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Issue 2. Volume 1.

Living in the mind of a Monkey.

Adventures with a friend.


The Monkey Files Adventures with a friend. Welcome back to the Monkey files, I want to tell you in this issue about my adventures with my friend Duncan. Shortly after a car parked on Duncan’s head, he decided that he needed to leave Los Angeles, He promised me that we would set off to some place where his bottles of banana juice were much cheaper and he asked me to come with him. Well I really had nothing to lose, Los Angeles was a cold hard desolate place with no people around, it was almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well anyway Duncan said we could leave with his Girlfriend Medusa, she was real pretty, golden hair and piercing eyes. So we met up with Medusa but his cousin Danny was the only person who had enough money to pay for the trip, so we visited Danny. Now Danny really does not have any real friends, I don’t know why because he really is a nice Man, but there must be a reason somewhere. We went to Danny’s house and he opened the door to greet us, Danny’s appearance suggests that he does have some


unorthodox beliefs but hey he had plenty of money so we told him our plan. This is Danny when he opened the door, I took this picture for memories in case I ever forgot him, I don’t think I ever will though. Danny suggested that we go to Sydney, Australia. All the people are nice there, it really did not take much convincing since Duncan’s head was still affected by the car which parked on his lid. Well we all got on the plane and went to Australia, where I grew up, and as soon as we got off the plane we all met a wonderful Man who was playing his musical instrument in the parking lot. I remember Bruce’s first words “Hey Man, got any dope”, he was funny, I think he thought that Duncan was stupid. Duncan told me that “dope” sometimes did not mean stupid and that it was the Australians work for banana juice, I felt so stupid when I learned that but I had never before been to Australia, where I grew up, so I said I was sorry and he said he knew somewhere we could all live. 3

So we went to Bruce’s house, it was wonderful, he had this house out in the middle of nowhere. Well that night he made us all some monkey juice, but instead of drinking it we had to smoke it, well that’s no stranger to me, so I smoked my Monkey juice. It was funny, I don’t remember much, I must have been tired but I am sure Medusa was in my bed with me. I remember her trying to sew my boxer shorts up, but the banana juice had made me very sleepy, she said she had to sit on top of me for her to be able to get the needle in properly, I am sure she was right but I don’t remember.

End of part 2 of the epic Monkey chronicles. Your feedback or lack of it determines if part 3 ever gets released.


Living in the mind of a Monkey 2