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Checkout Talented Nigerian Singers

We all know that music is the part of our life. The creation of music always brings change we can say that it is the sign of a change. With the help of the music, you can bring a smile on everyone's face. You can create wonderful memories that bring joy and happiness to the people. Everyone is not blessed with such creativity, but few people create history and become ideal for other people. Every person can relate to music if that person can't understand the words or language, but they definitely understand the music. But without musician how music will be created today so we are going to discuss few musicians or singers who create wonderful songs and entertain the world. So let's have a look and began our journey with our first singer known as Inetimi Alfred Odon, who is also known by his stage name Timaya. He is the Nigerian singer-songwriter and the founder of south South hip-hop group Dem Mama Soldiers. He began his career in 2005 and from last decade he gave various solo songs and many music videos that entertain people so much. After the success of "Dem Mama" and he decides to release few solo albums. He worked with many other artists such as piano, George, Spankie, Akeem D Beat and many others. He also won several awards due to his music. You can enjoy Timaya Music Videos on YouTube and try to match his beats.

The second person on our list is another Nigerian singer, songwriter, and dentist known as Sidney Onoriode Esiri who is also known as Dr. SID. Well, he comes from a very well known family. His mother is a successful fashion designer and his father is the legendary actor. After being the child of such successful people it will be a pressure to prove yourself. We can be said that Dr. SID Songs were best and you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

The third person on the list is another Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter. His original name is Remick Abdulkalid Safaru, known by his stage name Reminisce. He performs or released his songs in two languages, English and Yoruba. During his school days, only he started performing at various school activities. After that, he focused on his music and he released the first song in 2006 and recorded a hardcore rap album of Coded Tunes, but unfortunately, the album was never released. In 2008 again, he returned to the music and after completing a decade he enjoying his journey. To get more inspiration you can watch Reminisce Songs.

The last person is also a Nigerian hip hop recording artist and record producer. known as M.I. Abaga, but his original name is Jude Abaga. Well, he is the CEO Chocolate City and also won the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards. He began his music career in 2003 and then never looks back. We can say that we have such wonderful artists in the music industry and due to such people only we can get such beautiful songs in our lives. Don’t wait and enjoy Abaga Songs.

Checkout talented nigerian singers  
Checkout talented nigerian singers