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Gems of Music Industry

We all know that music is the part of our life. The creation of music always the change we can say that it is the sign of a change. With the help of the music, you can bring a smile on everyone's face. You can create wonderful memories that bring joy and happiness to the people. Everyone is not blessed with such creativity, but few people create history and become ideal for other people. Today we are going to talk about such people who are a real gem of the music industry and due to their contribution people are enjoying their lives and express their emotions through their songs. The first person on our list is Chinedu Okoli better known by his stage name Flavour N'abania or simply Flavour. Well, it's really unique and very different name given by his fans. He is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer. He began his career at the age of 19 as a drummer in a church in his hometown. Currently, he is working with 2nite Entertainment and definitely came with amazing new creations. He is popularly known across Africa after the releasing of his hit song Nwa Baby. You can enjoy Flavour Songs on the internet.

Another name in our list is Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele popularly known by his first name Oritse Femi and he is also a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is well-known due to his remake of "Fela Kuti's". During his childhood days, he becomes passionate about the music and starts to learn it. He developed himself musically and performed on various parties and occasions. His first song ever recorded was titled "Boys dey Binu". He struggles many years and that time he develops special relations. Finally, in 2006, the group was broken and he launches his single songs that gave a hit. Now stream and download Oritse Femi Songs and enjoy it with your friends at a party and occasion.

The third name in the music industry is Airboy. He creates many hit music albums that create the history. The original name of this Nigerian singer is Ayomide Oluwasegum Odebunmi. I don't know why he is known as an Airboy, but I think his favorite superhero was Airboy for sure, who saves everyone and entertain people. Well, he started his music career in 2013 and released a couple of songs to delight his fans. The label of his song was Airboy and after that, he introduced Airboy. The music album was released on 21st September 2016 at Aquila Records. The song, produced by Aquila resident producer Phantom and mastered by Suka is titled as Ayepo. When the video was released it will be officially hit the internet and TV in a few days only. You can still enjoy Airboy Songs on the internet.

The last but not the last person on our list is none other than another Nigerian singer known as a Zero Swag bag. His original name is Owah Chimaobi Chrismathneer and he is a singer, lyricist and an eastern hip hop artist. He creates wonderful songs that entertain all of us. He likes to sing songs in his native language Igbo. Due to his track titled "Landlord", he announced a next rated artiste who earns much amount. Apart from this he also creates various albums. You can enjoy Zoro Songs on the internet.

Gems of music industry  
Gems of music industry