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Other notable achievements include the launch of the

hotspots. This is so to enable young people who visit our

Youth Development Institute of South Africa, in partner-

branches to use their own devices to apply for opportuni-

ship with the University of Johannesburg, launch of the

ties while waiting to use our internet café’s or waiting to be

Collins Chabane YouthBuild School in Pietermaritzburg

attended to at the branch.

and the opening of a full service branch in Thulamela, Thohoyandou.

New developments on the horizon

A NYDA mobile outreach vehicle will be introduced soon, which will be fitted with internet connection and computer equipment to allow young people to apply for products and services during the outreach activities. The vehicle itself will

As we look forward to completing the current financial

be a mobile WiFi hotspot. This will be used to reach rural

year (2016/17) and building on our achievements; more

and peri-urban communities.

so because there are a number of developments on the horizon. The NYDA Head Office Operations will move towards the end of this year as the restructuring has resulted in

From a strategic point of view, the NYDA is conducting assessments of its products and services to determine which have evolved, and how they may have to be amended to meet the needs of young people more effectively.

the agency requiring smaller facilities. This will result in

Youth development remains a critical component of our

significant cost saving that can be redistributed towards

society, with young people bearing the brunt of the triple

youth development projects.

challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality. Gov-

In addition, the budget of the NYDA has been read-

ernment, the private sector and civil society must continue

justed with significant cost saving being allocated to

to work closely together in addressing the challenges faced

critical areas of economic development, education and

by young people and implementing interventions which

skills development.

can make a lasting impact on the youth of this country.

The NYDA Mobile App is expected to be launched soon, which will further enable the youth to access the

When we come together and pull our resources, more can be done to change the lives of the youth of South Africa.

Agency’s products and services. All NYDA branches will also be turned into WiFi


* Khathutshelo Ramukumba is the CEO of the NYDA.

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