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The long-awaited steakhouse makes its debut in Lexington.

s you walk through the doors of Lexington’s newest restaurant, you’re instantly transported to a big, glamorous, far-away city—a city that at the same time, feels just like Lexington. And that’s exactly as Jeff Ruby planned it. Known for the over the top glitz and glamour, Jeff Ruby’s at City Center is like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced before. With plenty of opportunities to back out of the project at downtown Lexington’s City Center after 7 plus years in the works, Jeff Ruby hung on, determined to bring his 10,000 square foot steakhouse to the people of Lexington. “I have never been as excited or emotionally connected to doing a restaurant in a city as I have in Lexington,” says Ruby. Growing up in the kitchens of his mother and step-father’s restaurants on the Jersey Shore, Ruby experienced the ins and outs of the restaurant business before opening the first of his stable of high-end steakhouses, The Precinct, in 1981 with the backing of several professional athletes in Cincinnati. Ruby knew even then that the key to having a successful restaurant was to deliver an unparalleled dining experience, one that is known today as The Jeff Ruby Experience. “When people leave our restaurants, I want them leaving with more than a doggie bag. I want them to leave with a memory that they were completely entertained, that they forgot about all of their problems. I want them to feel as if they have escaped and left Lexington for the evening. When they come to our restaurants that’s what we provide” says Ruby.

Story By Kate Horning H EALTHY L IVING C HEF Photos By Keni Parks

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Tops in Lexington - May 2019  

Who's Who, What's New and What to Do in Lexington, Kentucky

Tops in Lexington - May 2019  

Who's Who, What's New and What to Do in Lexington, Kentucky