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7 Inch Digit al Pho t o Fram e wit h Music and Vide o Ext ras

7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Music and Video Extras

Categories Ho t Pro duct s! Andro id Table t s & Pho ‌ ne s Car DVD Playe rs Car Ele ct ro nics

Price :

AUD $4 1.15


Digital- F128

We ig ht :

1,000.00 Grams

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Product Descript ion Digital Pho to Frame with Music and Video Extras. 7 inch (17.5cm) multimedia digital picture frame featuring a silky smo o th slidesho w functio n alo ng with a static (fixed) display fo r yo ur favo rite pho to s. Simply insert a standard memo ry card with yo ur digital pho to s to start enjo ying them at their very best o n an incredibly crisp display. With so und o utput pro vided by two high quality built-in stereo speakers,the electro nic picture frame will also suppo rt and play additio nal multimedia co ntent with its o n bo ard media player, including yo ur favo rite digital audio and video files such as MPEG (AVI) and MP3. Yo u can even co mbine yo ur pho to s with yo ur favo rite music playing in the backgro und. This wo uld be a great way to relax and unwind by co mbining yo ur mo st cherished digital pho to graphs and music in a multimedia slidesho w.

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Co nvenient,with a user-friendly interface and unlike a traditio nal pho to frame,enjo y mo re than o ne pho to at a time with the added multimedia functio nality o f digital audio and video . Give each pho to and yo ur precio us

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memo ries the special attentio n they deserve by displaying them o n this crystal clear 7 inch TFT LCD screen with its vibrant co lo rs. This electro nic pho to frame wo uld be the ideal cho ice fo r tho se with large pho to co llectio ns and fo r tho se who enjo y taking and sho wing o ff their pho to s. Use it in yo ur ho me fo r family and friends to enjo y,place it o n yo ur ho me nightstand fo r perso nal pho to s,have it lo cated in the kitchen with yo ur favo rite pho to s o r use it in the o ffice fo r co -wo rkers to see yo ur vacatio n pho to s.

Frame (2.5 Inch) AUD $12.01

Recently Viewed 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Music and Video Extras AUD $4 1.15

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Manufacturer Specificatio n: - 7 inch digital pho to frame with high quality TFT LCD screen - Wo rks with CF/MMC/MS/SD/XD cards and USB keys - Static and slide sho w display mo des let yo u cho o se ho w to display yo ur pho to s - Multimedia capability so yo u can watch digital video s and music - Main Functio n: 7 Inch Digital Pho to Frame - with Music and Video Player - Display: 7 inch TFT LCD screen - Screen reso lutio n: 430 x234 - Co lo r: Black - External memo ry: CF/MMC/MS/SD/XD cards,USB key (Max 2GB) - Internal memo ry: No ne - Picture Fo rmat: JPEG - Co ntro l Interface: On-bo ard butto n co ntro l - OSD Language: English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Po rtuguese,Dutch,Po lish - Aspect Ratio : 16 :9 ,4:3,Auto - Po wer So urce: AC po wer adapter o r USB co rd

- Po wer AC 10 0 V-240 V ~ 50 /6 0 Hz (DC 9 V) - Po wer co nsumptio n: 10 W - Built-in stereo speakers: 2 x 1W - Audio Specificatio ns: - Co mpatible Music Files: MP3 - MP3 lyric suppo rt (ID3 Tag) - Backgro und music - MPS Suppo rted - Video Specificatio ns: - Co mpatible Video Files: AVI,MOV,MPEG-1,MPEG-4,3GP - Input/o utput/co nnectivity: SD/MMC/MS/XD Slo t,DC IN,AV OUT,USB 2.0 po rt - Butto ns: Po wer o n/o ff butto n,Enter butto n,Sto p butto n,Menu butto n,Up butto n,Do wn butto n,Left butto n , Right butto n,Manufacturers Ref: DJVL9 UJ2NM9 3 - Catalo g Ref: Digital Picture Frame,Electro nic pho to frame,Media Picture Frame No tes: - Includes a calendar,alarm functio n and full-screen clo ck with date - Auto shutdo wn and startup fo r energy efficiency Package Included: Mo del Digital-F128 7 Inch Digital Pho to Frame User Manual - English Remo te co ntro l Mo unting bracket AC/DC Adapter 10 0 -240 V AC ~ 50 /6 0 Hz AV cable - 3.5mm to RCA

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7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Music and Video Extras  
7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Music and Video Extras  

Digital Photo Frame with Music and Video Extras. 7 inch (17.5cm) multimedia digital picture frame featuring a silky smooth slideshow functio...