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A change of direction

the use of mechanical equipment. I do not compromise qual-

Miyambo, who is originally from Malamulele, Limpopo, but

ity in any task that I am assigned to complete. I always pay

grew up in Fordsburg, Gauteng, says that as a child, mechani-

attention to detail and always try to find methods of validat-

cal engineering was not at the top of his list of career choices.

ing my work by conducting extensive research or theoretical

“I actually wanted to become a scientist so that I could find a cure for HIV and AIDS. It saddens me to see so many people are dying from the disease.”

calculations.” Miyambo says he always tries to find cost-effective and feasible techniques to solve complex problems.

It was his passion for art and drawing that led him to the

“I constantly try to find ways of improving the mechanical

world of design and ultimately made him want to pursue a

systems which have been designed by myself or other en-

career in the industry.

gineers to allow for the development of more user-friendly

“I was privileged to attend a high school that offered com-

mechanical devices,” he says.

mercial and technical subjects. In Grade 10, I chose the tech-

Miyambo encourages other young people to pursue a career

nical subjects, such as mathematics, science, electronics and

in mechanical engineering by choosing the right subjects at

technical drawing which exposed me to the technical field

high school and working hard.

of study: I was most interested in electronics and technical

“Always aim high and never give up, regardless of any chal-

drawing since these subjects were new to me and I was eager

lenging circumstances. Be positive and set realistic goals for

to learn.

your future.”

Miyambo was accepted at the Central University of Tech-

His future plans include obtaining his Engineering Council of

nology’s Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Free

South Africa Technologist certificate and continuing to be part

State in 2007.

of research and innovation within mechanical engineering.

“This was my first year of higher learning education and I managed to obtain good academic results which earned me an academic bursary from the City of Joburg.” The bursary did not cover his residence fees and, as a result, he continued his studies at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) while living with his parents in Fordsburg. After completing his second year at UJ, Miyambo did his practical training at Videx Mining Products and Hayes Lemmerz South Africa. He obtained the National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2011. In the same year he joined the CSIR as an intern, working in the Defence, Peace, Safety and Security, Landward Sciences and was permanently employed in 2012. Miyambo has not looked back since and completed a BTech in Mechanical Engineering at UJ in 2014. In 2015 he was awarded the CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and

This and that

What is your favourite food? Chicken à la king.

Security Certificate Excellence Award in Technical Support for

How do you relax?

his work.

Spending time with my loved ones, going to the movies and travelling.

The key to success He attributes his success as a mechanical engineer to his ability to meet project deadlines and stay within the allocated budget. “I comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act when executing scientific and engineering experiments, including

Public Sector Manager • December 2016 / January 2017

Are you are pirates or chiefs supporter? I am an Orlando Pirates supporter.

If you were not in engineering what would you be doing? I would be a fashion designer or fine artist.


PSM December/January Edition 2016/2017  

Public Sector Manager Aimed at all middle and senior managers in the Public Service and the Public Sector in general, Public Sector Manager...

PSM December/January Edition 2016/2017  

Public Sector Manager Aimed at all middle and senior managers in the Public Service and the Public Sector in general, Public Sector Manager...