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Ho rizo n - 7 Inch On-Cam e ra HD Mo nit o r wit h Tally Light f o r Pro f e ssio nal Vide o Cam co rde rs

Horizon - 7 Inch On-Camera HD Monitor with Tally Light f or Prof essional Video Camcorders

Categories Ho t Pro duct s! Andro id Table t s & Pho ‌ ne s Car DVD Playe rs Car Ele ct ro nics Car Vide o

Price :

AUD $34 8.99



We ig ht :

3,000.00 Grams

Digit al Cam e ras & Cam ‌ co rde rs


Digit al Pict ure Fram e s Ele ct ro nic Gadge t s GPS & Sat Nav De vice s

Product Descript ion

He alt h & Lif e st yle

Get the Ho rizo n 7 Inch On-Camera HD Mo nito r with Tally Light and enhance yo ur media arsenal with this pro fessio nal camera accesso ry.

LCD Mo nit o r Mo bile Pho ne s MP3 Playe rs MP4 Playe rs

7 inch LCD Monitor with HDMI & YPbPr Input/Specific LCD Monitor for 5D2 7D full HD Video camera AUD $152.25

Q uant it y:

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Ho m e Audio + Vide o

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Pro fessio nal Industry Features Intro ducing the Ho rizo n 7 Inch On-Camera HD Mo nito r with HDMI, YPbBr Input and a tally light! This amazing device co mbines light weight and affo rdability with a range o f pro fessio nal inputs and features. Equipped with a So ny V-Mo unt battery plate, yo u get intuitive co ntro l with 10 24 x 6 0 0 reso lutio n images to keep yo ur subject sharp, perfectly framed, and always in fo cus. With the Ho rizo n yo u can have an external mo nito r that will serve every pro fessio nal cameraman o r wo man extremely well due to its advanced features. Anti-Glare, Image Multiplicatio n, Image Freeze, Picture in Picture and many mo re features are available with this great camera accesso ry.

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High Reso lutio n, High Co ntrast Ratio With a high reso lutio n 10 24x 6 0 0 display, this mo nito r pro vides a clear and accurate image o f what’s being reco rded witho ut having to lo o k thro ugh yo ur camera o r video camco rder’s tiny built-in mo nito r. This makes framing, fo cusing and previewing faster and easier. Pro fessio nal camera crews and pho to graphers also require accurate co lo r representatio n o n their field mo nito r, and this kit pro vides just the same. The LED matte display has a 70 0 :1 co lo r co ntrast ratio so co lo rs are rich and vibrant, and the matte display prevents any unnecessary glare o r reflectio n. Ideal Partner fo r Yo ur Camco rder o r DSLR Need an amazing mo nito r fo r yo ur $50 0 0 high end camera setup? Want to jo in the league o f ultimate camera dudes? Lo o k no further! Want to sho o t video with yo ur Camco rder using the mo st pro fessio nal mo nito r imaginable? No pro blem! The Ho rizo n is the answer to all yo ur pro blems, real o r imaginary! This aweso me mo nito r is so mething every filmmaker sho uld have and must have o n every set o r sho o ting situatio n. It’s an invaluable piece o f kit fo r getting a better idea o f the picture and fo r expanded the functio ns o f yo ur already aweso me camera setup. Ideal fo r a pro fessio nal studio o r video pro ductio n set, this great external mo nito r will help the who le pro ductio n team have a better idea o f the camerawo rk and impro ve co mmunicatio n and wo rk enjo yment. High Grade Pro duct - Great Deal Pro fessio nal perfo rmance and extreme co nvenience is what the Ho rizo n 7 Inch On-Camera Mo nito r o ffers yo u. It’s a pro duct that will be highly desired by many pro fessio nals and up and co ming amateur camera enthusiasts. This high grade external mo nito r is bro ught to yo u at an amazing price that can't be fo und anywhere else! This great deal is available fro m the o nline leader o f electro nic gadgets, To p-sho ppingmall.

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Recently Viewed Horiz on - 7 Inch OnCamera HD Monitor with Tally Light for Professional Video Camcorders AUD $34 8.99 Add To Cart

At a Glance... Vibrant HD (10 24x 6 0 0 ) DSLR 7 inch mo nito r Anti-glare screen wo rks great even under sun light High Grade Co ntrast Ratio : 70 0 :1 Tally Light Red/Green Co lo r Image Multiplicatio n, Image Freeze, Picture in Picture (PIP) HDMI, and Co mpo nent(YPbPr), AV video inputs - Co mes with HDMI cable Ideal fo r Pro fessio nal Video Camco rders Perfect fo r every amateur and pro fessio nal camera men and wo men Indispensable camera accesso ry, lo ts o f features

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Blueto o th Car Rearview Mirro r (MP3 Player,FM Radio ,Mini-LCD) AUD $4 1.99

Manufacturer Specificatio ns Reso lutio n:10 24x 6 0 0 Do t pitch 0 .0 5(W)×0 .15(H)mm Screen Size: 7 inch Display Ratio : 16 :9 /4:3 Tally Light: Yes Earpho ne jack: Yes Brightness: 250 cd/m2 Co ntrast:70 0 :1 Respo nse time: 10 ms Viewing Angle (degrees): 75/75, 70 /75 (L/R, U/D) Signal Input: HDMI,YPbPr, Video , Audio (L/R) Signal o utput: YPbPr, Video , Audio (L/R)

Input vo ltage DC 7-24V Po wer co nsumptio n ≤10 W Battery Plate: So ny V-Mo unt Dimensio ns: W: 145 x L: 20 5 x D: 6 0 (mm) Package Co ntents Mo nito r Allen Key Mo unt BNC Cable HDMI Cable Tally Co nnectio n Kit Sun Shade Sun Shade Fasteners Po wer adapter 3 BNC to RCA adapters User Manual- English Pro duct No tes Includes a freeze frame functio n: This functio n displays a side-by-side co mpariso n o f the inco ming video signal. Each time the F1/2 butto n is pushed it will freeze the current frame o n the right-hand side o f the display while the left co ntinues to display the live signal. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questio ns Can I use this HD mo nito r with my camco rder? Yes, so lo ng as yo u have a way o f mo unting it to yo ur camco rder. Mo st peo ple who use this with their camco rders already have a steady cam rig o r sho ulder rig, so it can mo unt with yo ur existing hardware by using the tripo d screws lo cated at the bo tto m and side o f this device. Ordering fro m To p-sho ppingmall pro vides yo u with the fo llo wing benefits: 12 mo nth warranty In-ho use QC Member disco unts Award winning custo mer suppo rt Quantity o rder disco unts Wo rldwide Shipping

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Horizon - 7 Inch On-Camera HD Monitor  

Get the Horizon 7 Inch On-Camera HD Monitor with Tally Light and enhance your media arsenal with this professional camera accessory.

Horizon - 7 Inch On-Camera HD Monitor  

Get the Horizon 7 Inch On-Camera HD Monitor with Tally Light and enhance your media arsenal with this professional camera accessory.