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Radio Winner Singers of Music Industry

The music is part of our daily life and we get such amazing songs due to the hard work of our artists in the music industry. We all know that there are various people are working on a single song and we admire those people. Well, our music industry has lots of singers who have versatile personality and amazing talent. We respect all of them, but today we are going to discuss few people only because if it is not possible to write about each and every singer. We have to write articles, not a book. Yes, if whenever we write a book it takes time to write about famous stars and its personalities. So today we are going to talk about four singers that are really important. So let's begin the list with most famous singer Wilson Abubakar Radido who is also known as Willy Paul. He is an award-winning Contemporary Chrisitan Music artist and songwriter from Kenya. He is also the CEO of Saldido records. In 2010, he started his music career and released his first single song "Sitolia" that becomes a hit. You can enjoy Willy Paul Songs on your smartphone too.

The second name on our list is a musician and his name is Davis Kamoni Mathenge better known by his stage name Nameless or "Monski". He is a Kenyan pop artist and started his career before 1999 through a starch search contest in a radio which he won. This was the turning point in his career and after that he got many chances to prove his talent and he gets success. He is regarded as one of the modern music pioneers in Kenya. You need to search on the internet for Nameless Songs and just watch it.

The third name on the list is Harrison Mungai Kimani who is also known as Harry Kimani. He is another Kenyan musician and composer. Well, for the music he left his school in 1999 and focused on his music. In 2000 he met a producer Maurice Oyando of Next Level Productions and he assists him for few years. He also released his first sing-song "African Women" that began to receive airplay on several radio stations in Kenya. In the past 18 years, he released several songs and all of them are hits. You can watch and download Harry Kimani Songs from the internet and enjoy with it your friends.

The last but not the least is a Ghanaian hip hop recording artist and entrepreneur known as Michal Owusu Addo. His fans called him Sarkodie. In the ceremony of 2012 BET Awards he won the Best International Act Award for his music. He started rapping at a very young age and continued throughout his educational career. He began his career in radio through a rap competition and after that, he got a chance to release his first song. Between the year 2009-2012, he released several single hit songs and albums that are still memorable for many of us. You can still play Sarkodie Songs at your party.

Radio winner singers of music industry  
Radio winner singers of music industry