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HP HP2-B95 HP2-B95 : Selling HP Exstream Software - Solution Development 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 What feature is NOT part of the High Volume Delivery component?

A. multiple output queues B. barcode objects C. inserter definitions D. dynamic output file naming

Answer: C Q: 2 Which functionality is included in the Campaign Management component of the HP Exstream Solution?

A. Control the social network feeds for a campaign. B. Prioritize campaigns and target messages based on qualification rules and parameters. C. Determine postage costs. D. Determine best message content based on data analytics.

Answer: B Q: 3 Which features does the Output Sorting and Bundling component provide? (Select two)

A. Provides web based tools for sorting output and creating reports Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


B. Allows users to conduct extensive sorting with third-party postal cleansing and mail sorting programs. C. Reprint specific documents from an existing output file. D. Provides the ability to dynamically reroute documents to alternate output devices based on output device availability. E. Determines householding possibilities from data analysis.

Answer: A, D Q: 4 What is a way that HP Exstream streamlines business processes?

A. Allows the creation of message rules in a third-party business rule engine. B. Creates reports on business process optimization. C. Provides built-in design object approval workflow. D. Produces unique workflow designs from one template design.

Answer: B Q: 5 How does the HP Exstream solution make it easy to support rendering the same document with different color schemes (full color, black/white, and highlight)?

A. Full color documents can be sent to B&W or highlight color output queues without requiring any changes to the full color document. B. The solution provides additional conversion tools to render the document with the desired color scheme. Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


C. HP Exstream automatically detects the output printer or mode and will modify the color scheme to fit the output device. D. The solution uses Pantone as the color scheme standard.

Answer: B Q: 6 What is the main advantage of the Application Consolidator component?

A. It provides a browser interface so multiple users can access multiple applications via a web browser. B. It allows you to send the output of different applications to multiple outputs simultaneously. C. It lets you combine documents from several runs of the same or different applications into a single print stream to increase volume for higher postal discounts. D. It provides functionality that lets you manage multiple applications and their components, thereby decreasing maintenance costs.

Answer: B Q: 7 What does the HP Exstream Interactive (Live) component offer?

A. allows end users to provide document data for a controlled editing experience B. allows document recipients to select appropriate templates based on personal information C. allows for the retrieval of documents via a web browser

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D. enables business users to have total control over all aspects of a document

Answer: C Q: 8 What is the Exstream Design graphical user interface called that manages all design objects?

A. Design Manager B. Designer C. Remote Collaboration D. Live Editor

Answer: C Q: 9 Which phrase best describes the HP Exstream Solution?

A. Statement and Correspondence Creation System B. Document Composition System C. Print and Electronic Document Creation System D. Customer Communication Management System

Answer: B Q: 10 What is a way that HP Exstream helps companies communicate more effectively?

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A. Utilizes comprehensive analytic tools to determine best fit messaging. B. Prioritizes batch jobs based on business rules and available system resources. C. Delivers communications through preferred channels. D. Ensures every customer communication is delivered on time.

Answer: C

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