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Faster. Easier. Better. Ends April 30, 2014

Smooth planing results made easy with the new model EHL 65mm single handed planer

Dust Extractors SEE Page 3

Cordless Drill SEE Page 12-13

systainers SEE Page 8-9

One Handed Planer

New single-button operation For significantly improved machine guidance, in particular when guiding the machine from the side.

You only need one hand

Mobility guarantee Light weight and compact for easy transportation.

Compact and lightweight (only 2.4kg) and now with additional soft grip ribs on the handle, one handed operation is easy.

Large hose storage Larger hose storage compartment to make it easier to fit the suction hose.

Orientation aid The “backpack” on the top of the planer is the same width as the planer blade. The 65mm planing width has been adapted to all typical assembly applications.

Now with plug-it! Plug-it connection makes switching from one Festool tool to another easy.

Festool dust extraction range

EHL 65 One Handed Planer in a Systainer | 574559

Add a Sys 1 Systainer with lid compartments for $20 497851


• Planing width: 65mm • Planing depth: 0-4mm • Max rebate depth: 23mm • Dust extractor connector: Ø 27mm • Weight: 2.4kg

CT Mini | 584155

CT Midi | 584164




Capacity 10L

Capacity 15L

Faster. Easier. Better.

NEW Dust Extraction Compact Workshop / Garage Vac CT 17

NEW CT Mini / Midi

More suction capacity Enhanced suction capacity with power consumption of 400 - 1200W. Comes with a high-performance turbine and conical, anti-static suction hose.

High power / high performance Single stage high performance turbine for high suction power and volumetric flow.

System integration Quickly connect Systainer via the SYS Doc, now with the T-Loc function.

Visit to see the full range of dust extractors.

Maximum capacity Maximum utilisation of filter bag capacity, electronic level control for wet vacuuming.

36mm Hose

Includes cleaning set

CT 26 | 583494

CT 36 | 583495

CT 48 | 584071




Capacity 26L

BONUS filter bags with dust extractor purchase

Includes cleaning set

Capacity 36L

Capacity 48L

(set of 5 to suit dust extractor)


These models

CT 17 E | 270809 Supplied with cleaning set. Capacity 17L



Cordless Drills

Power, 60Nm in 1st gear! Powered by the 18V battery, the QuaDrive has enough torque to skillfully drive even the thickest of screws into timber.

Speed, 3,800rpm in 4th gear! The QuaDrive range operates at the ideal drilling speed, allowing you to work quickly, efficiently and accurately.

FastFix Click attachments into the FastFix interface to adapt the tool to four different types of applications: drilling, fastening, angle drilling and angle fastening.

Precise work 12 settings for tuning the torque perfectly to your work requirements. Once the default value is exceeded, the tool is switched off electronically.

DRC 18 Cordless Drill

T 15 Cordless Drill Flexi

T 18 Cordless Drill

• 18V • Drilling Ø in wood / metal 14/12mm

• 14.4V

• 18V

• 1.8kg • In a Systainer • 4.2 Ah Battery

• 1.5kg • In a Systainer


$669 4


• Drilling Ø in wood / metal 35/16mm

Flexi model does not include battery or charger



• Drilling Ø in wood / metal 45/16mm • 1.7kg • In a Systainer


Add a Sys 1 Systainer with lid compartments for $20

Offer applies to all tools shown on this spread. 497851



Faster. Easier. Better.

Plunge Saw

Cut a wide range of materials From timber, to MDF, to fibre cement sheet or aluminium and more... with the switch of a blade achieve quick, accurate and clean cuts every time.

Straight cuts every time The guide rail works with the plunge saw to ensure all your cuts, turn out perfect every time.

Guide Rail Accessory Systainer | 497657 Quickly set angles for both mitered and compound cuts using the angle unit. Make accurate repeat cuts using the limit stop. Work more efficiently by attaching the included deflector to the end of your rail to prevent your suction hose and cords from getting snagged. Connect rails for limitless cutting with the included connectors. Use the two included screw clamps for more secure, reliable cutting. Also includes replacement splinter guard for splinter-free cuts.

RRP $315

$299 special

Guide Rail Parallel Side Template | F28309

Perfect splinter free finish The attached splinterguard and guide rail work together to produce smooth, splinter free cuts on both sides of the blade.

Easy changes Changing saw blades is quick and easy with the FastFix saw blade system.

Guide Rail Parallel Side Template & Extension Set enhances the capability of the Festool Guide Rail System by providing a faster, easier, smarter way to create consistent rip cuts. The Parallel guides are the two longer sections and offer consistent rip cuts using two adjustable stops that engage the edge of the material parallel to the cut line. They are adjustable up to 650mm.

RRP $478

$449 special

See the plunge saw action at 160mm Plunge Saw (TS55R) with 1400mm Guide Rail | 561655 • Power consumption: 1,200W

210mm Plunge Saw (TS75) with 1400mm Guide Rail | 561512

• Cutting depth: 0-55mm

• Power consumption: 1,600 W • No-load speed: 1,350-3,550 rpm • Saw blade / Disc Ø: 210mm • Bevel angle range: 0-45° • Cutting Depth: 0-75mm



• No-load speed: 2,000-5,200rpm • Saw Blade / Disc Ø: 160mm • Bevel angle range: -1-47°


Diamond Grinder

Perfect for large areas

Right up to the wall

Ideal for removal of concrete, screed and coatings from hard sublayers.

The folding segment allows you to work close to the edges. Add the wall fitting to protect walls and edges from being damaged.

Powerful Suction The patented extraction coil guarantees excellent extraction results when using the RG 130 with dust extraction.

Diamond Grinder RG 130 768976

• 1600W • Idling speed 3000-7700rpm • Grinding Disc Ø - 130mm • Dust extractor connection 24/36mm • Weight 3.8kg Diamond wheel not included



Visit to see the RG130 in action

Faster. Easier. Better.

Add on Accessories for a Complete System Solution NEW 36 Litre Auto Clean Heavy Duty Specialist Extractor for Concrete Dust DIA Hard | 768017 (Diamond disc only) For hard, old concrete, removal of epoxy resin from solid surfaces or coatings and paints from concrete. Diamond disc, hard, Disc Ø 130mm, inside Ø 25 / 22.5mm


DIA Abrasive | 768018 (Diamond disc only) For very sandy materials, screed, green concrete, adhesive on screed, lime sand brick and foam mortar. Diamond disc, abrasive, Disc Ø 130mm, inside Ø 25-22.2mm


Constant power

DIA Stone | 769166 (diamond disc only) For very hard materials and hard concrete. Diamond disc, stone Disc Ø 130mm, inside Ø 25 / 22.5mm

The AUTOclean filter cleaning system cleans the filter automatically every 10 seconds so that the extractor maintains a constant suction power.


Larger container capacity for few interruptions

DIA Thermo | 768023 (Diamond disc only) For thermoelastic materials on concrete, screed, etc. Diamond disc, thermo. Disc Ø 130mm, inside Ø 25-22.2mm

The intelligent integration of drive and filter technology in the head of the extractor leaves the entire container free for storing dust.

$275 Off-road chassis The sturdy chassis with steel axis combined with a low centre of gravity ensures maximum directional stability and smooth transportation without tipping, even on rough, bumpy surfaces.

DIA UNI | 769167 (diamond disc only) For paint / adhesive on wooden flooring. Diamond disc, Uni Disc Ø 130mm, inside Ø 25-22mm

$205 Also Available:

Dust Extractor CT36 AC HD

Choose from a complete range of discs for every application


The CT 36 AC HD Dust Extractor will leave the surrounding work area clean and tidy, protect your health and extend the useful life of the machine and the diamond discs.


Dust Separator P28507

Connects with the CT 36 AC HD Dust Extractor to provide maximum dust control when working with the RG 130 Diamond Grinder.



Storage System Solutions A solution for every need SYS Storage Box 499901

This systainer is designed with individual configuration in mind providing organisation, clear overview and flexible modules for all applications. Save time, effort and expense by using this simple and easy to transport storage solution.

Organised and professional

Dimensions (LxWxH) 396 x 296 x 167mm


Tools, accessories and supplies are well protected and neatly stored - helping you make the best possible impression with your customers.

Systainer SYS MFT

See website for full systainer range



A truly versatile work surface with 13 clamping points, integrated V-groove channel, and anti-skid strip provides multiple ways to secure virtually any material.


Store, transport and protect your essential items while also keeping on hand an extremely adaptable clamping platform and work surface. Part of the broader system, it works with Screw Clamps, Quick Clamps, and Clamping Elements, helping you do more with less.


Durable and functional, the SYS-MFT connects to Systainers and CT Dust Extractors to go everywhere you need it. The SYS-MFT is the ultimate go-anywhere work surface. Dimensions (LxWxH) 396 x 296 x 105mm


Durable and robust Scan here to see the SYS MFT in action.


Made of durable, robust, high quality ABS for long service life. All Systainers share an identical footprint for easy stacking, storing and transporting.

Tool Box SYS 1 | 495024

Tool Box SYS 2 | 499550

Systainer Midi 3 | 499621

Dimensions (LxWxH) 396 x 296 x 150mm

Dimensions (LxWxH) 396 x 296 x 255mm

Dimensions (LxWxH) 503 x 296 x 210mm




Faster. Easier. Better. Sortainers

Sortainer SYS 3/4

Sortainer SYS 3/6

Sortainer SYS 3/9

Sortainer SYS 3/12



Easy transportation Organising, packing and transportation is all easy with the Festool storage system - connect systainers together and transport on a cart or trolley.



$215 each

SYS Cart | 495020 Easy transport of systainers sizes 1-5.


SYS Roller Trolley 498660

Your perfect solution Spend more time working and less time searching! Get organised fast with the large range of Festool Systainers.

Perfect for transporting a stack of systainers up and down stairs. Easily steerable in all directions. Carries up to 100kg.


Systainer SYS 1 Box | 497694

Systainer SYS 1 | 497851

Systainer SYS 2 | 497852

Systainer SYS 3 | 498390

With individual removable plastic containers. Perfect for small bits and pieces.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 396 x 296 x 105mm

Dimensions (LxWxH) 396 x 296 x 157.5mm

Dimensions (LxWxH) 396 x 296 x 210mm






Domino Joining Machine

Smart stops Five different depth stops and preset height adjustment to quickly centre the mortise in a range of material thicknesses.

Business as usual Bevel, mitre and vertical joins are easy to create with a host of alignment guides and easy viewing.

Infinitely variable angles Quickly set the routing angle anywhere between 0-90 degrees, or select from a range of catch positions.

Healthier joining Efficient dust extraction ensures dust is quickly removed from its source. Keep your workpiece and lungs clear.

Domino DF 500 Joining Machine | 574328 • Power consumption: 420W • No load speed: 24,300rpm • Suits Domino Cutter Ø: 4,5,6,8,10mm •Routing height adjuster: 5-30mm • Weight 3.2kg



Purchase a Domino DF 500 and add a Domino Assortment Systainer $199 Save $212 RRP $411 498899

Faster. Easier. Better.

Jigsaw Range Builders


PS300 Jigsaw | 561444

Optimum handling and operation Light and easy to handle with a perfectly ergonmic shape for non-tiring work.

Built around systems FastFix blade change system and tool-free changing of bases make switching between cutting different materials easy.

• Power consumption: 720W • Cutting depth in wood: 120mm • Stroke rate: 1,000-2,900

$515 PSB300 Jigsaw | 561454 • Power consumption: 720W • Cutting depth in wood: 120mm • Stroke rate: 1,000-2,900



ered Ca w o P s n i Ma PS420 Jigsaw | 561597

• Power consumption: 550W • Cutting depth in wood: 120mm • Stroke rate: 1,500-3,800 min-1

$615 PSB420 Jigsaw | 561612 • Power consumption: 550W • Cutting depth in wood: 120mm • Stroke rate: 1000-3800 min-1


s Carvex Cordles PSC420 Flexi Jigsaw* | 270623 • Battery voltage: 14.4V • Cutting depth in wood: 120mm • Stroke rate: 1500-3800 min-1

$420 More power from less energy EC TEC motors and triple blade guide let you glide around bends and corners rapidly.

Precise cutting along the scribe mark The strobe light makes the blade seem to stand still, while dust extraction gives you a clear view of the scribe mark.

PSBC420 Flexi Jigsaw* | 270650 • Battery voltage: 14.4V • Cutting depth in wood: 120mm • Stroke rate: 1500-3800 min-1

$420 *Flexi models do not include batteries or charger. Set models also available

See website for customer videos

Add a Sys 1 Systainer with lid compartments for $20 with any model above 497851

Jigsaw Accessory Systainer (Suits CARVEX models only) | 497709

Angle Table For CARVEX Models | 496134

Comes with: splinterguards, dimpled baseplate, hard fibre baseplate, baseplate for metallic material, adjustable angle bevel base, base adapter, circle cutting attachment, Stickfix felt in a SYSTAINER SYS 2 T-LOC

For angled cuts from +45 to -45° stepless angle adjustment

RRP $346

RRP $165






Sanding Solutions

Perfect surface quality

Easy to use

In fine and intermediate sanding applications, the RTS 400’s electronics and direct drive deliver controlled speed for a perfect finish.

Easy to hold and guide with ergonomic design and softgrip handle cover - makes thorough sanding of flat surfaces and profiles easy.

Access all areas

Breathe easy

The DTS is designed to get into small angular surfaces that are difficult to reach. It is compact and ideal for one-handed operation.

The integrated dust port allows fast and easy connection to a Festool Dust Extractor for efficient dust removal.

RTS 400 Orbital Sander | 567870

DTS 400 Orbital Sander | 567862

• Sanding Stroke: 2mm

ETS 150/3 | 571789 • 310W • Eccentric motion speed: 4,000-10,000min • Stroke: 3mm • 1.8kg In Systainer

ETS 150/5 | 571797 • 310W • Eccentric motion speed: 4,000-10,000min • Stroke: 5mm • 1.8kg In Systainer

• Power consumption: 200W

• Power consumption: 200W

• Speed: 6,000-14,000min

• Speed: 6,000-14,000

• Connection Ø d/e: 27mm

• Connection Ø d/e: 27mm

• Sanding stroke 2mm





Add an Abrasive Systainer for $20 SYS-STF | 497684 or 497686


(abrasives not included)

Add an Abrasive Systainer for $20 SYS-STF | 497690 (abrasives not included)

Faster. Easier. Better.

Sanding Systems Sanders perform at their peak when paired with Festool Dust Extraction

CT Mini | 584155 Extremely compact and lightweight with 7.5L capacity.


CT Midi | 584164

Extremely compact and lightweight with large 15L container capacity.


CT 26 | 583494

Constant high suction with compact high performance turbine. 26L capacity.

4 tools in 1 Uniquely versatile - make quick work of coarse sanding, then switch to fine sanding and polishing in an instant, plus tackle corners with the delta pad.


CT 36 | 583495

Designed to produce efficient dust and chip extraction when sawing, sanding or routing.

Fine application Optimised for window frames and tongue and groove joints where work is done vertically or in tight spaces.


Breathe easy

CT 48 | 584071

A Festool dust extractor hose can be easily attached to the sander to ensure immediate uptake of dust, leaving the work place clean.

Large capacity for a safe, efficient, hazardous dust free site.


90mm Ø + Delta + corner sander Rotex | 571824

Add an Abrasive Systainer for $20 SYS-STF | 497687

(abrasives not included)

• ROTEX rotary motion speed: 260-520min • Eccentric motion speed: 3500-7000min •1.5kg


BONUS filter bags with dust extractor purchase (set of 5)



Trenching template for OF Routers 495246

• Two adjustable fences and integrated rule for routing grooves and slots on edges

Precise depth adjustments It takes just a few seconds and minimal effort to adjust the routing depths accurate for 1/10mm.

• Compatible with all Festool plunge Routers • Integrate with dust extraction


LR 32mm Hole Drilling System Set 584100

• Precisely and efficiently build cabinets using the frameless 32mm system

Dust-free workspace Pair a dust extractor with your router to ensure efficient removal of fine dust even when routing edges.

Adjustable in seconds Easily change the copying ring on the OF 1400 without using tools.

• For placing cup hinges (35mm) or setting shelf pin holes in casework • Portable line boring system allows you do in the field what has traditionally been a shop-only job • Time saver for repetitive hole drilling

RRP $615




OF 1400 Router | 574346 • Power consumption: 1400W

Add a router cutter systainer for only $20 Router pieces not included RRP $121 SYS-OF | 497695

• No-load speed: 10,000-22,500rpm • Routing Depth 70mm • Weight 4.5kg


Faster. Easier. Better.

Routing Systems

System benefits Festool systems allow you to easily adapt the router to different tasks using multiple templates to produce cut outs and circles with ease.

Multifunction System 400mm Routing Template | 492610 •E  xpand functionality of your router •S  ave time not having to make custom templates for different jobs each time •F  lexibility to start and end the cut anywhere in the material • Guided cuts are perfectly straight •M  ax rectangular cut out: 300x100mm • Max cut out Ø: 600mm

RRP $365



Faster The 1400 watt power house with immense driving force cuts through the hardest of material without jamming or tearing.

Visit to see the router in action

Multifunction System 700mm Routing Template | 492611 •E  xpand functionality of your router •S  ave time not having to make custom templates for different jobs each time •F  lexibility to start and end the cut anywhere in the material

VS600 Dovetail Joining System | 488876 • Create half-blind, open, box dovetail joints • Work piece thickness: 6-30mm • Maximum work piece length 650mm

RRP $795



• Guided cuts are perfectly straight

BONUS VS 600 14mm Half Blind Dovetail Template

Free Value $125 488877

•M  ax rectangular cut out: 600x300mm •M  ax cut out Ø: 1200mm

RRP $570




Faster. Easier. Better.

Aluminium Composite Solution

Dead straight For dead straight results, the guide slot of the PF 1200 fits perfectly on the Festool guide rail.

Precise routing depth The machine can only plunge into the material as far as the feeler roller allows ensuring precise routing depth.

Aluminium panel specialist The technology of the Festool PF 1200 makes it ideal for routing the edge of many different aluminium composite materials including Alucobond, Alupanel or Dibond.

Maximum extraction When used with a Festool Dust Extractor, efficient chip extraction is guaranteed through a 36mm antistatic hose. Aluminium Composite Machine PF 1200 574324 • Power consumption: 1200W

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• No-load speed: 1,900-5,200min • Connection 0 de: 27/36mm • Cutter Ø: 118mm • Routing depth: 0-9mm

$4,115 Festool Australia PO Box 4401 Dandenong South VIC 3164 Phone: 1300 063 900 Email:

Only available from participating Festool & Protool dealers, subject to availability – call 1300 063 900 or visit to find your local participating dealer. All price offers are quoted based on recommended retail price inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. Promotion Valid to 30/04/2014. No rights whatsoever can be claimed from the information and illustrations in this catalogue. We reserve the right to correct any errors or omissions. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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