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ToolWiz Care V Toolwiz Care is a free tool kit designed by Toolwiz Team to speed up your slow PC. With a multi-functional optimization suite, this Windows system optimizer provides a collection of tools which includes System Checkup, System Cleanup, System Speedup, System Security and 40+ powerful tools, 50+ powerful built-in utilities to enhance your PC performance, local and network security, and optimize the start-up procedure.

Checkup Check up your system on a regular basis with just a simple click to help improve your system performance and keep it faster and safer. Scheduled Checkup Mode: allow you to set a schedule for when ToolWiz automatically checks up your PC.

Cleanup click to clean up your Registry errors, Junk files, and Private data and allow you to analyze your hard drive to free up valuable disk space and speed up your system to make it run like new. Registry errors: registry errors would slow down your system and may even cause system crash Disk Cleanup: junk files would occupy your disk space and slow down your system Private data: remove traces of Internet browsing histories to protect your privacy Disk Analyze: analyze your hard drive and give you a detailed report on the result

Speedup click to speed up your PC to ensure fast, stable, secure system by optimizing your network settings, hard disc, memory and CPU. Fast Defrag: provide extremely fast, efficient and intelligent defragmentation to your hard drives for faster file loading and high disk performance. Startup Optimizer: a list of all the startup programs displays with a check box, and you can disable or delay loading for any of them to speed up your boost process. Startup Report: allow you to monitor your startup time performance and give you suggestions to help speed up your

boot-up time. System Optimizer: help you identify items that should be optimized to tune up your system.

Security Help you manage plugins, Internet programs, running processes and Windows Services installed in your system to secure your PC. Plugin Manager: scan all the plugins installed in your system and allow you to get rid of any undesired items. Network Manager: the current list shows all the program that are connected to the Internet and allows you to close connection or terminate process of any your undesired

programs. Process Manager: allow you to view a list of all processes currently running on your computer and the amount of CPU each process or application is consuming, and to end certain processes using large amounts of CPU to increase your computer's speed and loading time. Service Manager: monitor all the services that are running on a Windows server and allow you to disable/enable any of them.

App Manager Provide you with detailed information of all programs installed in your computer, and with the best Windows programs we collected for all your needs.

Uninstall Software: give you detailed information of all programs installed in your computer and allow you to easily uninstall any of them. Recommended Software: we offer best Windows programs for you and you may also recommend some you like to us.

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Toolwiz Care is a free tool kit designed by Toolwiz Team to speed up your slow PC. With a multi-functional optimization suite, this Windows...

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