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Author Hallie Lee Unveils Debut Novel, Paint Me Fearless About Hallie Lee MY MAMA


omeday it will happen,” she said over and over, like a mantra. Her words, always delivered with certainty and faith, sometimes made me think she could make my dreams come true through sheer will alone. A voracious reader, and a gifted storyteller, my mom introduced me to books as a kid. She’d share lively, animated stories about the novels she read, and could weave a tale about Henry VIII that would impress even the most fervent Wolf Hall fan. I knew at an early age I wanted to be a writer. Possibly because I sought my mama’s approval, but ultimately because I loved the idea of evoking that kind of emotion in people. Naturally, my mom encouraged my passion. Armed with an IBM typewriter, and fueled by her careful and constructive criticism, I began submitting stories to any magazine that accepted unsolicited manuscripts. With every small victory she cheered, and with every rejection she reminded me that my someday would eventually come. She maintained that conviction, even when my journey took me far away from her…from Small Town, Louisiana to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe is where I really honed my writing skills. The exposure to such a creative movie making community gave me the opportunity to attend many writing conferences and classes.

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