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Go Around Asia

A trade mission to Southeast Asia

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)

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Introduction 1.1

The assignment


The target group


The money making model


Tips to remember


Sources and Social Media

Show us what you made 2.1

Final product


Schedule and assignment table



Attachments Sources for metadata

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)

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Project: Go Around Asia (the trade mission) 1 Introduction: In the project Go Around Asia you must compile and organize , with some fellow students, three trade missions based on a demand from one or more "clients" to trade fairs in Southeast Asia. This project includes trade missions, trade fairs, among other countries like China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea. While compiling such an attractive trade mission you must also include a tourist trip and you must pay attention to any tourist attractions, the various transportation and accommodations. In the project Go Around Asia you will also learn how you with help of the social media environment Wordpress, can put this way of business online in the market. In addition, you will also learn how you can use the other social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for successful communication on this product can with your customers.

1.1 The assignment: Organize a trade mission to Southeast Asia The trade mission must be offered attractive and marketable to customers. This means also that you must choose three countries from the group; China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea. You must compile a trade mission per single country, which is easier to sell, or a combined trade mission in which the three countries chosen, will be visited. The topics for the trade mission you can make a choice of one of the following industries; electronics, facility services, homebuilding, hospitality, clothing, fashion, agriculture, mining, shipbuilding, tourism and or other industries. In this series you must choose three different subjects. The transportation and traveling should be focused on the business trip industry; that means the flights must be done as business class and local transportation must be organized by car, taxi or train. You also must provide customers the opportunity for a touristic trip. For example, visiting China cannot be done without a visit to the Chinese Wall. The assignment must be accomplished based on the following topics: • 3 trade missions to trade fairs in three countries in Southeast Asia (or a combined trade mission), • 3 different industries, • Group size per trade mission at least 9 and a maximum of 25 participants, • Flights in business class, • Stay in five star hotels, based on 1 person rooms • Duration of the trade mission at least 6 days with a maximum of 11 days

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)

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You must present these products on your 'own' site in WordPress. The site must be arranged in a way, that people can go from the home page directly to the various components and other information. You must show that you can communicate these trade missions from WordPress with other social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with your possible customers (prospects). The customer will, in fact in many cases, go through e-mail to contact you and the follow-up contact will be continued via social media

1.2 The target group: The target audience for this travel product is specifically aimed at business people who wish to import and /or export products. They do not like to waive on luxury and comfort. This audience is very fond of sustainability. Keep this in mind. The age of the target group lies between 25-65 years. The Go Around Asia Trade Mission product is based on the following marketing mix (5 P's): Planet: People: Profit: Promotion: Pleasure:

(sustainability and environment) (human rights and fair trade) (added value to human existence + profit) (communication via social media) (staying, entertainment and expierence)

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)

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1.3 The money making model: The budget is estimated to € 10,500,00 per person. The commission fee from the various tour operators is an average of 7%. Operating expenses are amounted to approximately € 3,250.00 per trip per person. You must compile a profitable trade mission. (How many people do you need at least per trade mission?) To determinate the total travel sum for the customer you also must also the following additional fees and charges: • All flights are based on business class. • Stay in 5 star hotels based on 1 person per room. • Reservation charges € 17.50 per booking (required). • Booking fees at € 2.50 per booking up to 9 persons (required). • Charges for visa € 92.00 per person. • Entrance fees during the tourist trip € 610 pp (only payable locally). • Excursion and meal packages for the touristic trip: € 719 per person (optional).

1.4 Tips to remember: 1. A general description of the offered trade missions 2. A description of the trade fairs and hotels 3. A description of nice restaurants, shopping and shopping malls 4. Any entertainment 5. Local events 6. Transport options 7. Reservation forms 8. Options for online booking and paying 9. Travel and insurance conditions 10. Photos and video clips

1.5 Sources and Social Media: WordPress: Twitter: Facebook : LinkedIn: Slideshare:

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)

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2 Show us what you made: 2.1 Final product The final product contains: A. a written report with; an attractive front page, a table of contents, an introduction, the cooperation contract between the team members an action plan, all trade missions, the proposals and attachments; o print screens of your website in Wordpress and the pages of the used social media, o the handout from the PowerPoint presentation, o the income forecast (statement) of each trade mission B. a website on Wordpress and a page on Facebook, Linkedin or Hyves containing the information of the various trade missions and the contact with the customer. C. the proposals of the trade missions for the customers (see written report) D. an income forecast related to the trade missions E. a PowerPoint presentation for your client (at least 10 slides with a maximum of 20 slides). You must release this PowerPoint presentation on

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)

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2.2 Schedule and assignment table with Go/noGo Name student: _____________________________________________________ Team: ____________________________________________________________ Week nr. 1


3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Checked off by State teacher

Cooperation contract Action plan Task distribution Project title of the trade mission Set up of the trade mission Target group /subject Trade mission 1 Trade mission 2 Trade mission 3 Proposals and income forecast Social Media Submitting the products Evaluation and explanation (oral presentation of the products)

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)



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2.3 Assesment Name student: _____________________________________________________ Team: ____________________________________________________________ Subjectl: Presence / Attitude Cooperation contract Action plan Description of the target group A common description of trade mission 1 A common description of trade mission 2 A common description of trade mission 3 Proposals (pricing) Income Forecast

Travel and insurance conditions WordPress trade mission 1 WordPress trade mission 2 WordPress trade mission 3 WordPress clients contact Social Media Powerpoint presentation Report (lay out) Report (complete + content)

Work process




Time/commitment appointment Colloberation Analyze Knowledge of product Knowledge of product Knowledge of product To estimate Budgetting and return on investment Service Online selling Online selling Online selling Loyalty Communication Selling and presentation Reporting Reporting

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)

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Attachments: Cooperation contract: You must deliver up a printed and signed cooperation contract to your teacher at the end of project week 1. Action plan: At the end of project week 1 yous deliver up the action plan with the distribution of the tasks. This will be assessed with sufficient or insufficient. Your plan has to be judged as sufficient to continue to work on the project. In week 2 of the project you must deliver up a full proposal for the design of the project trade mission. Determine in your team what the content of the final trade missions and target groups (3 industries) you have chosen. This proposal should be judged as sufficient (meet all requirements!). . At the end of project week 3 you must have a first trade mission organized and the concepts of the other available for inspection. The proposals (pricing etc.) and "income forecasts" must be ready at the end of project week 6. Your team will receive a Go or a NoGo, which is based on the outcome from the data of these two components. In project week 8 (or in the week prior to the final week) everything must be finished and the written report must be submitted to your teacher. The evaluation (oral presentation and presentation will take place in week 9 (or the final week of the project). Sources for metadata: Metadata:

Field: Industry: Competence: Level: Kind:

vocational education entrepreneurship, business administration, marketing, tourism Key competence 7 (sense of initiative and entrepreneurship) 4 (BETC 4/5) self organized learning

Link to CoSSOL project: 7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

Project: Trade Mission Go Around Asia (copyright toon rekkers ,kw1c, 2012)

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Trade mission to Southeast Asia  

Go around Asia is a case study to develop a trade mission to Southeast Asia