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Top Choice Awards Survey 2014


What did people say about their top choice?

22 The Ultimate Bread Guide By Emily's Bakery

28 Being voted "Top Choice" 6 years in-a-row is no accident! Bergel, Magence LLP



A Law Firm That Fights for Your Family

Helping People with Their Mortgage for over 25 Years

Feldstein Family Law Group

Eddie Quindamo


Fall 2014


Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG) (www.woodbineentertainment.com) is the largest operator of horse racing in Canada and is recognized as one of the most innovative in North America. A “Caring Company� since 1977, WEG is a member of Imagine Canada, a national program that promotes public and corporate giving, volunteerism and support to the community.

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Heath & Beauty 10 Dr. Kris Conrad, Plastic Surgery 12 Moksha Yoga Maple

Feature 14 Top Choice Awards Voting 2014

Education 16 Westbrook Montessori Academy 18 ILAC, Internationally Recognized for Language Excellence 20 Songbirds Montessori

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22 The Ultimate Bread Guide

Only award-winning, reputable or recognized businesses, entertainers, media providers, and business professionals are promoted in Top Choice Magazine.

24 Emily's Bakery, a taste of Europe. 26 Maki Maki, Edmonton's Top Sushi Restaurant

Finance & Legal 28 Bergel, Magence LLP, Personal Injury Lawyers 30 Kotak Personal Injury Law 32 Feldstein Family Law Group PC 34 Davies Law Firm 36 Eddie Quindamo, Mortgage Broker 38 Kahane Law Office 40 What To Do After An Automobile Accident

Entertainment 42 Fotografia Boutique 44 Abbey Road Entertainment

Specialty Stores & Services 46 Optiko Eyewear 48 AST Jewellery

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50 The Roz & Mocha Show, Top Radio Morning Show

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52 Scott Fox, Top Male Radio Personality 54 Josie Dye, Top Male Radio Personality 56 Tracy Moore, Top Female TV Personality 58 Steve Anthony, Top Male TV Personality

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64 Romeo's Bakery in Vaughan 4

Fall 2014


Message From The Publisher

David Silvestre Publisher Managing Editor Monica Couto Art Director Michael Fillier Accountant Executive ITA Accounting Editor Marco Luccisano Sabrina Cugliari Sales Manager Fay Xuan Graphic Designer Tessa Rola Photographers Sam Santos George Pimentel Maggie Habieda Writers Francesca Filippelli Sabrina Cugliari Monica Couto David Silvestre Marco Luccisano Dyvine Silvestre


Fall 2014

Hello everyone! It’s that time of the year again, when people get together to celebrate all kinds of success! Success within themselves for being healthy and alive for another year; success within their family for keeping it strong and together; success within their job or business because they kept it running and have improved. Success multiplies when you realize that it comes from within. That is, perhaps, the true secret. S o , a t To p C h o i c e Magazine, we do our part and bring together those individuals that love to share their inner spirit with the world that surrounds them. They have the same regular challenges as everyone else; they struggle with self defeating thoughts, they get frustrated with certain family actions, they feel depressed or down about losses that come along, they feel pressure with bills to pay, etc. The

list goes on. After all, they are humans - just like you and me! BUT, these individuals make a daily choice to stay happy and carefully choose the thoughts they allow in their heads. They carefully choose the words they use with family, friends and co-workers. They carefully choose to understand that there’s no one else to blame for failures or achievements in their lives besides themselves. These individuals choose to care enough to remain positive and stay focused. But caring requires action, not just words. Caring requires courage to face challenges with decisions. Caring requires adapting to the constant changes that we are continuously faced with. We are met with challenges and changes everyday, and sometimes, it feels overwhelming. Yet, Top Choice Award winners continue to care, despite the challenges - more than anyone else in their field of work. That is what sets them apart. This year we had a perfect example of an “o p p o r t u n i t y t o c a r e” when we proposed the “Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS” to all of our winners and

nominees and had an overwhelming reply. So many people participated. See for yourself! The videos are still available for viewing. Just follow the links on our site. That’s what it takes to be an award winner; being able to adapt and use today’s technology to reach out and show how much you care. This is how you create lasting impressions that make you stand out. The magazine that you are reading at the moment is a mirror of those that truly care for themselves, their families and their jobs; it’s a magazine where you will find a list of products and services that are the result of someone's hard work, dedication and beliefs. We put it together because we care to help people that are searching and in need of trusted information. Hope you find what you are looking for.

Top Regards,

David Silvestre, Publisher


2 014

5980 Shawson Drive, Mississauga Tel: (905) 670-7662 1.866.670.7662 www.romashospitality.com


Above & Beyond at Every Turn

Nasser Rad, President and CEO of AUTORAMA, shares some insight with Top Choice on what makes their company a cut above the rest. Sabrina Cugliari "We go above and beyond to give our valued customers the best possible automotive retail experience." AUTORAMA is the leading independent used car dealership in Toronto. We live by the philosophy “Better Quality, Better Value, Better Cars”. Founded in 2000, our goal was to bring a new car buying experience to the used car market. With overwhelming success, we are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the used car industry. Our large and immaculate indoor showrooms boasts an extensive selection of high quality pre-owned vehicles, just a small part of why AUTORAMA has been consistently ranked as Best Used Car Dealership in Toronto. As recipient of the Top Choice Award in 2013 and 2014 and Readers Choice Award in 2014, we are proud to continuously deliver outstanding customer service to our clientele. As a member of UCDA & OMVIC, it matters to us that our customers are protected. Our “Better Quality” philosophy is demonstrated through customer service,


Fall 2014

as we are always looking at our dealership through our customer’s eyes. Customer service has always been the absolute top priority for AUTORAMA and delivering exceptional consumer experiences is what helps differentiate us from our competition. Competitive pricing forms the backbone for our “Better Value”. We constantly monitor the market to ensure we price our

"Our strength lies within our people and our process" vehicles fairly, providing competitive rates and flexible terms. Our hand-picked inventory speaks for itself. “Better Cars” ensure that our customers will be satisfied. “I am very selective when it comes to inventory and carry a hand-picked selection of preowned vehicles. I want my family to drive reliable, safe and high quality vehicles. I want the same for each of our customers” Nasser Rad states.

Our strength lies within our people and our process. Wonderful employees and a great process have enabled us to accomplish amazing results. What matters to us the most is helping our customers stay on the right financial path to rebuild their credit. We have an expert team that specializes in financing all credit situations. They work closely with our customers to match them with the best lenders, right cars and low interest car loans based on their financial history. We know that our customers will return to us for their next purchase, so we do our best to ensure that the way is paved for them to have a better credit status the next time around. Offering Car Proof History Reports on every vehicle is part of our dedication to transparency and provides consumer with peace of mind when buying a used car. Nasser Rad finalizes his thoughts by stating that “Winning the Top Choice Award makes us looking back at the journey we have been on and the goals we achieved. This recognition will continue to motivate my two wonderful sons, my family and our remarkable team to keep doing what they love and be the best they could be. At AUTORAMA, we are proud of who we are and optimistic that a promising future lies ahead!

416 739 7262 www.autorama.ca


Keeping the super in supercar

Luxurious. Fast. Powerful. Scratched! Scraped! Dented! Or worse... It’s all taken care of at Universal Auto Body Repairs, your supercar specialist.

Maserati • Lamborghini • Ferrari • Bentley • Porsche (416) 746-9924 123 Toryork Dr, North York 25 Vice Regent Blvd, Etobicoke UniversalAutoRepairs.ca

HeaLth & Beauty

Dr. Kris Conrad MD, FRCS, FRCSC, FACS

Dr. Kris Conrad MD, FRCS, FRCSC, FACS Associate Professor, University of Toronto Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Otolaryngology , Head & Neck Surgery Sabrina Cugliari In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon sailed from Spain to Florida searching for the fountain of youth, but the fountain was never found. Today, our youthful appearance, wellbeing and “joie de vivre” can be aided by scientific research and by the hands of a skillful, experienced and talented surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is one of the fastest growing disciplines in medicine. It requires special qualities on the part of the surgeon – acute aesthetic sense, imagination and the essential ability to forecast changes in the form and harmony of human facial features. The highest standards of results can only be achieved through years of study and practical training. In surgery, the specialties have been divided according to the anatomical areas of the body. It is wise to choose a surgeon specifically trained and focused with


Fall 2014

expertise in the body area you wish to have treated. D r. Co n r a d's p o p u l a rity among patients is based on results achieved in the full scope of plastic cosmetic operations as well as injectable fillers and laser treatments in the head and neck region. He has received awards from the Governor General and the Senate for his contributions to his profession, and outstanding service to Canada. His professional achievements stem from

his successful surgical practice combined with recognition in the academic field. Dr. Conrad is also the only Canadian surgeon in his specialty to be triple certified by the Canadian, U.S. and British boards. With two clinics, patients have the convenience of seeking Dr. Conrad’s expertise in downtown Toronto or in York Region. While the downtown clinic at 21 Bedford remains Dr. Conrad’s established and internationally renowned surgical practice, the Richmond Hill location is the primary site for surgical procedures and is accredited by the Canadian Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. The increasing demand for facial plastic surger y must be met prudently, with the awareness that no surgical intervention is merely

superficial. There must be thorough knowledge and consideration of the inner structure and functioning of the body. As a well-recognized surgeon and teacher, Dr. Conrad has made extensive written contributions to the medical profession. He also is invited to lecture worldwide and has appeared at various universities and has appeared on national television to educate the public about facial plastic surgery. His extensive knowledge and expertise ensures only the most professional approach, putting clients at ease and setting his practice apart.


21 Bedford Rd., Main Level Toronto On, M5R 2J9 416-961-2053 Richmond Hill

9955 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, On L4C 9M6 905-884-6998 torontofacialcosmeticdrc.com

Voted Top Plastic Surgery Clinic of 2014 2 014

in Richmond Hill


Barrie’s destination to relax and pamper themselves. Solar Nails by CND Shellac by CND Manicure/Pedicure Galvanic Spa Pedicure Waxing Online Bookings Gift Certificates Barrie Readers’ Choice Award Winner 2013 & 2014

241 Essa Rd, Unit 4, Barrie 705-719-9888 • tominails.ca

Voted Top Nail Salon of 2014 in Barrie

Heath & Beauty

Moksha Yoga Think yoga is all about pants and mats? Well, there are many practical influences Yoga can have on your life The results may surprise you! Erin Moraghan Moksha Yoga Maple offers daily hot yoga classes

designed to be both accessible and challenging, creating positive change inside and out. Owner Jackie Quinnell tells us that what keeps students coming back may surprise you! We know the obvious benefits of staying active, but here are some little-known perks to a regular hot yoga practice:

Have your cake. Yoga teaches us to embrace balance. Hot yoga builds strength, stability and flexibility, raising the heart rate and burning calories. If you’re stepping onto your mat regularly, you can help yourself to your favourite treat! Life is too short to go without chocolate, right?

Crush that race. Or just feel stronger taking the stairs! Hot yoga teaches us to breathe mindfully through challenging moments, building breath awareness and endurance. Quinnell tells us you’ll be amazed at just how much farther you can go, and with greater ease. “I completed a triathlon this summer with


Fall 2014

my dad, and was amazed at how years of hot yoga practice have helped me breathe and stay on course,” says Jackie. “A game-changer!”

Rock a mean spreadsheet. What does yoga have to do with crunching numbers? “Hot yoga builds tremendous focus,” Quinnell explains. “This comes back to breath awareness. We encourage students to stay in the moment, quieting the mind.” This means we’re more focused for all our daily challenges. Whether you’re an accountant, writer, or mom, you’ll feel infinitely more calm and capable.

Date night just got a whole lot hotter. Not only does a regular Moksha practice make you

Jackie Quinnell, Student, Teacher, Director of Moksha Yoga Maple

feel strong and flexible, it also releases endorphins that help us feel vibrant, happy, and confident! We feed positive energy out into the world, making us more likely to get the same back in return. Reciprocal good vibes...need we say more?

to navigate! We can let go of things that have nothing to do with today, and celebrate the joys of the moment.” Wise advice Jackie.

Let it go. It’s true. You can get fit and forgive your ex...all at Moksha. “Most come for the physical benefits,” says Quinnell, “but stay for the stress relieving skills we develop.” A regular practice encourages us to let go of worries about the past and future. “When we’re truly here, the world is an easier place

moksha yoga Maple

1480 Major Mackenzie Drive Unit E8 Maple, ON L6A 4H6 905.303.8886 maple.mokshayoga.ca



Top Choice Awards Voting 2014 We're giving you an inside look at the data we collected during this year's extensive surveying process. A little glimpse inside the minds of Canadians and what they like, dislike and really think about the businesses and professionals they rely on every day.










4 1 to





Includes Nominating, Sharing and Voting



















Fall 2014

4 times more people answered the question “How can this nominee improve?” on nominees that did not win, versus those that did win.




When it comes to dining or drinking out, the consensus is that service is the main reason most people voted for their top choice.

Homeowners made it obvious that the quality of the products and the way the employees take care of their home during servicing is what they valued most. Not surprisingly, customer service and organization was the area that most voters recommended improvements. This includes, attitudes of the employees, punctuality and the ability to accommodate last minute changes.

Interestingly enough, customers indicated that in spite of service being their priority, it was the atmosphere of establishments that was the area that most voters recommended improvements.

FINANCE & LEGAL In the Finance and Legal sector, it was evident that treatment was the main reason people voted for their top choice. This includes how sensible, understanding, kind and helpful the company’s employees or officials were. This sector usually involves a great amount of investment making “amount paid for service” (value) the area that most voters recommended improvements.

AUTOMOTIVE Service and trust were the main reasons most people voted for their top choice in the automotive industry. It was important that their vehicles be in better condition than when it was brought in, or that any vehicle sold to them came exactly as advertised. Customers indicated that even with trust, it was the amount of time or duration it took for the service to be completed that most companies could improve in.

TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY The survey results concluded that quality and treatment were the main reasons customers voted for their top choice in the Travel and Hospitality industry. In many cases appreciating the personalized advice of those that served them. On the other hand, when the people serving them offered little insight or seemed to lack experience, voters felt like this affected their experience.

SPECIALTY SERVICES Much like Home Services, customers indicated that Quality of the products and service done by the employees are the main reason they casted their vote. Punctuality and cleaning up after the job is done is what most voters recommended needed improvement in the Specialty Services industry.


HEALTH & BEAUTY In the Health and Beauty industry, voters positively commented primarily on quality and value. Clients were happiest when the results were better than they expected for the price. A little extra goes a long way! Customers indicated that in spite of quality and value being their priority, it was the actual experience and atmosphere were the areas that most voters recommended improvements.

ENTERTAINMENT The entertainment industry was interesting and while in most industries pricing is important, voters who voted for nominees in this industry indicated that the quality was of the utmost importance and that they are willing to pay a premium for services that make their events memorable. Customers commented mainly on pricing and value as an area of improvement for the entertainment industry.

EDUCATION When it came to Education most voters commented on the curriculum, the programs, the space given to students to study or practice what they learned, and how the education impacted the student’ life overall. If these aspects were excellent, customers voted the company as their top choice. As a result, customers indicated that it was the image and cleanliness of the area and the amount of locations or space that were most recommended for improvements.

FASHION The quality, including the material of the products being sold was very important to voters in the Fashion industry. Many commented on the customer service as well. Coincidingly, customers indicated that as quality being their priority, it was the amount they paid for the product that was the area that could be most improved on. There were higher ratings on companies who provided great quality fashion for a reasonable and competitive price. Fall 2014


Family & Community

Westbrook Montessori Academy “Helping form foundations that will build success” Westbrook Montessori Academy is a CCMA accredited school that has been in operation for over 10 years. It is situated in a quiet residential neighborhood, conveniently located near all major highways, and services the areas of Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Caledon, Burlington, and Oakville. Westbrook Montessori Academy provides an education-based daycare starting from the toddler age continuing through to the senior kindergarten year. The teachers are fully accredited Montessori teachers, and the assistants hold multiple qualifications such as: ECE diplomas, Montessori certifications, as well as Ontario College of Teachers credentials. The director, Riz Ratanshi and his mother, Mrs. Ratanshi, founded WMA in 2003. His


Fall 2014

"We respect, value and welcome every child and family to our school regardless of their race, religious views and culture values." mother’s passion and experience with early childhood education, coupled with Riz’s business background and expertise proved to be the recipe for success in creating a warm and nurturing school. Sadly, Mrs. Ratanshi was diagnosed with incurable cancer in August 2007, and she passed away shortly thereafter. Her legacy lives on. The love and dedication that Mrs. Ratanshi had for children still resonates throughout the school, and this feeling is experienced by all who walk through the front doors. The programme offered here at Westbrook Montessori

Academy has evolved from Dr. Maria Montessori's detailed observations of children at work and play. The learning materials are attractive and designed to stimulate the interest of the child. Learning is achieved through working with the materials, and specific goals are provided which are easily attainable by the child. As a result, the child experiences joy with each achievement and will face the next challenge with confidence. WMA understands the importance of promoting strong foundational skills that children can continue to build on for a lifetime.

The Motto of Westbrook Montessori Academy is “Seek to Achieve” which is represented on the school crest. “Seek to Achieve” is used as a benchmark when engaging and inspiring the students to learn. We seek to achieve a learning environment conducive to fostering love and respect for one another, as well as the world around us.

For more information call 905-826-4648 or visit westbrookmontessori.ca


“Each child is a diamond in the rough.” Maya Djafarova


World Academy of Music

905.604.MAYA 6292


ď ˇ The FOUNDERS and Executive Directors OF ILAC Ilan Cohen Jonathan Kolber Bernardo Riveros

Internationally Recognized for Language Excellence Well renowned for their significance in teaching English to students from around the world, ILAC is now getting support from decision makers at home and abroad. Helping them reach more students than ever and further cementing ILAC as an industry leader. Francesca Filippelli Just like every business, success comes from

For more information about ILAC and their campuses in Toronto and Vancouver. Call toll-free 1-877-452-2452, email info@ilac.com or visit ilac.com.


Fall 2014

passion, determination and risk. When three partners took a risk to form ILAC, they may have envisioned it growing into the business empire it has become. But, they probably never imagine the significant impact it would have on the

lives of the students they serve and the people who work to make ILAC stay at the top of their game. What began as a business, has grown into a community, better yet a movement. While the founders might not fully realize the impact they are creating, many leaders are. Today,

ILAC welcomes Politicians and leaders from around the world with open arms. ILAC shared some recent visits from significant individuals, sharing their experiences and thoughts on ILAC and the important role the school plays in the continued economic and community success for Canada.



lthough Taiwan and Canada are far from each other geographically, we share the same values of democracy and rule of law,” said Mr. Hong. “As our mission is to promote economical, cultural and educational exchanges between our two countries, we are happy to see our young students choose Canada as their learning destination. Likewise, we welcome Canadian students to visit Taiwan through our Youth Mobility Program, which allows them to study and work there for one year." Taiwan’s Ambassador R.C. Wu & Director of Consular Affairs Nicolas Hong


came from Hong-Kong when I was 13 and I had a British accent, I didn’t speak a lot of English; I spoke some, because I went to a Catholic school. Learning a new language and learning how to fit in were a struggle, but I managed."

"I have a lot to learn from all of you.” added Chow "The job of a new mayor is to provide the best service for the residents of Toronto, and we are here to talk about customer service. So our goal is not that different." Olivia Chow, Toronto Mayoral Candidate


o be honest, there was always something that was stopping me from studying abroad: work, family, and other obstacles. I’ve reached a moment in my life when I decided to take a step forward towards my goals and come to ILAC. My English teacher Patrick will be one of my best memories. He was really patient, professional and always did his best, whether he was checking our homework or engaging everyone to participate in the class activities."

Eva Durán Ramos, Recognized Spanish Political Figure holding multiple political ranks


LAC is a wonderful Toronto success story welcoming students from around the world. After a series of meetings with ILAC staff, teachers, graduates and students over the past months, I realized how big this community is, the economic benefits and economic activity generated for Toronto and just how many students come to Toronto to study and learn English, and how many newcomers find Canada attractive for living. Schools like ILAC, provide these people incredible support and we intend to support these organizations as they are citizens themselves."

John Tory, Toronto Mayoral Candidate


Fall 2014


Family & Community

Songbirds Montessori “Helping children spread their wings.” The Dedicated Songbirds Faculty

Sabrina Cugliari Songbirds Montessori school provides a unique learning atmosphere

where children can thrive. Songbirds Montessori is a bright, hands-on, and stimulating environment for children ages 18 months to 6 years. We also run an Elementary program for Grades 1-3. Our school offers and teaches the Montessori methods of practical life, mathematics, sensorial music and movement, language, science and culture, and grace and courtesy. We work with the children on a one on one basis until they have mastered a specific skill and are ready to move on to the next. Our teachers provide your children with the tools and strategies that they need to develop important skills, helping them become a successful part of our school and, eventually, the community. We believe in maintaining small classroom sizes which allows more one on one interaction and enhances the learning process. Our Toddler classroom has a ratio of 1:5 while our Casa classroom has a ratio of 1:8. Smaller classrooms allow our teachers to ensure students are getting the attention they need and are successfully grasping and applying the curriculum.

Our school puts on holiday parties and concerts for parents and family to enjoy. We take part in field trips, day trips to splash pads, playgrounds and libraries knowing that having fun is part of what makes a learning environment enjoyable. We respect, value and welcome every child and family to our school regardless of their race, religious views and culture values. All of our staff are welcoming, friendly and professional, fully trained in Montessori and/or Early Childhood Education. Each location is also equipped with large outdoor spaces, sandboxes, playgrounds, cars and bikes to increase each student’s gross motor skills. We pride ourselves on offering nutritional and healthy meals that follow the Canadian Food Guide (3 meals per day: AM snack, a hot lunch and PM snack). Vegetarian meals are also an option. Songbirds Montessori is a curriculum based school that understands the importance of a strong educational foundation. Open throughout the summer, we also offer convenient summer camp programs.

Voted Top Montessori of 2014 in Brampton

2 014

Preeti Paul Director of Songbirds Montessori School

5 Locations to Serve You Brampton North – 2 Fisherman Dr. Brampton West – 9705 James Potter Rd. Brampton Downtown – 49 Wellington St. Milton – 258 Commercial St. Oakville – 1500 Heritage Way For more information about Songbirds Montessori, call them at 1-800-285-1767 or visit songbirdsmontessorischool.com

Helping students achieve new heights.


Fall 2014




Ultimate Bread Guide

Emily's Bakery shares a variety of their European breads with Top Choice, giving us a little taste of what goes into them and the best way to enjoy them.  Hot Pepper Loaf Add a little spice to your life. Thick crusted, infused with hot peppers throughout.

 Pitta Calabrese Originating in Italy, the ring shape creates an even crust surrounding a soft, yet firm centre.

Great on its own, or to add kick to sandwiches.

Great for bruscetta

Olive Loaf  A combination of fine spices mixed with Morrocan pitted olives.

Great for appetizers.

 Mediterranean Bun Square hand cut buns infused with vegetables. Including brocolli, eggplant, zucchini, and morrocan pitted olives Great for veal and steak sandwiches.

 Ciabatta Loaf Originating from Northern Italy. The perfect panino bread! White flour and semolina, fluffy and soft on the inside.

 Kaiser Germany's finest. Soft white bread crowned with its signature star.

Great with fresh deli and cheese.

Great for veal and steak sandwiches.

 Ciabatta Buns The Ciabatta Loaf's little brother, perfectly sized for busy people who love sandwiches. Your lunch's best friend.


Fall 2014


 Multigrain Bun Inspired by Bavaria. Multigrain seeds with whole wheat flour. Light crust on the outside and soft inside Nature's own fibre supplement.

 Vienna Stick Viva la France. This soft and fluffy Fench loaf is a great way to get the day off to a fresh.

 Caramel Multigrain Bun We take out multigrain bun and add real caramel to add a hint of sweetness.

A complement to wine and cheese.

Great for breakfast.

 Sesame Vienna Stick Our soft and fluffy Vienna, hand dressed with a generous dose of sesame seeds. Great for for breakfast, or as an appetizer.

 Calabrese Loaf, Bun and Round From Southern Italy comes a well cooked white bread, hard crust on outside and soft on the inside. Great for grilled sandwiches.

 Spacatelli Bun An Italian classic on dinner tables the world over. Panini made with white flour.

An Inside Look At Emily's next page 

Multiple sizes make it great for sandwiches or to accompany dinner.


Fall 2014


Food & Drink

Emily's Bakery From artisan bread, to wood oven pizza, there's a taste of Europe in every corner at Emily's Bakery.

"...a little taste of Europe right in the GTA."

Sabrina Cugliari Emily’s Bakery is a little taste of Europe, right in the GTA. In business for over 8 years, Emily’s has become recognized for only offering the best quality products and service to its customers and the community. In June 2010, Sana and Diego made a big decision and took over full responsibility of the bakery, making it their goal to bring 100% authentic European taste to customers. They both immersed themselves in Emily’s, building on the existing potential and striving to only offer the highest quality products and embracing the traditional artistry of European bakeries. Emily’s Bakery is truly a hidden gem that is faithful to its roots. Conveniently located on Weston Road, a few lights north of Rutherford Road, Emily’s has something to satisfy every craving. Everything is made in house daily, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. At any time of day, you’re sure to satisfy your tummy, your sweet tooth and all of your senses! Sana, using her culinary degree in Gourmet Cooking and Catering, prepares authentic and delectable European food for the hot table. Gourmet food is made fresh daily with a vast variety of premium meats, fish and produce. The perfect solution for a lunchtime dilemma. Aside from the hot table, Sana


Fall 2014

don’t have time to sit down and grab a bite, make sure you grab one of the delicious loaves of bread, handcrafted and baked by Diego. The bread is baked multiple times a daily to ensure quality freshness. Emily’s award winning espresso and coffee bar will satisfy any caffeine craving. With delectable, premium roasts, Emily’s is the perfect place to sit back, take a break and enjoy a rich, aromatic espresso that will leave your taste buds wanting more. The fresh deli bar offers a vast variety of fresh meats and cheese to make the perfect sandwich - in true European fashion! Emily’s also offer custom catering for special events and wholesale opportunities. Come on in and start your planning today! Emily’s Bakery wants to be your home away from home and ensure that you leave with a smile on your face. With great quality products and great service, we guarantee that will be the case!

also bakes the pastries and cakes that are almost too perfect to eat. But you won’t be able to resist! All pastries and cakes are made in house with the creams made fresh daily. Custom cakes are also available for those important events in your life.

Everyone loves pizza and Emily’s wood-oven, thin crust pizza is the top of the line. With hand stretched dough made fresh daily, sprinkled with fresh toppings from the deli, the pizza will have your mouth watering as soon as you walk through the doors. If you

(905) 417-8989 9591 Weston Rd Woodbridge, ON L4H 3A5 emilys.ca


Come hungry, leave happy. At The Grill House there’s always something fresh on the grill. Drop by and see what specialty meats we’re grilling up today and be sure to try our always-fresh authentic Portuguese chicken. VISIT US TODAY! 3600 Rutherford Rd. Unit 99, Vaughan



iew B Hawkv

Hwy. 400

Blv Woods Vellore

Grill House



R Weston


(905) 417-2222

TheGrillHouse.ca d Rd. r o f r Ruthe


authentic portuguese cuisine

Food & Drink

Maki Maki A special destination for Edmontontonians and their life's important milestones. Maki Maki has been open for six years now and Ann Chang, owner and operator, says that is it their loyal customers that have truly helped make this possible. The award-winning restaurant continues to be a dream come true for Ann, who has worked long and hard to see the restaurant open and become top in its class. She defines entrepreneurship and is a role model for many young female business owners. When Maki Maki first opened, it was a rare thing to come across a Vietnamese/ Japanese fusion restaurant. A one-of-akind in Edmonton, Alberta, Maki Maki not only offers a tremendous selection of maki rolls, sashimi, Vietnamese pho and western dishes, but also offers a private lounge for parties or drinks while watching the Oilers game. “We are proud of the passion and love infused into every dish we create. Sensational flavors and diverse selection are unique to Maki Maki.” At Maki Maki it goes beyond the food experience. “For our customers, we have become a special place


Fall 2014

We’ve had customers plan their proposal in the restaurant…our customers have now become are our family. for them and a destination for their epic life moments. We’ve had customers plan their proposal in the restaurant, first dates in the restaurant and hosted all sorts of celebrations…our customers have now become are our family.” says Chang. Although she is in charge, Chang view her role as “boss” as being part of a team. Even though I am the boss you will find me making sushi or working the till, or even seating customers” says Chang. I feel leadership is best demonstrated by example and I strive to set the bar high and deliver only the best in all that I do. I want my employees to do the same and my customers to notice the difference.

Chang has some very specific advice for those wanting to break into the restaurant business? “Decide your ultimate goal, the absolute best scenario. Write it down. Then start making a list of all the little things you need to do to get there. This may take years. The trick is to never give up. Always believe in yourself no matter what and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Voted Top Japanese (Sushi) Restaurant of 2 014

2014 in Edmonton

8109 101 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB, Canada 780-438-8298 makiedmonton.com


Voted Top Retirement Home of 2014 in Durham Region

It’s warm, it’s safe, it’s downtown. Cozy & Affordable Accommodations Delicious Home cooked Meals Social and Recreational Programs Personal Care Services Available Housekeeping, Laundry & Linen Services 24 Hour Emergency Response

60 Bond St., Oshawa ON L1G 8C9 905-725-2599 · carriagehouseoshawa.com

2 014


 The Team of Bergel, Magence LLP Sitting, left to right: Andrew Bergel Hy Bergel Jeremy Magence Ilan Bergel Standing, left to right: Sahar Hajian Netanel Munk Helen Bergel Tanya Annarilli Monica Meza Christopher Finlay Linda Suter Natalia Poliakova


Fall 2014

Bergel, Magence LLP Being voted "Top Choice" 6 years in-a-row is no accident! Sonia Couto “The fact that we were selected as the Top Choice Award for Personal Injury Lawyers 6 years in a row by the voters means we must be doing something right”, says Hy Bergel founding partner of Bergel, Magence LLP. “This firm was started over 40 years ago based on the principles of providing expert legal advice and personal service to all of our clients.” Over the years the firm has grown from just Hy Bergel to a 6 lawyer firm with over 120 years of collective experience. One of the firm’s slogans is that “we treat you like family.” This is based in part because over the years Hy was joined by his son in law, Jeremy Magence, the firm’s managing partner, sons and partners Andrew and

"We believe one of the things that set us apart from other personal injury law firms is that we empathize with our clients and their predicaments" – Jeremy Magence

Ilan Bergel, his wife Helen, the firm’s office manager and his daughter, Shawna Magence, the firm’s COO.

However, Jeremy is quick to point out that the concept of family goes beyond the management team. “We believe one of the things that set us apart from other personal injury law firms is that we empathize with our clients and their predicaments. They did not ask for the accident to occur and now their world has been turned upside down. Their health, jobs, family life have all been affected. We provide them guidance, experience, and assistance coupled with compassion. We believe that the client should only have to focus on getting better. Our job is to try make a difficult situation as easy as possible for our clients and ensure they are awarded everything they deserve.”


 THE FIRM'S PARTNERS Andrew Bergel, Jeremy Magence, Hy Bergel and Ilan Bergel

“We are a mission driven law firm,” adds Andrew Bergel. “Our mission is to provide first rate legal advice to our clients and to go the extra mile for them. We recognize that clients can’t always make it to our office during regular business hours. Therefore, we are happy to meet clients at the hospital, their home, early in the morning, late at night or even on the weekend. Anything we can do to help accommodate our clients and their families.” Another aspect of their award winning service is their extensive network of experts in every area they can call upon to assist their clients. “Over the years we have established great working relationships with some of the top physicians, surgeons, accountants and engineers in the Province. Their expertise is instrumental in your medical recovery and also allows us to get you the most amount of money for your accident claim,” says Ilan Bergel. “We have also earned a reputation in the industry for our honesty, integrity, toughness, mixed with pragmatism


Our mission is to provide first rate legal advice to our clients and to go the extra mile for them – Andrew Bergel

and fairness. This allows us to get clients more from the insurer than most other law firms. No wonder so many current and former clients refer their family and friends.” When asked why he thinks Bergel Magence LLP has won 6 straight Top Choice Awards for Personal Injury Lawyers, Magence replied, “that’s easy, it’s our award winning service. Our clients’ best interests

"Top legal awards are NO accident"  EXPERIENCE COUNTS Helen & Hy Bergel founded the firm 43 years ago

are our top priority. We look after not only the client but, the entire family. We ensure that each and every client gets the individualized personal attention they require and the settlement they deserve.”

Read our tips on "What To Do After An Automobile Accident" on page 40 Fall 2014


Finance & Legal

Kotak Personal Injury Law With our clients every step of the way. During difficult times that

require someone on your side, you want to be sure that you can depend on those defending you. At Kotak Law Office, we guarantee that we’ll be by your side every step of the way. Conveniently located in Mississauga, Kotak Law Office practices solely in the areas of personal injury law and disability law. With a team of seasoned and dedicated lawyers on our side, we are able to assist clients with a variety of claims. Our personal injury lawyers represent clients in claims resulting from car accidents, wrongful death, slip & fall accidents, dog bites and defective products. We also litigate claims related to long term disability insurance, critical illness insurance, mortgage insurance and credit card insurance. If you have been injured or have lost a family member in a car accident, a slip and fall accident or have been involved in any of the mentioned circumstances, you need a lawyer who will provide you with quality representation and stand up for your rights. Nainesh Kotak and the rest of the team at Kotak Law is dedicated to assisting clients in being fairly compensated and protecting their rights. Working as a team, we are able to maximize the money you are awarded.


Fall 2014

Nainesh Kotak, B.A. (Hon.), LLB Barrister-at-Law, Solicitor & Notary Public

Helping accident victims for over 20 years, Kotak Personal Injury Law works with you to get your life back on track while handling all the legal aspects of the personal injury case. Many clients may not be aware of what they are entitled to. At Kotak Law, we offer free initial consultations with no cost or obligations. We also offer a contingency fee meaning our clients do not pay a fee until we settle. Helping thousands of people across Mississauga and the GTA get the compensation they deserve, Kotak Law is committed to relentlessly defending the

"Helping accident victims for over 20 years, Kotak Personal Injury Law works with you to get your life back on track..."

needs of our clients. We work with doctors and treatment providers who are experts in their fields and we get results. As members in good standing of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) and the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), professionalism and positive outcomes are our specialities. At Kotak Personal Injury Law, we’re always on your side.

1-877-94-KOTAK (56825) KotakLaw.com


Voted Top Insurance Broker


ď ˇ The Lawyers of Feldstein Family Law Group Sitting, left to right: Lianne Eklove Andrew Feldstein Stephanie Ansky Standing, left to right: Jason Isenberg Rachel Williams Shelly Banihashemi Daphna Schwartz Ritu Horra Nick Slinko


Fall 2014

Feldstein Family Law Group A Top Choice Award winner for 8 consecutive years. Elizabeth Pompano Andrew Feldstein, founder and managing

partner of the firm that he has been building for more than 20 years, is an advocate in the best legal tradition. He is managing partner of Feldstein Family Law Group where family law is practised exclusively. He also operates a free website, the largest of its kind, focusing on separation and divorce in Canada at www.separation. ca. Filled with articles and commentary about recent court cases, videos and frequently asked questions, it is an excellent resource for clients to consult. He advocates for much-needed changes in family law, such as reducing

...they care about their clients, the children of their clients and they care about helping their clients get on with their new lives bureaucracy and adopting more electronic files in Canada at www.ItsTimeForJustice. ca. When family law is in the news headlines, the Canadian media outlets turn to Andrew Feldstein to provide insight and commentary for their viewing audiences on issues such as child abduction, samesex divorce, and the rights of children in extremist religious sects. Frequently sought out by

reporters, editors and TV producers for his expertise, Andrew Feldstein has been interviewed by many news outlets including CTV, CBC, Newstalk1010 radio, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Law Times, and The Lawyers Weekly. These articles are all available for reading on the firm’s Media Page. All these factors are part of what makes Feldstein Family Law Group so successful,


but it’s difficult to pin down the one thing that makes the firm Top Choice for Toronto Family Lawyers year after year, winning the award for eight consecutive years. One thing is absolutely clear: they care about their clients, they care about the children of their clients and they care about helping their clients get on with their new lives. Quite simply, they care. “Family law is emotional, stressful, and personal,” explains Feldstein. Lawyers at the firm understand that their job is critical because the outcome of any agreement between separating spouses or partners will affect them greatly — and for years to come. The firm has an enviable record of success, settling hundreds of separations efficiently, effectively and, when possible, amicably. Just another achievement on the Feldstein Firm track record that sets them apart. “When you need to end your relationship, you need a family law lawyer to make you aware of both your rights and your obligations,” explains Feldstein. One of the best tools on the www.separation.ca website is a series of articles entitled “Roadmap to Divorce.” “We have a profound understanding of all aspects of child custody, child access, spousal support, child support, division of assets, and alternatives to going to court,” says Feldstein. The Feldstein Family Law Group practises family law exclusively. “For clients, this means our experience frequently leads to practical advice, ideas, and suggestions they may not have thought of. And this may lead to a faster resolution of their family law matter,” says Feldstein. “We have a great team of lawyers, law clerks, and support staff. I am very proud of them. And I thank each of them for the important work they do for our clients,” says Feldstein. Today, Feldstein Family Law Group has 11 lawyers working from four offices, making them one of the largest family


 ANDREW FELDSTEIN Founder and Principal Lawyer of Feldstein Family Law Group PC

"We have a great team of lawyers, law clerks, and support staff. I am very proud of them. And I thank each of them for the important work they do for our clients" – Andrew Feldstein law firms in Greater Toronto: Vaughan, Mississauga, Bloor West, and Markham. Unfortunately, record numbers of Canadians appear in Family Court without a lawyer on their side. University of Windsor law professor Julie Macfarlane estimates that as many as 80% of family court cases in Canada involve SelfRepresented Litigants; that’s up by 50% from 1993. Judges, however, still hold Self-Represented Litigants to the same standard of work quality and adherence to court procedures as they would expect from a lawyer. In spring 2014, Andrew Feldstein introduced so-called unbundled services in family law for self-represented litigants (also called unrepresented litigants) who are thinking of ending their marriages or commonlaw relationships at www.

FamilyLawHelp.ca. It’s an innovative approach to solving family law matters while recognizing that not everyone is well-to-do financially. “Comprehensive legal services are best, but if you can’t afford that during your separation and divorce, FamilyLawHelp.ca is a very good, second best option. Clients can get educated, get started on their family law matter right away, and save money by doing a lot of the work themselves,” says Feldstein. “FamilyLawHelp.ca explains step-by-step the Canadian separation and divorce process including, spousal support, division of property, child support, child access, and child custody,” adds Feldstein. The website is free; there is no need to register. Through the FamilyLawHelp.ca website,

Ontario residents can buy u n b u n d le d s e r v ic e s s u c h as: coaching, drafting, legal research, legal opinions, and representing clients in court, or at a mediation or arbitration. It is these small, but significant differences that make Feldstein Family Law Group unique, setting them apart from the competition. Andrew Feldstein and his associates want to help clients going through difficult times by working to resolve their legal matters in the most beneficial way. All these factors are just a small part of what constantly puts Feldstein on top!

Toll Free

1-800-498-DIVORCE (3486)


Offices in Markham, Mississauga, Toronto and Vaughan

Fall 2014


Finance & Legal

Davies Law Firm Personalized service – fierce defense of your rights in family matters. The difference is in the results we deliver. Tanya Claudia Davies is the owner and leading lawyer of Davies Law Firm, in Ottawa, Ontario based practice that provides experienced and knowledgeable legal representation in a wide range of family law matters. Tanya's expertise encompasses the following areas: Divorce, Child Custody, Access Rights, Child Support, Spousal Support, Equalization of Property and Assets, Prenuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements and Mediation. Offering versatile services, Davies Law Firm is well equipped to deal with a variety of cases. In addition to a heavy caseload, Ms. Davies is responsible for the firm’s overall management and day to day operations. Ms. Davies is also an educator and was a professor at Everest College. Tanya is highly respected for her sound judgement, dedication and success in creating favourable outcomes for her clients. When dealing with difficult family law situations, it’s a comfort for clients to know that they have an experienced and successful team on their side. Ms. Davies credits her achievements to hard work, ambition and commitment to providing a superior level of personalized service, knowing that these are just a few markers of what becoming a Top Choice entails! Ms. Davies also advocates the value of a solid academic foundation. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Ottawa in 1998, with a Bachelor (Honours) degree in Psychology, Tanya went on to pursue a JD degree at the University of Ottawa Law School, from which she graduated in 2003. Ms. Davies was called to the Bar of Ontario two years later in 2005 and has been practicing family law ever since. With almost 10 years of experience in her field, Tanya and her firm have helped


Fall 2014

many clients resolve difficult family matters through mediation and negotiations. Her extensive knowledge in all facets of family law is reflected in her clients’ satisfaction. Her approach to dealing with these family matters is unique, and involves a well-developed strategy of amicable resolution, when possible, rather than appearing in court. However, if necessary, she is also a fierce advocate for her clients in more complicated contested proceedings that are heard in the Superior Court of Justice, Family Division. Her educational background in psychology sets Ms. Davies apart from her colleagues and allows her to consider every individual situation from all angles to arrive at a settlement quickly. By having a clear understanding of the emotional component of delicate family matters, she is able to help her clients make the proper legal and personal decisions needed to move forward. She passionately argues each client’s case and will do all she can to obtain the best possible court orders in every family matter. Tanya assists her clients with navigating the complex labyrinths of the legal system, resolving their matter and getting their lives back on track! Ms. Davies’ professional experience and extensive education equip her with the ability to provide her clients with understanding, compassion and superb advocacy skills. She sympathizes with every client’s psychological turmoil of separation and divorce and approaches each case with a caring and open mind. While Ms. Davies constantly offers the comfort and advice to her clients, she is also a persistent defender of their interests and legal rights in court proceedings. Tanya’s creativity permits her

to find the most efficient and beneficial outcomes for the clients she represents. Ms. Davies is licensed to practice law as a Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public in the Province of Ontario. She is a member in good standing of the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as the Bar Association of Ontario. In addition to this impressive profile, Tanya maintains an active involvement in the community and supports a number of organizations that benefit education and protect animal rights. She is an advocate for the rights of her clients and will fight to get them what they deserve.

Voted Top Family Law Firm of 2014 in Ottawa

2 014

Tanya C. Davies Principal Lawyer B.A (Honours) in Psychology. Graduated with Magna cum Laude from the University of Ottawa. Juris Doctor Degree in Law.

+1 613 688 0462 tdavies@davieslegalfirm.com daviesdivorcelaw.com


CONSIDERING A CAREER AS A HAIRSTYLIST OR MEDICAL ESTHETICIAN? Get started at the Ottawa Academy School of Hairstylng and Aesthetics

COURSES AVAILABLE IN Hairstyling, Aesthetics, Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis, Nails


 

Registered with the Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities Experienced instructors High graduate

  

employment rate Day or night programs Job market training & preparation Hands-on experience

 The largest beauty schools in Ottawa  Job search assistance  Clean, modern facilities  Free Parking



ottawaacademy.com | info@ottawaacademy.com

westendacademy.ca | info@westendacademy.ca




2 014

Voted Top Hairdressing School of 2014 in Ottawa


Eddie Quindamo For over 25 years, Eddie Quindamo has done more than help people get a mortgage, he has helped them jumpstart their lives with a managable mortgage that is right for them.

How to select the

right Mortgage Broker for you? There is a lot to consider when financing your home and selecting the right Mortgage Broker is essential in maximizing the right mortgage for you.

Service I am paid a finder’s fee by the lender, which is similar to commission in traditional sales, meaning no cost incurred by you.

Access to Discounted Interest Rates I have access to discounted interest rates that the banks cannot compete with as well as insight to wide range mortgage products.

Shopping the Market I am working for you, not the bank. For that reason I can shop the market which includes credit unions and trust companies to saving you time and money.

Comparison I am able to provide you side by side comparison


of both interest rates and mortgage products (not all lenders have the same mortgage products).

Quick and Simple Application Process Experience is essential here. I am able to assess, process and deliver your application to lenders within 24 hours. I make sure the application is done right the first time, to help avoid delays.

Step by Step Guidance I am able to walk you through each stage of the mortgage process, regardless if you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned real estate connoisseur. By understanding every step, you will feel more confident in the decisions you are making that can otherwise seem overwhelming.

A Lasting Relationship I truly appreciate your business and your referrals, so I work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with my service. My commitment to you as a client, always goes the extra mile. Annual Mortgage Check-Ups,

 EDDIE'S TEAM Marisa Amoroso, Delfina Arruda and Karina Aguilar

Variable Rate Updates and the planning of your Mortgage Burning Party are all thoughtful ways that separate me from other Mortgage Brokers.

Lending Regulation Changes Lending regulations have changed over the last couple of years, making mortgage financing difficult to obtain for certain individuals. The self-employed, who often have difficulty proving their income, and those with bruised credit do have options. They can count on my access to 25+ lenders, including private lenders, to help tailor a mortgage that suits their needs.

EDDIE QUINDAMO Mortgage Broker License # 10584 For over 25 years, Eddie Quindamo has helped thousands of clients obtain their dream home and other financing goals. Eddie’s proven record of success can best be captured by his solid reputation and the strong relationships he has developed within his community as well as with his 25+ lenders.

 (905) 652-3000 ext. 200  eddie@quindamo.com  7827 Kipling Ave. Woodbridge, On L4L 1Z4  eddiequindamo.com Each Mortgage Centre office is independently owned and operated.

Fall 2014


Finance & Legal

MICHELLE GRAHAM Real Estate Lawyer

JULIA HERSCOVITCH Real Estate & Corporate Lawyer

ALAINE BARCLAY Real Estate & Family Lawyer

KIM NUTZ Labour & Employment Lawyer

CHADWICK NEWCOMBE Litigation & Commercial Lawyer

JEFFREY KAHANE Real Estate & Wills & Estates Lawyer




titles. Both the firm and Jeff Kahane have been recognized as an exceptional service provider, employer and contributor to the province/community multiple times over the years since its inception. Clients know that they can trust Kahane and his team. Unlike most law firms, Kahane Law Office is known for their exceptional client service and reasonable flat rate legal fees. What you see is what you get. Clients can appreciate the transparency and being aware of how much resolving their particular legal need will cost them before they choose a course of action. This honesty and up front protocol allows clients to make their decisions with predictability and certainty, further strengthening relationships and promoting client satisfaction. Kahane Law Office and its employees pride themselves on creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Client needs have always been the number one priority. Making clients feel comfortable and taken care of is an important part of the philosophy Kahane and his team embraces. This philosophy is reflected in the office’s atmosphere. Jeff Kahane is the very proud owner of a large collection of Pez featured in TV, magazine and newspaper articles over the

years. A portion of this impressive collection adorns the walls of the firm, sharing a bit of our personality and helping clients get to know us better. We're people too. Providing sound legal advice and costeffective legal solutions is number one on every day’s agenda. Kahane Law Office continues to bring a friendly, client-centered approach to all they do. Constantly ahead of the competition. With a staff of over 20, ready to go above and beyond the needs of their clients, Kahane Law Office prides itself on taking a personal approach for their clients. Kahane’s firm knows what it takes to get to the top!

Kahane Law Office Find out why are they Calgary's Top Law Firm. Founded in 2004, Kahane Law Office is a full-service law firm with a strong focus on real estate law. Following his graduation from law school and employment at an international law firm, Jeff Kahane took his experience and knowledge and started the firm. Although the firm’s roots were originally in real estate law, which continues to remain a large majority of their business, Kahane Law Office is a busy firm with nine full time lawyers practicing in a variety of areas such as Real Estate, Corporate and Commercial Law, Family Law, Will and Estates, Litigation, Labour and Employment Law and Immigration Law. The firm’s versatility is just one outstanding aspect that sets them apart. Kahane Law Office is an award winning law firm and well deserving of the


Fall 2014

Voted Top Real Estate Law Firm of 2014 in Calgary

2 014

To learn more about our services, call toll-free 877-225-8817 or visit kahanelaw.com




What To Do After An Automobile Accident If you ever find yourself in an unfortunate automobile accident, follow these easy steps to protect yourself and your rights. Bergel, Magence LLP 1. STOP — do not drive away from the accident scene.

and cell numbers) of any witnesses to the accident.

2. 911 — call “911” and get police and medical assistance if necessary.

6. I N F O R M A T I O N — exchange driver’s license, car insurance and plate information with all parties. You can take pictures of the documents with your camera or cell phone.

3. DON’T MOVE — DO NOT MOVE THE VEHICLES — leave vehicles where they are unless directed by police. 4. PICTURES — take pictures of vehicles. Use camera or cell phone to take pictures of accident scene, including where cars are stopped as well as property damage on all vehicles. 5. WITNESSES — identify witnesses and make sure to get names and contact information (including email, address


Fall 2014

7. LIABILITY — DO NOT admit fault for the accident to anyone. 8. INSURANCE COMPANY — contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident. 9. DOCTOR — contact your family doctor or go to your local walk-in-clinic as soon as possible and advise them that you were in a car accident and

that you sustained injuries. Be sure to list all of your injuries starting with the top of your head all the way to the bottom of your feet. 10. FILE — keep a file of all documents related to the accident including a copy of the accident report and any correspondence from insurance companies, lawyers, and assessment centres. 11. YOUR RIGHTS — contact a lawyer who specializes in Plaintiff Personal Injury Law as soon as possible. Your lawyer’s job is to protect your rights and make sure that you are getting all of the benefits you are entitled to and the full compensation you deserve. It is important that you hire an

experienced lawyer as soon as possible and allow them to communicate on your behalf with the various insurance companies to best protect your rights.

At Bergel, Magence LLP we have been helping accident victims for over 40 years and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars. You don’t pay us if we do not recover any money on your behalf. Contact us at 416-665-2000 for a free consultation.


go where your


takes you

1245 Dupont St, Toronto.

416. 531.5000

2 014


The Power of the Image It only takes ONE shot to make that FIRST impression

"If you want to be a superstar call Fotografia Boutique. I did. Judge the results yourself." Robert Szelazek, CEO, Broadcasting & Media Production, Radio 7.

Maggie Habieda


and we now have two distinct divisions: “Premium Studio Portraits” and “Premium Wedding Photography”. Maggie Habieda has founded and owns Fotografia Boutique and is literally a “master” where it comes to her vision, artistry, postproduction and photography talents with the camera. At this year’s WPPI Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Maggie was personally honoured by being awarded her “MASTERS IN PHOTOGRAPHY”! This is recognized globally and only 57 photographers in the world have this title! Let a MASTER update your corporate image or assist in creating the image that will get you noticed. Images of businesses are everywhere we look, if you are not better than the rest, you will be passed over. Whether you want to freshen up your visual corporate image, or try for the first time defining who you are as a business or company, you will be positioning yourself ahead of the competition. This could be you as the business leader or what has become very popular: group images. So many companies are turning to profiling how powerful their company or group is by “presenting” their team to the world. Celebrate the strength of your team with a group image today.

42 56

Spring Fall 2014 2014

"Maggie's a leader and proves that there are no boundaries to one’s success if focused with discipline and determination." Abbas Manesh, Album Epoca in Canada.

"Maggie is a photographer par excellence. Her passion, creative vision and commitment towards her work is unmatchable. It is infectious. Each picture has a story to tell and I'm glad to be a part of her story telling experience." Shweta Subram, multi-lingual Indo-Canadian singer, songwriter and performer.



"Maggie is a woman of exceptional courage with a sensitive soul, who has imagination without limits. Maggie has great passion and dedication, revealing human nature in the most beautiful way." Ivan Komarenko, Polish/Russian pop star, national sensation.

"Fotografia Boutique is a place were dreams come true, a place were you find the best within yourself, a place were no matter what you think about yourself, you will feel like the most beautiful person. Maggie’s photography is pure Love and Art! Thank you Maggie Habieda, the angel of Fotografia!" Hector Hernandez, one of the fastest rising stars in Latin music. Soulful, classic and theatrical.

"Maggie’s passion, talent and creativity is clearly apparent in her work. Each finished picture tells a story. She has a unique ability to capture the moment while making the model/subject look and feel their best naturally!" Grenville Pinto, Canadian violinist, recording artist and entertainer.

1525 CORNWALL ROAD, UNIT 1 OAKVILLE, ON L6J 0B2 905.338.3686 WWW.FOTOGRAFIABOUTIQUE.CA "You're blessed with beauty and you're a wonderful human being. You are the best photographer I have ever met." Vasu Chanchiani, Chanchiani Foundation of Canada.


Spring Fall 2014

43 57


From Karaoke Night to Casino Night, Abbey Road goes the extra mile for their clients.

From Karaoke Machines to Rubbing Shoulders with Celebrities and Fortune 500s Abbey Road Entertainment Hosting events for Fortune

500 companies, building sets for television shows and movies and tirelessly searching for the latest in party rental trends is all in a day’s work for Abbey Road Entertainment, one of Toronto’s biggest production and rental companies — but it all started with one karaoke machine. In 2009, Marc Katz rented a karaoke machine for his sister’s Sweet 16, but was disappointed by the lack of song options. “The machine was alright, but the latest music was from the early ‘90s. It was pretty lacking,” he said. “I did some research in the market and there wasn't much.” That’s when Katz decided to purchase a more up to date unit, renting it out on evenings and weekends while studying Political Science at York University. As his schedule began to fill up with events he decided to pursue the company full time.


Fall 2014

Leaving school in 2010, he expanded the company into casino equipment rentals, hired staff, and rented his first warehouse. Soon, Abbey Road Entertainment was making a name for itself in the production industry. In 2011, when the popular television show Suits was looking to film a casino scene in Toronto, Abbey Road Entertainment was their first choice - a company with whom they identified as having the most authentic casino equipment. Just one of the few milestones in Abbey Road’s successful history. “I was the poker dealer in that scene,” said Katz. “I was there as the casino consultant to make sure everything was as realistic as possible, and they had a casino dealer, but he didn't know what he was doing, so they kind of just put me in.” Today, Abbey Road Entertainment is a full service production and event rental company with more than 250 different

products that can turn any corporate or private event into a memorable experience, ranging from photo booths to sports simulators to carnival games. With such a wide variety of products and services, Katz and the Abbey Road Entertainment team have become experts in helping individuals and companies plan and execute world-class events. “We provide excellent customer service through every step of the process,” said Katz. “We don't just drop off equipment we come set it up, we talk to the clients, we show them how to use everything, and we make sure everything is running smoothly and that they’re taken care of.” This extra mile guarantees satisfaction! With a growing supply of the latest and greatest in event production, Abbey Road Entertainment brings the “wow” factor with them wherever they go.

416.663.3222 abbeyroadentertainment.com www.TopChoiceMagazine.com

Specialty Stores & Services

Optiko Eyewear Love your eyes. Sabrina Cugliari Optiko Eyewear, located in

Sunridge Mall, has a vision for your vision. Your one stop shop for all eyecare needs, Optiko strives to deliver outstanding care in an efficient and convenient manner. In a world increasingly preoccupied with the business of work and play, we are preoccupied with ensuring your capability to see it all through. We understand eyesight limitations can be troublesome, but our aim is to help our patients see well, look great and leave happy! We offer the finest assortment of designer frames and sunglasses from premier, luxury eyewear brands from around the world. We are staffed with highly trained Optometrists, licensed opticians and knowledgeable frame stylists in Calgary that enables us to provide our clientele with the highest quality of service. From very young children to seniors, we provide vision care for all. “Our mission is to exceed our patients’ expectations with a level of service and attention to detail that is matched with a desire to educate,” says Lenor Haymour, Optiko Eyewear Manger/ Partner. “We believe that our growth should be driven by testaments of unparalleled satisfaction.” Our patients’ visual needs and wellness are our highest priority. Our commitment


Fall 2014

is to enhance quality of life by providing comprehensive, thorough eyecare of the highest level, with an emphasis on sight preservation. Our licensed, independent doctors of optometry and licensed opticians are always more than happy to assist patients with their eyecare needs. Our staff are eager and trained to aid customers through their experiences here, from providing knowledge on a variety of lenses, to balancing factors such as health needs, aesthetic desires and budget. Our aim is to have customers walk out the door having had a positive experience and with a great idea of where to return for eyecare. By attending international conferences and expos, Optiko Eyewear is able to provide customers with the latest fashions and trends from the top brand names in designer frames and sunglasses. “We strive to provide our clientele with the hottest

designer eyewear from around the world.” Our goal at Optiko is to ensure customers are satisfied with better vision and a look they are happy with. With brands such as Prada, Tom Ford, Versace, and more, customers will not be disappointed with the selection. “The product lines we offer are arguably the best in the city,” says Haymour. We sincerely believe that our patients are a part of our family and that our relationship will last a lifetime. Choice is of the utmost importance. Patients are presented with a range of treatments and recommendations, each tailored specifically to their individual needs and lifestyle. At Optiko Eyewear, we strive to remain at the forefront of our profession through constant training and education and by utilizing the latest technology and instrumentation. We can’t wait to see you at our new store to help you with your eyecare needs!


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LOVE THEIR EYES 403 457 7000 optiko.ca 129-2525 36 St NE Sunridge Mall Calgary, AB T1Y 5T4

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AST Jewellery From 10-year old apprentice to Toronto's Top Jewellery Retailer. Sevan Tosun was born in 1977 in Istanbul, Turkey, the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and home to a tradition of fine jewelry spanning over two millennia. At the age of 10, Sevan carried on his father’s legacy and began a full-time apprenticeship with one of the finest jewelry houses in Istanbul. By age 16, he had learned every facet of the trade, cultivating the highest level of skills a jeweler could achieve in metal, diamond setting and design; imagining intricate designs and creating pieces from start to finish. As a teenager with an amazing array of skills and dreams of a better life, Sevan left his roots behind in Istanbul and headed for Canada with just $250 in his pocket. Connecting with a relatives who had already emigrated to the Canada, Sevan arrived in


Fall 2014

Toronto. Within a few years, Sevan developed a reputation as the finest jeweler in the area, and in 2000, he founded A.S.T. Jewelry. Today, A.S.T Jewelry stands as one of the premier engagement ring boutiques in Toronto.

How Can You Know What You're Buying If They Don't Know What They're Selling? It'd be easy to sell diamonds online, so why don't we? It's just not in the best interest of our customers, and here's why. Every diamond in the world is unique and different, and a diamond's ratings alone can't possibly describe its beauty and brilliance. Professional diamond buyers know that two diamonds with identical ratings can look drastically different. One might be

amazingly brilliant while another with the exact same rating could be as lifeless as an ice cube. That's why a diamond is one of the worst possible items to buy sight unseen. The fact is, many online diamond companies don't own their own diamonds—they're simply looking at a grading report and often don't actually see the diamonds they've sold before they're shipped to the online buyer. How can you know what you're buying if they don't know what they're selling? A.S.T. Jewelry combines their unmatched knowledge and skill with a personal touch to make your diamond buying experience shine as much as the diamond itself!

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Voted Top Jewellery Retailer of 2014 in Toronto

477 Richmond St. W Toronto, ON M5V 3E7 (416) 203 - 7265 astjewellery.com


Custom Build. Customized Living. Stateview Homes is committed to customization. From our first custom build to our current communities, we place an emphasis on working from a blueprint that enhances your individual lifestyle.

Stateview Communities

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Stateview Homes Decor Centre: 410 Chrislea Rd. Unit 16 | 905.851.1849

Customize your living at stateviewhomes.com Pricing, specs and availability subject to change without notice. E.&O.E.


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The Roz & Mocha Show Despite having no audience, no ratings and no recognition when they started, the KiSS 92.5 duo has, in a matter of 5 years, taken over morning radio. The Roz & Mocha Show is Mocha Frap and Roz Weston. Mocha, who is as comfortable in behind a mic as he is on stage in front of thousands of people mixing live, is a multi award winning Mix Show Host, live DJ and radio veteran. Roz, a former Howard Stern intern, has fought his way through some of the most intense red carpet mayhem

show business has to offer. Racking-up more than 3000 interviews during his decadelong run with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Roz has been recognized by his peers, the industry and fans - winning awards for hosting, reporting and producing. In 2009, Roz & Mocha literally started from nothing. No audience, no ratings and

nobody knew they existed. In less than 5 years, they became the most successful morning team in the station’s long history, and established themselves as the show to beat. At their core, Roz & Mocha are entertainers, and storytellers. Playing killer music and offering up "damn good advice", built them a loyal fan base across all demographics. Talking to the people that everyone else is just talking aboutsolidified their reputation as the go-to show for entertainment, pop, and viral exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else. The Roz & Mocha Show is also home to The Roz & Mocha Mixxx with DJ Clymaxxx – a 60

minute, commercial-free, Mix Show airing Friday mornings at 8am that has become one of the most listened to hours of radio in the entire country. With Roz, Mocha and DJ Clymaxxx all in place, the show then added reporter and producer Maurie Sherman (AKA “Damnit Maurie”). Maurie, with his quirky style and approach, is a favorite among some of the biggest stars on the planet. Roz & Mocha are honored to be a part of, and continue, the fantastic legacy that is morning radio. Roz lives in Toronto with his girlfriend Katherine and their daughter Roxy Alabama. Mocha lives in Vaughan with his wife Jenna and their dog Tigg. Catch Roz & Mocha weekdays from 5:30am to 9am on KiSS 92.5.  KiSS925.com  @rozweston  @mochafrap

Roz Weston

Mocha Frap

The Roz & Mocha Show were voted Top Radio Morning Show of 2014 in Toronto.


Fall 2014


Save on energy bills year round. Furnaces and air conditioners are designed to work together. So if you’re thinking about replacing your air conditioner, you can experience even higher efficiency by upgrading your furnace, too.



with the purchase of a qualifying Lennox® home comfort system.



416.750.4636 746 Warden Ave, Unit # 11 Scarborough, On M1L 4A2 BRANCHES: TORONTO • VAUGHAN MISSISSAUGA • OTTAWA

info@camheating.com www.camheating.com

© 2014 Lennox Industries Inc. Lennox Dealers include independently owned and operated businesses. One offer available per qualifying purchase.


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Scott Fox Toronto's Top Male Radio Personality of 2014 owes the title to a very personal connection with his listeners and a co-host that helps his morning show on Z103.5 continue boosting its rating, day after day. Sc o t t F o x h a s worked in radio for the

greater part of his life. Working in the Top 40 Toronto market for years has enhanced his knowledge of the demographic who tune in to hear him daily. After returning to Z103.5 in 2012, Scott introduced Kat Callaghan as the co-host for the morning show. The duo soon began to gain listeners and have been increasing ratings ever since. With popular segments like “Missed Connections”, their morning show has really taken off with a unique edge. In September, the Scott & Kat show saw a massive ratings jump, increasing from a 3.3 share to a whopping 5.5 share in the 18-34 year old demographic. In the key 25-34 demo, ratings more than doubled. Scott makes sure people are well informed and entertained. He often reminds listeners on-air that he appreciates them greatly. He is an active member of the community hosting many charitable events for causes such as the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Crime Stoppers and Autism Research. Never settling, Scott has his eyes set on the future. He is always looking at ways to improve the morning show and create a better listening experience. You can tune into The Z103.5 Morning Show weekday mornings from 5:30am-9am.  z1035.com  scottandkat.ca  @ScottFoxOnAir


Fall 2014

Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan Co-hosts of the Z103.5 Morning Show


Thinking of STUDYING ABROAD? Choose Canada! Our Passion, Your Future

We’ll make it


If you’re an international student and are thinking of studying in a Canadian College or University, we can help. We have the best portfolio of language institutes, colleges and universities in Canada and other destinations abroad the most reasonable prices. We offer free academic advise that will guide you step-by-step throughout this remarkable experience. Accommodation, insurance and travel guidance are some of the services our students have access to at our Resource Centres. So you only worry about what is important, your education.

Our Passion. Your Future. Toronto 94 Cumberland St. Suite 807. Toronto. Tel +1 (416) 226 5897 Ontario. M5R 1A3 Canada

Montreal 1168 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest suite/bureau 201 Tel +1 514.659.91.89 Quebec, H3B 1K1 Canada

visit www.lccanaca.com


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Josie Dye Fun, fearless and on top of her game. Spend a minute with Toronto's Top Female Radio Personality. Television and radio personality Josie Dye is a fun, fearless female

who says what she means and means what she says. Among her roles at Corus Entertainment, Josie is currently the afternoon announcer at 102.1 The Edge, the host of the syndicated radio show Josie’s Top 20 and a host on on W Network, where she introduces popular W Network movie programming blocks. Formerly Josie was the host of Oh So Cosmo which ran for six seasons on CosmoTV. Growing up in Pickering, Ontario, Josie knew from an early age that broadcasting would be her destiny. As a teenager, radio became her passion and through the years, would often tape her own voice over a favourite local DJ’s to perfect her technique. Josie began to intern in radio at age 17. Close to her dream but not close enough,


Fall 2014

she spent her free time singing professionally around Toronto, even having the honour of opening once for Jann Arden. Josie has been the midday announcer on the All-Request Nooner at 102.1 The Edge since 2002, where she first made her mark on radio. She is now the afternoon drive announcer on 102.1 The Edge. She fills her show with great music and engages her fans with humorous and often personal anecdotes and off beat contests. Her ratings consistently top radio charts, thanks in large to her loyal listening audience. Josie’s latest endeavour has been hosting the weekly Corus Radio show Josie’s Top 20, which is syndicated across Canada. Never one to sit still, Josie made the jump to television in 2008 as the host of Oh So Cosmo the half hour lifestyle magazine show on CosmoTV. With co-hosts

Wilder Weir (Breakfast Television MTL) and Jacqui Skeete, the series looked at current trends in the world of celebrities, fashion, sex, relationships and love and ran for six seasons. Currently, Josie can be seen as the host of W Network interstitials for themed movie events with the popular W Network movie programming blocks. Using her charm and wit, Josie introduces the movies that women love. When not working, Josie enjoys spending time with her husband and newly born baby. Her passions include peanut butter, music and enjoying life in Toronto. Catch Josie weekdays from 2pm to 6pm on 102.1 The Edge.  josiedye.com  @josiedye


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"I quickly discovered that Cityline’s special secret sauce has worked for the past thirty years for one simple reason. It’s a show that speaks directly to it’s viewers. "

Tracy Moore Tracy shares her experience taking over the "behemoth" that is CityLine and what it means to be connected to its loyal viewers. When I started hosting Cityline in 2008 I had no clue that it was the behemoth it is. I knew the show was beloved. I knew the experts were some of the best in the country. I did not know that the viewers were so incredibly loyal and that the show had an influence and breadth rarely seen in Canadian television. Let me explain. Every weekday morning on City, hundreds of thousands of viewers religiously tune in to watch various guest experts give tricks and tips on how to get their kids to eat veggies, decorate their house on a dime, or look good for their first job interview. Interspersed with the daily camaraderie and take-away information, I also get to sit down with high-profile news-makers like reality TV star Kim Kardashian, actress Jessica Alba, chef Jamie Oliver and fitness guru Jillian Michaels. I quickly discovered that Cityline’s special secret sauce has worked for the past thirty years for one simple reason. It’s a show that speaks directly to it’s viewers. Get this – the show has orchestrated more than 4,000 make-overs, 1,500 ‘Fashion Fridays’, 2,500 interior design transformations, and countless do-ityourself projects. That adds up to loads


Fall 2014

of bad perms, shoulder pads and faux finishes! Before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, before lifestyle TV was even a thing, Cityline was here spawning a television genre that’s become ubiquitous on specialty channels. In the process the show has created a slew of stars: interior designers Brian Gluckstein and Candice Olson, chefs Massimo Capra and Michael Bonacini (of the Oliver & Bonacini chain). Like many others, they were all introduced to mass audiences through Cityline before moving on to create significant commercial empires of their own.

What is different these days is that social media has changed the way a host like myself can communicate with viewers. And I take this change seriously. I am on Twitter and Instagram connecting with viewers every day and in the process Cityline has been introduced to a new generation of consumers. Most moms under the age of 35 bypass traditional media completely. They live on social media and get their information on desktops, smartphones or tablets. It’s not part of my job description, but I make a point of engaging them on different platforms because that’s the future of the media industry as a whole. And because I want to hear your design dilemmas, or that you want the show to cover online dating, epilepsy or how to cut your own bangs. My children will tell you that what started out as a way to keep in touch with viewers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has almost turned into a part-time job. It’s a place where I can chat and share photos about my fitness regimen (I’m a fanatic), favourite books, music, family, latest holiday destinations or shine the spotlight on causes close to my heart. Television is no longer this opaque medium. People want to go behind-the-scenes, they want a glimpse into people’s personal lives. Social media allows me to share with viewers the stuff they don’t get to see on the show. After six years as host of Cityline, I feel like I’ve made a few million trusted friends across the country. And I’ll continue to insist that these connections stay real. I’ve been encouraged by various marketers to buy followers to extend my reach and digital clout, but I won’t go there. My brand is all about authenticity. So when I endorse a cause or a product, it’s a genuine feeling that is often shared with my online family. Catch Cityline weekdays at 9am on City.

Known for her authenticity, causes supported by Tracy are genuine. Her "fanatic" fitness regimine made the "Run for the Cure" a natural fit.

 tracymoore.me  cityline.ca  @tracycityline  @tracycityline


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VOTED BEST SEAFOOD Toronto, Ontario 416.361.5859 purespirits.ca

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Steve Anthony Recognized the world over for his accomplished and dearly loved at home. Looks like there's no stopping Toronto's Top Male Television Personality. Francesca Filippelli Along with Co-Host Melissa Grelo, Steve Anthony and the CP24 Breakfast team wake up Toronto each weekday morning. Anthony connects with viewers, who picked Steve Anthony as the recipient of the Top Choice Awards in the Television Personality category for the Greater Toronto Area in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Since 1986, the name Steve Anthony has been recognized in media-markets around the world for his accomplishments and high standards. Steve Anthony is one of the founding VJs of MuchMusic, where he appeared for an unprecedented nineand-a-half years. Anthony grew up in Montreal, and landed his first gig at the local radio station CFOX-AM. Among other things, Anthony has also been the afternoon show host on Q107 in Toronto, morning show host at 102.1 CFNY in Toronto, morning host at CHOM 97.7 in Montreal, afternoon host on MIX 99.9 in Toronto, and expert panelist for the 2006 edition of MuchMusic's VJ Search. Throughout his on and off camera career, Steve Anthony became one of the country’s most sought after voice over talents. His dynamic and unique range has allowed him to compliment most any commercial and promotional campaign. Anthony is a loyal supporter of the Hospital for Sick Kids Foundation, The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Mt. Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital and others, serving as host and spokesperson for numerous charitable initiatives, including Rally For Kids With Cancer, Hatz Off To Kidz, Strike Out Cancer, and many more. Anthony and his wife Tanya are dedicated pet owners to two-and-a half dogs (three Chihuahuas) and one cat. Catch Steve Anthony weekday mornings from 5:30am to 9am on CP24.  cp24.com  SteveAnthony.com  @steveanthony


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“I needed a lawyer there for me. I felt like I had nowhere to turn. I couldn't go back and I couldn’t move forward. Then I was told about Costa Law Firm pc. Their lawyers guided me through the legal process and led me to a new and secure life. I don’t know where I’d be without them.”

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ArthurK (Kerekes)  Toronto, On  Event Planner/Producer  Owner of Fusion Events  fusion-events.ca Although today we know him as a planner and producer of lavish, aweinspiring events, Arthur Kerekes began his professional career as a musician. Raised in a very musical family, Arthur’s father played the violin and his mother the flute. Arthur’s fondest childhood memories consist of family gatherings ’round the record player, the tune of great classics ringing through his ears. Arthur began to study the saxophone when he was just nine years old. He played in his elementary school’s rendition of “Tequila” in grade five, which ignited his great love for live performance at an early age. Classically trained under the wing of the well-known Canadian saxophonist, Paul Brodie, Arthur quickly advanced his skills. In high school, Arthur discovered funk, R&B and jazz. His musical voice underwent a unique transformation as he began to guest play with several local jazz bands. At 17, he and a few friends started their own band, by the name of God Made Me Funky. Before long, God Made Me Funky was fully booked playing at popular live music


Fall 2014

venues in Toronto, as well as private functions including weddings, personal parties and corporate events. In 2005, the band produced their very first original album, which was followed by a new album each year thereafter, of which their 2008 release was nominated for a Juno Award. Over the years, God Made Me Funky flourished as a modern day jazz and soul band and has had the opportunity to tour the country, play at various jazz festivals throughout the provinces, make appearances on Entertainment Tonight, Breakfast Television, eTalk and Much Music, and perform at high profile corporate events for Nike, Ontario Tourism and Fidelity Investments. As time went on, Arthur naturally adopted the role of Band Booking Manager. In this position he began to

Fusion Events quickly became renowned in the industry after facilitating high-scale entertainment events for Google, Microsoft, The German and French Delegations and extraordinary weddings…

form relationships with vendors, event planners, venue owners, photographers and entertainers. As his industry presence grew, Arthur received an increasing number of requests not only for his own band to perform at various events, but also for other entertainment bookings. In 2008, he formalized his role within the event planning industry and launched Fusion Events. At first, the company was primarily an entertainment agency representing bands, musicians and a wide range of performers including dancers, aerialists and contortionists. Fusion Events quickly became renowned in the industry after facilitating high-scale entertainment events for Google, Microsoft, The German and French Delegations and extraordinary weddings, a countless number of which have been featured in various magazines and media outlets. Arthur’s gift for entertainment management and live performance naturally evolved into an added, complementary service for Fusion Events: wedding planning. Phasing into yet another period of personal and professional growth, in 2010 Arthur became a Certified Wedding Planner with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC). Within just one month of his certification, he landed his first wedding planning contract. Specializing in trendy, high-scale, extravagant weddings, Arthur is able to offer his clients much more than the average planner. By combining his many talents in music, entertainment, production and planning, Arthur is changing the face of wedding planning in Toronto. An urban wedding planner with a modern, forward-thinking approach, Arthur is focused on the growth of the industry. Over the last three years, he has hired and trained five other wedding planners who have joined his team at Fusion Events. Arthur is actively involved with the WPIC, sponsoring major events and participating in various networking activities hosted by the association. He is a wedding planner who believes strongly in industry involvement and personally operates a mentoring program through Fusion Events. He gives up-andcoming event planners a new and unique experience in the industry, enabling them to learn not only about the planning side, but also about the entertainment, music, lighting, sound and production aspects that go into the execution of a successful, oneof-a-kind, groundbreaking event. As Fusion Events continues to advance, Arthur Kerekes makes his mark as a visionary, artistic and dedicated figure, both as an event planner to his clients and as an inspiring leader to his team members.


Let us grow them into the garden of your dreams. Before the first shovel touches the earth, the talented landscape designers at Green Valley will assess every aspect of your exterior space, whether residential or commercial. They’ll work with you, hand-in-hand, helping to bridge the gap between your landscaping ideas and reality, taking on all the challenges presented by your property. This may include addressing practical issues like climate, soil type and drainage along with aesthetic considerations such as plant selection and garden design. At Green Valley, we are committed to leaving no stone unturned in our ongoing efforts to arrive at results that will satisfy all of your landscaping needs.

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Voted Top Landscaping Company of 2014 & 2014 in the GTA

LET’S GET STARTED. Making ideas come true for residential and commercial customers in the GTA. Satisfaction guaranteed.

(905) 738-3834 GREENVALLEYINC.CA



Photo by Martin Olszewski, M + M Photography

Olga Pankova, Live Event Artist “Bringing your most cherished moments to life.” Sabrina Cugliari We all have certain moments in our lives that we wish we could freeze. These moments are so important to us that we sometimes wish we could relive them. Toronto based Olga Pankova provides us with the next best thing. A Live Event Artist, she provides a unique and exclusive way to preserve that special day by capturing the celebration or event on canvas, as the event itself takes place. A Russian National, born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Olga developed and honed her melodious style from studies in art and design. After graduating from The Republican Art Collage “P. Benkova” as an Artist-Designer, she continued to embrace her passion of art and portraiture. Currently a member of the Portrait Society of Canada and the Portrait Society of America, she is also the recipient of a number of industry awards as well as having placed first in a number of art competitions. Even without all these achievements and accolades behind her name, Olga’s work speaks for itself. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.


Fall 2014

With a paint brush in hand and paint ready to be applied to the canvas, Olga Pankova is ready to create unique portraiture paintings of the event at hand. The finished product is a special heirloom that clients will forever cherish. Guests at the event are also part of the magic as they are able to watch the painting process and observe the painting unfold before their eyes. She uses a number of mediums to

render her talents, all of which are able to capture the memories and the events of your special day spectacularly. Olga’s passions lie in painting portraits, different subjects featuring cultural/individual themes sensual works featuring women and other various, unique pieces. A gallery of portraits along with live events is available on her website: www.liveeventartist.ca. You can also view the excitement that is Live Event Artistry on her YouTube Channel by searching “Live Event Artist Portrait Artist - Olga Pankova”. Her talent, her passion and her professionalism all appear on canvas. With numerous testimonials, Olga Pankova’s Live Event Art is truly unmatched. “We have had the pleasure to work with Olga on a number of events and I can honestly say her work speaks for itself. Her talent is unparalleled and the reaction our guests have to her work is phenomenal. We have used her live event painting services for weddings, corporate and charity events. Olga is professional, talented and wonderful to work with. We would recommend her services over and over again.” - Michelle Garber, Owner; Fab Fete Event Planning Boutique, Aug 2014 If you want to capture a special moment or event, Olga Pankova will do just that and more. Providing a service that makes your event timeless, her Live Event Artistry will be the perfect addition to your special day.

 (647) 889-6297  olga@olgazart.com  liveeventartist.ca  @OlgaZArt


One of a kind events...


Romeo's Bakery The hidden gem in Vaughan that will make you fall in love with the cannoli. Michael Fillier Let me just get this out in the open. I am not a really big fan of cannolis, especially the Sicilian variety. There, I said it. But, I really tried. You see, I am not one to give up on dessert. I just couldn’t help being underwhelmed every time I was offered a new cannoli. “You don’t understand Michael, this is the best cannoli you will ever taste.” In truth, most of my experiences with cannolis have been good, but none really made me want to go out of my way to get one...until now. A few weeks ago, the head honcho of Top Choice Magazine, David Silvestre, starts with the same old tale of how he has experienced a cannoli that just can’t be beat. I highly doubted. I didn’t even want him to prove me wrong, I just wanted to laugh it off. This is just going to be another lackluster cannoli experience, no doubt. So, one day he decided to swing by his new found cannoli joint to try and prove to me that it wasn’t all just hype. So, after a couple


Fall 2014

turns off of Jane and Highway 7, we finally arrive at Romeo’s Bakery. It’s small, quaint and definitely a little hidden. It’s very cozy inside and smells great. After some pleasantries with the Father-Son owners, Salvatore and Fernando Romeo, we cut straight to the chase. Here it comes, a Sicilian cannoli like no other, or so I’m told. It looks pretty normal and as I take my first bite I’m already preparing my spiel about how I’m not really a cannoli guy. Then it happens, the crunch of the outer shell and when the flavour finally hits me, I can’t believe what I am tasting. Nothing about it seems like any other cannoli I have ever tasted. The shell must be handmade, it is just too fresh to be otherwise. The cream is beautiful, rich, smooth and just the right amount of sweetness. Finally! A cannoli I didn’t wish was over, a cannoli to savour. To top things off, I was given a guided tour of the kitchen and had the pleasure to

see Salvatore in action. Churning out these delicious cannolis that originate from a secret recipe he learned in his hometown of Calabria, Italy. As if I was somehow doubting the authenticity of the recipe, he even gave me another after freshly filling it. It really doesn’t get any fresher than that! Okay, I have to get out of here before I eat them out of business. I learned that the recipe is a true Italian secret that only two people in the world know. I’m just glad one of those people came to Canada! So, do I like cannolis now? Nope. I only like one cannoli and let me tell you it really is the best cannoli you will ever taste. You can find it at one of Vaughan’s true hidden gems, Romeo’s Bakery.  40 Winges Rd, Woodbridge, ON (East off Whitmore Rd, South of Hwy 7)  (905) 851-9846  romeosbakery.ca


...begin with award-winning planning.