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ISM IREB IREB : IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 You are employed as a requirements engineer in a company that develops control software for electric motors. During your work it becomes increasingly evident that the developers are very well aware of the necessary requirements. Even through the requirements are next documented in their entirely. Nevertheless, you decide to document requirements systematically. Which two of the following arguments justifies this step? (Choose two) Documenting requirements systematically is important, because . . .

A. Implementation without documented requirements is not possible B. Non-documented requirements are difficult to negotiate between the stakeholders C. The coverage of the requirements by means of test cause cannot be checked D. Documented requirements are also good requirements

Answer: C Q: 2 Which of the following statements best characterize the relationship between a requirement engineer and a stakeholder in the role of the tester?

A. The requirement engineer delivers input for the work of the stakeholder B. The output from the requirements engineer is managed by the stakeholder C. The stakeholder delivers input for the requirements engineer D. The stakeholder monitors the work of the requirements engineer E. The work of the requirements engineer is not related to the role of the stakeholder

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Answer: C Q: 3 A new system for monitoring vital functions of patients is to be developed. The system is to be used in intensive care. The usability of the system is especially critical, primarily because the nursing staff must correctly interpret the information indicated by the system and do so under great time pressure. Which two techniques are best suited to identifying the user requirements? (Choose two)

A. Questionnaires / interviews B. Apprenticing C. Field surveys D. Role playing E. Brainstorming

Answer: A, D Q: 4 Requirements elicitation: your company has received a customer contract to develop a system for scheduling customer¡¯s delivery vans. It is your task to identify the requirements for this scheduling system. You have arranged appointments for interviews with three members of the customer¡¯s staff, and are now preparing interview questions. Which of the questions below are appropriate interview questions for the requirements elicitation?

A. What are most important technical terms for the application and how are they defined? B. If the delivery deadline is not met, is a contact penalty to be paid? C. What data quantities / data rates are to be processed?

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D. When is the installation of the completed system to be started?

Answer: C Q: 5 According to the Kano model, there is particular category of system attributes that has an almost linear relationship between satisfaction and degree of compliance. For which category is this so?

A. Basic attributes B. Performance attributes C. Excitement attributes D. Needs E. Goals

Answer: B Q: 6 You would like to design a requirements document in such a way that it is particularly well suited to the project participation who are to continue working with it. Please select from the following statements the most appropriate assignments of requirement properties to participants?

A. For the tester the requirements must be practicable B. For the developers the requirements must be easily changeable C. For all participants the requirements must be consistent D. For the project manager the requirements must be evaluated E. For maintenance the requirements must be testable Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


Answer: C Q: 7 You wish to define technically relevant terms in project. Indicate the following statements in order to complete the sentence beginning ¡°the definition of technically relevant terms¡-¡± (Choose two)

A. . . . is desirable, but not strictly necessary component of requirement documents B. . . . must establish for technical terms their meaning for the system to be specified C. . . . must be cross-project in nature D. . . . is always made more understandable by means of additional examples

Answer: B, D Q: 8 As part of the ¡°UniKasso¡± project, The ¡°CRETIL¡± company is standardizing the payments methods for customers. The requirements specification has been created and the first release is currently being implemented. This week, the management has decided to include the implementations of the ¡°credit card¡± mode of payments in the first release and to shift the ¡°direct debit¡± mode of payment to the second release. The test manager receives order to adjust the test planning accordingly. Which particular characteristic of the requirements will facilitate the work of the test manager significantly in this request?

A. Coherence B. Testability C. Flexibility D. Stability

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E. Traceability

Answer: E Q: 9 HOTSPOT Evaluate the following guidelines as to whether they should or should not be adhered to when writing a requirements specification: Answer & Explanation Correct Answer Explanations No more information available Explanation: C:\Users\Kamran\Desktop\image.JPG

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-8- Q: 10 Starting from an informal and unstructured description of the facts, semiformal techniques attempt to take a step in the direction of formality, for example to prevent misunderstandings. One of the semiformal description techniques is the sentence-template. What is the most precise definition of a sentence-template as used for requirements?

A. A sentence-template is a blueprint for a requirement B. A sentence-template is a blueprint for the semantic filling of the individual requirement element C. A sentence-template is blueprint for the syntax and semantics of the requirement D. A sentence-template is a blueprint for the syntactical structure of an individual requirement

Answer: D

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Topcerts IREB Exam - IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering  
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