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Learning to read, and learning to love reading, is an important part of fundamental education values. Toys are a vital part of this process. It's also a primary developmental process, critical for building learning skills. LeapFrog Tag™ bridges the gap. This system is a story book touch reader, and has elements of both books and toys to help the learning process. Educational toys really have to be good. This is a very fussy market, and parents really care about results and value. Leap Frog Tag™ really delivers on its promises. It's fun, it's excellent quality, and it's definitely designed to get a kid's attention from the first second. The fun part of Leap Frog Tag™ reading Leap Frog Tag™ is a well illustrated, well laid out story book, including some famous children's favorites. It uses an electronic pen to access different elements in pictures, which produces an audio response. The really good news for parents is that this is the multiple areas of interest that Leap Frog Tag™ creates. This isn't "parrot" learning, there are games for kids which are designed to generate reactive and constructive thinking. Exploring the books is a lot of fun, too. Creativity and imagination The creative angle in Leap Frog Tag™ is that there are multiple options for using the books and games for kids. Some games can be played using different elements to get different results. There are also characters to work with, like friends, and it makes good associations between characters and the stories. Imagination is stimulated by the imagery, sounds, and storylines in the books. Using the great kid's classics including the top quality Disney books and Doctor Seuss and other instantly recognizable books adds the well proven values of these books to the process. Independent motivation for reading Kids Toys have to work with the child. Leap Frog Tag™ books are designed for up to 8 years old, which is ambitious but Leap Frog Tag™ is credible in the age of computer games and internet kid's sites. This is the sort of learning toy which motivates a child to do more, and can be used as play, too. Exploring a book

The real fun starts when you start accessing the pictures. Each touch produces a recorded message or other sound. Touching an image gives a situational reply, or a musical sound. The story line for the pictures is set up in text other pages. Some pages deal with word recognition, rhymes, and music. This is direct participation, and the reader has to follow the situation. That produces almost automatic learning, as well as conscious involvement. It's a friendly environment, welcoming, and definitely a good approach for kids who are shy or feeling at all discouraged in basic learning. The great thing about Leap Frog Tag™ is that it adds a new dimension to reading. This is a book, a toy, and an adventure. For young kids, it provides achievement as well as fun. is a leading Australian online toy store. Visit for a wide selection of Kids Toys at discounted prices. To save money on your next purchase, please visit Toys Online.

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