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Public Sector Manager • April 2017

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Centenary celebration of Oliver Tambo to wage a liberation struggle.Wait until you are in power. I might be dead by then. At that stage, you the power than to wage a liberation war. People will be expecting a lot of services from you. You will have to satisfy the various demands of the masses of our people. In the process, be prepared to learn from other people’s revolutions. Learn from everything wrongly. You may take his right tactics and use them to your advantage. At the same time, avoid repeating the enemy’s mistakes.” – Oliver Reginald Tambo (Angola, 1977)


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Message from the Minister

Rise up, our beloved country


was nothing short of a miracle that violence did not spiral into civil war. It was thanks to great leaders like Tambo and Madiba that our country did not go down this road. Yet freedom is only as good as one is able to exercise it. With over a third of the labour force unemployed or having given up hope of finding work, many have yet to enjoy the kind of freedom Tambo envisaged. Above all,

ne of the fathers of our beloved country, former

our country remains deeply divided – with 95 percent of

ANC president Oliver Reginald Tambo, would

the wealth in the hands of just 10 percent of the

have turned 100 this year. As South Africa cel-


ebrates 23 years of democracy, what would he have said

And despite South Africans being allowed to live wherever they wish, settlement patterns continue to resemble

about the state of our country? Would he have smiled proudly at a country in which the once oppressed majority are now free or would he have been saddened by the many challenges that South

those of apartheid cities. To address these challenges, the government is doing more to transform the economy, with President Jacob

Africa continues to face?

Zuma in February having announced a programme of radical economic transforma-

In certain respects, we have come a long way. After almost three centu-

tion. The government is also working closely

ries under colonialism, the majority of

with the private sector, as demonstrated by

South Africans had to contend with

the President’s recent engagements with

a brutal apartheid state that stripped

chief executive officers, to kickstart eco-

them of almost every basic human

nomic growth. In the fight against crime, the President


said in February that visible policing and

Apartheid did far more than restrict voting rights to the white minority;

the use of specialised capabilities, such as

South Africa became a place in which

tactical response teams, would increasingly

race defined every aspect of life –

be used. Specialised units focusing on drug-

from where one grew up, who one mixed with, what kind of school one went to, what work one did, and even what beach or building entrance one was allowed to use. Today South Africa is a different country. Not only does every citizen have

“...freedom is only as good as one is able to exercise it.”

the right to vote, but we also have the freedom to choose where to live, who we want to be with and what kind of profession we wish to pursue. These rights are guaranteed by one of the most liberal

related crime, taxi violence and firearms will also be set up and investigative aids, such as forensic leads, will be better used. In fighting corruption, the National Prosecuting Authority’s Asset Forfeiture Unit last year obtained 326 orders to freeze suspected misappropriated or stolen assets totalling R779 million.

To help undo the apartheid spatial legacy, metros are developing high-density corridors linking townships to our cities. The Department of Human Settlements is also

and progressive constitutions in the world. The separation

developing reforms to encourage more inclusive residen-

of powers ensures that the country has a strong judiciary

tial property markets.

which is able to keep check of the Executive, while Parlia-

Tambo played a vital role in our struggle for freedom. To

ment has strived to introduce new laws to strengthen the

honour him, we should continue working hard together

freedom of all South Africans.

to build the South Africa he and others fought so hard

While many lost their lives in the struggle for freedom, it



Public Sector Manager • April 2017


No frills, ethical public service needed


other resources (including laptops, cellphones and data) effectively, efficiently and only for authorised official purposes. This is in keeping with Chapter 10 of the Constitution which requires those in the public service to maintain efficient, economic and effective use of resources. As such, accounting officers should not hesitate to institute disci-

s times get tougher, public servants must look carefully at how we can better serve the country. The South African economy has not been

plinary action against public servants who fail to comply. The revised code of conduct, which came into effect in August last year, outlaws public servants from doing work

growing fast enough. It grew by just 0.3% last year, says

with the government. Those public servants who still hold

Statistics SA and the National Treasury expects it to grow

directorships in companies that are conducting business

at only 1.3% this year.

with an organ of state had until the end of January to

To find more money to fund the country’s pressing

either resign from the employment of the public service,

needs, Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan has had to

or sever ties with the companies in question. Those that

raise some taxes.

continue to hold such directorships are in breach of the

He’s also cut unnecessary government spending. In recent years, departments have had to trim catering and

Public Service Regulations of 2016. The Treasury has already identified a large number of

travel budgets and other frills. Non-critical posts have

transactions for further investigation involving public serv-

also been frozen.

ants who appear to be doing business with the state.

The Treasury has also put in place procurement reforms,

The code of conduct also stipulates that those in senior

which are expected to make savings of R25 billion a year

management positions must declare their financial inter-

through, for example, centralising purchases and the

ests. Here we are making progress. Last year, 98% of senior managers met the deadline to

renegotiation of certain large contracts. Over the next three years, National Treasury plans to

file annual disclosures of their financial interests under

cut spending by over R18.4 billion, mainly by reducing

the Financial Disclosure Framework. This is up from 82%

employee compensation costs, transfers to public enti-

of managers the year before and is at the highest level

ties, spending on goods and services and conditional

since the system was implemented in 2001.

grants to provinces and municipalities. The cuts have so

From this year on, those working in supply chain

far enabled the Treasury to allocate an additional R16.1

management and in finance units, as well as ethics of-

billion to higher education and R1 billion more to govern-

ficers and employees of the Office of the Public Service

ment’s antiretroviral treatment programme over the next

Commission who verify financial interests disclosed by

three years.

senior managers, will also have to disclose their financial National Treasury and the Department of Public Service and Administration are also testing the idea of voluntary severance packages. But as public servants we need

the 1st and 30th of April annually. Cost containment measures are essential if we are to stabilise government debt, which the Budget Review notes now stands at R2.2 trillion, or 50.7% of gross domes-

to do more. The Public Service

tic product. Stabilising debt now will ensure that future

Code of Conduct requires

generations are not saddled with unnecessarily heavy

public servants to be honest


and accountable in dealing with public funds and use the public service’s property and


interests. They will be expected to declare these between

In these tight times we all need to trim the fat and learn how to live on less. Above all, as public servants we should be guided by those values of Batho Pele: we belong, we care, we serve.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017











for transformation


hen Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan took

weakened over the past five years and National Treas-

office in 2009, the economy was still feeling

ury has had to juggle raising tax revenue to spend on

the after effects of the 2008 global economic

development, while keeping the expenditure ceiling at

meltdown which had seen over a million jobs shed. At the time National Treasury decided to implement a counter-cyclical budgeting process to enable the

manageable levels. But the 2017 budget brought bigger challenges. South Africa raises tax revenue to fund most public

budget deficit to increase in tough times. However, when

spending. When the budget is in deficit, government

the economy recovered, it would have to rein in the

borrows to meet the shortfall. The proposed budget for

budget deficit.

2017/18 totals R1.56 trillion, of which revenues cover

National Treasury ensured that debt was kept at sustain-

R1.41 trillion. This means that the remainder – R149 bil-

able levels by spending less money to service debt and

lion – will be borrowed. With the economy slowing to 0.5

prioritising investing in the economy, thus taking advan-

percent in 2016 and the revenue shortfall projected to be

tage of the commodity price boom.

R30.4 billion, Minister Gordhan had a tough task ensuring

Fast forward to 2013 and the Medium Term Budget

that the budgeting process remains inclusive – and that

Policy Statement proved to be a turning point for South

it promotes radical economic transformation, which was

Africa, with public sector cost-cutting measures to curb

the theme of this year’s State of the Nation Address.

abuse and redirect funds to crucial projects. The measures ranged from reducing costs related to car hire, accommodation, travel and advertising spend. With economic growth slowing and commodity prices declining, National Treasury was left with no choice but to revise the expenditure ceiling down by R5.7 billion. There is no denying that the country’s economy has


While raising taxes on excise duties and increasing the fuel levy, the Minister proposed a new tax bracket of 45 percent for those earning a taxable income of above R1.5 million. He also announced an increase in the dividend withholding tax rate to 20 percent. He did so while ensuring that government continues to

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

spend on social grants to give a social security net to the

those with no jobs, no connection with the economy, no

poor and the most vulnerable.

role in an active sense – do become engaged in the

In conversation with SABC’s Leanne Manas the morning

economy and make a positive contribution,” he said.

after he tabled his budget, the Minister said to usher in transformation, National Treasury had to ensure that tax

VAT “too regressive”

proposals are redistributive in nature.

Several questions were asked by those who attended

“We had a mixture of the state fiscal numbers just to

the breakfast, including why National Treasury did not

assure the country that government has a good handle

increase value added tax (VAT) instead of increasing

on our fiscus.

the burden on personal income tax.

“So the debt is under control, borrowing is tabling off, revenue could be better – we have lost R30 billion since February last year, and on the expenditure side, we

The Minister said increasing VAT could have an unintended negative impact on the poor. “VAT is a regressive tax, meaning it actually has a negative effect on the poor.

have had to make some tough decisions as government to live below the expenditure ceiling. On the revenue side, we have had to raise R28 billion. “There is a lot of commentary about the [new tax bracket of] 45 percent, some of it misdirected regrettably – it will affect the black middle class.

“ Radical socio-economic transformation will help grow the economy in a way that will include all South Africans and will ensure true reconciliation and prosperity ”.

There are some calling for

“Secondly, VAT is also being considered by the Davis Tax Panel that was set up ... in 2013 by Judge Davis to look at all our tax and see what’s appropriate in the current environment. “Thirdly, we must start having a conversation around VAT as it is a sensitive matter because of its potential impact on poor people. is on the table so

a corporate tax increase, which will also affect the black

they have started talking. If you say increase it, is it by

middle class.

one percent or two percent? If you are saying you are

“We must forget about black and white,” he said, explaining that we have a progressive tax system and all people in the same income bracket are taxed equally. “You pay your fair share of tax as South Africans so that

going to protect the poor, what will the zero-rated items be? What will the exemptions be?” The Minister said any increase in VAT should not be a nasty surprise but rather part of a social process.

we can develop the fiscal capacity to do the things that we have to do. Where transformation certainly comes in

Job creation through partnerships

is to continue to ensure that our tax system is redistribu-

While government will do everything in its power to

tive,” he said.

create an environment that enhances business con-

The breakfast briefing saw the Minister interact with captains of industry, school children and members of the public in Newlands, Cape Town. The Minister said there is an increased demand

fidence, the private sector has a bigger role to play in creating employment. “Business is in the business of making money at the end of the day and we will push them as much as we

around the world, for tax systems to be structured in a

can to have a social conscience, to contribute to the

way that those who are better off play a greater role in

transformation process in South Africa.

supporting those who are not. “We have to transform lives. We have to make sure that

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

“The real answer about business investing is you need to join us on a charm offensive, say this is your country,


19 & 20





Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan (Centre), Deputy Minister of Finance Mcebisi Jonas (Lef t) and National Treasur y Director General Lungisa Fuzile.

we need to make it work. Jobs are not created by govern-

“It is absolutely crucial for our future that we have

ment. Government can only do so much to create condi-

highly-skilled young people coming out of our higher

tions, provide services, provide money for public employ-

education system, who will become excellent entre-

ment programmes and support all sorts of ventures by small

preneurs and innovators, engage in research and

businesses or even larger businesses,” he said.

development and take our economy to a completely

He added that 70 percent of the country’s economy is in

new level.

private hands and that they are the ones who are able to create jobs. Minister Gordhan stressed the importance of the country producing highly-skilled graduates.

“It is not just about where the money goes, it is about radically changing the structure of the economy so we can grow faster and more inclusively and give more South Africans, particularly the marginalised,

Minister Gordhan’s principles to guide transformation • Transformation must be mass-based, benefiting the most disadvantaged South Africans through the creation of new assets, capabilities and opportunities to build livelihoods. • Mobilise both private and public investment in social and economic infrastructure, new technologies and new activities that help build a modern and diversified economy. • Continue to confront cartels and collusion robustly and provide new opportunities for access to markets. • Transformation must re-shape our cities and build linkages across the rural and urban landscapes, where fragmentation and separation characterised past patterns. • Transformation must achieve a more balanced structure of ownership and control in our economy. • Transformation should build on and strengthen democracy, and entrench open, transparent governance and the rule of law. • Transformation must build self-reliance among South Africans, reject the dependence on debt and protect our fiscal sovereignty. • Transformation must result in an economy that belongs to all, black and white, where the legacy of race domination is no longer visible.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



Economic transformation

improve access to services and economic participation across all racial lines; energise growth and create

opportunities that they have never

opment, and through inclusive and

jobs; and increase investment and

had before.”

responsive institutions.”

development – at national, provincial

Radical socio-economic transforma-

For there to be inclusive growth, no

and local level, thus mobilising re-

tion will help to grow the economy

economy or business – in any part

sources across government, business

in a way that will include all South

of the world – continues with the

and other sectors.

Africans and will ensure true reconcili-

same model forever. Business models

“But budgets alone cannot achieve

ation and prosperity.

change as time changes.

our transformation goals.”

Through transformation, the country

“Similarly, our business model in South

The country needs a powerful com-

can achieve a more balanced struc-

Africa Incorporated needs to change.

bination of effective and targeted

ture of ownership and control of the

There is technology that is coming our

government delivery of economic


way… the world markets are chang-

programmes; an energetic coalition

“Our growth challenge is intertwined

ing and they will change even more

with labour, business and civil society;

with our transformation imperative.

… and we had better be a lot more

a consensus on a transformation

We need to transform in order to grow,

agile and alive to those changing

programme – with each of us clear

we need to grow in order to transform.

circumstances so that we have what

about the contribution and sacrifices

Without transformation, growth will

it takes to innovate and create prod-

we have to make to ensure optimal

reinforce inequality; without growth,

ucts and services that we can send

inclusivity; and a commitment to

transformation will be distorted by

around the world.

eradicate gross inequality and share

patronage,” said Minister Gordhan.

“So transformation in that sense is

the benefits of growth and restructur-

For the country to achieve sustained

quite critical as well. Above all, we

ing of the economy.

higher growth, there are fundamental,

still have huge numbers of people

more radical transformation measures

marginalised in our economy. That

that are needed, he said.

is not sustainable. So we must just

“The relationships between labour

agree as South Africans that we have

and capital, rich and poor, black and

a tough conversation over a short

white, men and women, town and

period of time to say inequality is

township, urban and rural, still reflect

unacceptable; a stuck middle-class

the entrenched legacy of colonialism

is unacceptable, the level of distance

and apartheid.”

between the majority and what we

Minister Gordhan emphasised that

call the modern economy is also

transformation is not only about


overcoming the legacy of exclusion

“Let us all participate in a process of

and inequality of the past, but is also

shaping this transformation process

about restructuring the economy to

and contributing to a new form of

take advantage of new technology,

solidarity and change.”

market access and investment op-

The budget gives effect to the coun-


try’s transformation action agenda by

“It is about investing in social capa-

financing government programmes

bilities, through better outcomes in

which ensure that many more people

health, education and skills devel-

live in dignity every year; radically


Public Sector Manager • April 2017






Alexander Forbes listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on 24 July 2014. We are confident this will accelerate the growth of our business while providing for new investors to support us. The listing will serve to strengthen our pledge to create, grow and protect our clients’ wealth and assets. We thank you for your support and remain committed to securing your financial well-being. An Authorised Financial Services Provider


Writer: Noluthando Motswai Pictures: Siyasanga Mbambani

The mission of the department is the efficient determination and safeguarding of the identity and status of citizens and the management of immigration to ensure security, promote economic development and fulfil international obligations.

Home Af fairs Director-General Mkuseli Apleni


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

A new-look Home Affairs ahead T

he Department of Home Af-

the new immigration policy, which

involved in change management

fairs is working on putting in

is risk-based and also develop-

and training programmes.

place national identity and

ment- and Africa-oriented.

modern immigration systems to pro-

“Realising these benefits de-

“The value of the services of the department is dependent on

vide the country with critical knowl-

pends on building a department

the security of its systems. If your

edge of its citizens and those who

with professional staff, appropri-

identity is stolen, you will be at

live within its borders.

ate levels of security and modern

serious risk and will not be able

digital systems.”

to open a bank account, register

This is according to Home Affairs Director-General Mkuseli Apleni,

He said the human element is

at a college or travel abroad.

who recently unveiled plans to

always the most critical, which is

Every fraudulent ID, visa or pass-

reposition his department.

why officials will continue to be

port represents a serious risk

Apleni said the systems will bring large strategic advantages and improve the lives of South Africans by facilitating accurate, real-time statistics for planning and operating services. It will also help power e-government and e-commerce and greatly reduce fraud by providing secure digital identity. “There will be faster, more efficient private and public services, and access through multiple channels.” The systems will help with fast access to relevant information for better governance and accountability; enhanced safety and security for individuals, communities and institutions; and will have the capacity needed to implement

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



ACCREDITATION ASSURING CONFORMITY knowledge, and provide a service that is recognised as equitable to best international practice while reflecting the demographics of South Africa in all that we do. SANAS OPERATES IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS, CRITERIA, RULES AND REGULATIONS LAID DOWN IN THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS:

• The Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act, 2006 (Act 19 of 2006) • The requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17011: Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Accreditation Bodies Accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies • The requirements as stipulated in the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and the Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MLA) by the international bodies • The regulations provisions as stipulated by various national regulatory authorities that we provide accreditation support for Chief Executive Officer: Mr Ron Josias


The South African National Accreditation

• Calibration laboratories

System (SANAS) is the sole national body mandated through the Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act (Act

• Proficiency testing service providers • Producers of certified reference materials • Testing laboratories, which include: Medical, Veterinary, Forensic, Pharmaceutical,


19 of 2006) to carry out accreditations

• Blood transfusion services

in respect of conformity assessment.

• Verification laboratories

Accreditation is a third-party attestation related to conformity assessment bodies conveying




their competence to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks.





Mechanical laboratories

• Inspection bodies • Certification bodies • B-BBEE rating agencies • Any other type of body that may be added to SANAS’ scope of activity SANAS is also recognised as the national body to monitor GLP/GCP compliance with the principles adopted by the OECD for GLP facilities or the VICH principles of GCP.








accreditation in Africa and deliver services with a spirit of excellence.

• Provide accreditation support for industrial development and the protection of the health and safety of the public and the South African environment • Promote the acceptance of SANAS-accredited results nationally


and amongst global partners to advance South Africa’s trade and

To create an impartial and transparent mechanism



organisations demonstrate

to their

competence and facilitate the beneficial exchange






economic development objectives • Support regional integration and relations to advance South Africa’s trade, industrial policy and economic development objectives • Improve SANAS’ operational efficiency to deliver services with a spirit of excellence

• Promote the acceptance of its activities and those of all bodies accredited by SANAS or its international counterparts • Promote the recognition of accredited bodies by users of conformity assessments • Liaise with regional and international standard bodies and with technical regulatory and metrology organisations in respect of any matter related to accreditation • Liaise with national regulators in respect of any matter related to accreditation • Promote the use of accredited bodies to facilitate trade • Advise national, regional and international organisations on the conditions for accreditation and on other issues related to accreditation • Establish and maintain a register of all accredited organisations in South Africa • Initiate, negotiate, conclude and maintain multilateral recognition arrangements • Support government in activities on multilateral recognition arrangements • Obtain and maintain membership of national or international organisations that may assist SANAS in achieving its objects and actively participating in such organisations • Participate in formulating international and regional guidelines and standards to facilitate the accreditation process • Formulate and implement national guidelines and standards to facilitate the accreditation process

Board Chairman: Mr Prags Govender

• Promote recognition and protect the use of the SANAS logo nationally and internationally

MANDATE AND FUNCTIONS SANAS is the sole national accreditation body





recognised and effective accreditation and good laboratory practice (GLP) compliance monitoring system that enables the Republic of South Africa to do the following: • Accredit or monitor organisations falling within its scope of activity for GLPcompliance purposes • Promote of













• Promote and protect regional and international arrangement logos, such as those of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) • Establish appropriate technical committees • Investigate methods of facilitating trade through accreditation KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER SERVICES The knowledge transfer department provides training services to potential and existing accreditation clients. Training services are provided in the form of annual scheduled courses, national-provincial/regional, national and international and inhouse courses (at a client’s premises). The latest course schedule is available on the SANAS website:

performance and transformation • Promote the competence and equivalence of GLP-compliant facilities IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE ITS MANDATE, THE





PERFORM THE FOLLOWING FUNCTIONS: • Promote the organisation as the sole national accreditation body in its scope of activity • Encourage and promote the accreditation of calibration, testing and verification

laboratories, certification bodies, inspection bodies, rating agencies and any other type of body that may be added to its scope of activity • Encourage and promote GLP compliance with the principles adopted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for GLP

Physical Address: the dti Campus, 77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria 0002, South Africa

Main Switchboard Number: +27 (0) 12 394-3760 General Fax Number: +27 (0) 12 394-0526



to national security as it may be

es that made it difficult for the

used to commit crimes or acts of

department to meet its mandate


as a critical enabler of security

ate engagement with the public

and development.

and stakeholders, will provide

He said in spite of being highly

for public comment by April 2018. The White Paper, after appropri-

a solid policy platform for draft-

constrained by historical under-

In the same year, Cabinet an-

funding and outdated systems,

nounced the full integration of

ing legislation that will define

the Department of Home Affairs

the department into the Justice,

the mandate and objectives

has decisively proven it can

Crime Prevention and Security

of the department, specify its

transform its people and pro-

(JCPS) Cluster and asked the

organisational form and set out

cesses, and improve the lives of

department to develop a busi-

its mandatory obligations and


ness case that would set out how

requirements. The Bill should be

“It is central to the protection of

Home Affairs could achieve its vi-

tabled by December 2018.

the people’s hard-won freedoms

sion of becoming a secure, mod-

The discussion paper will

and human rights.”

ern, professional organisation

include a roadmap with two-,

capable of delivering against its

five- and 10-year horizons. Over

full mandate. Cabinet’s directives

the next two years, the one major

Apleni said reaching their set goals demands unity in action, with govern-

were carried out to the letter.

focus will be on driving

ment, business,

the current moderni-


Have your say




said now


that Cabi-

labour, constituency rep-

organisations and broader society pulling

sation programme.

Home Affairs helps secure South Africa Apleni said

net has

Home Affairs

approved the

uses the term

business case,


the next step is


direction, to move South Africa

to make it avail-

because it implies


able for public

movement. The first is a shift in the

discussion and engagement. He

understanding of the mandate

said that the department would

and vision of the department. The

consult broadly on how the

second movement is from the pe-

Apleni said Minister in the Presi-

new, repositioned Department

riphery of the state and society,

dency Jeff Radebe announced

of Home Affairs should look. “In

to the centre.”

on 1 March 2017 that Cabinet

unity, there is strength, and this is

had approved proposed meas-

a project that must be supported

ment will continue to be ‘a safe,

ures to reposition the depart-

by the whole of government and

secure South Africa where all


all citizens.”

of its people are proud of, and

together in the same

Green light from Cabinet

Home Affairs had first ap-

The discussions and engage-

proached Cabinet in February

ments will inform the drafting of a

2016 to find solutions to challeng-

White Paper that will be gazetted


He said the vision of the depart-

value, their identity and citizenship’. A home affairs department

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

IT SECURITY SOLUTIONS for public sector & government

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that is not secure puts every indi-

that is strategic, risk-based and

He said in a highly-dynamic,

vidual and the nation at risk and

fully observant of human rights.

globalised, digital world, full of

undermines the value of South

Immigration that is not effec-

risks and opportunities, the na-

Africa’s identity and citizenship,

tively regulated leads to abuses

tion would benefit from having

he said.

of human rights, unstable com-

a department of home affairs

munities and threats to national

that serves as the nerve centre

and personal security.

of security and the backbone

A secure department can play an important role in the security system of the state, and it should be located within that system. The mission of the department is the efficient determination

“Repositioning the department

of the related digital platforms.

means building the capacity to

“It was against this backdrop

manage immigration effectively

that a new business case with

and securely.”

proposed measures for repositioning the department was

and safeguarding of the identity and status of citizens and the

Better poised to serve

developed, and accordingly

management of immigration to

Apleni said currently his depart-


ensure security, promote eco-

ment is neither in a position to

nomic development and fulfil

adequately defend itself from

and related challenges impact-

international obligations.

criminal syndicates and cyber-

ing on social and economic

Apleni added that in accord-

attacks, nor to play its full role in

relations here and abroad,

ance with the Green Paper on

working with other departments

made it extremely urgent for

international migration, South

in the JCPS Cluster, to keep the

us to recommit unflinchingly to

Africa must have the capacity to

nation safe and secure at all

the repositioning of this depart-

manage immigration in a way


ment,” Apleni said.


“The current developments

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

©2015 TUMI, INC.


V&A WATERFRONT 021-419-4253



Writer: Dorris Simpson

Fast facts at your fingertips What do South Africans die of?


tatistics South Africa (StatsSA)

• a 50% reduction in injuries, accidents and violence from 2015

recently released a report out-


lining the causes of registered

deaths to 2015. The data collected

• Infant mortality: decreased from 29 in 2010 to 19 in 2015 • Under-five child mortality: decreased from 40 in 2010 to 26 in

• a progressively reduced number

for the report allows StatsSA to better

of deaths from tuberculosis, HIV

understand mortality and causes of

disease and other communicable

death in South Africa. The report in-


2015. • The MDG target for this category for 2015 was 18 for infant mortality and 20 for under-five child mortality.

dicates that there were 460 236 registered deaths in the peak age group

Life expectancy at birth, 2007-2015

of 60–64 years in 2015.

• Males: life expectancy increased

The National Development Plan’s

• Females: life expectancy increased

from 53.3 in 2007 and 61.9 in 2015 (NDP) goals for 2030 include the

Maternal mortality ratios, 2010-2015 • Maternal deaths per 100 000 live births decreased from 247 in 2010 to 119. The MDG 2015 target was

from 57.3 in 2007 and 67.7 in 2015

achievement of the following:


• Total deaths: life expectancy in-

• average life expectancy of at least 70 years

creased from 55.3 in 2007 and 67.7

Provincial distribution of registered

in 2015.

deaths, 2015

• reduced rates of maternal, infant and child mortality • significantly reduced prevalence of

Gauteng recorded the biggest proporInfant and child mortality rates, 2010

tion of deaths followed by KwaZulu-

- 2015


(deaths per 1 000 live births)

non-communicable diseases

Gauteng recorded the biggest proportion of deaths followed by KwaZulu-Natal. Name of the province Death percentages



Eastern Cape

Western Cape


North West


Free State

Northern Cape










Top ten leading causes of death by gender Males




20 111



Diabetes mellitus

15 396



HIV disease

11 275



Cerebrovascular disease

13 146



Influenza and pneumonia

10 507




12 811



Other forms of heart disease

10 265



Hypertensive diseases

12 078



Cerebrovascular disease

9 696



Other forms of heart disease

11 894



Diabetes mellitus

7 657



HIV disease

10 545



Other viral diseases

7 698



Influenza and pneumonia

9 970



Chronic lower respiratory diseases




Other viral diseases

8 356



Hypertensive diseases

7 342



Intestinal infectious diseases

5 292



Ischaemic heart diseases

6 944



Ischaemic heart diseases

5 280



Public Sector Manager • April 2017



Professional Native Videos • CEO Video Interviews • Pre and Post Production • Editing • 3D Animation • Featurettes • Commercials

Showcase yourself as a top company by partnering with Topco TV to create a topical, engaging story around your brand success.


Our team will create a storyboard ahead of production, so that you’re 100% clear on what we will be shooting in terms of the raw footage.


Top ten leading causes of death, 2015 2014 1

2015 Tuberculosis






Cerebrovascular disease



Diabetes mellitus



Diabetes mellitus



Cerebrovascular disease



Other forms of heart disease



Other forms of heart disease



Influenza and pneumonia



HIV disease



HIV disease



Influenza and pneumonia



Hypertensive diseases



Hypertensive diseases



Intestinal infectious diseases



Other viral diseases



Other viral diseases



Chronic lower respiratory diseases



Chronic lower respiratory diseases



Ischaemic heart diseases


Three leading underlying causes among death for children and infants Age 1 - 4

Under the age of 5

Intestinal infectious diseases


Respiratory and cardiovascular disorder specific to the perinatal period

Neonatal (0 - 28 days) 11.9%

Influenza and pneumonia


Intestinal infectious diseases




Influenza and pneumonia


Respiratory and cardiovascular disorder specific to the perinatal period Other disorder originating in the perinatal period



Disorder related to length of gestation and foetal growth


Post - neonatal (29 days - <1 year) Intestinal infectious diseases

Influenza and pneumonia Malnutrition


Infants (<1 year) 15.6%

Respiratory and cardiovascular disorder specific to the perinatal period


Intestinal infectious diseases



Influenza and pneumonia


Three leading causes of death by population group, 2014 Black African






Ischaemic heart diseases


Diabetes mellitus


Diabetes mellitus


HIV disease


Other forms of heart disease




Ischaemic heart diseases


Diabetes mellitus


Chronic lower respiratory diseases


Chronic lower respiratory diseases


Other forms of heart disease


Conclusions • The overall number of deaths in South Africa has continued to decline since 2007. • The age and gender profile of deaths shows the proportion of deaths shifting from young adults to older age groups, particularly among females. • The profile of the global burden of disease shows

 Diabetes moved from third position in 2014 to second in 2015  Diabetes was the leading cause among females and the fifth cause of death amongst males  HIV disease ranked second among males and sixth amongst females.

that on average South Africans are dying of noncommunicable diseases. • Leading causes of death:  Tuberculosis was the leading cause in 2014 and

Next step • The release of information on mortality and causes of death in 2016 is scheduled for November 2017.



Public Sector Manager • April 2017


World Travel Market 19 – 21 April 2017

The World Travel Market (WTM)

C o m p i l e d b y : S e k g a bo Ke d i j a n g

FIDIC-GAMA 2017 Power 7-10 May 2017 & The 24th International FederaElection of Consulting Engines

is a leading global event for the

(FIDIC)-GAMA Annual Confer-

travel industry to meet industry

ence is one of the biggest networking events for African con-

professionals and conduct busi-

sulting engineers.

ness deals. Through its industry

The secondary focus of the keynote speakers and delegates

networks and unrivalled global

will be that of improving connectivity of railways, ports, airports,

reach, WTM creates personal

national roads, water and energy, as catalysts for sustainable

and business opportunities

growth and development of countries across the continent,

providing customers with quality

starting with 16 GAMA countries.

contacts, content and communities. The show is sponsored by the

It provides a forum for consulting engineers, government officials from all three spheres of government (national, provincial and local), State-Owned Entities, funding agencies, contractors,

City of Cape Town and Southern

suppliers of construction equipment and materials, investors

African Tourism Services Associa-

and other stakeholders in the built-environment from the public

tion (SATSA) and attracts nearly

and private sectors will get to share ideas on best practices.

5 000 travel industry professionals. WTM Africa delivers a proven mix of hosted buyers, media, prescheduled appointments, on-site

The conference will connect leading global players and partners in the infrastructure and consulting engineering sector to create innovative sustainable solutions and business opportunities. The conference also provides opportunities to learn from each

networking, evening functions

other about effective ways of dealing with diverse challenges in

and invited travel trade visitors.

order to achieve value for money and improve the quality of life

WTM will take place from 19 – 21 April 2017 in Cape Town. For more information visit http:// Or call 011 549 8306

of the people. The conference is sponsored by the City of Cape Town and The Western Cape Convention Bureau. It will take place from 7-10 May at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. For more information visit

Durban Indaba 7 May 2017

Durban Indaba is one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar and also one of the top three ‘must visit’ events of its kind on the global calendar. The event showcases the widest variety of Southern Africa's best tourism products and attracts international buyers and media from across the world. It will be held at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre (Durban ICC). INDABA, which is proudly endorsed by the Department of Tourism and owned by South African Tourism, is organised by Pure Grit Project and Exhibitions. The event which has won awards for Africa’s best travel and tourism show will take place on 7 May 2017. For more information visit or


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STUDY DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION AT WITS The renowned Journalism Programme at Wits offers a set of innovative courses and certificates aimed at communicators from government, NGO and private sectors. The programme, pitched at NQF level 8, questions the chasm between development communication and the mass media, and offers practical skills for interacting with journalists, using social media, speeches and publications to involve people in development initiatives directly. The courses are practical and participatory, and are taught by leading experts in their field.

Module 2: Mon 19 to Fri 23 June 2017: Evaluating development communication tools; Effective use of media releases and social media; Speeches that communicate development

Development Communication Certificates A and B The programme is practical and based on measurable outcomes while encouraging critical analysis on an academic level. Each certificate is taught in three, one-week blocks.

development communication initiatives Module 2: Mon 3 to Fri 7 July 2017: Civil society and advocacy; writing developmental case studies Module 3: Mon 31 July to Fri 4 August 2017: Development Journalism theory and practice; writing opinion and analysis

CERTIFICATE A Module 1: Mon 15 to Fri 19 May 2017: Development communication in the South African context; the development media environment and media channels

Module 3: Mon 17 to Fri 21 July 2017: Publishing, writing features and profiles, critical evaluation of advertorials CERTIFICATE B Module 1: Mon 29 May to Fri 2 June 2017: Setting up a communications strategy; assessing development communication systems; reporting

FINANCE FOR COMMUNICATORS This course introduces communicators to the workings of the economy and the language of finance, and aims to improve their ability to communicate economic, financial and business

issues. This course is taught in a single twoweek block. Dates: May 8 – 19: Financial literacy, numeracy and statistics; an overview of the key institutions shaping the economy; relevant terms; using the Internet to access information and data; economic and socioeconomic indicators like health, education, and unemployment. Details Cost: Each Development Communication certificate costs R17 500. The Finance for Communicators course costs R10 000. Fees are payable in advance. Degree: Under some conditions, these certificates can be turned into a credit towards an Honours degree in Journalism and Media Studies. A specialisation in Development Communication at Honours and Masters levels is also available.

Further information and registration forms:, by email from or boikaego., or phone 011 717 4028.



TO 5 OF THE BEST B2B Publications VISION2030









RSA: R295,00 (I N CL. VAT) UK: £17,00 USA: $28,00

R S A : R 1 9 5 . 0 0 ( i n c l . VAT )

14 Roodehek Street, Gardens, Cape Town | Email: | Top Women in Business, Impumelelo – South Africa’s Top Empowered Companies, Top 500, Vision 2030, Top Performing Companies.


INSIDE: An interview with JANNIE MOUTON - redefining global benchmarks


Writer: Allison Cooper

SA and Russia

lay BRICS for comms ITEC


Sout h Africa’s Communications Minister Fait h Mut hambi hosted Russian Vice-Minister of Telecom and Mass Communication Alexey Volin. They agreed to share best practices in digital migration.

he South African Minister of Communications, Faith

they try to fit into the patterns of information flow in the

Muthambi, hosted the Russian Federation’s Vice-Min-

global media. It will also pave the way for both countries

ister of Telecom and Mass Communication, Alexey

to better understand each other and provide insights into

Volin, and the two countries’ news agencies – Sputnik and

complex developments, history, traditions and culture,

the South African Government News Agency (SAnews)

which is exactly what BRICS leaders have called for.

− at Tshedimosetso House, the seat of Government Com-

This is SAnews’ first cooperation agreement with a Russian media outlet. SAnews, which is published by GCIS,

munications (GCIS), from 6 to 8 March. The news agencies − represented by the Head of Inter-

provides up-to-date government news and information to

national Projects of the Sputnik News Agency, Vasily Push-

community and mainstream media, locally and abroad.

kov, and the Deputy Director of the Department of External

Sputnik is a modern multimedia news agency with hubs

Affairs, Natalya Alexandrovna − have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in a number of areas, including news exchange. The agreement will see the agencies developing a bilateral professional relationship involving information sharing, as they strengthen cooperation between South Africa and Russia as part of the Intergovernmental Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation (ITEC).

in dozens of countries. It points the way

“This agreement has set in motion work which can now strengthen cooperation between both countries.”

It will also provide exchange

to a multipolar world that respects every country’s national interests, culture, history and traditions. “We need to tell the story of the relations between South Africa and Russia using the different media platforms at our disposal. We need to tell those stories that will reach the ordinary men and women in our respective countries, so that they understand the significance of our bilateral and economic relations,” said Muthambi. Vice-Minister Volin described the signing

programmes for the two countries’

of the Memorandum of Understanding

journalists. Such a partnership, which denotes profes-

as a very good signal to Russian media to improve and

sional cooperation in the media environment, will also

develop cooperation with South Africa.

strengthen collaboration between the two countries. This agreement is essential as both countries fall under

Areas of collaboration identified

the association of the five major emerging economies,

South Africa is Russia’s biggest trading partner in Africa

namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

and the two countries enjoy strong trade relations in min-


ing, energy, agriculture, communications, science and

It will benefit the two countries and the BRICS network as



Public Sector Manager • April 2017

The meeting identified new and existing areas of col-

“By enhancing our shared communication efforts,

laboration for meaningful cooperation and exchange

we will not only promote valuable trade and invest-

between the two countries, especially in the context of

ment, we will also exchange skills in the technology

the BRICS community.

sphere. We will also be opening opportunities for the

Both countries agreed to cooperate in the exchange of

people of our countries to learn more about each

content and joint production of documentaries and films

other and champion the common developmental

and committed to an exchange of e-skills in the areas of

and political goals our nations share,” she said.

media literacy, animation, digital content development and the digitisation of media. “The discussions were extremely fruitful in strengthening

Cooperation with the Russian Federation has been created to exchange best practices in communications and media.

our common cause to improve the sector that both of us have been mandated to lead for our governments. From

Migration to digital broadcasting

the areas of cooperation, we have agreed on, it is clear

South Africa is migrating from analogue to digital

that these two days have meaningful results which will be

broadcasting. The first analogue switch off took

realised by the end of this year. A range of additional

place in October in Carnarvon, in the Northern

areas for future collaboration were also identified and


we are committed to having a more detailed discussion in future,” said Minister Muthambi. “The work has already started. This agreement has set in motion work which can now strengthen cooperation

Minister Muthambi said she hopes that the two countries will share best practice in the area of digital migration as part of their exchange. “I hope that our cooperation will be successful and

between both countries. We have already identified

will be of mutual benefit for the people of our coun-

potential partners in the communication and informa-

tries,” said Vice-Minister Volin.

tion sector in South Africa,” said Vice-Minister Volin.

The Russian Federation is also in the transitional period of switching off analogue transmitters and

Strong ties between Russia and SA Diplomatic relations between South Africa and Russia

creating space for digital television. “In Russia, we are finalising the biggest infrastruc-

began in 1992, and this year marks the 25th anniver-

ture programme, that of creating the infrastructure

sary of strong ties between them.

for digital television.

The meeting also coincided with South Africa’s celebration of the 100th centenary of former ANC President Oliver Reginald Tambo, who had strong ties with the then Soviet Union. The ITEC programme was signed in 1999 between

We will build more than 5 000 digital TV stations to spread digital signal in Russia. “We should use the new forms of spreading content not only in the national markets, but all over the world, and we are ready to cooperate with our South

South Africa and the Russian Federation, and has

African friends because we have good technologies

proven to be an effective instrument in contributing

and mobile platforms,” he said.

directly to improved two-way trade and investment; critical skills development and technology exchanges; and has given practical substance to the countries’ political commitment. Minister Muthambi said it cannot be denied that

In the near future the main traffic in communications networks will be from data. “We are also ready to enter into cooperation in movie production, spreading movies and TV series and programmes. Russian movies and programmes

the two governments have made major progress over

are currently successful. We are also starting to ex-

the past 25 years with regard to formal relations, yet

port our TV programmes and series abroad and we

people-to-people exposure and contact remain low.

don’t want to do this alone,” he said.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



Writer: Allison Cooper

South Africa cements its relationship with Indonesia P

resident Jacob Zuma has recently not only par-

"The occasion has a special significance for South

ticipated in the Indian Ocean Rim Association

Africa because President Nelson Mandela was one

(IORA) Leaders’ Summit, in Jakarta, to which he

of the pioneers of the IORA.

was invited by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, but also successfully conducted a state visit to Indonesia. The IORA Leaders' Summit, convened to celebrate the association’s 20th anniversary, had the theme

“He saw value in bringing us together for the socioeconomic development of the people of our region," said President Zuma. Besides being one of the founding members of

‘Strengthening Maritime Cooperation for a Peaceful,

the association, South Africa will also chair the IORA

Stable and Prosperous Indian Ocean’.

from the latter quarter of 2017, when it hosts the IORA


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

Council of Ministers Meeting in Durban. It will continue to chair the IORA until 2019. “Major priorities for South Africa’s tenure as chair will be to focus on the blue (ocean) economy, implement the outcomes of the summit, and build on the successive leadership of the association under previous chairs, such as India, Australia and Indonesia," said President Zuma. He emphasised that the IORA, comprising 21 member countries bordering the Indian Ocean and supported by seven dialogue partners, remains

"Our relations were further strengthened over many decades, with Indonesia playing a key role in supporting South Africa's struggle for freedom and justice."

significant as the foremost entity that brings together Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia, through the Indian Ocean. "The Indian Ocean is strategically significant as its

The concord’s six priorities are maritime safety and security; trade and investment facilitation; fisheries management; disaster risk reduction; academic and

vast coastline holds two thirds of the world’s oil re-

science and technology cooperation; and tourism

serves, carries half of the world’s container ships and

promotion and cultural exchange. The blue economy

one third of the bulk cargo traffic.

and women empowerment are agreed priorities that

“It is a valuable resource and a main driver for the Indian Ocean rim economies and holds great

cut across all six priorities. President Zuma also met with Prime Minister Mal-

potential for innovation, job creation and sustainable

colm Turnbull of Australia and President Maithripala

socio-economic development," the President con-

Sirisena of Sri Lanka at the summit, to discuss domes-


tic, bilateral and multilateral issues of mutual interest.

IORA Leaders’ Summit

State visit to Indonesia

The first business summit − IORA: Building Partnership

Following the summit President Zuma paid a state visit

for Sustainable and Equitable Economic Growth –

to Indonesia where he met with President Widodo at

was geared to promote greater economic coopera-

the Istana Merdeka Presidential Palace in Jakarta for


bilateral talks.

President Zuma was invited to address the gather-

“We held successful talks and are pleased that we

ing of business leaders and chambers of commerce

met coincidentally on International Women’s Day,

and industry, where he stressed that IORA leaders

given the need to improve the lives and status of

have adopted the blue economy as a top priority for

women as we strengthen our bilateral relations,” said

generating employment and ensuring sustainability

President Zuma.

in business and economic models. In 2014, South Africa launched a programme called

South Africa and Indonesia share a strong historical bond of friendship that stretches back to the 1600s,

Operation Phakisa to further develop and expand

when the first people of Indonesian descent arrived

the country’s blue economy.

in South Africa during Dutch colonial rule.

Leaders of the IORA adopted the Jakarta Concord,

"Our relations were further strengthened over many

a strategic and visionary document that will further

decades, with Indonesia playing a key role in sup-

enhance cooperation for and strengthen the IORA.

porting South Africa's struggle for freedom and

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



justice," the President confirmed. Fruitful discussions were held on bilateral relations,

Africa on diplomatic training and education; and a Plan of Action 2017-2021 for the implementation of

touching on political, economic and multilateral is-

the joint declaration on a strategic partnership for

sues of mutual concern and the presidents agreed

a peaceful and prosperous future between the two

to strengthen cooperation in business, trade and


investment and agriculture and defence, and to work

"The Plan of Action 2017-2021 will act as a guide

towards removing trade barriers between the coun-

to drive bilateral relations into the future. We have


agreed that our relations have to reflect that of

A number of documents were signed during the visit to elevate bilateral relations to a strategic level, namely an agreement on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic, official and service passports; a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of

strategic partners, by finding ways of intensifying our high-level interaction," said President Zuma. He invited President Widodo on a state visit to South Africa on a mutually agreed date. “We had a successful and wonderful stay in Indone-

Foreign Affairs of Indonesia and the Department of

sia and look forward to deeper and stronger relations

International Relations and Cooperation of South

between the two countries going forward,” he said.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



In support of efforts to increase South Africa’s energy-generation

energy sector. It will also implement policies that help South Africa

capacity, the Department of Science and Technology (DST)

adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects.

developed a bioenergy atlas to use as a decision-support tool in both energy policy formulation, as well as to guide investments in

In developing the atlas, the DST held discussions with relevant

bioenergy technologies.

institutions which included universities, government departments, science councils and Eskom before a draft framework was

The atlas, launched in March 2017, provides information on

adopted. The framework focused on providing a holistic view of

potential energy resources, their geographic spread, their

resources that might be used for bioenergy.

proximity to infrastructure, and potential end-users. The atlas looks at different categories of bioenergy resources like lignocellulose,

KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga could contribute approximately

organic waste and purposely cultivated feedstock.

2 800 MW annually by converting lignocellulose into electricity with an additional 1 400 MW generated using organic waste from

In an effort to improve the cost competitiveness of delivering

serviced households. Lignocellulosic biomass in KwaZulu-Natal

alternative energy solutions, the atlas assesses different bioenergy

and Mpumalanga includes forestry and agricultural residues, while

conversion technology pathways. This will enable researchers to

in the Eastern Cape it comes mostly from invasive alien species.

prioritise investigations into cost-reduction options in technologies applicable to dominant South African feedstock.

With respect to biofuels, the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal could produce about 570 million litres of biofuel per annum from

The National Development Plan calls for adequate investment in

land used for subsistence farming and from degraded land. The

energy infrastructure so that by 2030 South Africa will have an

energy generated from these resources could have an impact

energy sector that promotes economic growth and development.

on both energy access and job creation in the targeted areas.

The plan also envisages that by 2030 South Africa will have

The atlas is able to provide details of available resources at a

a sufficient supply of electricity and liquid fuels to ensure that

resolution of 5 km by 5 km, thus assisting local governments with

economic activity and welfare are not disrupted, and that at least

feasibility assessments for energy projects.

95% of the population have access to grid or off-grid electricity. The proximity and ability of various kinds of energy infrastructure The plan envisages that gas and other renewable resources

(decommissioned, operational and planned) to service the target

such as the sun, wind and water, as viable alternatives to coal,

markets was also evaluated. The findings indicate that most of the

will supply at least 20 000 MW of the additional 29 000 MW of

current energy infrastructure deployment focuses on supporting

electricity that will be needed by 2030.

economic activity/sectors, and limited attention is given to addressing social challenges such as energy access. Additional

The government aims to ensure that the energy supply is secure

infrastructure will be required to provide more rural communities

and demand is well managed, and that there is an efficient and

with electricity.

diverse energy mix for universal access within a transformed


There is good infrastructure cover in areas where biomass

of invasive species eradication, will be for a period of two to five

production is high and most biomass potential is within the reach

years only.

of existing and planned energy or agricultural infrastructure. However, some biomass resources in rural areas will require new

The estimates for manufacturing and processing jobs that could

infrastructure, particularly in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and

result in major rural areas are approximately 2 000 in the Eastern


Cape, 700 in KwaZulu-Natal, and 300 in Limpopo.

The Eastern Cape has the potential to contribute approximately

The atlas provides a comparative analysis of different conversion

500 MW of additional electricity-generation capacity and

processes in terms of efficiency and viability. It uses models to

approximately 150 million litres of biofuels. The province of

forecast estimated yields or production, determine feedstock

KwaZulu-Natal could contribute about 600 MW of additional

properties (including calorific values), and the full value chain

electricity and 200 million litres of biodiesel capacity, and Limpopo

impact of bioenergy resources.

could contribute approximately 100 MW from Polokwane. The DST will share the Bioenergy Atlas with the rest of The atlas projections regarding the number of people in low-

government, particularly the Department of Energy and the

income groups that could benefit from access to modern energy

Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs,

services is 125 000 in the Eastern Cape, 365 000 in KwaZulu-

to ensure that the atlas influences energy planning in all spheres

Natal, 268 000 in Limpopo, and 106 000 in the North West.

of government. The atlas can be used to enhance decision making around key programmes such as the Working for

In addition, the people who might benefit from job creation in the

Energy programme, the National Biogas Platform and the Rural

biomass cultivation or harvesting sectors could be as many as

Electrification Programme, which deploy energy technologies to

60 000 in the Eastern Cape, 35 000 in KwaZulu-Natal, and 30 000

deal with the triple challenge of unemployment, inequality and

in Limpopo. However, these jobs are seasonal and, in the case



Writer: Nolut hando Motswai

Lighting South Africa with batteries is Nkosi’s passion


y developing batteries that can store solar energy, Funeka Nkosi is doing her bit to tackle the energy

electric cars such as the Tesla, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3.” They can also be used to store energy from the sun. Research in South Africa into these batteries is still in the lab

issue in South Africa.

Nkosi, 27, a PhD student who is originally from Katle-

hong, is studying towards becoming a material scientist. Material scientists study the structures and properties

stage and studies such as the one Nkosi is taking part in hope to enhance their performance. She explains that lithium-ion batteries lose their ability to

of various materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics,

store energy after time, citing as an example cellphones

semiconductors and polymers to develop new products

which have a longer battery life when new than when

and enhance existing ones. The discipline is a hybrid of

slighter older.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics and engineering. Nkosi is part of the electrochemical energy storage technology group situated at the Council for Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR). The group is researching lithium-ion batteries. “Lithium-ion batteries

”One of the ways to help solve this is to improve the performance of the battery materials which are found inside the lithium-ion battery.” She explains that inside the lithium-ion battery is a positive terminal and negative terminal separated by an electrolyte. The material of the positive terminal is called the cath-

are used in cellphones,

ode and the material for the negative terminal is called

laptops, cameras and

the anode.

other portable electronic gadgets. These batteries are also used in

“In my PhD, I am looking at making and improving manganese-based cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. We chose manganese-based cathode materials because South Africa is one of the world’s major manganese exporters and has the biggest manganese ore reserve in the world. “Also, manganese-based cathode materials perform better,” she says, explaining that lithium manganese dioxide, a cathode material that was discovered at the CSIR in the 1980s, is now used in electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf.

Interest sparked Nkosi said her interest in lithium-ion batteries started while doing vacation work at the CSIR as an undergraduate. “I became interested in material science at the time, because of the realisation that with one material, you can do a lot of things.”


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

She says for young people to enter this sector they must ensure that they achieve good Science marks, which takes hard work. “They must be self-driven, self-motivated and they must be passionate about solving problems and improving lives.”

This and that

How do you relax? Spending time with my family and friends and reading. She is excited by the prospect of improving something that is so essential

which conducts research of international standard.

to the operation of so many gadgets

“The aim of the research done at

and electronics that make life easier.

the CSIR is to improve the lives of the

“In South Africa we have a lot of sun

people of South Africa. This is why

which can be used to generate elec-

I chose to be a scientist; I am pas-

tricity, and this generated power can

sionate about changing the lives of

be stored in batteries.”

people, especially in Africa.”

She adds that a segment of the

Nkosi says she loves her job, espe-

population does not have access to

cially the part about working with

electricity and that lithium-ion batter-

colleagues from different academic

ies could make life easier for them.

backgrounds. “Material science is

Nkosi said another reason that

helping me because it challenges my

made her want to take on this re-

way of thinking and grows me to be a

search was that when she was grow-

better scientist. I grow because I learn

ing up there were days when there

something new every day.”

was no electricity, which meant she “Imagine how renewable energy-

Challenges as a woman in science

powered batteries could improve the

Nkosi says although she loves her

lives of people living in townships and

job, one of the challenges she faces

rural areas where there is currently no

is the lack of role models.

would have to study by candlelight.

electricity supply.”

“There are very few women in science and this needs to change. The

Proud to work for the CSIR She says she is very proud to work for an organisation such as the CSIR

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

more women scientists we have as role models for young girls, the more women we will have in science in the future.”

What is your favourite food? Kota. If you were not in your current job, what would you be doing? Teacher. I am a big believer in education. What is your favourite holiday destination? Paris and Cape Town.

Funeka Nkosi holds a BSc and BSc Hons in applied chemistry from the University of the Witwatersrand. She recently completed her Masters in Chemistry at the University of Pretoria. She was chosen as a young scientist by the Department of Science and Technology, Academy of Science of South Africa and the Lindau Nobel Laureate Council to represent South Africa at the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany which will take place in June 2017.


Collaboration Is Key To Tackling Responsible Gambling In South Africa

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A GAMBLING PROBLEM Call our free treatment and counselling line

0800 006 008 SMS at 076 675 0710 Email us at



A professional and qualified Counsellor will assess the level of the problem and if required refer you to your nearest Treatment Professional

Referral to your nearest treatment professionals The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF) actively promotes responsible gambling having been founded on a mandate to minimise and


manage the potential harmful effects of problem gambling in South Africa. As a Not-For-Profit company SARGF is a public-private initiative funded through contributions from licensed gambling operators, (excluding the National Lottery)

Delivering National Responsible Gambling Programmes Through its flagship programme, the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) the SARGF provides a number of activities related to responsible


Depending on the extent of the problem the Treatment Professional will provide with necessary psychotherapy

gambling, including integrated free and confidential treatment and counselling; public awareness and prevention; education and training as well as research. Through its Industry Support Programme, SARGF provides training to casino staff and operators enabling them to identify problem gamblers and direct them

Types of treatment Ÿ Outpatient treatment Ÿ Inpatient treatment Ÿ Family counselling Ÿ Relapse Prevention Ÿ Debt management

to the SARGF for free treatment and counselling which is provided to addicted gamblers and their immediate family members.

Collaboration and partnership key to promoting responsible gambling


Problem gambling affects everyone irrespective of their social standing. South Africa's most vulnerable groups namely communities within 100 kilometres of any gambling operator, individuals gamblers who gamble under the influence of drugs and alcohol, youth and the elderly are mostly at risk of becoming problem gamblers or of being addicted to gambling. In order to raise awareness about responsible gambling amongst these groups the SARGF forged strategic partnerships and collaborations with various government departments such as the Department of Education, the Gauteng Office of the Premier, the Limpopo and Eastern Cape Department of Social Development. SARGF also works very closely with the Department of Trade and Industry, the National


Typically you will be offered up to 10 sessions for standard treatment

Gambling Board and the Provincial Gambling Boards.

Did you know? Ÿ

The definition of a problem gambler is someone who demonstrates gambling behaviour that creates negative

After which you may be referred to an ongoing support through the Relapse Prevention Programme.

consequences for them and others such as friends and family. Using the Canadian Problem Gambling Index, this group is estimated at about 3 % of the South African gambling population. Ÿ Ÿ

Pathological or compulsive gamblers have a psychiatric disorder diagnosable by strict clinical criteria. It is regarded as a disorder of impulse control and has a very poor prognosis. Such gamblers are unable to control their gambling, leading to significant damage to themselves and others. They are often very difficult to treat.

South African Responsible Gambling Foundation @SARGFoundation +27 11 026 7323


Collaboration Is Key To Tackling Responsible Gambling In South Africa

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A GAMBLING PROBLEM Call our free treatment and counselling line

0800 006 008 SMS at 076 675 0710 Email us at



A professional and qualified Counsellor will assess the level of the problem and if required refer you to your nearest Treatment Professional

Referral to your nearest treatment professionals The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF) actively promotes responsible gambling having been founded on a mandate to minimise and


manage the potential harmful effects of problem gambling in South Africa. As a Not-For-Profit company SARGF is a public-private initiative funded through contributions from licensed gambling operators, (excluding the National Lottery)

Delivering National Responsible Gambling Programmes Through its flagship programme, the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) the SARGF provides a number of activities related to responsible


Depending on the extent of the problem the Treatment Professional will provide with necessary psychotherapy

gambling, including integrated free and confidential treatment and counselling; public awareness and prevention; education and training as well as research. Through its Industry Support Programme, SARGF provides training to casino staff and operators enabling them to identify problem gamblers and direct them

Types of treatment Ÿ Outpatient treatment Ÿ Inpatient treatment Ÿ Family counselling Ÿ Relapse Prevention Ÿ Debt management

to the SARGF for free treatment and counselling which is provided to addicted gamblers and their immediate family members.

Collaboration and partnership key to promoting responsible gambling


Problem gambling affects everyone irrespective of their social standing. South Africa's most vulnerable groups namely communities within 100 kilometres of any gambling operator, individuals gamblers who gamble under the influence of drugs and alcohol, youth and the elderly are mostly at risk of becoming problem gamblers or of being addicted to gambling. In order to raise awareness about responsible gambling amongst these groups the SARGF forged strategic partnerships and collaborations with various government departments such as the Department of Education, the Gauteng Office of the Premier, the Limpopo and Eastern Cape Department of Social Development. SARGF also works very closely with the Department of Trade and Industry, the National


Typically you will be offered up to 10 sessions for standard treatment

Gambling Board and the Provincial Gambling Boards.

Did you know? Ÿ

The definition of a problem gambler is someone who demonstrates gambling behaviour that creates negative

After which you may be referred to an ongoing support through the Relapse Prevention Programme.

consequences for them and others such as friends and family. Using the Canadian Problem Gambling Index, this group is estimated at about 3 % of the South African gambling population. Ÿ Ÿ

Pathological or compulsive gamblers have a psychiatric disorder diagnosable by strict clinical criteria. It is regarded as a disorder of impulse control and has a very poor prognosis. Such gamblers are unable to control their gambling, leading to significant damage to themselves and others. They are often very difficult to treat.

South African Responsible Gambling Foundation @SARGFoundation +27 11 026 7323


Compiled by: Dorris Simpson


Durban is a great place to live

as electricity, water, sanitation, roads, solid waste, com-

Durban has for the third consecutive year been

munity and emergency services and free basic services.

ranked the top South African city, with the highest quality of life in the international Mercer’s 19th Quality of Living survey.

The survey ranked Durban the Best City in South Africa, placing it 87th in the world. This is followed closely by Cape Town and Johannes-

Durban Mayor Zandile Gumede said recently that this proves that eThekwini municipality has one of Africa’s

burg in 94th and 96th places, respectively. Durban was also named the Second Best City in

best service delivery programmes and continues to

Africa, following Port Louis in Mauritius. Vienna occu-

make a positive impact on the lives of its residents.

pies first place for overall quality of living for the 8th

“Our municipality continuously strives to ensure that

year running, with the rest of the top 10 list mostly filled

our 3.7 million residents enjoy an improved quality of life

by European cities: Zurich (second), Munich (fourth),

through the services we render. The Municipality’s new

Dusseldorf (sixth), Frankfurt (seventh), Geneva (eighth),

Radical Economic Transformation Framework aims to

Copenhagen (ninth), and Basel, a newcomer to the list,

accelerate service delivery, provide economic opportu-

in 10th place.

nities to poor and unemployed residents and grow the small business sector,” said Gumede.

10 were Auckland (third) and Vancouver (fifth). The

Over the past 23 years of democracy, eThekwini Municipality has improved access to public services such

Comprehensive survey

Gumede said the only non-European cities in the top highest-ranking cities in Asia and Latin America were Singapore (25th) and Montevideo (79th), respectively.

world’s most comprehensive and is con-

SAQA to name and shame fake certificate holders

ducted annually to enable multinational

The South African Qualifica-

tioned that 78 affidavits have

companies and other organisations to

tions Authority (SAQA) will reg-

been completed for handover

compensate employees fairly when giv-

ister the names of holders of

to the Hawks for prosecution.

ing them international assignments.

fake certificates on its website,

He said the announcement

in a bid to secure the credibil-

by the Minister of Higher

ity of higher education.

Education and Training, Blade

Mercer’s authoritative survey is one of the

The survey also includes a city infrastructure ranking that assesses each city’s supply of electricity, drinking water,

Minister in the Presidency

on SAQA’s list of misrepresented qualifications. The Minister further men-

Nzimande, on action to be

telephone and mail services, and public

responsible for Planning,

taken against holders of fake

transportation, as well as traffic conges-

Monitoring and Evaluation,

qualifications, including pros-

tion and the range of international flights

Jeff Radebe, said that at the

ecuting and publicly naming

available from local airports. Singapore

end of January 2017, a total of

and shaming them, will con-

tops the city infrastructure ranking, fol-

1 276 qualifications, including

tribute to ending the growing

lowed by Frankfurt and Munich, tied in

444 national and 832 foreign

prevalence of qualification

second place.

qualifications, were recorded



Public Sector Manager • April 2017

Plastics|SA [(TV print ad)mango A4P.pdf











12:49 PM


Migrants entitled to protection Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba

join its predecessor, the European

tional Migration to the Minister for

has affirmed that individuals visiting,

Economic Commission, in 1961.

approval. This served as the basis for

transiting and residing in the terri-

“Anti-immigrant sentiment has, and

drafting the Green Paper, which was

tory of a country are entitled to the

is, continuing to play a significant

submitted in the 2015/16 financial

protection of the host country.

and troubling role in the politics of

year and approved by the Minister in

countries which have hitherto been

March 2016. A White Paper will now

territory, they may also make various

seen as exemplars of openness and

be submitted to Cabinet for approval

claims on the host state, and thus

regional integration,” he said.

this year.

“By virtue of their presence in a

destination countries are entitled to

Minister Gigaba told delegates

Home Affairs Deputy Director Gen-

know who a prospective visitor is, and

at the conference that there is an

eral: Immigration Services, Jackie

what their needs, circumstances and

urgent need to develop a new and

McKay, said as a sovereign state,

intentions are before they enter a

enduring policy framework and

South Africa has defined borders that

country’s territory,” he said.

programme for the management

are recognised by approximately

of international migration in order

200 states.

Speaking at the International Migration Conference at the Sandton

to harness its positive benefits, while

Convention Centre recently, Minister

minimising the risks.

Gigaba said when governments

“The new framework must meet

manage migration, they do so in the

both the current and our future chal-

awareness that they are not merely

lenges,” he said.

considering entry of a temporary

The Minister has identified the

“South Africa reserves the right to determine who is allowed entry into the country and under what conditions.” According to McKay, South Africa urgently needs a robust, progressive

resident, but also a potential future

development of a new international

vision of the benefits of well-man-


migration policy as one of his top

aged international migration.

“People also become citizens of

priorities during his term of office.

“This vision must be based on the

other countries through naturalisa-

This policy review seeks to lay a solid

crucial contribution inward and out-

tion. International migration is not

policy foundation for South Africa

ward migration will make to growing

just about the affluent strata of the

to manage international migration

our economy and to the transforma-

economy, it is a development issue.

securely and effectively, in line with

tion of Africa,” he said.

The desire to control immigration was

the National Development Plan.

According to the World Bank, there

a strong motivator in the decision of

In the 2014/15 financial year, the

are 250 million international migrants

British voters to leave the European

Department of Home Affairs submit-

in the world. They constitute three per-

Union, 56 years after first applying to

ted the Discussion Paper on Interna-

cent of the world’s population The migration conference was attended by, among others, home affairs ministers from Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland, ambassadors as well as international experts and practitioners, who were invited to share their experiences of the management of international migration.


Public Sector Manager • April 2017


MARCH 2016



State of the Nation 2016

SA’s economy takes centre stage

A common destiny Working towards a united nation

Promoting investment

des the funding and banking e of the ways we embrace our

MARCH 2016


One-Stop Shop to help investors

w w w. g c i s . g o v. z a

Drought relief

Government gives farmers a helping hand




2015/07/29 10:59 AM

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topco media



Writer: Alber t Pule

Economic transformation key in Gauteng “Gauteng has recorded the largest net gain in new jobs created since the 2008 global financial crisis.”


a u te n g P re m i e r D av i d

Taking into account the dynamic

“We are doing this work in partner-

Makhura reported on the

of job losses in sectors such as

ship with economists from the Univer-

progress regarding econom-

manufacturing and mining and the

sity of Johannesburg and the Gordon

ic transformation to achieve employ-

gruelling reality that 42 percent of

Institute of Business Sciences, which is

ment and inclusive growth and shared

all migrants come into Gauteng, the

part of the University of Pretoria.”

prosperity during his recent State of

provincial employment gains are

the Province Address.

significant but not sufficient to turn the

hance the contribution of innovation,

tide of unemployment.

research and development in partner-

Premier Makhura said although the global and domestic economy

“We know full well that to signifi-

The province will also work to en-

ship with the Council for Scientific and

have been characterised by slug-

cantly decrease unemployment, we

Industrial Research, University of the

gish growth over the past two years,

need to double this number and

Witwatersrand and the Vaal University

it was heartening that the provincial

reach at least 600 000 new jobs over

of Technology, through the Gauteng

economy has remained resilient, as

a two-year period from 2017 till 2019,”

Innovation Hub.

the economic and industrial hub of

the Premier said.

South Africa and the Southern African

He added that the rapid implemen-

There is a Memorandum of Understanding with all Gauteng-based

tation of the new Provincial Economic

universities and research institutes to

Development Plan, which has been

work together to ensure they contrib-

net gain in new jobs created since

embraced by all stakeholders, will be

ute to the drive to make Gauteng the

the 2008 global financial crisis,” he

the priority focus of Gauteng in part-

leader in innovation, research and de-


nership with municipalities and social

velopment, and a knowledge-based



Development Community region. “Gauteng has recorded the largest

Between 2010 and the end of 2016, the provincial economy created more than 700 000 new jobs.

The province, in collaboration with

The province has intensified its work

industry leaders and municipalities,

in economic diplomacy, as part of the

is identifying and addressing local

Gauteng City Region, as a preferred

tration in 2014 bi-annual employment

impediments that hinder the growth

destination for investment and tour-

has reached 317 000, thus breaking

in employment, empowerment and


the ceiling of 300 000.”


“Since the start of the fifth adminis-


“We are focusing on increasing

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

trade and investment flows with major

and continue to invest in economic

ment to sub-contract at least 30

economies in Africa, BRIC Asia-Pacific,

infrastructure in townships, including

percent of the main contract to

Europe and the Americas,” the Premier

the refurbishment of industrial parks.

qualifying black companies and

said. He added that the province

“The Gauteng Provincial Govern-

is also working in partnership with

ment has increased its spending on

township enterprises in a manner that ensures their meaningful

transnational and domestic business

township economies from R600 million



in 2014 to R6 billion in 2016,” he said. He added that the province has

Improving infrastructure

purposeful approach to international

reached a critical point, where 91

Another focus is the maintenance of

visits and trade missions.”

percent of the procurement budget

existing infrastructure, the lifeblood of

of R46 billion is directed to empower

the social and economic transforma-

vincial economy attracted R66 billion

black people, women, youth and

tion agenda.

worth of foreign direct investment.

people with disabilities.

“We have a more targeted and

Between 2014 and 2016, the pro-

The Gauteng Investment Centre and

“Of the 12 000 companies that

Between 2013 and 2016 Gauteng’s infrastructure investment was R30 bil-

the team at the Gauteng Growth and

conduct business with our provincial

lion, translating into average annual

Development Agency is doing well in

administration, 10 000 are historically

growth of 20.7 percent – the fastest

making Gauteng a preferred invest-

disadvantaged individuals, including

growth rate in the country.

ment destination.

township enterprises.”

“As we roll out the R42 billion infra-

“With regards to tourism, Gauteng

Premier Makhura said some of the

structure budget over the next three

receives the largest number of foreign

radical measures his administration is

years, we need to ensure that there

tourists, 41.4 percent of the total.

undertaking, in partnership with key

is a decisive shift to true empower-

It also has the highest number of

industry leaders, include:

ment of black companies so that they

bed-nights and revenue generated,

• assisting and encouraging black

become more sustainable and transformative,” said Premier Makhura.

compared to other provinces, within

companies and township enter-

the international tourist markets,” the

prises to get involved in localisa-

Premier said.

tion and manufacturing initiatives

tinue working with the province to

so that they can produce goods

deliver state-of-the-art infrastructure,

locally and sell them to domestic

create jobs and improve the quality of

and foreign markets

life for all residents.

Gauteng to spend more on township economies The province will increase its spending on township-based enterprises

• setting conditions for big companies doing business with govern-

He urged all municipalities to con-

The number of township enterprises benefiting from the public procurement policy has increased from 800 (2014) to over 2 800 (January 2017). Since the start of the fifth administration in 2014, bi-annual employment has reached 317 000.

Youth empowerment and job creation The province has formed partnerships that will provide thousands of young people with training and job opportunities, while empowering

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



of working age who are neither in education or employment, while around three million young people are in the public and private education system, including higher education and Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges. “Many of these young people end up getting involved in social ills, such as substance abuse and crime. They deserve a second chance in life,” he said. To address the issue, the provincial government introduced Tshepo them with the relevant skills needed in the job market.

Another programme targeting youth

500 000 in 2014 to enhance the

is the National Youth Service, which

employability of youth and ignite

Microsoft and government will also

will increase the number of opportuni-

the spirit of entrepreneurship among

partner over the next two years to pro-

ties for young people in the Expanded

young people to rescue them from a

vide one million young people with

Public Works Programme and the

self-destructive lifestyle of drug abuse,

training opportunities in digital skills.

Community Works Programme to

violence and crime.

In partnership with the Massive Open Online Varsity, an additional

300 000. “We are launching Gauteng@Work,

Over the past two years, Tshepo 500 000 has touched the lives of more

80 000 young people will access free,

targeting young people, who will

than 350 000 young people, who

high-quality online university educa-

be contracted by government and

benefited from the four pillars of the


sub-contracted by companies do-


The provincial government will also

ing business with government, to do

More than 90 000 permanent jobs

partner with the Business Process Out-

infrastructure maintenance and other

were facilitated. Training and skills

sourcing Sector to facilitate the crea-

work in public facilities,” said Premier

development were provided for more

tion of 20 000 digital jobs for young


than 145 000, while 15 000 received

people over the next three years. Other partnerships include: • A partnership with Buddibox and

Empowering Gauteng’s youth

development support and 110 000 received transitional employment.

the National Youth Development

The province has adopted a policy

Agency to provide 10 000 owner-

that states that 50 percent of all

Harambee Youth Employment Acce-

ship and entrepreneurial opportu-

people employed in infrastructure

lerator and various private sec-

nities in the cooperative wholesale

projects must be youth.

tor companies, Premier Makhura is

and retail sector. • A partnership with Coca-Cola to

The focus on youth in the province is imperative as youth unemployment is

Working with partners such as the

certain they will reach 500 000 young people by 2019.

provide employment and new

the ‘most acute and primary econom-

entrepreneurship opportunities

ic problem of our time’, said Premier

and municipalities to join the

for 30 000 new retail outlets in the


crusade to give youth a chance to

townships for youth.


entrepreneurship and business

“There are 2.7 million young people

He called on businesses, civil society

prove themselves.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017


Writer: Alber t Pule

Northern Cape

highlights priority areas “SMMEs and cooperatives across the province will be assisted with grant funding via the Economic Growth and Development Fund.”


ing youth transition to employment, especially in the Green Economy. “The project is aimed at young women disenfranchised from economic opportunities, that have matric or lower,” she said.

Rural development and youth The Department of Agriculture, Rural

he Northern Cape Provincial

tions, such as the Small Enterprise De-

Development and Land Reform is

Government will support small

velopment Agency (SEDA), National

placing unemployed agricultural

businesses across the province

Empowerment Fund (NEF), Industrial

graduates at land reform farms in the

by pushing for local procurement, tar-

Development Corporation (IDC) and


geting township and rural areas.

other institutions that support SMMEs.

Premier Sylvia Lucas confirmed in

“SMMEs and cooperatives across

“The aim of the programme is to ensure that the farms remain functional,

her State of the Province Address

the province will be assisted with

while allowing the graduates to grow

that numerous small businesses had

grant funding via the Economic

into successful farm managers and

received grant funding and busi-

Growth and Development Fund.”


provincial government and other

Plans for the youth

project management, enterprise

state entities over the past year, and

According to Premier Lucas, the ma-

development and economics,” the

that government would continue to

jority of citizens in the Northern Cape

Premier said.

support them.

are young people. Youth development

ness development support from the

“Local procurement and supply will always remain our top priority. “We are therefore continuing our

“These graduates mainly assist with

As part of our empowerment pro-

will thus be at the centre of govern-

gramme, we will be accelerating the

ment’s initiatives.

programme of handing over housing

Government will commit ap-

title deeds to beneficiaries.

efforts to unlock the potential of

proximately R30 million towards youth

small, medium and micro enterprises

development, to provide young

was a challenge, but we will acceler-

(SMMEs), cooperatives and township

people with skills that will assist them

ate it and transfer 9 300 properties,

and rural enterprises,” she said.

to secure employment and establish

in the 2017/18 financial year, to their

small businesses.

rightful owners.”

Different financing institutions have also played a role in helping small

“In the past the transfer of property

“This programme will provide skills to

businesses. “A number of referrals were

over 1 000 young people. We will also

Class of 2017

made to the larger funding institu-

lead a pilot initiative aimed at ensur-

Premier Lucas said the provincial


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

education department will implement

sure no clinic or hospital is without

plans to improve the Class of 2017’s

medication,building administrative

performance, after assessing the

capacity in the department of health,

programme of handing over housing

Class of 2016’s performance.

recruiting adequately qualified health

title deeds to beneficiaries.

“An in-depth analysis of the perfor-

professionals and putting sound

to empower them. “This year, we will accelerate the

“In the past the transfer of property

mance of the Class of 2016 has been

financial and accounting systems in

was a challenge, but we will acceler-

completed and the department will


ate it and transfer 9 300 properties in the 2017/18 financial year to their

implement programmes to ensure that we improve overall learner perfor-

Decent housing

rightful owners,” the Premier con-

mance across all grades.”

In an effort to restore military veterans’


“We call on all stakeholders, espe-

dignity, the provincial government

cially organised labour and school

has constructed houses and will soon

Sol Plaatje University

governance formations, to work with

hand them over.

In the 2016 academic year Sol

the department in both our individual

“ Thirty-eight houses have been

Plaatje University produced its first

and collective quest for continual

constructed in the Sol Plaatje Munici-

group of around 65 graduates in the

improvement of the quality of public

pality. This is the first of many veterans

IT Diploma and Retail Management


that stand to benefit from the pro-

Diploma programmes. Sol Plaatje Uni-

gramme,” said Premier Lucas.

versity, and the University of Mpuma-

Improved healthcare

The province will continue deliver-

langa opened in 2014.

While some progress has been made

ing housing units to the most vulner-

in improving healthcare, serious chal-

able and destitute people in the

student performance in 2016, where

lenges still confront the department.


students achieved just over a 90

“This has resulted in an initiative

“For the coming year, 21 885

“They managed to sustain good

percent course pass rate.

undertaken by EXCO, under the stew-

planned sites will be delivered and

ardship of the Office of the Premier, to

1 587 households will be provided

enrolled 1 030 students, which is

assemble a team including the Provin-

with basic services. A further 1 320

a remarkable increase in student

cial Treasury to improve the depart-

breaking-new-ground houses will be

admissions from a mere 124 in 2014,”

ment’s performance and uproot fraud


confirmed Premier Lucas.

and corruption.” Part of the commitment is to en-

“Added to this, the university has

Those who qualify will be given title deeds as part of government’s effort

Dealing with substance abuse The Northern Cape Province has a high prevalence of drug and substance abuse. “Substance abuse remains one of our greatest social challenges, especially as it is almost always linked to irresponsible and reckless behaviour. With the establishment of the first of its kind in-patient treatment centre we will not only bring relief, but also hope to those fighting the demon of substance and alcohol dependency.”

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



Johannesburg Office:

• B-BBEE Consulting and Strategy


• Enterprise Development • HR Support Services

Tel: 011 783 7190 Address: Unit B2, 2nd Floor, Block B, Edenburg Terraces, 348 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia

• Skills Development and Training

Cape Town Office:

• E-Learning

Tel: 086 000 95 91 Email: Address: 14 Roodehek Street, Gardens, 8001, Cape Town


Writer: Nolut hando Motswai


NW to improve

education and youth empowerment


uring his State of the Province

also working with existing retailers in

ship Services (YES) fund came into

address, North West Premier Su-

VTSD areas.

effect. This paved the way for the

pra Mahumapelo said govern-

“The establishment of other Spe-

establishment of a new youth fund

ment will table its Villages, Townships

cial Economic Zones, in addition to

that will serve as a one-stop-shop for

and Small Dorpies (VTSD) Preferential

the existing one, and the implemen-

entrepreneurship, skills development

Procurement Bill in the North West Pro-

tation of the Mahikeng Airport Logis-

and job opportunities.

vincial Legislature to ensure that gov-

tics Hub strategy will be intensified

ernment and businesses procure from

through strategic partnerships. New

Premier, will have ongoing engage-


interest has been shown by investors

ments with development finance

from the United Arab Emirates (UAE),

institutions like the National Youth

and the North West Development

Development Agency (NYDA) and

Corporation (NWDC) is mandated

the Small Enterprise Finance Agency

to conclude the negotiation process

(SEFA) to provide support packages

with relevant stakeholders,” said

that will create sustainable jobs and

Premier Mahumapelo.

working enterprises managed and

The bill came into effect on 1 April.

Industrialisation strategy The province’s Industrialisation Strategy is intended to set up a

YES, located in the Office of the

operated by the youth.

stationery manufacturing factory to

Support for the youth

supply all schools and government

During the 2016/17 financial year,

training in security-related fields. The

departments with stationery, whilst

the North West Youth Entrepreneur-

YES, in partnership with the

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

“On 1 March, 200 youth began


NWDC and the South African

Achievers for all Grade 12 learners in

National Defence Force (SANDF),

all VTSDs schools this year, to fulfil Oli-

continues to give both financial and

ver Tambo’s wish to see the African

non-financial support to youth enter-

child master Science and Maths.

prises,” said the Premier. For the 2017 academic year,

“This OR Tambo initiative will launch the first group of learners who will be

government will spend R48 million to

products of what we call ‘consistent

fund 493 students in higher educa-

push’, a year-long dedicated strat-

tion institutions across the country.

egy aimed at identifying and giving

“In partnership with Denel Techni-

support throughout the year to all

cal Academy, a new satellite cam-

learners from Grades 9 to 12, with

pus will be launched in Mahikeng in

the possibility of placing struggling

June 2017, with an initial intake of 40

day learners into boarding schools

students with at least a 50 percent

in consultation with their families for

pass in Mathematics and Science

intensive support.”

in matric. The total cost of student

As part of this initiative, NGOs,

funding for tuition in the first year will

retired professionals, university lectur-

be R6 million, or R150 000 per stu-

ers and other professionals will be

dent for a full government bursary.”

recruited to provide extra classes

The province has partnered with

Boosting economic activity

over weekends, evenings and holi-

the National Department of Water

days, with the cooperation of school

The Department of Rural, Envi-

and Sanitation and the Presidential

governing bodies.

ronment & Agricultural Development and the NWDC will work

Youth Development Programme to train 561 artisans and water agents in four municipalities.

Electricity to over 19 000 households

together to boost economic activity by:

Over 19 000 North West residents now

- accelerating VTSD agro-busi-

training 31 technicians, sourced

have access to electricity, which is 122

nesses to build small-scale agro

from various VTSDs. In addition, 60

houses over the target that was set at

hubs across the province

students who are residents of our

the beginning of the financial year.

“Government and Eskom will be

province and are at various uni-

“The North West has reached an im-

- establishing other Special Economic Zones

versities across the country, will be

pressive coverage rate of 85 percent,

awarded bursaries for the 2017 aca-

and the backlog, to reach universal

tion of the Mahikeng Airport

demic year.” The province wants to

coverage, is 15 percent.”

Logistics Hub strategy through

work with the construction industry

In the 2017/18 financial year, gov-

- intensifying the implementa-

strategic partnerships

to establish a provincial construction

ernment and Eskom will connect

hardware factory, with VTSD branch-

4 787 houses in the Bojanala Platinum

Hubs in strategic areas across

es, to support small enterprises.

District, 4 832 in the Ngaka Modiri

the province

Molema District, 2 203 houses in the

- implementing VTSD Industrial

- finalising and implementing

OR Tambo achievers

Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District

the Provincial Industrialisation

The province will introduce the OR

and 178 in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda

Action Plan

Tambo Top Maths and Science



Public Sector Manager • April 2017

S U M M I T T h e 2 0 1 7 V i s i o n 2 0 3 0 S u m m i t w i l l o n c e a g a i n b r i n g to g e t h e r d e c i s i o n m a ke r s a n d t h o u g h t l e a d e r s, to ro a d m a p t h e n ex t s te p s i n t h e ro l l - o u t o f g ove r n m e n t ’s N a t i o n a l D eve l o p m e n t P l a n fo r S o u t h A f r i c a .

B e t h e re to s h a re yo u r c o m p a ny ’s v i s i o n w i t h t h e key p l a ye r s i n g ove r n m e n t a n d b u s i n e s s.



Facebook: Vision2030Summit Twitter: @Vision2030SA Linkedin: vision-2030-summit

086 000 9590

w w w. v i s i o n 2 0 3 0 . c o . z a


Writer: Nolut hando Motswai

Western Cape highlights

achievements and plans

“The Western Cape is now well established as a tourist destination.”


outh Africa’s energy crisis requires

of Waste Management of Southern

grid. It generates income for them,

a sustainable, low-carbon and di-


and helps secure an energy supply

verse energy mix, said the Western

Premier Zille stressed that for the

for the economy. Installations also

Cape Premier Helen Zille during her State

economy to grow, there needs to be

need to be legally compliant for safety

of the Province Address (SoPA).

energy security.

reasons, and hence we are appealing

“Technological advances are ena-

“Our target is to enable independent

to Western Cape residents to do the

bling the Western Cape to pioneer the

generation of 135MW through solar

right thing and get approval for their

trend towards small, distributed suppli-

panel installations by 2020. We are

PV systems.”

ers of renewable energy, with flexibility

well on our way,” she confirmed.

and low costs.

The Western Cape government has

She added there would be continued support for municipalities to

helped 15 municipalities to meet the

develop long-term plans for integrat-

vehicle for the green economy, was

requirements for legal installations

ing metering and financial systems to

awarded the Chairman’s Award for

of rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems,

accommodate solar energy feed-ins

Exceptional Service by the Institute

with tariffs approved by the National

to the grid. The City of Cape Town is a

Energy regulator of South Africa.

pioneer in this regard.

“GreenCape, our special purpose

“This is a marked increase from just

The province will also be launching

two this time last year; we have a

its Rooftop PV Campaign to encour-

target of 20 municipalities in the next

age businesses to switch to solar, stay


on the grid and save on their electric-

Zille explained that the system ena-

ity bill.

bles households and businesses to feed their solar-generated power into

Economic development

the municipal grid and be compen-

The province has secured over

sated for it.

R5.9 billion worth of investments,

“That is why people who switch to Solar PV must please remain on the


through the economic development and investment agency, Wesgro.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

This resulted in 1 865 new jobs from 2014 to 2016.

WC tourism shows potential

“We have also closed 25 trade deals

The Western Cape tourism sector con-

to the value of R8.6 billion since 2014,

tinues to show potential. International

creating 662 new jobs,” Zille confirmed.

arrivals are up by almost 16 percent

She said the focus going forward will

and about 10 million passengers

parents,” Zille said. This year, the province’s priorities are: - Intensifying maths support in its 23 technical high schools and 50 others. - Enhancing public awareness of

be on increasing the value of exports,

made their way through Cape Town

the technical and vocational

generating maximum job creation

International Airport last year.

career path through technical and

potential from export orders, and sup-

“Guided by Wesgro, we’ve gener-

porting Western Cape companies that

ated an additional R3 billion for the

have the ability to expand into the rest

economy by adding over half a million

of Africa.

new two-way direct seats through our

“The African expansion programme is forging ahead, with Wesgro committing to R501 million in deals to date.” Since 2014 Wesgro, has helped over

Cape Air Access Initiative.” Premier Zille said the launch of an expanded Cape Town International

vocational education and training colleges. - Engaging employers about taking on learners for workplace-based learning programmes, such as apprenticeships. - Working with sector education and

Convention Centre this year will help

training authorities on an innova-

1 470 Western Cape companies to ex-

grow the already booming confer-

tive dual system apprenticeship

port their goods to global and African

ence industry, which over the past two

programme for solar PV installers.

markets, accompanied 9 398 export-

years has had an economic impact

ers on trade missions, and mentored

of over R645 million, measured by the

ICT a game changer

1 070 companies through the Export

total average delegate spend per day

Premier Zille said her province’s

Development Programme.

of R3 210.

broadband programme, identified as

“The Western Cape is now well estab-

Red tape cut for SMMEs

lished as a tourist destination.”

Premier Zille said Cabinet has further

a game changer, has delivered highspeed Internet services to 1 414 sites including schools, hospitals, emer-

sessments must be done for new legis-

Apprenticeships to fill skills gap

lation and significant policies, so that

The province has analysed the growth

red tape is not unintentionally created

projections of its priority economic

that can stifle growth.

sectors and concluded that there

originally planned, will be completed

were not enough skills required to fill

by April 2017.”

resolved that Regulatory Impact As-

“Red tape can be especially harmful for small enterprises. Since taking office, we have refined a support system

the jobs it anticipates.

gency centres, clinics, rural libraries, Cape access centres and government offices. “Full coverage of over 1 900 sites, as

In 2015 the Western Cape govern-

“Our answer is the Apprenticeships

ment announced that it would bring

for entrepreneurs, with 35 000 small

Game Changer, which aims to ensure

WiFi to every ward through a plan to

businesses supported since 2009.” Zille

that young people have the neces-

deliver 384 WiFi hotspots between


sary skills for jobs in the sectors where

2015 and 2018.

“An amount of R62 million has been

demand is growing. We have set a

“A total of 150 hotspots were

invested in small businesses to date,

target of introducing 32 500 appren-

delivered by March 2017, which will

through a 40/60 loan finance partner-

tices into the labour market by 2019 to

take our current numbers of citizens

ship between our Economic Develop-

meet the needs of a growing province.

accessing the service to over 70 000.

ment Department and the National Empowerment Fund.

“We aim to dramatically up-scale the supply of skilled artisans by

The remaining 234 hotspots will be delivered by early 2018.”

The funding is available to small

working with relevant Sector Educa-

business in the form of a low-cost

tion and Training Authorities (SETAs),

tech-enabled, exceeding the target of


employers, learners and their

just over 5 000.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

Over 5 320 classrooms are now


©2015 TUMI, INC.


V&A WATERFRONT 021-419-4253



Writer: Alber t Pule


Free State on

an upward trajectory


he Free State provincial gov-

versity of Technology, we will establish

ernment will continue to send

a Science, Technology, Engineering

students to international univer-

and Mathematics (STEM) Academy

sities, open new health facilities and implement the back-to-basics approach for clean governance.

in 2017.” The use of ICT in schools will continue and Premier Magashule says he

Premier of the province Ace Ma-

is hopeful that ICT will improve teach-

gashule says his provincial adminis-

ing and learning in schools across the

tration will model its work on the life


of activist and struggle icon Oliver Reginald Tambo. “As we honour this great giant, this is

“Through our Smart Schools Pilot Project, we will explore best ways and practices of deploying ICT to

a brief account of the achievements

enhance teaching and learning

of the Free State provincial govern-

outcomes. We will host our annual

ment in the past year,” he said at his

Education Indaba later this year, with

recent State of the Province Address.

all stakeholders focusing on e-learn-

“We do this because we appreciate the influence of President OR Tambo in ensuring that the Bill of Rights

ing and supporting the e-Education

Education development committees


Premier Magashule says the provin-

Since 2009, the provincial govern-

cial government plans to get various

becomes one of the tenets of our

ment has been sending students to

stakeholders involved in helping learn-


study medicine, engineering and

ers. Unemployed graduates, retired

other science-related fields at different

teachers and principals will help

local and international universities.

promote the wellbeing of learners.

Education in the province

Most of the students are studying

“This will help to take learners away

For the past eight years, the province

at universities in China, Russia and

from the streets and therefore reduce

has achieved a pass rate of over

Cuba. “We have successfully in-

social ills such as drug abuse, sexual

65 percent. On two occasion (2013

creased the number of bursaries from

abuse, alcohol and substance abuse.

and 2016), the province was the best

139 in 2009 to the current 8 232.

performing one with regard to matric

“Out of these bursaries, 861 students

“Learners will be helped with school work, social and life skills and career

results, a feat the Premier would like to

are pursuing various fields of study

coaching after school. We will work

see repeated.

in different countries,” he said in his

with our municipalities and partners


to ensure that this programme suc-

Last year, the province scored an 88.2 per cent pass rate and Ma-

Premier Magashule added that


gashule says they will not rest on their

many more students will be sent to

laurels but will work hard and estab-

other countries. “Later this year, 48

lish a science academy to promote

students will be going to Turkey for

Improving healthcare infrastructure

this scarce skill.

vocational training, and a further 29

Premier Magashule says his admin-

to study agriculture in Bulgaria.”

istration will strive for quality and

“In partnership with the Central Uni-

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



affordable healthcare services. “In our endeavour to achieve a healthcare

will continue. The Premier added that health

processing, trade development and improved access to markets and

system that works for everyone, we

services will be taken to the people,

financial services, the Free State has

identified four strategic outcomes to

especially people in far flung rural

managed to create jobs in rural

improve the national health system,

areas. “To enhance and expedite


which is to increase life expectancy, to

health service, highly specialised and

decrease maternal and child mortal-

technological mobile buses will be

tunities were created through the

ity, to combat HIV/AIDS and TB and to

used to provide services in rural and

Extended Public Works Programme

decrease the burden of disease.”

remote areas as well as mining towns.”

in our rural areas,” explains Premier

The province has also improved the

“To this end, 50 042 work oppor-


percent. Currently, 100% of new Multi-

Developing rural areas and supporting farmers

Land redistribution

drug Resistant TB patients are on the

Farmers in the Free State province

Through the land redistribution pro-

new drug, Bedaquiline.

will continue to receive support from

gramme, the provincial government

the provincial government. Premier

has made some progress, though

working with different stakeholders in

Magashule says support will be

much of the land is still in the hands

the fight against AIDS is paying off. “It

given to farmers who make a positive

of a few.

is important to note that our efforts,

contribution to the economy of the

working with the Treatment Action


screening of TB from 65 percent to 70

Premier Magashule added that

Campaign and all our stakeholders

He added that government identi-

“We have acquired and allocated 8 149 hectares of land and 7 017 hectares have been allocated to

With increased investment in agro-processing, trade development and improved access to markets and financial services, the Free State has managed to create jobs in rural areas. in the Provincial Council on AIDS, are

fied different commodities for extra

smallholder farmers. A further 987

paying off.”

support, including grain, poultry,

hectares was allocated to labour

ostrich, fish, red meat, vegetables

tenants, farm workers and farm

and fruit.


He says some clinics will increase their operating hours to provide easier healthcare access.

“As a result of this intervention, we

He urged people of the province

provided support to smallholder,

to use Constitutional means to

and Batho Clinic in Mangaung will

commercial and subsistence

claim the land they were displaced

operate for 24 hours a day to ac-

producers. We also offered them

from and warned that the govern-

commodate a growing demand for

agricultural extension advice and

ment will not tolerate any form of

primary healthcare.

training in agricultural skills.”

lawlessness regarding invasion of

Harry Gwala Clinic in Metsimaholo

In the 2017/18 financial year, clinics

With increased investment in agro-


will be constructed in Clocolan, Lusaka, Thandanani, and Rhedeerspark. In addition, the Sasolburg and Volgefontein clinics will be operationalised and refurbishment of the National District hospital in Mangaung


Public Sector Manager • April 2017



The Michelangelo Hotel is a luxury destination of choice with its splendour of Renaissance architecture at the heart of the rapidly growing Sandton business and leisure district. The Michelangelo Hotel is strategically positioned to overlook the cosmopolitan piazza of Nelson Mandela Square, providing guests with access to a variety of restaurants, shops and boutiques, as well as cinemas and theatres in the shopping centre – all within walking distance of the hotel. The Michelangelo Hotel offers 242 suites and rooms – with en suite amenities – as well as world-class facilities in a stylish and elegant setting. The hotel provides easy access to some of Africa’s finest retail and entertainment experiences within Johannesburg.

135 West St, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, 2146 | | + 27 (0) 11 282 7000


Writer: Alber t Pule

Much more still needs to be done: Mchunu “Partnerships between government and the private sector lie at the centre of growing the economy.”


waZulu-Natal (KZN) Premier Willies Mchunu says

been slow due to a variety of reasons, most significantly

his administration still needs to do more to change

budget constraints.

people’s lives in the province.

of keeping residents safe by fighting crime. “Crime and

Working together to grow the economy

violence remain a key concern and citizens have clearly

Partnerships between government and the private sector

indicated that they are not feeling safe and business

lie at the centre of growing the economy.

One of the provincial government’s focus areas is that

have raised concerns about risks and losses in this

One such partnership is between Dube Trade Port and

regard,” said Premier Mchunu during his 2017 State of the

car manufacturer Toyota. “As we call for Unity in Action,

Province Address.

we are pleased to report that there are already many

He affirmed that the provincial government will use a

examples of partnerships which have proven to be

multi-pronged approach to fighting crime and corruption. Another thorn in the province’s side is the growing culture of drug abuse, which is hampering efforts to fight crime. He said communities and government have to work together if the war on drugs and crime is to be won. “While government, through our Department of Social Development, under the leadership of MEC Weziwe Thusi, will be implementing a number of interventions, there is a need for partnerships. “Business leaders, churches, religious bodies and other community organisations must emphasise moral values in support of family teachings and thereby create a network that promotes an environment in which human rights are respected.”

Redistribution of land With regard to the redistribution of land, Premier Mchunu said: “Land issues remain highly emotive and deserve heightened attention and a more radical approach.” Progress with the Land Restitution Programme has


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

cause of death in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal's provincial government will aggressively implement a Centralised Chronic Medication Dispensing and Distribution Programme. “Currently, we have 1 081 pick-up points for chronic medication collection across the province, with about 293 546 patients already registered,” Mchunu said. More than 167 primary health care clinics have been accredited as Ideal Clinics.

Managing the challenges in education extremely successful in our endeavours to grow a shared

Premier Mchunu says though progress has been made in


dealing with the challenges facing the education sector,

“Collaboration between Dube Trade Port, Toyota SA and

more needs to be done.

eThekwini Municipality has resulted in the acquisition of

He added that the provincial government will continue to

1 000 hectares (ha) of land for the establishment of an

support learners through various initiatives like Sukhuma

Automotive Supplier Park.”

Sakhe and the Turnaround Programme by the Depart-

Another partnership likely to benefit the people of the province is between Tongaat Hulett and the government. “We are also pleased to report that an agreement has

ment of Education. “We want grassroots cadres, community workers, volunteers, religious leaders, traditional leaders, community

been reached with Tongaat Hulett Sugar for the imple-

leaders and members of the public to join education

mentation of a R52 million sugar cane growing project.

forums in the townships, villages and suburbs to elevate

“This project is aimed at planting 3 000 ha of new

education to a societal issue.”

cane by cooperatives, freehold and contract farmers

He urged parents to take an interest in their children’s

over three years, in and around Maidstone, Darnall and

education. “We also emphasise the role of parents and


the family in the process of teaching and learning. “The family, parents in particular, are an important stake-

Improved health of the province

holder in ensuring that homework is done, and that the

The KZN government believes that healthcare for all

child attends school diligently. The importance of this

cannot be achieved without local leadership and citizen

facet of education can never be exaggerated.”

engagement. “We therefore undertake to continue to put the health

Bringing communities together

of each citizen of this province at the centre of our

In an effort to foster and improve relations, the Office of

agenda. And we invite leaders of society to work together

the Premier will host a Social Cohesion Summit.

to turn around the situation.”

The summit will focus on debates around how best KZN

Various forms of preventable diseases continue to un-

can celebrate its heroes - black, white, coloured and

dermine the health and quality of life in KwaZulu-Natal as

Indian - who fought against apartheid.

a result of health illiteracy.

“We will ask difficult questions and hopefully find answers

“There is a close connection between education

about the issue of our identity and who we really are.

outcomes and health. Therefore, education has a critical

“From this gathering, an integrated social cohesion strat-

role to play in helping us to achieve wellness and healthy

egy will be developed,” he said, adding that his admin-


istration realises that a cohesive approach is needed to

Given the fact that chronic ill-health is the leading

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

move the province toward unity and moral strength.


Contact : 080 0033 000


Writer: Nolut hando Motswai



makes steady progress


ound financial management is

quarter alone, Limpopo managed to

beginning to bear fruit in Lim-

create 64 000 new jobs.

popo province, believes Premier

Stan Mathabatha. “We have moved from five disclaim-

“According to StatsSA’s year-on-year analysis, 103 000 people who were unemployed in the fourth quarter of

ers in the 2014/15 financial year to

2015 had secured employment by

two disclaimers in the 2015/16 finan-

the fourth quarter of 2016,” he said,

cial year. We also have improved on

adding that Limpopo’s unemploy-

unqualified audit opinions from 10 in

ment rate had reduced to

2014/2015 to 13 in 2015/16,” he said in the recent State of the Province Address. Municipalities with unqualified audit opinions include Waterberg, Capricorn, Sekhukhune, Bela-Bela, Lephalale, Musina, Thulamela, Molemole, Polokwane, Makhuduthamaga, Fetakgomo, Greater Tzaneen and Maruleng. A Provincial Local Government Sum-

“Within the private sector, we have identified 10 major projects for investment worth no less than R46 billion.”

mit had been convened to assess

“Within the private sector, we have identified 10 major projects for investment worth no less than R46 billion.”

Health gets a boost A healthy province is one of Premier Mathabatha’s goals and to that end, 77 healthcare facilities in Limpopo have met Ideal Clinic criteria.

the overall state of municipalities and

19.3 percent in the fourth quarter of

The national Ideal Clinic initiative

it affirmed the gradual improvement

2016, compared to 19.8 percent dur-

aims to ensure systematic improve-

in governance and financial man-

ing the same period in 2015.

ment in public healthcare facilities.

agement. He added that Municipal

Job gains were mainly in construc-

Accredited clinics have good infra-

Infrastructure Grant (MIG) spending

tion, mining and agriculture. Musina-

structure, adequate staff, adequate

has improved.

Makhado has been approved as a

medical supplies, good administrative

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and

processes and adequate bulk sup-

Economic growth path

approval is being sought for Tubatse


On the economic front, Premier

to receive the same status.

Mathabatha said the average growth

He projected that both SEZs could

rate of the provincial economy for the

attract investments valued at over

period 1996 to 2015 was 2.8 percent.

R44 billion.

“The last StatsSA growth rate analysis

“The Musina SEZ is projected to

The Premier added that more state-of-the-art ambulances will be acquired. “Last year we reported that we had delivered 50 of these ambulances to

shows that our province grew by

create about 20 800 direct jobs whilst

our healthcare facilities. We further

1.1 percent in 2012, 2.4 per cent in

the Tubatse SEZ is expected to create

committed to acquire and deliver

2013 and 0.8 percent in 2014.”

about 2 000 permanent jobs.”

more for the year under review. It is my

He said he was pleased that Lim-

Premier Mathabatha said the pri-

pleasure to report that we delivered

popo had recorded the second high-

vate sector continues to play a major

on this commitment. Another 50 am-

est employment gains. In the fourth

role in the local economy.

bulances have since been delivered

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



to various health facilities across the

nected 33 more schools with drinking

the provisioning of Grade R in public


water and built 128 specialist rooms in

primary schools. To date, about 2 339

public ordinary schools.

public primary schools offer Grade R.

He also said after a four-year battle, the province had managed to reduce

“We have also built five new schools

“This translates to over 123 356

the maternal HIV vertical transmission

to improve the teacher-learner ratio

children enjoying access to ECD

rate from 2 percent to 1.1 percent,

in our province. These schools are

education. This is, indeed, a milestone

against a target of 1.4 percent.

New Look Primary and Mphengwa

achievement given where we come

Secondary in Capricorn, Khubvi


“Our TB treatment success rate is at 82 percent, whilst our Multi-drug

Primary in Vhembe, Tšhweele Primary

Resistant TB treatment success rate is

in Sekhukhune and St Patrick Primary

intensifying and broadening teacher

at 87.7 percent.”

in Mopani.”

development programmes.

Premier Mathabatha said his prov-

In 2017/18, the provincial govern-

He said his province was also

“Between 2012/13 and 2015/16, we

ince also managed to reduce the

ment intends to provide 210 more

trained over 1 400 teachers through

malaria fatality rate from 1.68 percent

schools with drinking water, 185

the Continuous Professional Develop-

in 2014/15 to 1.04 percent in 2015/16.

schools with decent sanitation

ment Centre. In the next financial year,

facilities and nine more schools with

we will train a further 80 Curriculum


Advisors and 300 teachers in science

As part of the National Health Insurance (NHI) pilot programme, the province has started with the imple-

and commerce.

Medicine Dispensary and Distribution

Over 100 ECDs in Limpopo

Programme in the Vhembe district.

There are over 100 children in Early

mentation of the Centralised Chronic

A further 3 600 teachers will be trained in content and methodology in Mathematics and languages.”

Childhood Development (ECD) cen-

School infrastructure

tres in Limpopo, thanks to the turna-

In the 2015/16 financial year the prov-

round strategy implemented by the

ince built 354 classrooms, supplied 57


with proper sanitation facilities, con-

“We have significantly expanded

Municipalities faring better The following Limpopo municipalities have shown improved performances and had already spent more than 50 percent of their Municipal Infrastructure Grant allocation by mid-term: Mogalakwena - 57.83 percent Ba-Phalaborwa - 59.37 percent Elias Motsoaledi - 64.03 percent Greater Tubatse - 75.82 percent Makhuduthamaga - 78.4 percent Greater Giyani - 78.53 percent Bela-Bela - 80.44 percent Capricorn - 80.46 percent Greater Tzaneen - 89.44 percent.


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

Two million children go to bed hungry...

One Red Bowl can change it all Help stop the injustice and reduce hunger, one child at a time, by giving a gift of great value – a JAM Red Bowl filled with 75% of a child’s daily nutritional needs. For only R50 a month (or R600 per year) you can sponsor the feeding of one or more children by donating online at OR SMS”JAM” to 42181 to donate R30 towards feeding a child.


Writer: Nolut hando Motswai

Mpumalanga high-fives tourism Treasury for public-private partner-

to complement this initiative with a

ships (PPP).”

clear strategy on International Air

He also announced a new PPP venture between Graskop Gorge Lift

Routes, and target specific airlines to fly directly to our province,” he said.”

Company, Thaba Chweu Local Municipality and the National Empowerment Fund.


A glass elevator will ferry people

Strengthening private sector partnerships Premier Mabuza called for more

he Mpumalanga tourism indus-

down the cliff into the gorge, where

innovative and collaborative part-

try has the potential to grow the

various elevated walkways will allow

nerships with the private sector and

economy and contribute to job

visitors to explore the pristine forest

state-owned entities to respond to


economic growth and unemployment

creation. This is according to Mpumalanga

Another exciting development is the


Premier David Mabuza, who empha-

application to have the Barberton

“Our success is dependent on

sised the importance of tourism when

Makhonjwa mountains declared a

sustainable partnerships between

delivering his State of the Province

World Heritage Site. The mountains

government, business, labour and civil

address recently.

contain the oldest and best preserved


“Despite the lacklustre global economic growth and the decline in disposable income, foreign and

sequence of volcanic and sedimentary rocks on earth. Premier Mabuza said as part of pro-

domestic tourists have been steadily

moting Mpumalanga as a destina-

visiting our shores. Over 1.3 million in-

“Our success is dependent on sustainable partnerships between government, business, labour and civil society.”

ternational tourists visited Mpumalanga in 2015, with international tourists spending R3 billion in our province.” He said government took a decision to invest in tourism infrastructure to improve the tourism experience.

Exciting tourism developments He added that a transaction adviser has been appointed to assist with packaging new catalytic projects.

He said collaboration with Eskom had contributed to enterprise development and job creation. “The construction of Kusile Power Plant over the past few years has catalysed economic activities around Nkangala District, which impacted positively on job creation,” he said, adding that the plant’s fly-ash and synthetic gypsum by-products present numerous downstream opportunities. Eskom has supported enterprise development around each of its power stations. Sasol too has significantly impacted the community, investing R6 billion in the construction of a Fly-Ash Dam in Secunda.

“The development of the Skywalk, ca-

tion of choice, the Convention Bureau

ble car, and the five-star Bourke’s Luck

was launched to attract and host

people and has subcontracted 102

Hotel are priority projects that have

major international events, confer-

small businesses in the pre-first phase

already been registered with National

ences and exhibitions. “We will need

stage. Sappi and the provincial gov-


The project is already employing 481

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

ernment are collaborating on another

to finalisation. Once finalised, this will

project that is boosting the region. The

be capitalised at R500 million in joint

Ngodwana project which will con-

funding supported by MEGA and

tribute R13 billion to Mpumalanga’s

Standard Bank.”

economy over 20 years, leading to

Through this partnership with Stand-

300 jobs during construction and a

ard Bank, the province will enhance

BBBEE procurement spend of about

its capacity to fund the development

R626 million.

of SMMEs and cooperatives in town-

“Of this total, R51 million will be spent on SMMEs, thereby creating muchneeded jobs.”

ships and rural areas. In the meantime, funding support has been given to small businesses and cooperatives.

Revitalisation of township Agriculture and and rural economies Premier Mabuza said his province was agro-processing

Life made easier Premier Mabuza said in his State of the Province Address that over the past two-and-a-half years of the current administration, progress has been made in the roll-out of key municipal infrastructure to improve the quality of service delivery: - 327 water infrastructure projects benefiting 350 259 households. - 165 sanitation projects benefiting 285 065 households. - 85 electrification projects benefiting 48 140 households.

consolidating the implementation of

Premier Mabuza said the province will

a number of programmes in line with

continue to focus on agriculture as

the Nine Point Plan. Those already in

one of the key sectors to drive devel-

treatment projects benefiting 146

the pipeline include the revitalisation

opment and job creation.

835 households.

- 17 solid waste disposal and

“The establishment of the Interna-

- 250 km of roads and storm water

tional Fresh Produce Market remains

systems constructed in various

R80 million to ensure the success of

our critical lever to stimulate in-

municipalities and 582 boreholes

this programme. This amount was in-

creased agricultural production to


tended to stimulate economic activity

supply domestic and international

through financial and technical sup-


of township and rural economies. “Over the past year, we allocated

port to a range of small and medium enterprises.” Amongst the Mpumalanga Eco-

He said that government would start agri-parks in all three districts of the province. Two farmer production

nomic Growth Agency’s (MEGA)

support units have already been es-

interventions was the rehabilita-

tablished by the Department of Rural

tion of industrial premises in former

Development in Bushbuckridge and

homelands and the establishment of

Nkomazi municipalities respectively.

partnerships with financial institutions

“We urge our farmers to unite,

- 284 km of tar and 74 km of gravel roads reconstructed. - Eight new community health centres constructed, five hospitals revitalised, 61 health facilities refurbished and maintained and life support equipment replaced across the province. - Five boarding schools construct-

organise themselves and ensure that

ed, 28 unsafe schools

they are ready to meet the increased

replaced and 222 had their

the SME Fund has been slower than

demand that will be created by the

basic sanitation improved. In

anticipated but the process is close

agri-parks and fresh produce market.”

addition, 24 Grade R facilities,

for further funding initiatives. “Progress on the establishment of

six new secondary schools and nine libraries were constructed. - R1.9 billion has been set aside to continue with the construction of various road upgrades, flood damage and rehabilitation projects.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



Writer: Alber t Pule

Eastern Cape highlights milestones and priorities


remier of the Eastern Cape Phumulo Masualle says for the next

The province is also focussing on improving healthcare provision.

financial year his administration

“The second area of our focus has

will focus on dealing with problems

been on improving the health profile

in the education system, improving

of our province. It is our health that

healthcare and providing decent

ensures we get to live and thrive



Delivering his State of the Province

“The improvement of the health

reduced to 12.8 per 100 000 children in 2016.

Address recently, Premier Masualle

status of the province depends on us

called on all stakeholders to work with

addressing the critical social deter-

creasing universal health coverage

government to deliver its mandate.

minants of health, which include

by strengthening the re-engineering

The province is focussing on in-

income and social status, social

of primary healthcare, which is the

quality education to all our children

support networks, employment and

cornerstone of the National Health

is a collective concern of all of us, as

working conditions and healthy child

Insurance (NHI).

parents, stakeholders in industry, all

development,” the Premier confirmed.

“We understood that the provision of

other sectors and citizens.”

Quality education In recent years, the Eastern Cape’s Grade 12 classes have not performed well and Premier Masualle says this will change as a result of a three-year plan that aims to turn the education system around by focusing on different aspects of the system. “At the beginning of 2016, we tabled the plan, which focuses among other things on increasing the number of functional schools, and the rationalisation and realignment of small and unviable schools. “We believed then, and still do now, that if we continue fixing these fun-

“The Eastern Cape provincial government outperforms other provinces every year when it comes to achieving set targets in housing construction.” The province has also reduced

“We will continue with implementing the World Health Organisation's 90:90:90 strategy on HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis. To this end, HIV counselling and testing will continue to improve the HIV testing coverage in the province.”

Decent housing The Eastern Cape provincial government outperforms other provinces every year when it comes to achieving set targets in housing construction. This performance in housing delivery has required that the province sources additional funding from national government. “The department has delivered

damental points over the three-year

the maternal mortality rate from 156

38 345 housing units and installed

period, the quality of teaching and

maternal deaths per 100 000 births at

31 945 services since 2014. It has

learning will improve in our province,”

the beginning of the term, to 135.2 in

once again won the National Govan

the Premier said.

2016. Infant mortality rates and those

Mbeki Social Housing Award, People's

for children under five have been

Housing Process and Best Informal De-

Improving healthcare


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

velopment Project amongst a number

with a combined investment value of

to ensure that service providers are

of other national awards.”

R35.8 billion. The recent investment of

paid within 30 days, maximise local

R11 billion by Chinese original equip-

procurement opportunities, develop

province will focus on new housing

ment manufacturer BAIC, and R4 bil-

local suppliers and to provide off-take

units for the destitute, our military vet-

lion by Volkswagen has consolidated

agreements to promote employers

erans and those affected by disasters.

the province’s dominant position as

of 100 or more people,” he said. The

the strategic auto sector hub.

Eastern Cape has a coastline of

In the coming financial year, the

“The department will also be working more closely with all municipalities

The COEGA IDZ has created 18 366

800 km and Premier Masualle says it

through Cooperative Governance

jobs, of which 7 174 are operational

should benefit from having a coast-

and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) to en-

and 11 192 are construction.

line of this magnitude.

sure improved integrated spatial plan-

The East London IDZ (ELIDZ) signed

“In the area of oceans economy,

ning of all projects, to adhere to the

three new investors for the year

we seek to ensure that our people

objectives as outlined in the Provincial

2016/17, with an investment value of

derive economic benefit from the 800

Development Plan.”, says Masualle.

R779 million, thus creating 417 direct

km of our coastline, and unleash new

manufacturing jobs and has award-

economic opportunities.”

Developing the economy In response to slow economic growth,

ed R30 million of its total expenditure

The departments of public works

during the 2016/17 financial year to

and transport have started a feasibil-

SMME development.

ity study that will lead to the construction of the Port St Johns fishing har-

a Provincial Economic Development the economy. The strategy is based

Supporting small businesses

on six economic sectors, namely

Premier Masualle says his administra-

Training Centre at the East London

agricultural development, oceans

tion will support small and local busi-

Port in the first quarter of 2017/18.

economy, tourism, renewable energy,

nesses by prioritising local procure-

light manufacturing and the automo-


Strategy has been developed to grow

tive industry. The province’s Industrial Development Zones (IDZs) and state-owned

“To give impetus to the growth of

bour, while Transnet will commence with processes to establish a Maritime

“This centre will, amongst others, cater for the artisan maritime skills required to provide quality services to

SMMEs and cooperatives, policy

the ships that dock in our ports and to

provisions have been put in place

the maritime industry at large.”

entities have signed new, significant investment deals, promoted trade exports and funded new businesses. The IDZs have attracted investment in the agro-processing, automotive, aquaculture, energy, metals logistics and business process services sectors. “This has advanced socio-economic development in the Eastern Cape region, through skills development, technology transfer and job creation,” says Premier Masualle. The COEGA Development Corporation has signed 61 new investors,

Public Sector Manager • April 2017


Situated in the heart of Sandton, The Maslow is an unexpected oasis for business and social events. Boasting 12 unrivalled meeting rooms, 2 game changer boardrooms and a state-of-the-art conference centre. Whether you’re looking for an intimate meeting place for 4 or a grand affair for 420, The Maslow can accommodate it all.


10 W

Writer: Alber t Pule

things you should know about the budget

hen Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan tabled

broadening economic participation and creating

his medium-term budget in October last year,

work opportunities.

the economy had taken a knock with gross do-

mestic product having been revised down to 0.5% for 2016.

2. New tax bracket for those earning a taxable income of above R1.5 million

The knock-on effects of low growth meant that revenue estimates were revised down to R23 billion. In response

Revenue is lagging behind the economy, leading to

the Minister announced reductions to the expendi-

a R30 billion shortfall in comparison to the budget

ture ceiling of R10 billion in 2017/18 and R16 billion in

estimate a year ago. The revenue shortfall is mainly


in personal income tax (R15.2 billion), value-added

He also announced tax measures to raise R28 billion for 2017/18. Against this backdrop, the Minister had a tough balanc-

tax (R11.3 billion) and customs duties (R6.5 billion). Lower wage increases and bonuses reduced personal income tax collection.

ing act when he arrived at the National Assembly to table his 2017 budget and answer speculations about which taxes he would increase to close the revenue shortfall.

The Minister proposed: • A new top personal income tax rate of 45 percent for

10 things you need to know about the 2017 budget:

those with taxable incomes above R1.5 million. About

1. More inclusive

100 000 taxpayers will be affected. The previous top

bracket of 41 percent was set at R701 301.

The 2017 budget took a more radical tone. While government has done a lot to ensure citizens have access to basic services, quality education, employ-

• The tax-free threshold will increase from R75 000 to R75 750.

ment opportunities and a social security package to alleviate poverty, Minister Gordhan said structural challenges persist. The inequality gap is widening, globalisation is benefiting a few and middle-class incomes are either stagnating or falling.

These and other factors call for a radical transformation of the country’s economy, he said. Transformation must be mass-based – benefiting many instead of a few elite. Government programmes must be structured to support transformation by creating jobs, reducing poverty and narrowing the inequality gap.

The Minister said that government will spend R500 billion per year on goods and services. Public procurement is a key vehicle for developing local industries, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan


Public Sector Manager • April 2017 74

• The old age grant will increase by R90 to R1 600 for pensioners over the age of 60, and R1 620 for those over 75 • The disability and care dependency grants also increase by R90 to R1 600 a month • Foster care grants increase by R30 to R920 a month • The child support grant increases by R20 to R380 a month.

Spending on social welfare will rise from R164.9 billion in 2016/17 to R209.1 billion by 2019/20. About 17 million South Africans receive social grants.

5. Reducing the wage bill

To curb spending, National Treasury said government was looking at ways to reduce the public service wage bill.

National and provincial government salaries rose about 1.8 percent faster than inflation.

In a push to help contain the public wage bill, National Treasury and the Department of Public Service and Administration are working on reducing headcount, and the possibility of voluntary severance packages is being explored.

3. Good news for first-time home buyers

6. Sin taxes, fuel levy go up.

With mounting pressure on middle-income households due to rising taxes and the cost of living, Minis-

general fuel levy and 9c/litre in the Road Accident

ter Gordhan has given the affordable housing market

Fund. The fuel levy was increased by the same rate last

some breathing space. He said this would be done


through an increase in the threshold above which

transfer duty is paid, from R750 000 to R900 000. This In the 2016 budget in February last year, Government

Excise duties for alcohol and tobacco increase by between 6 percent and 10 per cent, compared to

proposal will come into effect on 1 March 2017.

The Minister announced an increase of 30c/litre in the

between 6.7 percent and 8.5 percent in 2016.

Minister Gordhan said the proposed tax on sugary

proposed to increase the transfer duty rate on prop-

beverages would be implemented later this year, after

erty sales above R10 million from 11 percent to 13

further consultation.

percent. The rate came into effect on 1 March 2016

for property acquired on or after that date.

It is envisaged that beverages with both intrinsic and added sugars will be included.

4. Social grants increased

7. New Bill to establish single authority for procurement

To provide a social security net for the most vulner-

The establishment of the Office of the Chief Procure-

able groups, particularly the young, elderly and

ment Officer ushered in new reforms to ease the

disabled, the Minister announced increases in several

procurement process while rooting out corruption. The

social grants:

Minister announced that there will be further

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



procurement reforms this year in the form of a new

R216.9 billion in 2016/17, and this will grow to

Bill to establish a single procurement authority. This

R268.8 billion by 2019/20. The allocation accounts

is aimed at consolidating the currently fragmented

for 17.5 percent of government expenditure. Growth

regulatory environment.

in basic education spending is largely driven by employee compensation, particularly in the provinces.

8. Government to establish new NHI Fund

A provision of R5 billion has been set aside to fund

One of the highlights of Minister Gordhan’s speech

the higher education and training sector in 2019/20.

was the establishment of a National Health Insurance

This is in addition to the increases of R32 billion that

(NHI) Fund this year. The NHI is aimed at achieving

National Treasury made to higher education alloca-

universal health coverage for all South Africans.

tions in last year’s budget and the 2016 Medium Term

Currently, the NHI is being piloted at 11 sites.

Budget Policy Statement.

The Minister said the initial focus of the fund will be

Funds have been provided to ensure that students from households that earn less than R600 000 do not

health, ante-natal and family planning services; the

pay university fee increases in 2017.

expansion of the integrated school health pro-

Meanwhile, over the next three year period,

grammes - including the provision of spectacles and

R21.1 billion will be added to the spending envelope

hearing aids; and an improvement in the services

of the Higher Education Sector.

available to people with disabilities, the elderly and

on improving access to a common set of maternal

This includes R7.3 billion to compensate universities

mentally ill patients. This will include the provision of

and technical and vocational education and train-

wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

ing colleges for the shortfall caused by the zero-per-

The service package financed by the NHI Fund will

cent fee increase.

be progressively expanded. In setting up the Fund, National Treasury will look at various funding options,

10. More for health

including possible adjustments to the tax credit on

Spending on health will grow from R170.9 billion in 2016/17 to R217.1 billion in 2019/20.

medical scheme contributions.

Health expenditure growth is mainly driven by ex-

9. More for education

panded provision of antiretroviral treatment, which

now reaches 3.5 million people.


Always a budget priority, education was allocated

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

C o m p i l e d b y : S e kg a b o Ke d i j a n g


Ms Simangele Tshabalala Senior Forensic Lawyer, Special Investigating Unit Ms Simangele Tshabalala has been appointed as a Senior Forensic Lawyer by the Special Investigating Unit. Tshabalala holds an LLB Degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban) and is studying towards an LLM-Labour degree with the same university. She is an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. Tshabalala has extensive experience in Civil Law, Labour Law and Criminal Law. She has previously presided and prosecuted in many disciplinary hearings, and represented many clients at the Bargaining Council, CCMA, Magistrate is Court, Labour Court and the High Court. In her current role she will be involved in project management, thereby supporting a multidisciplinary approach to all assignments with the SIU. In addition she will also provide appropriate quality, specialist and legal opinion and advice to the investigation team to ensure that all losses are recovered.

Mr Leonard Lekgetho Project Director, Special Investigating Unit Mr Lekgetho has been appointed Project Director at the Special Investigating Unit after acting in the same position for three years. Lekgetho holds a BA Ed degree, BSc Honours, Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Law, Diploma in Criminal Justice and Forensic Audit, Advanced Project Management Certificate and certificate in Management Principals. He started his career with the former Scorpions in 1999 where he received FBI training in Washington DC in the United States. He then joined the unit in 2005 as chief forensic investigator. He has occupied all the positions in the investigations path including those of assistant project manager, project manager and programme manager. He previously headed the Polokwane region as well as the Pretoria region in his acting capacity. He brings to this position a wealth of forensic investigation experience and leadership skills. He will provide strategic leadership to the entire business operation and oversee the development and delivery of programmes, projects managers and the project management office.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



Choosing the right funeral plan


or many South Africans, funeral cover is the first financial product they invest in after opening a

bank account. Yet, Old Mutual’s general manager for Foundation Market, Thembisa Mapukata, says there is a

ensure that the cost of your funeral

lack of knowledge around funeral

does not put undue financial pres-

How much cover do you need?

policies in particular and financial

sure on your family when you die.

“The amount of money likely to be

products in general, even in more af-

Your parents: Most individuals will

spent on a funeral will be determined

fluent households.This is due in part to

also be expected to contribute to

by the ambitions of the family, so it

a lack of proper advice, which means

the funeral costs of their parents.

will vary – the type of funeral they

people do not receive the best value

Mapukata says that, in some cases,

would like to offer their loved ones

for money.

parents may be “overinsured” if their

determines how much will be spent,”

children all take out funeral cover

says Mapukata.

“There is a huge need for financial education on funeral cover across

in addition to cover taken by the

the spectrum, not only on the prod-

parents themselves. Ideally, this is a

cultures require the slaughtering of a

uct itself, but also on the value and

conversation that should take place

cow when an elderly family member

pricing of the product,” says Mapu-

as a family, but Mapukata says that,



unfortunately, due to the taboo

This creates an opportunity for

An example, he says, is that some

“You need to ensure that you have

nature of talking about death, this is

sufficient money to cover that, and

funeral policies to play a critical role

unlikely to happen. At the very least,

the funeral costs and the rituals that

in overall financial planning. So rather

one should have an idea of what

take place afterwards.”

than purchasing funeral cover on

financial responsibility you are likely

an ad hoc basis, spend time under-

to incur and make provision accord-

may also find that you will be relied

standing the role it plays in your over-


upon to provide some financial sup-

all financial security, and find ways to consolidate and optimise the cover.

Extended family: The same would

In the case of extended family, you

port after the death of an adult. For

apply to extended family such as

example, there may be immediate

uncles and aunts for whom you may

bills or school fees to settle. It would

be financially responsible. You need

be useful to have a contingency plan

to decide whether it makes sense to

for these events rather than trying to

have an additional funeral policy for

meet them out of your own budget

extended family, or whether this can

or credit facilities when the death

Yourself: Funeral cover for you and

be provided for through an emer-


your direct family members will

gency fund.

These are the questions you need to ask:

Who are you likely to be responsible for?


All these factors need to be

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

considered, as well as how these costs

That does not prevent you from tak-

the claim not being paid out due to

will be shared by the family when tak-

ing out a policy with another insurer

the unavailability of funds, especially

ing out a policy.

if you feel you need more cover. How-

if there are multiple claims from that

ever, this is not necessarily a cost-effec-

particular entity.

Do you have too many policies?

tive strategy because funeral products

Mapukata says there are also

are not underwritten, so they limit the

incidences where funeral parlours

Multiple policies add to the overall

benefit amount. There are, however,

fraudulently sell cover they claim is

cost as each one will carry an admin-

products that have limited under-

underwritten.“People need to ensure

istration fee as well as a commission

writing (medical questions with no

that the funeral parlour is an accred-

fee. One of the reasons people end

testing) that provide higher benefits.

ited service provider by asking for the

up with multiple funeral policies is that

For example, Old Mutual offers an up

financial services provider number

they augment existing policies during

to R700 000 benefit amount for limited

and declaration from the insurer that

their working life. Mapukata says that


this funeral parlour is underwritten. All brochures and documents should

when you start working, you may take

take on more responsibility, includ-

Make sure you are covered by a reputable provider

ing starting a family, your needs will

Typically, more affluent households


have access to formal institutions that

Points to remember

out a basic policy for a small monthly premium, but as you earn more and

include the details of the underwriter, and the FSB registration certificate must be visible in the offices.”

are governed by legislation and have

A funeral parlour that offers funeral

cies, look at reviewing your existing

clear rules and service levels they are

cover must issue a certificate of mem-

policy and increasing the cover.

required to meet. There is also recourse

bership from the underwriting com-

for consumers if these conditions are

pany as confirmation of membership,

not met.

and this should include details of the

Rather than just buying more poli-

“It is worth speaking to an accredited financial adviser who can look at your portfolio of needs and see if

In the more informal funeral market,

benefits and premium amount.

they can construct a funeral policy

there are arrangements provided

portfolio that is cost-effective based on

through burial societies and funeral

sure you are dealing with a registered

what is available on the market,” says

parlours, and it is a requirement that

company that is underwritten and

Mapukata, who adds that there are

these providers are registered with the

treats you fairly.

funeral policies that allow for flexibility,

Financial Services Board (FSB). In the

Familiarise yourself with the under-

including increased cover and the

instance that these providers are not

writer complaints process, as well as

number of dependants.

registered, it is difficult to ensure that

the contact details of the ombuds-

customers are treated fairly.

man, for dispute resolution purposes.

Know what your rights are and en-

Is there a limit to how much cover you can have?

fer products specifically for burial and

sure the society has a constitution that

should be underwritten by a reputable

declares its terms of operation. As the

Individual insurance companies limit

financial institution to guarantee that

policyholder, you must be clear on the

the amount of cover provided per life

the claim will be honoured, thereby

terms of your contract and honour

covered in a funeral policy. For exam-

giving the customer peace of mind.

your obligations.

ple, Old Mutual has maximum cover of

Funeral parlours or burial societies of-

In the case of a burial society, make

In some cases, however, these enti-

R70 000 per person, or

ties do not underwrite with an insurer

R30 000 per policy if it’s an assistance

and rely on payments from members

This article appeared first

policy (this is usually linked to a funeral

to meet the funeral costs. This is illegal

in City Press


and significantly increases the risk of

Public Sector Manager • April 2017


Food and wine

Simply Seafood

Writer: Nicolas Francis

South Africa has a vast coastline that stretches from the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal right up to the west coast of Western Cape. So what is better than enjoying what the sea has to offer. Here are some quick and easy delicious seafood dishes.

Seafood Paella

1 cup dry white wine

out evenly in the pan (do not stir


12 jumbo prawns in their shells

again). Cook the rice over low

1 large onion, finely chopped

16 mussels, scrubbed and de-

heat for 18 to 20 minutes until the

2 tomatoes, peeled and chopped


rice cooks evenly. Lay the prawns

1 teaspoon paprika

on top after 10 minutes and turn

A pinch of saffron threads


them when they have become

5 tablespoons olive oil

Fry the onion in oil in a paella

pink on the first side. Add a little

2 garlic cloves, crushed to a paste

pan until soft. Add in the garlic,

more hot stock toward the end if

or finely chopped

and before it begins to colour,

the rice seems too dry and you

4 cleaned small squid, bodies

add the tomatoes. Add the sugar,

hear crackly frying noises before

sliced into 1/4-inch-wide rings,

salt, paprika, and saffron and stir

it is done. When the rice is done,

tentacles left whole

well. Cook until the tomatoes are

turn off the heat and cover the

2 cups medium-grain Spanish

reduced to a jammy sauce. Add

pan with a large piece of foil.

paella rice or risotto rice, such as

the squid and the rice and stir

Steam the mussels with a finger of

Arborio or Carnaroli

well until all the grains are coated.

water in a pan with a tight-fitting

3 cups fish or chicken stock, plus

Bring the stock and wine to a boil

lid. As soon as they open, they are

more if needed

in a saucepan. Pour over the rice,

cooked. Throw away any that have

1/2 teaspoon sugar

bring to a boil, and add salt to

not opened. Arrange the mussels


taste. Stir well and spread the rice

on top of the paella.


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

Seafood Soup Ingredients 1 tablespoon salted butter

Salt and freshly ground pepper

1 tablespoon grapeseed oil or canola oil

Chopped fresh parsley

1 cup diced celery 1 cup diced onion


250g frozen peeled and deveined raw shrimp, thawed

Melt butter with oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add

and rinsed

onion and celery and sauté until softened. Add potatoes

175g smoked salmon, chopped

and garlic and gently stir to combine. Slowly pour the

142g whole baby clams

wine whilst stirring.

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Pour in the broth and cream; and stir to combine. Bring

4 potatoes peeled and cubed

to a slow simmer and cook uncovered until potatoes are

4 cloves garlic, finely chopped

tender, stirring occasionally. Add fish, shrimp, salmon and

1/2 cup dry white wine

clams; stir to combine. Return to a simmer and cook,

6 cups chicken broth or fish stock

uncovered, stirring occasionally until fish and shrimp are

1 1/2 cups whipping cream

cooked through, remove from heat. Stir in lemon juice.

500g firm-fleshed white fish fillets, cut into pieces

Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Creamy Salmon Pasta

60g unsalted butter

water and set aside 250ml (1 cup).


salt and pepper

Combine ricotta, milk, lemon and

3 sprigs thyme plus 1 tablespoon

Poach the salmon

the extra parsley and thyme leaves

leaves extra


in a food processor and blend until

3 sprigs parsley, plus cup leaves extra

Place the thyme, parsley and garlic in

combined. Transfer to a bowl, season

2 cloves garlic, chopped

a large saucepan with 325ml water

lightly with salt and black pepper and

400g salmon fillets, skin and bones

and bring to a simmer. Season the

set aside. Bring a large pot of salted


salmon with salt and pepper and

water to boil and cook pasta. Add the

250g fresh ricotta

place in the saucepan. Cover and

peas for the last two minutes of the

80ml milk

simmer for 7-10 minutes until just

cooking time and then drain.

½ lemon finely chopped, plus ¼ finely

cooked (timing will depend on thick-

Place a large frying pan over medium


ness). Drain (reserving the water) and

heat. Add butter and cook until lightly

400g fettuccini pasta

allow to cool. Roughly flake into piec-

golden and remove from the heat.

100g frozen peas

es and set aside. Strain the cooking

Add half the reserved salmon poaching water then the ricotta mixture and mix slowly until combined. Return the pan to medium heat, add the remaining water and cook until warmed through. Add the pasta and peas to the frying pan and toss to combine. Add the flaked salmon and gently mix through.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



Wr i t e r : A s h r e f Ism a i l


unleashes its business athlete 84

Public Sector Manager • April 2017


ith under eight million BMW 5 Series sold glob-

switchgear are modern, elegant and extremely intuitive.

ally, its mid-range executive saloon enters its

Comfort levels, both front and rear, as both head and

seventh generation with a host of technologi-

leg space have increased. There are extended storage

cal and mechanical updates inherited from its bigger

options and the front seats offer massage functions, not

7 Series sibling. Having grown in size, but weighing 100kg

to mention innovative seat operation using touch sen-

less than its predecessor, the new 5 Series has ample

sors. Then there is the four-zone climate control, com-

features to take on its obvious rivals, Mercedes Benz’s E-

plete with ionisation and a discreet, built-in fragrance

Class and Audi’s A6.


When I drove the new BMW 5 Series through the pic-

Extensive BMW Connected Drive features include the

turesque Garden Route in the Western Cape, the car

optional Park Assist, which parks the vehicle automati-

demonstrated its dynamic prowess in superb fashion.

cally while the optional Remote Parking System enables

The sedan cut a sporty, elegant and stylish figure and

the BMW 5 Series to be manoeuvred into even the tight-

in more ways than one looks much like the 7 Series. The

est parking spaces remotely, using the car key!

new model boasts an excellent ride and handling along

All the engines in the new 5 Series line-up belong to

various road surfaces and, together with an unbeatable

the newly developed, modular BMW Efficient Dynamics

line-up of assistance systems and an unmatched degree

family of power units, meaning they offer outstanding

of connectivity, the new 5 Series truly lives up to its “Busi-

performance combined with exceptional efficiency. Two

ness Athlete” description.

diesel engines and two petrol variants will be available

There is a wealth of assistance systems on hand in the

from launch.

new BMW 5 Series to offer the driver unbeatable support,

The new two-litre, four-cylinder, in-line engine in the

such as a stereo camera, which teams up with optional

BMW 530i develops peak torque of 350 Nm and maxi-

radar; and ultrasound sensors, to monitor the area

mum output of 185 kW. The BMW 530i accelerates from 0

around the car. New features alongside the evasion aid

to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds. *

and crossing traffic warning are the Lane Keep Assist with

The flagship engine will be the 250 kW unit under the

active side collision protection. The latter keeps an eye

bonnet of the new BMW 540i. This three-litre straight-six

on the lane markings and the area around the car, and

produces torque of 450 Nm. Despite its extra output

actively helps the driver to avoid looming collisions by

and sharper dynamic edge, average fuel consumption

applying corrective steering inputs.

stands at only 6.5 l/100 km.*

The BMW 5 Series also takes another step towards au-

The four-cylinder diesel engine powering the BMW

tomated driving with extended functions for the optional

520d develops 140 kW and peak torque of 400 Nm. The

Active Cruise Control (ACC) system and steering and

sedan accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds.

lane control assist. These include the adoption of speed

Top speed is 238 km/h.*

restrictions, which drivers can select as part of the Speed Limit Assist option. The car is equipped with the latest-generation iDrive system which, unlike previous systems, is much more user-friendly. In top specification, it displays naviga-

The new BMW 530d produces 195 kW and peak torque of 620 Nm, the six-cylinder in-line unit is clearly superior to the equivalent model in the outgoing range.* Having driven all the examples on the launch route, which included negotiating town traffic, highway driving,

tion, telephone and entertainment features, plus

twisty mountain passes and a short gravel section, my

vehicle functions and can operate by using the

personal favourite had to be the silky smooth, six-cyl-

iDrive Controller, voice command or gestures, or

inder 530d. It has just the right mix of grunt, shove and

by touching the display controls directly.

aural effects to satisfy any true driving enthusiast. Eat

The fascia is ergonomically designed with highquality materials in abundance. The dials and

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

your heart out, E Class and A6! *Manufacturer’s figures.













C o n t a c t : Va n F l e t c h e r 14 Roodehek Street, Gardens, C a p e To w n

Cell: 082 3311158 Te l : 0 8 6 0 0 0 9 5 9 0 E m a i l : v a n . f l e t c h e r @ t o p c o. c o. z a


Writer: Andile Cele

Little Suns

by Zakes Mda


“For the first time in a long time Malangana laughs. It is real laughter from the guts. This is the real Mthwakazi, the woman that makes him laugh…They look to the hill that becomes a mountain after dark. The hill on which stars grow at night. The end is always a journey” – an excerpt from Little Suns.

steemed novelist and playwright Zakes Mda’s latest

Chief Mhlonthlo is a well-respected member of his com-

novel, Little Suns, is a bright spot on the literary front.

munity, even though he is conflicted by the treatment

Mda is one of South Africa’s most decorated writ-

his people are receiving from Hope. Malangana, on

ers, having won numerous awards for his work. His style

the other hand, is rebellious, his heart only tamed by his

and his favour for magical realism could perhaps be

growing love for a Bushman girl who his tribe views as

likened to that of Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Mar-


quez. Mda has a flair for historical fiction; not only are his stories well told, they also aim to educate the reader

The novel opens with a frail Malangana on a quest to find the woman who stole his heart 20 years

about a certain period in history.

back. Readers quickly gather that

For instance, in his novel The Madonna of

his life hasn’t been easy. The fire he

Excelsior, he brings to life the Immorality

had as a young man has fizzled

Act, which was an apartheid law that

out. Although Little Suns explores

prohibited sexual relations between the races. In The Heart of Redness, he

colonisation and its impact, it is

reinvents the story of Xhosa prophetess

through Malangana’s relentless

Nongqawuse whose prophecies saw

journey to find the love of his life,

the Cattle Killing of 1856 – 1857 and the

that Little Suns becomes more

consequences that followed. It is evident

than just an historic novel.

through these titles that Mda does not

Mda’s writing style is calculated;

write for the sake of writing, but that he

he is careful with his words, as if he

writes to resurrect history for future gen-

wants the reader not to miss out on



Little Suns documents the genealogy of

The book captures the world of the

the Mpondomise, amaXhosa and aba-

Mpondomise tribe, their beliefs, their

Thwa tribes under British colonial rule. The novel is based on the true events that led to the assassination of British magistrate

sacred offerings to their ancestors and how everything fell apart in that era. The message in Little Suns surpasses time; it is about

Hamilton Hope. It stretches from the late 1800s

loving all people, irrespective of their ethnicity or tribe,

to the early 1900s, first introducing readers to the radical

which is still very relevant today.

Mpondomise community and later exploring the aftermath of the assassination of Hope. Malangana is the lead protagonist and is the younger brother of the Mpondomise Paramount Chief Mhlonthlo.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017

If you enjoyed Mda’s previous works, you are bound to enjoy Little Suns. You will not only learn about the history of a people but you will fall in love with the little things. The little suns.”


grooming PROFILES IN LEADERSHIP and style

Writer: Nic holas Francis



on a Budget


ooking good does not mean you have to


break the bank. We set

a challenge of having only R2500 per look and put together an outfit from head to toe with some proudly South African designs that will make you look good on a budget.

1. Ger t-Johan Coetzee Twist Bodysuit Mid-Green R400 2. Style Republic Leat her-look Inver ted Pleat Skir t Blac k R179 3. Zoom Goldie by Zoom R799


4. Blac kc herr y Clutc h Bag Blac k R289 5. Style Republic Diamanté Statement Ring Green R109 6. Edit Pearl Chandelier Earrings Gold R79 Total: R1 855

6 4



Public Sector Manager • April 2017

1 1. Style Republic Bow Blouse Milk R200 2. Style Republic Diamanté Statement Ring Blac k R69 3. DAVID by David Tlale Roxy Culotte Cobalt R784


4. Zoom Eva by Zoom R699 5. Blac kc herr y Clutc h Bag Blac k and White R279 Miss Maxi Geometric 6. Earrings Blac k R129 Total: R2 160



6 4

Public Sector Manager • April 2017



Writer: Gilda Narsimdas

Handbag Basics B


eing a girl on the go comes with its fair share of hiccups throughout the day. We’ve put together a few must-have items

to always have in your bag to ensure you’re never caught off guard, and always looking and feeling your best. 1

Keep your lips hydrated and smooth all day,


every day, with Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm,


R85 2

Try the Growth and Conditioning Serum to boost hair growth, for fuller and thicker brows, Brow Bar, R700.


Hi Brow Soft Eyebrow Pencil enables a quick

easy fix and is available in five shades, light

brown, medium brown, dark brown, soft dove

and charcoal, R399, The Brow Bar


Always scrambling for a pen and paper? We love this cool End Girl Hate note book, R80,


5 5

Keep your hands well moisturised with the


yummy Watermelon and Guava Hand and Nail Cream, Woolworths, R65 6

Purse-sized fragrances ensure you’re always fresh when you’re on the go. Elizabeth Arden Provocative Wand, Red Square, R195 (15ml)


There is nothing worse than a dying battery. Ensure all your devices are charged on the


go with a USB power bank charger, Safeway Power Bank with LED torch, Clicks, R119

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Wr i t e r : D a l e B a r r o w P h o t o g r a p h s : G e n e v a To u r i s m


From Africa to the Alps When you have had enough of the heat and the flies, head to a winter wonderland in the magical Alps.


he mountainous region thrust up by the collision

During our stay, we were conveniently based at the

of the European and African continental plates

central Cornavin Hotel. Located near the train station, it

ages ago makes for a summer spectacle and a

was easy to find and a short walk from the scenic lake

winter wonderland. As Africans, we may consider the Alps our boundary

around which the town is built. The lake hosts the iconic Jet d'Eau, a large 125-year-old fountain located at the

wall with Europe, with the Mediterranean being the

point where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhône. The

moat. But rather than keep us out, it is the Alps that are

140 m-high jet of water is a prominent feature, and one

drawing South Africans in, allured by the cold clean air,

of Switzerland’s most famous landmarks.

snow-laden peaks and outdoor winter activities. As blazingly brilliant as our South African summers are,

A great way of seeing the city is via the Geneva minitrain tours which run throughout the day and leave from

there comes a time around mid-January when we grow

the lakeside. There are three options, an Old Town Tour,

weary of the sweat, heat and flies. Coincidentally, it is

the Geneva Parks and Residence Tour and the Geneva

around the same time that in the Alps, the landscape

International Tour. These tours make a great first day activ-

is turned white by a blanket of snow. It was this, and the

ity and provide an overview of the city’s renowned sites.

prospects of new sights and sounds, that brought me to venture beyond our beautiful mother land. As a travelling group of three, we landed and picked

Next we headed for the French Alps. As an African, the prospect of border crossings is not one I take lightly. However, the experience of border crossings in the European

up our rental car in Geneva. We had picked three

Union (EU) is as far from that of Africa. In the EU you will

destinations for our road trip, each beholding its own

be forgiven for not noticing the border crossing altogeth-

sense of wonder. Geneva is a global city, hosting more

er. While getting into the EU can be challenging, once in,

international organisations than any other city in the

you are free to cross borders as you please making it a

world, including the Red Cross, United Nations and World

road tripper’s dream.

Health Organization. It is known as the Peace Capital

Located only about 1.5 hours from Geneva in the heart

of the world, with a rich history and strong influences

of the French Alps is the Chamonix valley in France. No

from the Reformation. The city is a cultural and heritage

sooner had we arrived, and we were kitted, equipped

wonder, and three days were not enough to explore all

and ready to explore some of the most famous ski slopes

the museums, cathedrals and parks.

in the world. With some 157 km of groomed slopes and


Public Sector Manager • April 2017

“A great way of seeing the city is via the Geneva mini train tours which run throughout the day and leave from the lakeside.” The Jet d'Eau is a large fountain in Geneva, one of Switzerland’s famous landmarks.

Boats are a popular form of transpor t around Lake Geneva.

The green parks alongside t he turquoise water of Lake Geneva make for a beautiful spectacle

unlimited off-track, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a snow boarder or a skier – Chamonix has the right slopes for you. But skiing isn’t all Chamonix has to offer. The intricate network of ski-lifts and cable cars makes it a haven for climbers, hikers, mountain bikers and sightseers. One of the options available is the Aiguille du Midi cable car, Europe’s highest. It takes visitors up to the Aiguille du Midi at an elevation of 3 842 m and gives a close-up view of Mont Blanc and vistas of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Our base for the stay in Chamonix was the quirky Rocky Pop Hotel. This fun and family-orient hotel was just what we needed after a cold day on the slopes. It is clean, cosy and comfortable and hosts a vibrant restaurant and bar. Next on our list was Interlaken, a town situated between two exquisite lakes. After dropping our bags at our hotel Alpenrose and Gardens, in Wilderwil (a small village within walking distance of Interlaken), we were ready

Public Sector Manager • April 2017





East London









Port Elizabeth


Walvis Bay


Richards Bay

Cape Town

17 Destinations all over Southern Africa, non-stop. You could choose other ways of getting to your holiday spot but flying with us is easy and non-stop. Flying with us is also convenient, because we fly to major destinations and smaller cities all over Southern Africa and the DRC, every day. Taking a break? Then make the most of your time off. Because we fly for you.

SA Express is a proud member of the SAA Voyager programme. Visit for domestic flights to Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, Nelspruit, Kimberley, Hoedspruit, George, Johannesburg, Richards Bay, Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and regional flights to Lubumbashi, Gaborone, Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Maputo, Lusaka and Harare.


Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation t +41 22 909 70 70 Mini-train tours: Tel.: +41 22 781 04 04 Web: *Parks and Residence Tours run daily from 1 March to 31 September. The clear blue waters of lake Geneva.

**Geneva International Tours run daily from 1 April to 31 October and on the weekends in March. Also

for an experience we would never forget.

from 1 November to 24 December.

Outdoor Interlaken is a sports shop that provides tours and equipment for all types of activities, for all people. First on our menu was night-sledding with a cheese fondue to follow. The previous night’s snow meant that the sledding season was officially open, and we collected our sleds and shoes before heading up to the slopes. Under a clear night sky and bright golden moon, we

When visiting Chamonix, visit the tourism office: Tel +33 (0) 4 50 53 00 24

raced down the snow laden track, stopping only to take in the scenery and marvel at the view. The sledding trail winds through snow silent woods, crosses

For a fun and cosy accommoda-

alpine meadows, passes majestic frozen waterfalls and comes to an end at

tion option while in Chamonix,

the front door of a small local restaurant. A cold beer and a traditional Swiss cheese fondue dinner make for the final touches of a truly Swiss experience. Apart from the many restaurants and coffee shops on the slopes, the Jung fraujoch offers a high altitude experience where visitors can walk on a glacier,

have a look at the Rocky Pop When in Interlaken, visit the tourism office:

visit the Lindt flagship store and take in some spectacular sights from the ‘Top of Europe’ as it is commonly called. After the active cold days, Hotel Alpenrose and Gardens provides a home away from home. It is South African-owned and offers delicious hot meals and a warm steaming Jacuzzi. Like all good things, our holiday had to come to an end. With heavy legs and

Interlaken Tourism Tel. +41 (0) 33 826 53 00 For a comfortable bed, a Jacuzzi,

rested minds, we made the two-and-a-half-hour trip back to Geneva. What

great meals and South African

struck me was how easy the trip had been. Crossing borders, driving on the

company, stay at the Hotel Alpen-

‘wrong’ side of the road and navigating a different language had not been at

rose and Gardens.

all daunting because the area is very visitor friendly. So the next time you want a break from the African sun, look northwards and upwards to the Alps. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO:

Phone +41 (0) 33 822 10 24

When it comes to car rental, accommodation and supermarket prices, the

For all your outdoor activities,

difference is not that big, compared to South Africa. The luxury experiences

contact Outdoor Interlaken

and restaurants are where the biggest price differences are experienced.

Phone: +41 (0) 33 826 77 19

When visiting Geneva, stop in at the tourism office, Genevalive. They will help you customise your experience.

Public Sector Manager • April 2017


Small. Medium. Large. Local or abroad. Whatever your courier needs, we always deliver!

• • •

The shortest distance between two points.

• •

The most extensive domestic overnight express network in Southern Africa Also delivers to 200 international destinations Available at a Post Office near you or choose the door-todoor option for extra convenience Counter-to-counter pre-paid 1kg bag available Track and trace online, via telephone or SMS 35277. 0860 023 133

Delivers documents, packages and bulk freight across South Africa and to over 200 international destinations • Overnight Express delivers by 10:30 to any of XPS’s 26 branches • Perfect for SMMEs, retail and manufacturing businesses, and business-to-consumer goods delivery • Track and trace online, via telephone or SMS 35277. •

0860 000 977

When your business depends on it.

• Tailored freight distribution across SA and neighbouring countries • Containers dispatched daily • Perfect for manufacturing industry • High security – constant control over consignments • Less stringent packing requirements save costs • Delivery into warehouse for easy receiving, checking and packing. 0800 015 600 Lesoba 13653

Courier & Freight. We deliver.

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