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SEP 2013


FIERCE dress to thrill FALL FASHION this season’s most flaunting footwear

Top: ASTR, Skirt: Moon, Sunglasses: Tom Ford Necklace: Lana Marelle, Bracelets: Lana Marelle Boots: Sam Edelman


Photographed by Malachi Banales member of Model: Betta (Hollywood Model Management) MUA: Chelsey Merrill Wardrobe Stylist: Monica Cargile Hair: Nicole Chew

Shirt: ASTR, Skirt: Pia Gladys Perey, Handbag: Lambertson Truex Sunglasses: Michael Kors, Necklace: Lana Marelle, Bracelets: Lana Marelle Boots: Sam Edelman

THIS PAGE: Top and Skirt: Annie and Jade, Handbag: Lambertson Truex, Boots: ALDO, Sunglasses: DKNY, Jewelry: Lana Marelle LEFT: Shirt: ASTR, Skirt: Pia Gladys Perey, Handbag: Lambertson Truex Sunglasses: Michael Kors, Necklace: Lana Marelle, Bracelets: Lana Marelle Boots: Sam Edelman

Cape: Pia Gladys Perey, Top: ASTR, Skirt: ElevenParis, Jewelry: Lana Marelle, Sunglasses: GUCCI Boots: Sam Edelman


Stripe Knit Long Sleeve Sweater w/ Leather Patches


Split Long Sleeve Sweater w/ Leather Patches


WOVEN TOGGLE TOTE in olive $379.00

Mustang Legging w/ Diamond Mesh $113.00


appeals to youthful minded women with a penchant for contradiction. “Contradiction is the edge that has always been so much a part of my personal style, mixing high and low always looks more modern. Pairing dresses with ankle booties, throwing a vintage military shirt over a delicate tank or pairing tiny shorts with a cozy oversized top is just perfectly sexy without being over the top.� It is this concept of contradiction that has continually inspired and driven the line which includes a full apparel collection, bags and accessories.

fall/winter collection 2013

Ty l i e M a l i b u P r o d u c t s a r e D e s i g n e d & H a n d m a d e in Los Angeles, CA USA


“Fashion speaks one language” Daloo3a is company that defines itself through the collective appreciation of it’s exclusive clients. Daloo3a is an online avenue, a meeting point for those who aspire to be part of a premier family of brands from across teh Middle-East, Europe, United States and Asia Pacific. The Daloo3a team constantly travels the globe in search of upcoming trendy designers and brands giving them a unique opportunity, as well as a platform to showcase their collections to the world. Our promise to our customers is quality, cutting edge fashion and world class customer care. Daloo3a is not just an online fashion destination it’s a lifestyle.


Model - Anna Lyashko Stylist / MUAH - Anna Mishukova Photographer - Olga Sova/ Location - Moscow



Rani Zakhem launches his second capsule Couture Fall/Winter 13-14 collection in a royal assortment. Stardust sparkle embraces a collection of nine opulent gowns with a resilient emphasis on stately embroidery and beadwork. Inspired by the “Van Cleef & Arpels’ Art de la Haute Joaillerie exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs”, Rani Zakhem’s Couture collection is trading between two key themes – the lame net-shaped silver embroidery in which deploys a diamond pavage architectural effect and the multi-colored stones conveying the stardust notion. Proportions and details are remarkably scrutinized in the collection – titanic multi-colored stones – ruby, emerald, sapphire, Diamond-like crystals covering necklines to hem, layers of tulle sumptuously printed with floral patterns adding a fragile beauty and volumes reminiscing on the famous Van Cleef & Arpels breathtaking floral brooches in an array of semi precious stones. The collection veers from the fantasy to the fierce to the straightforward – a range that marks the Rani Zakhem Couture signature. Diaphanous fabrics, Tulle, Chiffon, Taffeta, Organza and Mikado are staples in each of Zakhem’s couture collections. Embroidery included Pavé sequins, Silver to pink sheen beads, glittering stones inducing a mirror effect and Siamese sapphire blue intricate beadings. The color palette ranged from Peridot Green, kunzite Pink, sapphire Blue and light burnt Topaz.



the Nadia $55.00


ven her name - Erica M. - channels the power of a woman’s mystique. When it is also the brand name of the underground’s most sought after, exciting new line of women’s bodywear, everyone’s interest is piqued. In fact, these are designs that take sensuality light years beyond thigh-high, lace-topped silk nylons, providing illusions that conjure up intelligently sophisticated erotic visions. Erica M. gives the woman who envelops herself in the sheer second skin of any of the brand’s designs the sexy secret of what’s beneath her outer garments. Intriguing details of the secret can be revealed in teasing glimpses that go beyond her legs or can focus on a fascinating design that peeks out of the heel of a shiny black stiletto. It’s entirely up to her what, when, to whom and how much is exposed. Whether her inspirations evolve out of stylistic emblems drawn from 1990s fashion or the distinctive, elegant designs of 1920s French illustrator Erté, Erica M.’s bodywear creations are always provocative, erotic and empowering. They are among the most popular undergarments worn in the trendy club scene. Academy Award- winning actress Anne Hathaway even wore Erica M.’s sexy bodywear when she performed her one-night only show at Joe’s Pub in New York’s NoHo.

alluringly revealing fashion statement. Ultimately, “Nadia” is wearable erotic art with a depiction of a 1920s garter set woven into a conveniently single piece bodywear garment. The result is an attractive creation that not only enhances the beauty of the wearer’s body, but gives her the power to have fun with her very own special one-piece “ensemble.” Not to be outdone, the other designs in Erica M.’s collections are equally fascinating and enthralling. “Genevieve” with its mesh knit that accentuates the form and silhouette of the wearer, and elaborate panty-inspired pattern, and bow that morphs into a glamorous back seam. “Vivian,” another popular design, was what Anne Hathaway wore during her concert and is completely opaque in front. From the back, however, the picture changes dramatically with a wovenin tassel, rope and feather design fastened by a woven-in ribbon at the waist. “Ava” is a thigh high stocking design that employs the same back design features as “Vivian” and wraps them entirely around the legs. “Devotion” focuses on the cross pattern that was popular in the 90s and Erica M. gives it a bold new twist that forgoes the opaque and highlights the design details along the legs in front and back. “Lourdes” with its striking panty and leg woven-in details capitalizes on the cross pattern, as well.

All Erica M. bodywear designs are made in Italy of the finest yarns according to exceptionally high Erica M.’s most popular bodywear is called, “Nadia,” quality standards. To see all of Erica M.’s extraoran erotic trompe l’oeil design that creates the illusion dinary bodywear and to learn how to purchase her of a mesh net framed garter belt and thong panties products, readers should visit the Erica M. website topping long black stockings tied with bows and a at rope and tassel draped around one thigh. Beneath a skirt at work, “Nadia’s” secret remains discretely concealed. Later, she can easily change to make a more

the Hedon $55.00

DEEP Pocket$ & SPARKING Personalities Celebs who do more than behave badly By: Alaina Brandenburger

Like it or not, celebrities dominate pop culture. Everywhere we look these days, celebrity gossip is out and in our faces. Whether it’s the radio, 24-hour celebrity gossip channels, tabloids at the checkout stand or front and center on your homepage, certain personalities rule the headlines. At this point, we are all sick of hearing about the usual suspects: Lilo, the Kardashian clan, the Biebs, etc. It seems like all you need to do to get your name out there is behave badly. But what about the good celebrities? Sure, we all know that people like Brad and Angelina and George Clooney are charitable, but they get more press for their turbulent love lives than for their charitable work. The usual suspects, like Bono, Sting and Elton John, are known for charity, but there are many other celebrities who also lead by example – out of genuine kindness and not for publicity. Here are 10 of them.

10. Adrian Grenier

The man most famous for playing a celebrity himbo is actually quite the charitable guy. A well-known environmental activist, Adrian has contributed to charities such as Global Green and Oceana. He also supports charities dedicated to helping the poor, like Unicef and Feeding America. Adrian is more than just Mr. Moneybags. He actually gets down and dirty, having done such things as hosting a charity yard sale and volunteering at soup kitchens. This guy is all about using his fame to draw attention to causes that he feels passionate about and inspiring others to help too.

9. Jared Padalecki

While Jared is well-known in sci fi circles for his role as Sam Winchester on the CW’s ‘Supernatural,’ he isn’t the type that appears all over magazine covers for scandalous shenanigans. He supports charities for the American Cancer Society as well as the Alzheimer’s Association, drawing attention and support to important causes. Jared has also hosted charity drives for A Dog’s Life – an organization that rescues abused dogs and adopts them out to loving families.

8. Mariska Hargitay

This ‘Law and Order: SVU’ veteran has obviously been touched by her role as Detective Olivia Benson, throwing her support to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) to help victims of domestic and sexual abuse find help and healing. She also lends her voice to the Joyful Heart Foundation, which helps to educate and heal victims of sexual abuse. Along with these organizations, Mariska supports other charities, such as Keep a Child Alive, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Heart Truth and many other organizations devoted to health and wellness.

7. Kristin Bauer

While Kristin’s ‘True Blood’ character Pam cares about nobody but Pam (well, and Eric – but nobody else), Kristin herself is a very kindhearted individual. She is devoted to animals, having supported charities such as the Best Friends Animal Society, the American Humane Association and Oceana, among others. Kristin has also got her co-stars in on the action, auctioning off one of Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse bras for her ‘Out of Africa’ documentary, which is aimed at saving animals in Africa.

6. Anna Paquin

Speaking of Anna, she too possesses a heart of gold. As a reaction to an onslaught of gay teenage suicides, Anna came out as bi-sexual, and actively supports LGBT organizations. She also supports the Elton John AIDS Foundation as well as the Make A Wish Foundation. Anna and hubby Stephen Moyer have attended Fun Days for the organization. These events allow the wish recipients to spend a fun day with their favorite celebrities. They also joined fellow cast members in supporting the family of a crew member who passed away 4. Rosario Dawson suddenly. Rosario has played some pretty bad-ass ladies in movies like ‘Sin City,’ ‘Kids’ and ‘Men in Black II.’ Offscreen, however, 5. Carrie she is a very charitable person. She is very close to New Underwood York, having grown up there, and is actively involved with In the world of pop stars, Carrie Underwood is admittedly, the Lower East Side Girls Club. Rosario’s chosen charities “boring.” Happily married, Carrie is known more for her are comprised of a lot of organizations that help impovamazing pipes than offstage antics. A down home Oklaho- erished people and other disadvantaged populations. She ma girl, she is grounded and takes advantage of using her supports Peace Over Violence, Declare Yourself, DoSomecelebrity status to help others. She is a vegetarian and sup- and many others. ports PETA, The Humane Society and C.A.T.S. In addition to helping furry friends, Carrie has also lent a hand to Habitat 3. Christina Applegate for Humanity and supports Unicef, Project Cleanwater and She may have made a name for herself by playing shallow, The Red Cross. She has no time to behave badly. self-absorbed Kelly Bundy on ‘Married With Children,’ but Christina is anything but self-absorbed. A breast cancer survivor, Christina supports Stand Up to Cancer and Right Action for Women. However, she is more than a one-cause celebrity. Christina also supports Adopt-aClassroom, which helps provide essentials for underfunded teachers, The Trevor Project, which aims to help gay teens feel safe and supported, and A Day Made Better – another charity that helps teachers with resources.

Deep Pockets and $parkling Personalities

1. Selena Gomez

Most of the time, Selena Gomez is mentioned in the tabloids with her name attached to her on-again, off-again While fans of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ know Ian as the sexy, boyfriend Justin Beiber or her BFF, Taylor Swift. But Selena smoldering Damon Salvatore, offscreen, the actor is truly is part of a new generation of Hollywood softies. At only dedicated to making the world a better place. Along with 21, Selena has already lent her name to over 10 different charities such as The Alzheimer’s Association, The Trevor charities, including A Day Made Better, Stand Up to Cancer, Project and the Elton John AIDS foundation, Ian started his the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, UNICEF and more. own charitable organization to fund environmental projWith a huge heart and a passion for helping others, Selena ects, including saving endangered animals, cleaning water, proves that a young, beautiful starlet can be beautiful on sustainability awareness and more. Founded in 2010, the IS the inside too and that there is no need to act crazy to get Foundation has earned money for countless projects, and attention. has created awareness about environmental issues among his young fans.

2. Ian Somerhalder

Beyoncé ... wore a stunning white embellished crystal and pearl bodysuit with peplum skirt and fringed epaulettes throughout her ‘Mrs Carter Show World Tour’.

Every couture gown is created from a handdrawn illustration designed especially for each client by Creative Director, Tamara Ralph. Tamara was personally approached by Angelina, Beyoncé and Nieves to create breathtaking outfits for their respective high profile red carpet and stage appearances. Their personal aesthetics and personalities stirred Tamara to create unique one-off designs that embodied their individual styles and personas.




Exclusive couture house Ralph & Russo specialise in breathtaking evening, bridal, cocktail, tailoring and daywear. Established by design duo Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, Ralph & Russo offer its elite clientele a visionary couture experience in which craftsmanship and design are at the heart of every creation. Every Ralph & Russo couture gown is created from a hand-drawn illustration designed especially for each client by Creative Director, Tamara Ralph. Highly skilled and meticulous couturiers then drape, cut and pin the gown to the body before diligently stitching and sewing each panel, crystal and embellishment with the upmost care and attention. Each gown is made-to-measure, perfectly unique and can take hundreds of hours and up to 30 pairs of hands to create. The lead time for a Ralph & Russo couture piece usually ranges between 4-5 weeks from illustration to finished product. Ralph & Russo is a favourite amongst the elite, international royalty and A-list celebrity scene with followers including Angelina Jolie, BeyoncĂŠ and Eva Longoria.




Angelina Jolie ... captivated fans in an elegant custom-made white strapless silk crepe peplum dress with intricate button and rose gold detailing.

The house of Ralph & Russo is delighted to announce the opening of their new and exclusive Sloane Street showroom and atelier in London on 7th August 2013. The stunning space will showcase new, archived and never before released handcrafted haute couture creations and designs. From atelier to showroom, clients are invited to experience the refined processes behind each and every couture piece and observe their exceptional couturiers meticulously bring each couture masterpiece to life. Private appointments can be made by contacting +44 (0)20 8878 5399.




Vanina is a ‘Haute Fantaisie’ brand created by childhood friends Tatiana Fayad & Joanne Hayek. It all started as a hobby five years ago, when the girls decided to create jewelry by marrying old Lebanese coins with vintage chains and buttons. Since then, their designs have evolved into numerous collections of handmade pieces, known for their unique blend of vintage and modern styles that merges the handcraft and the industrial with a strong sense of fun. As a compliment to their jewelry, the girls have created ‘Les Caprices de Vanina’, spontaneous collections of bags, shoes, clothes, and other woman accessories. Today, Vanina is present in the world’s trendiest cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Florence, Dubai, and Honk Kong - and all their creations are still proudly manufactured in their local workshops in Beirut.


This is Paul’s third iconic New York City landmark shoot, all featuring powerful women taking charge of their lives – and grappling with the fear of failure, self-doubt, and similar anxieties that we all face.

Photographer: Steven Paul Stylist: StyledbyPhil Hair Stylist: Andy Tseng Art Direrction: Vicky Yu Make up: Robbie Minjarez Model: Meki Saldana @ ONE Management NYC Photo Assistant: Carlo Smith Ramsey

S T E V E N P H O T O G R A P H Y. C O M

Headpiece by Ami Goodheart Dress: Akris

Gentlemen, step aside. There’s a new woman in town – and she owns the streets. In photographer Steven Paul’s latest cinematic narrative, fierce fashion meets an equally fierce heroine. Paul depicts our heroine collecting money from local businesses and firmly establishing her role as Chinatown’s newest “boss”. She owns the streets and she’s making sure the men know she’s in charge. At the same time, Paul and model Meki Saldana from ONE Management NYC are not afraid to play with the duality of strength and vulnerability. In private, our heroine lets down her guard as she faces self-doubt, before recomposing herself and continuing on with ‘business as usual.’ But underneath her outwardly fierce exterior, universal fears still linger. Paul’s dramatic lighting heightens the fierce fashions. Even in the bright light of day, Meki moves within the shadows, stepping out only briefly from her car to collect payment.

Dress: Akris, Heels: Michael Antonio Eyewear: Mercura NYC

“This shoot truly showcases the importance of lighting and accessories for creating a persona.” Paul worked closely with stylist Phil Gomez and art director Vicky Yu to create the shoot’s unique look and feel.

Dress: CZAR Earrings: Ami Goodheart

“We chose Chinatown as the location for our third shoot because it is one of the most iconic New York City neighborhoods,” said Paul. “We’ve reimagined how Chinatown looked half-a-century ago. While the country was on the cusp of a sexual revolution, traditional Chinese culture was – and continues to be – very male dominated. What would it have been like for businesses to be run by a female street boss? What would her life have looked like?” Whether it’s Meki’s intense eye makeup, her sky-high heels, or brilliant red parasol, these details bring the shoot’s dramatic narrative to life. “Our heroine is powerful, but not power-hungry,” says Paul. “In a way, she’s above all the dayto-day drama that’s happening. At the same time, she knows she has to get her hands dirty – and she’s not afraid to do so.” Up-and-coming hair stylist Andy Tseng created Meki’s fierce up-dos. “Hair defines a person,” says Tseng. “Would Meki have looked half-as powerful or intimidating with long, flowing waves? Not at all. That’s why we chose tight, pulled-back styles that add further emphasis to her dramatic eye make up.”

Photographer: Steven Paul Stylist: StyledbyPhil Hair Stylist: Andy Tseng Art Direrction : Vicky Yu Make up: Robbie Minjarez Model: Meki Saldana @ ONE Management NYC Photo Assistant: Carlo Smith Ramsey

Eyewear: Mercura NYC Shoes: Stylist own

S T E V E N P H O T O G R A P H Y. C O M

Make up artist Robbie Minjarez created Meki’s smoldering cat eyes, adding edgy intensity for a modern twist on traditional eyeliner. “Minjarez’ eye make up plays with Meki’s sexuality and femininity,” says Paul. “She’s both strong and seductive, the ultimate business woman meets femme fatale.” Paul is clearly at ease collaborating with Gomez, Yu, Tseng and Minjarez. “Together, we started with a simple vision of iconic Chinatown and female power, and grew this vision into a complete narrative arc,” says Paul. “Working with Gomez, Yu, Tseng and Minjarez was an incredible collaborative experience. Our creative visions all came together perfectly to create this story.”

So, what’s our heroine’s next move after running Chinatown’s streets? We’ll just have to wait and see how the fortune cookie crumbles…

S T E V E N P H O T O G R A P H Y. C O M

Headpiece: Ami Goodheart Top, Pants, Handbag: Akris Necklace: AMYO

q a one

& FURNE ONE with the

and only


Fashion Affair Magazine has been a fan of Furne One’s unparalled designs for quite some time. In fact, his unforgettable gowns graced the cover of our July, November and December issues of 2012. Since then, this fierce couture Dubai-based designer has done what most designers dare to dream of. Within the past few years, he has gained the likes of supermodel Heidi Klum, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger and Amber Rose. We asked Furne a few questions about his challenges, inspirations and where he’s going next. FASHION AFFAIR: How old were

FAM: What has been your favorite

you when you first fell in love with fashion? What or who inspired you? Furne Amato: I was 10 yrs old. I always enjoyed watching my mother and my grandmother dress up and going to parties. I came to realize how much I adored how they dressed up and that is what opened my mind to be one day be a designer.

design so far and why? FA: My favorite designs are the pieces I design for celebrites and for competitions. When they are worn and seen by so many and/ or when I win a competition, this is when I receive recognition which is why they’re my favorite.

FAM: When you first started, did you ever think FURNE ONE would be what it is today? Has your vision changed from when you first started? If yes, how? FA: When I started I never imagine that it will be what AMATO is now. I started at a very young age and designed dresses for the family only; my sister’s prom, cousin’s birthdays, I didnt really think about it. I enjoyed very much designing dresses and watching them weari it and listening to how their friends would react and what they would say about them. My vision still remains the same: to be a fashion designer. But I became more focused when I won the “MEGA YOUNG DESIGNER OF THE YEAR”. It opened my mind when I traveled to Paris and New York under an apprenticeship with Josie Natori. After that, I gained new insight and clearity as a designer.

FAM: Who has been your favorite client and why? FA: All my clients of course because they are the ones who have supported me through the years.

FAM: What have you learned about the fashion industry over the years? FA: I’ve learned quite a bit: to be responsible, focused, determined and to love what you do. I have also learned to not compete with anyone. Make every collection better the last.

FAM: Where do you see FURNE ONE 5 years from now? FA: 5 yrs from now? My partner and I are thinking about a more accessable ready-to-wear line. As far as personally, I want to travel less, be more relaxed and spend more time with my family and friends.

The Circus of Good & Evil


“Designing is my life. My love. My everything.”


FAM: What do you do when you aren’t designing? FA: I am a home body. I enjoy reading a good book and watching movies. I pull a lot of inspiration from culture so I love traveling the world in search for ideas for upcoming collections. I also love the theatre, broadway, architecture and of course spending time with my family.

FAM: What advice can you give other designers who aspire to become successful? FA: To have a VISION. Vision for me has proven to be extremely important. If you have the vision then you know where your going and how to get there.

FAM: What is the most challenging part about being a couture designer? FA: Coming up with the idea and then the construction on how to make it.

FAM: What do you love most about designing? FA: Designing is my life. My love. My everything.




celebrity makeup and hair stylist Mikel Cain. Not only is he an amazing and talented artist...but more importantly, he’s also a kind-hearted human being. We hope you appreciate what he has to say and take a few minutes to view just a portion of his impressive portfolio...

The team of Mikel Cain includes the following artists: Hair & Makeup Artist: Kim Shirley Hair & Makeup Artist: Aaron White Makeup Artist: Danielle Bridges Beauty Director: Jamie Ryeland

When did you KNOW this is what you wanted to do/be?

I think as a child I was very much a loner and always found pleasure in creating things or at least visualizing them in my head. I started playing around with hair and makeup in middle school always practicing on my niece and cousins “”bless them” lol I decided to finally go to school and become licensed but wasn’t until several years later that I decided to pursue it as a career and when I did i went non stop and haven’t slowed down since.

What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

There are so many great things that have happened in my life time i could never name them all without sounding like I was just out right bragging. But It would have start with my Son I am a very proud father and of course nothing could ever top that, but professional I would say among all the privileges and good fortune I have been so lucky to have been a part of would be being featured in US VOGUES 120th Anniversary issue in 2011, everyone in the business certainly strive to have there work recognized and though I have been featured in as well delivered several editorial covers prior to the anniversary issue. I do know how hard everyone in this industry work and sacrifice, and so many of them have not yet have had some of the same opportunity’s. Anytime someone appreciates my work I truly consider it a real honor and I have remained humble enough that I can say this about the local newspaper or VOGUE, they all count!

forward to this event and plan on making it HUGE!

Where do you see MIKE CAIN, the business, What do you like MOST about what you do? 5 years from now?

This is an easy one, I remind myself and my team almost daily how fortunate we are and with working on this level it does provide a certain type of platform, and one that has its perks I will admit but also it comes with a bigger responsibility that I feel demands of us to give back. My amazing team of stylists and artists monthly are involved and or host events that benefit as many as can be reached depending on that months theme. We certainly make Women and Children our main focus but there is no limit as long as there is a need and we are able we certainly will be there. Our next event is September 20th in Cleveland Tennessee where we will team up with other artists and stylists for 2013 Fall Fashion Show that raises money to aide an all boys home called “Mercy’s Door” owned by my friend Paula Malone. We are looking

The next 5 years? I barely can assure you of what ill be doing tomorrow. lol We are definitely planning on expanding our brand, and the company more in a direction that does not limit us just to the hair and makeup side but would like to branch out more into more of a production / entertainment company that would provide a home for models, artists etc, and I definitely want to be available in order to focus on being an educator giving back to the future of our industry. People often ask if I would be interested in my on line of cosmetics or cosmetic tools and at this point i would say no. I have been offered a few smaller opportunity’s with various company’s. In order to do something like that and feel great about it I would have to do it honestly 100%. As most know many company’s spend tons of money into campaigns that

do sell millions, but are also not honest and that’s just not something I would ever want to have my name attached to.

What sort of challenges or pitfalls have you experienced?

I would have to say any serious pitfalls would have come in the beginning. Unlike today when I started out there were not many internship positions if any and salons nor individuals had a problem with say NO Thanks repeatedly. They did not want someone to hold there tools or sweep up there floors. At the time it was certainly disheartening but I chose to never let it discourage me but it made me only work harder, and in the mean time and already licensed i focused on more and more education in all areas of cosmetology and finding an area to specialize in as i felt this was the only thing that would help me stick out or at least find my way into the relevant circle of stylists and artists. Looking back now i would not change a thing as it is 100% what shaped me and keeps me going full steam ahead today.

Who has been the most memorable person to work with and why?

I usually always answer this by saying Faith Hill because she was the first “real celebrity” I worked with but I have to mention Britney Spears because of all the clients I have worked with or even been in the presence of I have never seen anyone work as hard as she does. Many people believe they really “know” the people they see on tv, but if we all gave that notion a little more thought we would know that its just not reality. When Britney steps onto a stage she literally transforms into what I call a “Machine”. While on tour she sleeps maybe three to five hours max every single night and some weeks if at all she takes one day off. Her schedule is planned months and months in advance and not one detail over looked and shes my top pick because she nails it with no complaining. Her and I share the same motto that “much has been giving to you, much more is and should be demanded” She is the first client that i have known to share the same philosophy as myself. People ask me often about Reba Mcentire, she is one I have always wanted to just meet and know, and there really is not much more I can say about her except that what you see is exactly what you get! She is truly a special person and I am not even sure if there will ever be a woman so universally talented and just truly respected by so many. Country fan or not everyone loves Reba!

faith hill

britney spears

What sets YOUR work apart from other hair & makeup artists?

I would say a few things and the first is usually the most obvious to others in the industry, that I work with an Incredible team of Stylists and Artists that travel with me while still mainlining there own business. No freelance stylist nor artists on this level travel in a pack as we do lol or welcome students and interns to come on board. I have done this for many years now and of course some have come and gone and i think that’s just a part of it where people some just don’t really want to keep growing. I certainly have enjoyed mentoring in the past and that system will never change. Now sixteen years in this business I am currently working along side the best team i have ever had as they work as hard as I do, dream as big as myself and they all truly share that same drive and passion that cannot be taught. It is a pleasure and honor to get to work along side what I am calling the Best of the Best! Something else that works for us and this is just across the board based on what I witness first hand as well is seen in the finished product and It would be the (DETAILS) I cant stress it enough! Details do matter!!! In a world obsessed with re touching and Photoshop as stylist or makeup artist you have to realize that after something has been pulled, tucked and smoothed over for hours, It is No longer your work.... Sometimes in editorial shoots and we all know magazines are photo retouched sometimes more than they should but I am always proud when my worked requires little or NO re touching and that’s the biggest compliment from a photographer an artist can receive in my opinion. I think everything has a place including re touching and I am thankful for them when needed but as artists we don’t want to get into sloppy habits with the mind set that it can just be fixed later. This is something I am always aware of and extend this same discipline to the ones I work with or have mentored in the past.


Is there someone in particular you aspire to do makeup or hair for? If so, who and why??

Looking back I would say there were at least 3 that come to mind right away. My grandmother and my two brothers. None of them makeup artists but all three people who could create things which sometimes left me memorized As a young boy I would watch my grandmother crochet rolls of yarn into these small patterns about the size of my open hand and then she would bind them all together making full size blankets and though that’s probably funny to some I was in awe as I did not know how she was able to do this. My two brothers definitely were and remain my greatest inspirations today, Jason was always one like my grandmother he could turn anything into something pretty cool, growing up we had a fully functioning farm and though most would never believe this unless they saw me working on it, but I promise its true. We had several huge gardens full of crops, with almost every animal you can imagine from 100 + pigs, chickens, ponies, goats and even a horse that liked to bite our cows. In down time my brother Jason would build things or create


obstacle courses in our barn loft from using the stored up hay these were the best times of my life for sure! My brother Daniel was very much the same, I have never seen him take on anything that he did not just nail and do better than most could in a life time as if it were effortless really. What really got me into the “arts� would definitely have come from listening to him sing and watching him play piano. Growing up in church I had been exposed to many great pianists and singers but NO ONE had playing style that was recognizable after just a few chords or a voice that is impossible to ever forget. It was amazing to me like my grandmothers crocheting, where did this come from? I still could not explain just how incredible they all are but they were certainly the few who have inspired me to want to create things and I strive today to create things that people enjoy looking at with my own personal set of techniques and style, so to them I say Thank you.

What’s next for MIKEL CAIN?

As we wrap 2013 and into the new year we are already committed to several exciting projects but only a few I can currently share. We will be working with Miss Spears in mid winter unless those dates are pushed back again “fingers crossed” We also have things planned with Faith Hill, and LeAnn Rimes. A few editorial features coming up in November and a few already scheduled in 2014. One super big project that music fans have been waiting and asking for now almost 11 years... It is almost 100% a-go, just waiting on a date and a sign off. Stay tuned because you wont wanna miss this one for sure!

LeAnn Rimes

“Love and care enough for yourself to seek out all the things that make you beautiful and then embrace it. When you Love who you are and become comfortable with all the things that make you special, it will become so easy to love and see all the beauty within others.� -Mikel Cain

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or what you do?

Last thing I would like to share is simply the same thing I have said for years in interviews and will probably continue saying as long as I am alive... Hair and Makeup are illusions that enhance the natural or base that is already present or sometimes its used to transform someone into a character. I call them illusions really as these looks and others will and do wash away with just a little bit of soap and water. This is for good reason as artists we strongly depend on great photography to capture these moments.True Beauty can be found in all things and in all people throughout the world. My message regarding beauty is to women and young girls especially, as i know how easy it is to get caught up on what we see in magazines and on television. Remember that most of these things are manipulated in some form or another and no one on earth is that perfect or flawless.... If they do exist? I have not met them yet and for the ones who claim that they are I am sure I have out take shots somewhere that will prove otherwise. LOL

The High Low interviews Tim Gunn on Why the Future is 3D Printed AND HanDmade In the first installation of our THL Talks, in which we discuss niche areas of fashion’s arc with industry influencers, Tim Gunn talks about technology’s growing reach into fashion. As it turns out, Project Runway‘s main man is a fan of wearable tech (even if the TSA lost his preferred gadget), just as long as it’s not on your face.

Gunn, the former chair of fashion design at Parsons The New School For Design, holds particular views on the evolving role of tech in fashion, from Nina Garcia wearing Google Glass to 3D printing (bonus — one of Project Runway’s next finalists is using it!), to what young designers, all technology aside, should always be able to do by hand. The High Low: Tell us about your take on technology’s increasing application in the fashion industry, and in what we wear. Are you generally for it, or for any particular applications of it? Tim Gunn: I’m constantly wowed by its potential. What’s so interesting about the relationship of design to technology is when you think about how technology has grown and evolved, fashion doesn’t get rid

of it. Think about weaving or sewing machines, for instance. The sewing machine was invented in the 19th century and it’s still relevant. It’s not like technology goes away; we just keep accumulating things. We keep putting more arrows in our quiver, so to speak. It’s really very interesting. I’ll tell you, too, that as the chair of fashion at Parsons, we were looked down upon by other departments because we [in fashion] can’t execute what we do in a virtual environment and have it be relevant to the customer. We get our hands dirty. Architects, for instance, can do everything on a computer, now. When I was an architecture student for a year during the 70s, you could work for 12 hours on a drawing, and had to drop indigo ink into a stylus. If it bled, you had to start all over. So in some ways, thank god for computer! That said, in fashion, technology enhances what the designer does, but doesn’t take away what’s already there. THL: Is there any single tech-related fashion item you’ve seen so far that you think is great? TG: For me, the test of new technology’s greatness is our not being aware of it.

When it’s in our faces, I’m not a fan. I want it to be so much a part of the overall DNA of an item of apparel or an accessory, that it seduces us subtly and then we realize it’s there, as opposed to it being a blunt instrument. I think that’s what the consumer wants, too, unless they happen to be a techno geek. THL: To that end, is there any fashion tech item that you personally use? TG: I use a Nike FuelBand. Because I’m a New Yorker, I walk all the time, and Dr. Oz’s words are always in my ears. What is it, 5,000 steps a day, or 10,000? But 10,000 takes forever. Anyway, the FuelBand’s not obtrusive and it’s very informative. You plug it in and find out all about yourself — it makes me aware of what I do during the day — your steps, food intake, liquids. I have a much more acute awareness of my behavior, which is a good thing, as opposed to being oblivious to how we navigate the world. And you know, the TSA had me remove it, recently, and when I came out on the other side of security, they lost it. The bowl it was in never came through.

THL: Is there some kind of dream fashion tech item, that doesn’t exist yet, which you could imagine being unable to live without in the near future?

recorded. The glasses themselves, aside from the camera attachment, are all right, but the presence of the [camera] is too overwhelming for me.

actually made clothes or not. It’s so important to know how to build something. I was a Lego freak as a kid, so I understand that only too well. The actual making of clothes — we [designers] all still need to experiTG: What I’m waiting for, and you can tell THL: Gary Shteyngart wrote an amazing ence it. Do we have to do it forever? No. But me if it’s already out there or not — I’m piece about Google Glass for The New we need to understand how things are put an ostrich — will be in the form of under- Yorker, sometime in the last month. together. garments rather than apparel we see. I’m He’s one of the Explorers. It’s the most looking for something that is an excellent, comprehensive picture of the experiAlso, I tell my students, I want you to know foolproof sunscreen. ence we’ve seen so far. the rules, so you can break them. Every designer has a responsibility to know, THL: Well, there’s UV protective clothTG: Great, I’ll have to find that one and read intimately, the history of their discipline. ing… it. My New Yorkers are piling up. Students say “it’s so boring.” But what if TG: True, but I don’t want to be choosing you’re a sculptor and you’re working in a shirt or pants. That’s why I say undergar- THL: Mine too. Moving on, are any isolation on a mountain top and you bring ments are so critical. It could be leggings designers you know doing something your work to a gallery, and the gallery for a woman or long johns for a man. I say you find interesting with 3D printing? says it looks just like Giacometti? Well, you this because with the shift in our enviWe’re huge fans of the technology, so have a responsibility to know who that is. ronment, it’s affecting our skin, and the far. What are your general thoughts on I say to my students, we must collect the changes are going to be more profound. We it as it applies to fashion? information that’s out there and put it in think about putting sunscreen on our faces, the Rolodex, so to speak. I’m always saying but meanwhile, those rays penetrate our TG: I think it’s still in its infancy. But I’m fashion happens in a context. Look at LL clothing. rapt by it, I agree with you. I’m in the Bean. I have the greatest respect for the middle of home visits for season 12 of brand, I wear things from there — and it’s THL: And speaking of wearable tech, we Project Runway, and one of the finalists is the same pair of boat shoes I wore 50 years have to ask: do you think Google Glass using 3D printing. I won’t even give you a ago. will ever look fashionable? gender, but this individual is able to do this because of the support of a research center And it’s not just in your discipline. TG: Let me tell you. Nina Garcia was on the at a university. The individual does not own Its political and economic — you set of Project Runway, and she tweeted the technology, but has been given carte need to know what’s going on that she’s going to wear Google Glass to all blanche to use it. I watched it in action — of the upcoming NYFW shows. I love Nina; fascinating. in the world. Well, back to your she’s a stunning, fashionable individual. question. The designer should She looked like an idiot. If there was some THL: That brings us to our final thought way to embed that camera… I don’t want — as technology pervades all sectors of still experience the making of the to see it. I don’t want it to bludgeon me. I our lives, is there one analog technique garment. asked Nina, “what is this?” And she said she or skill you’d tell fledgling designers was recording me. And I said, “why don’t never to forget? you just hold the camera? Why do you have to wear the glasses?” TG: If you look at Michael Kors, he’s not making clothes. He can’t, he has an empire. And then it becomes an issue, like wire tap- But he can do it. When I meet young people ping…maybe you should have to declare who profess to be designers, I can tell from that you’re observing me and it’s being their 2D drawings whether they’ve ever




buddha ring


b l o s s o m b o x j e w e l r y. c o m

emerald pearl gatsby earrings


emerald multi strand gatsy pearl necklace


emerald swirl tassel earrings


b l o s s o m b o x j e w e l r y. c o m

samar saied COUTURE

I didn’t start in a traditional way as most designers do, by deciding to be a fashion designer in a young age, I discovered my talent by chance. My story started when I was in the university, School of Computer Science, “Arab Academy For Science and Technology”. One of my professors told me that my skills would be good match for the School of Architecture. So I took my teacher’s advice and joined. There, I met professor Mohamed Shaker, the Ex Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University. He suggested that I had better focus on Arts.

I always count my blessings and consider my friends, family and professors to be one of them. They always had faith in me. This encouraged and helped me a lot to let the designer inside me grow.

Designer SPOTLIGHT After graduation, I thought about learning Arts. I studied fashion design and felt totally inclined to learn more about this field. Then I realized fashion design was my passion. After I joined the Italian Fashion Academy, my skills developed. even further. The positive feedback I was so used to getting only boosted me forward to take this path as my future career. I dream of having my own fashion label and making women feel s pecial and unique when they wear my dresses. “Creating a dress is like making a piece of art. I really love what I am doing and it ‘s my whole life.”

samar saied COUTURE


This dynamic lace-up wedge adds a bit of $555.00 victorian punk to any look.

I’m vegan and I know it.

K R Z E S T U D I O . C O M


This is a contemporary clutch with gunmetal chain wrist strap, zipper closure, internal pockets, and zipper fastening pouch.


K R Z E S T U D I O . C O M

MODEL Fashion Affair September

of the month ON THE COVER: Model- Leslie –Pinkerton Modeling Agency Photography- D’Andre Michael - @dandremichael Wardrobe Stylist- Misty Casseus - @styling4la Hair- D’Andre Michael Make-up- D’Andre Michael


I was discovered in a local beauty pageant in Texas. I caught the pageant bug at a young age and finally decided to give it a try at eleven. My first agent was in the audience, and that was the day that started it all. Like many models, I was a really awkward looking child. Imagine being 5’9” as a twelve year old. I remember my teachers telling me I was photogenic and should model, but I had no interest until I finally said, “why not?” My favorite shoots by far are the ones that take me to exotic locations and the ones that allow me to play a character. I recently went to Cape Town, South Africa and had to hang upside down for a shoot in these amazing handcrafted bodysuits. The modeling industry is one of the few industries, or maybe the only, where it is perfectly legal to be discriminatory. If a designer wants only blondes in her show, she can have only blondes. If a designer wants only models from Oshkosh, Wisconsin in his show, he can. That’s something that I’m still learning to accept. Some things are completely out of your hands, but everything else is there for the taking. I moved to Los Angeles like thousands every year to pursue my actual passion, acting. I’ve been in commercials, music videos, television shows, and just completed my first movie. I am extremely excited about the things to come in 2014.


Black Dress- Helmut Lang Heels- Giuseppe Zanotti Earrings- Stylist Own Bracelet- YUBIYOU

“I love working with both models and celebrities for various reasons. Celebs are more image-orientated where with models, you are able to be a little more creative. Both results are equally rewarding.”

D’Andre Michael

Photographer and Hair & Makeup Artist

Official: (under construction) Photography/Makeup: Makeup: Facebook: Facebook Page: Cosmetics: “Are you undeniably gorgeous, lovely and young? If so, you are an U.G.L.Y. Girl!” The new cosmetic line, started by celebrity make-up artist D’Andre Michael, is taking the world by storm! By upending the idea of what U.G.L.Y. really means, D’Andre Michael challenges young women to look inside themselves and to defy conventional aesthetic labels.

White button down shirt with bow tie print- G.Q.A. Clothing Skirt- Allsaints Heels- Vince Camuto Hat- Stylist Own Necklace- YUBIYOU Earrings- YUBIYOU

“I love working in a studio because I can control the lighting and I know what I’m getting. Although those times I’ve shot outside, I still use my lights.”

White Blazer- BCBG MAXAZRIA Pants- Helmut Lang Heels- Vince Camuto Necklace- Stylist Own Belt- Stylist Own

FASHION AFFAIR: What inspired you about doing this shoot and why you chose Leslie as your model and what it was/is like working with her? MISTY: After working with each other for about 2 years, D’Andre and I have come to realize we have a lot in common as far as the type of style we like to see in editorials. We usually start with a thought and try to find images to make an inspiration board. This shoot we wanted to experiment with different bold accessories, that would help make a statement. We also wanted to show off Leslie’s long legs and beautiful skin tone. D’Andre found Leslie through Pinkerton Modeling agency. He sent me her portfolio and I was immediately blown away. Being a stylist in L.A. finding a model that is a “true” model is very few and far between. Leslie has a very eccentric look, and legs for days. When we shot with her she didn’t disappoint, she rocked the shoot. She is very comfortable in front of the camera and knows how to move her body. Mid way through the shoot we had one question for her, “Why are you here and not in NYC or Paris!?”


wardrobe stylist

FASHION AFFAIR: How is it different working with a modelrather than a celebrity?

MISTY: Shooting with a model is very different than a celebrity. Models know how to move and pose, they know what angles are best for them...because it is their job. Celebrities are models sometime by default. They sometimes need a bit more guidance and take a while to warm up to the camera, which can make for a longer shoot. Back in the day it was only models that graced the covers of magazines, now magazines know in order to sell magazines they have to have a celebrity grace the cover. Both groups are fun to shoot with. I enjoy putting celebrities in outfits they normally wouldn’t try, and I love finding hidden gems like Leslie, that can turn an ordinary shoot into something magical. FASHION AFFAIR: What do you like best about studio shooting? MISTY: Shooting in a studio is ideal, mostly because D’Andre and I are not morning people. Our ideal shoot starts after lunch time. We are able to have more control over lightning, and we are also able to take our time. Shooting outside leaves to much to chance, and nothing is worse than rushing so you won’t lose your light.

“When we shot with her she didn’t disappoint, she rocked the shoot. She is very comfortable in front of the camera and knows how to move her body.” -Misty wardrobe stylist

THIS PAGE: Shut up Sweater- ASOS Shorts- Theory Tank top- Theory Heels- Ruthie Davis LEFT: Swimsuit- Nanette Lepore Heels- Ruthie Davies Necklace- Zara Bracelet- Runway Boutique, Los Angeles

FASHION PSYCHOLOGY Dawnn Karen is a NYC- based Fashion Psychologist. She focuses on bridging the gap between perception and reality by styling from the inside out.

RESUSCITATING YOUR RELATIONSHIP refuse to flatline your love

So after scouring your city to find your perfect guy, going on date after date, donning various outfit changes to avoid wearing the same thing twice; you finally found the guy that is marriage material or could at least be more than a casual partner. The courting continues and you even pull out your little black dress on one of your dates.

first step is to refocus on confidence building; spending more time with you by spending less time at his place. Set aside “me-time” to practice healthy activities of “self love”, giving yourself permission to be yourself “self acceptance” and to take care of yourself “self-respect”.

The second step is to review and refocus on your personal and relationship goals. After you recall The communication moves beyond texts to late night phone calls and a little “skyping”. After about what your goals are initiate a mentally stimulating conversation with your partner. Rediscover a couple of months into the relationship, having spent a significant amount of time with one anoth- your partner’s personal and relationship goals. You should both assess whether or not you are on the er you find yourself at his place 50 percent of the same page or what compromises you are both willtime. You start to feel a bit more comfortable, the ing to make. Always keep the conversations menextensions that you wear to make your hair fuller tally stimulating by learning about one another’s you no longer wear and you walk around in your likes/dislikes and views on religion, politics, sex, old sweats. You come home to him from work, venting about the same things- your boss question- finances, current issues in the news, etc. ing your potential, nagging yet encouraging phone Now that you have resuscitated the internal flat calls from your mom, why you think your best line, you must resuscitate the external flat line. friend’s boyfriend isn’t the one for her, and the list Commence to wearing those extensions as you goes on. once did during the initial dating phase. When You begin to notice that your partner is acting dif- you do decide to visit your partner’s abode, swap the old sweats for lingerie or a silk robe. After full ferently and you are not sure why. Subconsciously resuscitation of the internal and external, keep the you are beginning to feeling unattractive and unrelationship alive - never stop the courtship. important. Is the “honeymoon” phase over? You sense that this could be the start of a downward spiral into a boring and predictable mode. Haaa.... even resurrecting that little Resuscitation needs to occur to avoid the flat line black dress on a spontaneous date night! that fatefully happens in most relationships. The Dawnn Karen | Owner, Fashion Psychology Success LLC | Cell: 646-504-1730

Silver dress: Zara Collection Shoes: Charles David Necklace: stylist owned

c o o l as Photographed by TJ Manou Model - Rina Hair and MUA - Tara Shakespeare Styling - Olga Chechina


Photographed by TJ Manou Model - Rina makeup & Hair - Tara Shakespeare styling - Olga Chechina

Top by V.Olga Shorts by Wolford Shoes: ASH

Top by Cynthia Steffe Shoes: Jeffrey Cambell RIGHT: Dress by Loeffler Randall Shoes : Dolce Vita

Top: V.Olga Bra: Wolford Skirt: Rare London Shoes: Report Signature


FASHION beauty with Alicia R. Camlibel, Ph.D., LPC, Psychotherapist

My best friend recently got married. I have known her practically my entire life. Shortly after she announced the engagement, she came to visit for a long weekend. Needless to say, the topic of the engagement and wedding came up over that time. She began to describe to us her fiance and the picture she painted was of a man opposite to her in every way. He is a tall, tattooed, retired athlete and she is a petite, professional, suit wearing, mother of two. Among the many comments about him one struck a cord with me that weekend, she said something to the effect of, “our relationship is easy and it works, it works with me, it works with the kids, it just works.” Like most good friends and family would do, I was extremely happy and excited for her, and beyond eager to meet him.


Fast forward a few months later. The weekend of the wedding has arrived and my family and I finally get to meet him. The physical differences between them are very obvious, however, the similarities become apparent over the course of the weekend. It becomes evident why, as she put it, “it just works.” They share many similarities, including a love of family and friends, a passion for nutrition and exercise, the ability to talk and share things, and a desire to make each other the best they can be and mutual goals for the future. As we got to know him, my family and I came to love him just like we love her. You may ask why the heck, as part of my inaugural article for Fashion Affair Magazine, I am telling you this story. Well, this wedding weekend, coincided with me becoming a contributor to this fabulous magazine. As I thought about what to write for this first, and oh so important column, I kept thinking about my newly married friend. I kept thinking about how she said upon first glance, some people who know her were initially thinking, how opposite these two are. I kept thinking how you, as a reader of this

great magazine, may be thinking the same thing about me and Fashion Affair Magazine. In a nutshell, I am a psychotherapist on the East coast of the United States, I am a wife and mother of three small children, who is lucky to put on some mascara and blush, in addition to a coordinated outfit each morning, as I rush out the door to work. Upon first glance, I may appear to be the totally opposite of Fashion Affair Magazine. However, just like in my opening paragraph, I am hoping that with time you will come to know and love what I bring to the table. First and foremost, I am passionate about people and helping them be the best they can be. I am passionate about helping people to think about things in a different way and hopefully change their feelings about certain things. I am passionate about sharing what I know towards

You just don’t know until you know! You know?

Image courtesy of

these ends. I speak and write from the heart and I am honest, sincere, and respectful of all people. Fashion Affair Magazine aims to achieve the same goals. They bring the reader the latest in fashion, they help their readers by giving them information on issues that affect them and relate to the fashion world. Let’s face it, fashion changes the way people feel, not only about themselves but the world around them. Fashion trends directly relate to the times and define the eras in which they were created and leave a mark in our psyches that lasts a life time. What Fashion Affair does through the medium of fashion, I try to do through the medium of my writings about psychology and by sharing stories, information, and antidotes with you. Just like my good friend who I described above, I am hoping you will come to see that this

too is the start of a beautiful friendship and collaboration. Just think of how sad it would be if we didn’t give others a chance. How much we would potentially be missing out on if we made snap judgments based on appearances and never let others share their stories or never allowed ourselves to get to know others. There is an old saying, “Don’t judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” So if there is one lesson you take from this column, I urge you to not judge others based on appearances, to remember that sometimes opposites do not only attract but complement and bring out the best in each other. If after giving a person or a situation a chance, as long as it is not causing danger or harm to you or someone you love, if it doesn’t work for you, that is fine. That is called taking care of yourself. However, it is important to remember that similarities exist among many things in life and how sad it is when we deprived ourselves of these opportunities. I just want to thank Fashion Affair Magazine for giving me a chance to write and share with all of you and I want to thank you for taking the time to read my column and getting to know me better. I also want to publicly congratulate my best friend and her new husband. Take good care until next month, Alicia

SHOE STANDARD This Fall’s most Flaunting Footwear

By Sam Russell with The Wardrobe Dept

Art directed by Nick Mansfield

No need to keep this secret, the word is out! Nigerian born Obi Cymatica is next in

line to adorn the world with his captivating eye for all things tantalizing below the knee. Pay close attention to his detail,the fit and uncanny myriad of ideas coming from his young mind. If you don’t believe in magic, you may never manifest it into your life.

obic ym

We are having a shoe revolution, or better yet... a shoe revelation.

If you could bottle up California cool , with a whisper of Austin, TX and a particle of Bianca Jagger sophistication..this is what would come out of that fashion blender. If not for the 1970’s women liberation movement, we would not even be having this conversation.

Fashionable ideas and charitable ideals are plentiful at Modvanti.

Head to toe looks infused with a range of prices for everyone.Morocco inspired oxfords for her, vegan and cruelty free heels shriek “give me a good home�. This is the new titan of fashion.

m od ava n t i . c o m

In 1973, Timberland introduced the first waterproof leather boot, setting new standards for craftsmanship, durability and protection for the outdoors. Three decades later, the brand still has the basics you love, with evolved and unexpected surprises. Your shoes will always let everyone know exactly what kind of day you are having. By observation, your headed somewhere cool, charismatic and delightful now.

If we can fast forward your look, it would start with your fooTwear.

This is the type of woman that you want to talk to at the next cocktail party. You will not find a more captivating selection of boots anywhere, I swear by that statement. The wonderment does not end there. dresses, swimwear, intimates and so much more are at your beck and call to complete any look.

Ideal for identifying trends in color, fabric, embellishment, styling, and silhouette, The SFP LookBook features images of thousands of looks from more than 80 of today’s top designers, including Monique Lhuillier, Diane Von Furstenberg, Badgley Mischka, Naeem Khan, and more. The SFP LookBook compiles everything that the Fall/Winter collections have to offer in one volume of high-quality images—it is a must have for trend spotters, stylists, buyers, and followers everywhere.

Heed our warning, these shoes may be hazardous. Not to you, but to the passersby distracted. Avant garde inspired, Israeli-born fashion designer Yotam Solomon is one of our all time beloved artisans. Slip into the extraordinary and be assured that no one will be judging you by the shoes you wear now. Die-hard fans of Fashion Affair can expect to see more of his designs in future issues.

There is no ridicule factor when you make smart choices. Sebago is a celebration of everything New England, nautical in tradition and boundless in rave reviews. Dress shoes, boots, dock sides and more, ideal for anyone in need of pure quality in their life. Sebago is a lifestyle, attainable and as approachable as you.

Ready for a shift in your paradigm? Left Shoe Company instantly

reminds you of a time when quality and craftsmanship were a given and customer was king. Technology meets European craftsmanship for personalized shoe making at its finest. Come visit the new store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and get your feet scanned. You heard me right.

l e f t s h o e c o m pa n y. c o m

Its the simple things in life that make us happy.

A smile, a hug and comfortable shoes. Aetrex Worldwide is the leader in comfort footwear and orthotics. A riot of superb choices for him and her will make you an instant devotee. Pretty sure your tired feet brought you to me for a reason.

natural ROCKS Photography: Natalie Welbeck Hair: Dionne Smith - Make Up: Claire De Graft Styling: Sandra Aji

Photography: Natalie Welbeck Hair: Dionne Smith - Make Up: Claire De Graft Styling: Sandra Aji

Photography: Natalie Welbeck Hair: Dionne Smith - Make Up: Claire De Graft Styling: Sandra Aji

Sarmy Reyes Fashion Designer and Milliner H A U T E


SARMY REYES is a skilled latino designer from Los Angeles and winner of the “LGBT” award in 2013 and nominated and voted “Artist of the year” for his creativity as a Designer. Sarmy has hosted several of his own fashion shows, helping to raise monies for charities like (Bienestar, raise money for “AIDS”, Latinos con Corazon, New Talent Latino) and he also supports “LGBT”. With his distinctive style, he creates amazing couture clothing and offers a collection of very unique high fashion couture hats. Established in Los Angeles, his work is showcased at red carpet events, magazines and several films in Hollywood. Sarmy has been interviewed repeatedly and exhibited his creations on programs such as Univision Channel, Telemundo and Tv Azteca America. He has recently designed for one of the most famous latina Pop Stars, Gloria Trevi, for many celebrities and for the musice group, “Kumbiabellas”.

MUA: Johari Naves Photographer: Carlos Alfredo Models: Marisol Garcia, Natalija Mariposa and Nayroby Ortiz Shoes: Fashionably Hurt by Gustavo Hurtado



ESTONIA Model: Verena Krausser (Eskimo Scouting Germany) MUA, Hair, Nails: Elena Becker (Redken Artists) Set Desigh: Bjorn Koop Dress/Styling: Christina Rehberg, Helena Benac Bag Accessories: Kadri Kruus Necklace: Tanel Veenre Metal Accessories: Dana Mikelson (CEXN) Shoes: Buffalo, redesign by Bjorn Koop Making-of and Assistance: Dennis Sattler Photo/Post: Sandra Mika/

Accessories: selfmade by Sandra Mika

A few months ago, designer Bjรถrn Koop and I met at a party. We started to talk about his home country, Estonia. A beautiful place with creative heads and a clear trend in techniques. Bjรถrn started to create his own vision of his feeling for Estonia. He included the estonian designers Kaadri Kruus and Tanel Veenre into the project.

Corset: Dana Mikelson (CEXN)

The second designer is Helena Benac. She uses vivid and strong colors in novel materials. We got some accessories from the amazing fashion label CEXN. These accessories allowed us to underline the great emphasize of our model, Verena. She captured the look of the perfect ‘estonian girl’. She gave a strong impression with a puff of coolness. Mask: Dana Mikelson (CEXN)

Kaadri designed some wonderful bags for this shoot specifically. Christina Rehberg is used to design straight slices. Her outfits impress with a strong female look without unnecessary ornaments.

Bag: Kadri Kruus, Necklace: Loulou and Seraphine

Necklace: Tanel Veenre, Shoes: Selfmade

Elena Becker was our hair & makeup artist. She is influenced by uncommon braids. Each outfit was styled differently. We were able to see the traditional element of braids transition into a new and clear relation.

Bag: Kadri Kruus

We can’t wash away the memories of your ex, but we can help you attract your next love. Whether you’re a mild-mannered librarian or Hollywood vixen being chased by fans, your hair should be as strong and controlled as you. The team at Joico has always led the most powerful reconstructive technologies known to the hair repair arena. Even my coarse and unforgiving ethnic hair benefits after the first use. Come inside the sphere of Joico and understand that while some beauty brands come and go, this one is going nowhere.


in finefeather...

Shampoo 10.1 oz $14.99


Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream


If you’re like me, you hesitate on trying anything new on your face; immediate breakouts & sensitive skin have always plagued me. That was until I kept it pure. Yes, Athara Pure. The standouts were the superfruit & jasmine face cream, seaweed & algae face mask, and the Moroccan coffee eye cream. Everything here is handcrafted, vegan and can be customized at your request. Simple packaging and a love for all things eco-friendly is dominate. Swoop in and take a look-see at the freshest love child to join the beauty labyrinth.

at h a r a p u r e . c o m

This could very well be a precursor of what is to come: a motivated and informed generation that will not be easy to fool. Ava Anderson is a teenager—yep, you heard me right—and her brand is taking us to another planet like a rocket-propelled missile with non-toxic gases. A vision of safe, quality products for you, your kids, and pets with many more in development awaits you. Over 60 ideas in the pipeline to be exact. If you are won over by the Ava Perfume rub-on oil with engaging ingredients like vanilla, Italian nerol, rose and geranium, then you will be putty in her hands.


Perfume from Essential Oils

Ava n at u r a l s . c o m

Night Replenishing Concentrate


When you make it to the top, you should always send the elevator back down to those who are waiting. I never imagined myself shopping in Beverly Hills bringing home creams, ointments, and magical potions that would help revive my sensitive and complicated skin. But I did. You will not need to navigate through the overcrowded freeways of LA to discover the rewards,that hard work has already been done for you. Kaplan MD was founded by clinical and cosmetic dermatologist Stuart H. Kaplan and won me over with the entire line, especially the hydrating milk cleanser. Intrigue truly sets in when you set your eyes on the “Micro Circulation Applicator,” which accompanies your nighttime replenishing concentrate. Click on the website, as we guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like this!




Single Tube

Some beauty professionals’ tongues are so crooked they could open a wine bottle. If you are still proudly holding on to that rusted container of Carmex for your lips, this may not be for you. But when you are ready to hydrate dry and chapped lips or heal unsightly cold sores and/or fever blisters, then and only then will you be ready for Miracle Lips. As you ease closer and closer to that mistletoe during this holiday season, make the experience pleasant for everyone.

Surging in popularity is this new line of oral care products. Is it the cool packaging, the fresh flavors or just the mere oversight that no one in the oral responsibility business wants to make their packaging cool? You re-decorated the bathroom over the summer and this is that accent you want on the shelf. You will quickly go through the pink grapefruit anti-cavity toothpaste once your mate tries it, so move that gem to the other bathroom. No excuses to avoid intimacy now: shut off the lights, make out, and report back.

Pink Grapefruit Mint Toothpaste


Pull your boat into port with this line of skin care products & treatments for the face and body inspired by the sea. Phytomer cares about your skin problems just as much as you do--if not more. It’s a marriage of raw materials offered by the ocean with the best procedures in manufacturing cosmetics known to man. High marks for the blemish eraser cream, detoxifying cleansing gel & seaweed soap! Dive in, fall in love and swim in these calm waters created just for you. This is the absolute leader in ocean, science and beauty.

Cleansing Gel




Eyelift Serum

Let’s take a long break from what divides us and focus on what we have in common—a love for quality skincare options. Sold in the most prestigious stores in Sweden & flooded with equally impressive reviews, Jabu’she is a skincare line for everyone who wants to improve the look and feel of aging or sun-damaged skin. Jabu’she gives the skin a finer luster, increased vitality and fewer visible pores. So wrangle together all the other beauty mistakes you purchased and prepare to toss them out. Grieve, forgive yourself, and then move’s time for the next chapter of real beauty results.

Most men and women with sensitive skin cringe at having to shave. I am one of those people, that is, until I was turned onto EcoArmour. The intoxicating smells made me think I was in a spa...but I was not. Hypersensitive skin has a new ally and the purest ingredients were the missing link. Who knew? The next generation is asking more questions about what we buy and its contents. The answers are alarming. Slap some pink grapefruit on that masculine beard, or keep it minty and refreshing. The young doppelganger at home will be eager to shave when they are of age once they see mom and pop enjoying this daily routine.

Mint & Eucalyptus


While you were daydreaming of skin that was reminiscent of your youth, the team at Pycnogenol was hard at work bringing that nostalgia back to life. No smoke and mirrors and no fancy ad campaigns. Science and an industrious passion is at the core of founder Charles Haimoff ’s beauty development. The key and trademarked ingredient is the French maritime pine bark extract, which is extracted from the bark of mono-species pine trees grown exclusively in Les Landes de Gascogne forest in southwest France. Come see what is the result of 40 years of research. Your skin will thank you in spades.

Soothing Moisturizing Cream




This is truly a labor of love. Organic make-up means you will no longer need to make your skin suffer. Add color to your lips and mask any under eye circles left over from that bachelorette party all the while knowing that your health is not being compromised. W3ll People is a mindful approach to beauty powered by 3 core principles: advanced performance, premium natural & organic ingredients, and social responsibility. Of course, nothing is tested on animals. You can even get started with perfectly paired complexion and color kits. Come inside W3ll People. Your friends at Fashion Affair would never divert you in the wrong direction.

Ever try a line of facial products created by a graduate from MIT with a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering? Your skin will need specific care at various stages of life; this is the key philosophy behind Bona Clara that the others are missing. Their easy to navigate website gives you the option of shopping for your age range, and then you can peruse the best the beauty biz has to offer in creams, make-up removers and so much more. The Jet Setter kits are ideal for busy professionals like you; there simply is no reason not to love on Bona Clara. Gently repair what the competitors overlooked. That smirk in the mirror means you did listen to your fancy friends at Fashion Affair.

Jet Setter Set Kit



Women’s Pinstripe Anchor Tank - Easy to pull over for a relaxed look, our loose fitting tank will be the only article of clothing you’ll want to resort to for those lazy summer days. Roll out of bed, slip into some denim cut offs, and pair it with our slouchy beanie for an effortlessly cool look. Colors: Black or Coral 100% Cotton


POWER love 3/4 Sleeve for men arriving soon!



FA S H I O N helping others in the name of


Look down. Where did those clothes you’re wearing come from? Or maybe, what are they doing? Getting dressed every morning is often overlooked and simply falls into routine. But we here at Barnabas Clothing Co. want to take such an integral part of our lives and allow it to effortlessly impact others all around the world. Living a positive lifestyle can be as easy as throwing on a t-shirt in the morning! Wear a brand that shows others you know that a difference needs to be made in this world, and that you are making it happen.


Did you know that your Barnabas purchase will help better the lives for those with terminal illnesses in Kenya? Non-profit organization “Living Room International” receives 10% of all sales at Barnabas Clothing, which is then used to provide physical treatment, medical support, and train caregivers, and emotional treatment to support families. Each purchase made goes towards these efforts, which means each customer has the power to better the lives of others. Inside each garment we connect the dots with a “Because of You” statement, so you know exactly how your purchase is making a difference.


A charitable purchase is a great way to make a difference, but lasting benefits must come from within. Barnabas encourages everyone to live a life worth imitating. That is, a bold and courageous disposition that will stand by what ever it takes to promote the well being of others. Wearing a brand that upholds such standards for every human being is your way to reach out to others to live their own version of a life worth imitating.


This slouchy pullover is the perfect toss on for an effortlessly fashionable look, with its flirty neckline and triblend threads. Run your errands head to the beach, and go out on date all in the same outfit! Fabric: 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon Colors: Fuschia, Athletic Grey or Turquoise $32.50

The WHY behind the brand Barnabas Clothing is inspired by the work the Living Room International organization continues to do in Kenya. We see their compassion, their dedication, and their commitment to hope, even in the face of suffering and death, as extraordinary. Their daily decision to live in solidarity with the outcasts and love those living on the margins, models to us a LIFE WORTH IMITATING. - See more at: Those infected are more often left orphaned or widowed because their loved ones have been killed by the sickness. Others experience severe rejection or abandonment from their families or communities due to long-held stigmas about the disease. The Living Room International is a non-profit organization based in Western Kenya that provides comprehensive care to those men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS or other life threatening illnesses. Their vision is to be a community that honors life and offers hope and they do so by becoming family to those that are dying. The organization has a 26 bed inpatient hospice facility that allows them to provide compassionate medical, emotional and spiritual support for the patient in their final days of life. The environment and atmosphere is that of a home - everyone is welcome, everyone is loved, and everyone belongs. No one is left to face their pain or fears alone. Outside of the facility, the staff also makes home visits, bringing critical care and compassion to house-bound patients. In addition to hospice care, the Living Room is a training institute on HIV/AIDS prevention and in collaboration with other organizations provides education and resources to the surrounding community.

In a culture overrun with violent images and messages of settling for society’s standard of what is ‘normal’, we at BARNABAS want to say something different. We say: ‘Be bold and courageous!’ And we want to encourage anyone and everyone to be fearless in making choices that make a difference in their life as well as those around them. We think the best way to get that message out is to be examples of this message and be intentional about living our lives with purpose and action to LIVE A LIFE WORTH IMITATING. So, BARNABAS is more than a brand or a logo -- it’s an identity and lifestyle. The actual meaning of the name is “Son of Encouragement,” and here at BARNABAS we see our purpose as just that - To be people of encouragement in every aspect of our lives - with what we say, what we do and even with the clothes we wear.


No matter what the season, our Cotton Jersey Infinity Scarf will keep you stylish and cool year round! This stretchy infinity scarf has tons of personality, style, and easy to drape loop shape. Available in solid and stripe prints or our cool stripe designs that will match nicely to any fashionable outfit you assemble. 100% Cotton 60” L x 24” W Hand Wash Cold; Line Dry $18.00









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