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Sun Viso r + 9 Inch LCD Mo nit o r (Be ige ,Right )

Sun Visor + 9 Inch LCD Monitor (Beige,Right)

Categories Ho t Pro duct s! Andro id Table t s & Pho … ne s Car DVD Playe rs Car Ele ct ro nics

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AUD $6 5.99



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0.00 Grams

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Car Vide o


Co m put e r Acce sso rie s Digit al Cam e ras & Cam … co rde rs Digit al Pict ure Fram e s Ele ct ro nic Gadge t s

Product Descript ion

GPS & Sat Nav De vice s

Sun Viso r with 9 Inch LCD Mo nito r (Beige, Right)

He alt h & Lif e st yle

Highlights... Sun Viso r with 9 Inch LCD Right-side mo unt Two video inputs Ideal fo r use with a car rearview camera Co nvenient mo nito r that can be turned o n o r o ff as needed

Ho m e Audio + Vide o LCD Mo nit o r Mo bile Pho ne s MP3 Playe rs MP4 Playe rs

Who lesale priced sun viso r mo nito r with a 9 inch LCD screen. With two Video -In co nnectio ns, a built in mirro r, and night light, this makes a great upgrade to yo ur sto ck car sunviso r. No w yo u can feed in the video fro m yo ur car rearview camera o r GPS unit so yo u can view it co nveniently o n yo ur cars new tech gadget - the A59 Sun Viso r Mo nito r.

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Po rt able DVD Playe rs Se curit y Equipm e nt Spy Cam e ras Surve illance Equipm e nt

With dual Video IN co nnectio ns and easy butto n co ntro l o f the video channels and mo nito r features, yo u can easily view yo ur rearview camera video feed and o ther AV devices o n this Sun Viso r with 9 Inch LCD Mo nito r anytime yo u want. Here is the best part, with a stunning 8 0 0 x6 0 0 LCD screen reso lutio n, yo ur in-car video feed will lo o k better than yo u have ever seen befo re! A great facto ry-direct price makes this item a nice gift fo r yo urself and yo ur car, o r even better as a resale item fo r yo ur o nline sto re. Order yo urs to day and we will ship it o ut quick - guaranteed! Fro m the leaders in who lesale electro nics - To p-sho m!

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Manufacturer Specificatio ns

Blueto o th Car Rearview Mirro r (MP3 Player,FM Radio ,Mini-LCD)

Pro duct Descriptio n: Sun Viso r with 9 inch LCD Mo nito r Display: 9 inch dark smo ke co lo red LCD screen Co lo r: Beige (Tan) Video Co lo r System: NTSC/PAL (Auto Switch) Reso lutio n: 8 0 0 x6 0 0 RGB Brightness: 350 nit Aspect Ratio : 16 :9 o r 4:3 Video Input: - x2 Video IN - (1 dedicated fo r rearview camera, 1 fo r general AV devices) Certificatio n: CE, FCC Dimensio ns: To p length = 39 0 mm, Mid length = 36 0 mm, Height = 175 mm, Thickness = 25 mm

AUD $4 1.99

Pro Xeye - 7 Inch On-Camera HD DSLR Mo nito r (10 8 0 P,HDMI In + Out) AUD $183.89

No tes fro m Manufacturers Auto matically changes to rearview video feed when reversing yo ur car Ho o k and hardware fo r mo unting o n the right side o f a car interio r Remo te Co ntro l also included fo r added co nvenience when using as a media player Built - in mirro r and night light Package List Sun Viso r with 9 inch LCD Mo nito r Wire Harness Mo unting Hardware Remo te Co ntro l Spare Fuse User Manual - English Ordering fro m To p-sho ppingmall pro vides yo u with the fo llo wing benefits; -

12 mo nth warranty In - ho use QC Member disco unts Quantity o rder disco unts Wo rldwide Shipping

Pro duct Catego ry: - Main = Car Video - Subcat = Sun Viso r Mo nito rs

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Sun Visor + 9 Inch LCD Monitor (Beige,Right)  

Highlights... Sun Visor with 9 Inch LCD Right-side mount Two video inputs Ideal for use with a car rearview camera Convenient monitor that c...

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