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What does FASHION mean to you?

URBAN POP Photography and Styling by Alfredo Velardi Model: Sophia Simon from First Model Management London Wardrobe by Zara, Topshop, HandM and River Island

Hair & Makeup by Sabrina Hannan/Member of

Photography and Styling by Alfredo Velardi Model: Sophia Simon from First Model Management London Wardrobe by Zara, Topshop, HandM and River Island

Hair & Makeup by Sabrina Hannan/Member of

Photography and Styling by Alfredo Velardi Model: Sophia Simon from First Model Management London Wardrobe by Zara, Topshop, HandM and River Island

Hair & Makeup by Sabrina Hannan/Member of

Photography and Styling by Alfredo Velardi Model: Sophia Simon from First Model Management London Wardrobe by Zara, Topshop, HandM and River Island

Hair & Makeup by Sabrina Hannan/Member of

by Tiffany Ju

A classic warm-weather trend, ombrĂŠ made a major resurgence on the Spring/ Summer 2013 runways. Everyone from Diane Von Furstenberg to Matthew Williamson were sending beautifully melded colors down the catwalk.

SHOP ON ETSY Hand dyed and made to order. 50 dernier opaque tights, 82% Nylon, 18% Lycra/spandex $40.00 each

“My inspirations come from the thoughts of what myself would like to wear next season. I give my desires physical form and listen to my instincts, I tune into them. I have a deep respect for women, I adore the idea of enhancing them, giving them confidence. My aim is to ensure that a woman wearing my collections gains in confidence, that the woman is given even more power.� -Designer Valerie Bourdin.

F O R T H E J E T S E T T I N G FA S H I O N I S TA S AND ALL WHO AIM TO BE! The much sought after collection which has already found its home in stores all over the world, in such places like Monaco, St. Tropez, Courchevel, Cannes, Ibiza Paris, New York and St. Barth has now made itself available to make Miami even hotter! Vanita Rosa’s 2013 summer collection features sexy off the shoulder tunics, maxi dresses, and matching tops and shorts. The collection highlights multi-print pieces, pops of color, and traditional patterns on high-quality luxury fabrics. The perfect combination of fresh texture and bright bold colors accentuate women’s bodies without losing the illusion of their sensual style. Vanita Rosa lets a woman feel like a fabulous jetsetter no matter where she is going or doing at all times! Now fashionistas can now accessorize their beach looks with the perfect cover up and accessories. Celebrity fans include: Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooke Burke, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Ivana Trump and Jane Fonda. Valerie Bourdin was born in Paris. At 21 years old, she moved to Miami to pursue her first passion, fashion photography. She was able to shoot some of the best top models in the world such as Naomi Campbell and she was a model herself on catwalks all over the world. After 6 years of working for Dolce & Gabbana, she decided to move to St. Barths. This is where she created her first fashion designs inspired greatly by the beautiful island landscape. She opened her first store to immediate success and she founded Vanita Rosa in 2002. Valeria uses only the most beautiful fabrics: silk, linen, cashmere, and lace of Calais. Celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Ivana Trump love to wear the elegant and chic designs created by Vanita Rosa. Vanita Rosa can be found in the most beautiful shops around the world - New York, Paris, Italy, Monaco, St. Tropez, Ibiza, Cannes, Puerto Banus, Hawaii... Over the past two years, Valeria has opened shops in Paris’ famed “Triangle d’Or”, New York’s hip Meat-Packing District, the elegant East Hamptons, and now in sexy South Florida!



Photographer: Anna Kotlova Photography Model: Olga Chulgareva Hair and make up: Anna Kotlova Style and set up: Anna Kotlova

Photographer: Anna Kotlova Photography Model: Olga Chulgareva Hair and make up: Anna Kotlova Style and set up: Anna Kotlova Feather Belt by Anna Kotlova

Photographer: Anna Kotlova Photography Model: Olga Chulgareva Hair and make up: Anna Kotlova Style and set up: Anna Kotlova

Lady Macbeth $280.00

B AY I L A . C O M

Bayila Jewellery named after Norwegian goddess, was founded and developed by me. It combines western and eastern vision of beauty and joins them in to great designs. “After I had arrived to Hong Kong I discovered a huge variety of high fashion jewellery of great designers, unfortunately unaffordable for an average woman. That made me desire to look fashionable yet elegant, but for affordable price. So I started designing and making jewellery for myself. It immediately got appreciated. Then I decided to launch my first collection that was sold to the last bit. That was how Bayila was born.� Now Bayila offers high fashion, handmade jewellery out of the highest quality materials, such as Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, glass faceted beads, sophisticated gemstones and high quality chains (lead and nickel free). You can also make a custom order and we come up together with a fantastic and certainly unique designs.

B AY I L A . C O M

Madame Butterfly $160.00


HENDRIX DOUBLE BUCKLE MESSENGER in brown $298.00 This timeless bag is back and better than ever - definitely not your oldman’s brief case, that’s for sure! Tricked-out with a padded laptop sleeve that fits most laptops up to 15.6”, durable seat-belt material used for our shoulder strap that glides over your clothes effortlessly, piggy-back panel on the backside to slide over your trolley handle that is guaranteed to stay securely in place while you’re jet-setting in style. Hendrix Collection...luxuriously soft diesel-washed leather is accented by the distressed biker-leather trim, durable canvas and antiqued brass hardware. the interior pops with BOCONI’s signature “plaid about you” lining mixed with hints of relaxed khaki canvas to keep it fresh. we’ve hooked you up with generous amounts of storage & space for any occasion. the sophisticated hendrix collection offers the perfect bag for the “connected guy” that helps transition easily from work, to play; afterhours to the weekend.

ADDISON CLUTCH in black $108.00

The BOCONI clutch is deliciously sexy...the perfect size for your essentials while keeping you way beautiful. Spacious interior has two organizational pockets: one sized for your mobile phone, the other for lip stick/gloss. throw it under your arm and glide out the door for your night out on the town, but its versatile look with the wristlet makes it remarkably appropriate during the day as well. the magnetic buckle simplifies your life, getting what you need quicker and adding on a shoulder strap, only makes it better. all eyes will be on you and your BOCONI clutch in luscious colors, what style you have!


Confidence is Flawless Do you want gorgeous, hydrated skin that makes you look flawless up close and personal? Try our new 5 star

Aqua D’ Pure Mineral Rich Foundation 1.

2. Airless Brow Fix with Brush $30.95 3. Dalton Airless Creme Eyeliner with Multi-Angled Brush $31.95 4. Dalton Conceal-It Concealer $28.60 5. Dalton Nude Lip Wardrobe Collection $29.50 6. Dalton Golden Pearl Soft Matte Bronzing Powder $29.00

redefining beauty

Dalton Cosmetics focuses on science and innovation. It’s our mission to develop makeup that is beyond cosmetic. Dalton focuses on redefining beauty with a combination of breakthrough technologies, agetransforming complexes, and unique componentry to develop one of a kind products. Let Dalton show you how beauty meets science.


3. 4.




got fat? Rated ‘No.1 Flab Zapper’ in the UK by the Mail on Sunday and as the ‘Holy Grail for Slimmers’ by the Daily Mail. Med Contour is an innovative non-surgical and non-invasive ultrasound machine specializing in fat reduction and fat loss. This groundbreaking new FDA-cleared medical device won ‘Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring’ at the annual Aesthetic Awards and is the all new talked about non-surgical fat busting treatment.

Treatment for:

-Stubborn Fat areas like inner thighs, tummy, love handles, back of arms, side of thighs, knees, back, chest (men only). -Post Pregnancy Tummy -Post Surgery -Skin Tightening and Toning To assist with an exercise regime -Reduce the appearance of Cellulite -Smooth the skin and skin folds -To smooth out lumpy areas -This treatment is combined with a Lymphatic Drainage so a good assistance to a detox or diet

A MedContour treatment can trim inches off in just under an hour without having to resort to surgery.

Ideal for bellies, back rolls, muffin-tops and the dreaded cellulite, Med Contour is a perfect solution for men and women who are looking to smooth, firm, shape the body, and reduce localised stubborn fatty deposits. It is a medically approved machine with extensive clinical trials which has seen dramatic results in 98% of users!

So how does it work? Med Contour features its own patented dual handpiece emitting low frequency ultrasound beneath the skin surface combined with a powerful vacuum, this handpiece can control and focus the ultrasound on target so that it only attacks fat, leaving the adjacent structures such as skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue intact. Med Contour generates a cavitation effect which causes the fat cells to break down and be eliminated through the body’s natural systems. To promote this process, a lymphatic drainage is carried out immediately after the treatment which also assists in the elimination of toxins and liquids. The real beauty of the treatment is that it is very pleasant, unlike surgery and other treatments; many describe it to a hour long massage, making it very comfortable but with dramatic results. There is no downtime so it works perfectly with your schedule, even in your lunchtime.

For inquires about MedContour, please email Pam at or if you are in the London area, please call +07947 496570.

Hair & Makeup by Nisso International Photographed by Jean Christope Hermier Designer: Ana Ljubinkovic Model: Keeana Kee Hair Assistant: Anna Romanekova Digital Edit: Rich Green

Hair & Makeup by Nisso International Photographed by Jean Christope Hermier Designer: Ana Ljubinkovic Model: Keeana Kee Hair Assistant: Anna Romanekova Digital Edit: Rich Green OPPOSITE: Hair & Makeup by Nisso International Photographed by Jean-Christophe Hermier Designer: Sorapol Model: Keeana Kee Hair Assistant: Anna Romanekova Digital Edit: Rich Green

Hair & Makeup by Nisso International Photographed by Jean-Christophe Hermier Designer: Sorapol Model: Keeana Kee Hair Assistant: Anna Romanekova Digital Edit: Rich Green

Kelly Rowland Dress: Mark Fast Necklace: TOPSHOP

Joel Dash Image consultant/ Celebrity stylist has collaborated with a range of artists within the fashion, music and film industry. His client roster has included artists such as Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland to Lance Gross and Amber Riley to name but a few. Joel’s attention to detail and creative ability has easily made him one of the UK’s leading stylists. He has helped cultivate artists to bring their vision to life in a manner that resonates with their au-

dience. Having overseen collaborations between artists and brands, Joel’s career is reaching new heights. Joel is committed to helping the young generation achieve their full potential within their desired industries. He has been a keynote speaker in youth engagement events throughout his career and a fashion mentor to aspiring stylists.

Styled by Joel Dash for Stylist Magazine Balmain Skir t, Noor braclet Jumper by Rober to Cavalli

Kelly Rowland Styled by Joel Dash Top by Just Cavalli Jacket by Versace for H&M Trousers by Jitrois, Bag by Givenchy Shoes by Brian Atwood

Styled by Joel Dash for Stylist Magazine wearing Just Cavalli

Styled by Joel Dash MAC Campaign wearing Amato Couture

Kelly Rowland Styled by Joel Dash Dress by Maria Grachvogel Cuffs by Zara Taylor Earrings by Garrad



Photographed and hair by Stevn Thomas Yankowski Trucco: Alessandra Barlaam Styling: Nila Talgaswattege Production: Cosmec Fashions: Flavia Cavalcanti Milan


Photographed and hair by Stevn Thomas Yankowski Trucco: Alessandra Barlaam Styling: Nila Talgaswattege Production: Cosmec Fashions: Flavia Cavalcanti Milan

FASHION as a METAPHOR Written by Jasmine Chia, a 17 year-old fashion blogger who works under the slogan “Is Fashion Deep?” from Bangkok, Thailand.

“You’re interested in fashion?” The rhetorical question is pronounced in a high-pitched tone that makes it sound more like “faSHION?” as judgmental eyes run themselves over my clothing as they secretly assess the value (none, obviously) of indulging myself in such a superficial pastime. When we think of fashion, we think of a frivolous, lucrative industry that prides itself in the glorification of the exterior. We think of glossy Marie Claire explorations into the meaning of the new trend of three earing holes as opposed to two; we think of the Victoria Secret spectacles of bikini-wearing models, we think of the circus of Fashion Week street style where ordinary people transform into gigantic-hat-wearing, towering-high-heel-sporting Martians for the sake of ‘style’. But to distill fashion to ‘models’ or ‘trends’ or even ‘style’ would be on par with reducing an entire personality to one adjective. It would be calling Jay Gatsby ‘nice’, or Mr.Darcy ‘mean’. It is simplifying the multidimensional character of fashion, and the adjective this simplification commonly leads to is ‘shallow’. Is fashion shallow? Yes. But, is fashion deep? Yes. In the postmodernist world, those two aren’t mutually exclusive. In the words of Karl Lagerfeld, “Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” Beyond the façade of fashion as the self-serving indulgence it seems to be, fashion is our most important medium of expression. And everything is an expression of fashion: whether an acceptance of fashion or a rejection of it, its deterministic quality is simply unavoidable as long as we continue to wear clothing (and even if we don’t: I’m sure many would agree that public nudity definitely makes an unforgettable statement). Across the civilizations and eras of intellectual thinking, there has never been a more widely understood, commonly accepted language than that of fashion: the signifier of class hierarchy, the grammar of intention, the vocabulary of society and the metaphor for life.

This may seem obvious to you. And yet, the concept of fashion as a metaphor confers it some level of intellectualism that people seem unwilling to acknowledge. The high-pitched incredulity of “you spend your spare time thinking about fashion?” never fails to amaze me, considering art never faces the same censure when both are metaphors and interpretations of life and in fact, fashion – being the more accessible of the two – may have greater relevance. Society’s denial of fashion’s intellectual side may be a metaphor in itself: a metaphor for sexism. In the language of fashion, gender roles are full stops that constrict women and men to their respective vocabularies, and it just so happens that the vocabulary of female clothing is more diverse and more articulate than a male’s. Fashion is a sign with a signifier generally of female dress, and the signified is of frivolity in contrast to a man’s more serious work ethic. The invalidation of the importance of fashion is the invalidation of the only area wherein females have a societal advantage over males, and where their voices are heard louder and given greater importance. Now one may say that most famous designers – Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Christian Dior, Riccardo Tisci – are men, but one must never forget that clothing is mostly made for female markets, and the range of clothing for females far outnumbers that of males – take the Met Ball 2013 as an example. Whilst ‘fashion’ ranged from Beyonce in her Givenchy strapless dress to Stella Tennant in her G.Valli pantsuit to Kim Kardashian in her flowered…monstrosity, the world’s most fashionable males were reduced to a homogenous blend of black tux after black tux after black tux. The expression of style is severely limited for men, and for them fashion as a metaphor may indeed seem to be a preposterous idea. However, the patriarchal society is one that has seen its power beginning to fade. And to seize on the idea of intellectual fashion isn’t just a statement on feminism, or a statement on equality: it’s an acknowledgment of an existing, unavoidable concept. Fashion is a metaphor: what it means is for you to decide.

We LOVE you Man! He grills to perfection. If its broke, he’ll fix it. He helps the kids with anything sports related. In short, he’s the best daddy ever. Which is why his Father’s Day present has to be just right. While some Dads are very simple to shop for, others, well... not so much. Check out these unique Father’s Day gifts for any Dad.


Attention all dads on the go, there is a solution to stay organized in the form of a Daddy Diaper Bag that is the ultimate go-to bag for dads! Organize baby paraphernalia in durable side pockets for water/baby bottles and sippy cups. It includes a larger pouch for diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes (or baby’s dirty laundry.) The front pocket will keep keys, money, cell phone, pacifier, and small toys all together for convenience. There is even an insulated cooler pocket for snacks! Whether it’s a day at the beach, day trip, car ride, trip to the grandparents’ house, or an emergency, this Daddy Diaper Pack will consolidate your daddy stuff and make the trip a little easier. This is a must have for anywhere daddy and baby go together. They also make oh so cute “I’m The Daddy” scrubs and t-shirts for brand new dads, that are truly must-see’s.


Now there’s a new way for men who consider themselves both fashionable and technology-forward to “wear” their smartphones with style! The name of the company is I/O Denim and they have created premium jeans that feature a dedicated smartphone pocket. The pocket is on the left-hand side of the jeans, in between the knee and the hip along the seam. It is big enough to handle any of the iPhones with a slim case and also most of the Android devices. It will also house any phone that has up to a 4.8” screen (Galaxy S3, etc.). The Denim is 100% cotton that is durable yet soft to the touch, dark indigo.

theSPORTYdad It’s the hottest new thing on the fitness/sports scene and it?s called The Klitch! The Klitch is great for Dads who plays sports, work out, or have an active lifestyle. The Klitch is a footwear clip that allows you to secure any pair of extra sneakers to the outside of your bag. This avoids getting the inside of your bag dirty, smelly, and full. The Klitch can be used for any type of footwear up to 10 pounds. The creator of The Klitch believes in NO MORE KNOTS! People can stop tying their laces in difficult knots when the Klitch can be secured and attached to your footwear and bag in less than 5 seconds.

The Klitch is great for travel, frees up your hands, saves space in your backpack or gym bag, airs out your shoes between wear, prevents dirt on shoes from getting inside of your bag, enables you to wear other shoes before and after your workout, and are great for organizing and storing footwear at home or on the road.


Netflix of Ties for Men Why should men (or the women who love them) pay a fortune for a tie, when they can try dozens or more for a whole lot less! Now there’s an affordable way for men to have designer neckwear mailed right to their front door! Tie Society is the original, largest and#1 Netflix-style service for neckties and menswear accessories. They follow pretty much the same distribution model as Netflix, just with men?s ties instead of DVD?s. With Tie Society members pay a fee for the month, choose a tie and when they?re done, just mail it back and Tie Society will send the next tie in their queue. Members can keep the ties a day, a week, a month as long as they want. There are no due dates or late fees. All a member has to do is keep their membership active and they can exchange items in their Online Closet at any time. All the ties are professionally cleaned and disinfected after every use. Depending on their location, members should receive their items in 1-3 business days. All ties are mailed in re-sealable tie society packages and can be returned the same way.

The Pe rfe c t Co l l a r The most stylish men in the country have one item in their closet they’ll never let go of? their favorite dress shirt! There’s only one way to make that shirt look the best it can ? with a Swiss Stays Collar Stay! Swiss Stays are the world’s FIRST patented, adjustable collar stay. Designed to fit every sized shirt collar on the market. Shirt collars come in over twenty-four sizes, because Swiss Stays can be adjusted to fit any collar they ensure firm shirt collars for men to look their very best. Swiss Stays are also much stronger than other collar stays, creating a solid base for the collar and resulting in perfect collar presentation. Available in PVC plastic, stainless steel and brass, the stays feature pivoting extensions so they can be lengthened or shortened as needed.



A Good Man and Even Better Father

by The Student of Life

We weren’t well to do financially, but I remember my dad being well pressed and often in a white button-down shirt. The white shirt was odd because he managed a used auto parts warehouse in the small town of Cuba, Alabama. He had a big personality and always made people laugh. His smile was not taken for weakness because he could be more than stern when the situation called for it. I was a young boy when my father passed, but I will never forget the lessons that I learned from him. A lesson in particular was one that he taught me during the summer of 1988, the year before he passed. School was out and my dad decided that he would take me to work with him. I was excited about the opportunity. Besides, I was 12 years old and the small town didn’t offer much better to do that summer. While at the warehouse, my dad would give me various assignments that I would complete each day. Afterwards, we’d go out for dinner and/or ice cream at the Lucille’s Deli nearby. I would always get the cherry ice cream, which had a wonderful taste that I distinctively remember. Sometimes my friend, Aquilla, whose father had passed many years earlier, would come along with us for the day. One day, my dad took us both to the shop and gave us an assignment. He said, “I want you boys to take this pile of parts, soak them in this bucket of oil, then place them in a barrel when complete. They need to be soaked thoroughly so that they don’t rust. Do you understand?” he said. We replied, “Yes Sir!” He told us that he had a few errands to run, but he’d be back in a few hours to check on progress. He left shortly after and we went to work. A little while into the project, Aquilla and I had a splendid idea on how we could save some time. After all, we were young, it was Saturday and we knew that WWF Wrestling would come on at 5:00 pm. “Why don’t we just put the parts in the barrel and pour the oil over them. We’ll be done much faster and we can go home.” So we thought. We proceeded with our plan and made great progress. By the time my dad came back, the task was complete. When we informed him of the news, he could hardly believe it. “Really, Wow!” he exclaimed.

He came over to see the work that we had done. He began looking in the barrels to examine the parts. By the look on his face, I could tell that he was less than pleased. He looked at us and said, “Did you do this the way that I told you?” He fixed his eyes on me with a stare that I could feel pierce through my soul. By this I knew that it was a rhetorical question and that lying would be a really bad decision. I said, “No Sir!” I explained to him what we thought. Much to my surprise, he didn’t seem very upset at all. He reiterated to us why he gave us specific instructions on what he wanted us to do. When he was done explaining, we said that we were sorry. He said, “That’s okay. Now you can start over and do it the way that I told you.” He continued, “The best way to save time is to do it right the first time.”

Needless to say, we missed wrestling that day, but we learned a valuable lesson. And yes, we did still get to stop by Lucille’s Deli on the way home. I will never forget that summer or the lessons that I learned from my father. He was a good man. Someday when my spirit passes into the world of the unknown, I can only hope that my child will remember me as favorably as I remember him. Happy Father’s Day!

“The best way to save time is do it right the first time.”

At Boys + Arrows, we are committed to inspiring and enlightening women all around the world. We are here to tell you that boys do not get to have all of the fun. Yell it LOUD. We are yelling it over here in Ventura, California. Boys + Arrows Swimwear is a classic company whose inspiration comes from endless memories of sun, sand, and smiles. Our mission is to develop a brand that will be around for years to come. We will stay true to our image and our customer hoping to inspire strong, confident women with an appetite for adventure and a passion for life. The Boys + Arrows Brand goes out to all of the girls who are ready to give guys a run for their money, let go of their fears, and show the world their beautiful strength and free spirit. Come on girls! We may be pretty, but that won’t stop us from living, loving, and playing with fire, boys, and arrows. Why start with a two-piece? It’s not the bikini, but what the bikini represents‌ Confidence, strength, adventure, beauty, memories, laughing till you cry, road trips, airplane tickets, bug bites, dirty hair, campfires, cheers-ing, arriving with a thousand things on your mind, and departing without a care in the world. A Boys + Arrows Bikini represents playing hard, finishing strong, falling in love, smelling the flowers and creating an experience that leaves a mark.

Boys + Arrows is gang of gals who do what they are afraid to do and take chances in love, and in life. We shall never give up, and we will always remember to laugh.

Fueled by passion, created with love.

who wears this stuff? By Alaina Brandenburger


Every year in February and September, fashion lovers from all over the world descend on New York for Fashion Week. What began in 1943 as an attempt to entice publishers to showcase American designers has blossomed into a phenomenon that people wait all year for. However, whenever Fashion Week rolls around, there are always people who look at the runways and marvel, “Who actually wears this stuff ?” Answering this question is a little more complicated than, “people.” While society’s elite have always been more elaborately adorned than us Groundlings, the fashion business as we know it began in the 1800s. Designers began creating garments from their own designs rather than making pieces specifically designed by clients. In the beginning, most high fashion came from Paris (duh), and fashion journalists flocked to the city to check out the next best thing. Back in those days, designers usually presented a collection of “made to measure” designs and “made to wear” designs. The former were sold to the public as patterns that could be tailored to the wearer’s specifications. The latter were mass marketed and sold in

stores, so if the wearer wanted the garment to fit differently, they had to alter it themselves. Back before mass transit and mass retail, many people made their clothes. Today, the two most prevalent terms that are thrown around in the biz are “haute couture” (literally, high sewing) and “prêt á porter” (ready-to-wear). What we see parading down runways and red carpets usually falls into the “haute couture” category. Haute couture doesn’t necessarily mean that the designs are oddly shaped or highly conceptual. It means that the clothing is handmade rather than being mass produced. Haute couture pieces are well tailored with intricate detail. They are generally commissioned by specific clients, or made as part of a special collection. Many times, these pieces aren’t for sale, and if they are, they are very costly. These pieces take a lot of time and effort to construct. They aren’t really easy to reproduce. If you’ve ever met anyone who’s had a wedding gown custom-made, you understand how timely and detail oriented this process is. The collections that walk the runways at Fashion Week are full of clothing that is hand made. When you see a Stella McCartney show in which many of the pieces

feature sheer accents that aren’t particularly flattering on many body types, keep in mind that this collection took months of hard work to design and construct. They didn’t just roll it out on an assembly line. “Prêt á porter” fashion is the stuff that makes it into retail stores and into your closet. Runway shows are a way for fashion editors, journalists and celebrity trendsetters to determine themes or to pick out stand-out collections. If a large percentage of collections feature a certain color palette or other unifying details, it will be tagged as a “trend” for the upcoming season. This is the face of the industry. However, afterwards, buyers get to look through designers’ accompanying ready-towear collections. These designs need to be reproducible for the mass market. Watching ‘Project Runway’ during the ready-to-wear challenge is a good way to demonstrate this part of the process. On that show, designers are tasked with creating garments that can be manufactured for a certain amount of money. While many of these designs are inspired by the actual runway collections, many of them feature modifications for better wearability and easier reproduction. Ready-to-Wear collections from topname designers such as Chanel, Jason Wu, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, etc. end up in higher end retail stores like Niemann Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman.

as H&M and Target, bringing a touch of couture to people who may not normally wear it. Another aspect of fashion that trips people up is “avant garde” (literally “forefront”). These are the wacky, crazy, anything-but-wearable pieces that adorn the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna and other extreme risk takers. Avant garde fashion is highly conceptual, and its intent is more about artistry. Designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen are known for creating artistic collections that defy the traditions of clothing. Everyone has their own preferred aesthetic and favorite designers. Some people are drawn to more classic and timeless designers, while others like bold, bright and daring clothes that stand out. For every designer, there is a consumer out there who appreciates their work. Next time Fashion Week hits the TV, try looking at the outfits keeping in mind all of the work and styling that went into it. Don’t worry so much about who’s going to wear it.

Once trends have been set, they tend to trickle down. This can be demonstrated by looking at the recent sky-high stiletto trend that swept the fashion world. Covered platform pumps are nothing new, but around 2008ish, they began showing up in collections by YSL and Louboutin, among others. Celebrities such as Kristin Cavallari and the Kardashian clan started wearing these 5-6” heels all over the place. About a year later, covered sky-high stilettos were being made by more affordable brands like Steve Madden and Aldo, and thus were made more accessible to the common consumer. Fast fashion retailers take trends from higher end stores and use them to influence designs that are sold in their stores. These clothes are usually made with synthetic fabrics and other less costly materials, so they are more affordable to shoppers on a budget. Within the past five years, many high end designers have designed special collections for retailers such

Alexander McQueen’s 10-inch stiletto boots

K N PdoUyou Who the

think I am?

Photographer - TJ Manou Makeup & Hair - Tara Shakespeare Stylist - Olga Chechina Model - Caroline Gutierrez @ Pinker ton Models, LA Jewelry by Bijoux Bijoux LEFT: Headpiece by Rocky Gathercole Top by BCBG, Leggings by Olga Chechina OPPOSITE: Headpiece by Rocky Gathercole Black jumpsuit by Olga Chechina

Dress by DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Shoes by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD OPPOSITE: Dress by SYMPHONY Shoes by ASH Leggings by Olga Chechina

Jacket by VENA CAVA Leggings by Olga Chechina Shoes by PAOLO CONTE OPPOSITE: Gold dress by LOAFFLER RANDAL


Paris Custom Clothier Group introduces... the Paris Atelier. Image above and Doug Paris (right) photographed by Joel Harris at Studio23J.

DougParis created

and built Paris Custom Clothier Group based on his need for perfection as he caters to the ultimate fashion needs of discerning gentlemen and ladies throughout the country. With more than 25 years of experience in the apparel industry, his desire is to find the ultimate drape and silhouette for each unique, quality-designed garment composed of only the finest material. He spends extensive time each year visiting the finest mills in Europe in order to maintain an expert status on the quality and composition for each garment he creates. This “sheep to shop” expertise has made him one of the most sought-after custom clothiers in the region. In April, Mr. Paris celebrated the Grand Opening of the Paris Atelier, the first of its type in the Rocky Mountain Region. Cen-

“Dress up or dress down, that’s your business. Dress well, that’s my business.”

trally located in the historic Granite Building on Larimer Square, this beautiful studio allows clients to experience first-class service in a private, comfortable atmosphere. Thousands of namebrand fabrics are available to view and touch and samples of the many personalization options are on display. The Grand Opening held on April 24 featured several special guests. Neil Borin of Carrot and Gibbs, a Boulder, Colorado-based company that specializes in bow ties, shared how to properly tie a bow tie. It wasn’t as easy as it looked! Also Harvey Resnick from Scabal, representing one of the finest mills in the world from Huddersfield, England showcased the Peace fund and the Diamond chip fabrics. Lilli Black of Bella Calla provided beautiful floral arrangements. Randy Hoffman of Bank of Colorado generously sponsored the Opening. Mr. Paris strives to provide only the best for his clients. Through fine clothing, he strategically positions them for success. He understands the value of impact of personal presentation. He manages clients’ wardrobes based on budget, style, suggestions and requirements for both professional and social clothing. Although selections are abundant, he often determines that “less is more” and value is always critical. Paris Atelier is located at 1228 15th Street, Suite 307, Denver, CO 80202. 303-322-2920

par iscustomclothierg

SĂŠjour People will gawk, rubberneck and stare.. make it worth their while.

by Sam Russell with the Wardrobe Dept.

Sam Russell photographed by Eric Dixon

for her...

haus of topper

Like a good song that just came on the radio, you will want to groove with this. A mixture of unique stones, metals and often “found objects” is the juxtaposition behind Haus of Topper. The edgy girl that escaped the suburbs to experience real city life can relate. Brooklyn-based innovator David Topper is channeling off-thegrid finds with divine treasures. To buy her flowers means you’re sorry. To buy her Haus Of Topper means you’ve learned your lesson and that you are paying attention.

The future belongs to people who can spread ideas. A passion for fashion is expressed through spectacular weaving techniques, unusual shapes and patterns that give you a peek into the future. You can unplug anytime you wish from the ethereal and interesting world of Ekaterina, and pretend to be normal. There are plenty of safe designers that will let you hide your personality in their “creations� and assume an identity much better suited for society. When you get bored of that, however, you will know where to come. Life is much too short to simply blend in.


FA S H I O NA F FA I R M A G A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3



byron lars

If you don’t have gorgeous fashion opportunities knocking on your door, then find another door. Fashion maven Byron Lars has taken twisted American classics and added a touch of Duchess of Windsor. This means you will not need to pair your classic button up anymore with a jacket to give it life. It can now stand on its own. The First Lady steps off of Air Force One in Byron Lars. The buzz is evident. His skirts are often sold out, so do not throw a fit when you wait too long. Keeping your cool is paramount, and shopping is much cheaper than a psychiatrist.

aidan mattox

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M A G A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3

Fashion is what is offered four times a year. Style is what you PICK out of that. High quality dresses at budget friendly prices is what you walk away with when you stay loyal to the Aidan Mattox name. Let everyone you come into contact with understand instantly that you inherited your mother’s good taste. We love their dresses for day and night, proms or special occasions. Most colleens are already hip to Hollywood’s latest darling. As seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor Swift, Paula Abdul, Stacey Dash, Jeannie Mai, Kimora Lee, Penelope Ann Miller & Oprah Magazine.

People will stare, so make it worth their while. Maria Lorenzo is dressing for the well heeled with just the right combination of sexy and sweet. To fuel the fire, the same artisans that design for Gucci & Prada are part of the collective here, so pay attention. I am not training you like a circus animal, but one must be firm in the introduction. Vibrant colors are plentiful and are guaranteed to resuscitate even the most conservative looks that fell accidentally into your closet. Would you cringe if someone looked at your shoes and said “ Gosh, those look comfortable.� If only they knew . . . .


Dyna is sophisticated and handcrafted with high quality patent leather in black and accenturated with green velvet at the back. The velvet material is encrusted with gold crystals giving her the right pop. She also bears the signature 3 gold studs at the side, coupled with the unique padding that ensures maximum comfort. $550.00


Pam is handcrafted with high quality Napa leather in neon pink colour, while the plaftorm, strap and the heel are covered in Lizard print leather. The heel is accentuated with 3 gold rings that give Pam a sophisticated edge. Here all-round strap is accenturated with gold studs of different shapes and sizes. She is also adorned with the signature 3 gold studs, not forgetting unique padding that ensures maximm comfort. $700.00


Stacy is handcrafted with high quality patent leather in sky blue colour at the front, while the back and lower part of the heel are covered in suede. The heel’s artistic design brings out allure and impudence. She is also accentuated with gold studs and a (non) opening zipper at the side. These intricate details give her the dashing feminine appeal. $600.00


kik vantage

When you are all alone, do your private thoughts support you or bring you down? The key to happiness is at the core of that answer. Intertwine that good vibration with a rock star personality and you have Kik Vantage. T-shirt designer Katrina Fontenot took the personality of Southern Cali and put it in a blender with the confidence of a New Yorker. Tank tops, sweat shirts and a few goodies for the young ones in your life await you. Start the morning uncomplicated, casual and comfortable when you can. Add a few Carrie Bradshaw accessories and hit the street cool by 9am. The above information should afford you a strategic advantage to life, the Kik Vantage way.

jeremy argyle

Dating in the Big Apple is a chore. I often advise women in lower Manhattan of the two smartest places to meet a good guy with his defenses down-Home Depot or the Jeremy Argyle boutiques. Where else would you find a planner with a job that enjoys subtle details? A splash of lime here, a hint of cherry red there, it’s the basics that we love with a hint of unexpected charm. A Jeremy Argyle man will offer you his handkerchief and adjust his country club tie before meeting your friends. He wore your favorite gingham bow tie over dinner last night, when you came home in a bad mood. Covet this information; a proper thank you is an invite to that wedding.

for him...

cyberoptix -

- the tie lab

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3


Cyberoptix is the dream and you are the dreamer. If you rebelled against those uber conservative red ties and hunted for something with more personality, your day in court has come. Clothes should say who you are without a word spoken, and these hand screened silk ties are that message in all the good ways. Perfect for your groomsmen at that next wedding. Definitely opt for the $10 premium package upgrade when sending as a gift. Pashmina and silk scarves are available for the lady as well. This is knot your dad’s tie choices.

marc nelson denim

You’re not 14 anymore and your mom doesn’t pick out your jeans. This is the one true fashion comrade that covers your ass, so choose wisely. Now that jeans have crossed over from the weekend to the workplace, its even more crucial you pay attention. Designer/founder Marcus Hall is greatly inspired by his stylish grandfather and is taking his love project to the streets. The Marc Nelson brand is quickly manifesting high quality denim, shirts and signature belt buckles in one of the fastest growing cities, Knoxville, TN. Yes, proudly made in America is a fashion trend we greatly welcome.

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3

la portegna

If your newly manicured lawn this summer doesn’t make the neighbors green with envy, this will. The finest vegetable-tanned leathers treated with olive oil make for a buttery soft travel bag or moccasin with a vintage feel. Customize your LA Portegna finds with an embossed signature or choose to keep the statement clean. Deep pockets and five-star hotels on the horizon await anyone who becomes a fan of this emerging Spanish designer’s brand. It screams good fortune.


FA S H I O NA F FA I R M A G A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3

Men are like trees. They take forever to grow. While you’re dreaming of grassy knolls and kids on the farm, in his crystal ball he sees a good surf or skiing in Colorado with drunken buddies. It’s fine, your patient. In the meantime, keep yourself busy by imaging him up and laying stake to your claim. You know his eyewear needs snappy upgrading again, and by kismet you have now discovered VonZipper. Explore rad snow goggles, sun lenses or feel really good after participating in ‘Charity For Clarity.’ For each pair of Optical frames purchased, one pair of optical frames will be donated to someone in need.


Giving you that Saturday morning cartoon feeling.

Today is the day to sit at the lunch table with the cool guys. Life always offers you another chance at being cool. Gothic cartoon villains & individual fashion ideas revive blocked artists. It’s our playful side that helps us re-work what once was in our way. You know which outfits work for your serious side and this is not one of them. East coast’s coolest boutiques and some of the most interesting musical personalities are totally into Adeen. While most 20-somethings are still finding their way, out-of-the-box thinker Rembrandt Duran is paving the yellow brick road to future schemes. At this stage of the game, it’s much too late to forget what you now know. You can have whatever you want, if you dress for it, cool guy.

FA S H I O N A F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3

Cheera Choo

MODEL Fashion Affair June

of the month

My name is Cheera Choo. I’m originally from Bangkok Thailand. I am a mixture of three different heritages: Thai, Chinese and Indian. I started pursuing modeling in Thailand but have been modeling in New York City for the past two years.

I believe modeling is not just the external “glamorous” lifestyle as seen by others. Modeling is a combination of both art and performance. As a model, I need to know how to be in the character the shoot demands for as well as display the designers’ product as elegantly as possible.

Cheera Choo




eera Choo

I feel models should keep an open mind and a desire to learn from every job they experience. During my 4 years of theater and latin dance training, I have realized they have both provided me with a better understanding of how to work with my surroundings and utilize my body movements to convey emotion.

Cheera Choo Most people don’t realize that modeling is not easy. It’s a 24/7 job that demands a lot of sacrifice. As a model, we are constantly working with inspirational people, so for each designer, we are expected, and required, to showcase their designs with perfection.

“Each model has their own ability to shine. If a certain person doesn’t like you for a specific reason, somebody else will.”


befineauty in

FA S H I O N A F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3

At Fashion Affair Magazine, we prefer our mysteries on the big screen, not in our men or in our facial products. With carefully chosen top drawer ingredients like green tea, mangosteen, pomegranate, and white tea, Vitaphenol Complex visibly repairs past skin damage and protects against future oxidative damage. Four different regimes are available to target normal, oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin types. Sometimes your knight in shining armor really is just a disappointment in tin foil. Trust in Vitaphenol as your new hero, tried and true. Daily Defense Cream


Washing my mouth out with soap will not do any good. I may spend many moons telling all the heathens out there about our latest grand find at Fashion Affair Magazine. For those looking for the perfect house-warming gift, brush up on your etiquette with the 100% vegan line of bathroom mentionables. Artisan soaps, organic body washes, exfoliating scrubs, soy candles and more should be on your radar. If I thwarted your plans of stopping at the local quick mart for dull and average body care products, then my mission is done.

Agave Nectar and Green Tea Body Wash


Rodo’s Balm

Teenagers know the importance of exercising their rights to kiss. Although it is uncommon to find a young creative lad deep in the heart of Texas organized enough to turn smooching into a successful at-home business, the carefully chosen contents snapped us back into reality. Rodo’s balms is just as good as anything else on the shelves, if not better. If you think you are well-versed in the realm of lip products, I started the infatuation years prior to you. Before you cuddle, nuzzle or bundle up with your mate, pick a flavor that suits your mood. After all, one minute of kissing burns 26 calories . . . better make it count.


Vanilla Coffee Bean

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M A G A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3



Acquire the infectious glow of model-turnedhealer Yogi Cameron with The One Plan, a week by week guide to restoring your natural health & happiness. When we think about our complexions, skin deep is a very accurate description of our focus — that is, we think of our skin as something that only needs to be treated with products. But, the truth of the matter is that there are so many contributing factors that can cause common complexion issues — like poor diet and stress levels — that we’re better off taking a whole-health approach. If you are burned out by the quick-fix trend, you will feel the pull to his message.Your life won’t get better by chance, but by change.


Yogi Cameron

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M A G A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3


*Prices Vary

ANU ESSE What a wonderful thought, some of the best days of our lives have yet to happen. The same could be true for your stressed out, undernourished hair. It has yet to experience effortless support. Smitten with the hair care line of ANU Essentials and even more enthralled with the plethora of yummy offerings on their web-site, it would only be fair to loop you in as well. Body butters,hair care, perfumes with unique ingredients like seaweed, Bulgarian rose, coffee and exotic oils has everyone that comes in contact with it pleasantly surprised. Founder Anu Presonia should put a patent on her “nose”, she knows what she’s doing.

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3


Leave In Conditioner


FA S H I O NA F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3

$99/Year Special

Ceragem is the largest provider of thermal massagers, available in over 70 countries. If you have not read about these “miracle beds” yet, it’s because the FDA does not want you to. For medicinal purposes only, this bed has many components that make its healing properties unparalleled to any pain pill you could take on the market. It solves the ache and pain, to the point that you will moan no more. Jade heated with infrared light gets your blood circulating and unblocks energy channels, all the while rolling up and down your spine relaxing your muscles and improving your Qi. Commit to only 30 minutes a day at a Ceragem center near you for a low monthly fee or an even more affordable annual membership. *Prices Vary At Each Locale.

818 West Diamond Ave. Suite 100 Gaithersburg, Maryland

9233 Park Meadows Dr. Lone Tree, Colorado

OWN Rejuvenating Cleanser

$11.99 Round and round you go, spending hard earned revenue on products that aren’t suited for you. We don’t take our recommendations at Fashion Affair lightly, so stop going in circles and become cognizant of OWN. While there are endless hydration possibilities out there, when it comes to holisticapproved ingredients for immediate and longlasting skin softening benefits, there’s one superstar at the top of the list.You won’t need deep pockets to love on the Rejuvenating Cleanser. To boldly tell you that this line “works” will not brace you for the explosion of benefits.

FA S H I O N A F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3

No more waiting in vain, summer is here. Before you hit the trail to the beach with the latest issue of Fashion Affair on your iPad, make a mental note to add Sweet Cheeks All Naturals to your weekend bag. Highly suggested for adults or children with eczema or sensitive skin, Sweet Cheeks will ensnare you as it pays it way forward with the best ingredients in earth-friendly packaging. Lemon and lavender body butters, all natural salt scrubs, chest rubs and so many more allnatural products are available for the soul. Major stand-outs to us were the solid lotion bar made of coco butter, shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil and the intoxicating smells of the lemon grass bath gel. Lemon Grass Bath Gel


Celtic Complexion

$52 I never knew what I wanted until I saw your face. From across a low lit room, I noticed that glow. It could be the unique mixture of carrot seed, coconut oil, shea butter and grapefruit oil that did me in. I know well thought-out ingredients when I see them. It’s not your number I wanted,though. The information I desire is the name of your esthetician, Jennifer Devlin. Whether you stepped or stumbled upon her web-site, you’re about to have your faith renewed in what the beauty business can deliver. Home-blended organic skin care offers high-end boutique quality facial products at much friendlier prices than at Whole Foods. My hyper-sensitive skin took an immediate liking to this moisturizer. Go over the label with a fine tooth comb. You will love all the attributes.

Don’t let someone who gave up their dreams of better skin make you give up yours. Your dream has a new ally with a plan, and it starts from the inside out. Skin Authority offers a complete line of multi-purpose “results oriented” products and easy-to-use home care kits. Scope out the Go! man kit for Father’s Day or get much needed help with the calming mask. A major stand-out is the VitaD Duo, a 100% all-vegan source of vitamin D. The online blog is currently advising brides-to-be this summer how to shine. All of these generous resources and information is the type of company you should keep.


You know that tingly feeling you get when you like someone new? Or better yet, when you rush out to get some beach time and discard any thoughts of sun protection? That feeling is both one and the same: it’s common sense leaving your body. Lifeguard veteran Brian Guadagno knows better than anyone the serious epidemic of skin cancer. Frustrated with the contents of SPF and the “false label claims”, Raw Elements USA manufactures a water resistant, all-natural organic base sunscreen with zinc oxide for maximum protection. Play your cards right and you could find yourself at one of the beaches Brian watches over. And he may even apply the sunscreen on you himself.

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3 ECO Lotion SPF-30


Your intuition should guide you at this stage because the products we search for are the best of the best. Tipping our hats off to our latest find, we introduce you to DermaSilk. Greg Kelly & Biotech have done years of research on collagen degradation, all while you were out exposing your skin to the harsh elements. DermaSilk understands your busy. Give them one minute for a touch up, 90 seconds for a boost or even five minutes for a peel, and they will give you the world. The at-home face tightening business has a new leader of the pack. To say this works is


1-Minute Collagen Lift

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M AG A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3 an understatement. If you wish to dabble your little toe in the water, try the one-minute collagen lift first. You will come home with a canine appetite to get your glow back, and that bottle is the quickest way there. A little goes a long way, so make it last.

Photographed by Ryan McGinley




There is a great energy and movement as the free-spirited cast dance amongst the African shower, with the blue chambray of the male’s shirt mirroring the splashing rain. The camo and floral-inspired women’s wear prints are accentuated against the grey crinkled skin of the elephant as one of the cast lies across the animal’s back in a warm embrace and another mimics its powerful trunk-up position.

helping others in the name of


Photographed by Ryan McGinley

Iconic of Africa and among the largest and most beautiful land animals, the elephant is pictured against a tropical rainbow of colors as the cast rejoice in the rainfall: a symbol of renewal, re-birth and a rare commodity in the world’s wildest continent.

Founded by Ali Hewson & Bono in 2005, EDUN is a global fashion brand bringing about positive change through its trading relationship with Africa and it’s positioning as a creative force in contemporary fashion. In 2007 EDUN launched its sister line EDUN LIVE, a tee shir t company 100% made in Africa. In 2009, LVMH bought a significant stake in EDUN. LVMH provides essential suppor t, investment and infrastructure to help the business grow into a global fashion brand and suppor t its vision to grow trade in Africa. EDUN actively works to increase trade with Africa and is aiming to produce 40% of its seasonal fashion collection in Africa by 2013. EDUN is building long term, sustainable oppor tunities by suppor ting manufacturers, infrastructure and community building initiatives. EDUN is currently working in Kenya, Morocco, Madagascar, Uganda and Tunisia.

EDUN was born when two passions collided – a love of beautiful clothes and a desire to create change. This story of duality and transformation is again the inspiration behind Ryan McGinley’s photographs for the EDUN spring/summer 2013 campaign, African Shower, an evolution of his stunning Beautiful Rebels debut for the brand in spring/summer 2012 and Birds of Prey in fall/winter 2012.

Photography by Ryan McGinley

Referencing McGinley’s The Animal series, which depicts moments of spontaneous interaction between animals and people in the studio setting, the spring/ summer 2013 campaign captures the connection between the African elephant and a diverse cast of male and female individuals.

Photographed by Ryan McGinley

Purchase this limited edition t-shir t and all proceeds will be donated to WILDAID to help raise the awareness of the plight of the African Elephant. WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and providing comprehensive marine protection. African elephants are currently found in 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and their numbers fell from 1.3 million in 1979 to less than 600,000 today, as a result of the ivory trade. With 35,000 elephants killed per year, WildAid are working to educate consumers and reduce the demand for ivory products worldwide via their public service announcements and shor t form documentary pieces. WildAid is the only organization focused on reducing the demand for such wildlife products, with the strong and simple message: when the buying stops, the killing can too. No elephants were harmed during the making of this campaign.









Revealing fashion around the Globe.

FA S H I O NA F FA I R M A G A Z I N E . C O M J U N 2 0 1 3

Photographer: Anna Kotlova Photography Model: Olga Chulgareva Hair and make up: Anna Kotlova Style and set up: Anna Kotlova

June 2013 Issue

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