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Relationship “Love don’t cost a thing”. Some ups and down of relationships. Many teens today get themselves into relationships and are not thinking of the cost. Often times you will find yourself in place you never even though you were ready for. Some teens start these relationships thinking they know a person when they really don’t. They will tell you they love you then the next minute in some casesit gets worst than that. “When I was in middle school I had a friend who was in this situation. Leavening him was hard but, with the help of her friends she is doing good now” says sophomore Selina Smith A relationship is more than holding hands and hugging. In a relationship there is one important thing you need. Which is trust with it you have no relationship. Well at least not a good one at that. Trust is what a relationship should stand on. Its what keeps things going in your relationship. With seniors going into the real world to start our lives we need to have caution, about what is out there and how to deal with it. There are many ways to get out of these relationships. You can try asking for help from somebody you trust well enough. Or maybe even trying to talk to the person you are with and, tell them that you are not happy. If this doesn’t work then, take more serious steps. “I remember a time where I had to talk one of my closest friends out of a very bad relationship she was in. I felt as if it wasn’t for me she would get hurt really bad” Senior Cyndi Williams. You can never tell at first if someone you know is in a bad relationship. If you do it is nice if you try your best to get

them out of this situation and fast. Things could get ugly and you can’t do anything about it. , some advice is not to jump into a relationship so quickly without knowing everything important about this person. Maybe you should just try being friends first until you know for sure that this is the one. If you are already in a relationship but you feel that things aren’t getting better. Don’t take very serious steps until you know what you are getting out of this relationship. For teens who are just beginning to go out and start to date. Maybe you should try double dating at first. This way you feel safe and comfortable. They are supposed to make you feel like the queen and kings that you are. If you feel other wise then waiting would be a good thing to do, until you get more information on this person. Be safe and remember to get to know somebody before getting into a relationship.

By: Topaz Cowley


this gives points on how a relationship should work and what you should do if u have trouble with one