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2014 press kit


dossier de presse 2014

yesterday, today, the future



The outdoors presents quite a few challenges for furniture. Challenges that Tectona confronted and overcame in its own inimitable manner, giving rise to collections that sublimate the art of outdoor living. The 2014 collection epitomizes the brand's values. For more than 30 years, the Tectona style has combined beauty and utility without yielding to the diktats of fashion. “ Tectona is playing with eternity ”, according to Andrée Putman back in 1992 when Tectona launched the famous high-back bench that the interior architect had designed for the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art of Bordeaux. Indeed, the name “ Tectona ” has become synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, lines of classic simplicity offering perfect comfort, beautiful materials selected for their longevity such as teak, a dense warm wood that secretes an oil rendering it naturally weatherproof, or non-corroding woven resin. Tectona pieces such as the Exbury Bench, a timeless piece inspired by British models and found in some of the most beautiful domains and gardens, and the Colonial Lounge, with its soft and welcoming contours, have acquired iconic status over time. Far from resting on its laurels however, Tectona decided to embrace the creative energy of French and international design, fully conscious of the overriding need to evolve with the spirit of the times. The latest collaboration is with Sam Hecht, whose minimalist credentials are coherent with the singular contributions made by other designers in past collaborations, namely the Bouroullec brothers, Pierre Charpin, Normal Studio, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Wieki Somers, Inga Sempé, Nendo and Adrien Rovero. You can rest assured that Tectona is always thinking ahead !


2014 press kit


craftsmanship Each Tectona product is worked on manually and individually by highly skilled craftsmen, who also contribute the painstaking attention to detail that characterizes Tectona. All products are assembled in the traditional manner under the expert supervision of the sculptor Jean-Yves Grandfils, who joined Tectona as head of the workshop after a long period of service with the French national heritage agency. Jean-Yves is a recipient of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award (2006), bestowing membership of the “aristocracy” of French craftsmanship. His know-how has been invaluable during the evaluation of prototypes by designers ; furthermore, he is an originator of new products. Such as Cortina, our flagship project for 2014, a table of solid proportions for 8 to 10 people. Chic robustness aptly describes the table and the accompanying bench. Another distinctive feature is the sanded and silvered finish of the solid teak, which lends a new modernity to this prime material.

Cortina rectangular table 200 × 90 cm – 79 " × 35 ", 8 to 10 people

Cortina bench 200 – 79 "

silvered teak



2014 press kit

elegance All pieces of Tectona furniture are pleasing to the eye. Their elegance is such that many owners are tempted to bring them indoors ! Simple forms using sleek, refined lines circumvent the dictates of fleeting trends in fashion. This ensures that the furniture is discreet and can blend into any surroundings. Beyond aesthetic considerations, the traditional or avant-guard materials used in the fabrication of Tectona pieces are able to withstand temperature variations, UV rays, and are completely waterproof and non-deformable, year in year out. For 2014, Tectona has introduced a modular corner sofa in the Exeter line providing ultracomfortable seating and the same practical and contemporary spirit. Corner and seat units can be combined in countless permutations to achieve the desired configuration. Tectona quality is manifest in the wood sections and the fabrics chosen. Without a doubt, a future best-seller.

Exeter corner unit

Exeter seat unit

example of composition with 1 corner unit and 4 seat units




2014 press kit

quality At Tectona, quality is never compromised. Drawing a parallel with landscaped gardens, all furniture and accessories created by Tectona have been perfectly thought out, are solid and are durable enough to be enjoyed by different generations. The Tectona legend was established on the basis of its famous parasols fabricated in the traditional manner, made with a pine mast and waterproofed cotton canvas and whose wind resistance has been amply demonstrated. In 2014, the parasol family welcomes another member : Condor, combining engineering and aestheticism. The principal characteristic of the parasol is the cantilever design. It will shade large areas without the inconvenience of a central mast. The frame is in anodized aluminium ; the solid aluminium mast has an oval cross-section, inspired by sailing boats. Opening, closing and positioning the square parasol (3 x 3 m) are simple operations, thanks to a pivot in ultraresistant aluminium providing 360° rotation and the telescopic mask rising during closure so that furniture can be left in place.

Condor square cantilever parasol, aluminium and polyester 3 × 3 m – 118 " × 118 "




2014 press kit

confort For Tectona, comfort is an obsession. Its priorities are practicality, functionality, ergonomics and modularity, the combined effect of which is to make furniture easy to live with. Wide seats, adjustable curved backrests, welcoming armrests, crossed chair legs, easy folding mechanisms… nothing is overlooked in the quest for enjoyable furniture. The Beaumont table, new for 2014, is no exception. The tabletop can be doubled in length in a few simple steps, thanks to an ingenious system for storing the leaves under the tabletop. It accommodates 8 to 12 people. The minimalist design combines stainless steel and teak, and its archetypal simplicity confers discretion and the ability to blend into any surroundings.

Beaumont extendable table 200 260 320 × 95 cm, – 79 " 102 " 126 " x 37 " 8 to 12 people


Beaumont stackable armchair

stacked Beaumont armchairs





2014 press kit


creativity Design is a serious matter. Tectona is fully conscious of the fact that every brand needs to innovate if it wants to survive the test of time. For many years now, Tectona has been entrusting internationally renowned designers with the task of gradually renewing its repertoire of forms. From Sam Hecht, head of Studio Industrial Facility, and his associate Kim Colin, comes the Alumi armchair with urban good looks. Modern and timeless. Projects developed by this advocate of “less is more” are subtle in their expression, drawing inspiration by close observation of everyday life. Here, it is protective handrails used along walkways that captured his attention and inspired the oversized armrests that extend to become the legs. “The environment of an object determines its form and content as much as its use,” he explains. Proof of this is the sensation of high comfort conveyed by Alumi.

Alumi stackable armchair

Alumi table 124 × 85.5 cm – 49 " × 34 ", 4 people

matt copper brown

matt white

matt black

matt olive yellow

matt olive green



press information contact for info on products, images and loans ! Stéphanie Seiss +33 1 47 03 12 58

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dossier de presse 2014

Tectona press kit en 2014  

Le novità 2014 della Maison francese di mobili per esterni Tectona. Debutterà a marzo il nuovo catalogo completo.

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