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Toorak College E-News Issue 04, 30 May 2014

Sunday May 11 Mother’s day fun run - the atmosphere on this day was friendly with people from the school community and others from the local community coming together to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research and support. This year we raised $1900 for this very worthwhile cause.

Thursday 15 May launch of Toorak Comes To Town. A reunion specially designed for Collegians who are now living and working in Melbourne.

Friday 30 May Wardle House Reconciliation Assembly

Friday 16 May Boarders Concert - ‘Around the World’ adventure and cultural tour of where the students come from.

Monday 20 May Professor Kirkland is one of the top scientists in Australia specialising in haematology and carrying out extensive research in the field of haemopoietic stem cell biology.

From the Principal Healthy Striving I read with interest an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald last Saturday. In “The Flawless Error”, Anna Maxted wrote “So many women, particularly those of the “Have It All” generation, seek to be flawless. In career, life and love, pursuit of perfection is what drives us. It ensures we succeed in a tough world. Perfection is a beautiful dream, a noble, misguided fallacy. Real life requires more – nuanced, adaptive, intelligent thought. And yet so many smart, diligent women are convinced that perfection – a frankly stupid mindset – is a requisite for happiness.” Her article goes on to say that psychologists and educators now promote the concept of Healthy Striving. This is a more balanced and positive approach enables us to see our mistakes as opportunities for learning rather than catastrophe. When reading this article I was reminded of a now famous address J.K. Rowling, author of the best-selling “Harry Potter” book series, gave to the graduating class of Harvard University in 2008. Her speech was entitled “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination.” In this she talks about her own journey of failure and hardship that ultimately shaped the choices she made and the success she achieved. The concept of healthy striving is a healthy mindset. The marriage and family therapist Ann W. Smith, based in Pennsylvania, wrote “Overcoming Perfectionism” 20 years ago. Smith says: “Perfectionism gives us approval, but it’s always about what you do, what you give, what you offer others. It’s not about who you are. It’s a false security and there’s shame underneath. We’re afraid that people will find out we’re not OK; that we’ll be seen as a real person, with flaws, needs, hurts and all those vulnerable feelings.” Educator and psychologist Dr Geoff McNulty says: “There’s nothing wrong with the desire to do things perfectly, except that perfection is a limitless concept. Absolute perfection is unobtainable, which is both the problem and the pressure that the perfectionist puts on herself. The perfectionist says “that it – whatever it is – must be flawless. It must match their internal picture of what they want, exactly. If the result doesn’t correspond to the exactitude of the original version, it’s rubbish, needs throwing away, or to be replaced. It seems so extreme, so silly, but that urge becomes a compulsion. McNulty describes it as “a type of thinking that spreads through the body, and the psyche, like a virulent disease”. A healthy striver sets high standards, just beyond reach, rather than impossible ones. A healthy striver bounces back from disappointment, rather than being crushed by it. A healthy striver sees mistakes as opportunities for growth, rather than evidence of unworthiness and reacts positively to helpful criticism, instead of being oversensitive. Healthy striving is grounded in doing the things we love, pursuing our passion and striving to achieve personal best. Mc Nulty goes on to say “When you give yourself permission to make mistakes – accept this possibility and inevitability – then you make room for that amazing phase: the creative self.” Resilience is key. Educators, parents and all those who are part of the lives of young people must focus on what we can do to support young people to develop the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity. Sometimes this can be as simple, or as challenging, as accepting our role as adults. Children and young people are caught in the moment of their own stage of development. A teenager may look like a mini adult but in reality can be years away from adult thoughts, concepts and decision making processes. As adults our fall back position is often to solve problems, smooth pathways and fix what is wrong. However, expert opinion suggests that to support healthy striving we would be far better to listen, without judgement, to guide young people in defining their own circumstances and supporting them to take informed risks that may or may not result in success.


School Calendar Looking Forward

June Thursday 5

Year 8 & 9 Examinations (5, 6, 10 May) Year 10 & 11 Examinations (5-13 May)  Monday 9 Queens Birthday Public Holiday  Wednesday 11 Prep-Year 11 Student Free Day  VCE GAT Examination  Monday 16 Year 9 & 10 Beyond Boundaries Program (16-27 June)  Friday 27 Classes Conclude, Boarding House closes July Monday 21 Boarding House opens Tuesday 22 Year 12 Practice English Examination Wednesday 23 Classes Commence – Term 3 August Thursday 7 Friday 8 Thursday 14 Saturday 16 Tuesday 26 Wednesday 27 September Tuesday 2 Friday 5 Tuesday 16 Friday 19

Year 6 Production (7-8 August) House Drama & Variety Competition Year 10, 11, 12 Academic Interviews 140 Anniversary Ball Year 7,8,9 Academic Interviews A-K Senior School Musical (27-29 August) Year 7, 8, 9 Academic Interviews L-Z Father’s Day Breakfast Prep-Yr 2 & Yr 3-6 Parent/Student Conference (16 & 18 Sept) Classes Conclude, Boarding House closes

Save The Date Saturday 16 August - 140 Anniversary Gala Ball Sunday 12 October - 140 Anniversary Book Launch 3

Wardle House News The Month of May The month of May has been an exciting time in Wardle House. We have had a diverse range of activities and many opportunities to connect as a community. A growing body of research confirms the benefits of building a sense of community in school. Students in schools with a strong sense of community are more likely to be academically motivated, to act ethically and altruistically and develop social and emotional competencies. The staff have been working through the first module of KidsMatter which is all about building a strong community. We will be having an evening for parents on Thursday 21 August to explain this framework and to hear about our programs which support student wellbeing. Our ELC students created works of art to delight their mothers which were then presented at the special morning tea arranged in their honour. We are so privileged to be able to share these special occasions with our community. The sheer joy of giving and receiving is a powerful way to unite us all. The Wardle House Trivia night was an outstanding success with over 80 people joining in the fun. I am sad to say that our staff table of Harry Potter enthusiasts will need to hit the books in readiness for next year. I thank the Friends of Wardle House for organising such a fabulous event. Last week we launched Stage 2 of Our Place for Playing and Learning and the children are making good use of their provocation boxes to ignite their creativity as they design their garden element. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any expertise in engineering, landscape gardening or plumbing and would like to offer your services to support the children. Last night we hosted the Reggio Emilia Victorian Exchange Twilight visit and opened our ELC, Prep and Year 1 classrooms to educators across the state. This happens each year at a centre in each state. It was a wonderful opportunity for our staff to showcase what we do so well. I was very proud of our team who shared our learning projects with an inspired audience.

MRS MANDY WHITWORTH Head of Wardle House


What Makes Me Smile Elizabeth Bradshaw I am in year 5B and really enjoy my art and craft, doing jazz and playing on my iPad. I also love playing footy with my brother, sister and dad. One of the most exciting times was the first time I flew on a plane – I was in Prep. Our family sometimes goes camping and I really enjoy it when our cousins also join us, we have a lot of fun. I have 7 pets at home. I have 2 dogs, 2 goldfish and 3 chickens. At Easter time we put the chickens in a basket and sometimes chocolates are put in there as well.

Wardle House News The House Cross Country which involved our Years 3 to 6 students saw our students demonstrate the IB attitudes of commitment and enthusiasm along with endurance. It was heart warming to see the Toorak spirit that we know so well. Students cheered and supported each other to complete the event. For some students this event was challenging but I was impressed with the determination they all displayed.


Senior School News Creative Girls, Creative Women I recently attended the Alliance of Girls Schools conference in Wellington New Zealand. The theme of the conference was Creative Girls, Creative Women and it featured many presenters from outside the world of education. It was a really wonderful experience to hear the wide range of speakers but there were some ideas that were particular stand outs that I took away with me that are worth sharing here. One presentation was from Claudia Batten and Josh Bailey. Josh is an engineer at Google and Claudia calls herself a business artist – she uses creative ways to solve problems in businesses. Their contention was that the current generation is one of flux; adapting, surviving, changing is the new norm for this coming generation. The successful people of the future will be those who are like jazz players, they have nailed the basics but are able to improvise and go with the flow! Those who stop and wait for perfection will find their competitive edge is lost. It made me think about our girls and that sometimes we can be overwhelmed by needing our work or our results to be perfect before we can be happy or move forward. The message was clear; Get comfortable being uncomfortable! Nothing’s going to happen if you’re not prepared to take big leaps and have bad days! Finding new ways to fail, new problems to explore are all ways in which we learn and grow and progress. As teachers and parents, are we asking our girls “what did you fail at today?” And finally in thinking creatively, I loved the following quote from New Zealand entrepreneur Cilla Hegarty; “don’t think outside the box, think as though there is no box.” MRS LOIS DWYER Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School


Music News Term 2 While Term 2 started quietly, by week four rehearsals were well underway for a multitude of events. The Boarders Concert was a huge undertaking and brought out all the musical skills as well as the cultural diversity of the girls in the Boarding House. They don’t mind a bit of pop and rock either, so guitars and drums were flying in all directions. The Boarders Concert was a wonderful celebration. At the same time House Music rehearsals were heating up. The competition was strong but the girls also supported each other which is an example of Toorak spirit at its finest. In the end it was a marvelous day filled with singing, laughter and excitement. Rebekah Eastman performs on her flute at the annual

The annual Concerto evening was two days later! This Concerto Evening. was a marvelous celebration of our senior musicians. The flavor of the night is classical music and the performers donned beautiful gowns, played in an intimate setting and showed us amazing talents. Three piano concerti, double oboe and flute concerti, trumpet solo, saxophone and chamber music filled the program. JAYNE TURNER Director of Music


Music News House Music 2014 The House Music Competition was held in the Mary Herring Hall on Friday 23 May and once more was a fantastic day that highlighted the many talents as well as the leadership qualities of the Toorak girls. The day was the culmination of a good deal of hard work, with the House Captains, their deputies and their music experts working diligently to prepare the girls during the early part of the term. There were scheduled closed lunchtime rehearsals and other times for the smaller groups. The House Music competition had a slightly different format this year as there was no set song and the houses leaders needed to select two songs of choice. This event was held in the morning and was followed by the small group ensembles for choral and then instrumental for each House in the afternoon. The quality of performance, especially for the short preparation time frame was excellent. The staff also performed a medley of songs from the ‘Michael Jackson’ before the afternoon session began and I am sure it was a highlight of the day and once again has set a high standard for next year. There was a good deal of support from parents, grandparents, collegians and students alike to ease the nerves in the lead up to the various competitions and the spirit and positive energy was evident throughout the day. Our guest judge, Jenny Mathers was impressed by the energy and enjoyment the girls demonstrated and the support shown for each other. This year the results were shared around for the various competitions and every girl should be proud of their contribution to the event and once again demonstrating the high regard they have for such events. The final results were very close across all divisions. The conductor award for the day went to Renee Cocks from Cerutty and the accompanist award went to Phoebe Blakey from Tripp. Results for the day are as follows 1st Free Choice 1st Cerutty 2nd Tripp 3rd Hamilton 4th Douglas 5th Pye 6th Mayfield

2nd Free Choice Hamilton Cerutty/Tripp Douglas/Pye Mayfield

Aggregate 1st Hamilton 2nd Cerutty 3rd Tripp =4th Mayfield/Pye 6th Douglas

Ensemble Choir Ensemble Instrumental Mayfield Pye Tripp Hamilton Douglas Cerutty Hamilton Douglas/Mayfield Pye Cerutty Tripp

340pt 324 322 318 316

BARBARA O’BRIEN Head of Houses


House Music 2014


Visual Arts News Term 2 Last term we fare welled our Visual Communication Design teacher, Mr Roger Wiggins who retired after 27 years of faithful service to Toorak College and its learning community. This term we welcome his replacement, Mrs Jill Stinson. Mrs Stinson originated from Northern Island and now resides in Mt Eliza. She is an experienced teacher and skilled practitioner who was most recently employed at Padua College as a teacher in the Arts. She has already made an impact in the classroom and is settling in to the Toorak College culture very well. This term the Studio Arts, Arts and Media students spent a day in the city looking at galleries and gaining valuable insights into art and artists. We visited Hosier lane, the National Gallery of Victoria, alternative art spaces, ACMI and ACCA to name a few. The highlight for many was seeing the wonderful Elly Jackson and her artwork as part of the VCE Season of Excellence, Top Arts exhibition. We were all very proud and the students inspired and energized by their experiences.

Elly Jackson at Top Arts season of excellence.

Ex-student Madeline Gibson and current student Margret Dick were selected to represent Toorak College at the world-renowned InSEA exhibition, which is showing between July the 3rd and July 16th at Shell House, No 1, Spring St. If anyone gets the opportunity to see these amazing works, I strongly recommend doing so. Last Year Lily Orton won the Moran Photographic prize which include a substantial sum of money for the school and after much deliberation and discussion we have decided to purchase a new 3D digital printer that will be housed in the Visual Arts Department and available to all including Wardle House students. This is the future and we will be learning all about the best ways to utilise the technology within our curriculum and engage the students in the applications that are associated. Next term is a very busy time and we will be creating a large number of works to meet our self imposed ambitious criteria of having the majority of students studying a Visual Arts subject, create a piece of work that will appear in the 140th celebratory Art and Design exhibition in term four. We also have the Ilford Photographic competition, Moran prize, Silk Cut awards, Fashions shows, Film and Screen competitions and Archibald Portrait prize to participate in, so support your sons and daughters and the school community any way you can. Be models, discuss ideas, ask questions and get involved. Please feel free to contact me for more information about anything to do with Art, Technology or Design at Toorak College.



Sports News Great for team building We are currently playing the final rounds of the Girls Sport Victoria Term Two Weekly Sport program. The finals program will be held in the week commencing the second of June.

The Finals will be played at Waverley Netball Courts, Jells Park for Netball; the State Hockey Centre for Hockey; the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre for Waterpolo and Scotch College for AFL Football finals. 11

Sports News Results are posted on the Girls Sport Victoria website under weekly sport results. This term the top two teams for Senior, Intermediate A & B; and Junior A & B Netball as well as Intermediate and Junior Hockey will progress to finals. The top four teams for Waterpolo will contest finals. AFL Football and Intermediate and Junior netball teams 3, 4 and 5 need to finish at the top of the zone. There will be some very exciting games this week as we move into round 5.

Cross Country The Cross Country team competed in the GSV Preliminary Round at Yarra Bend on Tuesday the 20th of May. In a field of 122 Competitors in the Junior Division, Chloe Dennison finished the course in 3rd place (12.43min) and Tara Moynihan finished 16th (13:55min). Runners also included Holly Williams, Rhylee Snooks, Matilda Hellier-Lovick, Gemma Grant, Holly Williams, Ebony Phillips; Maddy Gaff-Larsen; Isabella Djokic; Pheobe Hewson; Annalee Morrison; Karli Rookes and Charlotte Henderson. The Junior Team

The Intermediate Team won their Division. Saasha Whitworth (15:19) finished in 2nd place and Jasmine Dennison in 4th place (16.05). Other members of the Intermediate team to complete the 4km loop were – Amelia Walker; Mackenzie Smith; Estella Izquierdo-Wheelan; Baylie McGain; Asia Letch; Vanessa Bradbury; Maddy Gill; Domonique Mirabella; Holly Roysmith and Alex Wake. The Senior Team finished in 4th place with Elly Jackson in 1st place (14.19), Sarah Jackson in 2nd place (14.54). Other team members were Gabriella Beaumont, Abby Lethlean, Marlya Sammann; Sinead Waterson, Erin Price, Kate Cosman, Ruby Stocker, Jan Chairattanamanokorn; and Renee Cocks. The Cross Country team finished with an aggregate score that put them in 4th place. The team will contest the Division 2 event at Bundoora on Friday the 30th of May. Thank you to the Year 12 runners for their contribution to the Cross Country team over the years. Good Luck to the team for the Championship event. I love hearing about student involvement in sport so please feel free to pass on details about participation in community programs.

KIRSTEN THOMSON Head of Sport 12

Sports News Term Three Sports Sports in Term Three include Track & Field, Badminton, Soccer, Equestrian, Snowsports and Volleyball.

Games will commence the second week of Term 3. Senior (Year 11 & 12) and Intermediate (Year 9 & 10) Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton will commence training in the first week of Term 3. Junior Badminton will commence on Thursday afterschool on the 13th and 20th of June. Please contact the Sport Department for Information Letters and Fixtures.

Snow Sports Toorak College will compete in the 2014 Subaru Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championships at Mt Buller from the 25th – 31st of August. The competition has disciplines such as Alpine, Moguls, Skier Cross, Cross Country and Snowboarding. Division 5 is open to students in Years 3 and 4; Division 4 is for students in Years 5 and 6; Division 3 is for students in Years 7 & 8; Division 2 is Years 9 & 10 and Division 1 is for Year 11 and 12. Training weekends are scheduled for the 2nd & 3st of August and the 9th & 10th August, House Skiing on Saturday the 9th of August The Victorian Interschool Cross Country Skiing event will be held at Mount Buller on the 10th of August. Entry into the Toorak College Snowsports program is available for students in Grade 3 and above. Snowsports Information Booklets and booking forms are available on iVE or at the Junior School reception or the Senior School Physical Education department. Training booking forms are due to be returned to Kirsten Thomson by Friday the 27th of June.


Science News Biology

On Thursday 29 May, Toorak College was invited to attend a “Making Connections� program for Biology students from Year 10 and 11. Students who were completing Biology above their year level attended, as only 10 students were able to participate. The program focussed on the latest developments in neuroscience and was run at the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), Royal Parade, Parkville. The program for the day consisted of talks from prominent Scientists, workshops using DNA technology to identify gene mutations which cause Motor Neuron Disease and on pathways to understanding addiction. Students conducted experiments and participated in discussions around these areas. We also toured the fantastic new Brain Centre building, which is part of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health at Melbourne University. This amazing building is brand new, officially opening earlier this year and we were able to view the latest technologies and equipment being used by the Scientists. It was an exciting and fulfilling day and we all learnt a lot, especially knowing that the field of neuroscience is globally recognised in Melbourne, Australia and offers many exciting career pathways. It was a pleasure accompanying these students for the day and the Science mentors who worked with the students commented on how fantastic the Toorak College students were in their enthusiasm and inquiry into the activities.

LINDA HOWEY Secondary Teacher - Science


General News School Sport Victoria Toorak College is affiliated with School Sport Victoria. The affiliation enables students to nominate for State Team Selection. Further details are available on the School Sport Victoria website 2014 VICTORIAN SCHOOLS CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIPS Cycling opportunities available to students are the Victorian Schools Cycling Championships as well as the GSV Skills Program at Darebin in August. Details about the Cycling Championships can be found at The Southern Metropolitan District Road event is on Friday the 8th of August, the BMX event is the 13h of August and the Mountain Bike event is 31st of August. Please contact me if you would like more information about the Term 3 Girls Sport Victoria Cycle Sports program. This program is conducted at Darebin and involves an introduction to track cycling.

The first day of winter approaches and so it’s time for the Toorak College Alice Sloan Walk of Life. Alice was a vibrant member of the Toorak College Community who was born on the first day of winter, June 1, 1989 and lost her life at the age of 16 on the last day of winter August 31, 2005. Alice was a member of many of the school sporting teams, including the Cross-Country team. We would like to extend an invitation to students, parents and staff to come along to this year’s walk/run on Monday the 2nd of June. The Cross Country team will be wearing yellow ribbons as they compete in the GSV Championship competition on Friday the 30th of May and will come together with other members of the Toorak College community for the Walk of Life on the 2nd of June. The Toorak College Walk of Life is a fun short walk/jog/run down towards Canadian Bay and back up Williams Road. We follow the Walk with breakfast at the café. This is a fundraising event for the Alice Sloan Trust. We ask you wear a yellow shirt or anything yellow, for the walk. The cost this year will be $6.00 which includes a donation to the Alice Sloan trust as well as light breakfast at the cafe. Further donations are always welcome. Everyone is most welcome to join in . Depart the doors of the Marjorie William’s centre, (the gym) at 7.15 am on Monday the 2rd of June. We Hope you can join us for a great cause and a lovely way to start winter.


General News 140 Anniversary Gala Ball The 140 Anniversary Gala ball Ball will be held on Saturday 16 August in the Toorak College gymnasium. Dress in a touch of 1920’s Glamour amd come and dance to the big band, enjoy dinner and drinks and a night to remember! Tickets are $175 per person and can be purchased on Seats are limited so please book early. Invitations will be sent shortly, please contact for more information.

2014 Great Victorian Bike Ride

Friday 28th of November – Sun.7st of December Route: Albury - Lilydale Duration: 9 days Total distance: 610km (over 9 days!) If you would like more information please email Michelle Coventry The 2014 Great Victorian Bike Ride Individual Rider Entry Form can be accessed via the community iVE page.


Toorak College will hold their 2nd biennial conference “Powerful Learning” to be held at Toorak College, Mount Eliza on Monday 21 & Tuesday 22 July 2014. Please follow the link on our website for more information.


General News Congratulations Sports Assistant, Sarah Hosking, who has been appointed in an Assistant Coaching role for the Girls Sport Victoria Representative team who will compete in New South Wales in September. Sarah was a member of the Representative team in 2012 and 2013.

Congratulations to Megan Gerlieb for the safe arrival of her second daughter Tessa.


Enewsletter issue 4, 30 May, 2014  

Enewsletter issue 4, 30 May, 2014