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available for those looking for a slightly more challenging and

Arch and Varkkloof. The routes and sites are well-documented,

adventurous experience, while the main route (Adderley Street

and sign boards at the various caves and paintings allow one

as it is known) is suitable for most with minimal scrambling.

a glimpse of how life was lived a few centuries back.

Once through the cracks you are greeted by a lunar landscape, low-lying vegetation with sandstone boulders dotted

Flora and fauna

around. From here the trail is fairly level, with signs and cairns

Nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy the Cederberg. While it is

pointing the way to the arch, a perfect spot for lunch.

not the Kruger National Park when it comes to the abundance

The Cederberg is also one of the best places in the world for

of game, it is rich with the typical Cape wild life. You are likely

rock climbing. As a novice to the sport, I was not aware of the

to see baboons, dassies and the smaller antelope (grey rhebok,

different forms (traditional climbing, where you pioneer your

klipspringers, duiker and grysbok). Also resident in the area,

route using your own fastening gear; sport climbing, where

although far more shy, are the porcupine, honey badger, Cape

you follow a route with anchors permanently secured in the

clawless otter, aardvark and leopard. The region is also a world

rock; and bouldering, where you climb small climbs without

heritage site, rich in the fynbos of the Cape floral kingdom,

ropes or protection).

boasting the endemic snow protea and the rare Clanwilliam

Cederberg is considered to be one of the top 10 places in

cedars after which the region is named.

the world for bouldering, drawing professionals from across

After a day of activity, there is nothing better than sitting

the globe who base themselves here while they train. I was

around a fire and watching the sunset with an ice-cold re-

definitely not going climb without a rope, and fortunately

freshment. The Cederberg sunset is particularly striking, as the

Cederberg has a host of routes mapped out for sport climbing.

golden light fades on the orange stained mountains and rocks.

The routes, details and permits are readily available – and

The sound of the river, the birds, maybe even a call from a

we picked up our permits at Kromrivier before heading to

wakening nocturnal animal, implants a sense of peace and

the climbing routes at Truitjieskraal. This was my first climbing

relaxation that is just not attainable in our concrete jungles.

experience and I was completely blown away. The combina-

And as the light fades to darkness, the starry sky puts on a

tion of adrenaline and endorphins, coupled with the serenity

display that is captivating. Located only about 150 km west

and beauty of the setting made it an invigorating experience.

of the Southern African Large Telescope, the Cederberg is an

Rock art

excellent setting for stargazing.

For the less adventurous, the heritage of the Cederberg is un-


mistakable and makes for an interesting outing. The range is

The vast expanse of the Cederberg range means that there are

full of caves which, if searched hard enough, reveal evidence

a variety of accommodation options to match your preference

of their early inhabitants. Rock art paintings are prevalent and

and budget. Whether you choose a luxury lodge or a riverside

paintings are on display at Stadsaal, Truitjieskraal, Southern

campsite, the fresh air and exercise means you are bound to

The clear blue sky of the Cederberg is complimented by the orange stained sandstone cliffs. Public Sector Manager • December 2016 / January 2017

Credit – Dale Barrow


PSM December/January Edition 2016/2017  

Public Sector Manager Aimed at all middle and senior managers in the Public Service and the Public Sector in general, Public Sector Manager...

PSM December/January Edition 2016/2017  

Public Sector Manager Aimed at all middle and senior managers in the Public Service and the Public Sector in general, Public Sector Manager...