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surreal fashion photographer


ALCHEMICAL COLLECTION Alchemy, a transformation. An ancient art, a philosophy, wisdom to make of some base material something sublime. From lead to gold, from corrupt to divine, turning to celestial spheres and a protean science to discover, learning from geometry, from raw matter. In a grain of salt one million atoms, one million souls. We live the future, but where now is our philosopher’s stone, our greater understanding of ourselves and the universe. What corners remain unsearched. What too have we forgotten.


Photography: Lucia O’Conner McCarthy Hair: Elvire Roux Make-up: Helena Lyons Stylit: Coline Bach Model: Jade McSorley Nails: Painted Lady

MEMENTO MORI COLLECTION Talismans of mortality, memories of lives and loves lost. A curved bone of hair in a locket, a faded photograph, fixing the past in the present. Remember this: Our efforts should have meaning, our purpose should be true, we should alive in this moment. Life is a dream inside a dream, and that final journal is ours to join as well.


Photography: Grant Sebastian-Lee Hair: Alain Pichon & Elvire Roux Make-up: Nobuko Maekawa Model: Monique Sterling

fashionaffairmagazine.com oct2013

MILAGROS COLLECTION Two lines meet in a cross, paths extending. A heart, a flame, an open palm, a snake biting its tail, a star, a moon. Strong symbols predating known religion, borrowed, stolen and blended into culture, become icons and artifacts to be worn and cherished. But at their core, talismans of devotion to some power, or memory, or purpose, connecting a physical treasure with a spiritual truth.


Photography: Grant Sebastian-Lee Hair: Alain Pichon & Elvire Roux Make-up: Nobuko Maekawa Model: Jenny Harper



technology friendly handbags & accessories



Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

A selection of rich colors and sultry silhouettes formed the basis for Lum’s delightful collection, which turned out to be largely about glamourous looks with floral beaded details. Her first show in the U.S. at Nolcha Fashion Week Spring/Sumer 2014 won a unanimous positive review from those in attendance.

The combination of subtle colors, detail along the shoulders, running along the ends of pieces were a delight to see. Falling below the knee - much like many of her dresses of seasons past they made for a fresh, more relaxed, but yet still tailored feel.

This collection did not have fitted dresses, instead the collection stormed the runway with a more relaxed feel, with minimalist shapes, soft fabrics, detailed lace, and an elegant flow. Simplicity with a touch of detail.

the future looks bright.



F PAIR L L into a



MELISSA RIDING SPECIAL Boots are an essential item in the winter. When they make the two-in-one style, even better! In four neutral color choices, Melissa Riding Special has detachable half chaps and a velvety feel as their unique feature. In the ankle boot version, the matte finish makes them convenient and versatile. Pair them with a miniskirt, pantyhose and a jacket or skinny jeans and soft knitwear. The perfect pair for chillier days.


Melissa enthusiasts will swoon over this MINI MELISSA Tiny accented by an embossed fox face! In ULTRAGIRL IV model four color choices and matte texture, the added charm is provided by the little tail – also embossed – in a contrasting hue, adorning the heel and side of the shoes.



Melissa Ultragirl+ Jason Wu bets on the femininity of lace, which shows up as a trompe-l’oeil print on the peeptoe flats. There are four new color choices, accented by a fabric bow and the application of the little Miss Wu owl – the designer’s symbol. Pair them with woven dresses for more sophisticated looks. Or wear them with distressed jeans and a t-shirt for everyday looks.



The Melissa Drama ankle boot is sheer vertigo. With an unusual cut on the side of the shoes, this model reveals and conceals at the same time. When you go clubbing, bet on Melissa Drama along with a super necklace and a clutch. Or go rock’n’roll and pair them with dark skinny pants $140.00 and loose tank tops.


the Nadia $55.00



The heart of fashion - A multidimensional phrase that embraces the inspiration, motivation

and cultivation of ones love of beauty, self and self-expression. It seems like a simple four word tagline but it underlines the many stages of fashion and the love of beauty shared by every participant. The heart of fashion can be seen on runways, in photographs, in clothing designs and sketches but it also lies in the thoughts that serve as the pulse that gives life to creativity. It beats through the passion of workers and flows through their penetrating desire to contribute to the world and complement its natural beauty. The heart is the epicenter and the result of all that is fashion, whether we always recognize it or not. We watch shows but what we don’t always see or understand is the inspiration behind the looks. We see graceful draping of taffeta accented with harsh, dark leather. The model looks so graceful, edgy and invincible. Immediate thoughts of purchase cross our minds and we begin to plan for the perfect occasion to wear the new look. We look, anticipate, and eventually consume but what we don’t see, is that at the heart of the designs is a unique story of a mystical love that ended in devastating heartbreak. We don’t see the designers desire to release a pain while simultaneously attempting to remain strong and true to self. We robotically flip through magazine pages until something catches our eye, not knowing what it is about the photo that keeps us from averting our gaze. There is something about the light on the page; something about the look in the models eyes that reminds us of a life we once dreamed of or lived. That thing that stops us in our tracks is the heart of the photograph. It is the photographer’s ability to tune in and instinctively capture the exact moment the light illuminates the excitement of opportunity and manifest dreams in the eyes of a young model often lost in a world of countless unknowns. We can all relate to moments of uncertainty and hope for an opportunity for things to be a little different than they are- for us to be different than we are. We can all relate to the heart in our unique ways.


“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. it’s about something else that comes from within you.” -ralph lauren

The heart of fashion is the vision behind transformation. It stretches far beyond the hopes of an artistic soul and reaches us all as either a reflection of who we are or a projection of who we want to be. It’s the confidence of a woman in the perfect LBD that accentuates her curves while whispering her worth to anyone who sees her pass by. It is an everyday choice of many to own the uniqueness society previously labeled a flaw. The heart is a desire to transcend boundaries of mundanity, the ability to dream beyond circumstance and get a quick “pick me up” during difficult times. It is the way we imagine the world and the way we want the world to imagine us. We are all consumers but we all have the ability to create and contribute in our own ways. It doesn’t necessarily take a talent or a skill perfected through years of formal study. As individuals we have the opportunity to express ourselves according to our own definitions and standards of beauty. We have the choice to look beyond the physical and seek to understand the true stories of fashion. As I think about the ways I personally have overlooked deeper meanings and intricacies of the beauties I enjoy, I find a desire to know more about my fashion “faves” and what my choices say about who I am. Let’s all delve deeply into ourselves so we can not only enjoy the beauty pouring out of the hearts of others but so that we can continue to discover our own hearts of fashion and our own way of adding beauty to the world. Submitted and written by Alyssa L. Williams


miss aniela

it surreal world after all SURREAL FASHION is where fashion meets fine art, beauty meets absurdity, and couture meets chaos. Miss Aniela suspends beautiful models in memorable, glamorous images, set in impeccably decorated rooms with a dreamy aristocracy and a surrealist subtext. Many of these images take classical works of art from the 19th century and earlier, pull them apart and breathe a new modern context around their brushstrokes. Dreamy, opulent characters interact with fictional elements so that the unreal becomes real and vice versa; an optical illusion of high fashion where antlers grow from hanging canvases and lashing seas span out from open doorways, with tiny men from another era perched atop the crest of the waves. The images are shot all over the world, from French chateaus to LA mansions, to classic English stately homes and kitsch London prophouses, amounting to many hours of production. missaniela.com

‘TUSK’. Brooklyn NY. Dress by Faviana. Styling by Jay Johnson. Model - Germaine DiNigris. Hair by Jessah Amarante. Make-up by Olivia Moss.

‘Storm Door’ Model - Kim Rowley. Styling by Jay Jessop. Shot at PODAS, Weston Park UK

‘Doorway in the Debris’

Surreal Fashion shot in London, experimenting with the model submerged into a painting... an 1857 sea by Marcus Larson. Brown bird is from ‘The poultry yard’ and black bird is from ‘Bird Concert’ both by Melchior de Hondecoeter, circa 1636-1695.

Credits - Model: Natalia Doktor / Stylist: Minna Attala / Dress: Tube Gallery by Phisit & Saxit / Net collar: National Theatre Costume Archive / Cream faux fur neckpiece: Della Reed/ Hair: Tati Zarubova / Makeup: Rhiannon Chalmers / Stylist’s assistant: Becky Smith / My assistants: Ian Mears & Tim Matthews


“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You have to set yourself on fire.” (Arnold Glasow) Here is Annabelle on the water outside the Hamptons villa during our NY Fashion Shoot Experience. Her dress has gone from a flock of canaries into a strip of flames! This was at the very end of the whole event when we took Annabelle out to ‘walk on water’ with mostly everyone winding down from their set-ups, coming out to watch or snap pictures! All filmed for the Framed Show - capturing the calamity of this set-up on cam! In editing, the floating concept wasn’t quite enough for me so I sat and stared and waited for further divine/hellish inspiration. Full credits for this amazing team: Model is Annabelle Lyttle. Dress and styling by Leonid Gurevich. Necklaces by Marina Prokopiva; bracelets by Clara Kasavina. Hair by Numi Empire, make-up by Nadine Vendryes. Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega. Assistants: everyone! Shoot producer: Matt Lennard. Shot with natural light, on Nikon D800E with 70-200mm lens. — with Leonid Gurevich and Annabelle Lyttle.

‘The Dance’

Surreal Fashion from the NY Hamptons villa with dog from ‘Landscape with a Dog and Partridges’ by Alexandre-Francois Desportes, 1719. Model: Agnieszka Artych / Bodice, dress, shoulder decoration & tulle headpiece worn as part of dress: Esther Jean / Feather crown: Anya Caliendo Couture Millinery Atelier / Earrings and shoes: Kilame design by Pamela Quinzi / Flower bracelets, and leather flower necklace: Bloom Bazaar / Hair: Kisha Marie / Makeup: Chifumi Nambashi / Stylist: Leonid Gurevich. / Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega / Shoot producer: Matt Lennard

‘The Kai Face’

The commission was to create a large-scale piece, of a Chinese theme, to endlessly compel the eaters dining in the restaurant Kai Mayfair, London. This is an amazing award-winning Michelin star restaurant if you are ever lucky enough to eat there.

The Making of Kai Face At first glimpse at such a small size on a screen, it does not necessarily bear much impact. This is why I made a video and you can watch it here: missanielablog.com/the-kai-face.

‘Melchoir’s Medley’

One of my favourite crazy outfits styled by Leonid during our NY shoot earlier this year. A strange visual melody came about with a trio of painted birds... all from three different 17thcentury paintings of Melchior d’Hondecoeter. The end style reminded me of an old painting advertisement and in that respect a little different from my others in this Surreal Fashion series. Most importantly I had fun making it, as always! Model: Latrishe at KB1111 Models / Stylist: Leonid Gurevich. / Dress: Von Vonni / Bobbin top: Kristin Costa / Turquoise necklace: Kilame design by Pamela Quinzi / Red necklace and necklace on head: Clara Kasavina / Hair: Numi Empire / Make-up: Nadine Vendryes / Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega / My assistant: Brent McCombs

‘The Catkeeper’

The crazy eccentric artist lady with a home to die for and an army of metal cats! First from our fantabulous shoot in the Hamptons, our New York Fashion Shoot Experience on styling steroids! We pushed the boat out on this one and it went down like a storm! This is just where I wanted to be: a beyond-dreams location, with the best ingredients, led by genius, uber-hardworking, passionseeping stylist who dreams in my language - Leonid Gurevich. Model is Annabelle Lyttle / Dress by Daniel Feld / Hat by Anya Caliendo Couture Millinery Atelier / Earring, bracelet, ring by Clara Kasavina / Hair: Numi Empire / Makeup: Nadine Vendryes / Stylist: Leonid Gurevich / Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich & Michelle Ortega / Producer extraordinaire - Matt Lennard / Lighting assistant Brent McCombs

‘Away with the Canaries’

Photo meets painting, new Surreal Fashion in yellow-fronted plumage couture! At the time of seeing this in-camera, I felt it was ‘the shot I came to NY for’. But I also knew that there was something magical to be done with yellow birds, the tulle already looked like feathers spilling through the bars of a cage. Model is Annabelle Lyttle. Dress & styling by Leonid Gurevich. Necklaces: Marina Prokopiva, bracelets by Clara Kasavina. Hair by Numi Empire, make-up by Nadine Vendryes Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega. Assistants on set: Brent McCombs & Catherine Jolley. Shoot producer: Matt Lennard.

A Fashion Rapture at London Fashion Week September 2013

London Fashion Week is one of the most popular weeks for designers around the world... Runway shots by Bogdan Staiculescu with cosmincernica.com

From the 13th until the 17th September 2013, London Fashion Week hit the streets. London Fashion Week is an apparel trade show held in London twice each year, in February and September Organized by the British Fashion Council (BFC), London Fashion Week first took place in 1984. It currently ranks alongside New York, Paris and Milan as one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks. The fashion world arrives in London to participate in the £20+ billion UK fashion industry. Until now, not every talented designer has been able to afford the insanely high costs associated with putting up a fashion show and bringing in the right audience, media and buyers; therefore their talent has remained unseen. Lady K Media and her team is on a mission to change this.

Headed by Savita Kaye (aka Lady K) CEO of Lady K Media and founder of with Benjamin Amure, ‘The Angels of Fashion’ is an annual event starting September 2013 to help promote upcoming international designers, models, and creatives. The fashion show is proudly supporting ‘The Princes Trust’, a charity helping the underprivileged 13-30 year olds, giving them an opportunity to better themselves and learn new skills.

Lady K stated, ‘I have always loved fashion, and bringing a global feel during London Fashion Week is very exciting. Fashion is for everyone, from anywhere in the world. I want the world to celebrate together and witness never seen creations. This platform will help many designers as a springboard to the next level without spending thousands of pounds. Also, gives the next generation of designers hope that their collection can have the same media/press platform like the top designers around the world.’ The event took place at the Hilton London Paddington on Saturday 14th September 2013 and is sponsored and supported by Hilton London Paddington, The Body Shop, Superstar Magazine and heavily supported by Fashion Affair Magazine.

The event celebrated fashion and music; performances by up and coming performers taking the UK by storm, Mazey Banks, Valentine, Do It Ya Self Entertainment and a belly dancer, Melisa Yavas, enticed all with her performance with a sword. As well as planning for London Fashion Week 2014, other projects are in the pipeline in UAE, South Asia, as well as radio and TV projects. Fashion Affair will be following this progress across the globe.


Designers from UK and abroad exhibited GGC/ Lady Love, Albert Martincich, Beara Beara, Sicalipsis, Leyla Rose, Boy Penda, Marimi, Tracey Cochrane, Ruedi, Fashionsistas, Ashley Lloyd, FlyLander Couture, Grand Finale: YEN.

“I wanted to bring an international feel this LFW September 2013. As well as raising money for charity I wanted my designers, performers, models to use this event to show case their their individual talents. Some of my designers were approached by buyers and collections sold with long-term contracts. This was my personal mission and I feel that this was acheived. Plans for 2014 are under way and next time it will be bigger; It will be ICONIC.� Lady K being interviewed at the event wearing gown designed by YEN.

fashionaffairmagazine.com oct2013


In a city known for its explosion of energy and bright lights, photographer Steven Paul’s latest cinematic narrative is dark, brooding and restrained – but still explosive. “Urban Jungle” captures the heartbreak of being alone in a city of millions, and the pain of unfulfilled dreams in a city where anonymity is both welcomed and feared. Paul, who is known for creating characters that are simultaneously brilliant, and unhinged, soulful and heartbreaking, does it again with “Urban Jungle”. Devan Mayfeld, from FentonMoon NYC, is the perfect model for this role. As our heroine, Devan is at once in love with the city’s possibilities and tired of its crushing, inescapable grind.


“New York is a city where anyone can walk down the street crying and no one gives that person a second look,” says Paul. “This anonymity – the ability to become one with the urban jungle and disappear – is both welcoming and terrifying. People come to New York to escape their pain and past failings, but these feelings do not simply evaporate. They’re still hanging here in the chaos, and that darkness can take over at any moment.”

fashionaffairmagazine.com OCT2013

Paul’s work shows restraint rather than outrageous visual extravaganza, a refreshing change of pace from the typical chaotic and colorful New York City shots. From the heavy skies and gray concrete to model Devan’s matte lips and dark, expressive eyes, Paul’s latest photographic series is soulful, edgy and brooding.

“While we layered blacks, whites and grays on top of the city’s already gray buildings, we also played with materials – like our model’s clear top – to add depth and reflect back the lighting,” says Paul.


fashionaffairmagazine.com OCT2013

Makeup artist and hair stylist Robbie Minjarez created Devan’s signature look. Her long eyelashes and dramatic eye makeup open a window into our model’s inner monologue of questions, doubts, fears and dreams. At the same time, her matte lips and thick brows are perfectly restrained. Paul also worked closely with art director Vicky Yu to create the shoot’s dark, soulful and brooding look.

fashionaffairmagazine.com SEP2013

fashionaffairmagazine.com OCT2013

And while the shoot itself may be dark, Devan’s clothing, however, is bold and experimental, layering short clear tops over black lingerie with high platforms. “Execute everything perfectly, but don’t take any one thing too seriously.” That’s Paul’s method of approach for this shoot, and it works perfectly. A pop of red against the downtown buildings or the Barclays Center’s bright blue adds visually-arresting depth to each image. And despite thedarkness, Devan is illuminated, literally shining out at the viewer. Stylist Tori Famuyiwa with more than 14 years of experience in the fashion industry, Famuyiwa is an artist with a passion for all things beautiful – including the dark, mysteries of a city’s urban landscape.

Amidst the city’s noise, hustle and bustle, there is still a sense of beauty that can be found, a deep stillness in the moment. Paul captures these moments of reflection with quiet authenticity, never passing judgment. And after all, tomorrow is another day for our urban jungle explorer.


fashionaffairmagazine.com OCT2013

Presenting Kai-aakmann AW13

Clean, Minimalist Aesthetic that Sets Sharp & Assertive Lines

Kai-aakmann, the fashion-forward clothing label by Korean designer Soonjin Park, features a clean, minimalist aesthetic for AW13 that sets sharp, assertive lines against more experimental silhouettes. The result: a synthesis of precise tailoring, muted colors, and slouchy pieces, with hints of vintage style for good measure. For fall, the brand focuses on integrating military tradition and American Vintage with the original urban concept. Basic pieces like T-shirts, pants, and jackets have a more refined and relaxed silhouette than previous collections. For men, the N3B parka, M-65 jackets and pilot jumpers have been given quilt accents, representative of the brand, which can also be seen on the quilted body skirt and the layered quilted vests for women. Color-blocking and mixed-fabrics are also seen on rider jackets, blouses and tees. In order to complement the traditional matte colors of Kai-aakmann, this season the designer chose orange, coral blue, grapefruit red, and mustard as the key colors for AW13. When defining an essential Autumn/Winter wardrobe for forward thinking men and women, Kai-aakmann delivers key pieces.

Kai-aakmann’s decidedly modern exploration of masculine and feminine attitude expresses a directional perspective and approach to design. Deconstructing the traditional ideas of menswear and womenswear, the brand strives to create a harmony between the masculine tradition of precise tailoring and the softness of feminine draping. This harmony results in a brand that speaks to an intelligent, curious, and contemporary customer.



fashionaffairmagazine.com OCT2013



SPOTLIGHT Yasmin Mansour Young, hard working and skilled fashion deigner. Yasmin has had only some experience in the fashion field and has managed to design pieces for local celebrities and fashion magazines. Yasmin studies fashion at the Italian Fashion Academy in Egypt and styles for fashion shows and photo sessions.

Yasmin chooses to use strange materials and fabrics. Especially those that relate to metal. To her, they have the ability to add a noticable power to the piece that never ceases to draw a unique eye and attention.


“My first collection was called, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. It was made from black feather fabrics and metal pieces. My last collection was full of small metals that are easy to alter and make curves with. I managed to execute two pieces: one was published in an Arabic magazine called “Rotana” and the other was worn by a celebrity in a local television series. My vision is to make every woman who wears my pieces to feel nothing less than beautiful and glamourous. My goal is to make a worldwide luxury brand and make my vision true with every woman around the world.”


FASHION from another


Photography: Matthias Holst Photo Assistent: Pino Petrillo H&M: Charleen Knorr Couture: Vivien Schl端ter Klash Kouture Model: Cristina Maria Saracut Agencies: SMC Modelmanagement & instyle Models Germany

“I wanted to create an extraordinary outfit for the futuristic woman. It particlularily depicts a female warrior. I got my inspiration from the common insect. For this piece, I used is raffia from an old room divider.It is waterproof and extremely flexible.� -Vivien

I started designing when I was a little girl. Making outfits for my dolls and later, for myself. I grew up in a little village, but my mind was always occupied with my creative process. Years later, Love drew me inside of a castle in France. One year later, a broken Love brought me back to Germany and back into a deeper sense of creativity. A few months after, I started my very own label,‘Klash Kouture’. My engine is emotion, my gasoline and music.”

The material is baloon silk (parachute) and it’s an upcycled design. This outfit was inspired by paratroopers. The intention was to create an atmosphere between war and love.

Photography: Matthias Holst Photo Assistent: Pino Petrillo H&M: Charleen Knorr Couture: Vivien Schl端ter Klash Kouture Model: Cristina Maria Saracut Agencies: SMC Modelmanagement & instyle Models Germany

F L healthy I RorTharmful? ING It is date night and you just enjoyed a delectable meal with engaging conversation at your favorite seafood restaurant. As you exit the restaurant, he opens the first door. Such a chivalrous man! You walk thru and wait at the second door. He even does an encore. You walk ahead of him towards the car. You turn around to see him seductively staring at another woman entering the restaurant. She smiles, expressing her gratitude, and turns back to stare at your guy with somethingmore than a gratuitous look. You notice the look he gave her. It is the same look that he gave you when you first met him. You back track towards the restaurant and give him an “ahem”. [A minor distraction]. He diverts his attention and once again he fixates on you. You both walk to the car, but this time, hand in hand.


Instead of allowing the emotion of jealousy to pervade every aspect of you internally and externally, you can change your thinking in hopes of changing your behavioral patterns. Internally you can draw strength from your confidence and in your relationship. You have avoided the pessimistic “he finds her attractive” and instead allowed the optimistic “others find my guy fetching”. Allowing yourself to internally think the latter elicits a confident and secure external reaction. It may be a feeling of joy because you are not “kissing a frog”. Secondly, a feeling of honor that he has chosen to be in a relationship with you. Lastly, a feeling of satisfaction because he sees in you a woman who possesses inner and outer confidence, who is goal-oriented, spiritual, ambitious, etc. Just as you dressed up for your dining experience, you can smarten up for your emotional experience. Style from the inside out! Dawnn Karen | Owner, Fashion Psychology Success LLC linkedin.com/in/dawnnkaren | Cell: 646-504-1730 twitter.com/FashPsycSucc instagram.com/FashPsycSucc FashionPsychologySuccess.com


Dawnn Karen is a NYC- based Fashion Psychologist. She focuses on bridging the gap between perception and reality by styling from the inside out.



Dragonfly Married Butterfly Every season we dedicate a collection to an animal or plant. The inspiration for the Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection was based on the world of butterflys. Butterflies are a universal symbol of change and transformation due to its impressive process of metamorphosis. The butterfly is a symbol of resurrection, celebration, the soul and of young love. From the egg, to caterpillar, to cocoon and from cocoon to the butterfly, it then emerges in its unfurling glory. Dragonfly, as a creature of the wind, represents change. Its iridescent wings are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze. The collection is based on these two animals in silhuettes, prints and materials. It is changing through time. It is sensitive and healthy for the body and the planet Earth. The resurrection is done. Art direction: Petja Montanez Photo: Pablo Montanez Model: Alma Palma Make up: Luka Luka SimĹĄiÄ?

women trousers, bamboo silk, price: 521,10 eur women long shirt, bamboo silk, price: 553,20 eur


terraurbana.si kimono jacket, hemp mixed with organic silk, price: 1.244,16 eur Troursers, bamboo silk, price: 521,10 eur


women long shirt, bamboo silk, price: 553,50 eur

women sleeve dress, organic satin silk natural dyed, price: 936,16 eur

Terra Urbana is a socially aware luxury brand that works in harmony with nature to promote well-being. Each product is made using the finest natural fabrics, organic where possible and dyed with botanical extracts or eco-friendly dyestuffs to achieve the desired predominant colour theme. Terra Urbana supports businesses that build local economies and all fair trade products. Terra Urbana creative team: Mateja Benedetti & Petja Montanez


Vest, organic cotton and organic satin silk, price: 567,00 eur Women deep shorts, organic silk, price: 577,10 eur


FASHION beauty with Alicia R. Camlibel, Ph.D., LPC, Psychotherapist


“In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” -Cady Heron This line is from the 2004 movie “Mean Girls” an American teen comedy, screen play by Tina Fey. The movie is based in part on the non-fiction book which describes how female high school social cliques operate and the effect they can have on girls. As I tossed around ideas for this month’s article, something halloween themed seemed to be obvious given this is the time of year. However, the more I thought about the topic, the more torn I became as to whether to write about the relationship between dressing up very risque and what aspects of one’s personality they are trying to express or about the use of costumes in the bedroom, as a way to play out fantasy and spice up intimacy. The top 10 sexy halloween costumes for 2013 comes from a published report on the Sacramento Bee conducted by Envy Corner, a business that specializes in selling costumes. The survey was done on Pinterest and Facebook on what people think the sexiest top 10 Halloween costumes would be for 2013. Over 1,500 users participated in the survey.

I have chosen to write about the top 3 costumes.

1. Sexy SWAT Agent Costume:

This hot costume has a long sleeve crop top, tight pants, belt, and holster with gun. For all those women out there who want to come across as confident, intelligent, and physically capable, this is the costume for you. You get to show off your physical prowess in this costume and a don’t mess with me attitude. In the boudoir, take these above mentioned traits to role play with your partner the tough girl seeks and takes down her partner who has been very naughty....let your imaginations play out the rest of the scene. Available at spurst.com.

2. Nurse Anita B Naughty Costume: Featuring removable zip front

top with red bra top, pleated skirt, garters, and nurse’s cap with stethoscope. This Halloween costume is sure to please your “patients.” Compassionate, empathetic, caring, intelligent, are all qualities that make a good nurse. Someone who takes care of

3. Native American Temptress: Cute

Native American style Faux Suede Mini Dress with attached Hood and Fringe details. Think Pocahontas or Princess Tiger Lilly from Peter Pan. The beautiful and innocent Indian princess, who once you get to know her has a fierce and zesty personality. This costume is perfect for those wanting to experience two very different aspects of their personality. In the sack, this can translate into the sweet beautiful princess being seduced for the first time or the feisty young woman doing the seducing.

you in your time of need. If you are looking to demonstrate these personality traits than this is the costume for you. In the bedroom, the caring, compassionate nurse comes to the aid of the ailing patient. She must carefully examine her patient and ever lovingly nurse her patient back to health. Or the patient, in their time of need is able to seduce this ever caring and ever professional nurse into a compromising position...you get the picture. Availalbe at purecostumes.com.

So, do we pick costumes to experience a different aspect of our personalities or to try on a new personality? Is it the equivalent of giving a new persona a test drive for the day. Is it true we literally show off a lot of ourselves because it is a day when most everyone dresses up in some sort of costume and thus we do not fear we will be judged for doing so? Is it for the compliments and kudos that come with wearing a great costume or for the attention something skimpy will garner? Available at halloweencostumes.com The truth be told, the reason is individual for each person reading this column. Although this column was written in the spirit of fun and Halloween, if we dig deep and ponder about it for a while, we may learn something about ourselves. Do you want

to be more playful? Do you want to be taken more seriously? Whatever personality trait you are hoping to portray or incorporate into your persona, you don’t need a costume to do so. All you need to be is honest with your self. Is there something getting in the way? Is it something you can work on yourself or with the help of family/friends? Or maybe it is something that talking to a professional such as a therapist or clergy member can help you figure it out. The beauty of this is that we have the ability to change, to grow, to improve and we don’t need costumes to do so. And I am sure you are wondering where the bedroom conversation fits into all of this. Well again honesty and open communication are keys to a good, exciting, and pleasurable experiences in the bedroom. If role playing or Halloween costumes turn you on, go for it! However, the real work comes in being honest and talking about your feelings relating to your sex life. Keeping it spicy has different meanings at different points in a relationship, for a couple early in their relationship it maybe as easy as 1-2-3 for couples with young children it may require making the time to spend together. 13ing honest and truthful with your self and being honest and truthful with your partner are the keys to spicing up your sex lives. The costumes are optional. Until next month, Alicia

www.aliciacamlibelphd.com facebook.com/AliciaRCamlibelPhdLPC



Photographed by Wilfred Dy Photography/facebook.com/will.dy Garment/ Fashion Designer: Wendell Quisido Accessories/Head pieces: Jongz Bendebel Loquinario Models: Angel Luzano, AR Duenas and James Lu MUA: Marh Farh / Kimmy Bates Hair: Claudia Michael Gonzales Special thanks to: Jongz Bendebel Loquinario and Rudy Elimeyos



Garment/ Fashion Designer: Wendell Quisido Accessories/Head piece: Jongz Bendebel Loquinario Model: James Lu Master MUA: Kimmy Bates Thanks to Rudy Elimeyos for the lights

BLACK&white beauty

white beauty



Photographer: Wilfred Dy Designer: Wendell Quisido Hair: Claudia Michael Gonzales Makeup: Kimmy Bates Master MUA: Marh Farh Model: AR Duenas

being cool never

jazz up the mundane By Sam Russell with The Wardrobe Dept www.wardrobedept.com

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looked so hot

The people’s elixir has arrived. New Yorkers are responding well to wearable art served up by two new ingenues brave enough to join the fashion circus. Twins Cocoa & Breezy have channeled avante garde ideas and a futuristic disposition that should be on your radar. The future is so bright, that you gotta wear Cocoa & Breezy.

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c o c o a n d b r e e z y. c o m

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Holding title to the finest in luxurious ideas is none other than Sue Wong. The wearer must beware, as one often feels just as empowered, mysterious and confident as the designer herself in these creations. Flapper inspired, yet timeless in fit, the shelves at Neiman Marcus just can’t stay stocked with her ensembles. Inspiration must come easy from her windows at The Cedars Estate in Los Feliz. She makes it look so easy. Success that is.


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ROCK COLLECTION Lustworthy at first glance, Ivanka’s latest endeavor is not mental arithmetic. Beautiful, educated, well-heeled women of the world wear beautiful things.The web-site ranges from rings,charms, bracelets, asian inspired pendants, necklaces, and bridal.Much like the buildings adorned with the Trump name, the allure is strong. Social responsibility is a core value of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry and every diamond is a conflict free and 100% sustainable.

i va nkat r um p col l e ct ion . com

guilt yjean.com

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For protection, strength, healing and all things spiritual your next guilty pleasure will most likely be Guilty Jean. The intent is felt upon arrival, as Love Children Maria & Nicole unite minds, hearts and souls to entice you with various inspirations. Maria’s funky style and love for vintage finds synergy with Nicole’s dark and edgy style--grounded by a love for yoga and mediation. What does that mean to you? That saints and sinners are welcomed. ** Major stand-out: Men’s Lava Bead Bracelet (made from real lava rocks) currently on sale!

The damsel is no longer in distress. The RAINRAP is a welcomed alternative to traditional rain gear. It’s the marriage of the pashmina and the wrap that made this brilliant idea take off like a rocket. Rainy days are no longer dreary. Affordable and fun, the working gal in Seattle will finally have something in common with the socialite in DC.


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WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME Photographer: Judith Omoregie/judestudiosuk.allyou.net Retoucher: Natalia Fadejeva Model: Jojo Lara MUA & Nails: Julia Wren using NARS & Nails INC Hair: Philip Brown Wardrobe: Gladmore Majange

Bandana: (stylist’s own) Earrings: Topshop Checkered shirt: Topshop Denim shorts: Levi

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White pearls & earrings: Topshop Red sweater: Marks & Spencer’s High waisted nude shorts: Topshop

Earrings: Topshop White Lace body: Marks & Spencer’s Suede maroon shorts: Ark Shoes: Melcatab Collection

Earrings: Topshop

Earrings: Topshop Necklace: Topshop Peach Mesh body: Topshop

Photographer: Judith Omoregie/judestudiosuk.allyou.net Retoucher: Natalia Fadejeva Model: Jojo Lara MUA & Nails: Julia Wren using NARS & Nails INC Hair: Philip Brown Wardrobe: Gladmore Majange

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SHAMEKH a l - b l u w i

Architect Visual Artist Fashion Illustrator Designer When we came across this illutrator on Facebook, we immediately felt compelled to share his impeccable drawings with the fashion world. Shamekh Al-Bluwi captures not only the elegant designs but the intensity of the model, the rich palette of the textiles and the flow of the fabrics. His renditions have captured our attention and we’re sure the Spring 2014 Ready to Wear Collections (and other illustrations) will capture yours.

Medium: Digital illustration : Photoshop using Wacom Tablet Freehand : Watercolours, Watercolour Pencils, Markers And Ink.

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j a s o n

z a c

w u

p o s e n

p r a d a

o s c a r

d e

l a

Saudi Arabian, born in Amman Jordan on 12/12/1985. He Studied Architectural Engineering at the Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan. He has a passion for illustration, especially fashion illustration and his main inspiration comes from contradictions, nature, architecture and insects. His favorite visual artists are Frida Kahlo and James Jean and his art is also inspired by his favorite fashion designers Christian Lacroix and Calvin Klein.

r e n t a

d o l c e


g a b b a n a

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k a r l

f e n d i l a g e r f e l d

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follow shamekh facebook.com/shamekhbluw twitter.com/shamekhbluw instagram.com/shamekhbluw

: i i i

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modelof the


“Since I was young, becoming a model was something that I had always dreamed of. But with my shy nature, I felt that I never had the confidence to pursue it...�

“My freckles, dark hair and blue eyes were proved to be a unique look so I decided to follow my dream and break through my bashful shell at 22 years old. As a child, I was very insecure and constantly worried what others thought about me and modeling has helped me to overcome these insecurities. I only wish I would have jumped into the industry sooner.�

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You can book Chelsea through Chic Management www.chicmystique.co.uk

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“I decided to take a chance on myself and since then, I haven’t looked back. The choices I’ve made have opened many doors and at the same time, helped me to become the mature and confident woman I am today.”


in finefeather...

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Vanishing Oil


Over-the-top promises from other hair regime brands may have you slumped into an acute confused state. Look at your hair in the mirror now, and then come back to your latest Fashion Affair discovery. Its easy to get back on track with the help of Prive. A proprietary blend of Argan, Maracuja & Brazil Nuts Oils easily transform all hair types with breakthrough shine, smoothness and hydration. Its the results and manageability you have been looking for. Things should be going swimmingly now.


When you meet an acne prone, sun obsessed, fair-skinned teenager that blossomed into a passionate dermatologist with luminous skin: pay attention. Radiant facial cleansers, gentle moisturizers, sun protectors--and now mineral makeup--have been perfected under the beauty microscope. Sure, beauty does capture their attention; but character seizes their heart. Dr. Bailey’s passion project is ripe with pure character and intent.


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Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy Replenix Power of Three Cream


If you are already blinded by his good looks, then this new disclosure will only make matters worse. Evolution Man wants you to brace yourself for a head-on collision with the future of male grooming. The burly bloke next door will have deep gratitude for the cleanse and shave combo, even if he has yet to evolve into the concealer or pure matte nail varnish created just for his male counterparts. You’re in too deep now, so best you just go with the flow.

Cleanse & Shave Action Cream


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Need a little help finding that childhood candor? DeVita Natural Skin Care and Color Cosmetics should be able to help. Age-defying, paraben-free options effortlessly win you over--just after the first usage. After getting carded over and over at the next happy hour, stop and share the good news with someone. Gift certificates are available in $75 and $100 denominations. Sure, chocolates are nice, but to give DeVita means the love is deep and you’re not afraid to glow it--i mean show it.

Creamy Aloe Eye Make-up Remover


de vita skincare.com

Vegan...and always paraben free.

Beauty aficionado Dimitri James went on a mission over a decade ago. Painfully disappointed with the fancy packaging and lackluster content that plagues the beauty arena way too often, he set out to bring the exact opposite to you. To state that SKINN will relieve you of some of those harsh winter burdens does not prepare you for the love affair your about to have in the restroom. Body polish your bad day away or run late to work as you discover his crazy affordable line of make-up brushes.

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Body Polish


Anti-Bacterial Tea Tree & Lavender Hand Soap


Natura Culina is the youth code. Pay close attention, this is not the time to be defiant. Natura Culina’s products are made with certified organic ingredients, natural preservatives and fragrance oils: optimal results apply when used with-in the first six months of purchase. Blissful body scrubs, an unparalleled anti-bacterial tea tree and lavender hand soap, gift sets and Mariska Hargitays’ favorite (Regenerating Facial Oil) await you.

n at u r a c u l i n a . c o m

Your debonair good looks are no accident. On-the-ball choices brought you innovative whitening kits and acne clarifying options to minimize your personal challenges. Become a repeat offender and discover the power of peptides--its much more than a fad. The Apothederm web-site explains it all. Besides, age does not belong on your face. Age is in your wisdom and in your wise arbitrations.

Facial Wash



POWERlove the



Often in the fashion industry we are consumed by how we look, what we have, and who may see us. For many of us our clothes determine who we are and therefore help build our self-esteem. So, when we learned about the Fashion Hope Campaign we were intrigued and wanted to share their story. Fashion Hope launched in the spring of 2011. The campaign has built a brand of awareness not just of clothes, looks, self consumption but for human trafficking and modern day slavery victims. Imagine that! Beauty and style contrasted against the horror and atrocity of lost innocence, devastation, deception and profit. Fashion Hope, the campaign, has two missions. The first is to educate people whether at various Fashion Week events or at celebrity gifting suites such as the Emmy’s, Sundance, or The Oscar’s to name a few. The second is to raise funds for its charity partners that are directly involved in rescuing, and sheltering of victims. The message is simply this: men, women, and children in most countries are enslaved against their will and we want you to help Fashion Hope help them.

FA S H I O N helping others in the name of

photographed by Reinfried Marass

The Victims

The majority of trafficking victims are between 18 and 24 years of age. An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year. 95% of victims experienced physical or sexual violence during trafficking (based on data from selected European countries). 43% of victims are used for forced commercial sexual exploitation, of whom 98 per cent are women and girls. 32% of victims are used for forced economic exploitation, of whom 56 per cent are women and girls. Many trafficking victims have at least middle-level education. Model and Actresss Zara Durrani from Vancouver, BC, working with Fashion Hope as its the Ambassador was able to spread their vision while attending Toronto Film Festival.

“I had the opportunity to represent Fashion Hope during Toronto International Film Festival 2013. As the Ambassador, I attended all the red carpet events and spoke to media about Fashion Hope. The timing was great as I got the chance to be a part of the annual event by Free-Them to raise awareness on human trafficking during Freedom Walk 2013. It was truly inspiring to meet survivors of human trafficking, politicians and public figures who are going out of their way to build awareness on this important matter.� Model and Actress Zara Durrani

fashionhope.org 161 countries are reported to be affected by human trafficking by being a source, transit or destination count. People are reported to be trafficked from 127 countries, to be exploited in 137 countries, affecting every continent and every type of economy.

Here is what victims of human trafficking and organizations like Fashion Hope are up against: The estimated global annual profits made from the exploitation of all trafficked forced labour is 32 billion dollars making it the second highest grossing enterprise next to the Illegal drug trade. HUMAN TRAFFICKING: THE FACTS An estimated 2.5 million people are in forced labour (including sexual exploitation) at any given time as a result of trafficking. Of these:

1.4 million – 56% - are in Asia and the Pacific 250,000 – 10% - are in Latin America and the Caribbean 230,000 – 9.2% - are in the Middle East and Northern Africa 130,000 – 5.2% - are in sub-Saharan countries 270,000 – 10.8% - are in industrialized countries 200,000 – 8% - are in countries in transition


All images of bags photographed by Milton Riess

This American made messenger is constructed from luxurious leather that is 2.2 Mil thick, soft, supple, full grain, oil tanned from a 6th generation Italian tannery. $329.00

One Sunday, my best friend and I were attending a church service, when the Pastor introduced the subject of human trafficking that existed in our modern day world. My only knowledge about human trafficking had come from the 2008 movie “Taken,” and I thought this fictional portrayal could never be a part of real life. The church played a video documentary of a recent interview with an 11-year old Burmese girl being asked about her time in captivity and the horrors of her experiences as a sex slave. She emotionally talked about the three options given her by her captors – torture and risk of death, genitalia burned or mutilation, or perform the sex acts requested of her by 20 to 40 men a day. This was all I had to hear to know I had to do something, however small or large.

victims, and working domestically and internationally to end modern day slavery once and for all! We have lofty goals some may even call outrageous, but to not dream would be inhumane. The goal: to sell 100,000 bags in twelve (12) months through various channel partners both online and offline.

Bags for Freedom and Marko Taylor is truly a “pay it forward” model. In addition to proceeds benefitting the cause, we are happy to announce our Sew for Life Sustainability Project currently underway in Nairobi, Kenya where we will be providing sustainable jobs for women, most of which are former sex-trade slaves as a result of the atrocities they’ve endured. In partnership with Tembo Trading Company of BelThe idea for “Bags for Freedom” was born lijngham, WA, our goal is to employ and emout of a desire to help. Marko Taylor is a power these women. But we need your help. way to resource the amazing organizations around the world that are working to save Help us all get one step closer to impacting many children and women from these hor- lives worldwide . . . buy the bags, share with rors. others, and get involved with our partner orThe brand is built on a foundation of social ganizations. business with a commitment of contributing We can change the world. 25% of profits directly to our Non-Profit and Marko Taylor NGO partners who rescue and rehabilitate



This Ipad bag is made with selected materials. The properties of the light jacket leather and features a well-worn look.



This American made messenger bag is constructed from flight jacket leather and features a well-worn look.



This American-made tote is constructed from luxurious leather that is 2.2 Mil thick, soft, supple, full grain, oil tanned from a 6th generation Italian tannery.


emancipation $299.00




-By giving direct to charity partner organizations http://www.fashionhope.org/ways-to-give -In-Kind Gifts for Fashion Hope projects -Start a Clothing Drive for shelter partners -Sponsor our Ambassador for event travels -Apply to Volunteer at various events -Sign up for our news letter In Beauty or Fashion Industry Designers: -Email celina@fashionhope.org and ask about www.shopfashionhope.com: Sponsor Fashion Hope at various events and get your product in front of celebrity and buyers. -Salon and Boutique Owners: they have an awareness and fundraising programs for you. In closing, we just want to give a big kuddos to an organization that seems to get it and understands that paying it forward, while sewing into the lives of others is worth more than anything. TWITTER: fashionhopenews FACEBOOK: Fashion-Hope INSTAGRAM: fashionhopenews


fashionaf fair ma g a zine .c om/OCT2013