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Checkout the Contributions of Singers to the World

Well, after lots of hard work and passion only you can become a singer, but before that also you need a talent first. Without any skills, nobody is going to help you or support you so it is better to improve your skill first. Well, our music industry is a wonderful place because of this industry only we get so many artists that create wonderful and memorable songs for us. Normally we used songs to express our feelings to the loved ones. These artists explain any situation or feelings with their music only and it is the sign of a talented person. Well, we have lots of such singers and every week there are new people who released their albums to just prove themselves and to entertain people. Well, we are not going to talk about all of them because it is not possible at all. So there are few personalities who are really well-known and today we are going to discuss them. So let's begin our journey with a famous Nigerian singer and songwriter known as L.A.X. His original name is Damilola Afolabi. Well, he started his career as a rapper during his high school. After that, he focused on his music to get more success and currently he is working with Star Boy Entertainment. He also won several awards due to his performance and entertain all of us. You can enjoy L.A.X. Songs on your smartphone and try to match his beats.

Another person on our list is Aramide Sarumoh better known as Aramide. She is the most famous singer and songwriter in Nigeria. She describes her genre of music as Afro-Soul. You can watch Aramide Songs on YouTube. She earned several awards due to his performance and songs. Her career started in 2006 and in the past 12 years she gave an immense contribution to the world and her songs never forgettable to anyone. In 2008 she was a part of a show called "Divas Unplugged" in Nigeria. In the show there all female artists and they gave a there memorable performance in that show.

Like her only we have another Nigerian, French singer, songwriter and recording artist in our music industry and her name is Asa. In Yoruba, her stage name is Asa which means "Hawk". Well, she mainly did stage performance and get the fame. From his childhood only she wants to become a singer and she followed her dreams. Well, we hope a very good luck for her future and wish that we'll get more Asa Songs in the future.

The last name on our list is another Nigerian singer known as Timi Dakolo whose nickname is Time. Well, he was the winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007. After this show, only he got the recording contract and work on various projects. He released his first single songs in 2009 that was the biggest hit. Well, You can enjoy Timi Songs with your friends.

Checkout the contributions of singers to the world  
Checkout the contributions of singers to the world