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As you sit reading this, remember one day it'll be you laying here having loved ones and friends crying over you. Let me say to all that have come whether I knew you or not, Thank Y Oll and May God Bless you and yours. As you all know I tried to be the best that I could be, not to make any excuses, but life is rough. Count your blessings and it's also what you do with your life that will determine who you were when this day comes. I know that I was never a perfect per on. I had my faults throughout my life, they all weren't bad either, but I know I tried to do my part when other were with me and against me. Sometimes my way was the right way. I never held a grudge or kept things over someone's head, never looked down on someone's misfortune, ill behavior, and certainly never judged anyone. I had a different way of thinking. Just give credit where credit is due. The songs I've chosen to have played, not sung by someone, are just what fitted me in my life and I did believe in what's being said in each of them. The arti t Luther Vandross was my favorite. Yes I was Lutherized too (smile), so let yourself listen to the words, the melody, the music, and you too will probably find the peace I found in these songs. So as you sit and reflect on your knowledge of me and our relationship, know that I'm finally at peace, I'm Happy and know that I left my struggle in God's Hands.

To My Wlk & Children, Well gang, our time together was full of everything one could possibly imagine. Yeah I was a hard person to deal with, but that was just the tough love that I shared in those times. I really cared for everyone and I didn't want anything less in return. It was my job to be the man ], so I tried to fulfill the definition there of. I hope you all go on in life to become great adults, and prosper to the fullest.

All My Other Friends, Let me say I enjoyed knowing you, I hope you feel the same about me, I hope the times we shared were full of goodness & joy.

~~W~ Donnie Benson Woodruff

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May 19, 1961-November 16,2011


May 19,1961 - November


MILITARY MOGRAPHY Sergeant Major (SGM) Donnie Benson Woodruff was bom on 19 May 1961 to Hazel Cook and the late Charles Anthony in Lynchburg, Virginia, He completed formal education in 1979, graduating from Altavista High School. He later earned his Associate Degree from Central Texas College and a Bachelor's in Business Administration Management for Strayer University. SGM Woodruff enlisted in the United States (US) Army 5 May 1980. After receiving an honorable discharged from active duty in 1983, he joined the District of Columbia Army National Guard (DCANG). He demonstrated his personal commitment to the US Army, the DCAN G, and to the soldiers who have served under him for the past 31 years. Performing admirable in assignments of increasing responsibility, SGM Woodruff has held a variety of positions with the DCANG to include: Senior Logi tics ~CO 04) Section, Joint Forces Headquarters; Division Operations NCO, Mobilization Augmentation Command; First Sergeant, 547"' LMT and 140'" HMT Transportation Companies; Truck Master 547"' L\1T Transportation Company; Platoon Sergeant, Retention NCO, Casualty NCO, and Certifying NGO, 140'" Transportation Company; Platoon Sergeant and Retention NCO, 13801], Quartermaster Company; Retention NCO and S-4 Clerk, 140'h Transportation Battalion; and Commander's Driver, Water Treatment Specialist and Supply Clerk, 380'" Supply & Services Company. Other assignment held while on active duty include: Liaison NCOIC, National Guard Bureau's (NGB) Joint Operations Coordination Center OOCC) - Arlington, Virginia; NCOIC, NGB's Continuity of Operations Program - Arlington, Virginia; ARNG Watch NCOIC and Crisis Action Manager, NGB - Arlington, Virginia; Supply Clerk, I" S&T Battalion Fort Riley, Kansas; Supply Clerk, C Troop 4/7''' Cavalry - Camp Stanley, Korea; and Supply Clerk, Company C 3/11 ,"Infantry - Fort Polk, Louisiana. SGM Woodruff supported Hurricane Katrina Disaster in 2005, serving as NGB's Crisis Hotline NCOIC. He also supported numerous District of Columbia Community Event, Snow and Storm Emergencies and many Presidential Inaugurations to include the historical 56'" Inauguration of President Barak Obama, His military education includes the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (Class 35), Battle Staff NonCommissioned Officers Course, Action Officer Force Integration Course, Battle Focus Training Course for a Battalion, Reserve Component First Sergeants Course, Battalion Intelligence / Operations Sergeants Course, Defense Hazardous Materials / Waste Handling Course, Physical Security Course, Action Officer Development Course, Manager Development Course, Supervisor Development Course, Unit Readiness Course, Advanced Non Commissioned Officers Course Phase J & II, Motor Transport Operator Course Phase T & TT, Basic Non Commissioned Officers Course Phase I & II, Battle Focus Instructor Training Course, Water Treatment Specialist Course Level 20/ 30, NBC Course, Primary Leadership Development Course, Unit Supply Specialist Course and numerous other Correspondence Courses. His awards and decorations includes the Superior Unit Award, Bronze Star Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal w/3 oak leaf cluster, Army Commendation Medal w/oak leaf cluster, Army Achievement Medal 6'" award, Good Conduct Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Component Achievement Medal w/silver oak leaf cluster, National Defense Service Medal w/2 bronze star, Global War on 'Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal w/bronze star, Korean Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal w/silver hour glass and M device, Non-Commissioned Officers Development Ribbon numeral d, Army Service Ribbon, Army Overseas Service Ribbon, DCNG Achievement Medal, DCNG Medal for Faithful Service, DCNG Emergency Services Ribbon w/l oak leaf cluster, DCNG Community Services Ribbon w/ silver star, DCNG Active Duty Ribbon, and DCNG Attendance Ribbon w/silver oak leaf cluster. SGM Woodruff is married to the former (SFC) Loleta Denise Mclean. They have three children, Alexis, Alonzo and Denesha; and two grandchildren, Kari and Niya. He also has lWO dogs, Diamond and Woody and one cat, Benson.

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{FfJt1IIW @$eJItJo11I ~~ May 19, 1961-November

16, 2011

"Man is made by his beliefs; as he believes, so he is" Donnie Benson Woodruffwas born May 19, 1961 in Lynchburg, Virginia to Hazel Cook and the late Charles Anthony. He was called to rest on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at his home in Clinton, MD. Raised in Altavista, VA, Donnie graduated from Altavista High School in 1979. While enlisted in the military he continued his education receiving his Associate Degree from Central Texas College and his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Management from Strayer University. Not long after graduating from high school, he entered Active Duty on May 5, 1980, attending Basic Training at Fort Leonard, Missouri and Advance Individual Training at Fort Lee, VA. He later joined the DC Army National Guard in 1983, where he met and later married the former SFC Loleta Denise Rodney.

Donnie worked at the United States Postal Service from November 1988 until he returned to active duty. During that time, he never used a day of sick leave.

Donnie always strived to go to the top, never settling for anything less. He accomplished all his goals that he set for himself and went above and beyond all of them. He was an extraordinary mentor, Loving Husband, terrific father and grandfather and will always be loved and never forgotten. Donnie was a true provider. He was a hard person to deal with, but that was just the tough love that he shared in those times. He really cared for everyone and didn't want anything less in return. He leaves to cherish his memories: his loving wife, Loleta Denise; his daughters, Alexis McLean and Denesha Woodruff his son, Alonzo McLean; his mother, Hazel Woodruff; grandchildren, Kairi Gardner and Niya Wilson; two sisters, Joyce Smith (William) and Lakisha Taylor (Teaco); three brothers, Thomas Woodruff (Cheryl), Stanley Woodruff, and Jermaine Anthony, Sr (Trina); mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law, one brother-in-law, eight nieces, four nephews and a host of other relatives and friends.

May 19, 1961 - November 16,2011

FROM DONNIE ••••••••.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.•••••••••••..•••••..•••••••••••••SFC




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OF LOVE •••••••••••••••••••••••••••.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• MINISTER MICHELLE WOODRUFF-PANKEY










POEM •••••••••••••.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.••••••••••.•.•••.••••••.•••••••.••• DENESHA WOODRUFF














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May 19,1961 - November 16, 2011

Even though you're gone away, our love is still strong today. I regret not'having more time with you, there are so many things left for us to do. I still here you whisper my name so soft and dear (Lolle) and though I cannot see you, I know you're watching near. I feel your love still burning 0 deep inside my soul, "without you here beside me I'll never be whole. Through all the good times and the bad, and every day after, I still hear your giggle; I'll never forget your laughter. Our love is something more to me than kisses and holding hands, you said you always wanted wings, now you're soaring above the lands. So to end my tearful reminiscing, I have one thing I need to say. No matter what worlds fall between us, I love you to this very day. Your Spirit will forever be with me so dear' and sweet, I continue to Thank God each and every day for bringing you into my life and making it complete. Now that you're gone I will always long to feel you by my side, the waves of sadness I will override. My heart is broken and will never mend. I will continue to love you to the very end It's not goodbye, It's I'll will see you later.

Your Loving Wife, Denise

a Celebration of LIFE

You battle is now over, no more tears flowing down your check, no more pain, no more suffering, now you are no longer weak. I still do not understand why this had to happen to you, but I am proud to say you are my Dad, the greatest man I ever knew. Although you will not be here to walk me down the aisle, when that day comes I know you will be by my side with a smile. You were always there for me and never once made me cry, until the day you closed your eyes and had to say good-bye. Now you are my Angel, so spread your wings out wide, please wrap them around me whenever you see me cry. Our time together was memorable and God took you too fast, but the most precious thing to me was you being there for me And me being there for your last. Love Always, Alexis

May 19,1961 - November 16, 2011

As I sit here trying to gather my thoughts, realizing not many people have that chance . To have a father so strong, so proud, and so true, I've always wanted to be just like you . From your dapper ways, and to that swag when you swayed ... You were such the proper gentleman in my eyes, gee, look how fast time flies ... You had a smile that could stop anyone in the room ... I still think every day, why'd it have to be you . Daddy you're the epitome of anyone's dreams . God said you had to go, but still this can't be . Praying on my knees that this was all just a dream ... Trying to cope, trying to find, that one thing that's still heavy on my mind ... You are my father, you're so very true To be without you seems like the hardest thing I've ever tried to do ... You held your head high, and never questioned why ... And now when I look up, there's your face in the pretty blue sky ... SGM Woodruff I would tell anyone who could hear. .. It's time to stand up and cheer, cheer, cheer. .. I'll try my best not to sit and frown, but remember that you served this world proud ... You're forever in my soul, and will forever remain in my heart ... Not even the harsh reality of this world will tear us apart ... You've made Stink laugh, and you definitely made Stink proud ... So while you're up there in heaven, save me a crown ... Daddy, spread your wings and give them a smile, For you're in the Eternal Kingdom now .... You gave your life, to the Lord so willingly, I know you have a spot reserved in the Lambs Book of Life ... So as I reminisce and cherish the times that we had, I will always tell the world about my Dad ... He was a fighter, a leader, a noble soul, Daddy, ILOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW! *Stink*

A Dad is a person who is loving and kind, And often he knows what you have on your mind. He's someone who listens, suggests, and defends. A Dad can be one of your very best friends! He proud of your triumphs, but when things go wrong A dad can be patient and helpful and strong In all that you do, a dad's love plays a part. There's always a place for him deep in your heart. And each year that passes, you're even more glad .. More grateful and proud just to call him your dad! Thank you Dad .. for listening and caring. For giving and sharing But especially, for just being you.!

I Love you, Dad! Alonzo

May 19,1961 - November 16,2011

National Guard Bureau United State Postal Service

The family would like to express ow' gratitude and appreciation to their many relatives, friends, National Guard Bureau, DC National Guard, US Postal Service and members of Antioch Baptist Church for all acts of kindness shown to them during the passing of their loved one. May God continue to bless and keep each one of you. - The Family


1102 West Broad Street Falls Church, VA 22046 STEWART FuNERAL HOME

4001 Benning Road, NE Washington, DC 20019


Cheltenham Veteran Cemetery 11301 Crain Highway Cheltenham, MD 20623 Thursday, December 1, 2011 10:00 a.m.

Donnie B. Woodruff Obituary  

Donnie's Home Going Service Obituary

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