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Kristen Pawlak



e want to be your lifetime design partner and provide customized, functional, and beautiful design solutions,” says Kristen Pawlak of KP Designs. She’s committed to making your experience a fabulous one. “We are full-service interior designers, so we are professionally trained. We create your designs and provide all of the items that go into the process. It starts with our design vision and expertise, coupled with our extensive product resources. We receive and provide quality control of everything, and then our team installs your Dream Rooms. We provide follow up and stand behind all that we do.” The KP Designs approach is highly organized and customized to you and your needs. With a vast array of products from a network of fine interior furnishings suppliers, the locally owned and operated business is part of the largest in-home design organization in North America, Decorating Den Interiors. This renowned organization has been in existence for over 50 years, and they make a big impact with a vast offering of items. KP Designs also has an in-studio contractor, allowing them to offer turnkey design and execute bathrooms, kitchens, and other labor intensive projects. There are many details involved in the decorating projects that KP Designs takes on. “ It takes a small village, and we have that at our fingertips,” Kristen says. “It’s not all about the lowest cost, and we do not compete with the Internet. It’s not all about this certain look or that one. it’s about three letters: Y.O.U.” Check out for more insight.

84 TOPS LOUISVILLE | March 2020

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TOPS Louisville: March 2020  

TOPS Louisville: March 2020