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What Makes So Unique? There Is No Other Site Like Nowhere else is there a single site that offers what does. None even come close. Kids will know that as soon as they see it. Is Parent-Friendly Every cartoon, advertisement and video game that is put on has been examined for content and determined to be safe for kids, the same way parents would like them to be. Has Unique Content offers kids the chance to see cartoons from all over the world that have never been seen on television or anywhere else on the Internet. This content comes from professional animation houses whose work major television networks chose not to put on the air. Is Available 24 Hours A Day Unlike television networks, which show their programs only at specific times on specific days of the week, allows unlimited access of their content. It is ready to be seen by any kid any hour of any day, 365 days a year. Has A Global Reach Unlike television stations and networks, which broadcast or deliver by cable in their own defined market territories, is accessible all over the world, anywhere there is a WiFi or an Internet connection. Lets The Viewer Decide What They Watch Kids tuned in to can choose any program they wish, watch it as much as they want, re-watch if they choose to, all at their own discretion. has no network executives deciding for you just what will be shown and when it will be aired. It’s all up to you. For shows that have a full season or more produced and ready, also allows the viewer to watch as many episodes that are available, not just one episode a week the way television does. Also Has Video Games For Kids

Just as it does with cartoons, offers kids all over the world a chance to see and play parent-friendly video games.

All Content On Is Parent-Friendly 2

The Rising Trend Of Streaming Media In the past six years, streaming media technology has made it possible to show movies and TV shows via the Internet to viewers everywhere. This has produced a series of very successful websites that offer streaming services to audiences worldwide. • Founded in 1997 as DVD-by-mail content delivery system • By 2002, mailed out 190,000 DVDs per day and has 670,000 subscribers • In 2008, begins offering unlimited streaming of online content • By March 2010, has 14 million subscribers • Raises subscription prices in July 2011 for DVDs By Mail by 30%, offering only online streaming for its minimum subscription cost. • Netflix iOS app launches April 2011

• Founded in 2005, reaches 8 million views per day at official launch • By mid-2006 it reaches 100 million views per day • Bought by Google for $1.65 billion on October 9, 2006 • In 2013, reported 1 billion views per month.

• Debuts Beta site in October 2007, launches live site in March 2008 • By October 2008, grows from 10 advertisers to 100 • In November 2010 Hulu Plus is launched, offering a $7.99/month subscription service for full seasons of content with commercials • Launches February 2010 • HBO Go iOS app launches April 2011 • Reaches over 1 million downloads in first week, 3 million downloads in 1 month • Largest online audience for children’s cartoons – 5 million unique visitors per month • To view episodes online, user must confirm that they pay for Digital Cable Service • iOS app allows streaming, but has restrictions based on cable service subscription • iOS app updates content weekly, allows for streaming over WiFi and 4G • Streaming only available in US • Beta site launches in June 2011, draws audience of 300,000 without site promotion • By August 2011, site has over 500 cartoons and 100 video games available • Global ad campaign launches in September 2011, designed to attract viewers and advertisers 3

Industry-Renowned C2 Kids Front Cover / Winter 2012 / 2013

TV Kids Front Cover 2013 / 2014

Animation Magazine Front Cover / April/May 2012

FutureMedia Front Cover / Spring 2013


TV Kids Front Cover 2012 / 2013

Global Recognition “L.A.-based online kids’ channel grows library, explores new platforms... Toon Goggles, the free online animation portal for kids, has added over 500 hours of programing to its library, and is showing no signs of slowing down.”

Animation Magazine April-May 2012

“Children will never watch TV in the same ‘wait-for-Saturday-morning-cartoons’ way again. Original content premiering on overthe-top delivery platforms will become more and more common each year.”

C21 Kids / Spring 2013

Stephen Hodge, MD of two-year-old US kids’ VoD service Toon Goggles, is unphased by the growing competition. “Nobody really knows what this new space is going to become. It’s just so new.”

“As the numbers of people using over-the-top devices has increased, we are noticing huge numbers ‘cutting the cord’ with traditional cable and satelite providers...”

C21 Kids / Fall 2012

FutureMedia Magazine / Spring 2013 5

Entertainment Industry Growth 1920’s

1926 – Televsion is invented 1927 – First animated cartoon Steamboat Willie


1949 – Televsion becomes available across the country


1950 – Crusader Rabbit is first animated cartoon series 1953 – Color television is introduced in the US


1962 – 90% of US homes have one or more TVs 1967 – Color television outsells Black & White 1967 – Silicon chip makes small computer possible 1969 – ARP Anet, forerunner of the Internet, is invented


1976 – Apple Computer established


1981-3 – IBM introduces DOS-based computers


1995 – The Internet becomes globally used, commercials appear on it


Use of the Internet doubles every two years. Streaming video (YouTube) is introduced.


The concept of a global 24-hour children’s animated network utilizing advances in Animation, Television, Computers, and the Internet is born. Toon Goggles, Inc. is established.


The website is created and tested. Toon Goggles is introduced at major animation trade shows, begins collecting cartoons for free from worldwide production studios.

2012 launches its global subscription program at a rate of only $4.99 per month.


2013 – “Toon Goggles’ distribution network has formed partnership deals with consumer manufacturers, allowing the Toon Goggles app to be visible on over 100 million screens on tablets built by companies such as Sony and Samsung.


Mission Statement Researched and developed in 2010, Launched in October 2011,

TOONGOGGLES.COM was created for two primary purposes:


To provide KIDS all over the world with easy access to thousands of high-quality cartoons AVAILABLE ON ALL MOBILE DEVICES.


By providing this unique service, generate millions of dollars through monthly subscriptions and global advertising revenue Toon Goggles offers children the ability to watch professionally-made cartoons 24/7, 365 DAYS A YEAR from their smart phones, tablets, and smart television sets. TOON GOGGLES is the cutting edge of on-demand children’s entertainment. Bernard: BRB Internacional

Toon Goggles is the


Gormiti: Nature Unleashed MondoTV

Development & History Phase 1:

October 2010 – June 2011 The need to provide on-demand entertainment to kids via the Internet and mobile technology is established. Development of the Beta site begins, contracting independent programming experts to assist in creating this revolutionary Internet channel.

Phase 2:

June 2011 – October 2011 The Beta site is published and begins to acquire content at no cost by attending the three largest Animation Content Markets: Annecy MIFA – June 8-10 MIP JUNIOR – October 1-2 MIPCOM – October 3-7 From these markets, Toon Goggles, Inc. received hundreds of cartoons for review, licensing and streaming. At the same time, development ramped up for mobile video streaming technology.

Phase 3:

January 2012 Toon Goggles, Inc. signs its first major content deals with Your Family Entertainment, Millimages, BRB Internacional, while also signing partnerships with Sony, Panasonic, Sharp TV, and Android. Advanced server delivery systems are developed.

Phase 4:

September 2012 An ad campaign with Dell expands the Toon Goggles consumer base, helping to achieve over 100,000 video plays on the site. expands to be localized in 16 languages.

Phase 5:

September 2012 – Present Toon Goggles expands its partnership deals, adding Roku, Barnes & Noble Nook, Western Digital, Qualcomm and Samsung to its growing roster of industry supporters. A model is developed to allow 4K streaming and downloading from 8

Monthly Revenue Stream has a significant advantage. it’s manufacturing partners get an ongoing monthly revenue stream. The business model includes a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 for unlimited access to the site. Based on a revenue-sharing approach pioneered by Apple, the revenue generated by patrons who sign up on the manufacturer’s gateway site will be shared with 10% of the subscription revenue and 20% of ad revenue going directly to the manufacturer. What this means for our partner companies, such as Sony and Panasonic, is that not only do they make money on each sale of their products, they also receive a monthly stream of revenue from users signing up through their smart device or TV set. When the number of units sold rises, the ratio of subscribers increases. Along with this, the monthly revenue generated for the manufacturer increases as well. This is a profit opportunity for manufacturers to join the Toon Goggles family and share in its growth.


Industry & Consumer Partners March 15, 2012 goes mobile with the release of a free iOS app available in the Apple App Store. It allows streaming over both 3G and WiFi.

June 26,2012 Panasonic launches its new children’s app market with as the flagship application on their Viera-connect Smart TVs, making Toon Goggles available to millions of Viera users worldwide.

July 9, 2012 The Kurio7 children’s tablet, developed by TechnoSource for 5-year olds to young teens, is made available with the Toon Goggles app pre-installed. It is sold at Toys ‘R’ Us.

August 3, 2012 Sony partners with to launch and promote the Toon Goggles Android App on the Tablet S and Tablet P, featured in the Sony Select App Store with exclusive content.

2012 Finalizing a deal with the company, Toon Goggles becomes available on all Dell computer devices.

May 7, 2013 The Toon Goggles app comes pre-installed with Sharp AQUOS LED TVs, making itself available to millions of Sharp users worldwide.

July 29, 2013 The Toon Goggles channel launches on Roku devices, available to millions of users in the US, Canada, UK and the Republic of Ireland. 10

Content Providers & Partners June 15, 2011 Astral Studios becomes one of Toon Goggles’ first content providers. Its show Mouse in the House is currently one of the most popular shows on

March 29, 2012 partners with Malaysia-based Animasia Studios, and adds 4 animated series, 14 episodes.

May 15, 2012 partners with world-famous animation house Millimages and picks up nine series of cartoons (442 episodes total) and two feature films.

July 1, 2012 expands its library of content, adding 8 series of animated programs (402 episodes total) and two feature films by partnering with Spain’s BRB Internacional.

February 11, 2013 Toon Goggles begins a partnership with Aurora Worldwide, Inc., gaining access to their most popular program YooHoo & Friends and launching a promotional toy campaign featuring characters from the show.

August 12, 2013 Toon Goggles partners with Italy-based MondoTV, adding 8 animated programs to their library.


A Plethora Along with websites, Toon Goggles has developed an app that allows to be easily accessible across a wide and ever-changing range of mobile devices and Smart TVs. Sony Xperia Smart Phone Sony Xperia Z Tablet Dell XPS Laptop

Sony SmartWatch

Apple iPad Panasonic VIERA Smart TV


Apple iPhone Roku 3

of Platforms Polaroid Kids Tablet Funtab Kids Tablet

Oregon Scientific Meep! Kids Tablet

Kurio7 Kids Tablet Barnes & Noble Nook

Kurio Touch

Toon Goggles Is The Leading On-Demand Entertainment Application Pre-loaded On Children’s Tablets 13

Toon Goggles vs. the Competition Targeted at Kids





Children’s Tablets





Smart TVs

Connect to Some



YES (Built-In)

Mobile Devices

Listed Models




✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

✔ ✔

✔ ✔

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔


$9.99 / month

$79 / year

$4.99 / month

Territory Served:

United States

Canada Caribbean

South America

Great Britain

Scandinavia Japan

Entire World

Subscription Price

$7.99 / month


Network TV

When can a cartoon be viewed?

Only at the time the network descides to air it

24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year

How often can a cartoon be viewed?

Once, unless the network chooses to repeat it

As often as desired, simply by selecting it

How many days is the cartoon available?

Usually once a week at scheduled times

All day, Every day

How many cartoons are available to view?

A few, maybe a dozzen or two

Over 4,000 cartoon, with more added weekly

What size is the market being served?

Local territory only (national, if on cable)

Kids everywhere, Worldwide


Global Audience Today, there are almost a BILLION KIDS under the age off 18. Many of them love cartoons and have access to the Internet. The demand for high-quality on-demand entertainment for kids is higher than ever. There is only one destination that can provide professionally-made animation to families everywhere in a safe, economical way:

Children’s animated entertainment generates

over $190 Billion a year is now part of that enormous and global market.


Toon Goggles, Inc. 20058 Ventura Blvd. #192 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 •

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Toon Goggles Brochure