution goals. “SARS’ workforce will be empowered to optimally function within this exciting changed and


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

people and trucks will be processed by both countries under one roof. “When we move over to this model, people and trucks will only stop once at a border and and streamlined services, and

be processed by both countries.

rebuild public trust and confi-

We are pursuing the OSBP in as-

dence in the tax and customs

sociation with other government



changing world of work.”

Government will also implement

SARS Commissioner Edward

the Border Management Author-

Kieswetter said SARS cannot ignore the power of a data and

Beit Bridge set for major revamp

ity (BMA) in phases and will prioritise Beit Bridge as one of the areas where it will start with

technology-enabled organisation, and the impact it will have

Home Affairs Minister Aaron

the implementation.

on the future world of work.

Motsoaledi says the Beit Bridge

“Beit Bridge shall have two pro-

“We can, however, prepare for

border post, one of six large

grammes running more or less

it by consciously and actively

land ports of entry, has been

at the same time - that is the

managing the interplay be-

identified for infrastructure devel-

OSBP and BHA.”

tween human effort and artificial


Among other functions, the BMA

intelligence. Today we take a

“The masterplan for the de-

will facilitate and manage the

conscious step towards build-

velopment of Beit Bridge has

legitimate movement of persons

ing a smart modern SARS, with

been finalised and we are in the

within the border law enforce-

unquestionable integrity, that is

process of appointing a service

ment area and at ports of entry.

trusted and admired.”

provider,” Minister Motsoaledi

“It is our considered view that

Kieswetter said the SARS of the


the BMA will improve service

future must be able to respond

Ports of entry will be developed

efficiencies at the ports, through

to this new environment, while

in partnership with the private

integrated operations.

fulfilling the organisation’s higher

sector, through public-private

“It will improve the way South

purpose of enabling govern-

partnerships, and with neigh-

Africa handles border manage-

ment to build a capable state

bouring countries, said the

ment, so as to assist the country

that will ensure the wellbeing of


in delivering on regional mecha-

all South Africans.

“The partnership with our neigh-

nisms vital for the envisaged in-

The organisation is also in

bouring countries centres on

tegration and free trade area for

the process of modernising

creating One Stop Border Posts

our beloved continent,” Minister

its systems to provide digital

(OSBP). This model means that

Motsoaledi said.

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



Compiled by: Jauhara Khan

HYPOTHESIS XV 3–6 May 2020

hydrogen technology.

The purpose of the Hydrogen

aspects, theoretical, experimental

• Electrolysis and other hydrogen

Power Theoretical and Engineering

and prototype developments of

production technologies from

Solutions International Symposium

hydrogen as an energy carrier.

renewable energy sources.

ventional fossil sources, wastes

The symposium will address all

and residual biomass.

(HYPOTHESIS) series is to provide a

The HYPOTHESIS XV topics cover

forum where representatives from

research and technological as-

industry, public laboratories, uni-

pects on fundamentals, materials,

HYPOTHESIS XV takes place from

versities and government agen-

modelling, simulation and system

3–6 May at the Spier Wine Estate

cies can meet, discuss and pre-

development for, among others:

in Cape Town. For more information, visit

sent the most recent advances in

• Hydrogen production from con-

African Smart Cities Summit 9–12 June

operation to support smart city

The 4th annual African Smart

how connectivity and technol-

Cities Summit and Smart Cities

ogy can improve the quality of

Week Africa 2020 will explore

life in cities, help city govern-

major trends, celebrate Af-

ments provide improved and

rica’s progress, debate chal-

sustainable services, and safe-

lenges and opportunities, and

guard their infrastructure.

discover the innovations set to advance African cities.

transition. The summit will also discuss

This year’s summit will include

• Hydrogen separation and purification.

Women and Girls Summit 2020 9–12 June The Women and Girls Summit aims to prepare women of today and tomorrow to take on key leadership roles in all areas and across all industries to ensure that Africa realises its full potential. The summit will offer unique

a Smart Cities Pavilion on the

opportunities for participants to

The summit will debate how

exhibition floor that showcases

network with leaders and key

smarter cities can alleviate Af-

how technology and innova-

influencers from across the world.

rican urban challenges and

tive solutions can transform

understand where we stand in leveraging proven smart city solutions in Africa? It will also define govern-

African cities. The event takes place from

and will serve as the birth place for

9–12 June at the Gallagher

initiatives and institutions that will

Convention Centre in Gaut-

address the many challenges of

ment’s role in enabling future


cities to be smart and discuss

For more information, visit

public and private sector co-

It will provide a platform for dialogue, knowledge-sharing and mentoring

women and girls in Africa, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The event takes place from 9–12 June at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban.

For more information, visit


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

37 79% MEMBERS












345 000

















#PROTECTOURBEACHES Get involved with SAPFIA's beach cleanups in collaboration with the Afrika Ablaze dance company and make a difference keeping our oceans clean.

Source: Square Kilometre Array


SKA construction planner urges women to reach for the stars


eing a successful woman in

and management of land for the

SKA precursor telescope], and the

the male-dominated world of

construction and operation of the

design, establishment, operations

construction calls for excel-

SKA’s mid-frequency telescope. She

and maintenance of the infrastruc-

lent leadership, project manage-

is also tasked with honouring SKA

ture and power for the observatory

ment and communication skills.

hosting commitments through the

in the Karoo.

Fortunately, Tracy Cheetham

provision of pathfinder and new in-

(44) has these attributes in abun-

frastructure and securing construc-

dance and is doing stellar work at

tion licences on behalf of the SKA.

Women contributing to development

the South African Radio Astronomy

“I’m also consortium leader of

She believes women should involve

Observatory (SARAO), where she

the SKA’s Infrastructure South Afri-

themselves in mega infrastructure

is responsible for the Square Kilo-

ca Consortium, leading the design

projects like the SKA because they

metre Array (SKA) infrastructure in

engineering effort involving both

have a lot to contribute to the de-

South Africa.

SARAO staff and South African in-

velopment of the country.

Cheetham has been leading

dustry partners.

“I am very proud to be a South Af-

efforts to design the supporting

“We have been working on the

rican woman working in STEM [sci-

infrastructure for the SKA’s mid-

design of the infrastructure and

ence, technology, engineering and

frequency array.

power for SKA-mid since 2013, in-

mathematics] and hope that I can

She says passion, enthusiasm,

cluding new access roads, primary

be a role model for other young

commitment, patience, a sense

and back-up power, buildings, an-

African women to encourage them

of humour and the ability to con-

tenna foundations, communica-

to pursue a career in this field.

stantly think on your feet and be

tion, security, vehicles, site monitor-

decisive are essential to succeed-

ing, water and sanitation.”

“Women are the greatest resource any country can have to contrib-

Cheetham joined SARAO as in-

ute to its development. Pursuing a

Cheetham is head of construction

frastructure manager in 2007. She

career in STEM will result in a new

planning for SKA-mid, which means

was responsible for the acquisition

generation of highly skilled young

she is responsible for the provision

of land for KAT 7 and MeerKAT [an

women scientists, engineers and

ing in her field.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

construction managers who can

“I gradually realised how chal-

participate in key areas of econom-

lenging engineering and construc-

The technologies and systems re-

ic development in their countries

tion is, with a legacy being created

quired for the SKA have enabled

and be at the forefront of cutting-

during the design and left behind

both South African engineers and

edge technology.”

equal peer in global science.

after construction. This eventually

those across the world to work at

Cheetham says construction of-

led to me studying Architecture at

the cutting edge of design and in-

fers diverse and exciting work for

the Nelson Mandela University in

novation, says Cheetham.

women as innovative engineering

Port Elizabeth.”

and technology solutions are con-

“The most important spin-off, how-

She completed her Master’s De-

ever, will be the generation of new

gree in Environmental Engineering

knowledge: young scientists and

“There are a number of wonder-

and Sustainable Infrastructure at

engineers with expertise in a wide

ful programmes in countries across

the Royal Institute of Technology in

range of scarce and innovative

the world promoting STEM careers

Stockholm, Sweden.

fields. This will allow both South Af-

stantly being sought.

and girls should engage with these

After completing her studies,

rica and Africa to be a significant

organisations – including the SKA –

Cheetham was project manager

contributor to the global knowl-

to obtain maximum exposure and

for a number of community devel-

edge economy.”

understanding of all the opportu-

opment projects in Port Elizabeth’s

The SKA has awarded about 1

nities available. I would also really

townships between 1997 and 2001.

000 bursaries to fund school, ar-

encourage young girls to link up

Thereafter, she spent five years at

tisan, undergraduate and post-

with other women role models in

the Department of Public Works,

graduate studies in the fields

the field and ask lots of questions.”

working on construction indus-

of science and engineering in

try policies for South Africa and

South Africa, through the SARAO

establishing two national skills

Human Capital Development pro-

development programmes to pro-


From music to construction and beyond Cheetham’s career in construction

mote engineering and the built

was the result of a chance encoun-

environment to young people.

ter. She aspired to be a classical

She joined the SKA team as infra-

musician, just like her mother and

structure manager in 2007.

grandmother. 11 and at piano practice, her in-

Global knowledge economy

terest was piqued by a friend of

Cheetham says co-hosting the

her teacher who was working on

SKA with Australia is very sig-

a drawing of a building design in

nificant for South Africa and

the same room.

Africa as a whole as it rep-

One day, when she was in Grade

“My interest was immediately di-

resents a new era in

verted from the piano to the design

which Africa is seen

that was emerging on the drawing

as a science desti-

board, and my interest in the built

nation and takes

environment grew from there.

its place as an

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Tracy Cheet ham is leading ef for ts to design t he suppor ting infrastructure for t he SKA’s mid-frequency array.











Writer: More Matshediso

Amber Alert launched in SA T

he new Amber Alert system

worldwide and the first in Africa

that was recently launched

to introduce an Amber Alert

launch at the end of January,

by the South African Police


more than 1 400 tip-offs were

Service (SAPS) in partnership with

An Amber Alert enables Face-

Within days of Amber Alert’s

received from community mem-

Facebook will be instrumental in

book users to help police find

the police’s gender-based vio-

missing children and results in a

lence (GBV) strategy.

quicker resolution of cases, said

Sharing information

General Sitole.

Through Facebook’s Newsfeed,

This is according to the National Commissioner of the South African Police, General Khehla Sitole. South Africa is the 23rd country

“Our country is affected by

the Amber Alert enables peo-

violence against women and

ple to instantly share important

children, hence we designed a

information about the missing

GBV strategy that seeks to pro-

child and the suspected abduc-

vide the appropriate responses.

tor, such as a photograph, hair

This strategy is going to be

colour and clothing, with their

strengthened by the partnership

friends, family and Facebook

with Facebook.


“The prevention of the

Facebook’s Director of Trust and

kidnapping and abduction

Safety Emily Vacher said the sys-

of our children for various

tem can reach a large number of

reasons, including sexual

Facebook users who might be in

offences, parental dis-

a position to help find the missing

putes or human trafficking,


requires the moralisation of South Africans and involvement of all role players.”

She said when reporting a missing child, it is vital that a recent photo of the child is made

He thanked South Africans

available. It will be prominently

for supporting the new sys-

displayed in the Newsfeed of

tem, which now forms part

Facebook users who are in the

of the SAPS’s online policing

search area.



bers and four arrests were made.

“When a child is missing, the

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Why is it called an Amber Alert? Amber Alert originated in the United States in 1996. On 15 January 1996, nineyear-old Amber Rene Hagerman was abducted while riding her bike in her neighbourhood in Arlington, Texas. The abduction was witnessed by her brother and a neighbour. Amber’s abduction was reported immediately but most valuable thing one can do is share information as quickly as possible. By working with law enforcement and helping to share the right information with the right people, we hope that missing

 The abducted child is 17 or younger.  There is a reasonable belief

despite the police’s best efforts, she was not found alive. Instead, her body

that the child has been ab-

was discovered two days



 The police believe the child is

This led to a collaboration

children will be safely reunited with

in imminent danger of serious

between local

their families faster.”

bodily harm.

broadcasters and law

There are more than 28 million

 There is enough descriptive

enforcement officers who

South Africans who use Facebook

information about the victim

came up with a system to

on mobile devices, which means

and suspected abduction.

issue public alerts about

the information about a missing

A senior member of the police

missing children so that

child will be directly delivered to

will assess whether these criteria

information could be more

people in the search area.

have been met before authorising

quickly gathered. The

The decision to declare an Amber

the Amber Alert.

Amber Alert system was launched in July 1996.

Alert is made by the SAPS during

The police service will then notify

the investigation of a suspected

Facebook’s Global Security Opera-

The alerts were initially

abduction case.

tions Centre, which operates 24/7,

issued in partnership with

that a verified Amber Alert is ac-

radio stations until the

about an abducted child, they

tive. Facebook will then send the

Child Alert Foundation

must determine if the case meets

alert to the Newsfeeds of people

created the first fully

their Amber Alert criteria, which

located in targeted search areas

automated notification


in South Africa.

system two years later.

Once the SAPS has been notified

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



Writer: Dale Hes

Helping parents improve ECD T

he first 1 000 days of life are

The role of parents in helping

the most important stage of

to improve the quality of ECD in

was approved by Cabinet in 2015.

a child’s development. In rec-

South Africa is something which is

The policy provides a comprehen-

ognition of this fact, government

often overlooked. But government

sive framework for improving ECD.

has invested heavily in all aspects

and civil society are placing an

The policy recognises the role

of Early Childhood Development

increased emphasis on getting

parents have to play in the provi-

(ECD), ranging from the training of

parents more involved in the early

sion of ECD. As stated by then

ECD practitioners, to the construc-

education of children, with some

Minister of Social Development

tion of ECD centres and the devel-

impressive results.

Bathabile Dlamini, the policy is

opment of frameworks to support the enhancement of ECD.

After many years of hard work, the National Integrated Early

Childhood Development Policy

“child-centred and emphasises the important role of parents and primary caregivers in providing care, support and upbringing of their children.” Since the policy was adopted there have been tremendous strides in increasing the involvement of parents in ECD, with several programmes leading the way.

Bringing parents to the education table Interactions between parent and child in the first few years of life are especially important for early


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

language, cognitive and socio-

at their child’s ECD centre and as-

continue working with Siyawela as

emotional development.

sisting with fund raising activities.”

‘mentor moms’. These community

The programme runs over four

members participated in a train-

Despite this, the 2019 Early Learning Programmes Outcome Study

to five months, and is structured

ing programme which capaci-

by non-profit organisation Innova-

into workshops and mentoring

tated them as mentors to walk

tion Edge and Ilifa Labantwana

sessions. The workshops cover the

alongside other parents support-

found that many caregivers never

vital aspects of ECD, teaching par-

ing and encouraging them in the

engage in key activities likely to

ents how to teach their children

implementation of the skills and

improve early learning outcomes,

concepts such as counting, draw-

strategies learnt during the Bring-

such as reading, telling stories or

ing, numbers and shapes. It also

ing Parents to the Education Table

playing with their children.

focuses on a child’s overall physi-

programme,” says Balshaw.

To remedy the situation, non-prof-

cal and mental health. Balshaw

it organisations are adding to gov-

says that many participants are

has resulted in some groups

ernment’s efforts to provide proper

not fully aware of the importance

even forming their own non-profit

support to parents. Established

of being involved in ECD.

organisations to formalise their

in the Eastern Cape, non-profit

The Mentor Mom programme

“Being a ‘teacher’ is a new con-

work. These community members,

training agency Siyawela Ready

cept for many parents. Once par-

with the support of Siyawela, have

to Succeed is setting an exam-

ents grasp the importance of their

run their own group mentoring

ple of how this can be achieved,

role and begin to take it seriously,

sessions, and have visited parents

through its Bringing Parents to

the fruit of their efforts becomes

in their homes to encourage them

the Education Table programme,

quickly evident and this encour-

in their parenting role.

which focuses on parents in disad-

ages further interaction with their

vantaged communities.


“The response from the communities reflects the importance of a

“Preparing children to enter

Home visits – where parents are

programme of this nature. There

Grade R takes place in the ECD

visited to ensure that they are cor-

are always new parents entering

space, but all too often, parents

rectly implementing the concepts

the ECD centres and schools,”

leave this preparation to the ECD

they learnt – are also a crucial

Balshaw points out.

practitioners only and do not get

part of the programme.

Parents have responded enthusiastically to the programme.

involved,” says Kathryn Balshaw, Siyawela’s Director of Client Rela-

Ensuring sustainability

Nosiphiwo Mange, a parent from


Siyawela’s programme has

Bedford in the Eastern Cape, now

reached more than 700 parents

believes that parent involvement

improve parents’ knowledge and

in the Eastern Cape and the

can greatly assist ECD centres.

skills and so contribute towards

Northern Cape. Parents who went

the improved school readiness

through the programme are now

will no longer struggle if the par-

of their children. Furthermore,

further spreading the message of

ents are doing their bit at home.

through the training, parents will

parent involvement throughout

I believe as the first teacher I am

realise the importance of paying

their communities.

steering my child in the right direc-

“The aim of this programme is to

school fees, volunteering their time

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

“Graduates were selected to

“I believe that the ECD Centres

tion,” she says.



Market value of the property

Impermissible rates, R15,000, section 17(1)(h)

Reduction, for example a further R100,000 reduction from the market value

Rebate, for example a rebate of 25% of the market value

R 1,000,000.00

R 985,000.00

R 100,000.00

R 246,250.00

R 200,000.00

R 185,000.00

R 100,000.00

R 64,250.00

Reduction, for one Impermissible rates, example a Rebate, for example onary R 200,000.00 R 292,500.00 ket value of the R15,000, section further R100,000 a rebate of 25% of f property the market value reduction fromrelief the strategy his comparison is to show the17(1)(h) impact of the pro-poor discretionary through the uctions rather than rebates and the limited income forgone by the municipality. market value

res that we treat all persons for rates within a category equitably, section 3(a). 1,000,000.00 R liable 985,000.00 R 100,000.00 R 246,250.00

R 200,000.00

R 185,000.00

(a) Residential properties;

R 100,000.00

R 64,250.00

(b) industrial properties;

R 200,000.00 R 292,500.00 cipal register of properties, section 23(3), MPRA must specify both the discretionary rates relief and e rates referred to in section 17, MPRA. The Part B must be published annually for inspection. Part B (c) business and commercial properties; (d) agricultural properties; register properties discloses application of the relief rates policy and through the alignment on is to of show the impact of the theequitable pro-poor discretionary strategy the of the e property record. is anincome important, thoughby often r correct than rebates and the This limited forgone the municipality. (f) properties owned by an organ of state and pliance report for sustainable (e) mining properties;local government.

used for public service purposes;3(a). eat all persons liable for rates within a category equitably, section


(h) properties owned by public benefit organisations

- The rates policy is the ‘recipe’ for the valuation roll and the rates revenue. (g) public service infrastructure properties; and and used for public benefit activities; ow is informed and driven by the municipal rates policy itsspecified accompanying bylaws. tate to contact MetGovis for support in developing a pro-poor strategy. (j) any other rates categorypolicy of property as may be determined

(i) properties used for multiple by the Minister, with the concurrence of the Minister of purposes, subject to section 9: or Finance, by the Noticediscretionary in the Gazette. of properties, section 23(3), MPRA must specify both rates relief and 868

d to in section 17, MPRA. The Part B must be published annually for inspection. Part B operties discloses the equitable application of the rates policy and the alignment of the erty record. This is an important, though often for sustainable local government.

Residential property

mple e of the % of ty lue

0 00.00

Market value of the property

Impermissible rates, R15,000, section 17(1)(h)

Reduction, for example a further R100,000 reduction from the market Reduction, for value Reduction, for Reduction, for

Rebate, for example a rebate of 25% of the market value

Reduction, for Impermissible example aa Rebate, for Impermissible rates, example Impermissiblerates, rates, a exampleRebate, forexample example example example aRebate,for Rebate, for example Residential Market value of the Impermissible rates, Residential Market R15,000, section further a arebate ofR R15,000, section further R15,000, R100,000 section furtherR100,000 R100,000 a rebate rebateofof of25% 25% 25% of 246,250.00 of R 1,000,000.00 R 985,000.00 R 100,000.00 Residential Market value of the property property property property R15,000, section further R100,000 a rebate of 25% of 17(1)(h) reduction from the the market value the market the market value value 17(1)(h) reduction 17(1)(h) from the reduction from the property property value 17(1)(h) reduction the market value market value market market value from the


R 200,000.00

R 985,000.00 AA

R 185,000.00

1,000,000.00 R 100,000.00 RR 985,000.00 RR 1,000,000.00 985,000.00

R 100,000.00

R 64,250.00

market value RR100,000.00 R R246,250.00 100,000.00 R 246,250.00 246,250.00

Income forgone R 1,000,000.00 RRR985,000.00 R 100,000.00 R 246,250.00 200,000.00 R 100,000.00 185,000.00 RR100,000.00 R R64,250.00 R RR 200,000.00 185,000.00 100,000.00 R 64,250.00 64,250.00 R 292,500.00 A 185,000.00 through discretionary R 200,000.00 BB Reduction, for Incomeforgone forgone rates relief Income R 200,000.00 R 185,000.00a R 100,000.00 R 64,250.00 through discretionary RR200,000.00 R R292,500.00 mple ple Impermissible rates, Rebate, for example 0 through discretionary Rexample 200,000.00 200,000.00 R 292,500.00 292,500.00 B of this e of the The purpose impact ofR100,000 the pro-poor discretionary relief strategy the ratescomparison relief %of of R15,000, sectionis to show the further a rebate of through 25% of rates relief ty extension of reductions rather than rebates and the limited income forgone by the municipality. Income forgone The purpose of this comparison is to show the impact of the pro-poor discretionary relief strategy through the ue ue the impact The 17(1)(h) reduction from the how of purpose the of pro-poor this comparison isdiscretionary to show the impact of therelief pro-poor discretionary strategy relief the through strategymarket through the the value extensionof of reductions rather rather than rebates rebates and the limited income forgone through Rmunicipality. 200,000.00 R 292,500.00 bates and the discretionary limited extension income reductions forgone than and by thethe limitedmunicipality. income forgoneby bythe themunicipality. market value The MPRA requires that we treat all persons liable for rates within a category equitably, section 3(a). rates relief The MPRA requires that we treat all persons liable for rates within a category equitably, section 3(a). ersons liable for The MPRA requires within that we a treat category all persons liable for rates within a section category equitably, 3(a). section 0 00.00 Rrates 985,000.00 Requitably, 100,000.00 R3(a). 246,250.00 The purpose of this comparison is to show the impact of the pro-poor discretionary relief strategy through the extension of reductions rather than rebates and R the100,000.00 limited income forgone by the municipality. 0.00 R 185,000.00 R 64,250.00


The MPRA requires that we treat all persons liable for rates within a category equitably, section 3(a). PART B - Municipal register of properties, section 23(3), MPRA must specify both the discretionary rates relief and 0 Rboth 200,000.00 R 292,500.00 and rties, section 23(3), PART BMPRA - Municipal must register of properties, specify section 23(3), MPRA themust discretionary specify both the discretionary rates ratesrelief relief and and the impermissible rates of referred to in section 17, MPRA. The MPRA Part B must be published annually for inspection. Part B rates relief and PART B Municipal register properties, section 23(3), must specify both the discretionary rt B ection 17, MPRA. the impermissible The Part rates Breferred must to in be section published 17, MPRA. The Partannually B must be published for annually inspection. for inspection. PartPart B B of the municipal register of properties discloses the equitable application of the rates policy and the alignment of the te and the impermissible rates referred to in section 17, MPRA. The Part B must be published annually for inspection. Part B the discloses the equitable of the municipal application register of properties of discloses the the rates equitable application policy of and the rates the policy and alignment the alignment of the of the how the impact of the pro-poor discretionary relief strategy through the and rates tariffs to the correct property record. This is an important, though often ord. This isthe an important, rates tariffs to theof correct though property often record. This is anthe important, though often of the rates policy and the alignment of the bates and the limited income forgone by municipality. of municipal register properties discloses the equitable application overlooked, compliance report for sustainable local government. organisations local government. ainable overlooked, compliance report for sustainable local government. ganisations rates tariffs to the correct property record. This isequitably, an important, though often 3(a). tivities; ersons liable for rates within a category section vities; ay be determined overlooked, compliance report sustainable local government. PART B - Municipal offor properties, 23(3), MPRA specify therevenue. discretionary rates relief and CLOSINGregister COMMENTS - The ratessection policy is the ‘recipe’ for themust valuation roll andboth the rates determined fbe the Minister of is the ‘recipe’ es policy CLOSING COMMENTS for isthe valuation - The rates policy isroll the ‘recipe’ and for the the valuation rates roll and revenue. the rates revenue. The entire workflow informed and driven by the municipal rates policy and its accompanying bylaws. the impermissible rates referred to in section 17, MPRA. The Part B must be published annually for inspection. Part B he Minister of the municipal iven by The entire workflow rates is informed policy and driven and by its the municipal accompanying rates policy and its accompanying bylaws. bylaws. Please don’t hesitate to contact MetGovis for support in developing a pro-poor rates policy strategy. of the municipal register of properties discloses equitable application ofrates thepolicy ratesstrategy. policy and the alignment of the vis for support in Please developing don’t hesitate to contact a pro-poor MetGovis forthe support rates in developing policy a pro-poor strategy. CLOSING - Therecord. rates policy ‘recipe’ for the valuation rates tariffs to COMMENTS the correct property This isisanthe important, though often roll and the rates revenue. The entire workflow is informed driven bylocal the government. municipal rates policy and its accompanying bylaws. overlooked, compliance forand sustainable 033MPRA 343report 2868must nd rties, nd section 23(3), specify both the discretionary rates relief and Please don’t hesitate to contact MetGovis for support a pro-poor rates policy strategy. 033 343 2868 developing

ection t B B 17, MPRA. The Part B must be published annually for inspection. Part B he discloses the the equitable application of the rates policy and the alignment of the CLOSING COMMENTS - The rates policy is the ‘recipe’ for the valuation roll and the rates revenue. ord. This is an important, though often The entire workflow is informed and driven by the municipal rates policy and its accompanying bylaws. 033 343 2868 ainable local government.

Please don’t hesitate to contact MetGovis for support in developing a pro-poor rates policy strategy.


A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

NHI: Ensuring quality, decent health care for all


he deliberations by Parlia-

objective of World Health Organi-

hand, our country spends R220 bil-

ment on the National Health

zation (WHO).

lion on rest of the population.

Insurance Bill are soon to

enter a new phase as the Portfolio Committee on Health’s countrywide public hearings wrap up.

This flies in the face of the Consti-

Universal health coverage It is instructive that WHO defines

tutional right of access to health care for all citizens regardless of their socioeconomic circumstanc-

universal health coverage as a

es. It is a situation that cannot

ber of places around the country,

system that should ensure that all

continue. It is inefficient and unsus-

have shown that there is broad

people have access to needed

tainable. It is unfair and unjust.

support for fundamental change

health services (including preven-

The introduction of National

in our health care system.

tion, promotion, treatment, rehabili-

Health Insurance will be among

Participants have made a num-

tation and palliation) of sufficient

the most far-reaching acts of

ber of proposals and have spoken

quality while ensuring that the use

social transformation this country

about their views on National

of these services does not expose

has experienced since 1994. We

Health Insurance (NHI), personal

the user to financial hardship.

have enough resources in this

These hearings, held in a num-

experiences of illness, trauma,

It is one of the greatest travesties

country to enable every man,

disability and suffering – and the

of our time that access to decent

woman and child to receive ap-

difficulties they have had in ac-

and quality health care services is

propriate standardised quality

cessing health care when they

determined by one’s ability to pay.

health care.

need it.

South Africa has two parallel

inform South Africa’s support for

billion is spent annually on less

Learning from past mistakes

the global goal of universal health

than 20 percent of the population.

Our past has taught us that we

coverage. This goal has become

This is the section of our popula-

must never be a country that

a major aim for health reform in

tion that has access to private

promotes the interests of the few

many countries and a priority

medical insurance. On the other

at the expense of the majority. In

It is these experiences that


health care systems. Around R250

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

1713 the Dutch colonialists who had brought a smallpox epidemic

ends meet. As a nation, a large share of

I call on the National Department of Health to prepare ad-

to our shores imported medicines

our national expenditure goes to

equately for the implementation

from Batavia to treat those af-

health care, yet there is a funda-

of the NHI. This includes working

fected. They used the medicine to

mental mismatch between what

with stakeholders to implement

treat their own, leaving the indig-

we spend and the health out-

the Presidential Health Compact,

enous Khoisan to be decimated

comes of our citizens.

ensuring that public health facili-

by the outbreak.

Just as we demand quality stand-

ties have the personnel, medicines

ards of health care for ourselves

and equipment to provide the care

vices brings back bitter memories.

and our families, we should do the

that people need.

Back in the 18th Century it was on

same for others. Just as we would

I call on the private sector to

the basis of colonial settler status.

not treat a relative or friend badly

join government in seeing the NHI

Under apartheid it was on the ba-

because they earn less than we

realised. To transform the health

sis of skin colour. Today it is on the

do, we should care enough that

care landscape to make it more

basis of who can afford to pay.

they have equal access to treat-

efficient, cost-effective and value

ment and care when they fall ill.

for money requires that we forge

The segregation of health ser-

The key fundamental principles underpinning NHI are equity, soli-

We must move away from a

strong public-private partnerships

darity, the acceptance and recog-

culture driven solely by self-interest

for the delivery of services. We re-

nition of the equal worth of every

and embrace the spirit of ubuntu,

main committed to ensuring there

individual, as well as the right of

meaning solidarity. This is the vision

is effective consultation and en-

everyone to receive the medical

of the NHI. It is the vision of our

gagement with all sector partners

care they need cost effectively.


at all stages of the process.

We cannot build a prosperous

We will not be reckless in imple-

and economically thriving nation

menting the NHI. We will implement

if a small minority of our workforce

it in an incremental fashion and

Escalating costs

is healthy while the majority is

aim to cover the whole country

The escalating cost of health care

vulnerable to ill-health and disease.

by 2025. We will use an affordable

is affecting South Africans from all

In this respect, NHI is as much an

approach to progressively move

social strata where it hurts most – in

economic issue as it is a fight for

towards a comprehensive NHI

their pockets. As the report of the

social justice.


This is something for which we must all fight.

Health Market Inquiry published

I ask every citizen reading this

last year has shown, even those

A call to action

to join us. It is in your interest that

who have private health insurance

I call on all South Africans to

universal health care becomes a

are buckling under the pressure

mobilise behind the NHI and to

reality. It is in the interest of your

of rising premiums and shrinking

see it implemented. I call on NGOs,

family, your community and your

benefits. Out-of-pocket payments

community organisations and civil


are on the increase, draining

society at large to rally around the

disposable incomes and making

NHI in the same way that they did

equal and prosperous future for

it even harder for many to make

in the fight against HIV/Aids.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

It is in the interests of a free,



Writer: More Matshediso



empowers women


stereotype that women belong in the kitchen. However, Kgoete says financially independent women also experience challenges, such as having to balance family life and running a household with work. “Moreover, women have more responsibilities than men, such as looking after children,” she says,

eing financially independent means being able to afford your everyday

abusive relationships,” she says. Kgoete believes that financially

explaining that women often end up settling for jobs in which they

sustainable women have more

have to fight to be paid the same

expenses without having to rely on

say in decisions that affect their

as their male counterparts.


lives and the lives of their families

This is how Refiloe Kgoete de-

because they are not at the mer-

Tips for women

fines financially autonomy. She is

cy of someone who fully controls

Kgoete’s tips for financial inde-

a social worker who works as a

the purse strings.

pendence include:

Victim Empowerment Coordina-

For example, a woman with the

tor at Agisanang Domestic Abuse

financial means to afford a car

Prevention and Training (ADAPT).

can make the purchase with-

Alarmingly, relying on a partner

out being unduly influenced by

• Do not be scared to ask for equal pay or a raise if you think you deserve it. • Share responsibilities with your

for financial support can have

someone else. In other words, she

partner when it comes to look-

life threatening repercussions be-

will be able to buy just what she

ing after children financially.

cause of South Africa’s high rate


• Curb spending and don’t purchase what you cannot afford.

of gender violence, she said, ex-

Financial independence is all

plaining that financially depend-

about empowerment and confi-

Seek advice from a financial

ent women often end up staying

dence. It is about women having

advisor if needed.

in toxic and abusive relationships,

the means to control their life and

either in the family home or with

stand up for their rights and it is

advisable for women to save up

their spouse or partner.

as relevant to middle and upper-

money before they start having

class women as it is to those from

children so that they do not find

low-income households.

themselves in financially strenu-

“If they decide to leave, they often end up living in poverty because they are not financially stable. “In a country that has put

Kgoete says that women should

ous situations.

also strive for financial independence so that they can become

women in the backseat in the

role models for their daughters

workplace, being financially inde-

and other girl children and thus

pendent will help women escape

help them break the societal


Above all, Kgoete says it is

To find out more about ADAPT, visit the website at

Public Sector Manager • March 2020





CREATING A CULTURE OF INNOVATION IN YOUR ORGANIZ ATION Africa tech week is a platform that gives business leaders, technology leaders, and thought leaders the opportunity to demonstrate how technology has significantly impacted society and business as a whole. The platform was created to give organizations the tools to be able to incorporate these technologies into their business to make them more efficient, productive and accelerate their performance to match organizations that are exponentially growing 10x faster than legacy businesses. We believe that through technology, organizations won’t need to survive through the 4th industrial revolution but have the opportunity to thrive and through attending the Africa Tech Week Summit we will be giving you a clear roadmap on what technologies are out there, how they work, who has successfully used and implemented them and how it can elevate your organization to be a leader within your industry.





AISHA PANDOR Founder and CEO SweepSouth

SIMON PETER SSEKITOLEKO Principal Science Officer Technology Development, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Uganda

CRAIG TERBLANCHE Chief Transformartion Advisor ExoSystems

PHATHISWA MALINGA Chief Solutions Officer SqwidNet


KOBUS LOUW Founder Digemy

VUYOLWETHU DUBESE Associate Impact Amplifier & Chair of GirlHype

RORY MOORE Lead for Africa and Asia Pacific of 10 Liquid Studios Accenture

LANCE FANAROFF Founder & CEO Integr8

DR JACQUES LUDIK smart technology entrepreneur, AI expert, investor and founder of Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA, President)

WILL GREEN Founder & CEO Co.Lab

14 – 15 September 2020 | Cape Town, South Africa A f r i ca | Tr a n s f o r m i n g t h e Wo r l d











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Writer: More Matshediso



learners to transform communities


oung people are the future

It powers a long-standing initia-

of our country and now,

tive called the Youth Citizens Ac-

through a partnership

tion Programme (Y-CAP), which is

mental organisation as a marketing manager. Back then, she was responsible

between a non-profit organisa-

a competition-based programme

for facilitating youth dialogues

tion (NPO) and government, they

that encourages learners from

among young people to discuss

have the opportunity to make that

primary and secondary schools

the problems facing communities.

future brighter.

to identify challenges affecting

“I realised that young people

their schools and communities

were excited to be given a plat-

and develop solutions.

form to talk about issues affecting

Empowervate Trust is a youth development NPO that works with the Department of Basic Educa-

Empowervate Trust Founder and

their communities and to suggest

tion (DBE) to give learners an

CEO Amanda Blankfield-Koseff

solutions, but it was just a ‘talk

opportunity to become agents of

conceptualised the programme

show’ and that eventually dis-

change in their communities.

while working for a non-govern-

couraged them,” she explained.

Pupils from Oranje Oewer Primar y Sc hool in t he Nor t hern Cape won f irst prize for coming up wit h a waste management project to keep t heir sc hool environment clean.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

her former boss that the pro-

how the programme would work

Competition is accessible to all

gramme be changed to become

and included a teacher’s guide

Today, the competition is well

more action oriented so that it

and the prizes to be won.”

established. Learners are request-

Blankfield-Koseff suggested to

could become impactful, with

our idea to the DBE. We outlined

In 2010, Y-CAP held its first com-

ed to identify problems in their

petition as a pilot project, with

schools and communities. These

only four provinces participating –

can range from health to safety,

run with the programme and I

the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal,

education, the environment and

gathered a group of people from

the Western Cape and Gauteng.

moral issues.

concrete results. “I was given the go-ahead to

our organisation and brain-

The following year, all nine prov-


Motivating young people The group compiled a project management guide that focused not only on getting the project going, but also on follow-through and sustainability. Next to receive the group’s attention was ways to motivate young people to participate in the programme. Running a competition seemed like the perfect idea and the

Once learners have identified a problem, they must develop an

stormed how to make this idea

“I realised that young people were excited to be given a platform to talk about issues affecting their communities and to suggest solutions…”

action plan to address these problems and show how their actions made a positive change and how the project will be sustained in future. Learners are also requested to create a portfolio of evidence and prepare an oral presentation. Learners who come up with the best projects stand a chance to win prize money for their school communities. The competition requires learners to work in teams of four. Multiple groups per school can enter and the school will nominate their

team agreed that targeting school learners was the way to

inces were represented after the

best project to advance in the


organisers reported back to the


The main idea was to structure the competition in a way that would allow participants to learn

department on the success of the programme. Eventually, the programme grew

along the way, regardless of who

too large to be housed under a

ultimately won.

community development organi-

“Our approach to getting schools involved was presenting

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Currently, there are about 40 volunteers who work as facilitators of the programme across the country. “Most of our volunteers are

sation and Empowervate was

young people who used to partici-

registered to run it in 2013.

pate in the programme



society in support of the education of learners. Although in many communities the school is the closest institution of engagement between government and the public, civil society is better able to work on the ground and understands the intricate dynamics of school communities, said the department. While the school takes care of formal curricular education matters for children, civil society strengthens the informal co-curricEmpower vate Trust Founder and CEO Amanda Blankf ield-Kosef f.

ular educational aspects, which are essential for the development of a well-rounded and holistically educated child.

during their school days,” she

and most of them were schools


from rural areas.

With regard to the significance of the programme, the department

The DBE said its role is to con-

“Unfortunately, some schools do

said all schools and communities

vene the district workshops and

not want to adopt our programme

experience social, environmental

provincial elimination rounds,

because they say they want to

and academic challenges, and

working with provincial and district

focus on academics only, which

these challenges can be solved

teams, and subsequently the

does not make sense because

using a ground-up approach by

national rounds in August of every

learners need to participate in

giving learners an opportunity to


programmes outside the class-

become agents of change.

Blankfield-Koseff said participation is not compulsory but it would

room.” Y-CAP won the Special Ministerial

Y-CAP seeks to empower and motivate learners by giving them

be great if more schools joined

Award at the 17th Public Sector In-

the skills to become the new gen-

the programme because learn-

novation Awards 2019. The award

eration of active citizens who make

ers are empowered with personal

comprised a plaque, certificate

positive changes in their schools

development skills that eventually

and cheque for R30 000.

and communities, said the department.

benefit their communities. The skills even after they have completed

Public sector partnerships

is part of the values and civic

their studies, she added.

The DBE said partnerships with civil

engagement pillars of the social

society are important because

cohesion agenda within the

they are instrumental in mobilising


learners acquire stay with them

“Last year, 400 schools from across the country participated


It added that the programme

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

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Africology Skincare Africology & Spa Skincare & Spa @africology_sa @africology_sa

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Africology Africology Skincare Skincare & Spa & Spa Africology Africology Skincare Skincare & Spa& Spa


*Writer: Dr Rufaro Mucheka

Save up for that holiday now P

eople who work hard de-

the country, holiday clothes,

ence of saving more enjoy-

serve a stress-free holiday,

toiletries and other expenses, and


but making that a reality

spending money.

takes a little financial planning. Doing the legwork before you

Day-to-day holiday expenses

A holiday needs you to make some big financial decisions to

such as excursions, entertainment,

turn your dream into reality. For

set off will be worth your while

food and drinks also need to

this reason, you should consider

because the end result will be a

be taken into consideration. You

reviewing your monthly budget

period of relaxation and fun with

should add 10 percent to the total

and cutting out certain items.

your loved ones.

cost of all expenses to account

These could include downgrad-

for any unforeseen eventualities.

ing your DStv package, using a lift

parents for Christmas, spending a

This final figure will be your savings

club to get to work instead of driv-

week at the Kruger National Park


ing alone and taking a packed

Whether you are visiting your

or going to Bali, you need money to enjoy the experience. While saving always comes with

Once you have a savings goal and are determined to reach it,

lunch to work every day instead of buying a ready-made meal.

the tips below will help you get

sacrifice, it is worth giving up a

to your holiday destination faster

few things along the way be-

and with less stress:

cause nothing is more valuable

• Research your destination and

Dangers of spending on unplanned holidays

than enjoying new experiences

all that you will require when

The prospect of a holiday always

you are there.

spells excitement but, quite often,

and making lasting memories.

• Have a realistic budget for the

Where to begin Firstly, decide on your destination,

holiday. • Open a savings account or a

when you want to go and for how

unit trust and set up automatic

long you want to stay. Then make

payments into the account.

a list of all the activities and items

• Save as much as you can and

for which you need to budget. These may include transport – flights, train tickets, car hire or road

financial considerations can cloud the fun aspects of getting away. The danger of going on a holiday that you did not plan and save for is that you may not be

make lump sum payments if

able to cover your usual expenses,

you get a bonus.

such as the next month’s school

• Make saving rewarding. For

fees, rent or groceries. By using

travel (e.g. fuel costs), accommo-

example, buy a suitcase as

money that you do not have, you

dation, travel insurance if outside

a reward to make the experi-

risk financial ruin.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Should I use my credit card for holiday purposes? A credit card is a revolving line of credit that allows you to make

This will give you peace of mind as your holiday will be well planned and all your expenses factored in. Planning gives you a clear

purchases at any time up to the

perspective on what activities you

value of your credit limit.

want to do on your holiday, what

After you make a purchase with

you need, what needs to be done,

your credit card, the bank gives

what goals you need to achieve

you 55 days of grace to pay off

and the amount of money you will

the debt before it starts to accrue

spend on each of your goals.

interest. As long as you pay back

Proper planning not only en-

what you borrowed in the first 55

courages you to achieve your

days, you will not pay interest.

ultimate goal, but it also enables

However, even if all your holiday

you to break it up into bite-size

expenses fall within your credit

pieces, which makes achieving

card limit, you must remember

your overall goal that much more



• A credit card is classified as a loan and not savings. • You are spending money that you do not have. • You need to have a lump sum

*Dr Rufaro Mucheka (PhD) is a Certified Financial Planner and the Head of Strategy & Rest of Africa at Nedbank Financial Planning.

to pay back the credit card loan before the due date. If you cannot pay off your loan within 55 days, you will accrue high interest rates of as much as 22 percent. Given the above, you are safer saving for a scheduled holiday.

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



Writer: More Matshediso

A stutter

needn’t be a stumbling block


oo many people battle with

disorder that results in an inter-

stuttering without knowing

ruption in the flow of speech.

that therapy can improve

their speech. A speech-language pathologist

The disorder is characterised by

Mogatusi says if stuttering impedes your daily activities, such as the ability to communicate

the repetition of sounds, blocks

or speak with people at work or

(no sound is produced), interjec-

school, then it is considered a

at Moses Kotane Hospital in the

tions (extra words, such as ‘um’)


North West, Gaopalelwe Mogatu-

and prolongations (stretching

si, defines stuttering as a fluency

out a sound for a long time).


Adults are harder to treat, she says, so the disorder is best ad-

Public Sector Manager • March 2020

to Mogatusi, stuttering causes

Where to go for therapy

to acknowledge when their

anxiety in most individuals. Peo-

Mogatusi said both private and

children stutter and provide

ple who stutter might have low

public healthcare professionals

emotional support to minimise

self-esteem or low-confidence

can provide treatment to people

the likelihood of them develop-

in speaking publicly or in large

who stutter. Treatment involves

ing negative reactions.


speech modification strategies

dressed in childhood. According

Mogatusi encourages parents

“If a child is younger than four

which focus on changing the

and a parent notices signs of

stutter are usually withdrawn in

timing, tension and production

stuttering, they should not cor-

classrooms and avoid speaking.

of speech.

rect the non-fluency as it might

For instance, children who

“This causes feelings of embarrassment and shame.” Parents usually realise that

Whether a stutter can be reduced completely depends on:

be a normal non-fluency. Correcting the child might

• The severity of the stutter.

draw the child’s attention to

their children stutter from the

• How early therapy is started.

non-fluency and aggravate it

age of two because that’s

• How committed an individual

into disfluency,” she explains.

when most children start to use language. “This type of stutter is

is to therapy. “In my profession, I have seen

called normal non-fluency and

people who have overcome

children can outgrow it.

their stutter and managed it

"However, when a child aged between four and six stutters

really well.” She says the good news is that

Tips for parents to support children who stutter:  Practice oral presenta-

and it lasts for more than six

government hospitals now have

tions with your child

months, it is recommended that

specialised services such as

before class presenta-

a speech-language pathologist

speech therapy, available to the

tions, to boost your

or speech therapist be consult-

public for free.

child's confidence.

ed,” says Mogatusi.

People seeking therapy must

 Do not react nega-

visit their local clinic where a

tively when your child

doctor or nurse will write a refer-

stutters by, for exam-

ral letter to a hospital. The pa-

ple, getting irritated,

Stuttering can be acquired or

tient must then present the letter

annoyed or punish-

hereditary. Acquired stuttering is

to a hospital where a speech

ing your child for not

caused by brain trauma or brain

therapist is based.

What causes stuttering?

injury to the part of the brain

The speech therapist will

speaking properly.  Do not speak on be-

that controls speech, whereas

conduct a fluency assessment

half of your child or in-

hereditary stuttering is passed

to determine the severity of the

terrupt him/ her when

down from parents or grandpar-

stutter, which will guide treat-

they are speaking.


ment goals for the individual.

Public Sector Manager • March 2020


Writer: More Matshediso


Reading to kick butt


asego Maritshi has a

read it to the end, it’s that

passion for reading and


is particularly pleased

more about her favorite books and

What are some of the books that you have read that had an impact on your life? How did they impact your life?

what they have taught her.

House Rules by Jodi Picoult is a

when a word she picked up in her latest read raises a few eyebrows among friends. Maritshi, who works at the North West Department of Health, tells us

book is that every child is special, parents need to give equal attention to all their children, even the strong ones need love and attention, and things are not always as they seem.

Which books would you recommend to other people and why? I would recommend Songs of the

Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult. It is a story about a woman who chooses to leave her emotionally abusive and distant husband and drive across the country to live

What book are you reading and why are you interested in it?

with her brother. The book taught me that it is okay to be selfish and put your-

I have read many books on the

self first. You need to be strong

Holocaust so I was intrigued to

enough to know when it is time to

finally find a book that spoke of

walk away, even small pleasures

life after the holocaust and its

amount to much more than mate-

horrors. The book I am reading

rial riches.

is We Are All Made of Glue by

What are some of the benefits that you enjoy from reading?

Marina Lewycka. It is all about misplaced families, betrayal and making things work despite hardships.

Reading enriches your vocabulary. It also provides an escape as

I haven’t

you temporarily become part of


the book and forget about per-

this book yet

story about a boy with Asperger’s syndrome who is accused of

but I know I’ll

murder. The novel illustrates the struggle

Reading also reduces stress. The minute you open a book you get transported to another world and,

between the boy and his family,

when you are done, you come

the law, and his disability.

back refreshed and ready to kick

The lessons I learnt from the


sonal hardships.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020


GATEWAY TO SOUTHERN AFRICA LIMPOPO OFFICE OF THE PREMIER A summary of Premier Chupu Mathabatha‘s State of the Province Address


It is within this context, that we are implementing some

As a nation, we are faced with the reality of an

of the major catalytic projects, which are aimed at

unfavourable economic outlook which impacts negatively

stimulating economic growth and job creation. These

on our developmental objectives. This reality is manifested

projects include:

by a ow growth rate, energy supply challenges and corruption which undermine sustainable development in

The Musina-Makhado SEZ

our economy.

The proposed Tubatse SEZ

The revitalisation of the Industrial Parks

Agricultural and several mining initiatives

Nevertheless, as Limpopo, we have noted marginal improvement with regard to economic growth. Statistics show that our economy has been growing at an average rate of 1% in the recent past. And while this is certainly

As a rural province, with an abundance of arable land,

far less than what we need in order to achieve our

agriculture remains one of our economic competitive

developmental objectives, we are, however, confident

advantages. It is in this context that we are hard at work

that we have managed to place the province on a higher

to unlock the potential of agriculture in order to ensure

growth trajectory.

maximum contribution of this sector to food security, economic growth and job creation. To date, we have made remarkable progress in revitalising primary agriculture and supporting agro-processing Accordingly, we have put together a team of experts to drive the revitalisation of our agriculture and agroprocessing value chain plan. This plan, which should be finalised in June this year, will focus on: •

Research and development

Land availability and access

Finance and partnership models

Production, markets and logistics

Capacity building and training

We have committed ourselves to supporting black farmers in order to increase their entry into the mainstream food Premier Chupu Mathabatha speaks to the people of Limpopo during State of the Province Address

value chain. We are doing this through ensuring access to supportive infrastructure and the markets.


As part of this support, I am pleased to announce that


the construction of Matsika pack house is underway and

Road construction works are well under way and we

is expected to be completed by June this year. Similarly,

have made great strides with regard to the mandate of

the upgrading of the tomato paste processing facility for

connecting households to the electricity grid. The target

Norjax Canning is near completion. The construction of the

we set for ourselves in terms of Limpopo Development Plan

physical infrastructure is expected to be completed by the

(LDP) was to connect 90% of households with electricity

end of this month. Commissioning is expected to happen in

by 2019. I am happy to report that we have surpassed this

May of this year.

target. As we speak, 92% of households in Limpopo are connected to electricity.

We have also commenced with the establishment of Farmer Production Support Units. These Units are the first

With regard to the delivery of low cost housing to the

phase of our Agri-Parks. They provide a cluster of services

poor of our province, to date 6 232 housing units have

for primary production, post-harvest handling, storage, as

been completed. The remainder is at various stages

well as coordination of transportation logistics.

of construction and will be completed by the end of this financial year. In terms of sanitation infrastructure, to date over 54% of our households are connected


to decent sanitation infrastructure and with regard to school infrastructure, a total of 515 schools in the province will benefit from a process of constructing decent school sanitation. Limpopo has long embraced the urgency of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are doing exceptionally well with regard to the task of establishing core access points in municipalities and extending new fibre networks across the Province. We are doing this by ensuring that we expand the footprint of the broadband network into our deep rural areas.

Mining and ancillary services dominate our provincial

In October 2019 we approved a turnaround strategy for the

economy at 25% contribution to the GDP. During the

Great North Transport. With a capital injection of

period under review, Limpopo accounted for 24% of

R380 million over the METF period we have begun to

national mining output.

implement this strategy. We have since purchased 75 buses. Through our bus subsidy programme we continue

Despite being a dominant sector in our provincial

to ensure that the price of public transport, which is the

economy, employment in this sector has decreased from

largest mode of transport for the poor, remain affordable.

106 000 to 86 000 jobs between the 4th quarter of 2018 and

This in turn helps to ensure that the poor and the working

the 4th quarter of 2019. The industry has committed a total

class use their income on important social items such

investment of R36.3 billion in the next five years.

as food and clothing. This subsidy sustains over 2000 permanent jobs in the industry. In the coming financial

Tourism is another economic competitive advantage for

year, we have set aside an amount of over R814 million to

our province. Notwithstanding the sluggish economy, this

support the public transport industry.

sector remains one of the most resilient of our economy. The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) remains a In 2018, it contributed R109 billion to the national GDP

key government intervention in the lives of the poor and

and employed 1.5 million people. It is reported that the

unemployed. This programme provides short to medium

international tourist arrivals in Limpopo recorded 2.2 million

term employment and skills development to our people.

during the period under review. This pattern is indicative

Phase 4 of the EPWP program has a target of over 475 000

of a constant increase in international arrivals to the

work opportunities. Thus far we have already managed to

Province. We are rated the most visited province with

create 42 332 work opportunities through the Environment,

regard to domestic travel. In 2018, our province welcomed

Culture and Social sectors. In addition, the non state sector

3.3 million visitors.

has contributed over 25 000 Work opportunities.


EDUCATION FOR ALL Investing in the education of our children is without doubt an investment in the future of our country. Every single school in this province had textbooks and learner- teachersupport-material when schools re-opened in January.

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Youth development is at the apex of our priorities as government. Some of the challenges affecting young people are the issues of unemployment, substance abuse and the lack of skills. We have launched a youth skills development initiative. Through a partnership with MSC College Polokwane, Gijima and MicSETA, we have placed over 300 young people on a skills augmentation programme which is a 12 months learnership.

Improved access to basic services and the capacity of local government are mutually inter-related. It is against this

With regard to the National Youth Service Programme,

back-drop that as a measure of improving the capacity of

the province has collaborated with MerSETA for Welding

our municipalities to carry out their constitutional mandate,

Learnership at NQF level 4 and Trade Test for 62 learners,

we have put support systems in place to: attract and retain

which will be completed in May this year. In addition,

the best skills, particularly in the areas of engineering, town

our Artisan partnership with SEDA Limpopo has provided

planning, financial and project management; build the

opportunities to 72 learners in our Jewelry Incubator

capacity of municipalities to provide basic services; work

Programme. This artisan programme will continue until 2021.

with municipalities to support local economic development through a sound regulatory regime.

ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE We are on course towards our vision for an HIV free


generation. We have registered drastic reduction in the

In the coming financial year, an amount of no less than R13

Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV. We are currently below

million has been allocated to the fight against substance

the World Health Organisation target of 1% with latest figures

abuse, including treatment and the rehabilitation of

showing around 0.7 % transmission rate. We currently have

victims. We will also spend over R62 million to assist

almost 317 000 patients who remain on their ARV treatment.

the victims of crime and violence to rebuild their lives through our victim empowerment programmes. We must


also commend the efforts of our police and the law enforcement agencies in the Province in tackling crime, particularly Gender Based Violence. In the recent past we have seen increased incidences of violence perpetrated against women and children. This has been met with swift reaction from the police.



We have completely eliminated disclaimer and adverse

We applaud the finalisation of the Africa Free Trade

audit opinions in provincial administration. In the last audit

Agreement. As Limpopo we will continue to integrate

we managed to receive two clean audit opinions. The

our developmental plans and work with the rest of the

number of unqualified audit opinions has also increased.

Southern African Development Community, SADC. We are

The target for this administration is to substantially reduce

a gateway to the rest of Southern Africa and we must be

the number of qualified audit opinions and increase the

seen leading the way with regard to the socio-economic

number of clean audits. To achieve this, we need to deal

integration of the region.

with the issues of irregular expenditure in the provincial administration. In this regard, I have directed the MEC


for Provincial Treasury to attend to this matter, including

Address: Office Of The Premier Limpopo 40 Hans van Rensburg, Mowaneng Building, Polokwane, 0699

providing necessary financial management support across all government departments and entities.

Email: | Tel: 015 287 6000


Writer: Ashref Ismail

Corolla Quest – New or deja vu? T

aking an outgoing model,

and Corolla Quest ranges, which

ond quarter of this year, Toyota SA

repackaging it into an af-

continued selling alongside their

has cleverly decided to relaunch

fordable product and thus

newer siblings albeit at a lower

the outgoing Corolla as the new

extending its lifespan is not a new

price. Consumers, who were more

Quest thus offering the space and

strategy. Volkswagen came up with

concerned with value-for-money

comfort of a C-segment sedan at

this market strategy more than

than driving the latest shape,

a B-segment price.

three decades ago with the highly

bought into the idea.

successful VW Golf, which subse-

Toyota’s old slogan: “Everything

First launched in 2014, the Corolla Quest sold 63 966 units making

quently took on various iterations

keeps going right” is one that

them highly popular among small

of the Citi Golf series and went on

cannot be taken for granted

families, rental companies and

to become a textbook case study

anymore. Times have changed

ride-hail taxi services at a time

on how to keep a model selling

and while reliability, durability and

when SUVs are all the rage.

for over 30 years. The VW Vivo is

value-for-money are still major

another example of this highly suc-

priorities, buyers are demanding

adamant that the new Quest,

cessful marketing strategy.

more comfort, space and style

based on the previous generation

At the launch Toyota was

Other companies have also

for less money. So, while the 12th

Corolla, was not just a de-specced

tried it, but none have been as

generation Corolla is readying for

model. Instead it underwent

successful as Toyota with its Tazz

release in South Africa in the sec-

a thorough development pro-


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

1.8l engine is that the torque figure is not only higher but also produced 1 200rpm earlier, compared to the 1.6. fuel consumption listed as 7.0l/100km for manual models and 6.3l/100km for models equipped with the automatic option – which Toyota claims is actually better than the outgoing 1.6l mill. All Quest models now come with driver, passenger and driverknee airbags – while the Prestige and Exclusive models receive side airbags too. Vehicle Stabilgramme aimed at maintaining the quality, reliability and durabil-

Model line-up and pricing

ity Control with Hill Assist Control,

1.8 Quest

R249 900

ABS, EBD, Isofix, LED daytime

ity level, while implementing cost

1.8 Quest CVT

R270 400

running lights and rear fog lights

reduction to the ultimate benefit

1.8 Quest Prestige

R286 500

are standard across the board.

1.8 Quest Prestige CVT

R296 800

All models also feature auto

1.8 Quest Exclusive

R307 400

1.8 Quest Exclusive CVT

door-lock with remote operation,

R317 700

electric windows, air-conditioner,

of the customer. There are three models available in different specification levels: Standard, Prestige and Exclusive.

steering wheel switches, follow-

One would be hard-pressed to

of a black and blue combination

me-home headlamps, radio/CD

identify any noticeable differenc-

textile with a fixed rear seat. Pres-

with USB, Aux and a minimum of

es in the new Quest, but when

tige variants are equipped with a

four integrated speakers.

parked next to the outgoing Co-

fabric and leather combination

rolla, one will notice slight chang-

– available in either blue/black

upgrade to a touchscreen DVD

es to the front fascia, bumpers,

or grey with red accents. The

audio system with six speakers,

headlight trim and more signifi-

range-topping Exclusive features

reverse camera, cruise control,

cantly, the front fog-lamps which

a black leather interior with silver

leather steering wheel, combina-

have now been phased out.

contrast stitching and a 60/40

tion fabric and leather seats plus

At the rear, the number plate

split rear bench.

16-inch alloy wheels. The Exclusive

garnish has been changed from chrome to body colour.

A great decision was to employ

The Prestige models receive an

grade adds auto air-conditioner,

the 1.8l mill which produces

push start with keyless entry, TFT-

10 kW and 173Nm at 4000rpm

colour instrument cluster, leather

three interior trim combinations.

across the three-model range.

seats, rain-sensing wipers and LED

The standard model makes use

One of the advantages of the


The Corolla Quest comes in

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



Compiled by: Gilda Narsimdas

Turn over

new leaves


ollowing a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diets are sustainable

has taken on a whole new

because it’s simple to grow veg-

meaning as people be-

gies in your own backyard. We’ve

Ancient grain and pomegranate salad with crispy onions and feta (Serves 2)

come more aware of the effects

gathered some delicious meals


of livestock farming and its effect

you can try out from Christine

80g bulgur wheat

on the environment, not to men-

Capendale, Disney Cookabout’s

80g quinoa

tion the treatment of animals.

consultant chef.

400ml water 150g cooked, drained chickpeas 100g cooked, drained lentils 50ml chopped mint 50ml chopped parsley Seeds of ½ pomegranate or one small pomegranate Salt and black pepper for seasoning Dressing: 30ml pomegranate molasses 1 garlic clove, crushed 15ml honey 30ml olive oil Finely grated zest of ½ lemon 15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice 5ml Dijon mustard or any mild mustard of choice


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

Salt and pepper for seasoning To serve: 60ml crispy onion rings or flakes 100g feta cheese, cubed Extra mint for garnish Method: Add the bulgur wheat, quinoa and water to a medium-sized saucepan and bring to the boil on medium heat. Add some salt and cook for 15 minutes with lid on the saucepan until all the liquid has been absorbed. Spoon the cooked quinoa and bulgur wheat into a large bowl

2.5ml cumin seeds


to cool down quickly. After a few

5ml baking powder

Grease a small ovenproof dish

minutes, add the chickpeas,

2.5ml salt

and pre-heat the oven to 170°C.

lentils, mint, parsley and pome-

150g corn kernels

Heat a non-stick pan and toast

granate seeds.

Pinch of chilli flakes

the sunflower seeds on medium

2 spring onions, chopped

heat until golden brown. Re-

Combine all the ingredients for

30ml chopped coriander

move from the heat and cool.

the dressing in a small jug and

30ml chopped parsley

mix well. Add the dressing and

10ml honey

Mix together the flour, maize,

toss through the salad.

1 egg

cumin seeds, baking powder

120g low fat yoghurt

and salt. Add the corn kernels

Serve the salad topped with the

30ml olive oil

to the dry ingredients as well as

crispy onion, feta and some mint

40g grated cheddar cheese

the chilli flakes, spring onion, coriander and the parsley and mix

as garnish. Topping:

well. Add the cooled, toasted

Cornbread with cheddar and herbs (Serves 2)

40g grated cheddar cheese

sunflower seeds and grated

A few thinly sliced red onion

cheddar cheese.



30ml sunflower seeds

12 cocktail tomatoes, halved

In another bowl combine the

40g cake flour

and seasoned with salt and

honey, egg, yoghurt and olive

60g maize meal


oil. Add the yoghurt mixture

Public Sector Manager • March 2020



to the corn mixture and mix

Salt and pepper for seasoning

lightly to combine and make the

Add the soaked, drained lentils, tomato paste, chopped to-


mato and the stock and simmer

(Make the full quantity of pesto

(cook on low heat with lid on

Pour the cornbread mixture into

but only use a teaspoon)

saucepan) for about 20 minutes

the prepared dish and scatter

200ml coriander leaves

until the lentils are soft and the

over the cheese, onion rings

2 garlic cloves, crushed

sauce thick. Add a bit more

and the tomatoes. Bake in the

20g toasted cashew nuts

liquid if necessary. Taste and

oven for about 20–25 minutes or

60ml olive oil

adjust the seasoning. Mix in the

until a skewer comes out clean.

Salt and black pepper to taste

chopped Swiss chard and cook


until it has wilted. Eat warm as a braai side or


with a salad for a delicious and

Heat the oil in a saucepan and

Serve with the pesto and the

healthy meal. You can serve this

add the onion, garlic and gin-

crispy onion with brown basmati

dish with a chakalaka sauce on

ger. Cook for two minutes while


the side.

stirring, then add all the spices (chili, cumin, coriander, paprika,

Lentil stew with Swiss chard and coriander pesto (Serves 2)

turmeric, cinnamon stick and



allspice). Cook for another

*To make the pesto, blend together all the ingredients with a stick blender until smooth.

125g red lentils, soaked in water for 30 minutes 15ml olive oil 1 red onion, chopped 1 garlic clove, crushed 5ml grated ginger Pinch chili flakes (add to taste) 2.5ml ground cumin 2.5ml ground coriander 2.5ml smoked paprika 2.5ml turmeric 1 cinnamon stick Pinch allspice 30ml tomato paste 200ml chopped tomato 375ml vegetable or chicken stock 250ml chopped Swiss chard 60ml crispy onion flakes for serving


Public Sector Manager • March 2020

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Channel Africa is South Africa’s international public broadcast radio station whose primary audience is the entire African continent. Our secondary audience is the rest of the world, where we harvest our news and information. As an International Public Broadcaster, our core values subscribe to the highest journalistic ethics which find expression in fairness, accuracy, and impartiality. Channel Africa is a platform through which Africa is engaged in debate with itself, and recognises South Africa as a role player in continental and international affairs.

Vision: “The African Perspective” Mission: “to promote the regeneration, revival, and rejuvenation of Africa, through the production and broadcast of dynamic, stimulating, and interesting programmes”. Contact Information: Tel: 011 714 2997 Fax: 011 714 2072 Email: Web: Twitter: channelafrica1 Instagram: channelafricaradio DSTV:802


morar incorporated Chartered Accountants (SA) Registered Auditors Accounting | Auditing | Tax | Company Secretarial Services Public Sector Consulting | Forensics | ICT | Training Risk Management | Internal Audit “Everything begins with a dream and a

maximise their performance to achieve

leap of faith, my entrepreneurial journey

their goals and escalate their success. We

started at the age of 29 when I opened

develop and implement smart financial and

the doors to Morar Incorporated Chartered

business solutions to improve our clients’

Accountants and Registered Auditors. We

productivity and efficiency.

started as a single practice in my hometown of Pietermaritzburg with a vision of one

We aim to be the best at what we do and

day opening a satellite office in Durban.

this reflects in our work ethic. We believe in

We have had more than 30 clients who

building strong, personal relationships with

have walked the journey with us since our

our clients, ensuring service excellence.

inception in 1995, which began with myself

Our mission is to provide the intellectual

and three employees.

capital that acts as a catalyst in developing effective solutions.

With the emergence of democracy in 1994, opportunities arose for our business and

Our international network provides our

we began to provide services to all three

clients with the opportunity to view their

spheres of government and to the Office of

markets from a global perspective as well

the Auditor General, South Africa.

as the potential to grow their business and establish an international presence. Morar

Twenty-five years later I’m grateful to say

Incorporated is a member firm of Allinial

that we are a national company with eleven

Global which is represented in the Americas,

branches, an office in each province of

EMEIA (Europe, the Middle East, India, and

South Africa and two in KwaZulu-Natal and

Africa), and the Asia Pacific region.

ABOUT US A proudly a level 1 BBBEE contributor, Morar Incorporated is a leading black-owned and managed national firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors. Morar Incorporated employs 100% previously disadvantaged youth who undergo training through the SAICA and ACCA training programme. Our core business is underpinned by a value system that permeates the entire organisation. Morar Incorporated professionals are dedicated to the practice of: • Accounting • External audit • Internal audit • Risk management • Taxation

227 employees and have an exciting

Our personalised approach to our work has

• Public sector financial management, reporting and strategic planning consulting services

prospect of taking Morar Incorporated into

been a consistent hallmark of the practice

• Forensics

Southern Africa.

and our emphasis on building personal

• Information, communications and technology audit and advisory services

North West. We have a total of 12 directors,

relationships continues.” As a company we have evolved to provide innovative solutions to the public sector offering practical and multi-skilled approaches to the increasingly complex


commercial environment. We are also

Managing Director

passionate about helping organisations

Morar Incorporated

• Irregular, unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful expenditure determination, investigation and consequence management • Accredited LGSETA training service provider

Offices in: Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Centurion, East London, Kimberley, Mafikeng, Mbombela, Polokwane and Rustenburg. Tel: 0800 212 553 | |

MORAR INCORPORATED - OFFERING EXPERTISE TO GOVERNMENT ENTITIES Our team consists of industry experts across a spectrum of disciplines to bring globally competitive and reliable solutions to African soil. We strongly believe in adding value and producing results that are measurable and comparable. Our services to all spheres of Government include the following: ASSET MANAGEMENT The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and the Municipal Management Act (MFMA) requires the accounting officer to manage, maintain and safeguard assets. We at Morar Incorporated understand this requirement, and we offer the following services: • Development of policies and procedures • Asset verification • Asset reconciliation • Updating and preparation of asset register • Asset classification • Rights and obligation pertaining to ownership • Lease reviews and presentation and disclosure Our solution We offer a powerful yet easy-to-operate modular asset management system, with its unique ability to manage assets from initial purchase through to disposal. The software combines highly detailed recording and reporting with an intuitive, userfriendly interface. ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND BUDGETS The PFMA and MFMA require preparation and submission of the annual financial statements to the AGSA within two months of the financial year end. We are able to provide staff to assist with the preparation of the annual financial statements and related working papers within the stipulated timeframe and in compliance with the applicable financial reporting framework. AUDIT READINESS PROGRAMMES The AGSA has for the previous financial years reported that a significant percentage of departments, public entities, municipalities and municipal entities received modified audit opinions. Our solution We have developed an audit readiness programme that is versatile and can be amended to suit the needs of a specific department, municipality or entity. Our professional team has the necessary experience to provide support to address these findings.

POLICIES AND PROCEDURE MANUALS Policies and procedure manuals form the backbone of any organisation both operationally and strategically. These policies and procedures must be continuously updated to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and its supporting amendments. Our solution We assist with the review and development of policies and procedure manuals that best suit the environment of the organisation whilst ensuring compliance with legislation. STRATEGIC PLANNING; PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT and ECAPS Institutions are required to prepare a strategic plan on an annual basis. Our solution We develop a three year strategic plan that demonstrates the policy and departmental objectives, projections regarding acquisition of fixed and movable assets, multi-year projection of income and capital receipts and details of the Service Delivery Improvement Programme. We have a dedicated team of individuals who have a wealth of experience in public sector performance management systems and the auditing thereof. Our team is familiar with the procedures and processes adopted by the Auditor-General in the auditing of predetermined objectives and are, therefore, ideally placed to assist any department in ensuring that sufficient appropriate evidence exists to facilitate the audit of predetermined objectives. ECAPS Morar Incorporated has developed a performance management system, ECAPS, which integrates strategy, people, processes and measurements to improve decision making, transparency and accountability and focuses on achieving outcomes, implementing performance measurement, learning, and adapting, as well as reporting on performance. The benefits of ECAPS are:

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT The current adoption of an integrated supply chain management (SCM) function across government creates changes that impact authorities at each step of the SCM cycle. Our solution We are well equipped to support the department or municipality to comply with SCM laws and regulations. UNAUTHORISED, IRREGULAR, FRUITLESS AND WASTEFUL EXPENDITURE The AGSA has reported on the alarming extent of irregular expenditure across all spheres of government and the need to enforce consequence management. In terms of the recent amendments to the Pubic Audit Act, the Auditor General now has the powers to hold heads of various institutions liable for irregular expenditure that cannot be justified. Our solution Morar has developed a web-based application, EASI, to assist with management of unauthorised, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure and ensure consequence management. The benefits of EASI are:

FORENSIC AND CYBER CRIME INVESTIGATIONS Our team of forensic and cyber crime specialists are able to respond to alleged fraud, corruption and other commercial crimes without exposing organisations to further risk. We have assembled a team across 9 provinces in South Africa. Our national footprint and growth of our forensic and cyber crime unit is a direct response to the growing crime rate in South Africa. We have successfully completed various investigations across all spheres of government and the private sector leading to prosecutions. Our solution • Investigation of financial irregularities, including unauthorised expenditure, irregular expenditure and fruitless and wasteful expenditure • Money laundering investigations • Lifestyle audits • Probities • Computer imaging and data analysis, including tracing of e-mails and computer logs • Expert handwriting analysis • Polygraph examinations • Expert testimony in disciplinary, criminal and civil proceedings • Search and seizure in conjunction with the South African Police Service • Providing assistance to the South African Police Service during criminal investigations • Asset tracing and recovery INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES ICT forms an innate component in enhancing and transforming any business. Our solutions We offer specialist ICT advisory and assurance services to ensure that business objectives are met and ICT complies with legislative requirements. Their in-depth experience, coupled with our unique methodologies allows us to deliver on client expectations. Our ICT services include:

INTERNAL AUDIT AND RISK MANAGEMENT Morar Incorporated’s Internal Audit methodology is aligned with the requirements of National Treasury’s guidelines and complies with the requirements of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. In addition, we have certified fraud examiners, and are therefore well positioned to provide advice on risk management. Our solution Our Internal Audit and Risk Management Services include: Complete outsourcing and co-sourcing of the internal audit function; assistance in assembling an audit committee; preparation of an audit committee charter; preparation of an internal audit charter; risk identification and management; internal audit charter; risk identification and management; development and implementation of three year strategic and annual operational plans; implementation of controls; training and capacity building; special investigations and environmental and information technology audits.

ICT Advisory Services ICT governance; strategic planning (enterprise architecture); information security management; business continuity planning; ERP Implementation; business process re-engineering; project management; ICT service management; and business analysis. ICT Assurance Services General and application control reviews; ICT governance reviews; ICT strategy reviews; systems reviews; network and security management audits; network penetration testing; system performance reviews; business continuity plan reviews; and CAATS. TRAINING LGSETA Morar Incorporated is an accredited training service provider. This accreditation enables us to provide support to the National Treasury in its institutional reforms of local government. We provide this training to all municipalities. Get in touch with us today to bring you global quality, African Solutions!


Writer: Nicholas Francis

Road trip


essentials I



f you are planning a road trip with the kids over the school holidays we have selected some travel essentials to make

the trip more enjoyable for the entire family.



1. Natural Life bamboo wrapped double wall flask, R230. 2. Woolworths carrot and celery fingers, 200g, R18.99. 3. Safari mixed nuts, 300g, R141.99. 4. Disney – Frozen: My Mega Book of Fun, R129. 5. The 5am Club by Robin Sharma, R205. 6. PVP 8-Bit hand-held game console, R299.


7. JBL T110 earphones, Incredible Connection, 5

R159. 8

8. Neck pillow and eye mask set, Typo, R129. 9. Dettol hand sanitizer, 50ml, R29.99. 10. Eco snack pack cooler bag, Yuppiechef, R229. 11. Campground emergency first aid kit, R175.




* Prices valid at the time of print.


Public Sector Manager • March 2020



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CAPE TOWN • SHOP 655 • TEL: 021 555 3696

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